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Rof: (If what Mekibos said was true, then I don’t have a cause anymore… We won’t be just the enemies of the earth, but of the Zovorg as well. That can’t be what Lord Zezernan is after, could it? …No, I don’t think he knows yet. If I can meet up with Zeb and Seti first….

Rof: Those Lige are part of Zezernan’s forces…


Rof: What?!

*Oh no*

Rof: So that’s how it Is, Zezernan! You…!

*Anywho, back on the moon*

Seti: Zeb!

Zeb: Oooooone sec. I’m just getting this infooooooormation, too.

Mekibos: That is the decision of the Council. What is your reply, Lord Zezernan?

Zezernan: ….

Seti: Mekibos Bulverde! You’re alive?!

Mekibos: Yup. Been awhile, Justine Chafrois.

Zeb: You’re a messssenger boy for the Council now. You’ve gone uuuuup in the world, Meki.

Mekibos: Cut it out, Zebris, you know I hate that name.

Zeb: C’moooooon, just call me Zeb like you uuuuuuused to.[1]

Mekibos: …When did I ever do that? And Grofis Delfalte should have returned by now….

Seti: What are you saying?! You shot down the Zeidram!

Mekibos: What?! That’s impossible, I could never…

Zezernan: Either the Earth forces followed him and took him out, or it was another of your tricks. After all, you were the one who leaked when our first attack was going to happen, right?

Mekibos: …

Zezernan: Just like Wendolo…. That type of treachery is in the Bulverde blood. I can’t trust you at all.

Mekibos: And what of the Council’s proof that you helped finish the Granzon?

Seti: (The Granzon…?)

Zeb: (Whaaaaaaaaaaat’s he talking about?)

Zezernan: I helped with something? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mekibos: I see… So you’re playing dumb.

Zezernan: This is just the Council acting on a power play from the Vorga faction. They’re trying to get revenge for the loss of Wendolo.

Mekibos: That’s not true. The council is claiming you gave the means necessary to complete the Granzon to the Earthlings.

Zezernan: I, teaching the Savages of the earth how to handle singularities? What an idiotic claim. The council were the ones who handed down judgement after our research into the Earthlings. I’m following what they planned. The earth is a blight on this Galaxy, which you know just as well as I.

Mekibos: Through my fights with them, my opinion has changed.

Zezernan: Sounds like what losers always say.

Mekibos: It’s not just me. And beyond that. There are people who are questioning your methods. People outside the Vorga faction.

Zezernan: …

Mekibos: So with all that stacked against you, the order for you to withdraw was sent, and I came here. If you do not follow the Council’s orders, you will be seen as a traitor.

Zezernan: This would be easier to believe if the messenger wasn’t part of the Vorga or the Zogar. But from these charges you’re trying to pin on me, and the disgraces levied against you, I can see how the Vorga are trying to gain power through this.

Mekibos: I was chosen given my track record and my experience in this system. It has nothing to do with what the Vorga want.

Zezernan: There’s no way that someone from the Bulverde family would abandon the Vorga. It’s the exact opposite. That’s the only reason Wendolo was made the leader of the investigation party at his age.

Mekibos: And I was shot down by Wendolo and nearly died. When I came back, the Vorga weren’t exactly accommodating. They tried to pin all the blame on me, and kicked me out of the clan. And there were other people who were trying to disgrace the Bulverde name. My family has a lot of enemies, after all… Wendolo was nearly killed more than a couple times. You can tell that just by looking at these scars. No matter how famous our family is, with only one of us still alive, the people around me saw their chance. They wanted to save their own skins.

Zezernan: So you contacted the Council after you woke up?

Mekibos: That IS what you would think. My love for the families and their factions ran out. I had no reason to be bound to them anymore.

Zezernan: As if. You’re still working to benefit a faction.

Mekibos: …That may be true, just like you’re helping a faction of your own. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I was given troops by the council.

Zezernan: …

Mekibos: If you don’t surrender and come back, we’ll be forced to attack you. And I don’t need to tell you, but it’s useless to use the humans on the moon as hostages. I’m sure if you threated to kill the earthlings along with refusing the council’s orders, the Vorga would be overjoyed. It’d be a great way to gain advantage over the Zogar. Please think on it, Teniquette Zezernan. This is a turning point.

Zezernan: … Move all machines prepared for the second attack on earth to the moon cradle.

Seti: Are you refusing the orders from the Council? That will make us traitors…!

