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???1: …. To you, the Melior Esse who were born at the same moment….

???2: ….

???3: ….

???1: These are your flesh bodies. They were formed from the human knowledge of fire and ice.

???2: I am… Fire, then?

???3: And I Ice.…

???2: What of the Lord of Ruin?

???1: He still sleeps on the other side. In order to summon him, we Melior Esse must gather his nourishment.

???3: Nourishment… You mean the negative thoughts of living beings…

???2 : So we generate fear, agony and hatred by having them die meaningless deaths in the throes of despair?

???1: Exactly. I’m going to the northern reaches. The North’s Septen Polum and the South’s Meridiem Polum[1]…If we can bring forth the Ultrum Exterior[2] from those places… Humans will sink into a mire of fear and despair. Then you begin your work.

???3: Understood.

???2: Hahahaha, this is going to be fun!


Gaspard: We don’t have enough information coming in. We can’t tell what’s true and what isn’t.

Alteur: You doubt us, and not the Steel Dragons?

Gaspard: I trust my gut more than my superiors. I don’t think they are interested in rebellion.

Alteur: From what we saw, it’s possible that they were colluding with the enemy when they went MIA.

Gaspard: And that’s why you’re saying they plotted to assassinate the president?

Alteur: Yes. And after they fulfilled their objective they ran from the scene. Currently the Gaia Sabers are in pursuit.

Gaspard: …

Alteur: Send a message to the Far East division. The entirety of the Steel Dragons will be discharged from the armed forces and arrested. But if they capture the Steel Dragons, they need to let us take them into custody. They should be captured if they come to deliver their report, too.

Gaspard: We’d rather investigate this incident ourselves, figure out what happened, and have them tried in a military court.

Alteur: If you protect them, you’ll just be inviting suspicion onto yourself. Even if you don’t order them to be hunted down, it still may look like you’re aiding fugitives.

Gaspard: How very heavy handed of you. Weren’t you the one who brought the President to the front lines in the first place?

Alteur: I’m repeating myself, but the ones who took the president’s life were, undoubtedly, the Steel Dragons. You need to hurry up and get after them. Further, Vice President Don Hendricks, who is succeeding the president, will be sending the same order momentarily. I’m sure you understand, that’s an order from the highest office. This is not something you can refuse.


Daniel: ….This has become very serious.

Gaspard: If he’s comfortable saying that much…. It may not be the whole story, but it seems true that the Steel Dragons were the ones who caused the president’s death.

Daniel: So there’s no need to investigate that particular point?

Gaspard: If he lied about that, then he’d be the one with his back against the wall, so…

Daniel: That’s true…

Gaspard: Well then, Jacob…. What do you think?

Jacob: I find it hard to believe that Captain Lefina Enfield would plot treason and go after the President’s life. She rose to squad leader and captain of a ship at her age, so there’s no questioning her capabilities. Sometimes she can be a bit aloof, but…

Gaspard: You certainly know a lot about her.  Have you invited her up for a drink yet?

Jacob: I’m waiting for my chance.

Gaspard: Hmmph… So?

Jacob: It was either an accident or a trap. Alteur Steinbeck’s attitude supports that.

Gaspard: I see…. In that case, Daniel… Discharge all members affiliated with the Steel Dragons from the military. And send an order to all units. If they find the Steel Dragons, they are to force their surrender and take their officers into custody. And if the Steel Dragons resist, they are permitted to use force.

Daniel: Is that okay, sir?

Gaspard: It’s an order from the top, so we have to follow it. If Lefina Enfield is kind of person Jacob thinks she is… She won’t lay a hand on our troops. And it’s also unlikely she’ll comply with a surrender order from our side.

Daniel: Why is that?

Gaspard: She’s not going to protest their innocence to Kenneth of the Far East branch, but to the us. That would be more effective.

Daniel: So, if we just summon them here…

Gaspard: We can’t do that. Ignore all messages from the Steel Dragons. Even if they offer to be summoned here, ignore it.

Daniel: Huh?

Gaspard: If we shelter them, Alteur will target us. That’s his plan.

Daniel: So…

Gaspard: As of now, the Steel Dragons have gone MIA.

