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Masaki: ...And that’s why Langran’s so chaotic right now.

Excellen: So basically, the neighbors came knocking and everything went belly-up. And beyond that, our gang and the Neo DC Remnants were summoned here… Things are pretty crazy.

Masaki: The main source of this confusion is the destruction in the capital. I… wasn’t able to prevent that. And thinking Shu was behind it, I followed him up to the surface.

Excellen: And after the Antarctic Incident, you found Professor Shirakawa…

Masaki: Right. After that, there was the DC War, the L5 Campaign, and the Inspector Affair, and then lastly, the Shura Rebellion… After we destroyed Dark Brain, Shu attacked us. And then…


Shu: I-impressive… The Neo Granzon is defeated… If that’s the way it is, I have no regrets… To fight just to fight… Everything is destroyed eventually… It was just… my turn this time.  With this… I’m released from all of my chains… I… did… it….

Masaki: It’s… over… But…! Shu! You idiot! Dammit!


Masaki: After that, a lot happened, and then I returned to Langran.

Excellen: A lot? Didn’t you say you returned to La Gias directly after the Shura Rebellion?

Masaki: Eh, if I explained it things would just get more complicated. Speaking of which, Kyosuke and Ryuusei went missing on the surface, right?

Excellen: Huh? How did you-

Masaki: I heard it from them. I met up with them, and we were working together.

Excellen: Seriously?!

Masaki: Yup.  They should have returned to the surface… no, actually, they could be in La Gias.

Shiro: N-no way…

Kuro: It’s possible.

Excellen: In any case, Kyosuke and Ryuusei are okay, right?

Masaki: Most likely. After all, I made it to La Gias in one piece. But we don’t know where they are right now…

Excellen: If they’re on the surface… Hey, is there any way to get back up there?

Masaki: There is, but it’s not something that can be done right now.  Considering it’s possible that the Steel Dragons were summoned here, we may need to look around a bit.

Excellen: I suppose so.

Masaki: Anyway. It seems like Naburo has been completely taken over by Shutedonias… What should we do?


Torres: Lord Masaki, the Shutedonias invasion forces have crossed the Kenak sea!

Masaki: What?!

Torres: The enemy seems to have brought more of their Elementals. Currently, the only mechs we have that can launch are my Blowel and two of the Rujanol Customs… Lord Masaki, could I please ask for your assistance?

Masaki: I don’t mind, but why can you only launch 3 units? The Diablo is in the hangar. Where’s old man Maddock?

Torres: Lord Maddock… is no longer with us.

Masaki: !

Excellen: Who was he? A friend of yours?

Masaki: Y-yeah… He was from the surface, too… He helped me with a lot of stuff. Jeez… he’s really gone.

Torres: …And because of that, Diablo no longer has a pilot.  It’s being stored here for safekeeping. And all the fighting up till now has put strains on our resources…

Masaki: I see… At the very least, we still have Tytti and Yang Long.

Excellen: I’ll help out too, Masa.

Masaki: Thanks.

Gold: I’ll provide assistance as well.

Masaki: …Oh, you’re still here?

Gold: T-that’s a little much, don’t you think…

Mio: I’ll come too. I get the feeling I’ll get dragged in eventually, anyway.

Masaki: This doesn’t concern you. Just stay quiet. We’ll get you back to the surface eventually.

Mio: Aww, I’m being left out?

Masaki: There’s nothing you can do. Just stay out of this.

Excellen: …But even with Cybuster, it’s going to be dangerous to attack the front lines.

Torres: Then let’s aim for Immortal Gorge. The enemy won’t be able to send large parties there, so we’ll have the upper hand. But, in the unlikely event that we lose, it’ll become very difficult to halt the enemy’s advance.

Masaki: And if we send out all of our units, this base will be defenseless.

Excellen: Sounds like we’re in a tight spot.

Masaki: Yeah… If only we could use Diablo.

Torres: If we had found more surface dwellers with battle experience…

Masaki: There’s no use talking about ifs. We’ll do what we can for now.

Mio: …Hey, could I try piloting that Diablo thingy?

Masaki: What? It’s not something you can just jump in and pilot.

Mio: I may not look it, but I’m pretty good at Burning PT!

Masaki: Even if you’re as good as Ryuusei, it’s impossible. War and games are completely different.

Mio: Well, sure… But we’re in a tight spot, right?

Masaki: Exactly, and that’s why I’m going do something about it. Torres, lead us to the Gorge.

