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Leona: Carla, have you ever been to Comodin Island?

Carla: Yeah, once.

Leona: What’s it like?

Carla: It’s a tropical island, with a kind of infamous resort. The man who runs it is named Ruslan.

Fiona: Infamous how?

Leona: Do they do illegal stuff there?

Carla: No, not really… They just skirt around a few laws. But still, honest folks and TV personalities go there to relax.

Leona: I’m sure at least they say they’re honest…

Aqua: And even if it’s a resort, considering what the sky is like now…

Fiona: We can’t connect to the net, so we don’t know the details, but considering the government made an announcement, it seems like a lot of places are getting restless.

Aqua: What did they announce?

Fiona: That the guests had made a special barrier that completely encircled the world….

Leona:  I think people will figure out that’s a lie.

Carla: But because what’s happening is so crazy, I think folks will believe it.

Aqua: We’re the only ones who were able to get direct contact with the Ruina and obtain as much information as we have… The government saying that they don’t know what it is or how it works would only add to the chaos. All they can say for sure is that the sun has disappeared, after all.

Fiona: So they sent out an explanation after weighing the pros and cons.

Aqua: Yes. And considering the Federation and the Gaia Sabers already repelled the guests once, the people will expect them to be able to fix this situation, too.

Carla: So it gives them a bit of hope? Even though they’re just being deceived.

Aqua: It’s what politicians do.[1] It’s not like they can fight the enemy themselves. By giving some kind of explanation right now, they’re buying time… For the military to do something afterwards.


Josh: Is that true?

Clifford: …Yeah.

Ratsel: So Re-tech’s sponsor was Alteur Steinbeck…

Clifford: Considering what’s happened… I don’t think there’s any reason to follow his orders any longer.

Ratsel: But why was Alteur interested in Fabula Fores?

Clifford: The only person who would know that would be Professor Radcliff, who met with him directly.

Josh: … If the Aile Chevalier and Blanche Neige’s data was being given to the Gaia Sabers…

Ratsel: They have ways of getting what they want. Even if you hadn’t have participated in battle training with it, they certainly still would have had a plan.

Josh: But why? I wasn’t sent to work with the Gaia Sabers, but with the Aggressors….

Ratsel: It wasn’t just you.

Josh: ?

Hugo: Lt. Ratsel… You requested I come?

Ratsel: No need for formalities, Lt. Hugo. The truth is, I wanted to know what you talked with Major Kai about.

Hugo: …You mean about the incident involving the Tsentr Project?

Ratsel:  You catch on quick.

Hugo: The Flickerei Geist that joined up with the Hagane… I heard that it was built around the core of the Jetzt.

Ratsel: That’s what the pilot of the Flickerei, Ariel Org, told us, at least. It seems like the Tsentr Project is a branch of the Gaia Sabers.

Hugo: !!

Ratsel: And judging from your reaction, it seems like you didn’t know that.

Hugo: Y-yeah… Due to the secrecy needed by Mitarl Zapad, Aqua and I never learned about the current location of Tochka 1.

Ratsel: I see…

Hugo: (So the benefactor Mitarl was talking about was Alteur…!)

Ratsel: It’s no coincidence that the units from Re-tech and the Tsentr Project were added to the Aggressors at the same time. But why?

Hugo: I… don’t know. But if Mitarl is a member of the Gaia Sabers… Then the Tsentr project looks even more suspicious.

Ratsel: Can I trust you?

Hugo: … When I was a part of the Cry Wolves, we were wiped out during the battle with the Jetzt.

Josh: …!

Hugo: I have no duties or obligations toward Mitarl Zapad.

Ratsel: Then I have one more question. Have you submitted any data to the Gaia Sabers recently?

Josh: No. Though Dad might have planned to send in the data from the Aile Chevalier and Antarctica…

Hugo: …The last time we sent data back was before we headed to the factory in Orleans.

Ratsel: Is it possible the data is sending itself automatically? For instance, is it possible they know how many times it was powered on?

Clifford: The Gaia Sabers weren’t involved in the making of the Aile Chevalier and Blanche Neige. And no one from their teams has touched either unit.

Ratsel: Lt. Hugo, What about your TE Absorber?

Hugo: …I can’t say it’s impossible.

Ratsel: Then investigate it immediately.