Jacob: I see… You’re getting them to act as a non-affiliated independent squadron. Like that, they can…[3]

Gaspard: That’s right. You’ll act as their source of information. However, we can’t ease off on the pursuit. And I am not involved in with them.  Because they are rebels who are not under our jurisdiction… Do you understand, Jacob?

Jacob: Yes. This is off the books.

Gaspard: Just like when you were with the 00 Section, eh?

Jacob: That was a long time ago.

Gaspard: In any case, you’ll be a busy man. You’ll be watching people with connections to the Steel Dragons, and if needed, providing security for them. I think they’ll be running into the Gaia Sabers many times over…

Jacob: There’s a person in the upper echelon who have a connection to the Steel Dragons.

Gaspard: Who?

Jacob: Mr. Taylor Centrum. He hasn’t been touched by the “Scythe of Harpe” yet.

Gaspard: Centrum… A well-known family, whose daughter is a traitor… how will he handle it?

Jacob: His family bonds are strong.

Gaspard: Then you don’t need to involve him. And regarding the other investigation… Use every means necessary, and come to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Jacob: Roger.



*On the news*

Caster: …That is the information we have received from the ground so far. Once more, for those of you just tuning in: Today, at 10:22 AM Federation Standard Time, the specialized Earth Federation Military Squadron known as the Steel Dragons betrayed the federation. They attacked and destroyed the escape vessel of President Graien Grusman, who was on the Air Christmas, the mother-ship of the Gaia Sabers. The staff aboard the escape vessel are all dead. The Steel Dragons fled the scene, and they are still at large. Further, after the attack, we have reports that the Gaia Sabers are currently engaging the Guests…


Tetsuya: …So it’s true… The President was on that ship….. We… We did something we can’t take back.

Lefina: ….

Sean: Judging from when and how the ship was launched, it’s unlikely that it was the president’s idea.

Lefina: If we had complied with their demands, this won’t have happened… My… My judgement was wrong…

Tetsuya: No, the fault lies with me…. The ship that destroyed the President’s was mine, after all…

Ratsel: That may be the end result, but the timing of the president’s launch doesn’t add up. This was not an accident. We may have been used to kill the president.

Lefina: …!

Sean: So… The Gaia Saber’s… Alteur Steinbeck’s plan wasn’t to get us to surrender our ships… But to kill the president, and have us take the blame.

Lefina: And now we’ve been branded as traitors…

Sean: Eun, what are people saying on the net?

Eun: There are some claims of conspiracy, but overwhelmingly, they’re asking for our arrest.

Sean: And is there anything on the Gaia Sabers?

Eun: There’s an investigation of who to blame, but during this fight with the Guests, it doesn’t look good that we appear to have started a rebellion… That’s what I’m seeing.

Sean: Hmm… Why would the Archin appear at that time?

Ratsel: I doubt that they were just a simple recon team. I think their arrival was staged.

Tetsuya: So you think it was all a set up.

Sean: Most likely. The Gaia Sabers predicted our movements… They set it up so we would have to use the Breakout Formation to escape from the battle.

Tetsuya: But it doesn’t add up. Everyone already knew the Gaia Sabers had suspicious aspects… People only overlooked it because they were under the direct authority of the President.  If they were to lose that authority, then they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

Sean: However. By staging this during the fight with the guests, it would fall upon Alteur Steinbeck himself to seek out who the fault lies with… If he’s adept at controlling the situation, the Gaia Sabers could end up better off than before.

Ratsel: If all he wanted to do was kill the president, then there should have been other ways to go about it without involving us... considering the timing, our being framed for killing the president is probably just one part of whatever Alteur’s true plan is.

Lefina: What could that be?

Ratsel: I don’t know yet. Alteur’s plan has plenty of holes if you look close enough… That could be because the plan was interrupted by the Steel Dragons being summoned to La Gias, or the Ruina appearing, or other unexpected incidents occurring. On the other hand, he might have based it around these events happening.

Sean: No matter what it is, the situation we’re in is overwhelmingly disadvantageous. Not only the Gaia Sabers, but the entire Federation is pursuing us.

