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Ganglong: I see…. This is a good opportunity to finish things up. The Divine Servants haven’t shown up recently, right?

Hou: Yes. I believe they’ve proved they are powerful enough now.

Ganglong: Our god seems ready to wake up thanks to the Ruina, too. Thaihou, I think this is our time to act. What do you think?

Thaihou: Excellent, Excellent.

Ganglong: Exactly what I expected from you, thanks. Then let’s teach our worldly friends the grace and virtue of our god…. You know, in a manner of speaking.[1]

Kanan: Sounds good to me.

Ganglong: Kanan, remember who you’re really trying to bring back. I know you’ve got your heart set on the girl who’s with Seiryuu, but think about what’s actually important here.

Kanan: Hmm…. We can leave that to Hou.

Thaihou: That’s right. We’ll draw their attention. Hou, you’ll need to be perfect.

Hou: Yes, sir.

Kanan: Ganglong, don’t forget the preparations.

Ganglong: Of course not. We’re going to debut this to the world soon, and I want our entrance to be as splendid as possible. We’re making good progress.

*Elsewhere, in your ship*

Clifford: Those two machines are on the same level as the Elemental Lords.

Josh: What do you mean?

Clifford: Even though I feel they’re generally similar to the man-made weapons we made at Re-tech, they have their own unique systems. From the analysis of the Ruina machines we’ve shot down so far, I expected them to have something like this…. But we have no proof that the other Melior Esse mechs are the same. After all, there are units that could be considered living weapons, like the one that Contagio is in.

Josh: Yeah…. From what I could tell, it looked like the Einst.

Clifford: If Melior Esse like Glacies were produced by extracting knowledge and thought processes from humans… Then it wouldn’t be strange for her Fabularis and Ventus’s Stodium to be similar to our man-made weapons.

Josh: …Whose knowledge was extracted to make her, do you think?

Glacies: I don’t know.

Josh: (But if it was one of the humans at Mother Base, then….)

Clifford: Also, it’s not like there aren’t parts of those 2 machines that we recognize. And in some places, they seem very similar to the Aile Chevalier and the Blanche Neige.

Josh: That would mean….

Clifford: Yeah. There’s devices similar to the Res Arcana and the Sympathia. However, the latter is broken, and we don’t know the details yet…. Can you two still fight?

Glacies: Yes.

Ventus: There will be a bit less power, but we can still control the machines.

Glacies: Because that system is broken, we won’t be controlled by the Lord of Ruin.

Clifford: If that was the purpose of the system, why were you able to synchronize with human spirits through it?

Ventus: I think it was because I was made to understand Human emotions.

Glacies: I simply used what was given to me.

Clifford: (So even Melior Esse aren’t told everything…)

Rim: Ventus, you said our duties were similar…. What did you mean by that?

Ventus: When you touched the Sympathia, you became two souls in one body. I felt that when we first synchronized.  And…. I think the reason that happened was to let you more fully understand human emotions.

Rim: I’m… We were humans, though. Why would we need that? Who were we doing it for?

Ventus: I don’t know…. I only think that because that’s what I saw from the part of me inside of you….

Rim: You’re saying you think that because you looked at yourself…? Not from any evidence?

Ventus: Yeah, it’s just what I felt. I’m sorry if it makes you more confused.

Rim: …

Josh: …Cliff, the Res Arcana and the Sympathia that we use….

Cliff: The Ruina version is similar, but it’s not the exact same machine. But it’s possible that the person who made them was basing it on the Sympathia.

Josh: The people who built the Fabula Fores…. Do you know anything about them, Glacies?

Glacies: No… I didn’t hear anything about it from Umbra.

Ventus: And… The place you call Fabula Fores…. We’ve never been to the deepest portions of it.

Rim: Then did you ever see our father in the ruins…?

Ventus: No, never….

Josh: The only way we’re going to get to the bottom of this is going there ourselves.

Clifford: But it’s not like we can go right now.

Josh: I know. We can’t defeat the Ruina by ourselves. And as long as we’re working with the Steel Dragons, there’s other enemies that need our attention, too.

Glacies: …That sounds like such a hassle. Wouldn’t it be easier to just die?

Josh: Humans are afraid of death. No one wants to die. I’m sure…. You’ll understand that someday.