Hugo: Roger. (If Mitarl really is with the Gaia Sabers, then contacting him is out of the question…. But then my medicine will…)

*Meanwhile, on Comodin Island*

Ruslan: It’s been awhile, Carla. How’s things with your boyfriend?

Carla: Now’s not really the time to talk about that.

Ruslan: Because of the loss of the sun, we’re on low-power mode. Though there are people who can’t leave, we’re still open for business.

Ratsel: I’ve got a job for you. I know it’s short notice, but we need more repair supplies and ammunition.

Ruslan: In this crazy situation… And right now, you’re not exactly the most reputable sort. There’ll be a 30% increase in all prices.

Carla: Hey, Ruslan! Isn’t that a bit unfair?!

Ruslan: Carla, don’t you see it’s pretty rough for me, too?

Ratsel: It’s fine. I’ve got the cash here.

Ruslan: …Excellent. Andrew, time for work!

Worker: Understood, sir.

Ruslan: By the way, Ratsel. Is that lady the squad leader…?[2]

Ratsel: Yes. Commander Lefina Enfield.

Lefina: We’re very grateful for your generosity even in these troubling times, Mister…

Ruslan: Ruslan Makarov. Don’t worry about the mister part. Just call me Ruslan.

Lefina: Well then, Ruslan, we’ll be in your care for a while.

Ruslan: I’m afraid there’s not much staff on hand, so we won’t be able to do much… but please relax.

Lefina: As nice as that sounds, I’ve afraid we can’t. Due to your lack of staff, I’ve asked our own crew members to help with the loading of supplies.

Carla: I’ll also be doing some of the work, so can’t we get a discount?

Ruslan: My my, I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side, Carla.

Touma: Ruslan, a man named “G.J” has arrived.

Ruslan: Okay, got it. Please send him here.

Carla: Who’s that? A new recruit?

Ruslan: He was left at Marbury Island. I picked him up and he works for me doing whatever I need doing.

Gilliam: …Sorry I’m late.

Ratsel: Gilliam…

Gilliam: I understand the situation. A lot of unfortunate things happened…

Ratsel: Yeah.

Lefina: Cutting right to the chase, Major Gilliam… What’s the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s opinion on what happened?

Gilliam: … Because of the Steel Dragons involvement in the assassination of the president, they are discharged from the military… and an order to hunt them down has been issued.

Lefina: Dishonorably discharged… That means the JCS won’t accept our communications…

Ruslan: And you still came here? Are you sure that’s okay?

Gilliam: Lt. General Jacob Moore informed me that the Steel Dragons had been framed by Alteur Steinbeck. That’s why I was dispatched.

Lefina: Then…?

Gilliam: This is what he said.  You are now acting as an independent squad. However, we will not change our official stance. We have our own position within the Federation government in regards to the Gaia Sabers, so we can’t take any visible actions to help you.

Lefina: So… they’ve abandoned us?

Gilliam: I don’t think Jacob thought of it that way. From now on, I’ll be working alongside the Steel Dragons. My official duty is that I’m investigating the Gaia Sabers’ usable resources, but I’ll also be participating in battles.

Lefina: …I understand.

Carla: Hey, Major Gilliam. Who’s this Lt. General Jacob?

Gilliam: He’s the top agent in Intelligence. He’s the endpoint of all information flowing in the world.

Lefina: I’m not exactly comfortable having a person like that guarding our rear…

Gilliam: We still need to find proof that Alteur Steinbeck was involved in the assassination of the president. Lt. General Jacob is working with the staff members who weren’t pleased with Alteur’s rise to power, but until we find some strong evidence, the Federation military and the Gaia Sabers will be hounding us.

Lefina: …

Gilliam: But it’s vital that you keep your attitude of following the proper procedures. This is certainly a worst-case-scenario, but until we find the proof, we can’t contact them.

Lefina: I’m… prepared for that. I don’t plan on dragging anyone else down with us. And I don’t plan on ignoring the other threats, either.

Gilliam: Understood. I’ll make sure Jacob knows that.

Lefina: Thank you.

Gilliam: Ratsel, there’s something else I want to discuss with you. After I move the Type RV to the Hiryuu, could I have a moment?

Ratsel: Of course. I’ll be at the Hiryuu.

*In the hangar*

Hugo: How is it, Aqua?

Aqua: There’s still a suspicious sub-circuit in the DFC…. I was told outside of a complete overhaul, there was no reason to ever open it.

