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Chapter 5: Demon Hack

*Hey it starts with deployment*

Ybun: Since the main servers for REB are protected, you don’t need to hold back. Go all out.

Masaki: That’s what I was planning on doing!

Tetsuya: All units, destroy the Demon Golems!

Chapter 5:  Demon Hack

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down

SR point: Destroy more than 7 Demon Golems within 2 turns.

*Fight with Masa*

Masaki: I’ll clear you golems out of here!

*kills some*

Ybun: Hmm…  These guys are putting up a bigger fight than I expected.

Masaki: Don’t focus on  stuff like that, granny!  Worry about the spirits in the REB!

Ybun: I know!

*after a few turns*

Ybun: No… the program is awakening!

Masaki: What? It should be weakening!

Gatheserk: Ybun… You think you can contain the almighty conqueror of worlds, Gatheserk?

Ybun: What a shitty program. Even if I didn’t delete it, it’d wipe itself off the drives anyway.

Gatheserk: Hehehe… You can’t fool me with those words… I can see how hopeless you are, how your hearts are in agony.

Masaki: That’s the program that’s possessing REB!

Ybun: That’s right. The lowly monster Gatheserk.

Gatheserk: Don’t move. If you harm me, you won’t be able to use the return spell, will you?

Masaki: Shit, he knows our plan!

Gatheserk: I am an all-knowing god, the dark lord bringing calamity to La Gias!

Masaki: You’re not a god! You’re just some small-fry!

Gold: Considering you’re cooped up in such an unassuming place, that does seem more likely.

Tsugumi: But… if Gatheserk has full control over Soldis temple, something bad might happen to Langran if we…

Gold: Ah, that’s…

Torres: …Possible….

Excellen: Ms. Ybun, is that computer really that important? Outside of getting us home.

Ybun: …No, the important data’s backed up, so outside sending you back, there’s not much importance to it.

Excellen: So it’s okay to smash it?

Gatheserk: !

Masaki: But then you won’t be able to get home!

Excellen: It’s not like we were in any hurry… And it could be repaired later, right?

Irm: Besides, aren’t there other ways? Didn’t you use Cybuster’s energy to travel between the worlds earlier?

Masaki: That’s… true, but…

Gatheserk: What are you bastards saying?

Masaki: (Wait a minute… what if…)

Irm: Then for now, we should focus on rectifying this current predicament. Any objections, captain?

Tetsuya: I agree.  It’s not like we wanted to return without the others, anyway.

Irm: So it’s decided.

Masaki: Are you sure?

Excellen: Rio said it earlier! This time, we’re going to help you.

Masaki: …Got it. Granny, what do you think?

Ybun: Fine, we won’t play into Gatheserk’s hands. We’re giving up on REB. I’m lowering the barrier.

Gatheserk: Are you serious?!

Ybun: Of course. As long as you’re there, we’re not going to just let you do what you want.

Gatheserk: Wait, if you let me talk, you’ll understand…

Ibis: Huh? He seems a bit different…

Irm: (Hook, line, and sinker…)

Gatheserk: Seriously, listen. I know all, and I’ve conquered all. If I get serious, you guys will…

Ybun: A second-rate thing like yourself shouldn’t be saying those kinds of things.

Masaki: That’s right! We’ll rip you right out of REB!

Gatheserk: Grr! Since it’s come to this, I’ll…!

Rio: ! He’s coming out!


Ryoto: Huh?

Mio: It’s a Demon Golem.

Ryoto: I thought it’d be some bigger kind of monster….

Masaki: Out here, it’s just another small-fry monster! Granny, it’s up to you!

Ybun: Right!

*magic and shit*

Gatheserk: What?!

Masaki: Heh, you fell for it! Now that you’ve materialized, you can’t get back into REB!

Gatheserk: You bastards! You tricked me!

Excellen: Hehe, that was easier than I thought it’d be.

Gatheserk: You puny humans dare to challenge me? Know your place!

Masaki: That’s our line! Get ready, Gatheserk!

*and back to fighting.*

*blow his shit up dawg*

Gatheserk: I-impossible! God has beeeeeen!

*killed bro*

Masaki: Whew. It’s over.

Ybun: Nope. It appears someone snuck in during the commotion.

Masaki: What?

*Oh it’s dogbitch*

Chienne: Oh, it’s already over?

Masaki: That’s not an Elemental…

Tsugumi: A surface mech? But it’s a type I haven’t seen before.

Chienne: Are you the Steel Dragons? I’ve heard so much about you.

Ibis: A kid?!