Lefina: I have no intention of firing on my fellow troops. Let’s send a message to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and explain the situation. We have no intention of rebelling…. And if we don’t tell them about Alteur Steinbeck’s possible plan, then…

Ratsel: However, if we were caught now, it would be bad. While I try to get in touch with my contact in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall we head for Comodin Island? That’s the Kurogane’s port of call, and you can restock and repair there.

Lefina: …We will accept your gracious offer, Ratsel.

Tetsuya: …. I wonder if the JCS will even listen to us…

Ratsel: I don’t know… But, while his methods differed from ours, President Grusman always acted to protect the Earth Sphere’s independence. It falls on us, due to our involvement in the president’s assassination, to impeach Steinbeck and uncover his plot.

Tetsuya: …Yeah…


Lefina: !

Ratsel: Something feels…

Lefina: Report.

Sean: …. The power from Tesla Drive 1 is falling. The cause is damage from the previous battle and our high speed maneuvers. Drive 2 is holding out, but after what we went through, it needs emergency maintenance.

Lefina: Then let’s execute a water landing. The Hagane will keep watch in the sky.

Tetsuya: Understood.


Sean: Captain, we’ve completed the water landing.

Lefina: Are there any enemy readings on the radar?

Eun: There’s nothing showing up right now.

Lefina: Then we will continue forward using the Tesla Drive. Keep the alert up in all sections.

Eun: Aye-aye.

Lefina: (Enemies… Not just the Guest and the Ruina, but the Gaia Sabers, too. What are we going to do…)

Sean: Captain… All we can do is return to our previous actions to wipe our disgrace out.

Lefina: Sean…

Sean: I don’t think your decision was wrong. It wasn’t our intention to take the life of the president. If we can prove that, and uncover Alteur’s plot, then we can change the course of the entire Earth Sphere…. I want to do that. So captain… Make sure you stay resolute. You can’t falter here.

Lefina: Thank you, Sean…


Lefina: !

Eun: 3 Stork types! From 6 o’clock!

Sean: They’re after us.

Lefina: What’s their affiliation?

Eun: Gaia Sabers!

Lefina: Full thrust! Get the Hagane out of here, too!

Lefina: The sky’s changing color…?!


Eun: Captain, There’s a strange gravitational reading from above! A very strong ES wave is alongside it! I-it’s getting bigger!

Lefina: Where is the ES wave originating from?!

Eun: From the South Pole!

Lefina: Huh…?!

Eun: This is…. the entire airspace is covered….!

*hey warnings*

Eun: An even stronger ES wave is coming!

Lefina: !!

*Boop, continue through the intermission when you're ready*

Lefina: Situation Report!

Eun: No signals from the Hagane or the pursuing Storks! We also have no visuals!

Lefina: Is it because of that strong gravitational anomaly and the ES wave earlier…?

Eun: It’s off the charts…. And there’s incredibly low pressure in the air above us!

Sean: We at least know this isn’t normal. It’s almost as if it’s become night….!

Lefina: What about the Satellite link?! Can we figure out where the Hagane is through that?

Eun: I can’t make a single connection, it’s being blocked!

Lefina: That’s impossible!

Sean: If the ES wave originated from the south pole, then it’s likely the Ruina….


Eun: High speed flying objects spotted on the radar! From 12 o’clock heading right this way! It’s 9 Huckebein Mk-IIs!

Lefina: …!

Sean: It’s our federation pursuers, then. Our ship can’t move at the moment.

Lefina: Eun, can you contact the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Eun: I’ll try….. No, I can’t connect.

Lefina: What…?!

Sean: So we’re turned away at the door, eh?

Lefina: … All hands, be at attention. We are to make no attacks. Hurry the emergency repairs on the Tesla Drives.

Sean: …Understood.

Chapter 30: A World of Endless Night

Sean: Captain, the federation units will soon be entering our airspace.

Lefina: Understood. Let’s see how they’re deployed.

Katina: What the fuck’s up with the sky? It doesn’t look like clouds or anything like that...

Tasuku: I hadn’t heard anything about a total solar eclipse…

Russell: A-and where’s the Hagane…?

Bullet: Are we really going to have to fight our allies…?

Katina: I believe in finishing the fights people start with you, but…

*Some bros*

Federation soldier: Hiryuu Custom, Tally-ho. If they make any movements, we’ll attack. Okay?

