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Tetsuya: The location of the explosions matches up with where the bases and lunar settlements are. The guests are responsible for this.

Kai: While the earth is blockaded, they saw an opportunity and went for it. What reports do we have from the moon?

Tetsuya: The battle is still raging. More and more explosions are appearing.

Viletta: If the Guests are after the same thing as the Inspectors, then they’ll leave the bases mostly undamaged for their own use later…

Irm: But it’s not like this is the Federation’s first rodeo. The battle’s probably going back and forth. However, Rof wasn’t part of their attack at first, so if he was called to re-enforce their main army…. The Guests may not have the resources they need.

Kai: …What should we do, captain? Should we head to Heaven’s Gate, or to the moon?

Tetsuya: …

*warnings already*

Eita: The radar’s picking up something! Many high-energy units, dead ahead, altitude 15, headed right for us!

Tetsuya: That means… they’re coming from Heaven’s Gate!

Eita: It’s the Ruina!

Viletta: If they’re coming from Heaven’s gate, then that means…

Tetsuya: In any case, engage the enemy! All hands, Level 1 battle stations! Major Kai, prepare to deploy!

Kai: Roger!

Chapter 32: Concordant Counterfeit Cores

Tetsuya: The ship will hold position here. All units should proceed forward, engage with the Ruina, and secure a route for the ship!

*Deploy screen*

Ing: There’s a presence drifting about this battlefield… What is this…. Is someone watching us?

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units. No slacking on this job. We will quickly open a hole through them!

Chapter 32: Concordant Counterfeit Cores

Victory: All enemies shot down

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down, Ing or Ariel are shot down

SR point: ???

Eita: All targets have been shot down!

Tetsuya:  Stay on your guard, everyone.

Lamia: …Those units came from the direction of Heaven’s Gate.  Could it already be…

Ariel: We can’t rule out that possibility.

Ing: …

Rio: What’s wrong, Ing?

Ing: …. There’s still a presence here…

Rio: Huh? But there’s nothing on the sensors…

Ryoto: Is there a response from the Ashe’s T-link system?

Ing: No, there isn’t, but I have a strange feeling, different from when we were on the surface….

Irm: They do say that when you go to space, your senses sharpen.

Arado: Really? I don’t feel sharper.

Seolla: That’s because you’re so dull to start with.[1]

Mai: I don’t feel that different either, actually.

Seolla: Huh, really?

Irm: If you don’t feel any differences between being on the surface and being in space, that in and of itself is amazing. Your spacial awareness must be impressive.


Eita: There’s a reaction on the radar! High-energy readings approaching from 10 o’clock at Elevation 20! They’re soon be entering Range 3!

Tetsuya: Is it the Ruina again?

Eita: No, it’s not!

Tetsuya: Hurry with the identification! All hands, all units, prepare to intercept!

*whur whur*

Ariel: ! This energy reaction is…!

*Oh shit dem Gaia sabers*

Duvan: Hmph, the rebels and traitors are here, huh?

Ariel: Duvan!

Ing: The Gaia Sabers!

Ariel: The Beta Sabers came to space…!

Duvan: That’s right, to support the battle at the South Pole from above. And why are you in space?

Ariel: We are heading to support Heaven’s Gate.

Duvan: Didn’t you kill the President? That’s not where you should be going.

Ryuusei: That’s not true!  I mean, the fact that the President launched in his ship at that specific time….

Duvan: That doesn’t change the fact that the President is dead.

Ryuusei: Ugh…

Ryoto: It’s our fault… that the President…

Duvan: Power down your weapons and surrender. If you refuse, we’ll start attacking.

Rai: That’s your first priority? Aren’t you concerned with the fact that the Earth has Disappeared?

Duvan: Of course we recognize that it’s a serious problem.

Aya: Then why?

Duvan: It’s our job to destroy enemies from outside the Earth Sphere, not yours. If you’re so worried about the situation, then hurry up and surrender. I need to get to Heaven’s gate quickly. I don’t have time for this.

Ariel: Then wouldn’t it be better to ignore us?

Duvan: Shut up, Ariel. This is the last chance I’m giving you.

Ariel: Huh?

Duvan: If you surrender right now, I’ll work to reduce your punishment for your crimes. Because we’re both Idealants, I’ll do what I can for you.

Ariel: Duvan…

Duvan: But you, Ing…. I can’t guarantee you’ll survive.

Ing:  …I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going to be captured by you.

Duvan: Hmm…. Then I’ll ask the commanding officer’s opinion.

