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Ruslan: My word, is it already time to get off this ship?

Fiona: We’ll let you off over the ocean, and the Excellence will guide you to the shore.

Carla: Kouta and I will guard you.

Ruslan: Thanks a lot, Carla.

Ratsel: …Sorry you got caught up in this, Ruslan.

Ruslan: Well, I have more friends in Mexico than Lima… And there aren’t any Ruina there, right?

Ratsel: Yeah, at least for now.

Ruslan: I think I’ll lay low for a while and let things settle down. With the Ruina and aliens about, I can’t really do business.

Touma: Um… Mr. Ruslan.

Ruslan: Yes?

Touma: I’m thinking I want to stay on this ship.

Ruslan: Look, I know you’ve got experience battling in AMs, but do you really think you’re gonna work part-time for the allies of justice?

Touma: The people on this ship are fighting to save the earth from danger, and if I can help, even just a little bit… I think if I’m here, I can find what I really want to do.

Ruslan: This is a military ship. And right now they’ve been discharged. You may not be able to come back if you stay.

Touma: I’m… Prepared for that.

Ruslan: And saying that, is there even anything you can do on this ship?

Ratsel: While there are civilians who help us like Fiona and Kouta…. They are very rare exceptions.

Fiona: Touma, if you really want to work, I can give you a position in my company.

Touma: Really?

Fiona: You’ll be doing odd jobs around the Rescue. And when we’re with the Steel Dragons, you’ll be restricted to certain areas. Is that okay?

Touma: Of course! I look forward to working for you.

Ruslan: Well then, good luck, rookie.


Irui: I… don’t want to get off this ship…

Ibis: Irui…

Tsugumi: This is a military ship. If you stay on, you could get caught up in a battle again.

Kusuha: You’d be safer going with Ruslan. And you could maybe find your family…

Irui: B-but….

Tsugumi: (Because she’s lost her memories… of course she’s going to be nervous)

Ibis: Tsugumi… If it’s what she wants, why can’t she stay with us?

Tsugumi: We can’t do that, Ibis. Did you forget that we’re being chased by the Gaia Sabers and the Federation at the moment?

Ibis: B-but…

Tsugumi: Irui, even if you go with Ruslan, you’ll still be able to see us.

Irui: ….

Ibis: …I promise I’ll come see you, Irui. So…

Irui: Okay….

Ibis: Hey, Tsugumi. Is it okay if I take Irui out in the Altairlion?

Tsugumi: Huh? But…

Kusuha: Carla and Kouta will be with her as well, so I think it’s okay.

Tsugumi: …Okay.


Raul: Ruslan, we’ll be at the coast in 5 minutes.

Ruslan: Got it. But man, this is a very comfortable ride, this Excellence Rescue of yours. Looking at this cabin and the relief pods, It’s like a giant RV.

Mizuho: Yeah. Since there’s usually around 3 people on board, we can spend days out on missions at a time.

Fiona: Raji likes to skip out of work and hide in here.

Raji: How rude. I use it when I need to focus on work by myself.

Ruslan: If you make camping pods like what you have in here, I could probably sell them.

Fiona: In that case, leave the investment money with Mizuho Saiki. I’m sure she’ll do a great job.

Carla: Hey hey hey, if you’re really making them, could you let me do the monitor?

Fiona: You mean with Yuuki?

Carla: Hehehe, well, you know.

Ruslan: If you want to have a fun date with your boyfriend, you’ll have to do something about the Ruina’s dimensional barrier first.

Carla: I know that, Ruslan. That’s what we’re working on.

Ruslan: I’m counting on you, Carla. Please bring the heavens back to us!

Ibis: …Irui, how do you like riding on the Altairlion?

Irui: ….

Ibis: Don’t be sad. It’s like we said. If you’re with Ruslan, we’ll be able to meet again.

Irui: …

Ibis: …Hey, Irui. Would you like to fly a bit more with the Altairlion?

Irui: Huh? Y-yeah…

Ibis: Raul, is it okay if we take a scenic route?

Raul: What do you mean by scenic route?

Ibis: I’m just going to fly around the area. You guys go on ahead. You don’t need to wait for me.

Raul: But….

Despinis: Ibis is trying to cheer up Irui…?

Ruslan: It’s fine if it’s just a bit, right?

Kouta: I’ll be worried if it’s just the Altairlion by itself. Should I go with?

Ibis: No, it’s fine.  I can just make a U-turn and get back to you guys.

Fiona: Be careful, Ibis.

Ibis: Of course. See ya.

Chapter 34: The Shooting Star and the Comet

Ibis: …Well, we should head back.

Irui: Yeah…

Ibis: It would have been nice to fly under the stars…

Irui: The stars….