Zezernan: You don’t get it? They’re just trying to get rid of us. If they were serious, they would have sent a message to me in the normal way. But because they sent a messenger to do it for them…

Zeb: The Zogar weren’t able to stoooooop them… Ooooor maybe they had no intention of stoooooping the in the first place.

Seti: But why? If the Zogar lost someone as important as Lord Zezernan…

Zeb: If what Meki was saaaaaaaying about the Granzon….. If that were truuuuuue…..

Seti: (! Back then, when Rof and I were told we weren’t allowed to listen to Lord Zezernan’s conversation with Shu Shirakawa…. Could it…?)

Zezernan: Don’t believe his lies. I know what would happen to me if I would have helped.

Seti: …Then shouldn’t we follow their orders, and have the council hear us out?

Zezernan: I’m sure if we try that, there will be an “accident”. Just like with Grofis.

Seti: …!

Zezernan: We’ll deal with Mekibos, assume control of the Earth, and reduce those monkeys back to their original state, without their special weapons or advancements from parallel worlds. If we do that, then they’ll change their minds back home. There’s always people wanting new technology or tariffs from new worlds.

Seti: But if we were labeled traitors…

Zezernan: That’s a short-term problem. If we throw away all our problems and return, we’ll just be convicted. We need to forge ahead on our own. There’s no need to think about it.

Zeb: ….I have no grudddddge against Meki, but I’m not going to be thooooown away like some pawn.

Zezernan: Chafrois… Seti. What about you?

Seti: …I can’t forgive them for killing Rof….

Zezernan: Then shoot down Mekibos. I’ll prepare the Baran Schnail.

Seti: Is it okay to use that? We were supposed to use it when we went back to Earth…

Zezernan: It’s more important that we win this fight, first. I expect you to give this fight your all.

Seti: Yessir.

Zeb: Thaaaaat’s the job.


Zezernan: ( …Hmmph, that was faster than I expected. I didn’t think the Council would move… but this is a great opportunity to crush those who oppose me. Including those bastards in the Zogar who were trying to get rid of me…. After I control Earth, I’ll really enjoy the look on your faces when we meet again…)

*Meanwhile, in the briefing room*

Lefina: Will Teniquette Zezernan answer the summons?

Mekibos: Based on what he said, It’s a no good. He probably killed Rof. To keep his mouth shut. I was careless. If I had seen what he was planning earlier, I wouldn’t have let Rof go off on his own.

Yang Long: Is there anyone someone from Zogar could persuade Zezernan to follow the order?

Mekibos: Everyone back home already knows about the Granzon. If anyone from the Zogar tried to help him, it would mean certain death. He was acting on his own when he set that up…. Even if that’s not really truth, that’s the way it’ll be played, to have the least effect on the fighting between the factions.

Viletta: So they’ve thrown him away.

Mekibos: Yeah. If they tried to protect Zezernan, they’d just be bringing disgrace upon themselves. He was in charge of the entire operation at Earth, so they’ll use it to their advantage, blaming everything they can on him. They’re probably hoping that I get rid of Zezernan for them. Dead men tell no tales, after all.

Sean: First La Gias, and now Zovorg… No matter where you are, people act the same way…

Mekibos: Our country is made up of many different planets… but it’s still a republic.

Masaki: So, what is Zezernan going to do?

Mekibos: Because everyone already knows about the Granzon, if he goes back home now, that’s the end for him. He’s probably going to try to defeat us, and take over the Earth… Then he’ll use the confusion to put himself back in power. The Ruina and Baral weren’t part of his plans….  But right now, they’re helping him. He’ll act like he’s just reviewing the situation while readying his attack.

Aya: So the reason he didn’t try to re-attack the earth after their first assault failed…

Mekibos: Is because he didn’t want to get involved with anything like the Einst. He already knew what a bad idea that was from when I was first here. That’s why he kept the moon under his control, and let the Earth forces deal with the Ruina and Baral as he watched.

Gilliam: The last man standing is the victor… so that’s what he was after.

Mekibos: I think so. And after taking the earth, he’ll take what else he can find, sell it to the Zovorg war merchants, and use that to distract the Council.  Hell, that could have been his plan from the beginning.

Gilliam: So he’s saying he’s for peace in the galaxy, and he’s really after plundered war riches.

Irm: Yeesh, he treats us like lesser beings and calls us monkeys, but he’s just as shady as any of our politicians.

