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Eita: Captain, we’re approaching the rendezvous point.

Tetsuya: Alright. Masaki’s group, Captain Viletta, and I will meet with Lord Feil. Have everyone level 2 alert. Keep the anti-air weapons ready.

Eita: Roger.

Masaki: Man, that took a bit of work, but we’re finally here.

Feil: Good work, Masaki. The same to you people from the surface. I truly cannot express my gratitude enough.

Tetsuya: I’m terribly sorry for not contacting you sooner. For a lord to grant us audience…

Feil: Oh, don’t worry about that. I’m not one to worry about formalities.

Tetsuya: In that case, your highness, I have some questions I’d like to ask you, if that’s alright.

Feil: I don’t mind.

Tetsuya: Do you have any ideas as to what caused the mass summoning from the surface?

Feil: … We’re still investigating that. But we have roughly figured out where you were summoned from.

Tetsuya: In that case, do you know anything about the other half of the Steel Dragons, the Hiryuu Custom, or any of our other members that could be down here?

Feil: We haven’t heard any information about that. We’ve had to focus our information gathering sources on the Shutedonias forces, as disappointing as that may be.

Tetsuya: …We of course understand the situation Langran’s in. However, we have duties to attend to up on the surface, so we can’t stay down here.

Feil: I understand. As soon as the situation down here is resolved, we will work towards getting you and your friends back home.

Viletta: (Just like Masaki said, it seems like there are more places that can send people back to the surface than just Soldis Shrine…)

Tetsuya: No matter what, until we have information on the Hiryuu Custom and its units, we cannot return to the surface. Further, some of our enemies have also been brought down here. For the time being, we will cooperate with you here.

Feil: Thank you very much. Is it okay to assume you trust me, then?

Tetsuya: Yes. We have no problem working with you, as Masaki follows you and he’s fought beside us before.

Masaki: Hey, don’t say it like that…

Feil: Then I shall ask for your support in the upcoming battle to reclaim the capital.

Tetsuya: Understood.

Tytti: Masaki, let’s go.

Masaki: Me too?

Tytti: Of course. You’ve been completely absent up till now, and I’m not going to let that happen this time! You’re a Pilot of an Elemental Lord.

Masaki: Ugh… If the Hagane’s working with them, the briefing is going to be so formal.

Tetsuya: Are you saying our briefings are too loose for your tastes?

Masaki: Th-that’s not what I’m saying!

Feil: The power of the Elemental Lords is important. Masaki, I’d like you to participate. But, though I said that, I know I can’t force you. I can only ask.

Masaki: I understand. Of course I’ll help.

Viletta: (Even Masaki’s polite to Feil…)

*Briefing room*

Irm: I see. So we’re staying in La Gias a bit longer.

Masaki: Yeah. To return something big like the Hagane to the surface, they need some time to prepare.

Excellen: Anything about how we were summoned here?

Ryoto: Well Masaki and Tytti have their duties as Elemental Lord pilots, so La Gias called them, right?

Masaki: That’s right, in my case I was summoned here by myself.

Ryoto: But this time there were so many things summoned, from battleships to Mio. Even if there is someone behind this… I think it’s safe to call the result an accident.

Torres: I agree with that opinion.

Yuuki: Basically, there were some people who were meant to be summoned… but there were others summoned besides that, as well?

Torres: Exactly.

Rai: Someone wanted people with power like ours, but without anyway to know what would be summoned….

Carla: There doesn’t seem to be a point, huh.

Excellen: Whatever the case, I want to hurry up and find Kyosuke, Boss, Ryuusei, and the rest of the gang.

Tsugumi: I agree. And by now, there’s probably a lot of panic on the surface considering how many people are missing.

Excellen: If we can, we should have everyone group up. It’d be annoying to explain it again and again.

Ibis: Hey Masaki, is there any way to contact the surface?

Masaki: You could maybe use the Ethernet, but because there’s no receiver on the surface, it wouldn’t do much good.

Mai: I thought of this before, but considering Cybuster can travel freely between La Gias and the Surface…

Masaki: That’s true, but the field created by the Gate is very small. It’s about the size of a personal trooper, so maybe someone could get through holding onto the claws of Cybuster’s feet…

Aya: But right now, we can’t afford to have you go to the surface.

