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Ibis: It’s my fault that Irui wasn’t able to leave the ship…. So until she regains her memories… or until we finish our next fight….

Lefina: Understood. Right now, we don’t have the time to drop her off…. So if it’s what she wishes, I can give her special permission to remain onboard.

Ibis: Really?!

Lefina: But remember, as long as she’s with us, she’ll be facing danger. Don’t forget that.

Ibis: Y-Yes, ma’am.


Tasuku: So she’ll be staying on the Hiryuu Custom for a while?

Ibis: Yeah. I hope you’ll all take care of her.

Tasuku: Yeah, we’ll give her a big welcome.

Fiona: Despinis, you’re about the same age, so please be sure to talk to her, okay?

Despinis: Yes, of course.

Russel: But isn’t her family worrying about her right now?

Kouta: We know her name, so can’t we search for her based on that?

Tasuku: Yeah. From the look of her, she’s probably some young lady from a high-class family…. Have there been search requests issued?

Ibis: We want to look into it, but we can’t make any connections…. And it’s possible her family is….

Fiona: Given the state of the world, it’s certainly possible.

Tasuku: The worst case scenario is she’ll be all alone….

Despinis: That’s… Very hard to handle…. I was in that position once.

Ibis: After this fight is over…. If Irui has no place to go, I’ll do something for her.

Tasuku: You’re really supporting her, huh.

Ibis: Yeah. She’s saved me a few times, too.

Bullet: The briefing’s going to start soon.

Tasuku: Okay, got it.

*briefing room*

Lefina: Our ship will soon be passing over the artic sea. We will be attacking the Ruina forces centralized at the magnetic North Pole. The federation will be attacking on 3 fronts: From the Greenland Sea, Baffin Bay, and the southern portion of the Green Elizabeth Archipelago. Because of this, we will head north from the Beaufort Sea, taking a detour through the North Pole, before heading for magnetic north.

Kyosuke: Isn’t that a bit indirect?

Excellen: Shouldn’t we go take a look at what the Federation’s doing?

Lefina; No, we don’t want any unnecessary trouble. And if we get involved in any battles, we may not be able to make it to the magnetic north pole.

Josh: So we should escape if we run into any trouble?

Lefina: Yes.

Josh: But still, that’s…

Ratsel: The things we’re fighting are irregular. And there’s a possibility that the Gaia Sabers and the Federation would turn their swords against us, too.

Lefina: Going out on your own is forbidden, Josh. If the worst were to happen, then everything would be for naught.

Josh: …Understood.

Lefina: Our goal is to acquire information on the dimensional barrier or what they call Septen Polum. But if you meet the Federation or Gaia Sabers, you are to retreat immediately. Everyone, don’t get careless.

Josh: (Retreat…. But if this chance slips us by…)

Excellen: If we can just find something tiny to grab onto, we’ll be able to make something of it later.

Josh: Huh?

Excellen: Rushing into things without thinking is kind of our specialty. There are also people who tend to get better as the situation gets worse.

Josh: Who?

Excellen: My boss. Or Lt. Katina.

Josh: (Betting on the worst, huh….)

Chapter 35: The Ebony Tiger and the White Sword of Ice

Sean: We are currently at position NW0816, Beaufort Sea. We are entering the artic sea.

Lefina: The sky around here is a bit bright….

Sean: While the sun is still blocked, It’s as if we’re still under the midnight sun…. It’s probably related to the Septen Polum.

Lefina: Unless we restore the warmth and light of the sun as fast as possible…. People everywhere will despair, and everything will go just as the Ruina want it to…

Sean: This is where we expected to find the Federation.

Lefina: If things are going according to plan, then the federation should be starting their attack soon.

Sean: Yes. As well as the Gaia Sabers….

*in the corner*

Thaihou: Oh, so they came.

Hou: Milord… Is this really okay?

Thaihou: Hah, this is what Ganglong wanted. Let’s have them meet.

Hou: But if the shrine maiden is on that ship….

Thaihou: If our god awakens, then that’s excellent, and if we’re able to take back the Blue Dragon, then that’s excellent as well!

Hou: I understand, sir. But I believe we should first observe.

Thaihou: I’ll follow your judgement.

Hou: Yessir. Well then.

*Oh no onions*

Eun: There are Demons in front of the ship!

Lefina: Now, of all times….! All units, get ready to launch! But the Aile Chevalier and the Blanche Neige are to stand by!


