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Two weeks before the Steel Dragons returned to the surface, a new threat appeared on the surface.

Monsters unknown to man have appeared, and have begun to toll the bells of destruction…

At the Tesla Leicht Institute, these monsters have appeared….

Rishu, in the Grungust Type 0, and Raul, in the Excellence Rescue, are fighting to save the labs….

But there are too many of them, and the situation is taking a turn for the worse….

Chapter 18: The Envoy from Chaos

Federation Soldier: Aaaaah!

Raul: Grrr!

Rishu: Leave this to my Zero, and head back!

Fed Soldier: No, I can’t do that!

Raul: Me either! We still need to buy more time for the staff to reach the shelter!

Raji: It isn’t efficient for you to fight by yourself, Sensei.

Rishu: … I understand. Just don’t go overboard.

Raji: That’s what I should be saying.

Rishu: Oh ho, you’ve got guts.

Fiona: Sorry, Sensei. …Mizuho, what does the analysis say?

Mizuho: W-wait just a bit longer…!

Despinis[1]: They… They’re machines, but also living beings…

Raul: Machines… They don’t look like that at all!

Despinis: There aren’t people riding them…. They’re being controlled by something like an artificial soul…

Rishu: I think they’re Yokijin…. The enemy of the Mechanoids. In the middle of the Shura Rebellion, I saw things like that, though a different type.

Fiona: Then, they’re after the KoOuKi and RyuOuKi!?

Rishu: That’s what it looks like. But Bullet and Kusuha aren’t here… We have to protect the Mechanoids ourselves. Don’t let the Yokijin get close to the base!

Raul: Got it!

Chapter 18: The Envoy from Chaos

Victory: Defeat all enemies

Defeat: Any allied unit dies (Except for the Mass Produced Huckebein Mark IIs)

SR Point: Clear the map without losing any Huckebein Mark IIs.

*Kill a few of ‘em*

Eri: Aaaah!

Jonathan: Professor Anzai, it’s dangerous here! Hurry towards the Shelter!

Eri: But it seems like the RyuOuKi and KoOuKi are awakening!

Jonathan: What?!

Eri: I think they’re reacting to the Yokijin, but it’s not like how they awoke last time!

Jonathan: But right now, Bullet and Kusuha aren’t here…. We can’t control them!

Eri: But at this rate…!

Jonathan: The guys up top are giving it all they got! If we don’t evacuate, then it’ll all be for nothing!

Eri: … I understand…!

*Back on the field*

Despinis: Raul, there’s an object heading our way with a huge energy reading!

Raul: !

*It’s… a thing!*

Fiona: What is that…?!

Rishu: Is that also a Yokijin?

Raji: From the exterior, it looks a bit different from the others…. But it’s not a PT, AM, or Super Robot….

Kukuru: …Seiryuu and Byakko haven’t woken up yet. As Hou said, their Psychics aren’t here… Or perhaps…

Raul: Who are you?!

Kukuru: My name is Kukuru. I came to pick up and return the imprisoned Mechanoids Seiryuu and Byakko.

Rishu: Did you say return?

Fiona: What does that mean?!

Kukuru: The Mechanoids are not yours. They are something that should be under our supervision.

Rishu: …!

Kukuru: So, please bring the Mechanoids out.

Rishu: …Listen, Kukuru. The RyuOuKi and KoOuKi fight the enemies of our human world with my pupils. If you were of the same mind, you wouldn’t be using tactics such as these.

Kukuru: …

Rishu: Meaning, you are a threat to the Human World. Right?

Kukuru: Hmm, you humans …you don’t know anything.

Raji: (You humans?)

Kukuru: If you were to comply, you would be able to enjoy the rest of your lives, but….

Rishu: …

Kukuru: In the end, you are commoners gasping for air at the bottom of the world of suffering[2]! You cannot hope to understand my lord’s justice! I shall send you to the next world with the dance of my Magarga!

Rishu: Silence!

Kukuru: !

Rishu: And listen! My name is Rishu! Rishu Togou! I am the sword that cleaves evil! I shall guide you to that hell with my Mark Zero!

Kukuru: It seems you’ve grown senile! I will take what little remains of your life!

*Kukuru Vs Rishu*

Kukuru: You shall not send me to the next world! You’re the one going there!

Rishu: I may not have many years left, but there are things I still must do in this world…. That is not something for you and your ilk to decide!

*Raul Vs Kukuru*

Raul: You said something about your lord! Who is he?! And what does he plan to do with the Mechanoids?!

Kukuru: There’s no need for you to know that!

*Blow her up some more*

Kukuru: Gah, the Magarga has taken too much damage!


Raul: Wh-what?!

Mizuho: Raul, the underground Mechanoid cage is…!

Fiona: It’s the RyuOuKi and KoOuKi!

Kukuru: You’ve come out, Seiryuu, Byakko!

*She goes but BLOCKED BY ZERO*

Kukuru: !

Rishu: I won’t let you!

Kukuru: Damn you, old man!


Rishu: !!

Kukuru: Now’s my chance!

Rishu: Aaaagh!

Mizuha: Sensei!

Kukuru: Hmm… You’re a troublesome one. (But that shot just now… could it be…?)

