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*grand Christmas*

Alteur: In regards to the unknowns at the North Pole, have a joint force of the Far East, Northern Europe, and North American Federation squadrons start the assault. The Gaia Sabers will also participate. The Air Christmas and the Alpha Sabers will head for the Beaufort Sea from the Bering Strait.

Carly: Yessir.

Alteur: As for the Gamma Sabers… Albero Est, head for the north pole from Greenland alongside Iguas.

Albero: Roger.

Egretta: Are those the only people participating? You still can’t get in touch with the Beta or Omega Sabers?

Alteur: Yes, because they’re in space.

Albero: (Omega? So there are other Sabers besides us.)

Kaoru: Commander Alteur, as for the Delta Sabers… Shall I continue to pursue the Steel Dragons with Jinrai?

Alteur: No, the Delta Sabers will remain on standby at Grand Christmas.

Kaoru: As you say, Commander…. If you’re afraid the same thing will happen as before, then…

Alteur: What we need to focus on now is expelling the threats from outside the Earth Sphere and restoring sunlight. If we can win the hearts of the populace through a victory here, then there’ll be less people who are suspicious of us.

Egretta: We couldn’t protect the president, but we need to prove that we can still protect the earth.

Carly: Shut your mouth, Egretta Uno!

Egretta: Hmph. Fine, let’s just say that there’ve been setbacks.

Alteur: That’s why we have the Canis and Air Christmas. Please lend them your power.

Egretta: Heheh, alright.

Carly: Commander, if by some chance we encounter the Steel Dragons en route to the North Pole, what should we do?

Alteur: Attempt to capture them. The most important targets are the Re-Tech mechs. Their machines could be useful in fighting the unknowns.

Carly: Yes, sir.

Alteur: If you judge requisition impossible, or find that they’ll be a nuisance in our assault of the North Pole, then don’t pursue them.  Their time will come.

Egretta: …I mean, I’d rather be fighting them than the unknowns.

Kaoru: My Jinrai exists only to defeat Double G….

Alteur: I know that you have some history with the Steel Dragons… But for the sake of our plans, do your best to acquire their machines while damaging them as little as possible.

Albero: Does that include the Tsentr Project machines?

Alteur: You’ll have to take that up with Professor Mitarl.

Albero: (…I trust that man as far as I can throw him. And moreover, I’m just being used. In any case, it’s just a matter of time before Hugo learns the truth….)

Alteur: Air Christmas, Alpha Sabers, and Gamma Sabers are to launch as soon as the preparations are complete. That is all.


Aqua: Are you serious!?

Hugo: Yeah. I’m leaving the Hiryuu Custom. I already made up my mind. I’m going to talk to Captain Lefina and Major Gilliam right now.

Aqua: Without even talking to me?! This isn’t just your problem!

Hugo: No, it is my problem. You’re staying here.

Aqua: What? Are you saying I’d slow you down?!

Hugo: I’m sure you’ve realized this by now, but I’ve got my destiny twisted up with Mitarl Zapad’s. That’s not something you want to get involved with.

Aqua: Ah….

Hugo: Listen, Aqua. Get yourself out of the Tsentr project. If you ask your father, he can spring something, right?

Aqua: You… looked into my family?

Hugo: Yeah. Senator Taylor Centrum…. And owner of Centrum Express. I thought it was just a common name, but you’re actually his daughter.

Aqua… His daughter is a traitor. Right now my father is fighting his own battles.

Hugo: Whatever the case, you don’t need to concern yourself with me anymore. Okay?

Aqua: …


Lefina: I see, so the Sympathia…

Gilliam: Yes. It seems that a Melior Esse named Glacies warned Josh, albeit inadvertently.

Lefina: Can we believe those words?

Josh: I can’t say. All I know is when I used the Sympathia, I heard Glacies’s voice.

Ratsel: In any case, we can say that your machines carry a very important tool.

Gilliam: Captain Lefina, there’s something I want to suggest.

Lefina: What is it?

Gilliam: In order to acquire new information about the dimensional barrier, we should accept Jacob’s request and head towards the north pole.

Josh: Major Gilliam….

Gilliam: You were going to go to the north pole even if you had to go alone, right? You made Lt. Excellen worry.