Ibis: That’s right. My dream is to fly through the sea of stars in this Altairlion.

Irui: Your dream….

Ibis: I’m sure it’ll come true… one day.

Irui: …. Ibis, I’m happy you let me fly with you. Thanks.

Ibis: Me too. It’s fun to spend time with you.


Ibis: Something’s coming! Their code is…!

*Oh hi sleigh*

Araseli: We came to get some battle data on the Ruina… But we’ve found something interesting, instead. I guess this is just your lucky day.

Sleigh: ….

Ibis: Vegalion! Sleigh!

Sleigh: (I finally found you, Ibis….)

Araseli: I don’t want to use this Cylion against anything but the Ruina…. But this is going to be my last mission anyway. So, what should we do….

Ibis: There’s no data on that machine… is it a new model?!

Irui: I-Ibis…!

Ibis: It’s okay, Irui. Everyone’s going to come to us.

Irui: Huh?

Sleigh: Hiryuu Custom…!

Araseli: Oh, the mothership of the Steel Dragons has appeared. If they’re our adversary this time, there’s no problem. Shall we confirm it?

Lefina: They’re that….

Ratsel: Yeah, that battalion that uses new machines and prototypes. They seem ready for a fight, so it’s likely that they’ll come after us. And they have the Vegalion… Sleigh Presty is with them.

Lefina: Then we should probably avoid direct confrontation. We first need to retrieve the Altairlion.

Tsugumi: Ibis! Now’s your chance! Come back and let Irui off!

Ibis: Roger! Glide scope, Intercept. Beginning docking!

Irui: U-um, Ibis… take this….

Ibis: Your pendant…. Isn’t this really important?

Irui: It’s fine… I want you to have it….

Ibis: Irui…

Irui: It’ll protect you. So you can go to the sea of stars… so you can fulfill your dreams.

Ibis: My dreams… Thanks, Irui. I’ll be sure to take good care of it.

Lefina: This is the Commander of the Steel Dragons, Lefina Enfield. We have no intention of fighting you.

Araseli: Heh, like we’d believe traitors. All units, commence the attack.

Sleigh: Is that okay? Our target is…

Araseli: They’re being targeted by the Gaia Sabers and the Federation right now. I’ll allow it. This is a bonus. And it’ll get us in the Gaia Sabers’ good graces. Don’t you also have some scores to settle?

Sleigh: That’s…!

Araseli: Well, whatever. It seems like you’ll be able to complete this mission and settle some scores at the same time. All units, fire.


Lefina: !!

Sean: It doesn’t seem like they’re willing to listen.

Lefina: Then we’ll return fire! Send out all units!

*deploy screen*

Ibis: Raul, what happened with Ruslan and the other civilians?

Raul: It’s fine, they already left.

Sleigh: You’ve returned, Ibis…!

Tsugumi: Sleigh! You should understand by now! There’s no point to fighting us!

Sleigh: There is to me! I have a reason! As long as Ibis is in the Altairlion!

Ibis: Sleigh… You…!

Sleigh: You… You fourth rate pilot…. You’ll never be able to accomplish my brother’s dreams!

Ibis: So you’re saying you’ll never respect me…!?

Tsugumi: Sleigh….  Ibis’s skills are still growing. That’s why Filio left the Altairlion to her.

Sleigh: …!

Tsugumi: And your Vegalion… His true wish was… For you to work with Ibis…. To complete Project TD! But now you want the Altairlion and Vegalion to fight… Do you really think Filio would want that?!

Sleigh: Shut up! You don’t know… You don’t know my brother at all!

Tsugumi: !

Sleigh: Because I knew he’d die from his disease, I…

Tsugumi: Please, come back to us…. Let go of your grudge against Ibis….

Sleigh: I…

Tsugumi: Filio said it too… Not for his own sake, but for yours, he wanted you to return to how you were…

Sleigh: Shut up! Series 77 was made for my brother and I! Only the number one pilot can see his dream through to the end!

Tsugumi: Sleigh…

Ibis: … Let’s do this, Tsugumi.

Tsugumi: Huh?

Ibis: Talking won’t work. We need to show her what I can do! I can’t stop here. I promised Irui…. That I’d go to the sea of stars…. To do that, we need to destroy the Dimensional Barrier…. Sleigh is standing between me and my goals….!

Tsugumi: Ibis…

Ibis: I won’t lose. I can’t lose here!

Tsugumi: Okay…!

Ratsel: I’ll leave Sleigh to you. We’ll take care of the rest of the units.

Leona: Ibis, don’t let Sleigh clip your wings. You can do it.

Kusuha: I think Sleigh is confused…. The only one who can snap her out of it is you, Ibis.

Ibis: Roger… Let’s go, Sleigh!

