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Kai: Captain, we’ve moved Axel Almer to the brig.

Tetsuya: How is he handling it?

Kai: He’s surprisingly quiet about it. Though we fought against him many times in the past, he seems less dangerous than before.

Tetsuya: I see.

Kai: By the way, can we still not contact the moon or colonies?

Azuki: That’s right…

Kai: What’s the status on the moon’s surface?

Eita:  40 minutes ago, there were two explosions in the air over the Sea of Miwa…. Since then, we can’t confirm anything.

Kai: Hmm…. I don’t want to think that it’s over, but…


Eita: Reading from the radar! High Energy body, from 1 o’clock, elevation 15, range 6! It’s headed for the moon! It’s a Battleship class unit… not in the database!

Tetsuya: Then it’s the Guests or the Ruina! Prepare to Intercept! All hands, Level one battle stations! Aim the main cannons forward!

Chapter 33: Bound by Viridian

Eita: Enemy mechs are in the way of our course! Their ship is trying to escape!

Tetsuya: We can’t let them reach the moon! Send out all units!

*deployment screen*

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units! Our main target is the enemy ship! Don’t let it escape the battlefield!

Chapter 33: Bound by Viridian

Victory: Defeat all enemies

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down, any of the Zelanio leave the map.

SR point: Destroy more than 20 enemies in 3 turns.

*Blow up a ship, warnings*

Eita: High energy reading moving at high speed! Approaching from 10 o’clock, elevation 20!

Tetsuya: Is it Guest reinforcements?

Eita: Yes! But there’s a unit we don’t have data on!

*Hey guys*

Seti: Well well well, I thought you were just a bit late, but it looks like you’ve reeled in quite the catch.

Latooni: That unit…. Judging by the shape and its movement, I’d guess it’s a high-speed assault unit.

Irm: Yeah, it looks like the unit the Inspector Agiha was using.

Rai: It doesn’t look mass produced, so it’s likely the person piloting it is a Commander.

Seti: We’ve got our mission to think about, so we can’t afford to lose time here. Well, I guess it’s the same for them.


Arado: She’s fast!


Eita: Aaaah!

Tetsuya: Defensive cannons! Don’t let her get close!

Kai: Any mechs close to the Hagane, get into defensive positions!

Azuki: Captain! The Vysaga is on the 5th deck launcher!

Tetsuya: Who’s piloting it?!

Axel: …I am.

Tetsuya: Axel Almer! Why are you…. What are you doing?!

Axel: I’m feeling a bit rusty from my time spent on the other side, you know?

Tetsuya: Are you trying to escape?!

Axel: I don’t plan to die in this coffin. Now hurry up and open the hatch.

Lamia: Captain Axel!

Tetsuya: Or do you want me to bust it open?

Tetsuya: Dammit…. Open the hatch!

*out he comes*

Seti: Oh, they’ve only got one unit for reinforcements?

Axel: ….I’ll keep Lamia’s basic settings… Semi-adjusting the DFS. Real-time arranging the motion data…. Contact.

Lamia: Captain, where are you going?!

Axel: I told you, I’m not dying in that coffin. And we can’t be held back here. Especially not until we know how to return the earth to normal.

Lamia: Then…!

Axel: You guys stop the enemy ships. I’ll take care of the newcomers.

*Power up!*

Kai: Axel, you…

Axel: I’m not taking orders from you. Let me do what I want.

Kai: (There’s no point stopping him in this situation.) Erebus 1 to all units. Keep the Vysaga’s IFF code as an ally.

Lamia: Roger. Captain Axel, the Vysaga is set to my preferences, but…

Axel: If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me. And besides, this was originally a Shadow Mirror mech. There’s no problem.

Lamia: Understood. I’ll leave it to you.

Tetsuya: Leave the ship’s protection to the Vysaga! AAW Auto cannons, fire!

Seti: ...This is getting less fun by the second. I probably shouldn’t go at them alone.


Seti: You seem pretty confident. That’s not always a bad thing.

Axel: I may have worked together with your predecessors, but in the end, I can’t stand any of you guys![1]

Victory: Reduce the Beaudrifer to below 25000 HP.

*Axel versus Seti*

Seti: Do you really think anything will change by just having one more mech?

Axel: It’s a counter attack… or maybe I’m just bad at giving up. But this world doesn’t take kindly to uninvited guests!

