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Aya: …How did it go, Mai?

Mai: Even with my powers, I can’t disconnect the Psycho Crutch. Unless the wavelength perfectly matches, it looks to be impossible.

Aya: I see…

Ryuusei: Can’t we just replace the entire T-link system?

Ryoto: We could, but we wouldn’t be able to use the Ashe while we were setting up the new system.

Aya: And the same thing could happen again…

Ryuusei: Yeah, I saw the data from when it booted up. It was booted up from an external power source, and then that source gained control of the machine. Even with the power running, there no way I’d be able to do that.

Rai: …Did the Gaia Sabers train psychics as well?

Ryoto: Ariel hasn’t said anything about that, but…

Aya: If it’s related to the T-link System, my father should know…

Ryuusei: Then let’s keep Ing as the Ashe of the pilot until we can bring it to Professor Kobayashi. Though I did kinda wanna try piloting it once.

Ing: I’m sorry, it’s my fault…

Robert: Well, it happens. And with you piloting the Ashe, we can get more data on it.

Ryuusei: By the way, Rob… How long are you going to keep the Ashe’s frame like it is?

Robert: If they’re still on schedule, the new parts from Mao Industries on the moon should be finished soon.

Ryuusei: Can we contact them and ask?

Rai: We can’t make contact with the Moon or the Colonies. Someone, I’m guessing the guests, has put out interference that’s similar to an EA signal.

Ryuusei: I-I see…

Ryoto: (The moon… I hope Mao Industries is still okay…)


Lamia: I see, that is very interesting…

Ariel: I derived this from a calculation based on the data on the Dimensional Warp Effect you gave me. If this is true, then we can assume that there is a way to go through the dimensional barrier.

Kirk: The Idealants really are brilliant. I guess that’s why they were supposed to rule over humans.

Ariel: It’s not something I studied. It was implanted in me.

Kirk: But you have doubts as to the real purpose of the Idealants. Right?

Ariel: …You’re exactly right.

Lamia: And that’s why you defected from the Gaia Sabers. That’s really impressive. Unlike how I used to be.

Ariel: But I heard that you joined the Steel Dragons of your own volition?

Lamia: There were a lot of factors leading up to that point. If it was just based on my own volition, it would have never happened.

Ariel: But still… at least you were completed. (Unlike me…)

Lamia: No, Ariel… I’m incomplete. Though I guess that was the point, in the end.

Ariel: Huh?

Kirk: …Lamia, Ariel, I’ll leave the rest to you.  I have other jobs to do.

Lamia: Roger-dodger-bo-bodger.[1]

Ariel: Bo-bodger? Lt., what is…?

Lamia: I told you… I’m incomplete.


Lamia: Huh?


Eita: Dead ahead, elevation 10, Range 5, there’s a gravitational flux! Someone is teleporting in!

Tetsuya: What’s the ES wave pattern?!

Eita: It looks like the Guests!

Tetsuya: All hands, Combat Stations!

Chapter 31: The Assassin from Distant Lands

Eita: The enemy troops have blocked our heading! The first wave is approaching!

Tetsuya: Prepare the forward cannons! Open the hatches on the upper VLS missile launchers!

Eita: Enemy first wave, range 3!

Azuki: All units, prepared to launch!

Tetsuya: Good, send them out now!


Kai: Erebus 1 to all units. This is our first battle with the Guests in space. We don’t have a lot of information about their units yet. Be careful.

Lamia: Rodger-lodger.

Irm: Unlike the Inspectors, they’re using their own mechs against us, huh.

Rai: So it seems as if as they were trying to establish the supply lines during the Inspector incident.

Arado: Supply vines?

Latooni: Lines. Major Kai told you about them in his lecture.

Arado: D-did he?

Shine: By supply lines, they mean the behind-the scenes management of supplies and weapons from the back-lines. It also involves the communication about the supplies that are needed on the front lines.[2]

Rai: Exactly, your highness. You certainly are diligent.

Shine: Th-thank you, Lord Radius.

Arado: Uh, so basically…

Ryuusei: They were establishing a line from their big bases on their home world to the earth.

Irm: Yes, they were just readying the path for others to come to the earth. Which means they probably can’t do long-range warps… They probably made many relay points in the milky way to get to the Earth.

Biodroid Soldier: A message for the Lacrein squadron. The teleport point has been changed to below the second relay. We are intercepting the enemy squadron and engaging. All units, begin the attack.[3]

Irm: We don’t have time to entertain guests! We need to clear a path!

Chapter 31: The Assassin from Distant Lands

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hagane is defeated, Irm is Defeated

SR point: Shoot down 20 units or more in 4 turns.