Another Federation Soldier: Roger that, captain.

Sean: I can confirm ESM. It seems like they’re prepared.

Lefina: Then until the Tesla Drives are ready, we’ll talk with them and buy some time.

Federation soldier: …Are we really going to go up against the Steel Dragons? They destroyed the White Star and The Inspectors….

Federation soldier: Not just that. They also killed the Lord of the Shura.

Feddy Soldier: Really?!

Fed Soldier: It’s hard to believe, I know. And they don’t just have the newest weapons, but weapons made from Demons and Einst, as well.

Fed Sold: Man, there’s no way we can handle that kind of firepower!

FS: …Captain,  There’s some unease in the ranks. And with the change in the skies…

Federation soldier: The Steel Dragons can’t lift a finger against us. This is our one chance in a million.  They just barely escaped from those flashy new Gaia Sabers. There’s not going to be a better chance than this.  If this goes well, we can say goodbye to field work. Pablo, You’ll be able to be with your family. Your daughter just entered school, and you haven’t been able to see her recently, right?

Fed Sold: That’s right….

Federation Soldier: We’re doing this for the children. First send them a message telling them to stand down. Then….


Eun: From 1 o’clock, there’s a high-energy reading in the water! It’s rising to the surface quickly!

Lefina: !

*Oh hey*

Federation Soldier: Wh-what is that?!

???: Hahaha! Die, human scum!


Federation soldier: Pablo! Ramone! Lumen!

???: Hehehe, Weak, you’re so weak!

Federation soldier: You bastard! How dare you attack my squad!

???: Good! Get angry at me!  Your negative emotions will give us power!

???: Huh?

Federation Soldier: The Hiryuu Custom is attacking?!

Lefina: Leave the Ruina to us! You need to get out of here now!

Federation Soldier: O-okay!

???: Hmm, I see we have a nuisance here. Then I’ll show them what I can do.

*And more bros*

Lefina: All units, get ready to deploy!

*Deploy screen*

???: Hehehe, so they’ve come….

Rim: Bro…!

Josh: Yeah, I can hear it. The Sympathia’s acting up, too.  That means it’s probably a Melior Esse…!

???: This noise… What is it?

Josh: He can…?!

???(Glacies): What are you doing? I thought you were told to head to the northern position.

???(Ignis): I met some interesting folks. Tell them that, Laki.

Josh: (Laki? “Northern position”?)

Rim: (Did he say “northern position”…?)

???(Glacies): ….Understood.

Josh: (What’s that? Who’s voice is that?)

Hugo: Josh, are you hearing voices again?

Josh: Yes. That unit’s most likely one of the 4 Melior Esses.


Eun: There’s a message from the Ruina unit!

???: So you’re the gang that messed up Aquila.

Fiona: W-what is he?!

Ibis: That skin color, and those ears…. He’s not an earthling?!

Tsugumi: But he’s wearing Japanese style clothing….

Kyosuke: So he’s the forth, huh.

Katina: Hey eyebrows! You got a name?!

Ignis: I am Ignis. The Melior Esse of Flame. Engrave that name into you alongside fear and hatred!

Katina: Hah! You talk big for someone who can’t even handle their own hair![1]

Ignis: Hahaha! That’s great! Get angrier! That’ll make us even more powerful!

Katina: What the fuck are you talking about?!

Ignis: The flame of ruin will burn in this world of endless night! Whahahahaha!

Sanger: World of endless night? Then you were the ones behind this?

Ignis: That’s right! Without the light of the sun, you humans will fall into fear and despair! And then we Ruina will destroy your world!

Excellen: In any case, we know his goal is the same as Macho Man from earlier.

Raul: The light of the Sun is gone… What’s the point of that?!

Ignis: Hahahaha! You still don’t get it! This entire planet has been sealed into darkness!

Raul: What?!

Yuuki: I don’t believe that for a second.

Ignis: Then look at the sky! You can’t even see stars! That’s all the proof you need!

Ibis: ….!

Josh: The Ruina covered the earth in Darkness?!

Rim: Are you serious?!

Ignis: You don’t have to believe me! It doesn’t even matter, cause you’ll die here! Hahahaha!