*Blow up all the ships*

Seti: Ugh, in such a short time you’ve sunk all the Zelanios…. You’re better than I thought, Steel Dragons. It seems I can’t be holding back!

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down.

Seti: I-I’m struggling this much with them…. I guess it wasn’t a fluke that they were able to defeat Wendolo’s group. But we’re not like them!

*more warnings!*

Eita: A new reading! From 1 o’clock, Elevation 80! One unit, entering Range 3, headed this way!  It’s a guest! A commander type!

Aya: Another commander unit…!

Rio: is it Rof?!

Irm: if it is, he’s looking to settle the score from last time. But there’s only one mech.

Seti: That Lige is…!

Rof: This battle is disadvantageous. Fall back, Seti.

Seti: Rof?! Is that you, Rof?!

Rof: …It is.

Seti: Th-then, the reinforcements headquarters sent…... that was you?!

Rof: …Yes.

Seti: Why didn’t you contact me…. No, why did you just disappear like that without saying anything?!

Rof: Th-that’s…

Axel: Huh? I can’t tell if he came here to help, or guard the retreat….

Seti: Back then, I was…

Rof: More importantly, it would be difficult to defeat them right now. I’ll secure a path for you. Get out of here.

Seti: I failed my mission… Commander Zezernan won’t listen to any excuses…

Rof: We can’t lose you, the head of invasion, here.

Seti: …That’s it? No other reasons…?

Rof: I…. I have personal reasons, too.

Seti: O-okay…. I understand. I’m falling back.


Eita: The enemy units have retreated! No traces of them on the radar.

Ryoto: That commander unit came to help the high-speed assault unit.

Axel: He helped them, but it was a reckless move.

Lamia: Captain, I don’t think you should be the one who is to be saying that.

Axel: …I see you’re still speaking in tongues, then. Ah, that takes me back…

Lamia: H-hey!

Kai: Captain, are we going to pursue?

Tetsuya: No, we still need to prepare before we reach the moon

Kai: Roger that.

Tetsuya: Stay on alert. Have all units return to the ship.

Azuki: Roger!

*Hagane’s Hangar*

Kai: Axel Almer….

Axel: Our goals were aligned, that’s all. I haven’t forgotten the past, and I’m not going to ask for your forgiveness. And I don’t owe you any favors. You were the ones who destroyed Shadow Mirror, after all.

Kai: …

Irm: Why didn’t you run when you had the chance?

Axel: If I could’ve run, I would’ve.

Irm: So you stayed because of compassion?

Axel: Nah, I figured I’d just watch you guys flounder around for a bit.

Irm: Hmmph, big talk.

Lamia: Captain Axel… Will you fight alongside us?

Axel: To get the Soulgain back, yeah. I don’t plan on joining your team or anything.

Kai: … You won’t be paid. And you won’t be allowed full access to the ship.

Axel: Do what you want. Once I get what I need, I’m out of here, anyway.

Irm: …Are you sure about this, Major Kai?

Kai: I want all the firepower I can get right now. I’ll talk to the Captain about it.

*Meanwhile, elsewhere*

Zezernan: You sure took your time getting here, Grofis Lacrein…[2]

Rof: I apologize, sir.

Zezernan: And you even failed to occupy Heaven’s Gate…

Zeb: Commander, the unnnnnknowns moved so quiiiiickly, it really cooooouldn’t be helped.

Zezernan: Even though, according to his report, he changed his teleport point to be able to fight the Steel Dragons?

Zeb: Noooo matter what, we had to stoooooop them, though.

Seti: And if Rof hadn’t have come, I would have…

Zezernan: Whatever.  Chafrois, continue the assault on the moon. We need to control the Moon Cradle completely. 

Seti: Yessir.

Zezernan: Lacrein, I’ll give you one more chance. You will take Heaven’s Gate with Forschwa. That is all.

Rof: Roger.

Zeb: …Commander, I thoooooought our reinforcements would suuuuuurely be ordinary soldiers, but then they send Rof? Aaaand, I hadn’t heaaaard that he was a mercenary before.

Zezernan: I don’t know why he became a mercenary. I was introduced to him by Goraikenel[3].

Zeb: (Goraikenel…. The arms trader that the Commander is all buddy-buddy with… So Mr. Rof is with thooooose guys, eh? And aaaaas for why he didn’t become a regular soldier….. Maaaaaybe it’s related to the Privy Council…)


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[1] Or something. I dunno. Incompatible fighters is the final result?


[3] Hard to find Romaji for this name.