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Ing: …The simulator?

Rio: Yeah, we’re thinking it might jump-start your memories. The captain’s authorized it.

Ryoto: Ing, do you know how to pilot Personal Troopers or Armored Modules?

Ing: No…

Ryoto: But you might still have muscle memory of it.

Rio: There’s no hurry, of course.

Ryoto: Yeah, we can wait until you’re feeling better.

Ing: I can do it now. I want to get back my memories... I want to know what kind of person I am.

Rio: But…

Ing: Please.

Ryoto: …Okay. I’ll talk to the doctor.

Rio: Ryoto…

Ryoto: He should be able to handle it if it’s set to level F.  Once I get the go-ahead from the doctor, I’ll set it up.

*Training pods hooo*

Viletta: So, how’d he do?

Ryoto: The simulator is set to the mass produced Gespenst Mk.2 units from right before the DC wars. He breezed through the missions up to Level C mission 3, which is where the doctor told us to stop him. He shot down 94% of targets, and only took 5% of the incoming damage.

Viletta: …Well that’s impressive.

Rai: Level C mission 3… that’s V type Garlions in an air battle. He got there using only an old type mass produced Gespenst.

Ryoto: Yeah… that’s as good as anyone in the Steel Dragons.

Rio: It was amazing how graceful his movement was.

Viletta: I guess that means his body remembers how to pilot.

Aya: How did he look?

Rio:  At first he looked surprised, even a bit confused, but then it was like he realized something. By the end, though, he was controlling the mech like he was a machine.

Viletta: …

Aya: And did he remember anything?

Ryoto: No. It seems he can’t remember if he’s a test pilot, or a soldier, or anything.

Rai: Did the doctor agree?

Ryoto: He said he didn’t think Ing was lying.

Rai: Did you try that thing we talked about?

Ryoto: Yeah, we did that last.

Aya: What thing?

Rai: I want to let him try piloting the R-blade Custom, a mech that’s only deployed by the Hagane. If Ing is just a really good spy, I wonder if that would get a reaction from him…

Ryoto: The captain gave him permission to pilot it until we get back to the surface… but nothing in Ing’s demeanor changed.

Rai: I see.

Rio: Ing’s been waiting patiently in the sickbay… It’s like the only times he moves is to read one of the books in there. I mean, I don’t really know how to say this.  He gives off a strange impression, but I don’t think he seems suspicious…

Rai: …

Viletta: So all that’s left is to wait on another cue to jumpstart his memories, or…

Aya: What?

Viletta: …It’s nothing.

*Briefing room*

Presia: Here you are, Mai! I brought you some rice balls.

Mai: Thanks.

Irm: Those look delicious, Presia. Bring any for me?

Presia: I brought lots, so go for it!

Irm: Oh, it’s got the seaweed on it and everything. I haven’t been able to eat stuff like this since getting here.

Mai: It’s really good.

Presia: Well, it’s really similar to what we usually eat down here, though I make these the way Masaki prefers them…

Irm: I’m not complaining! You’ll make a great wife one day, Presia.

Masaki: What?!

Irm: Huh? Did I say something bad?

Masaki: Kirkus and Terius?! Is that true?

Torres: Y-yes…

Irm: Oh, it’s a different conversation… but it looks serious. What’s up?

Masaki: The Kirkus army gave conditions for cooperating… They want Lord Feil to step down and let his younger brother Terius be the new country’s king.

Irm: Oh… So, General Kirkus is going to use Lord Terius as a puppet ruler, and rule over Langran.

Excellen: Well, it is a constitutional monarchy…

Xenia: But there must be some reason Terius is following General Kirkus.

Yuuki: What kind of person is Lord Terius?

Xenia: Though he’s an adult, he’ll skip out on ceremonies saying they’re annoying…

Excellen: So he’s a slacker?

Xenia: Pretty much.

Masaki: He’s probably eating out of Kirkus’s hand, only being told what the General wants him to hear.

Xenia: …

Masaki: And it’s not like Lord Feil’s going to simply shut up and let Kirkus have his way.

Tytti: But if we start fighting Kirkus here, we’ll be playing right into Shutedonias’s hand.

Masaki: I know, but still…


Tetsuya: Everyone is already assembled, I see.

Masaki: Captain, did you tell us to gather because Lord Feil sent his battle strategy?

Tetsuya: Yes, and as captain, I accepted it. Given the information from you all, I have a rough understanding of the situation in Langran, but the Lord considers us part of his forces.  It’ll take some time until we can return to the surface… If we have to choose a side, I think it’s going to have to be Langran’s.

Masaki: I appreciate the Steel Dragons helping me here.

Tytti: Me too.

Viletta: So, what’s our next battle?

Tetsuya: In 3 days, we’ll meet the Shutedonias force at Redona gorge, and mount a large offensive strike. We’ll be cooperating with Kirkus’s forces. We will attack with the Guerrilla forces in the left flank.