Sleigh: Ibis! We’ll decided who will take up my brother’s mantle, right here, right now!

Chapter 34: The Shooting Star and the Comet

Victory: Lower the Vegalion’s HP below 20,000.

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is shot down, Ibis is shot down

SR point: Defeat all the Masquelions before achieving the victory condition. The Masquelions will retreat if the Cylion falls below 22,000 HP.

*Ibis V Sleigh*

Sleigh: Ibis! Remember why we called you Shooting Star!

Ibis: A shooting star lights up the darkness! It flies through the night! I won’t hand over the Altairlion! These wings are mine!

*Araseli V Ibis*

Ibis: That new model is fast!

Tsugumi: The head resembles the Kalion….! And that maneuverability and speed… that means it’s got a Tesla Drive of the same level as the AX…?! That was made using the knowhow from Project TD…. It’s another Beta unit!

Ibis: So it’s an upgrade of the Kalion…?

Tsugumi: Most likely!

Ibis: Grr… That Lion won’t beat Filio’s dream and wishes! I won’t lose to that!

*someone else V Araseli*

Araseli: This is the Cylion’s first test… Considering all we have to do later, I can’t be too reckless with it… But if I’m fighting you, I’ll get some good data from it. And that’ll boost my prestige with the Gaia Sabers.

*if you Lower the Cylion down*

Araseli: Damn! I guess the Cylion isn’t finished yet. We can’t lose our machines here. We’re retreating, Sleigh.


Sleigh: I won’t back down….! Not till I’ve taken back the Altairlion!

*Kill bros*

Sleigh: It’s not over yet! Ibis! I’ll show you the Vegalion’s true power!

Ibis: !!

*bullshit, Ibis could dodge that*

Kusuha: Ibis!

Ibis: Not bad, Sleigh….! That style of cutting through your enemy….

Tsugumi: Ibis! You need to keep your distance!

Sleigh: Too slow! I’ve got you!


Sleigh: ! From below?!

*Oh noes*

Eun: There’s something rising from below the surface! It’s breaching!

Josh: Ruina!

Rim: Th-there’s so many of them!

Ratsel: Take them out before they can completely surround us!


Lefina: Aaaah! Damage report!

Tsugumi: Ibis! They’re focusing their attack on the Hiryuu Custom!

Ibis: Irui!

Sleigh: This is no time to be distracted, Ibis!

Ibis: Grr, Sleigh!


Sleigh: The Ruina!

Tasuku: Wh-what is it this time?!


Eun: There’s something coming from above! One unit!

Lefina: !!

Katina: W-what the hell is that?!


Aqua: Th-The Ruina were!

Josh: What is that bird?!

Leona: Since it’s destroying the Ruina, at least we know it’s not their ally…!

Kouta: So is it an alien? Or something from the Gaia Sabers?!

Roar: It doesn’t seem to be either.

Kusuha: Waaah!

Bullet: What’s wrong, Kusuha?!

Kusuha: The RyuJinKi…. It’s warning me…

Bullet: So it’s a Yokijin or a Mechanoids from the Baral?!

Sleigh: I don’t care who it is! I just need to defeat Ibis!


Sleigh: Now it’s attacking me?!

*If Araseli is still there*

Araseli: There’s no telling what will happen if we stay here. We’re leaving.


Fiona: Di-did that bird save Ibis?

Ibis: Why did it save me… ?!

Sleigh: Gah! Why is it attacking me?!

Leona: It’s protecting Ibis..!?

Ibis: Stop it! This is a battle between me and sleigh! If you interfere, there’s no point!

???: …

Ibis: Please! Let me fight! Let me use my own power!

???: …

*And away he goes*

Eun: We’ve lost the unknown’s signal!

Kusuha: D-Did it actually listen to Ibis’s request…?!

Tasuku: B-but how?!

Hugo: Is the Altairlion equipped with something like the T-link system?

Aqua: I haven’t heard anything about that…!

Sleigh: Do you think you saved me, Ibis?!

Ibis: No! That’s not it, Sleigh!

Sleigh: But now there’s no more obstacles…! This is it, Ibis!

Ibis: …Tsugumi, let’s use the GRaMXs maneuver!

Tsugumi: Huh?!

Ibis: The Altairlion and Vegalion are matched in speed, but in maneuverability, we have an advantage…! What we need to do is fly into her orbital control radius and use the GRaMXs[1]!

Tsugumi: But you’ve never succeeded in the simulator!

Ibis: …. Kalion, Astelion, Astelion AX…. Tsugumi, you and Filio have given me so many wings…. I have to do it! For your sake as well!

Tsugumi: …Okay. To do that, you’ll need to use all of the power in the Altairlion…. I’m releasing the limiters on the Tesla Drives! That means some of the maneuvers will feel off! Are you ready?