Katina: Dammit, I just can’t get used to those bastards.

Russel: Now that you mention it. You said the same thing when fighting the flatfish in space….

Katina: Shut up! I don’t want to remember! Those fish things were the worst!

Kouta: Well that’s rare. I didn’t think you were afraid of anything.

Katina: Everyone’s got something they aren’t good with.

Excellen: Well, I guess we found the only thing that’s just a little bit cute about Lt. Katina!

Katina: What the fuck to you mean by “the only thing”?!

Bullet: …Kusuha, I have a bad feeling about this. Be careful.

Kusuha: Yeah… You too.

Lefina: We can’t be slowed down here. We need to get rid of the Yokijin as fast as possible!

Chapter 35: The Ebony Tiger and the White Blade of Ice

Victory: All Yokijin are defeated

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is shot down, bullet or Kusuha are shot down

SR Point: Defeat all Yokijin without the Hiryuu Custom being damaged.

*if the Hiryuu Custom is attacked*

Sean: Captain, we should be able to perform emergency repairs the damaged portions very quickly.

Lefina: I-I don’t know if I can stand looking at those things up close….

Sean: Captain?

Lefina: Ah, sorry. Increase the radius of the barrage, and try not to let the enemies close to the ship.

Sean: Roger.


Thaihou: Hmmm…. Not bad.

Hou: Well then, shall we send him out?

Thaihou: Indeed.


Bullet: ! This sensation….

Kusuha: That’s!

Bullet: KoOuKi!

KoOuKi: ….

Kusuha: But the color’s…!

Tasuku: He’s black now!

Kukuru: That is the color of punishment.

Sanger: Kukuru!

Kukuru: He forgot the grace of his lord, and allowed himself to be among you humans…. That color is the mark of his sin.

Bullet: You’re saying that protecting the human world with us was a sin?!

Kukuru: Exactly. KoOuKi has returned to where he should be, and assumed the form he should have.

Kusuha: That color… From here, it looks like forcing him to obey your orders!

Kukuru: What…?

Kusuha: RyuOuKi is Byakko, the White Tiger Mechanoid…. If it’s lost that color, there’s no way that he could be in his correct form!

Kukuru: …

Thaihou: Hmmm, it looks like she figured it out. I guess that’s the girl with Seiryuu that Kanan is so keen on.

Bullet: ….and further, the fact that you had to forcibly take KoOuKi from us is suspicious. If you were his true masters, then KoOuKi and RyuOuKi would have followed you willingly!

Kukuru: ….

Thaihou: It seems Byakko’s companion has a strong will. That’s excellent, that’s excellent!

Kukuru: …That is based on your limited human reasoning. All the Mechanoids are of my lord’s family…. Seiryuu and Byakko foolishly decided to go against his wishes.

Sanger: RyuOuKi and KoOuKi fought together with Bullet and Kusuha against the enemies of the human realm whenever they appeared…. I saw it with my own eyes. I can’t believe that was based on some logic incomprehensible to us.[1]

Kukuru: Incomprehensible… Very well, perhaps I spoke out of line.

Sanger: (What?)

Kukuru: But the others of the four gods remain loyal to our lord. Byakko and Seiryuu are the ones who have become confused. And further, you have deeply changed the shape of your own Mechanoid, not just the color.

Kusuha: Th-thats…!

Bullet: Don’t let her anger you, Kusuha. Believe in RyuJinKi. He’s come all this way with you. I believe in KoOuKi… and I will bring him back.

Kusuha: Bullet….

Tasuku: He may have turned black, but It seems like it’s in a very specific pattern. They’re definitely doing something to him!

Kouta: That’s right… The G-Thunderbird was turned black once. You know what happened after that.

Kusuha: I understand… We’ll take KoOuKi back!

Kukuru: We’re the ones who will take a Mechanoid! Byakko, take care of Seiryuu! I’ll target that floating ship[2]!

Lefina: !!

Sean: Direct hit to frame 20 on portside!

Irui: A-Ah….!

Touma: It’s okay, Irui. Believe in them.

Irui: Y-yeah…

Sanger:  Everyone close to the Hiryuu, and protect her! Brooklyn, I’m leaving KoOuKi to you!

Bullet: Got it! Kusuha, I’m going to convince KoOuKi! Please cover me!

Kusuha: Got it!