Chienne: I’m Chienne Argent, one of the Boosted Children.

Rio: Huh?!

Tsugumi: Really?!

Chienne: Yup. But don’t lump me in with those losers from Bronzo. I’m from the Argent class… Since the death of Aurum 1, We’re the top class of the Boosted Children.

Irm: I had heard from Latooni that some of the Boosted Children were still around…

Ryoto: Could she also have been reconditioned…?

Chienne: Heh! I told you not to lump me in with those failures. This kind of work suits me. And being in this world is going to be very profitable… and the fact that I get to fight you guys is perfect!

Rio: Who are you working for? The Neo DC Remnants?

Chienne: There’s no need for you to know that. As long as there’s a reason to fight, who cares where the battlefield is?

Excellen: She really does think differently from Arado’s group…

Chienne: That’s because they’re trash. The only ones truly worthy of being called Boosted Children are my class.

Masaki: Like we care! If you’re looking for a fight, you’ll get one!

Chienne: Haha, exactly! Let’s go!

Victory: Lower the Kerberion Presens below 7500 HP

*V. Excellen*

Chienne: A member of the ATX team will make a great bounty!

Excellen: You’re barking up the wrong tree, missy![1]

*V. Irm*

Irm: So theres Boosted Children who act like you, too.

Chienne: I told you! I'm how we should be!

*V. Masaki*

Chienne: In this world, the Elemental Lords are the most worthwhile prey!

Masaki: Where the hell did you hear that?!

*well that was more bark than bite HAH DOG JOKES*

Chienne: Damn, my Kerberion!  It’s not calibrated right! I’m out of here!

Masaki: That kid…!

Rio: Why did she even come here?

Excellen: She certainly seemed like a mercenary. Either she was working for the Shutedonias forces, or she had some grudge against us…

Masaki: (This summoning…. It definitely seems like something big is going on here.)

*and to the temple’s outside again*

Ybun: It’s thanks to you guys I was able to get rid of Gatheserk. So thanks.

Masaki: No problem. Now take us in.

Kuro: (Sheesh, Masaki is single-minded.)

Masaki: Oh, but before that, I guess you should learn everyone’s names.

Excellen: Just the names…?

Irm: Well, considering we’re not the only ones wanting to go up, it’s important to know them.

Masaki: But if this keeps up, the war between Langran and Shutedonias is going to heat up.

Excellen: Well, we’re already pretty involved in this fight.

Irm: I think it’d be better if we kept on working with you. Considering it looks like you’re pretty famous around here.

Masaki: N-not really…

Rio: And besides that, we have to figure out what’s going on with those Neo DC remnants people, like that Chienne from earlier.

Ryoto: That girl’s mech… It looked like the new lion series, I think.

Tsugumi: That’s right… She called it the Kerberion.

Irm: If it were a federation mech, we’d be able to find data on it…So it’s with the Neo DC Remnants or Isurugi.

Ryoto: (Or maybe it’s related to the GS…)

Tsugumi: I have my doubts about Isurugi. Before we came to La Gias, we encountered the Vegalion…

Masaki: Vegalion?

Ibis: Like my Altairlion, it’s part of Project TD’s series 77.

Masaki: And let me guess, it was stolen?

Ibis: No, we only made the Altairlion…. The Vegalion we saw was made by Isurugi, basing it on Filio’s design.

Tsugumi: After we saw it, we were sent here, and we weren’t able to find out anything more….

Masaki: I see.

Torres: …What shall we do from here, Lord Masaki?

Masaki: Hmm…

Ybun: You should go to the capital. It seems Lord Feil is on his way there too, because he’s worried about Queen Monica.

Masaki: Queen Monica is in the castle?

Ybun: Yup. I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. Like something’s going to happen to her.

Masaki: I got it. We’ll head for the capital. I don’t know if Lord Feil’s going too, but we have to save Queen Monica.

Mio: A queen, eh? What kind of person is she?

Masaki: …Mio, you should wait here.

Mio: Seriously?

Masaki: From here on out, the battles will get more intense. No matter how you’re prepared…

Mio: I’m interested in this world’s affairs now. I know it’s going to be rough. But I feel like I can get something back that I’ve lost by being here in La Gias.

Masaki: … Okay. Do what you will.

Torres: Well then, Lord Masaki.

Masaki: Yeah, let’s head to the capital. I’ll lead the way.

Excellen: Well then, we’re off. Mr. Torres, please lead the way.

Torres: Leave it to me.

Masaki: …Dammit.


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[1] You’re too mischievous and it’s going to be expensive.