Glacies: I don’t know if you could even call what I have “life”.[2]

Josh: There are people in our group who are the same way, who still live alongside us.

Glacies: …

Josh: And…. You can just call me Josh.

Glacies: A nickname? Then you can call me Laki.

Josh: Laki…. Ignis called you that.

Glacies: It’s easier to remember.

Josh: (Is that all…?)

Glacies: If you have a problem with it….

Josh: No, I don’t mind, Laki.


Ariel: (Confirming the patrol duty course…. Checking probability of encountering enemies… Ruina…. Guests… Baral…. And the Gaia Sabers…. Even though we’ve fought with the other groups, Duvan is still…. Where is he…? Ugh…! Nnnngh! T-this feeling…. It’s happening sooner… than I thought…. Has it already entered Stage 2…? My body’s nervous system…. My heart rate…. This fatigue….[3] )


Arado: Another dream?

Irui: Yeah… it was like the one back then… I can’t remember what was said, just that I feel like I need to go home…

Seolla: Go home… but where?

Irui: I don’t know….

Seolla: (Are her memories coming back…?)

Arado: Seolla…. Shouldn’t we tell Ibis and Kusuha about this?

Seolla: But they’re out on patrol right now.

Arado: So when they come back….

Irui: …

Arado: There’s nothing to worry about, Irui. No matter what, we’ll protect you.

Seolla: That’s right, so don’t feel down, okay?

Irui: Yeah… Thanks…


Kyosuke: After Ibis’s group comes back, it’s our turn. No changes to the proposed course, in formation A5.

Excellen: Roger. Okay Ariel, let’s go patrollin’!

Ariel: Okay….

Excellen: Hmm? Your face looks a bit pale… You okay?

Ariel: …Yeah. (I’ve recovered from my fatigue, but I can’t have them worrying about me. I need to change the subject….)

Excellen: Hey, are you really alright?

Ariel: Yeah. But am I a third wheel?

Excellen: Hmm? Whacha mean?

Ariel: I mean, for this patrol group, wouldn’t it be better if I wasn’t here?

Excellen: Oh, no way! Don’t think like that. Your Flickerei is like Alt’s little sister. Who else would tag along?

Ariel: I see…

Excellen: It’s surprising to hear you say something like that.

Ariel: Is it… Strange?

Excellen: No, I think it’s cute. Guess the people here are rubbing off on you, huh?

Ariel: (Have I…. changed? No, I… We can’t change. Not at all.)

Excellen: Oh, yeah! After we get this stuff settled, wanna join the ATX team? We’d welcome you with open arms!

Ariel: But I was in the Gaia Sabers…

Excellen: I’m sure Major Gilliam or Major Kai can cook the books a bit. What do you think, Kyosuke?

Kyosuke: If it’s what she wants, I’m fine with it.

Excellen: Wow! Whacha think, Ariel?

Ariel: I’m glad you’re thinking of me, but….

Excellen: No go?

Ariel: No… (It doesn’t matter, I’m….)

Excellen: Well, I did kind of just drop it on you. Take some time to think it over.


Excellen: !!!

Kyosuke: What’s wrong, Excellen?

Excellen: I haven’t… felt this in a long time…. Alfimi’s close… We have to save her….

Kyosuke: Alfimi?!

Ariel: Save her… It can’t be!

Kyosuke: Ariel, call for Axel. Then tell the bridge what’s happening, and that we took off in advance.

Ariel: Y-yes, sir!

Kyosuke: Excellen, are you okay?

Excellen: Yeah… We have to hurry….

Kyosuke: I know. Let’s get out there.

Chapter 53: The Seal’s Omen

Alfimi: Gah!

Duvan: Just as planned. If I followed the Steel Dragons, I’d be more likely to find you. You can’t escape, Einst Alfimi.

Alfimi: I already told you… Even with my powers, you can’t….

Duvan: I don’t know about that.


Duvan: The Fau Kern is reviving…. More than the last time, too.

Alfimi: That’s…. not right…. The Persön’s power is….

Duvan: Now, I’ll take your core!

Alfimi: !!

*Oh noes*

Excellen: A-Alfimi!


Ariel: Duvan!

Duvan: He… heheheh, you’re too late, Ariel. I finally got the Einst core...!

Ariel: Th-that’s….

Kyosuke: Did he take Alfimi in with it?