Katina: Hah! That’s even more ridiculous than your face![2]

Eun: Dragon 2 to all units. We cannot move due to the ongoing repairs of the Tesla Drives. Protect the ship and eliminate the enemies.

Katina: You heard the lady! Don’t let them get close to the Hiryuu Custom!

Tasuku: Got it!

Chapter 30: A World of Endless Night

Victory: Destroy all units except the Impetus, or lower the Impetus’s HP to below 20,000k.

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is destroyed.

SR Point: Do not let the Hiryuu Custom be attacked.

*kill some dudes*

Sean: Captain, there’s a flying object heading toward us.

Lefina: Is it another Ruina?

Sean: There’s no identification, but it’s too small. It’s either a missile or…

*fuckin’ Roar soooonnn*

Kouta: That’s the Hiryuu Custom alright!

Roar: Then it seems we’ve returned to our original world.

Kouta: Yeah!

Rim: (Liana, Look at that! It’s like he’s surfing on air!)

Rim: Who is that…?!

Mizuho: Is that… could it be…?!

Raul: Kouta!?

Kouta: Heya Raul! You’re here too, eh?

Raul: Too…. I mean, where have you been up till now?!

Ratsel: That’s right. You were with Axel Almer and Alfimi when that happened…

Kouta: Eh, stuff happened. And I’m not really sure why I ended up here, either.

Roar: Kouta, save the details for later.

Kouta: Yeah, you’re right. If there’s trouble, I’m here to help!

Aqua: I-Is he really going to fight with just that?!

Fiona: He’ll be fine. He’s got Fighter Roar…. With that armor, he can fight against mobile suits.

Kouta: That’s right! I may not have the Compatible Kaiser, but I can still fight!

Ignis: Hah! What’s this runt doing?

Kouta: I could ask you the same question! What’s with your clothes? What year do you think this is?!

Ignis: Heh. I am the Melior Esse of Flame, Ignis.

Kouta: Huh? Mel…i…what?

Roar: Melior Esse, he said.

Kouta: That’s a pain to say. Let’s call him Messe.

Ignis: Heh, you got spunk, kid. But you’ll still perish to my flames!

Kouta: If it’s a fight of flame versus flame, there’s no way I’ll lose!

*Kyosuke V Ignis*

Kyosuke: What is the Lord of Ruin?

Ignis: Your ignorance will just make you more afraid! I won’t tell you yet… No, you don’t need to know!

Kyosuke: Then I’ll just have to defeat you and make you tell me.

Ignis: Hahaha!  And then you’ll die from the inescapable terror!

*Kill all the badguys except Ignis*

Ignis: Hah, Hahaha! Not bad! I would like to stay and sample more of your hatred and anger, but… I have somewhere I need to go. We will meet again, humans!


Kouta: Hey! Wait!

Roar: Don’t follow him, Kouta. What we need right now is information. Let’s go to the Hiryuu Custom.

Kouta: Yeah, you’re right. The sky is completely black, and there’s new enemies about….

Roar: I’ve been feeling this for a while now…. It feels like something unusual has happened to Earth… There’s probably some connection to how we were able to come back…

Kouta: ….

Lefina: Eun, tell all the units to come back.

Eun: Roger.

Lefina: XO, what’s the status on the Tesla drives?

Sean: The maintence crew just reported that they finished.

Lefina: Then after all units are accounted for, we’re launching. We’re getting away from the battlefield.

*They go away and feds appear*

Federation Soldier: The Hiryuu Custom has left. Captain, should we report this?

Federation soldier: …No, it’s fine. Tell them that we lost the target.

Fed Sold: Are you sure?

Federation: They were able to get away because they protected us, sure…. But they also let us leave safely. I don’t want to owe them any favors.

Federation: I feel the same.

Federation (Did they really rebel and kill the president…? I can’t believe that…)

*Map over*

Kouta: …La Gias? No, the world I went to wasn’t called that.

Kyosuke: So it’s yet another world…

Excellen: Hey, where are Alfimi and Axel? Weren’t they with you?

Kouta: They were when we were returning to this side…. But it looks like they wound up in a different place.

Excellen: But at least we know they came back to this world.

Kouta: I think so, yeah. …By the way, what exactly happened while I was gone?