*Kill a lot of dudes*

Eita: There’s a small gravitational disturbance on the battlefield! Someone is teleporting in!

Tetsuya: It’s probably enemy reinforcements! Be on your guard!

*Dem some guests*

???: That ship…. So they’re the Steel Dragons, hmm?

Ryoto: Data found in the archives… It’s the same machine the guest commander used on the surface.

Irm: Ah, the one that Zeb guy was on.


Biodriod: Captain Lacrein, you warped to the wrong location.

???: I did receive your message. My squadron has already teleported to the second relay.  I plan to be there by the appointed time.

Biodroid: That is incongruous to the plan’s contents.

???: I know, but I need to buy some time for our forces to rendezvous. The Zeidram may still be incomplete, but I want see their power with my own eyes. That is why I changed the mission orders to level 4 combat specifications under my authority as captain. Follow your orders.

Biodroid: Roger.

*The droids leave*

Ryuusei: What does he think he can do with only those units?

Irm: Either he’s got nerves of steel, or he’s crazy.

Aya: Could this be a trap or a distraction?

Irm: No matter what it is, we know what we gotta do here.


???: Attention, Earth Army’s Steel Dragons.

Irm: !

Rof: My name is Grofis Lacrein. I am the captain of a mercenary group working with the ones you call “Guests”. I have come to see the power of those who repelled the Inspectors.

Rio: … He’s being really polite, isn’t he?

Irm:  Given Mekibos and Zeb, they seem like quite an honest group.

Rof: You know of Mekibos…? Or rather, it’s obvious you would have fought him.

Irm: Yeah, we have a bit of a history with him.

Rof: … I see.

Irm: What, are you out for revenge? I’ll tell you this, we weren’t the ones who killed him.

Rof: …

Irm: We were weirdly alike in a way. But, he came here with the inspectors… What happened to him was karma.

Rof: On the battlefield, victory and survival mean the same thing. You defeated him, and thus you lived on. That’s all there is to it. And I am only here as a mercenary, to follow my orders. If you are powerless, you will die here.

Irm: Fair enough. By the way, Grofis.

Rof: Call me Rof. And I’d like to hear your name, as well.

Irm: Irm… Irmgult Kazahara. Where is your boss?

Rof: Do you really think I’d tell you?

Irm: Well, probably not.  I’ll say this: Have you heard the phrase “Curiosity kills the cat?” It’s especially relevant to those who try to test us.

Rof: Curious Cats? What? Is my translator broken?

Irm: It’s a saying from Earth. I’ll teach you what it means right here!

Victory: Lower the Lige=Geios ‘s HP below 15000 HP.

*Irm versus Rof*

Irm: Even if you were coming to check the supply lines to Earth, doesn’t it seem like they aren’t working properly?

Rof: What are you talking about?

Irm: I’m thinking you didn’t learn the lesson what we taught the Inspectors. Was there a problem somewhere on the line between you guys?

Rof: (This man is pretty sharp.)

*Ryuusei V. Rof*

Ryuusei: Our SRX won’t lose in a battle of strength!

Rof: This energy reaction… there’s no mistake. The earthlings don’t just use our techniques, but theirs as well.

*Ing Vs. Rof*

Rof: That mech… Is it the final stage of the Huckebeins? But what can he hope to do with such a beat up machine?

Ing: Don’t judge the Ashe based on its looks alone. It’s given me the power to live through this…!

*beat him up*

Rof: To bring the Lige=Geios to this state…. Steel Dragon Brigade, the rumors about you are true.


Biodriod:  Captain Lacrein, an unknown has appeared at the meeting point. We are currently engaging.

Rof: What…?! So they’re bearing their fangs at us. I’m heading there right now.


Irm: He seems like their star pitcher. Even his retreat was great.

Lamia: He seemeded to be panicked when he ran away…

Irm: You don’t need to tell me that. What could have happened over there?


Eita: The enemy units have escaped from the battlefield.

Tetsuya: Good, after bringing each unit back, proceed on our course in sub-power mode. We’ll pick up the stragglers.

Azuki: C-captain!

Tetsuya: What is it?

Azuki: There’s a message from the observation deck! There’s explosions all over the surface of the moon!

Tetsuya: Explosions..?!

Eita: Could there be a battle on the moon?!

Tetsuya: Is it a Ruina… No, a guest attack?!


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[1] Lamia, Ladies and gentlemen.

[2] This conversation makes more sense in Japanese. Heitai is like, supply train, but heitaisen is different and Arado is an idiot so we can learn military trivia! Yaaaaaaay

[3] Second point is like…. I don’t know. Like in a co-ordinate system?