Axel: Looks that way.

Excellen: Alfimi! Answer me!


Duvan: G-guh…. There’s so much power, it takes all I have just to keep it under control.

Excellen: That’s impossible! The artificial core absorbed the real one?!

Duvan: But with this power, that curse of ours… I may be able to break the limits on my life.

Ariel: Limit on your…. Duvan, you…!

Duvan: Seems like you already knew. About our expiration date.

Ariel: Ugh….

Excellen: What’s he talking about, Ariel?!

Ariel: Th-that’s….

Duvan: So, you knew and were just mocking me. For not knowing the truth and playing along with the Gaia Sabers.

Ariel: N-no, it’s not like that…

Duvan: Whatever. I’ve already started my plans. I’ll reverse this curse, and bring Project Idealants to full fruition…. I no longer need the Gaia Sabers.

Ariel: Huh…?!

Duvan: This is your last chance, Ariel. Come with me. With the power of the Alles, we Idealants will become far more powerful.

Ariel: By sacrificing Alfimi, you mean.

Duvan: Who cares? She’s the remainder of the Einst, who tried to destroy this world.

Excellen: That was a long time ago. She’s not like that anymore.

Duvan: It doesn’t matter.

*Boop Boop*

Duvan: Ugh….?!

Excellen: Looks like he can’t control Alfimi’s power.

Duvan: But you used this power to extend your life too!

Axel: Alfimi may have said that, but really, it was probably just my bad luck acting out again.

Duvan: Heh, I’m looking at the records now. She has the power to revive people on the brink of death. You’re the proof of that. And if an Idealant like me is able to use that….

Ariel: Duvan, we don’t have the power to control the Einst or to command people… We will simply break down, so shouldn’t we focus on those who will live on in our stead? What are you trying to accomplish…?

Duvan: We’ll create a new order. Those with the absolute power to control, and those who are controlled…. We don’t need humans interfering with that.

Kyosuke: And what exactly do you plan to control?

Duvan: The flow of energy in this world. That’s what Project Idealants was originally supposed to control…. The Einst and Ruina who have come from other worlds… Taking control of the energy they’re using as well, I’ll create a new order. Humans shouldn’t decide how this world will advance. It should be me.

Excellen: You’ve got a pretty big ego[4]. Didn’t the Machinery Children say the same thing?

Duvan: You can’t compare their Machine Cells with my Einst power. And Ariel…. With you at my side….

Ariel:  …Duvan, History has proven this time and again. The DC, Machine Cells, the ODE System…. Every time someone tries to make something like that, it’s always a failure. Do you know why?

Duvan: They got involved with more than what they needed to and were swept up into their own ambitions.

Axel: No, there’s a simpler and more powerful cause.

Duvan: What…?

Axel: They were… Even I wasn’t able to defeat the enemies I was supposed to when I was supposed to. This world has a really annoying deterrent power.

Duvan: I see… And I take it I’m looking at that power right now. And Ariel…. That’s why you’re on that side.

Ariel: That’s right… I will stop you!

Duvan: Fine then. I’ll show you exactly who’s more qualified to lead this world. You and your humans, or me.[5]

Chapter 53: The Seal’s Omen

Victory: Shoot down the Alles Geist

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down

SR point: Within 3 turns, lower the Alles Geist’s HP Below 70000.

*Duvan V. Kyosuke*

Duvan: Even if you did stand up against the Einst, you won’t be able to beat me.

Kyosuke: Maybe not, if you’re the real deal. But I won’t be put down by a fake!

*Axel V Duvan*

Axel: This world didn’t just defeat the Shadow Mirror, but the Einst, too. It isn’t something you can control.

Duvan: As long as I take everything into account, I can! That’s what it means to be an Idealant!

Axel: Heh, does being an Idealant also mean you have to talk shit you can’t measure up to?

*Weissy V Duvan*

Duvan: You couldn’t make full use of your Einst power… Allow me to show you how it’s done!

Excellen: It’s harder than it seems on paper. If you try, you may never go back to how you were before.

Duvan: I’m prepared for that… I’ll surpass humans, and even the other Idealants!

Excellen: And before you do that, I’ll be taking back Alfimi!

*Sr point get cause you ain’t a scrub*

*beat him up a buuuunch*

Duvan: Heh, don’t make light of the Einst’s power in my Ares!