Excellen: So we’re tickling their armpits? Good thing we don’t have to play nice.

Tetsuya: If this battle is a success for Langran, it should be enough to make Shutedonias withdraw.

Masaki: Yeah… if it goes well, we can run them off the continent.

Xenia: My brother had to work with General Kirkus to even get this plan started. We must make it succeed.

Masaki: …Xenia, is it okay for you to not be with Lord Feil?

Xenia: He said it himself. Since there are 3 Elemental Lords on this ship, it’s better for me to be here. And besides, I want to see mechs from the surface up close.

Masaki: That’s really the only reason you’re here, isn’t it?

Xenia: O-of course not!

Tetsuya: We will leave the capital at 0100 hours tomorrow. Everyone, be prepared.

Chapter 11: Kirkus’s Ambitions

Soldier: Colonel Quaia, we’ve spotted a flying object at 9 o’clock! It’s the battleship from the surface!

Zares: Damn, we were so close…. They’ve found us. We’ve got no choice, attack! And call the 4th squadron back here! We’ll get them all in one blow!

*Deploy menu*

Xenia: It looks like that squad is en route to ambush General Kirkus’s forces.

Masaki: I don’t want to help that guy out, but now’s not the time for that … I’m counting on you all!

Viletta: Roger. All units, commence the attack.

Chapter 11: Kirkus’s Ambitions

Victory: All enemies shot down

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down

SR point: Complete the victory condition by the 4th player phase.

*blow up Zares*

Zares: Aaah, We’ve been taken out before the reinforcements arrive! The very existence of those Elemental Lords throws the world of La Gias into chaos….! This machine can’t fight any longer… I’ve got to eject!

*kill ‘em all*

Masaki: Alright, now we should be…


Eita: Mech signatures! At 6 o’clock, headed right this way! It’s 10 Shutedonias units!

Tetsuya: Get them!

Eita: Captain, there’s a reading from 3 o’clock! They’re giving allied codes!

Tetsuya: !

*Aw shit son dat’s sleigh*

Araseli: All units, begin the attack.


Araseli: Excellent, just as expected from professionals.

Ibis: That mech is!

Tsugumi: The Vegalion…?! It came to La Gias!?

Ibis: Sleigh! Are you piloting the Vegalion?!

Tsugumi: There’s no response….!

Ibis: Sleigh! Answer me, Sleigh!

Araseli: I see, it’s them…

Carla: Are they working with Lord Feil, too….?

Xenia: No, they’re probably working for…...

*awshit son spikebeard*

Kirkus: Hmm… It’s already over? Not bad.

Araseli: We’ve finished the requested job. So we’ll be…

Kirkus: I understand. You’re all free to go. I don’t mind if you leave.

Araseli: Please keep our background a secret.

Kirkus: I know.

Araseli: Well then… let’s go, gentlemen.

Ibis: Ah!

Tsugumi: …

Irm: That was the Vegalion… And those other units were the ones that Ibis and Tsugumi said they encountered…

Tsugumi: That’s right…

Masaki: So Kirkus also has people from the surface working for him…

Xenia: Why not ask him yourself? He’s riding that Galguard.

Masaki: You’re right. … General Kirkus, do you read me? This is Masaki Ando.

Kirkus: …It’s been awhile.

Masaki: Hmm... You’ve changed, General. Who were those people from the surface?

Kirkus: It’s classified. It’s not something I can tell you.

Masaki: What?!

Tytti: General… Why are you putting Terius into power? Do you want even more confusion?

Kirkus: I believe Lord Feil is the source of this confusion.

Xenia: What was that?!

Masaki: What a load of shit! You’re the one who threw Langran into this state!

Kirkus: It’s a shame you won’t listen to reason. In any case, we’re on our way to attack Shutedonias, so please excuse us.


Masaki: That bastard…

Xenia: ….


Feil: Gentlemen, good work. The attack succeeded on our front, too. Currently, the Shutedonias forces are pushed back to the Nuet Sea, and Kirkus is attacking them there.

Masaki: … We met with General Kirkus.

Feil: I see…

Masaki: He said that you’re the source of the chaos in the country.

Feil: …

Masaki: You’ve already told me about Lord Terius’s Ascension ceremony… is it really okay to let them do as they please?

Feil: Right now, we need to focus on getting Shutedonias out of this country. Without Kirkus’s help, we couldn’t have accomplished that.

Masaki: I know that, but still!

Tytti: Calm down, Masaki. Lord Feil’s probably thought about what Kirkus is doing more than any of us.

Masaki: …

Feil; In any case, please return to the capital. After that, I may ask for your help again.

Tetsuya: Lord, Kirkus had other people from the surface working with him. It’s possible that the Hiryuu Custom from our squad is with them…

Feil: We know nothing about their forces. We’re gathering information, but…

Tetsuya: If you find out anything, please contact us.

Feil: Understood.

Masaki: That goes for Yang Long, too. Where the hell is he, anyway?

Tetsuya: Set a course for the capital.

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