Josh: That’s…

Gilliam: This isn’t just your problem. And the Sympathia could become the key to unlocking the mystery of the Ruina… or it could even be the key to opening the Dimensional barrier. You were thinking that too, right?

Josh: …

Lefina: Right now, the earth is completely engulfed in this fight. If there’s even a small chance that we could stop it, we have to look into it. Josh…. Will you please cooperate with us?

Josh: Ah, no… It should be me asking you. I’m sorry I troubled you.

Lefina: Then after we drop the civilians off in Mexico, we’ll head to the North Pole. Major Gilliam, do you have any data regarding the courses the Federation and the Gaia Sabers are heading to the North Pole on?

Gilliam: I’ll look into it.

*Mess hall*

Touma: But man, this ship is big. If I entered another section, I’d totally get lost.

Kouta: Well, it’s designed to be big enough to fit a bunch of giant super robots like the Compatible Kaiser.

Touma: But even though it’s so big, there’s so few crewmembers….

Tasuku: Most of the ship’s functions are automatic. There’s much fewer people than, say, and aircraft carrier.

Bullet: …Since I’ve been practicing with you, Major Sanger, I feel more energetic.

Sanger: Indeed. It’s times like these when you can’t miss your scheduled training.

Touma: …Is that the pilot of the DyGenGuard?

Tasuku: That’s right, Major Sanger Zonvolt, our boss.

Touma: A-ah, Major Sanger!

Sanger: Hmm?

Touma: My name is Touma Kanou. You’ve saved me twice now. I needed to give you my thanks.

Sanger: You’re… That civilian from Comodin Island.

Touma: Yup!

Sanger: You said twice. When was the first time?

Kouta: Touma was captured by the Shura General Magnus at Hakodate.

Sanger: Hmm… An odd coincidence.

Touma: (That’s right… there must be a reason for this…)

*Briefing room*

Lefina: I see… So that’s the situation….

Hugo: …Yes.

Ratsel: Does Lt. Aqua or anyone else know?

Hugo: No…. But I did explain the situation to Major Kai.

Gilliam: ….

Hugo: I decided it after I found the bug in the TE Absorber… It’s very likely Mitarl Zapad is plotting something not just against me, but against all of the Aggressors…. And the Steel Dragons as well. If he’s really part of the Gaia Sabers, then it’s even more likely. And if this goes well, I may be able to find some kind of clue towards uncovering the truth.

Gilliam: But he probably knows what you’re planning. It’ll be extremely dangerous.

Hugo: I know that. That’s why I want to leave the Steel Dragons, so you don’t have to be involved.

Lefina: While I don’t want to lose the firepower you bring to our forces, especially in this situation we’re in… Considering your situation, I can’t disagree.  I’ll allow you to leave the ship.

Gilliam: My subordinates are currently collecting information about the Tsentr Project. They’ll support you. I’ll give you a rendezvous point.

Hugo: Thanks for your support.

Lefina: To prevent people from worrying too much, I’m going to say that you’re on a special mission from Major Gilliam…. But is it okay to tell Aqua the truth?

Hugo: Sure. The only person who Mitarl was using was me.

Lefina: ….


Katina: It looks like you’re leaving the Hiryuu.

Hugo: …It’s not like I’m running away.

Katina: I know that. If you were feeling guilty about something, you’d just scoot without getting permission.

Hugo: …

Josh: Is this related to that bug you found?

Hugo: No.

Josh: Then why?

Hugo: It’s got nothing to do with you. It’s a problem I have to deal with myself.

Josh: Huh?

Hugo: …Josh, don’t look too hard into it. You’ll… You’ll become like me.

Josh: Lt. Hugo….


Aqua: …You’re late, Hugo.

Hugo: Those clothes… What are you doing?

Aqua: It’s obvious, isn’t it? I’m getting on the TE Absorber as well.

Hugo: I said you didn’t need to come with me.

Aqua: I want to know the truth behind the project. And if you run into enemies on the way there, who’s going to operate the DFC?

Hugo: …

Aqua: At the very least, let me go with you till you meet up with Major Gilliam’s people.

Hugo: …. Do what you want.

Aqua: That’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Chapter 33: Revenge of the Traitor[1]

Sean: Captain, we’ve risen above the water.