*Back to full cause fuck you*

*Turn 4*

Duvan: What’s wrong, why haven’t you stopped me yet?

Ariel: Is he really able to control Alfimi’s power…?

Axel: (No, that’s not it….)

Excellen: This isn’t funny anymore.

Duvan: Heh, if this is the earth’s deterrent power….


Ariel: Baral..!

Thaihou: Hmm… I see there’s someone here with a special soul. How very fascinating.

Kanan: Yes, it seems like he took a fragment of the Oligarchs inside of himself.

Duvan: Those guys are…!

Kanan: In any case, it seems like all the players are set to perform. They’re nearly here, after all.


Lefina: Prepare all fireteams to sortie!


Rim: (Chris… Even when I’m in this seat, I can’t hear your voice… I can only sense the hole in my heart….)

Josh: Are you okay, Riana?

Rim: …It’s lonely, being here by myself….

Josh: …

Rim: But don’t worry about me, bro. She’ll come back one day…. I’ll believe that, and do what I have to.

Josh: Yeah.

Glacies: …

Michiru: Are we really going to have them fight?

Josh: …Laki, are you good?

Glacies: Yeah. I was made to fight. And I know soon I will cease to exist. The cessation of my existence does not frighten me.

Josh: That’s not okay. You have to survive… You have to have the will to live on.

Glacies: …If you say so, fine.

Rim: Ven… You too.

Ventus: Ven…?

Rim: If Glacies is Laki, then you’re Ven. That’s what I’ll call you.

Ventus: …Okay.

Rim: Ven…. If you die, Chris’s sacrifice will have meant nothing. So live.

Ventus: Yeah… I’ll dedicate my life to you all. So I can one day understand what that sacrifice really means…

Rim: It’s fine to dedicate your life, but not to throw it away.

Ventus: …I’ll remember that.

Thaihou: Hmm, so they’ve taken the fallen Ruina into their ranks.

Kanan: They’re generous and forgiving to both good and evil, and that makes them grow stronger. That’s probably why the Shrine Maiden decided to lend them her power.

Thaihou: Yes, It’s quite similar to our own goals.

Excellen: Sorry, but we don’t really have the time to play with you guys.

Bullet: Kanan, Thaihou… No matter how many times you come before us, we have no intention of following your plans.

Kanan: Oh, we’ve given up on that. Today we’re only here to have you fight some Yokijin.

Kusuha: Huh…?!

Kanan: I guess you could call it killing time?

Yang Long: I doubt you’d actually set this up for just that reason. What are you after?

Thaihou: A wise man once said it is best to lay in wait, baiting your enemy to move.

Yang Long: Those who fight well are not moved by others’ actions. Do not think your tricks will work on us.

Kanan: …Kukuru, don’t forget what we’re searching for.

Kukuru: …Yes.

Duvan: (If I let them fight each other, things will go my way. I’ll just observe this fight.)

Axel: There’s some new nuisances, but don’t think you can run away, Duvan. Not until you give Alfimi back.

Duvan: Heh, I don’t have to return her anymore.

Axel: …Kyosuke, Excellen, Ariel. Right now, he’s using all his power just to keep himself balanced. We have a chance to take her back.

Kyosuke: Is that what you’re betting on?

Excellen: What if he goes out of control?

Ariel: We won’t be able to stop him if we don’t hurry!

Victory: Shoot down all enemies besides the JakuBuOu, Magarga, and the Alles Geist.

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down.

*If you hit him*

Duvan: Hah, hahaha…. The adjustments are complete for the core. You can no longer stop my Ares!

*back to full cause fuck you*

Axel: I don’t think he’ll last long. Especially with that fake core.

*Blow up the small fry*

Kanan: Now then, that should be enough time.

Thaihou: Yes, Hou should be getting things wrapped up now. We must simply wait for good news.


???: Irui….

Irui: (…)

???: My maiden, Irui…. At the southernmost point, the dark god who devours worlds has begun to awaken. We protect the Garden…. We save those who live there from calamity…. From all disasters of the sky and the sea and the earth….

Irui: (Protect…. The garden… for everyone….)

???: Awaken, Irui…. Let your thoughts return. To protect the Garden… and those whom you love…. Return to the Promised Land, the land of Baral…. My maiden, Irui, come to Baral….