Tetsuya: … I see everyone who’s going to participate is here.

Viletta: Yes.

Tetsuya: Then I shall explain the mission plan.  Congruent to Feil’s wishes, we are to distract the flanking forces. First, we open up the back route to the capital from the west, and pull the Shutedonias forces out.  Then the Lord pushes his forces into that opening. The enemy sees us as irregular combatants. They most likely won’t ignore us. It’s possible they’ll come at us in full force.

Excellen: Oh, it’s that kind of plan.

Masaki: Last time, our plan was ruined because of Shu, but this time we’ll make it to the capital, and drive out the Shutedonias army…!

Chapter 9: The Captured Queen

Tetsuya: We are entering enemy territory. Frontal cannons and VLSM, prepare to fire! Send out all units!

*Deploy screen*

Zamboss: They came, just like I thought.

Rodney: I suppose even your hunches can be correct. But still, no one’s gotten away from them without a few broken bones. And they even stole Zamzeed.

Zamboss: This time we’ve got an ace in the hole. There’s no need to worry.

Rodney: Oh, I guess I’m out of the loop. What’s your ace?

Zamboss: That is something I can’t tell you, General Jesh. It’s something my group prepared themselves.

Rodney: Ugh, What a pain. I hate it when folks are fixin’ to keep secrets from me.

Zamboss: Heh, you always say that.

Rodney: Well, whatever. That big ol’ ship from the surface is here. Let’s do what we can.

Zamboss: General, this area is under my jurisdiction…

Rodney: Okay, okay. I guess this time I’m the freeloader.  I’ll listen to your orders, and you’ll get credit for the battle’s results, too.

Zamboss: (Heh… You’re on the way out, General Jesuha.)

Tetsuya: All units, advance on the enemy!

Chapter 9: The Captured Queen

Victory: Shoot down the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress.

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down.

SR point: Before the end of Player Phase 5, defeat all enemies except the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress.

*blow up stuff*

Zamboss: Heh, not bad… but here’s where our secret weapon comes in. I’ve got a message for the surface dwellers.  Power down your weapons and surrender.

Carla: Surrender? We should be telling you to do that!

Zamboss: If you do not comply, we’ll make sure Queen Monica pays the price… Do you want that?

Tytti: What?!

Masaki: No way, they have Queen Monica as a hostage?

Zamboss: Exactly.

Mai: It’s just like what happened with me… those bastards!

Aya: They treat hostage leverage like it’s nothing!

Rio: Just how evil are you?!

Zamboss: Evil? We just don’t want any needless blood spilled.

Masaki: Yeah right! You invaded Langran!

Rodney: Boy, I know how you feel, but we have our reasons.

Masaki: I don’t want to hear any excuses from cowardly hostage-taking bastards!

Rodney: (…Well, I kinda agree.)

Irm: You say you have the Queen hostage, but will you prove it to us?

Zamboss: Fine… Bring Queen Monica here. …What? What do you mean? You bastards, what did you do?

Shiro: It seems like something strange is happening…

Zamboss: The situation has changed. If you care about the hostage, you’ll give up right now.

Masaki: What are you saying… Do you even really have her?

Zamboss: Shut it! Are you going to surrender or not?

*oh shit music chaaaaannnge*

Monica: That’s not necessary!

Tytti: Queen Monica?!

Zamboss: Whaaat?!  Get her back, quick!

Masaki: Everyone! Monica’s in that Elemental! Rescue it!

Monica: Well, actually… Jeez, this dress…

Masaki: o.o

Xenia: Ah, that’s better.

Tytti: That hair color… Lady Xenia?!

Xenia: That’s right, it’s me. They were looking to kidnap Monica, so I acted as a decoy.

Mio: Wh-who’s that?

Carla: I… have no idea.

Ibis: You mean there are two queens…?

Xenia: I’m sorry, Masaki, but could you lend me a hand here?

Masaki: Got it!

Rodney: Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, there’s no point. I guess this can happen when you rely on hostages.

Zamboss: The battle isn’t lost yet! Retrieve the queen and shoot them down!

Defeat: Xenia is shot down

*Xenia fights*

Xenia: I just got free, but there’s still plenty I need to do here!

*Masaki V Rodney*

Masaki: You took Zamzeed AND Xenia! I’ll make you pay for that!