Torres: Roger.

Mio: …

CHAPTER 3: Immortal Ambush

Torres: Lord Masaki, we’re picking up readings from the Shutedonias forces!

Masaki: It’s not just Elementals… there’s Armored Modules, too!

Torres: It seems that Shutedonias and Bagonia have both armed themselves with mercenaries from the surface.

Excellen: This is getting weirder by the minute.

Jog: Heh, it’s the Cybuster. Where has it been hiding until now?

Soldier: That’s… an Elemental Lord!

Jog: Don’t worry.  As long as we crush Ruzak’s defense forces, then our job’s complete. There’s no need to attack Cybuster. If you get in trouble, just evacuate. All units, advance!

Masaki: (Old man… I won’t let the place you protected fall into those bastards’ hands!)

Chapter 3: Immortal Ambush

Victory: Defeat all Enemies

Defeat: Any unit is defeated

SR Point: Defeat all enemies. If the Baform is shot down, or if there’s less than two enemies remaining, they will retreat.

*Round 2*

Excellen: Something’s coming this way… Who is it?

*apparently it’s Rio and Ryoto*

Rio: Look! It’s Cybuster!

Ryoto: And Rein Weissritter! Did Lt. Excellen also end up here?

Masaki: Ryoto! Rio!

Rio: It’s not just us, the whole Hagane crew is here, too.

Ryoto: We were sent out on patrol.

Excellen: So it seems like everyone who participated in our little exercise got called down here, huh.

Masaki: Rio, Ryoto, could you give us a hand here?

Rio: Well, we’re not quite sure how things work in this world yet…

Excellen: This is Langran in La Gias. You’ve heard Masa talk about it before, right? It’s basically his second home.

Ryoto: I thought so… That was my guess based on what we saw around here.

Excellen: Anywho, the guys we’re fighting are from Shutedonias. While we were looking after Masa, they’ve been invading Langran.

Masaki: I don’t know why you all were called to La Gias. But right now…

Rio: I understand.  You’ve helped us so much up to now. I believe in you. I’ll help.

Ryoto: I agree with Rio.

Masaki: Thanks!

Jog: Those new guys are piloting mechs I’ve never seen. Could they be from the surface?

Ryoto: Rio, I’ve contacted the Hagane. They’re headed this way now.

Rio: Understood.

Jog: Hmm. If they’re helping out Langran, then I’ll show them no mercy!

*Turn 3*


Masaki: Diablo? What’s it doing here? Who’s piloting it?

Mio: It’s me!

Masaki: Y-you! Er, who?

Mio: Mio Sasuga.

Masaki: Wait, why are you in Diablo?

Mio: After you left, I got into the cockpit, and I just sorta knew how to move it. Maybe because of how much I played Burning PT?

Masaki: …!

Mio:  I heard from the people at the base. Masaki, the first time you piloted an Elemental, you were able to maneuver it, right?

Masaki: (Could she be…?)

Mio: We’re in a tight spot, right?  Considering I owe you, I figured I’d come to help!

Masaki: …Okay.

Torres: Are you sure, Lord Masaki?

Masaki: Yeah, The Shutedonias guys aren’t gonna pull out of here. We need all the help we can get.[1]

Shiro: You got that right!

Mio: Wait, the cat can talk? That’s a well-made robot!

Shiro: No no no, I’m a fameowliar[2].

Mio: Fameowliar?

Masaki: Don’t worry about that now. Listen, Mio. This is a battlefield.  If you’re careless, you’ll lose your life.

Mio: I know that. I need to think about my actions.

Masaki: Well, it’s not just that…

Mio: I know full well that I’m the newbie, here, but I don’t plan on becoming a burden.

Masaki: No, you don’t understand! Riding and fighting in an Elemental is…

Mio: Don’t worry! Let’s goooo!

*Masaki v. Jog*

Jog: If I can take out Cybuster, I’ll shoot up in rank!

Masaki: You really think you can win against an Elemental Lord with that machine?

*Excellen v. Jog*

Jog: I'll get you, surface dweller! Get ready!

Excellen: Sorry, I don't plan on dying in an alternate universe.

*Ryouto v. Jog*

Ryouto: This is a La Gias mech... I have to be careful!

Jog: You're not welcome here, surface dweller!

*Rio v. Jog*

Rio: If you're an enemy of Masaki's, we won't hold back!

Jog: Heh! You guys picked the wrong side to help!