Tetsuya: I can confirm that our ship hit the President’s ship, and destroyed it…. However, the events leading up to that moment were very suspicious. Beyond that, the current GS squad has no authority to give a Federation squadron orders. We wished to follow the proper procedures, along the proper channels, to give a full and direct report on the previous incident to the President. However, when we tried to report to the President, Alteur Steinbeck refused to let us speak to him. The Gaia Sabers opened fire upon us, and in the middle of their bombardment, the president’s personal vessel launched. In that situation, that is a dangerous and unnatural measure.

Duvan: You’re saying there’s some other side to this incident?

Tetsuya; Yes. Alteur’s real goal was the assassination of the President…. And then to frame us as the culprit.

Duvan: (Hmmm… Considering Alteur, it’s not impossible.)

Tetsuya: I believe their attack fleet was specifically placed to lure us into escaping from the correct position for their plan. And then, a Guest Archin appeared directly in front of us with perfect timing. Why would they guest send only one reconnaissance unit to the fight?

 Duvan: So you’re familiar with Guest battle tactics?[2]

Tetsuya: Archin appeared before and after the DC wars. They can be captured and used by humans.

Duvan: You have a pretty good imagination, to be able to make up a story like that.

Tetsuya: If that’s the case, then I’d say it applies to you as well, given the story the Gaia Sabers made up and published for the masses.

Duvan: Stop droning on. As I said before, the president is dead and you all were involved. That is a fact.

Tetsuya: Even though we’re now labeled as rebels, we are still trying to let the truth be shown through official means. After that, we will accept any punishment we are fairly given.

Duvan: … So you are refusing to surrender?

Tetsuya: That’s right.[3]

Duvan: Ariel, how about you?

Ariel: I agree. The Gaia Sabers are dangerous. The incident with the President just confirms it all the more.

Duvan: However, you can’t throw away the fact that you’re an Idealant. And if you and I don’t work together, Project Idealants will never be complete.

Ariel: But with just us, how…

Duvan: With the Fau Kern…. If we can harness its full power, we can finally achieve what we’ve always deserved!

Ariel: What you deserve?! That kind of thinking is dangerous, Duvan!

Duvan: I will have it[4]! All units, attack! Make them surrender!

Kai: Captain, we will stop their advance and intercept. Is that okay?

Tetsuya: I have no complaints. However, in order to avoid losses, we need to secure an escape route.

Kai: Understood. Once the escape route has been found, set it in. All units, don’t stray too far from the Hagane.

Victory: All enemies shot down


Duvan: Wh-what’s this?!


Ariel: The Fau Kern is…

Duvan: The power output is rising… Has it been activated?!


Eita: High energy reading headed this way! From 3 o’clock, elevation 30! One unit!

Tetsuya: 1 unit? Could it be a Melior Esse?!

Eita: No, it’s in our database! It’s the Red Ogre!

Tetsuya: What?!

*oh hey Alfimi*

Alfimi: That nostalgic yet gloomy feeling…. It’s coming from here.

Mai: That’s…!

Lamia: Persönlichkeit …. Alfimi?!

Alfimi: You people know of me?

Arado: Huh?! What are you talking about?!

Mai: Did… Did she forget us…?!

Alfimi: Forget…?

Irm: We remember you quite well. The cute Einst girl.

Alfimi: You know that I’m an Einst… you are…

Lamia: Could she have lost her memories?[5]

Alfimi: Huh? When did you come to this side…?

Lamia: This side? What do you mean?

Alfimi: Huh…. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm….

Shine: Wh-what is it?

Alfimi: Okay, I think I roughly totally remember you all. It’s been a while!

Ryuusei: That was sudden. It really seemed like she lost her memories.

Seolla: We heard from Ratsel and Shouko that you were with Kouta and Axel, right?

Alfimi: I… Think?

Seolla: Where were you up till now? What happened to them?

Alfimi: That’s…


Alfimi: Ow!


Duvan: !!

*Oh man he’s regeeeennning*

Ariel: Again?!

*as is Ariel*

Ariel: The power limiter is turning off…. Code U.U.N. available? Is this a new attack pattern for the Flickerei?

Alfimi: The gloomy feeling…. Is it resonating...?

Ing: (That’s what I felt earlier… but why…?

Duvan: There’s no mistaking it, The Fau Kern is activated!

Alfimi: That’s the Jetzt…. Regisseur? It was still around…?

Duvan: The Red Ogre… a real Einst! Just from being close to it, the core has this reaction… if I could acquire it, then the Alles’s Fau Kern would….!

Alfimi: Right now, I am an Einst… but also not an Einst…

Duvan: What is this … The Red Ogre is talking!

Alfimi: I take offense to that…. And the idea of using our power to rule over others….

Duvan: Well that makes things easier for me….!

Alfimi: That core is an imitation of a bootleg of a returned item that was broken….