Lefina: Be ready for anything. As soon as Lt. Hugo and Lt. Aqua leave the ship, submerge again.


Eun: Readings on the ESM! High energy readings coming from 2 o’clock!


Lefina: The Gaia Sabers!

Sean: And it’s their flagship! What should we do, Captain?

Lefina: Look at their deployed units. If they really wanted to hit us, we’d be dead. They’re trying to capture our machines.

Sean: But they’re certainly willing to use force. After all, they’re the “Good Guys” in this situation.

Lefina: I understand. All hands, level 1 battle stations. We will use a TD burst from our current position. Lay in an escape course from the battlegrounds. Prepare for Over Boost. After all units are deployed, defend the area around the ship. However, do not attack until I give the order.

Sean: Emphasizing escape, then? A wise judgment.

*Deploy screen*

Hugo: (Dammit, the Gaia Sabers show up now…!?)

Aqua: Hugo, what are we going to do?!

Hugo: (Is this a sign…?)

Egretta: *chuckle*…. They came. (Though it doesn’t look like Ing or Bronzo 28 are there…)

Sanger: ….

Egretta: (Sanger Zonvolt…. We finally meet again.)

Carly: The commander spoke of hypotheticals…. But we ran into them pretty quickly.

Egretta: *chuckle* It must be fate.

Carly: Alpha 1, I’m opening a channel to the Hiryuu. Do not attack until I instruct you to.

Egretta: In order to conserve our strength? That’s pointless, You and I alone are more than enough to take them on.

Carly: I will repeat. Until I instruct you to, do not attack.

Egretta: Hmmph. I guess there’s no point in hiding who they’re up against.

Eun: Captain, the Air Christmas is hailing us!

Lefina: Patch them through.

Carly: Hiryuu Custom of the Steel Dragons, this is Captain Carly Neumann of the Gaia Saber’s flagship, Air Christmas.

Sean: That man is…

Excellen: That’s Captain Lee Lingjun!

Kyosuke: Yeah… I’d recognize him anywhere.

Kouta: Who’s this Lee?

Bullet: He was the captain of the Shirogane… But he betrayed the Federation, and worked with the Shadow Mirror and the Inspectors.

Kouta: W-why is a guy like that in the Gaia Sabers?!

Excellen: I’m guessing that’s what Lefina is asking right now.

Carly: We have been authorized to use force on you, as you are traitors to the Federation government. Quickly throw down your arms and surrender. If you refuse, we will open fire.

Lefina: Shouldn’t we be focusing on the dimensional barrier covering the earth and repelling the Ruina, who are indiscriminately killing people?

Carly: Don’t change the subject. You’re criminals who killed the president.

Lefina: Then I’ll ask you. Why did the president launch at that moment?

Carly: …!

Lefina: Directly in our flight path, there were Archin. But more than that….. if the President was going to escape, why wouldn’t he have done it sooner?

Carly: If you had just complied with Commander Alteur’s orders, that wouldn’t have happened.

Lefina: The GS has no authority to issue orders to the Federation. We were simply following proper procedures and going to the place we were supposed to go to. We also requested to give our report directly to the president. And even though the president was on the ship, Commander Alteur refused to let us speak to him.

Carly: So if the president himself had ordered you to comply, you would have?

Lefina: That is my duty. But instead, you opened fire. Without even caring about the abnormal situation at the south pole.

Carly: What are you trying to say?

Lefina: Commander Alteur’s goal was to kill the president and frame us for the assassination. Am I right?

Carly: ….You think it was some kind of plot? That’s a serious accusation.

Lefina: Think about it. Your forces were set up to funnel us to a single escape route. And then suddenly an Archin appeared in front of us. If you were the Guests, why would you send a single weak reconnaissance unit out there?

Carly: Are you saying we put it there?

Lefina: The Archin have shown up back in the DC war. It’s possible that it was captured and put to a different use.

Carly: You have no proof. It’s pure speculation. It sounds like you made it up.

Lefina: So you’re saying that people believe the story that you made up and published instead.

Carly: This is sophistry. No matter what you say, it’s a fact that you killed the president.