Tasuku: A lot. There’s guys called Guests, Ruina, and Yokijin…

Bullet: And…. Graien Grusman is dead, and we’ve been blamed for the murder.

Kouta: Whaaaat?! Why?

Bullet: It was probably a trap set by the Gaia Sabers. But it is true that we caused his death….

Raul: And now we’re on the run from the Federation….

Kouta: Sheesh….

Sean: It seems everyone has arrived. Please take your seats.

Lefina: I’ll explain the current situation. Our belief currently is that what Ignis said is true.

Josh: !

Carla: Th-then, the Earth…!

Lefina: There’s a wall made of some unknown substance…. Something like a dimensional barrier, we think, that is covering the entire world. It blocks out the sun, stars, and the moon… Because of it, we are disconnected from the Satellite link, space stations, the Moon, and any colonies.

Josh: So it’s not just that the Ruina have blocked the sun, but they’ve put something between Earth and Space?

Clifford: Given the mysteries we’ve uncovered at the south pole, it’s not impossible.

Bullet: What would the earth look like from space?

Clifford: This is just a guess, but it would look like nothing. As if it had vanished.

Ibis: Vanished….

Tsugumi: There’s a dimensional barrier between earth and space…. So we can’t go to space….?

Clifford: There’s no way to be certain unless we try it first-hand… but we could be blown to pieces, or be sent to another dimension….

Kusuha: Th-then what about the Hagane?

Clifford: The ES wave that came from the South pole went between the Hagane and the Hiryuu Custom. If they were pushed by that, then they were either pushed out from the earth, or…

Kusuha: No….

Josh: What is this dimensional barrier, Cliff?

Clifford: If I had some data about the current state of the Earth’s geomagnetic shield, I would know more, but I can’t really say anything now.

Kouta: So in that case, if the earth is left covered by this dimensional barrier, what will happen?

Clifford: Soon it will affect the circulation of air. Then the ocean currents. The ocean stores heat, so due to the difference in temperature between the land and the sea, there will be massive natural disasters at the coasts. Most of the energy that comes into the world is in the visible light spectrum, and most of what leaves the Earth is in the far infrared spectrum. That balance keeps the temperature of the earth in check, but if that balance is broken… The entire world will freeze. It’ll be a Snowball Earth.

Carla: What?!

Clifford: It’s not going to happen tomorrow, though. The more pressing problem is power lines.

Raji: That’s true.  In an endless night, the earth’s temperature will lower, and electricity usage all over the world will increase just from people using heaters and lights. The increase in usage could lead to power outages.

Ratsel: It certainly seems like they’re trying to dishearten us. Without the light of the sun, human hearts will weaken. And then those feelings will turn into despair….

Clifford: If there’s one bright side to this, it’s that we don’t need to worry about the Guests attacking at the moment.

Hugo: But because the Ruina are out and about now, it’s not much consolation.

Sanger: In any case, if we don’t find a way to destroy the dimensional barrier, then everything will go according to the Ruina’s plans.

Josh: Dammit, this is my old man’s fault….

Aqua: Josh…

Kyosuke: There’s no use complaining about it now. If you have time to mope, you have time to figure out what to do.

Josh: …

Kyosuke: If the dimensional barrier is the Ruina’s handiwork, then they’ll be the ones who hold the key to unlocking its mysteries.

Ratsel: Exactly. Was there anything you noticed from what the Melior Esse have said so far?

Rim: Ah! Josh, back then….

Josh: Yeah…. They said something about Laki being at a northern position.

Kyosuke: A northern position? Maybe the North Pole?

Josh: I don’t know….

Ratsel: …. Captain Lefina, in order to repair and resupply, I suggest hurrying to Comodin Island. I plan on meeting Gilliam there. He may have more information.

Lefina: Understood.

Rim: (But then, father will be….)

Rim: (I’m worried about dad too, but until we know more about the dimensional barrier, we can’t return to Antarctica….)

Rim: (You’re right….)

Josh: (This terrible situation…. No matter how I look at it, it’s gotta be Dad’s fault…!)


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[1] She calls him Shaggy Eybrow Bastard. Just thought you should know.

[2] She actually says this. Oh, Katina. Never change.