*Mio defends*

Mio: A-aaah! H-he's coming this way!

Masaki: Calm down, Mio! Pay attention to how they're moving!

Mio: Okay! I... I'll think of something!

*Mio shoots something down*

Mio: I... I did it! I... Wait.... What... Is... Is that... a dead...!?

Masaki: Mio! Don't look!

Mio: I-I... I killed them?! No! Aaaaaah! No! No no no no!

Masaki: Calm down, Mio!

*no response*

Masaki: Damn, she's panicking.

Excellen: We'll have to help her after the battle.

*And Jog dies like a bitch*

Jog: Shit! Retreat!

*or, if you kill his goons*

Jog: Damn, we’ve been pushed back…! We’ll have to pull out for today.

*wellp bye*

Masaki: We managed, somehow….

Excellen: Oh yeah, what about the Hagane?

Ryoto: I thought it would’ve been here by now…

*Speak of the devil*

Masaki: Oh, speak of the devil.


Excellen: Wha?

Irm: Watch out, everyone! We’re being fired at by something!

Rio: Wh-what’s that?

Excellen: Is that also from Shutedonias?

Masaki: No, that’s the Spirt Machine Nagizzard!

Excellen: Spirt Machine?

Masaki: An elemental powered by resentment, like black magic. It sustains itself with grudges.

Excellen: Oh my, how occult. So we’re gonna be expecting some voodoo now?

Masaki: (This is bad. Cybuster doesn’t have a chance against that ghostly thing right now…!)

Louzorl: If it isn’t Lord Randall. It has been such a long time.  I haven’t heard from you.

Masaki: It’s you, Louzorl! But now that I’ve returned, I won’t let you have your way with Langran like you did last time!

Louzorl:  I’m afraid that is unrelated. I was simply following a faint presence from the otherworldly ship.

Masaki: What do you mean, presence?

Louzorl: While it’s not something you would know, it’s something I have a very deep interest in.

Masaki: Irm, does the Hagane have something like that onboard?

Irm: No, not that I know of.

Ryoto: (Could it be that boy we picked up…? No, I’m reading too much into this.)

Louzorl: Lord Randall, would you kindly hand over my prey?

Masaki: Are you kidding? The Hagane’s crew are precious friends of mine. I won’t let you touch them.

Louzorl: I figured as much. Well then, since it has been so long since we last met, would you like to have a go?[3]

Masaki: Hmmf, I don’t want any part of anything you’re doing.

Louzorl: Well then, here I go. *chanting* Heaven’s reason, Earth’s reason, Turn and go, turn and die. The grudges of hell, the flames of purgatory, the oaths of your blood. Take form in darkness. Aku Samada Bishisu Kandaku.[4]

*and the dead riiiise*

Masaki: Crap, he’s resurrecting dead warrior spirits!

Irm: They look like Golems.

Masaki: Exactly. They’re Demon Golems. Dead warrior spirts disturbed from their rest.

Excellen: Damn, he really did pull out the voodoo.

Masaki: Everyone, don’t touch the Nagizzard.  Since it’s basically a ghost, you won’t be able to hit it.

Rio: Then what should we do?

Masaki: For now, destroy the Demon Golems! We’ll figure out what to do about the Nagizzard later!

Irm: Yeesh, that seems really reckless.

Masaki: We’ve got no other choice!

Irm: Well, I guess it’s not so bad that the reinforced Grungust’s first battle is against some monsters…

Excellen: I’d actually call that a good thing.

Irm: I guess. Well then, let’s show those golems the true power of the Grungust Kai!

Victory: Defeat all enemies except the Nagizzard.

SR point: None

*Masaki fights Louzorl, despite telling everyone not to fight Louzorl*

Louzorl: My word. You of all people should know how futile this is?

Masaki: I know, dammit, but I'm not gonna just let you do as you please!

*and everybody wins*

Louzorl: Oh ho, it’s just as I expected. For now, I will withdraw gracefully. I’m afraid there are still some things I must attend to. Farewell, till next we meet!

Masaki: That bastard, he ran away real fast…

Irm: Well, things turned out okay, at least.

Masaki: In any case, can we head back to the Hagane? There’s quite a few things you want to ask, right?

Irm: Yeah. Wait a sec while I get the Captain’s permission.

Masaki: Got it.

*end battle*

*If Mio had some trauma*

Masaki: ...Are you okay, Mio?

Mio: Yeah, somehow... I'm sorry I made you worry.