Lefina: …Yes, we danced to your tune. But considering the other suspicious facets of the Gaia Sabers…. Can you really say that you’re the sword that will protect the world? Or are you just power hungry usurpers hiding behind a mask of justice? We’re trying to bring the truth to light. Even if we’re labeled traitors. After we do that, we’ll take any punishment we deserve.

Carly: You’re very sure of yourselves. We want to limit your losses, so if you take my advice and surrender….

Egretta: You’re wasting your time.


Ibis: They’re attacking us!

Carly: Alpha 1, you bastard!

Egretta: You have as much of a grudge against them as I do. We’ve been waiting for this moment.

Carly: You plan on disobeying my orders?

Egretta: We were going to settle the score with the Steel Dragons one day. If we get rid of them here, Alteur won’t complain. As long as we get the Re-tech machines.

Carly: Remember our main mission!

Egretta: Then why didn’t you just ignore them? Wouldn’t it have been better just to hurry to the north pole?

Carly: ….

Egretta: I mean, I get it. You can just say that I did this on my own.

Katina: What… Who the hell are you?

Egretta: My name is Egretta Uno.  But I guess you would know me as Egret Uruz[2].

Carla: Huh?!

Yuuki: Egret Uruz?!

Sanger: So he survived….

Egretta: That’s right.  Though I wouldn’t have survived if not for being cryogenically frozen.

Kyosuke: … Seems like there’s more than one old face in their crowd.

Katina: Lee and him are claiming to be protectors of the earth?!  I’ve got some fucking issues with their branding!

Fiona: The Gaia Sabers are even more suspicious than Ariel said….

Raul: They messed up by showing who they were. If we bring this to light, the Gaia Sabers will…

Egretta: What are you talking about it? We’re the good guys now. People would rather listen to their Sabers than some criminal scum.

Raul: But if we show them what you’ve done in the past!

Egretta: Who cares about the past? You’ve got people in your group who used to be part of the DC or colony rebels, who fought the federation in the past.

Ratsel: ….

Leona: …

Egretta: And those people are now fighting for you. Why? Because you got results. So we’ll purge the rebels, repel the invaders, and protect the earth. Then there will be no one behind the mask… or it’ll be meaningless to even ask.

Gilliam: (Meaningless…?)

Egretta: The tables have turned. We’re the ones protecting peace now, not you.

Sanger: That’s not why you’re doing this.

Egretta: True. You shattered my pride as one of the Originators, as one of the Machinery Children…. Especially you, Sanger Zonvolt. I dreamed about your slow and painful death time and again while I was asleep.

Sanger: Then I shall send you back to hell, so you can continue to dream.

Egretta: Hmph. I’ll get revenge for what happened last time.

Lefina: XO, how long until we’re ready to leave the area?

Sean: It’ll be 5 more minutes.

Lefina: Then send a message to all units. We are going to escape the area in 5 minutes. Your main goals are to protect the ship and secure an acceleration path.

Sean: What about returning fire?

Lefina: I’ll allow it. They attacked first…. And even if we didn’t return fire, that fact wouldn’t ever see the light of day.

Sean: What about Lt. Hugo and Lt. Aqua?

Lefina: I’ll leave it to their judgments.

Hugo: ….

Aqua: What are we going to do, Hugo?!

Hugo: (It’s possible that if I contact Mitarl, things will get even worse for the Steel Dragons… As for the medicine… I’ll just have to hold out to the very end.) Aqua, we’re fighting, too.

Aqua: Hugo…!

Hugo: We may have been suckered by Mitarl before, but we won’t fall for that again.

Aqua: Understood. I’m pretty fed up with the Gaia Sabers, too.

Egretta: Alpha 1 to all units. Capture the Re-tech machines and the other designated units without destroying them. I don’t care about the rest.

Chapter 33: Revenge of the Traitor

Victory: Survive 6 turns.

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is shot down.

SR Point: Do not let the Hiryuu Custom be attacked.

*Sanger versus Egretta*

Sanger: I know I cut you down at the earth cradle.

Egretta: You did, and it took a long time before I could revive…. And my hatred for you knows no bounds. It’s your turn to be cut down. Die in disgrace, just as a traitor deserves!

*Josh versus Egretta*

Egretta: That machine could be the key to this whole puzzle.