Hugo: Look into it.

Aqua: Got it.

Hugo: (My rationed medicine is running low. If I can’t get into contact with Mitarl, I can’t get a refill. I’ll have to reduce how much I take at one time….)

Aqua: Hey, Hugo.

Hugo: What is it?

Aqua: Instead of being stolen, I think the Medius Locus was a Gaia Saber machine from the very beginning.

Hugo: …I think that’s possible.

Aqua: Then why were we engaging with it in battle…? Didn’t they think both of our mechs could be destroyed? If they needed data, especially between two machines of the same make, they’d usually just have a mock battle.

Hugo: …They probably needed real battle data.

Aqua: Why would that be?

Hugo: …


Aqua: What’s this thing… It isn’t in the spec notes…!

Hugo: Bingo.

Aqua: Y-yeah!


Aqua: !!

Hugo: What?!


Eun: There’s a ton of missile heat signatures detected from above!

Sean: Defensive measures! Call in all crew and hands outside of the ship immediately!

Eun: Roger!

Ratsel: XO, we’ll head out. Please help Ruslan and his people get inside the ship.

Sean: I understand.

Ratsel: (If our enemy is the Gaia Sabers… then my hunch is probably right.)

Chapter 31: The Army of Shadows

Touma: Aaaah!

Ruslan: Touma! You’ll die if you hang around here! Hurry to the Hiryuu Custom!

Touma: What is going on?!

Ruslan: It’s an enemy attack!

Worker: Sir, at this rate!

Ruslan: Don’t waste time! Get everyone into the Hiryuu Custom!

Worker: Y-yes sir!

Lefina: I’m sorry I’m late! Situation report!

Sean: They’re attacking from above. Because of a strong EA, we don’t know their affiliation.

Lefina: Send out all units that are ready! Prepare for the ship’s launch while helping the staff onto the ship!


Eun: There’s a unit descending towards us!


Lefina: That’s…!

Sean: The unit that the Aggressors encountered…

*And out comes DGG!*

Sanger: That’s Jinrai?

Ratsel: Yeah… So he’s shown his face here.

Touma: It’s the giant from back then… DyGenGuard. I never thought I’d see it again! And is that another one standing beside it? And what’s that thing?!

Gilliam: Just like Ratsel said, it does look like the Double Gs…

Ratsel: Huh, another message from it?


Sanger: So it seems the AI is gunning for our positions.

Gilliam: And it’s the Double G Unit 3…

Ratsel: (It knows the Dynamic General Guardian name that Doctor Bian discussed with Professor Toumine…. But I never heard of a unit 3.)

Sanger: Very well, Black Ninja! I shall lend my blade to this match!

Chapter 31: The Army of Shadows

Victory: Lower Jinrai’s HP to below 15000

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down.

SR Point: ???

*Sanger versus Jinrai*

Sanger: My surging blade will cut through the thunder!

*Trombe! Versus Jinrai*

Ratsel: Go, Trombe! Faster than Lightning!

*Gilliam V Jinrai*

Gilliam: The Double G unit 3… The person behind this has to be…!

*Phase 3*

Eun: Captain, Preparations to launch the squads is complete!

Lefina: Send them out!

*Deploy screen*

Carla: Ninja Robot! We’ll stop you here!

Ruslan: About time you got here! I’m counting on you, Carla!

Hugo: (If our location was given away by the hidden communication circuit in the TE Absorber….!)

Kouta: What is that thing? Are we fighting Ninjas now?![3]

Ratsel: It’s a robot of the Dynamic General Guardian line. Don’t let your guard down.

Excellen: So it’s Double G on Double G action, eh? It’s a Super Robot, so it’ll probably join up with us after we fight it, right?

Raji: This is more like a monster movie, so it’d just be the bad guy throughout.

Excellen: Hey, not bad. Wanna take over joke duties?

Kyosuke: Is this really the time?

Hugo: …Ughhh…!

Aqua: What’s wrong, Hugo?

Hugo: It’s nothing…!

Aqua: You’re feeling ill again…

Hugo: I said it’s nothing!

Aqua: F-Fine! You don’t have to yell!

Hugo: (Dammit… This is because I reduced my dose…!)


Eun: There’s multiple readings closing in from above!

Lefina: !!!

*awwww shit*

Rim: Wh-what are those things?

Kusuha: They look like Jinrai…

Yuuki: They seem like mass production models.