Sean: Seriously. I guess we’re more alike than he’d like to admit.

Katina: …If you knew what he was up to, you shoulda came here with a force big enough to make him cry like a bitch.

Mekibos: Hey, there are other things going on, too. We can’t just move all our forces out here to the boonies.

Katina: Don’t call it the boonies, bub.  The question is if you’re willing to settle this here or not.

Mekibos: It’s rare that the Council decides something quickly… but I guess that’s not gonna be the answer you want to hear.

Katina: You can just get them to decide after we’ve beaten Zezernan to a bloody pulp.

Aya: We can’t do that, what if the Moon Cradle gets destroyed, too?

Gilliam: …Mekibos, how likely is it that Zezernan will use the humans on the moon as hostages?

Mekibos: I made sure to mention it to him for that exact reason. And because he wants the Earth for himself…. He knows that if he kills people without reason he’ll just be making it harder for him to take over further down the line.

Masaki: There’s always going to be people angry at being invaded.

Mekibos: That’s true, but it’s not like we like going after civilians.  We try to defeat people who will fight us, but we want to keep the means of production intact. We absorb what we can. Someone from earth said that a skilled general eats the people he conquers. We believe about the same thing.

Masaki: What?

Yang Long: He means that the successful generals take resources and weapons from the enemies he conquers.

Masaki: That’s theft!

Mekibos: No, we don’t do it to civilians. We’re looking out for ourselves, but not to that extent. This is something we’ve learned from our long history of taking over planets. That’s why most of our soldiers are mass produced Biodroids. We don’t have to worry about people going berserk and killing more than they should. It makes things smoother.

Yang Long: Certainly… You don’t have to worry about the amount of soldiers lost, or disobeying orders.

Sean: You’ve been studying our culture for a long time, haven’t you?

Mekibos: Because of the investigation. Zezernan did his homework, too. He had his whole plan finished by the time he made first contact. If Shu Shirakawa hadn’t been at the South Pole Incident, then Zezernan wouldn’t have been able to move his plan to the next stage. And we would have never come to the Earth’s sphere.

Masaki: Damn, he’s always getting involved in some big thing or another.

Mekibos: I wouldn’t put it as simple as that. Shu’s the one who brought down Zezernan in the end, after all.

Masaki: I don’t want to have to thank that asshole!

Gilliam: …In any case, we can safely assume that it’s unlikely that Zezernan will harm the people living on the moon?

Mekibos: Yup.

Viletta: Still, Still, he killed Rof to keep him quiet…. We should keep in mind that he’s willing to hit hard if it benefits him in the end.

Mekibos: I can’t deny that. That’s why we need to settle this as soon as we can.

Irm: (And besides, using earthlings as a hostage against this guy would be pointless…)

Mekibos: This is my fight. It’s fine if you don’t want to come along. I know Earth’s got a few things going on right now.

Lefina: …

Sean: What shall we do, Captain?

Lefina: Let’s speak with Commander Humphrey. All hands, please wait at level 2 battle stations.


Humphrey: I’m not exactly sure if I can believe everything the alien said, but if we can finish it with the power we have so far, then I have no objections. But you need to keep Mekibos Bulverde under guard. He could attack us.

Lefina: About that… The Steel Dragons are considering going down to the Moon Cradle with Mekibos.

Humphrey: What? You’re going to help the alien?

Lefina: Yes, I’ve decided it’s the fastest way to accomplish this. And it’s also important to keep the damage to the moon cradle minimal.

Humphrey: You’ll be risking your lives for them.

Lefina: It’s always been the Steel Dragons’ duty to run headfirst into danger.

Humphrey: … Considering the state of the earth, it’s important to resolve this matter with the guests as soon as possible…. Very well, I’ll grant permission. Our first squad will guard the retreat paths from the battlefield to prevent any problems. The second squad will defend the capital of the moon, and the third squad will have regular patrols.

Lefina: Roger. Leave the rest to us.

Humphrey: …Colonel Lefina.

Lefina: What is it?

Humphrey: I still don’t think the Steel Dragons should exist with their current firepower…. But I believe that you didn’t plan the assassination of the President. I know you’re doing everything you can for the future of our world.

Lefina: Thank you.

Humphrey: I pray for your success. That is all.

Sean: …Looks like the blockhead has relaxed quite a bit.

Lefina: Seems like it. We need to meet his expectations. Let’s make this operation a success, and take back the moon.

