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Tasuku: Man, it’s a good thing we met up with the Custom! This coffee is so much better than that instant stuff in our rations!

Russel: It is nice to have a place to return to.

Tasuku: But honestly, We’ve kinda got a rough group right now….

Russel: Huh?

Tasuku: First of all, there’s two people who like to be alone and brood all the time. After that, there’s two girls who at best could be called masculine, and at worst just plain crude… Gah, I can’t feel relaxed in this environment! I’m thirsty, dang it!  You’re the only one I can vent with right now, Russel.

Russel: Uh…

Tasuku: When we met with Captain Lefina, I felt refreshed… Aaaah, I want to find Leona, fast!

Russel: (Somehow, I don’t think Leona will be in any mood to “refresh” him…. Wait a minute…)

Russel: Uh, Tasuku, I think in your speech earlier, you forgot someone.

Tasuku: Oh? Who?

Russel: Mr. Gennacy, right?

Tasuku: Ach!

Russel: It makes sense, because he hides in the shadows…

Tasuku: (In a way, I guess Russel does too, huh.)

Russel: That’s right, I was looking in the database for information about Gennacy… It turns out he’s a swimmer. And he’s won a gold medal at the Olympics.

Tasuku: Say whaaaaat?

Russel: Seriously. I confirmed it with him.

Tasuku: Wait, you actually talk to him?

Russel: Yeah, actually, we get along alright.

Tasuku: (When could that have happened? I never see either of them talking…)

*Different scene*

Gennacy: Prince Feil lives? Is that true?

Yang Long: It is.

Gennacy: Where did you get that information from?

Yang: I can’t tell you that…. But I don’t think it’s wrong. He’s probably with Masaki and Tytti.

Gennacy: So if he wasn’t killed... Why wouldn’t Kirkus tell us that?

Yang: Because it would be problematic if we knew… Meaning that the General…

Gennacy: What?

Yang: Never mind. It’s probably nothing.

Gennacy: …

*Clop clop clop*

Lune: Ah, there you guys are.

Yang: Is something happening, Lune?

Lune: Yeah, Captain Lefina’s calling for you. She wants to ask you stuff about Kirkus.

Yang: … I understand. Let’s go.

*captain’s room*

Lefina: He didn’t stand out?

Yang: Exactly. Before the war, General Kirkus wasn’t very well known. But after the terrorist attacks at the capital and Shutedonias began their invasion, he rose to prominence. And then, the General formed his own command and began his resistance… And now he’s recaptured Troia.

Sean: Hmm… so It’s hard to tell if he was a late bloomer, or if he was hiding it until that moment…

Yang: At any rate, Kirkus’s army is the fastest way to free Langran, there’s no doubt about that.

Lefina: Understood. We’ll be reaching Troia soon. We’ll find out what kind of person he is when we meet him face to face.

*Outside the town*

Yang: General Kirkus, I’ve brought the captain of the Hiryuu Custom.

Kirkus: Good work, Yang Long.

Lefina: Earth Federation Far East Division 1st Independent Special Squadron “Steel Dragons” Commander, Captain of the mobile battleship Hiryuu Custom, Colonel Lefina Enfield, reporting.

Kirkus: I am honored that you came to visit me. I am Kirkus Zan Valfarbia. As it stands, I am the representative of Langran.

Yang: (Representative… so if Prince Feil is still alive, then…)

Kirkus: You have my thanks for working with Yang Long’s people. Please, restock your supplies at your convenience.

Lefina: Thank you very much. Though it is sudden, I’d like to ask you if you know of a way to return the people from the surface to our own world.

Kirkus: It is possible to return you to the surface. However, as the priests who could cast the spell are scattered, it could take a while before it is possible. At least until we rescue the capital, I don’t think they can help you. Further, we still must investigate why surface dwellers are being summoned, and search for the rest of them… So at the moment, I can’t do much to help. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to wait in this world for the time being.

Lefina: And if we offered to co-operate with you until we were able to return to the surface?

Kirkus: If you did that, I would be relieved. It would also make your return to the surface quicker.

Lefina: While we do plan to lend you our firepower…

*clop clop clop clop*

Soldier: General! There’s 3 enemy squadrons headed towards us!

Kirkus: Hmm. It seems they’re planning sneak attack to drive us into a corner. We will counter. I’ll deploy in the Galguard.

Lefina: You will?

Kirkus: To defend my country, Colonel. Everything I do is to drive the Shutedonians out, and return Langran to prosperity. I’m prepared to die for her.

Lefina: Understood. We will assist you. In order to end this war.

Chapter 7: Surprise Attack

Lefina: All units, deploy!

*sup deployment menu*

Kirkus: The Steel Dragons and I will take care of the enemies coming from this direction.

Katina: The commander’s at the front lines. He’s got guts, huh.

Tasuku: That Elemental looks really cool. It’s got 4 arms!