Duvan: Oh, I know! That’s why I’ll take you instead! If I do that, no one will be able to look down at the Beta Sabers! With Project Idealants…. I’ll take my rightful place as an Idealant!

Rio: Everything…?

Irm: That’s some big talk. You plan to own everything in the world by yourself?

Ariel: (Duvan…. Do you know about…)

Duvan: All units, target the Red Ogre! Weaken it and capture it!

Ariel: We won’t let you!

Duvan: Heh, you want the Einst’s power too?

Ariel: No…. I will stop you!

Duvan: Then I’ll consume you along with the Einst!

Aya: Major Kai, If Alfimi were to fall into their hands here…

Kai: I understand, but she’s…

Aya: She fought with us in the final fight against the Einst as well as during the Shura Rebellion. Then there’s also Excellen to consider…. Can we…?

Alfimi: I don’t plan to be caught by them. And I have a favor to ask.

Kai: What is it?

Alfimi: There’s someone I want taken care of… Someone I was promised to meet in the future…

Kai: Huhhh?!

Lamia: Do you mean…. Captain Axel?

Alfimi: That’s the one! Ah, I remember everything now.

Aya: When did you…

Lamia: Alfimi, is Captain Axel inside of the Red Ogre?

Alfimi: Correct. For some reason, he’s sleeping right now.

Kai: So she’s with that Axel Almer….

Irm: He also came to our side during the Shura Rebellion.

Lamia: Major Kai, I have a debt to my old Captain. So please….

Kai: Your duty is my duty. Captain, my judgement is that it would be good to listen to Alfimi’s request at the moment. What is your opinion?

Tetsuya: I have things I want to ask them as well. Please escort the Persönlichkeit to the Hagane.

Kai: Roger.


Kai: Alfimi, please head for that position.

Alfimi: I understand, but right now I can’t teleport.

Kai: Then we will escort you.

Alfimi: Okay, I’m headed for the Hagane.

Victory: The Persönlichkeit makes it to the designated point, the Alles Geist is reduced below 20000 HP.

Defeat: The Hagane is defeated, Ing or Ariel are defeated, the Persönlichkeit is defeated.

SR point: The Persönlichkeit makes it to the point with over 6000 HP remaining.

*When she gets there*

Alfimi: Looks like I made it.

Duvan: Damn, she squeezed past us!

Tetsuya: Tell all units to clear enemy fighters out of the path of the ship!

Azuki: Roger! All units, clear a path for the ship!

Kai: (Focusing on destroying the Aries Geist might be faster…) This is Erebus 1! All units in the vicinity of the Hagane, clear out the enemy units in its path, and protect the Persönlichkeit! Units targeting the Aries Geist, continue the assault!

*and back to fightan*

*Duvan targets Ariel*

Duvan: With the appearance of the Red Ogre, the path has opened, Ariel!

Ariel: You would rely on such an unknown factor?!

Duvan: No, you should know! There are people who can pull from the Einst’s power, and successfully control it!

Ariel (Lt. Excellen Browning…!)

*Ing Versus Duvan*

Duvan: If you won’t surrender, then you’ll die this time!

Ing: I don’t plan on accepting that destiny!

Duvan: Tough words, coming from the Alpha’s pawn!

*Blow his ass uuuuup*

Duvan: What, It’s powering down!? It should have been activated!

Alfimi: The resonance of the Persönlichkeit … and the Jetzt Core…

Duvan: Dammit, if I lose the Alles here, then I’ll have lost everything….! However…. Einst Alfimi! And you too, Ariel! I won’t give up!

*he gives up and runs away*

Ariel: (Duvan…)

Eita: The Gaia Saber machines are leaving the area!

Tetsuya: What’s the status of the Persönlichkeit?

Eita: Currently, it’s not moving…

Arado: …Alfimi, let’s continue our conversation from before. Where did you go, exactly?

Alfimi: To a different world…. To a place called the Endless Frontier.

Ryuusei: Like the different world that Lt. Kyosuke and I went to…!

Alfimi: It’s a long story, So I’ll give the short version. A lot happened, and Kouta, Axel, and I returned to this world.

Seolla: But he’s not with you….

Alfimi: As the gate to this world opened, there was some power that acted…. I called the Persönlichkeit, but all I could do was protect Axel.

Latooni: Some power? Could it be related to the dimensional rift used by the Ruina?

Alfimi: That… I don’t know. I was able to return here…... so Kouta should be somewhere in this world.

Seolla: B-but what if he was released into space without a suit….!

Alfimi: Even if that were the case, he should be fine with his fancy red armor and surfboard.