Ibis: W-wait a sec…!

Tsugumi: That’s… a pendant?

Ibis: The one Irui gave me. It’s a charm… that’ll protect me till I fly through the sea of stars.

Tsugumi: Then to thank Irui, we have to make sure we succeed here.

Ibis; That’s right…! GRaMXs maneuver, ready!

Tsugumi: Code Number F-77X! Tesla Drive output limiter released!


Sleigh: Gah, my tesla drives! I can’t believe Ibis could use the GRaMXs!

Ibis: Sleigh! Will you still refuse to acknowledge me?!

Sleigh: You bitch…. Don’t get cocky because of a fluke!

Tsugumi: The GRaMXs isn’t something you can just get lucky with…. You should know that very well, Sleigh.

Sleigh: Grr!

Ibis: Sleigh…. Even if you don’t acknowledge me, it’s okay… It’s fine, so please, come back. To make Filio’s dream a reality, we need your power…

Sleigh: Shut up, shut up! Who the hell do you think you are?!


Ibis: Sleigh….

Tsugumi: (Sleigh…. You’ve lost your way…. In regards to Filio’s Dream… and what you should do… As long as you’re obsessed with being number 1…. You won’t be able to beat Ibis, who only wants to reach that sea of stars….)


Katina: What was that, anyway? That bird thing….

Kusuha: RyuJinKi was warning me about it…. It could be connected to the Baral somehow.

Excellen: But didn’t it feel different from the Yokijin or the Mechanoids?

Clifford: It looked less like a Chinese mythical beast and more like something out of Greek mythology.

Gilliam: If that bird was a weapon controlled by the Guests or the Gaia Sabers, then it wouldn’t have helped us the way it did.

Josh: And it didn’t look like a Ruina machine, either. It attacked their units… and there was no response from the Sympathia.

Leona: But it did seem to react to Ibis’s words.

Ibis: ….

Leona: Do you have any idea why?

Ibis: I- I have no idea…. I simply called out, and I didn’t think it would actually hear me….

Ratsel: So what gives us the most information is RyuJinKi’s reaction. We should look into the possibility that it’s connected to the Mechanoids or Baral.

Gilliam: I agree. There could be some literature about it at the LTR corporation. I’ll ask Professor Anzai to look into it.

Ratsel. Thank you. And I think it’s fair to say at this point that the group Sleigh is in is related to Isurugi in some way…. They have Series 77 and “beta” line mechs.

Tsugumi; Yes…. I think they’re making machines focused entirely on maneuverability.

Ratsel: Considering they seem to be testing their newest models against us… there must be something strong motivating them to do so.

Tsugumi: Something motivating them?[2]

Ratsel: For example… the Gaia Sabers.

Tsugumi: ….


Ibis: I’m sorry, Irui…. I didn’t mean to frighten you.

Irui: No, It’s fine… As long as you’re not hurt…

Ibis: It’s because I had your charm.

Irui: That’s because of your power… and the people who are with you….

Ibis: That’s right… I need to thank you for your help, Tsugumi.

Tsugumi: It’s fine, Ibis. I just did what I had to as your partner.

Ibis: Even still. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. And from here on out….

Tsugumi: Ibis….

Ibis: …. Sleigh will get in our way again. But to accomplish what Filio dreamed about…. To become one with the stars… Please lend me your power, Tsugumi.

Tsugumi: Of course… for my… no, for our dreams…. I’m counting on you.

Irui: (Their dreams…)


Hou: Lord Kanan, Lord Thaihou, I bring a report. We have confirmed a servant of our God over the southern seas.

Thaihou: Hohoho, that’s excellent.

Kanan: So the shrine maiden has begun to move…. Our plan is coming together.

Thaihou: Indeed.

Kanan: Speaking of… where is our shrine maiden now?

Hou: She is traveling with those who have strong psychic energy, the ones we watched before.

Thaihou: Ho ho….

Kanan: So she’s chosen the Blue Dragon’s group…

Ganglong: I wonder about that.

Kanan: Ganglong…

Ganglong: Our God is fickle, after all. This could just be another step in the divine plan.

Kanan: So what shall we do?

Ganglong: For now, you should go observe the situation with Thaihou. We need to confirm our shrine maiden’s resolve.

Thaihou: Are you saying we should test her?

Ganglong: Along with the psychics she’s choses. First, let’s let them show us how they’ll get out of this planetary problem of theirs.

Kanan: What will we do about the nuisances from the south pole?

Ganglong: Let them do as they like for now. They may be helping us awaken our God….


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[1] I have no idea what this means.

[2] Ratsel likes to talk about Back Sides of things. He is an ass man, sure, but more in the sense of hidden agendas. It’s hard to translate this cleanly.