Kyosuke: It looks a lot like Granveil.

Yang: The Galguard is nearly as strong as an Elemental Lord. Though I find it’s closer to Cybuster than my own machine.

Eun: The enemies have entered Range 2![1]

*They appear*

Katina: They came! Alright, you bastards, let’s go!

Lune: Hey! We’re not all bastards!

Katina: This isn’t the time for nitpicking!

Tasuku: (So…Thirsty…)

Kirkus: (The Steel Dragons … I’ll see their power for myself.)

Map 7: Surprise Attack

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated, Kirkus is defeated

SR Point: ???


Eun: Reinforcements! They’re coming from 1 o’clock! There’s 4 of them!

*oh hi*

Chien: Heh, looks like we got here a bit late. But, that’s just makes it a better hunt.

Katina: Who’s that? It doesn’t look like an Elemental. Is it from the surface?

Russel: There’s no data on it!

Chien: Yo.  So you guys are the Steel Dragons. I’ve heard the rumors.

Lune: Are you from the surface?

Chien: Yeah. I’m Chien Argent. One of the Boosted Children.

Tasuku: What?!

Lune: Is that true?!

Chien: Yup. But don’t you dare lump me in with Bronzo 28 and 27.  I’m from the Argent Class… Since Aurum 1 died, that means we’re the aces of the Boosted Children.

Kyosuke: I had heard that others besides Arado had survived…

Russel: Do you think he’s also been reconditioned?

Chien: Hey, I told you not to lump me together with those druggies. I'm just well suited to this kind of work. Coming to this world is like a bonus. And hey, I get to fight against you guys.

Kyosuke: Who are you fighting for? You’re not a part of the federation… so the Neo DC remnants?

Chien: Right now, I’m fighting for the Shutedonias Army. There’s no reason to bring the surface into this.

Kyosuke: …So you’re not interesting in telling us.

Chien: So, if I said I was a member of the DC remnants, would it really change anything about what’s going to happen here?

Tasuku: He’s definitely different from Arado’s group…

Chien: Naturally I’m better that those failures. I’m what a Boosted Child should be.

Katina: You think we care? If you’re looking for a fight, we’ll give you one!

Chien: Heh, If I destroy the Steel Dragons… We’ll be the winners once we return to the surface, too. It sucks to be them, but I’ll be taking the credit for this job. You guys are going to lose. Prepare yourselves!

SR Point: Destroy the Kerberion Passe. It will retreat at below 8500 HP.

*Katina Vs Chien*

Katina: If you want to pick a fight with me, you better be prepared to finish it!

Chien: Oh, old ladies are sooooo scary.

Katina: WHO THE FUCK IS AN OLD LADY!?  I’m not hearing that from some snot nosed brat!

*Kyosuke Fights Chien *

Chien: You’re the leader of the ATX team, Kyosuke Nanbu, right?

Kyosuke: And if that were true?

Chien: The ATX team’s quite a lucrative target!

Kyosuke: If you think you can take my life, you’re free to try!

*Lune fights Chien *

Chien: If I shoot down the daughter of the leader of the DC, I’ll become famous!

Lune: Don’t talk about things you can’t do!

*Chien V Yang Long*

Chien: I know just how much this world’s Elementals are worth!

Yang Long: How was someone like him summoned…?!

*Blow his shit up*

Chien: Hmf, not bad! But I have no intention of losing!

*He runs away like a little bitch[2]*

Eun: All combat readings from the enemy units has disappeared. It seems that’s the last of them.

Lefina: So the enemy’s real objective was to distract us?

Katina: That kid… Whatever he’s been through, it’s made him strong.

Russel: It didn’t seem like he was from the Federation or the Neo DC remnants…

Kyosuke: His unit looked like a new Lion type. So he’s from Isurugi, or maybe…

Russel: Could it be… the GS?

Lune: I’ve heard something about that before… what’s the GS?

Russel: A special organization under the direct control of the President that are supposedly testing new weaponry. Their base is called Grand Christmas… It’s located Aidoneus Island.

Lune: !!

Russel: The waters surrounding the island are blockaded, and at the center of the island is a special cover that doesn’t allow satellites to examine it.

Kyosuke: I’ve heard a lot of nasty rumors about them.

Lune: (Father… His home base for the Divine Crusaders has become…)

Katina: Still, while we’re in La Gias, we can’t do much about that.

Yang: Kirkus, if I may?

Kirkus: If you have something to tell me, we can do it later. Right now we need to follow that enemy battalion. Since we’ve taken this area, we have to push back against them. The most important thing is to end the fight as soon as possible.

Yang: Roger.

Kirkus: Colonel Lefina, I’d like to ask for your continued help.

Lefina: …Understood. We will pursue.


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[1] I don’t even know, man. These ranges come up a lot. It's just how close they are to the ship, I think in kilometers, but who knows.