Fiona: Raul!

Raul: Yeah, we’ve got to help him! Let’s go!

Despinis: Raul, something coming from above!


Raul: What is that?!

Fiona: A bird?!

Raji: It looks like a phoenix!

Raul: Is that a Yokijin as well?!


Raul: !!

???: Now then, JakuOuKi…. Bring home your companions.


Fiona: The RyuOuKi is!!

Kukuru: Impossible, it destroyed the RyuOuKi!

???: …. Whoops. I didn’t think it was that fragile.

Kukuru: ! You came?!

???: I did… The JakuOuKi had just finished its testing, and I was worried about you going alone.

Kukuru: …

???: My bad, I didn’t mean to destroy the RyuOuKi. Well, I guess that’s just how powerful the JakuOuKi really is. Though it’s a shame we couldn’t get all of the gods…. Even if it’s not the full set, they’re still useful. JakuOuKi, capture the KoOuKi.

*And so she does*

???: We’re done here. Come home, Kukuru.

Kukuru: Yes, sir….

*Well that was weird*

Mizuho: N-no way…

Despinis: The RyuOuKi and KoOuKi are…

Raul: Grr….!

Fiona: The enemy readings have vanished…. Let’s go help Rishu, and get the firefighters working on the labs. That’s… what we need to do now!

Raul: R-right…

*Inside the labs*

Jonathan: Professor Nate, how’s Rishu?

Sophia: He hasn’t regained consciousness, but according to the doctor, his life is not in danger.

Mizuho: So if he gets treatment…

Sophia: That’s right. Right now, he needs rest. He’s got a much hardier body than most people. He’ll heal.

Raul: I’m sorry…. If we had been faster, this wouldn’t have happened…

Jonathan: Considering what happened, there was nothing you could do. And what you did prevented us from taking more damage.

Fiona: But they took the KoOuKi, and the RyuOuKi is…

Despinis: …It’s still alive.

Fiona: Huh?

Robert: It’s as Despinis says. It wasn’t completely destroyed.

Fiona: Really!?

Robert: The main engine of RyuOuKi, the 5-direction Engine[3], is still alive.

Jonathan: But it doesn’t have wings, legs, or a tail anymore. It has regenerative abilities, but can it…

Robert: There’s a way.

Jonathan: You’re planning on using the Grungust Series Parts?

Robert: As expected from our president. You understand.

Jonathan: But it’s not like the time we took parts from the Grungust Type 3. That time it worked because the two of them allowed it to happen. This time…

Robert: It’s a gamble. Without the person who is connected to it, that is, Kusuha, it’ll be dangerous to try to operate, but… it’ll die if it’s left like this. If we set everything up correctly, it may perform the fusion itself. That would mean that RyuOuKi doesn’t want it to end like this…

Jonathan: But you have to go to Orleans, right?

Robert: Since Kirk is there, I can take around 5 days to work on it.

Jonathan: …I got it. Let’s give it a shot.

Robert: Thanks. Let’s use the Grungust Type 2 in maintenance and the parts planned for the Grungust Type 1. And Professors Anzai and Nate… I’ll ask for your cooperation too, as you’ve continually researched the Mechanoids.

Eri: …Sure.

Sophia: I understand.

Jonathan: Raul and Fiona. Do you mind staying awhile at the labs?

Raul:  You want us to help recover parts and to put us on guard duty, right?

Jonathan: That’s right. The Yokijin might come back at any time…. And right now, Bullet and Kusuha, along with the rest of the Steel Dragons, are missing. Of course, the Federation will help with guard duty, as well.

Fiona: Understood. We’ll help.

Raji: The Yokijin who had come up till now haven’t shown any organization, but this time we were able to peek at their chain of command.

Eri: It could be that that bird wasn’t a Yokijin, but a Mechanoid…. That would mean another one of the 4 gods?

Jonathan: What..!?

Despinis: Um… What do you mean by 4 Gods?

Eri: The 4 directions have associated spirits. East with Seiryuu, west with Byakko, South with Suzaku, and north with Genbu…. There should be a red bird and a black turtle in the group… And if RyuOuKi is Seiryuu, and KoOuKi is Byakko, that bird would be Suzaku’s Mechanoid.

Jonathan: If that’s the case, then why would it attack RyuOuKi and KoOuKi, being one of those same gods? Isn’t their enemy the Yokijin? And who’s that woman named Kukuru…?

Eri: …

Sophia: It looks like you have an idea, Eri.

Eri: …

Sophia: Tell me. You know we need all the information we can get right now, no matter how insignificant.

Jonathan: I’m asking you too, Professor Anzai.

Eri: …Understood. The fact that they’ve appeared and are beginning to move…. That means I don’t have to keep this a secret. The LTR Company, which I am a part of, has top-secret data that isn’t allowed to leave the premises called the Order File. In there, records from the old CE years showed a secret organization using Mechanoid and Yokijin to fight massive world wars.

Sophia: What was that organization called?

Eri: Baral. It means “Chaos”.


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[2] These guys are using Buhddist and Chinese mythological terms. Fuck me.

[3] 5 element container. Badass name for a Chinese myth engine.