Masaki: ...I mean, it happens. I remember my first time, too.

Mio: Huh..?

Masaki: I did the exact same thing you did. But I've been fighting all this time, putting my life on the line to protect what I need to protect... If I ran away from this, I'd lose not only my friends, but I'd be abandoning people who can't fight to their deaths.

Mio: ....

Masaki: You weren't just jumping into Diablo on a whim, right?

Mio: ... You're right...

*anyway this is where it starts if you didn't traumatize Mio*

Torres: Lord Masaki, thank you very much.

Masaki: It was no big deal.

Torres: What shall you do from here on?

Masaki: Since the Hagane has been called down to La Gias… Then it looks like all my other allies have been summoned here as well. I’ll go with the Hagane to look for them. After that, I’ll find Lord Feil.

Torres: If that is the case, would you take me along? I would also like to meet with Lord Feil.

Masaki: What about the base?

Torres: I can leave it to my subordinates. At least for now, the Shutedonias army won’t be coming to this area.

Masaki: …Okay, then.

Mio: I’m coming too, Masaki.

Masaki: Yeah, because you gotta get back to the surface, right?

Mio: And until then, I’ll be in Diablo.

Masaki: What are you saying? The only reason you survived last battle was because you got lucky. Battles aren’t always that easy. If you don’t get serious about this…

Mio: Look, I get what you’re saying. I need to be prepared to put my life on the line, right?

Masaki: …Yeah.

Mio: And because that surface battleship is here, it’s not like we don’t already have some firepower…

Masaki: That’s why I’m saying…

Mio: No matter what, I’ve got to return to the surface. So I’m going with you.

Masaki: But Diablo…

Torres: Lady Mio deserves a chance to pilot it, if I may say so.  After all, none of us can use it.

Masaki: …Okay, But Mio…

Mio: Don’t overdo it?

Masaki: Yeah.

Kuro: It doesn’t mean much, coming from Masaki…

Mio: Oh, it’s the cat robot from before! Where’s the pocket?

Masaki: You really don’t know anything. Those are my familiars. They’re named Shiro and Kuro.

Shiro: Nice to meet mew.

Mio: Whoa. What a weird world. Cats talk, and people use magic…

Masaki: By the way, Mio.  Can I ask about your parents?

Mio: …They died two years ago in a plane crash.

Masaki: …I thought so.

Mio: What? Wouldn’t a normal person offer condolences or something?

Masaki: Well, it’s not like you seem like you need any comforting.

Mio: Well… that’s true, but…

Masaki: My parents are gone, too. I know how it is. Do you have any specialties?

Mio: Specialties? I can line up 3 pennies perfectly with my forehead!

Masaki: …Could you be serious?

Mio: Also, I’m a third level black belt in Aikido.

Masaki: Oh… Aikido?

Mio: Say, you’ve been asking me a lot of questions… Are you falling for me? By the way, my three sizes are 78, 56, 82!

Masaki: So you say. I can see what you care about.

Mio: Yeesh, you’re pretty boring, huh.

Masaki: Oh, shut it. Let’s go to the Hagane.


Tetsuya: I see. I understand the gist of the situation. It’s very likely the Hiryuu Custom came to this world too.

Masaki: Yeah. Along with the other people you can’t get in contact with…

Irm: But beyond that, why would we be “summoned” en masse? Was it an accident?

Masaki: I don’t think so. I think someone’s plotting something…

Ryoto: Are there conditions for how people get summoned to La Gias?

Masaki: There are, but this seems very different from the way that I came here.

Rio: There’s a lot of stuff that even you’re not sure about…

Masaki: Yeah. We should ask the people who’d know the most about this kind of thing.

Torres: Are you considering Lady Ybun at the Soldis shrine?

Masaki: Exactly. That old lady probably knows how to open a gate… though considering how eccentric she is…

Irm: Ladies are usually my forte… maybe I should talk to her?

Masaki: Uh… even for you, it’s probably useless.

Excellen:  I think I have a rough idea what kind of girl you’re talking about…

Tetsuya: In any case, until we find out more information on our other members, there’s no way we’re going back to the surface. But we need some clues.

Masaki: Understood. Let’s head to Soldis Temple. I’ll lead the way.


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[1] Actuall line is about even cats being helpful. OH JAPANESE IDIOMS


[3] Really, this line is just a bunch of formal honorifics in a horrifying chain of pleasantries.

[4] Look, I’m sorry, this shit is WEIRD okay