Rodney: Hey! I had nothing to do with the Queen!

*Shoot Rodney down*

Rodney: Ugh! I’m out of here! I’d rather get chewed out than lose my life!

*Tytti V Zamboss*

Tytti: You’ve used hostages not once, but twice…. You should be ashamed!

Zamboss: We’ll do anything as long as we can achieve our goals!

*Shooting Zamboss*

Masaki: Is there anything you won’t stoop to?

Zamboss: This is war! All that matters is winning!

*Shoot Zamboss Down*

Zamboss: Dammit, not again! Retreat, I said retreat!

Excellen: Well, it looks like part one of our plan has succeeded, right?

Masaki: But I don’t think it would just be those guys guarding this area. Stay on your guard.

Tetsuya: Azuki, contact all units, tell them to return to base and do what emergency repairs they can.

Azuki: Roger.

Tetsuya: We’ll wait here for now.  Keep the guns at the ready.


Xenia: I’m finally on the Hagane! I never thought I’d be this lucky! Seeing so many mechs from the surface, wow…

Masaki: I see you’re the same as ever, Xenia. By the way, how’s Zamzeed? Can you fix it?

Xenia: I think I can speed up the self-repair on its armor, it’ll be like using a first aid kit.

Excellen: Hey, Masa. Are you going to introduce us to the queen?

Masaki: Oh yeah, this is Queen Xenia Grania Bilseia. She’s Lord Feil’s younger sister, and the older of the twins.

Xenia: Nice to meet you. Also, I’m not in the line of succession, so you can just call me Xenia.

Aya: You’re not in the line of succession?

Xenia: It’s cause I’m a bonehead. I failed the magical ability tests.

Tsugumi: Magical ability tests?

Xenia: Magical ability is what allows people to use Prana. People who have a high affinity for it… Um… I guess you would call it something like a supernatural power. Anyway, the royal family all takes the magical test, and if they don’t pass, they aren’t considered for succession.

Ibis: It must be rough for princes and princesses here…

Tytti: Anyway, Lady Xenia… Why were you Queen Monica’s decoy?

Xenia: That’s right! Monica was kidnapped by Kristoph!

Masaki: Shu?! You mean, that time…!

Xenia: Huh? You guys saw Kristoph?

Masaki: Yeah, when we were coming here.

Rai: If he was carrying Queen Monica with him, then maybe that’s why Shu left so quickly?

Masaki: That bastard!

Tytti: But if Shu lost his memories, why would he take Lady Monica…?

Xenia: No clue…

Tytti: If Monica is with Shu, then it’s unlikely that the Shutedonias army will get to her…

Xenia: But we have no idea what Kristoph is planning.

Masaki: So we should have caught him while we had the chance…

Xenia: Well, there’s no use crying over spilt milk. On the other hand, because Monica is with Kristoph, she should be safe for now.

Masaki: …

Xenia: By the way, where are the Huckebeins? Mark-II and Mark-III?

Ryoto: The Huckebeins are going over a complete series overhaul… There aren’t any on the Hagane at the moment.

Xenia: Awww… I was hoping to see one in person, not just the data.

Ryoto: …huh?

Masaki: Wait… When you said you were collecting input data for Cybuster…

Xenia: Ach!

Excellen: What’s all this about?

Masaki: When I went to the surface, I was able to contact her every now and then through the ether.

Xenia: W-well, that’s enough!

Masaki: But seriously… You were taking data from the mechs on the surface… you didn’t make anything, did you?

Xenia: U-um…

Ryoto: Masaki, when you were talking about a mech loving Elemental designer…

Masaki: Yeah, I meant Xenia.

Ryoto: I see.

Xenia: Do you feel the same way about mechs?

Ryoto: I-I guess.

Xenia: Could you show me the units you have? I like all types of mechs, not just Personal Troopers, but Armored Modules and Super Robots, too.

Ryoto: If you’re okay with me, I’ll guide you.

Xenia: You don’t have to be so formal. Just talk casually!

Ryoto: R-right…

Rio: Wait a minute, Ryoto! What are you doing being all lovey-dovey over there!

Ryoto: R-rio!

Masaki: Well, there’s no need to worry. Xenia’s not interested in anything but robots.

Aya: I guess she has that in common with Ryoto.


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