Arado: So it’s not just Kouta, he has the Roar Armor, which means Roar’s with him. That means he should be fine, right?

Seolla: I hope so…

Ryuusei: I don’t know what’ll happened, but I was fine when something similar happened to me. Although, I kinda wound up in La Gias.

Alfimi: …Well then, I’ll leave Axel with you. *shining liiiiight* When he wakes up, tell him hello for me…. Anyway, bye.

Mai: Where are you going?

Alfimi: A lot happened, and I used too much power. There’s still the Stone Circle left in this area, so I’m going there to sleep. And there’s some things I wish to investigate. Good day.

Mai: Alfimi…

*Back on the Hagane*

Kai: The Fau Kern reacted to the Persönlichkeit

Ariel: The main generator, Fau Kern, on the Flickerei was producing more power than its capacity limits would allow. In other words, its dormant abilities were awakened.

Kai: Is it too much? Is it possible you could lose control?

Ariel: I don’t know all the details, but I believe I can still control it. However, if the Alles Geist obtains the Red Ogre’s core….

Kai: It could revive the Jetzt, right?

Ariel: …Yes.

Viletta: Duvan Org said he was heading to Heaven’s Gate. If we also go that way, we could end up finding him again.

Tetsuya: That’s true, but… I think we should alter our course and head for the moon. We should do our best to stop at least some of the Guest attack.

Kai: I agree with the Captain. If we head for the Moon, and something happens near the L4 Colony group, we’ll be able to deal with it easier.

Azuki: Major Kai, There’s a report from Lt. Lamia. Axel Almer is awake.

Kai: Understood. I’ll head there right away.

*In the med bay*

Axel: The earth is gone…. That’s the worst joke I’ve heard in a long time.

Lamia: That’s the kind of power our current enemy has. Also, we’ve been discharged from the Military, so the Federation and the Gaia Sabers are after us.

Axel: It’s just like how we were before…. On the other side, we got crushed, but on this side you were able to do something about it.

Lamia: …It wasn’t intentional. But I feel like I understand your feelings from before the dimensional transfer at least a little, now.

Axel: What do you mean?

Lamia: The feeling of being helpless in an unstoppable situation…. I don’t want to feel this way, but I can’t help it…

Axel: Huh…. In the time we’ve been apart, you’ve really become more human.

Lamia: ….

Kai: Axel Almer…

Axel: It seems my shitty luck has forced us together again, Major Kai.

Kai: I’d like to say were taking you into custody, but right now we’re in the same boat.

Axel: Yeah, I heard from Lamia.

Kai: Do you know anything about the disappearance of Kouta Azuma?

Axel: I don’t know any more than Alfimi.

Kai: …I see. We’re moving you to the brig. Even if we worked together during the Shura Rebellion It doesn’t mean we’re ready to pardon your crimes.

Axel: I have one question. Where’s the Soulgain right now?

Kai: It’s in the Kurogane for safekeeping.

Axel: And where is that ship right now?

Kai: On the earth.

Axel: …


Duvan: Did you track the Red Ogre’s movements?

Operator: I’m sorry, it’s been lost.

Duvan: (Instead of continuing this search, we should focus on the Hagane…. They were also headed for Heaven’s Gate.)

Operator: There’s a reaction on the radar. High energy unit, from 5 o’clock, elevation 35. There’s only 1. IFF confirmed…. Omega Sabers, Galilnagant. They are requesting permission to dock.

Duvan: Omega Sabers…?

Almara: This was good timing, Duvan Org.

Duvan: What’s an Omega Saber? And you’re from that one time…

Almara: Omega is the highest class of Saber, directly underneath Lord Alteur himself. And I am Almara Barton. Remember that.

Duvan: The highest position?! Why would you get to be in such a position by yourself…?

Almara: Your orders from Commander Alteur are to head for the moon.

Duvan: The moon? Why?

Almara: I don’t need to answer that. And beyond that…. For now, the Beta Sabers are now under my command.

Duvan: What?!

Almara: I told you, Omega is the highest class of Saber. The Alphas and below have to follow my orders. Or would you rather me treat you like a traitor, like Ariel Org?

Duvan: (This woman…..)

Almara: Well then, your orders. Pursue the Hagane.

Duvan: What about Heaven’s Gate?

Almara: It’s already been captured. By the unknowns from the South Pole.

Duvan: …!

Almara: Besides, wouldn’t pursuing the Hagane be more fun for you, too?

Duvan: (This bitch…. It’s like she can see right through me…)


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[2] Do you know their convience? wut

[3] Unspoken: FUCK YOU

[4] Push through!

[5] AMNEEESSSIIIAAA don’t worry only like fucking 7 more people have it goddamn