Back in 2012, I got the brainy idea to translate this game. "This'll be simple!" I said. "I took 4 years of Japanese in college! I'll have it knocked out in a month or two, then there'll be an English translation while people are still playing the game!" 

I started after I had finished the game for the first time, maybe 2 weeks after it was released. I then realized exactly how much of an idiot I was.  I got bogged down and sidetracked. I got a real job. I moved to Japan. I actually learned Japanese (which is incredibly helpful when translating something written in Japanese). And I whittled away at this behemoth, until one day, in early December, 2015, my rough draft was finished.

I then spent 6 months editing it, because I'm bad at time management but also I'm just one man.

What you see here is the final result of those 3 and a half years. There's still probably some errors, but I'm happy enough with it to put it out there.

Anywho, some general information about what's here.

  • This is every chapter and every route of 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation, the 5th or 3rd game in the sub-series. No, it doesn't make sense, but when has gaming sequel numbering ever made sense?
  • This is text only. I recommend playing the game with this open and reading line by line while actually looking at the characters' sprites and such. 
  • If you want Secrets, Skills, and Such, I recommend this site. It's the one I used. Thanks Akurasu! I might add some stuff to this site eventually, but for now, there's much better resources for that kinda thing.
  • I did not translate Dark Prison. I should, but I wanted to get this out before Moon Dwellers came out.
  • holy shit guys moon dwellers is coming out
  • This is my best brush at translation and a light dab of localization. As far as I'm aware, I didn't "censor" anything from the script. Irm still hits on every woman he sees, from 6 to 96. Saphine is still a weirdo. The Ruina REALLY like talking about killing people. But some jokes are simply untranslatable, and in those cases, I did by best to keep the feel of the line while writing something new.  My goal was to keep all the information intact, in a proper character voice, for all the text in the game. Whether or not I succeeded is surely subjective. There were also some elements that simply couldn't be localized, so I use a bit of Japanese/Chinese terminology people might not be familiar with (BARAL I HATE THEM SO MUCH GUYS). In almost every case, the Japanese script had some confused character (read: Arado) asking for clarification, which is just super convenient for me.
  • Individual naming convention choices and my reasons for using what I did can be found on the Notes page. If my footnotes are still present in the chapters when I import the text to the website, there's mini-rants about my choices there, too.
  • I don't want to make any money off of this. I don't own this shit. I started this project as a way to challenge myself and develop a skill. If Bamco yells at me with lawyers and asks me to take it down, I will.