Tasuku: So he’s the boss and they’re the goons![4]

Kouta: So we ARE fighting ninjas now!

Tasuku: No, an army of shadows!!

Gilliam: They mass produced a Double G…

Aqua: J-Jinrai’s a threat just by itself, but with that many other units…!

Gilliam: There must be something above us that they’re dropping in from… everyone, watch out overhead.

Lefina: XO, what’s the status of the civilians?

Sean: We’ll soon have all of them onboard.

Kusuha: …! What’s this feeling…?

Carla: This is…

Bullet: it’s like someone’s watching us…

Leona: But who?

Tasuku: I feel it too. What is this?

Yuuki: ….

Tsugumi: Ah…? That’s!

Ibis: What’s wrong, Tsugumi?

Tsugumi: There! Zoom in!

???: A-Aaaaah….

Ibis: A girl? Why is she out there?!

Tsugumi: There’s no other people need her! She’s the only one left!

Ibis: There’s Jinrai all around her! We need to save her!

Raul: Then our Excellence can…!

Kouta: Wait, my Battle Raiser is faster!

Tsugumi: No, we’re closest, we’ll go!

Ibis: With the Altairlion’s speed, we can do it in one shot!

Tsugumi: TD4 to Dragon 2! There’s a girl who hasn’t evacuated yet! Requesting permission to save her!

Lefina: Do it! Units near the Altairlion, provide support!

Tsugumi: Ibis, we need to get there in 2 minutes!

*Wow that’s far*

Tsugumi: We can’t waste any time! Let’s go!

Ibis: Roger! Let’s do this!

Victory: Before the end of the 4th player phase, have Ibis move to designated point, or lower Jinrai’s Health to below 15,000 HP. All the Mass Produced Jinrai will evacuate after this condition is met.

Defeat: The victory conditions are not met by the end of the 4th player phase, Ibis is shot down, the Hiryuu Custom is shot down.

SR Point: Before the end of the 4th player phase, have Ibis shoot down 2 mass produced Jinrai.

*One turn later*

Tsugumi: One more minute! We need to make it!

Ibis: Roger!

*get there on time*

??? : !!

Ibis: This way! Climb onto the Altairlion’s hand!

???: Aaah… w-waaah…

Tsugumi: Ibis, she’s already in a bad state. Let her into the cockpit!

Ibis: Got it! Okay, this way!

???: Wwaaaahhhh!

Ibis: (Is she so scared and helpless that she can’t even move…? She’s… she’s just like I was, when I was starting in project TD, right when I lost my dreams…. When Filio died, I was in the same state…)

???: ….

Ibis: (She’s so young…. And already she’s had to deal with these hardships…. I have to protect her….!)  It’s going to be okay.

???: …!

Ibis: You don’t have to be afraid. I’ll protect you….

???: ….

Ibis: So please, come here.

???: O-okay….

Ibis: This is TD4! We’ve extracted the girl!

Mizuho: Thank goodness…!

Sanger: Then all that’s left is to cut down the ninjas!

*Beat up dat Jinrai*

Kouta: The Ninja robot’s stopped moving!

Ratsel: This isn’t good! Any nearby units, get out of there!


Eun: There’s a huge EA reading! Target lost!

Sean: Well, he certainly escaped like a Ninja…

Lefina: Send the Excellence Rescue out to help any remaining people. Tell the rest of the units to remain on high alert.

*but what if you blow up Jinrai before you get to the point?*

*Beat up dat Jinrai*

Kouta: The Ninja robot’s stopped moving!

Ratsel: This isn’t good! Any nearby units, get out of there!


Eun: There’s a huge EA reading! Target lost!

Sean: Well, he certainly escaped like a Ninja…

Tsugumi: We defeated Jinrai before we could reach the girl… That’s the Steel Dragons for you.

Ibis: Tsugumi, let’s get that girl!

??? : !!

Ibis: This way! Climb onto the Altairlion’s hand!

???: Aaah… w-waaah…

Tsugumi: Ibis, she’s already in a bad state. Let her into the cockpit!

Ibis: Got it! Okay, this way!

???: Wwaaaahhhh!

Ibis: (Is she so scared and helpless that she can’t even move…? She’s… she’s just like I was, when I was starting in project TD, right when I lost my dreams… When Filio died, I was in the same state…)

???: …

Ibis: (She’s so young… And already she’s had to deal with these hardships… I have to protect her!)  It’s going to be okay.