Irui: (To… Baral….)

Irui: ….

Hou: My ability, thought oft unused, allows me to pass people without them seeing, hearing, or remembering me… I have come to pick you up, Lady Irui. Let us return to the grace of our God.

Irui: …


Duvan: Looks like this this is the turning point. Axel, the deterrent force you were unable to overcome…. I will…

*Boop boop*

Duvan: ?! What, the Fau Kern’s…?! Why is my power dropping?!

Axel: The fake core can’t handle it anymore! It’s good that it didn’t go berserk!

Kyosuke: Now, we have to take him down!

Ariel: Roger!


Kyosuke: !!

Ariel: From above?!

Tsugumi: Th-that’s!

Ibis: Was that attack….?!

Duvan: Heh, look like luck’s still on my side…. We’ll settle this later, Ariel!


Ariel: Duvan!


Ariel: Kuh!


Eita: Th-they’ve hit a main Tesla Drive pipe!

Tetsuya: Damage control!

Ibis: They’ve always helped us up till now…!

Kanan: It seems like our dreams have come true.

Ibis: Huh?!

Bullet: What do you mean?!

Thaihou: Oh hohoho! Excellent, excellent!

Masaki: That’s not an answer, old man!

Kanan: You’ll understand. Whether you want to or not.

Hou: Lord Thaihou.

Thaihou: It seems you did well. The Servants have come.

Hou: I have the maiden with me. We’re returning now.[6]

Thaihou: Good. We’ll slip away, too.

Kanan: Well then… Until next time, Kusuha.

Ibis: They’re gone….!

Bullet: Th-those 3….!

Tsugumi: They came to help the Baral…?

Kusuha: Th-then….!

Axel: …We didn’t even have a chance to catch our breath.

Ariel: ….

Excellen: Alfimi….


Ariel: I’m extremely sorry, it’s because I was careless…

Kyosuke: …It wasn’t your fault.

Ariel: But it’s because of Project Idealants that…

Axel: It’s a bit late to say that now. And we don’t know that Alfimi has been fully absorbed.

Lamia: Yes, it seems like he wasn’t able to use all of her power… And we can think about what happened to Hugo, too.

Axel: …We’ll cross paths with him again at some point. Especially if he plans to do away with the earth’s deterrent force. The important question now is what comes next.

Excellen: Right…

Axel: Ariel… To find out what he’s going to do next, you need to tell us the truth about the Idealants.

Ariel: … Understood. I didn’t want to worry you, so I haven’t mentioned it… but I’ll tell you. Idealants were made to do away with the uncertain elements of humans as much as possible, and designed to be the ideal people to reign over government and manage it…. However, Duvan and I, being test versions, have a glaring weak point.

Axel: The expiration date he mentioned….

Ariel: Yes. Our bodies can only last about 3 years.

Excellen: What?!

Lamia: 3 years…?

Ariel: Yes. Due to problems generating our bodies, we were given extremely low Hayflick limits when we were created.

Excellen: T-then that means….

Ariel: After a certain amount of time, our bodies begin to break down. Since we were test-types, they set our limits at 3 years, a comparatively long time for our bodies to function.

Axel: 3 years…. Was long to them?

Kyosuke: …

Ariel: Now that Professor Ozunu is dead, the only person who could possibly extend our life is gone…. Since Duvan learned the truth, he took Alfimi in an attempt to break this limit inherent to the Idealants…. I think He believes if the Alles Geist is able to fully activate…. Then it could become something like the Einst Regisseur.

Kyosuke: So by starting a new order… He meant a second coming of the Einst.

Ariel: I want… I want to stop him with the time I have left.

Axel: How long is that?

Ariel: My best guess is a bit less than 2 years… But it could be shorter.

Excellen: Is… Is there really nothing we can do?

Eric: …There’s something, but...

Excellen: Huh?! And when did you get here?!

Axel: Can you tell us, Eric?

Eric: Well, it’s not like this story has nothing to do with me.

Ariel: But Professor Wong….

Eric: There’s no good solutions. We could put you in cryogenic sleep and search for ways to extend your life. But frankly, that’s only postponing the inevitable.  But for now, that’s all we can do to stop your body from breaking down.

Lamia: I’m a different version of artificial human than Ariel… But is there anything that the technology in my body could help with?

