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*Briefing room*

Feil: Novus, what’s the situation on the ground?

Novus: I don’t have any details. General Kirkus’s forces started moving after Lord Terius fled. They are in the process of meeting up with other battalions on their way back to the capital.

Feil: I guess it was foolish of us to try to observe the ceremony. If we had returned earlier… or left the Hagane at the capital….

Masaki: Maybe Ahmed’s real purpose was to keep us busy for a while….

Xenia: Brother, Masaki… There’s no point in talking about that now.

Excellen: But is there something provoking the General? If people figured out what was really going on at the Coronation, then it would’ve really done damage to his credibility.

Rai: In order to drive out the Shutedonias forces from Langran, his companies are spread out all over Langran. So he shouldn’t be able to get everyone back to the capital immediately.

Tytti: That’s true… Kirkus had to make the order suddenly, so he doesn’t have time to gather his forces[1].

Feil: We’re in the same boat. While we head back to the capital, it’d be nice if we could meet up with General Ort, but…

Xenia: Even if we did meet up with him, we wouldn’t be able to take on Kirkus’s forces by ourselves.

Aya: If we had all the Steel Dragons, maybe we could do something….

Irm: With just our forces, all we’d be able to do is cover each other.[2]

Viletta: Ryoto, how’s the R-blade Custom?

Ryoto: We haven’t finished the fine tuning yet, but it’s usable.

Viletta: …

Rio: But we don’t have a pilot…

Ryoto: Captain, are you planning to…

Viletta: …Captain Tetsuya, I have a suggestion.

Tetsuya: What is it?

Viletta: We should deploy Ing. In the R-blade Custom.

Tetsuya: !

Rio: C-captain, are you serious?!

Viletta: I am.

Masaki: Ing… the amnesiac?

Rio: Y-yeah…

Rai: That’s dangerous. No matter how good he is in the simulations, to deploy someone we have no background information on….

Viletta: It’s a gamble. But if we want to stand a chance, we’ll need all the help we can get.

Yuuki: And if he regains his memories during battle, and he turns out to be an enemy?

Viletta: We’ll be watching for it. If the worst case scenario happens, I’ll take responsibility for it.

Ryoto: By that, do you mean….

Rio: …Does Ing have a choice?

Viletta: Yes. I know what’ll happen if I send out someone who doesn’t want to fight.

Aya: So you want to try to shock his memories back. Like what happened with Major Ingram.

Viletta: …That’s right.

Tetsuya: Very well. If Ing agrees, he has permission to sortie.


Ing: ….

Rio: You don’t have to agree, Ing.

Ing: No, I’ll do it. I owe you all my life… and in these dangerous times, I want to do what I can.

Ryoto: …Are you really sure?

Rio: Please think it over. If… If something bad were to happen….

Ing: …. I’m prepared for that. I’ll pilot the R-blade Custom.

Chapter 13: The Price of Ambition

Ort: Grr…. We only have these machines left?

Kirkus: General Ort, you cannot stop us. I’m sorry, but you need to surrender.

Ort: I have pledged myself to His Highness! I’ll stop you, even if I have to give my life!

Oreg: … Noble, but you’ll still die.

Ort: I have no intention of surrendering to traitors! As long as there is a single ray of hope, as long as it’s still possible to resist, I won’t give up!

Kirkus: Hope? Possibility? You don’t have those…

Soldier: General Kirkus! The Hagane is approaching from 1 o’clock!

Kirkus: From the other side! That means, the Capital….

Feil: General Ort, sorry I’m late.

Ort: Your Highness!

Tetsuya: Sortie all fireteams!

*Deployment screen*

Feil: General, let us deal with them.

Ort: Understood. Please be careful.

Rio: Ing, are you alright?

Ing: Yes. I think I understand how to operate this machine.

Ryoto: (He can do that in such a short time….)

Viletta: Ing, if something goes wrong on your end, I’ll deactivate your machine.

Ing: I understand. You’re preparing for the worst.

Viletta: …You don’t need to go to the front lines. You should guard the Hagane.

Ing: Understood. (I can’t die without my memories… without knowing who I am…)

Kirkus: The Hagane shows up now. Is this a trial from the heavens?

Feil: Lay down your arms, General Kirkus. There’s no point in us fighting here.

Kirkus: You say, while holding a sword to the capital’s throat.

Feil: I do not wish for Langran to be in this state of confusion. Just like you, General, I want to end this fight as quickly as possible.

Kirkus: Then lay down your arms and let us into the capital. And I’ll ask for your throne, as well.

Masaki: Who do you think you are?!

Feil: General Kirkus. I understand what you were trying with the Coronation. It’s only a matter of time before that comes to light.

Kirkus: And what would that be?

Excellen: Wow, it’s incredible how he can play dumb. Must be his special ability or something.

Tytti: He means he knows that Lord Terius at the Coronation was a fake.

Kirkus: I assume you have some kind of proof for that claim?

Feil: …You should already know, General. We’ve met up with the real prince already.

Kirkus: Well, I don’t remember that.

Irm: You sound just like a politician…

Feil: So you have no intention of retreating?

Kirkus: None. This will be where we decide who wins.

Masaki: Hmmm… You’ve got guts, Kirkus. You’ve really changed.

Kirkus: I’m as surprised as you are. What was that line about being a capable minister in peaceful times and an unscrupulous hero in chaotic times?[3]

Masaki: I wouldn’t call you capable. You just were average.