Josh: The way he’s moving… what is he planning?!

*Hugo versus Egretta*

Hugo: (Could I have been responsible for part of that plot…?)

*beat folks up*

Sean: Captain, the preparations are complete.

Lefina: Send out the order for all units to return! Prep the EA to escape from the battle area!

Eun: Dragon 2 to all units! We are escaping! Units close to the ship and fast units, hurry to the ship! The rest of you should escape on your own!

Egretta: !

Lefina: About face!

Egretta: Oh my….

Lefina: EA release! Over Boost!

Egretta: Hmmph. They got out of here quick.

Carly: Alpha 1, there’s no need for us to pursue. We are returning to our actual mission.

Egretta: Okay, I guess. I’ll listen to your orders… I suppose.

Carly: …

*Briefing room*

Excellen: I never would have thought that Captain Lee and Egret Uruz were alive, much less in the Gaia Sabers.

Lefina: Huh? Captain Lee? What do you mean?

Excellen: Captain… did you not realize it?

Sean: Carly Neumann of the Air Christmas is the same person as Lee Lingjun.

Lefina: R-really…?

Excellen: I bet he’s wondering how our captain saw right through him, right now….

Ratsel: In any case, I’ve now got more suspicions about the Gaia Sabers than ever before. Like how Alteur was able to appoint his underlings when they should have gone through investigations at the Federation level… I don’t think they’d be able to hide their entire past with just a mask or an alias…

Sanger: Yeah.

Katina: If they used to be the president’s subordinates, then it’s possible their pasts were covered up. He had the ability to do it.

Ratsel: No…. For people who doubted the Gaia Sabers, their affiliation would be a starting point for investigating the entire organization.

Katina: So then he just picked the strongest people, right? Rather than being kicked in the shins, there’s gotta be a lot of people who will just join up with the winning team.

Leona: And later, even if there is a political investigation….

Excellen: How can I put this…. It’s like someone set up a joke, but there’s no punchline.

Kyosuke: What do you mean?

Excellen: It’s like they’re trying to start something. Or it’s a stepping stone to something else.

Bullet: So they make up a villain and use them to get ahead?

Katina: Hmmmm… If I were in charge, I’d make it a lot simpler. There’s no need for all this soap-opera shit.

Excellen: You have a point. It seems like they’re consciously trying to make a ruckus.

Lefina: In any case, we’ll make a stop at the coast to let the civilians off, then head to the north pole.

Sean: Roger.

Hugo: …Captain Lefina. Could I have a word?

Lefina: Of course. Let’s go to the captain’s room.

Aqua: …

*Captain’s quarters*

Lefina: …So you’re not leaving the ship?

Hugo: Yes. I’ve decided it would be dangerous to meet with Mitarl at this time.

Lefina: That’s true… There are people in the Gaia Sabers like Egretta who view us entirely as their enemies.

Hugo: Even if I’m playing right into Mitarl’s hand, I can’t risk showing him I know what’s happening. At least, not until we get rid of the dimensional barrier.

Lefina: …What about your condition?

Hugo: I’ll do whatever I can. I don’t plan on letting it end like this.


Hugo: …Aqua?

Aqua: Yeah. I have something I want to say to you.

Hugo: …Aqua, what level is the SL battle management set to in the TE Absorber?

Aqua: Huh? It’s at 2…

Hugo: Then I’m going to try to take it to 4.

Aqua: …I take it you have a reason?

Hugo: The battles will get rougher from here on out. There may be a time when you’ve got to pilot the TE Absorber yourself. Be ready for that.

Aqua: Ah, yeah… Okay. I’ll see what I can do.

Hugo: And… what did you want to say to me?

Aqua: …It’s nothing. I’ll see you in the simulator.

Hugo: Sure. (I have to prepare her…. Considering I’m a time bomb at this point.)


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[1] So someone translated this as “The two-faced revenger” and that’s fine but I’m not convienced that’s English, so I’m reffering to Carly as a traitor (Cause he is, also an asshole) As being the man with the false face, an allias, two-face doesn’t fit the same meaning.

[2] Named after Ruinic letters. I looked this up. That is the closest two runes I could find. Interesting, Ing is probably Ingwaz.