Ariel: Lt. Lamia….

Eric:  Hmm, maybe we can work on it later.

Ariel: So it’s at least possible…?

Eric: Yes, but if you want the best chance at it, you need to be put into cryogenic sleep right now.

Ariel: No… I still have things I need to do.

Excellen: Ariel…. I know you want to give everything for your cause…

Ariel: Lt. Excellen…

Excellen: But don’t just think about now… Think about the future. Think about what you’ll do after this battle is over. If you can’t find an answer there, at least think about what we talked about before you sortied today. Okay?

Ariel: But, I….

Kyosuke: How you live is up to you to decide. We may not have the same limits on time as you do…  But we can give you a home, at least.

Ariel: Thank you, Excellen, Kyosuke…. (Duvan… if you had met these people under different circumstances…. Maybe we could have….)


Sanger: Irui is gone…?

Kusuha: Y-yeah…

Seolla: She was just with us before we launched… she went back to Ibis’s room after that…

Ibis: But when we came back, she was gone…. She always comes out to greet us when we return…

Kai: I don’t think she would just leave by herself. We need to sweep the entire ship again.

Arado: We plan to… but she said something worrying….

Sanger: What’s that?

Arado: She has a dream…. And it told her she had to go home…

Sanger: Where?

Seolla: She didn’t know herself….

Sanger: …

Kai: But it’s true that during the battle, she left her room. It’s possible someone saw her in the ship somewhere.

Bullet: Yeah, so…. Can we ask you to check the crew if they saw anything? Or check the security footage….

Kai: Yeah, leave it to me.

Arado: Okay… We’re going to go look for her again.

Sanger: (Irui… Were you saying something was happening?)


Jacob: …From now on, we’ll be calling those unknown units the “Custodes”. It means “protectors” in Latin.

Lefina: Why do you call them Protectors?

Jacob: We received information that they protected you on numerous occasions.

Lefina: But this time….

Jacob: Yes. Now that they’ve become the Baral’s protectors, it’s a bit more of a problem.

Lefina: Yes, sir…

Jacob:  In any case, there’s new information for you from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Operation Reconquista will start soon, but the Steel Dragons have been asked to participate in Operation Icebreaker instead. However, we still need some time to prepare Icebreaker. Until then, you’re to wait in space.

Tetsuya: In space…?

Jacob: Yes. You’ll be able to monitor the Ruina in Antarctica from above…. And if something goes wrong with Operation Reconquista, you’ll be able to quickly intervene on their behalf.

Sean: Meaning what you actually want is for us to draw the enemy’s attention while you prepare.

Jacob: That’s the main reason, yes. The plan for Icebreaker is for the federation units to go over land, and for you all to catch their flank from above.

Lefina: Roger, but in the previous battle, the Hagane sustained damage to one of her tesla drives, so the repairs may take some time. Is it okay if the Hiryuu Custom heads to space before them?

Jacob: Of course. Good luck.

Lefina: Well then, Commander Tetsuya. We’ll be heading to space.

Tetsuya: Roger that. Once we repair the tesla drive, we’ll be following you.

*Grand Christmas*

Erde: What do you want from me now that you’ve left the Gaia Sabers? Depending on what it is, I may have to report it to the brass.

Duvan: I see, so you’re still interested in what I have to say.

Erde: Well, maybe a bit. It’s interesting to see what a person with no future does….

Duvan: Heh, with my Einst Core, I’ll make a future for myself.

Erde: …!

Duvan: But that’s not why I called you….


Ganglong: Well then, that’s all the preparations finished. The Maiden has been brought into the fold, and our Mass Transcendence Project has reached the next stage.

Kanan: Hehe… It’s nearly time, Ganglong.

Ganglong: Yes, it’s time to raise the curtain…. With a showy flash and a huge bang! Whahahahahahahaha!


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[1] Sort of. He uses grammar that’s like, “Go do this kinda thing” with the implication of violence.

[2] My life is no more than a false thing.

[3] Whooooo boy. Body Nervous system ability 1 part restriction heart rate control compulsion dormancy with no grammar. WHAT

[4] Like 3.4 decakanyes.

[5] He’s talking a lot about types of power and showing how stronk he is infront of these humans.

[6] Using Shukuchi, a ninja movement technique attributed to the Xian.