Kirkus: This is when my power can forge a new path for me. If I can defeat those who oppose me, I can rule Langran… nay, the entirety of La Gias. That’s the easiest way to restore peace to this world.

Masaki: You’re drunk on your own ambition! How many people do you plan to sacrifice for your goal?

Kirkus: Peace always comes with sacrifices.

Feil: …

Kirkus: If you want, you can work for me. And you can fight for peace for this entire world.

Excellen: There were plenty of people saying the exact same things as you on the surface. While we had the same goals, we had problems with how they were achieving those goals.

Kirkus: You can’t understand my justice?

Irm: Well, what you call justice may be easy to understand, but that’s what makes it so dangerous…

Rai: Exactly, your justice is intricately linked to your ambition.

Mio: And… Haste makes waste, basically?

Kirkus: I see that any more conversation is pointless. All units, begin the attack.

Oreg: Einst…. We’ll settle this here.

Excellen: You…  You’re with Kirkus, then.

Yuuki: Is that… Captain Oleg Nazaroff?

Oreg: Yuuki… Yuuki Jegunan?

Excellen: You know each other?

Yuuki: He was the captain of the special squad under the command of Colonel Van in the Neo DC… He participated in the attack on the Einst at Langley, too.

Excellen: I see, so that’s why he has a grudge against Einst…

Oreg: Yuuki, you traitor. You forgot Colonel Van and joined up with the Steel Dragons…!

Yuuki: Captain Oreg… After Van’s death, there’s no justice left in the Neo DC.

Carla: And what are you trying to pull, bringing a surface war to La Gias?

Oreg: No matter where we are, those who would side with the Einst deserve death!

Excellen: Uh, sorry, but you’re really lashing out at the wrong person here…

Masaki: Kirkus… You’ve gone too far.  I’ll show you just how much your ambition has cost you!

Kirkus: Come! After you die, my justice will conquer the world!

Chapter 13: The price of Ambition

Victory: Shoot down the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down

SR point: Shoot down the Garlion in 2 turns.

*kill Oreg*

Oreg: Eiiinst! You dirty fiends!


Yuuki: Oreg…

Excellen: Than man couldn’t see reality. In more ways than one….

*Masaki V Kirkus*

Masaki: You’re just an average old man, but you’ve come this far! I guess I can give you credit for that!

Kirks: Cybuster… The Elemental Lords have already changed this world greatly. That means I can change too!

*Tetsuya V Kirkus*

Kirkus: My lord, if you will not go along with my justice, then I will have to take your life.

Feil: I won't let myself fall here, General Kirkus...

Kirkus: But you don't belong in the new kingdom. You know that better than anyone else, my lord.

Feil: ...

*Tytti V Kirkus*

Tytti: General, power is meant to protect others! You’re acting like a child and using it just to destroy!

Kirkus: We need people to use their power in times like these! Why can’t you understand that?!

*Mio V Kirkus*

Mio: I don’t like judging people on first impressions, General Kirkus, but you look like a sore loser!

Kirkus: So you’re the new pilot of Zamzeed. So the Elemental Lords will not side with me…!

*Presia V Kirkus*

Presia: I'm now an Elemental Lord's pilot, so I can't let your army do those bad things!

Kirkus: The daughter of Zeoroot... She may have the ability, but I won't lose to such a young girl!

*Xenia V Kirkus*

Kirkus: Lady Xenia, I ask you to please withdraw from here.

Xenia: Mind your own business, Kirkus! I've been anticipating this ever since I heard you were raising an army!

*After an attack on Kirkus*

Kirkus: This is no time to hold back our power! Send out the remaining units!

Masaki: You can’t stop us with that! We’ll settle this right now, Kirkus!

Kirkus: Silence! No one knows how the battle will end until it’s over!

Masaki: Then let me pull the curtain on this show!

*kill Kirkus*

Kirkus: Arrgh, I was so close!

Masaki: It’s over, General Kirkus!

Kirkus: I’m not giving up! Until my ideals are realized! We will meet again!

Masaki: Did he eject?

Tytti: Let him go, Masaki.

Masaki: Why?! He’ll keep coming!

Tytti: Kirkus has lost his power and his claim to justice. The people following him will probably….

Masaki: ….

Tetsuya: This looks like the end…

Feil: (You were too hasty, General Kirkus… But perhaps I’m the same way….)

*In the king’s chambers*

Novus: … It seems the forces that sided with Kirkus are surrendering to us one by one. We don’t know where Kirkus is, but we are searching for him. And further, it doesn’t seem like Shutedonias is making any big movements.

Feil: I… see. Prepare… recovery plans for all of Langran… and… Bagonia….

Xenia: Feil, you look pale. Shouldn’t you rest while you can? Just for a little bit?

Feil: No… I can… ugh…

Xenia: Feil!

Novus: My lord!

Feil: I’m… fine… I don’t have the time to rest…

Novus: Unacceptable! You’re too important to this country! I won’t let you work yourself to death!

Xenia: I’ll call a doctor and bring him here.

Feil: You should focus on… the Duraxyll…

Xenia: This is no time to be talking about that!

Feil (I’m out of time… I only have a bit remaining….)


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[1] Oh god this sentence is a mess.

[2] This entire conversation sucks. My god.

[3] Reference to Cao Cao and Xu Shao.