Sean: Indeed.

Lefina: All hands, battle stations! We’re descending to the Moon Cradle!

Chapter 56: Operation Reconquista

Seti: The 4th, 5th and 6th battalions are pushing. They have new production units just like we do…. And we’ve even confirmed the Lige Geios….

Zeb: Oh myyyyyy, I guess Meki’s not going to forrrgive us.

Seti: Whatever the case, he’s here.

*Sup, deploy*

Mekibos: Sorry I had to ask you to help me out here.

Katina: We’re not here just for you. If you do anything funny, you’ll be dead before you even know it.

Mekibos: I know, I know.

Irm: Still, I never thought I’d be fighting alongside you.

Mekibos: Hey, me either.

Ryuusei: Hey, are you able to shut down their Biodroids like you did last time?

Mekibos: Sadly, that’s not going to work. It only worked last time because of Shu Shirakawa’s worm. Because we had that, I was able to switch them to standby mode. Until we destroy the Commander, they won’t stop.

Carla: That Commander is your friend. Is there any way you can convince them?

Fiona: Yeah, if it’s a person, they should be able to listen to reason, right?

Mekibos: I want to, but it’s not going to be easy. I think the one who has the actual shutdown codes is Zezernan.

Leona: Let’s stop all the whining and just get this done, okay?

Mekibos: (Yeesh, looks like every world is filled with women who will yell at everything you do.)

Leona: Did you say something?

Mekibos: (And they’re perceptive, too.)

Mekibos: Can you hear me, Zeb, Seti?

Seti: I’m not going to listen to anything you say. You killed Rof. I won’t forgive you.

Mekibos: it’s a shame he died… but I wasn’t the one who did him in.

Irm: When I was about to deliver the final blow to him, Mekibos saved his life.

Seti: No matter what happened, You’re the reason he was killed, Mekibos.

Mekibos: …

Aya: Is she Rof’s….

Mekibos: So you’ve thrown your fate in with Zezernan. There’s no point in prolonging this fight any longer.

Seti: Point….? Of course there is. I’ll get revenge for Rof!

Mekibos: Zeb, you too?

Zeb: There’s ceeeertainly something suspicious going on, but we were alllllso sent hereeeeeeee by the Council. And now they’re doooooing this. I’m pretty peeeeeeved.

Mekibos: I’m telling you, Zezernan’s playing with fire. That’s why the Council sent me.

Zeb: If it reeeeaaallly was treaaaachery, why not just cooooontact us norrrrmally? They’re just uuuuusing you toooooo, Meki.

Mekibos: …I’ll explain everything to the Council. You were just being used by Zezernan.

Zeb: Theeeeey won’t belieeeeeve that. Just like yoooooou, there’s no guarantee they won’t throoooow us to the wolves.

Mekibos: So there’s no way we can resolve this peacefully?

Zeb: Thaaaat’s riiiiight. We’re at an immmmmpase.

Sleigh: …Looks like Negotiations have broken down.

Ibis: Looks like we’re going to have to fight….

Mekibos: I’m sorry it didn’t go as well as I hoped. Leave Zeb and Seti to me. I’ll deal with them myself.

Irm: I understand how you feel, but we don’t have the time for that. We’ll help.

Lefina: Operation Reconquista, Phase 4, Begin! Shoot down the enemy defenses!

Gilliam: Ghost 1 to all units! Be sure not to damage the moon cradle! Begin the attack!

Chapter 56: Operation Reconquista

Victory: Lower the Beaudrifer and the Org-Valu to below 25,000 HP.

Defeat: Mekibos is shot down, the Hiryuu Custom is shot down

SR point: Destroy all enemies except the Beaudrifer and the Org-Valu within 6 turns.

*Mekibos V Zeb*

Mekibos: It’s not too late. Let me help you, Zeb.

Zeb: Heeeeelp? We’d just be saaaacrified.

Mekibos: How is that any different from what’s happening right here….?

*Irm V Zeb*

Irm: We really do try avoid fights we don’t have to fight, you know.

Zeb: I beliiiieve you call it “fighting with one’s back to the wall.” We feeeeeel the same way.

Irm: Sorry, but we are fighting for our homeworld, here. I don’t want to be lumped in with war profiteers and power hungry politicians from far off planets!

*Mekibos V Seti*

Mekibos: Seti, I didn’t mean to kill Rof.