???: …!

Ibis: You don’t have to be afraid. I’ll protect you…

???: …

Ibis: So please, come here.

???: O-okay…

Ibis: This is TD4! We’ve extracted the girl!

Lefina: The Altairlion has completed the extraction. Have the Excellence Rescue pick up any other survivors. All units, remain on high alert.

*Hiryuu Custom’s briefing room*

Lefina: I’m so terribly sorry, Ruslan. I had no idea this would happen.

Ruslan: I can say that only the coastal regions were damaged, but if those go bad, then it’ll be a critical blow to my business… Well, I’m sure the generous Ratsel will help with the reparations.

Ratsel: … I plan to do all I can.

Ruslan: I’ll put it on your tab. In return, could you take me to Lima or Mexico? If I stay on this island and that ninja robot comes back, it’ll be trouble.

Ratsel: … Is that okay, Captain?

Lefina: Yes. Let’s head for Lima.

Katina: But still, with the Satellite link down, how did they find out that we were on that island?

Hugo: … We think we found a transmitter hidden inside the TE absorber.

Katina: What?!

Ratsel: As I thought…

Hugo: We destroyed it right before we launched. But it was too late….

Ratsel: Then it’s very likely that the Gaia Sabers are the ones sending out Jinrai.

Aqua: I’m so sorry… If I had figured it out sooner….

Excellen: It’s not like you knew it was there. Don’t worry about it.

Sanger: Ratsel, the one who made Jinrai was…

Ratsel: Most likely, Professor Kaoru Toumine. He’s probably with the Gaia Sabers now.

Gilliam: Didn’t Professor Toumine hold a grudge against Professor Bian Zoldark?

Ratsel: That’s right. And if he’s now transferred that hate towards the Aussenseiter and the DyGenGuard, then he’ll be causing us trouble.

*In the hangar*

Kouta: I went around the Island once and didn’t see any people who were left behind.

Fiona: Good work.

Touma: Aaah!

Kouta: Wh-what?

Touma: You were the one who saved me back then…. It’s you, Fighter Roar!

Kouta: Huh? You know me?

Raul: Who’s this?

Carla: A person who works for Ruslan.

Kouta: Oh, a civilian. That’s what I thought.

Touma: Y-you saved me at Hakodate!

Kouta: Hakodate?

Raul: Wait, were you the guy who General Magnus of the Shura was going to…

Touma: That’s right! Please let me say my thanks.

Kouta: Uh, sure.

Carla: I was at Hakodate, too. It’s pretty strange for us to meet up again.

Touma: You said it.

*In a hallway*

Kusuha: The doctor said she’d be fine with just a little more rest.

Ibis: I see…

Bullet: But why was that girl there by herself?

Yuuki: Yeah… It doesn’t add up.

Tasuku: There’s a famous hotel on the island. Could she have been a guest?

Yuuki: Then why haven’t we found her parents, considering we have every person from the island onboard at the moment?

Tasuku: Hmm… Well, we could just ask her.

Kusuha: Not right now. She can’t even open her mouth, much less talk. She still hasn’t recovered from the shock… But since Ibis saved her…

Ibis: Huh?

Kusuha: Ibis, could you try talking to her?

Ibis: S-sure, I’ll try.


???: Ah…

Ibis: U-um… are you okay?

??? : U-um…

Ibis: What…?

???: Th-thank you…

Kusuha: (She talked!)

Ibis: Y-you don’t need to thank me. I was just doing my duty.

???: Du…ty?

Kusuha: Ibis, you can’t talk like that in front of her.

Ibis: O-oh, right… I’m not good at this kind of thing… Look, you used to be a nurse. I’ll leave this to you.

Kusuha: In this kind of case, the first person they meet is the most important. Just try to speak softly and use simple words.

Ibis: S-sure…

???: …

Ibis: …I want to know your name. Will you tell me it?

Irui: …Irui…

Ibis: Irui… That’s a cute name.

Irui: Th-thank you…

Ibis: My name is ibis. Nice to meet you, Irui.

Irui: Y-yes…


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[2] So Japanese does clauses differently than English. The way he trails off here is really weird and hard to put into words correctly.

[3] (☞゚∀゚)☞

[4] Look, I know you know ninja hierarchy terms. But I don’t wanna use them.