Seti: No matter what excuses you give, he’s never coming back! Your excuses won’t fill this hole in my heart!

Mekibos: …I really don’t want to fight you…. But I have my orders.

*Irm V Seti*

Irm: It’s the truth that Mekibos didn’t kill Rof. Mekibos jumped in front of my attack to protect Rof.

Seti: then I guess the Earthlings killed him? You really are savages. I have to put you in your place here!

*blow up Zeb*

Zeb: D-Daaaaamn! Not baaaaad! But I’m nooooot dying here!

*or blow up Seti*

Seti: Nooo! I can’t lose here!

*Ho hoooo*

Rof: That’s enough, Seti, Zeb. Stop this fight.

Seti: R-rof?!

Zeb: Weeeelll this is a surprise. Are we being haaaaaunted?

Seti: Y-you’re alive?!

Rof: That’s right.

Shu: We saved him.

Masaki: Shu, you…!

Presia: …

Yang Long: What do you mean, saved him?

Shu: He was surrounded by Guest machines, and taking heavy fire. I’m pretty sure Zezernan was behind it. To make sure Rof kept his mouth shut. It seems like something he would do.

Seti: Is that true, Rof?!

Rof: That’s right. I was attacked by Lige-Geioses under Zezernan’s control. He was planning to toss me away.

Zeb: Meeeaning, when he gave us that order….

Seti: So the Granzon was…!

Shu: I don’t know how you learned of it… but it is the truth.

Mekibos: How about it, Zeb, Seti? Are you still going to follow Zezernan? He’ll eventually kill you to save himself.

Zeb: If Eeeeeverything you said was true, then Zezernan has noooooo honor.

Seti: That’s right…. But I’m just glad Rof is okay…

Rof: Seti…

Mekibos: Then will you help me end this?

Seti: Yes. I won’t forgive Zezernan for using me like this…. I’ll help you, Mekibos.

Zeb:  Me toooo. I’m pretty peeeeeved about this.

Rof: Steel Dragons, this doesn’t mean we’ve friends. But I’ll cooperate with you here to put an end to this.

Lefina: …

Sean: Captain, given the situation… We can’t refuse their help here. With them, things will go smoother.

Lefina: I agree. We’ll accept.

Masaki: …Shu, what are you planning?

Shu: We will help as well. That’s why we’re here.

Masaki: What are you really after?

Shu: I’m just another human who loves the Earth. Isn’t that enough?

Yang Long: Shut up. Tell us the truth.

Shu: I figured you would have understood from our previous encounter…. But I would like to render judgement against the man who used me.

Masaki: And after that? You looking to die again? Or go after us?

Shu: I’m not thinking of anything like that.

Kouta: You said the same thing right before you attacked us after we fought Dark Brain!

Shu: That’s because at that point I was under the control of Volkruss.

Masaki: Once a traitor, always a traitor. Volkruss just took an idea you already had inside of you and made it stronger, I bet.

Shu: That’s quite a rude remark… but I have no intention of fighting you.

Lune: Like we’d believe that.

Tytti: What are you hoping to accomplish?

Mio: Seriously. Just say it. Like, 7 people have just asked you why you’re doing this. Are you deaf or something?

Shu: All I want…. Is lasting peace.

Zash: How dare you say that…

Masaki: Who do you think you’re fooling?

Shu: You’re free to believe whatever you want.

Presia: …

Mekibos: I don’t really have a say in this… but cooperating with Shu Shirakawa would really help us out. Zezernan wants to kill him more than anyone else.

Shu: That’s right. You can use me as a decoy. He’ll want to deal the final blow to me himself.

Lefina: …Understood. We’ll accept your request. Is that okay, Masaki?

Masaki: Dammit…. I guess this isn’t the time to be fighting Shu.

Tytti: Indeed. It’d be better if we kept our eye on him.

Presia: I… Don’t wanna…. I don’t wanna help the person who killed daddy….

Masaki: Presia….

Tytti: I understand how you feel, Presia. But…

Presia: …

Shu: I don’t expect you to welcome me with open arms. If you think I’m doing anything aggressive towards you, I don’t mind if you shoot me down.

Masaki: You don’t have to tell us that.

Saphine: I look forward to working with you.

Monika: I’m afraid I won’t be much use, but I will help however I can.

Lefina: We’re moving onto Phase 5! Descend down to the Moon Cradle!


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[1] This is Zeb’s O-face.