Victory: Defeat all enemies

*Kusuha vs KoOuKi*

Kusuha: I have to somehow stop KoOuKi… Please, RyuJinKi, lend me your power!

*Bullet convinces KoOuKi*

Bullet: KoOuKi, listen to me!

KoOuKi: ….

Bullet: Aren’t you supposed to protect the earth as a Mechanoid? Didn’t you need my power for that?!  Remember!

KoOuKi: ….

Bullet: He’s not listening…. But I…. I’ll still believe in the words you said to Kusuha and I when we first met! I’ll break this curse on you even if I have to do it by force!

*Do damage*

Josh: (…What is this…. It feels like there’s someone else inside of me…. It’s cold and dark…. Could this be…? The Sympathia’s synchronize gauge is foggy, but…. Something’s coming this way…)

Rim: What is it, bro?

Josh: Rim… What’s your synchro gauge look like?

Rim: Nothing seems off about it….


Eun: Flying signals coming this way from dead ahead! It’s… the Ruina!


Glacies: So it is that ship. The humans have actually managed to get this far.

Rim: (That’s… Glacies!)

Josh: Bridge! I’m getting out there!

Rim: M-me too!

Yoon: Captain, Josh and Rim are asking for launch permission.

Lefina: ….

Sean: If we’re fighting that Melior Esse, it’s better if they’re out there. We may get some new intel.

Lefina: …Understood. I’ll allow it.


Glacies: (As I thought, there it is…. That’s why I knew where the ship was.

Josh: (That feeling I had earlier… that was you…?)

Glacies: (That human can read my thoughts. This is dangerous. I need to quickly dispose of him. That’s why I came here.)

Josh: (Wait! Why is this only between you and me?! What do you know?!)

Glacies: (Confusion, anger…. These are his emotions. Joshua Radcliff… Why do I know that? No, there’s no point in wondering. I just need to eliminate him.)

Josh: Glacies, Answer me!

Rim: (J-josh?!)

Glacies: (….)

Josh: (It’s just cold and dark… she’s trying not to think…?)

Kukuru:  Damn it all, they’ve reared their heads!

Hou: So the Servants are not appearing…?

Thaihou: It’s probably not necessary for them to appear.

Hou: …Milord, we should probably avoid settling things with them here.

Thaihou: I already saw what I wanted to see. I’ll follow your judgement.

Hou: Yessir. …Kukuru, KoOuKi, please come along.

Kukuru: Understood, sir.


Bullet: KoOuKi!

Kyosuke: Don’t follow them, Bullet. We’ve got Ruina to deal with.

Bullet: Damn….!

Josh: Glacies, we’re getting past you! We’re bringing the sun back to this world.

Kouta: Yeah, if the sun graces the heavens once more, the light of hope will return!

Carla: Yeah! We won’t give up!

Glacies: When those feelings are crushed, your despair and pain will be all the greater… as will our nourishment…!

Victory: Reduce the Fabularis to below 20,000HP

Defeat: Josh is shot down

*Josh V Glacies*

Josh: Damn, the Sympathia’s acting up again…. This feeling… It’s different than before…!?

Glacies: …!

Josh: (Why? Even While she’s attempting not to think, why can I….)


Glacies: (Gaaah, the Fabularis can’t take any more…. Even with my mind blank, he could still distract me just by being close….[3]?! This is even worse than before…. why…?!)

Josh: (She’s opened up…?! Is she…?)

Glacies: (This phenomenon… I need to know more about it….!)


Umbra: Return to us, Glacies. It’s dangerous for you to fight them alone.

Glacies: Umbra…!

Umbra: One of the human forces is trying to force their way here…. That appears to be their true plan. Return and defend the Septen Polum with me.

Glacies: Understood….


Josh: Wait, Glacies!

Eun: The Melior Esse unit is escaping at a high speed!

Sean: It appears to be heading for the magnetic pole. What should we do, Captain?

Lefina: ….


Lefina: XO, if we head to the magnetic pole from here, what’s the likelihood that we’ll run into the federation forces?

Sean: They’re coming in from the other side, so I don’t think we’ll meet…. But we’re heading for the same place… It could be a three-way showdown at the magnetic pole… four-way if you include the Ruina.

Lefina: …

Sean: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. And I’m concerned about Josh and Glacies.

Lefina: Understood. We’ll head for the Magnetic pole.


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[1] So he’s talking about not needing things outside of human reasoning. It doesn’t flow well in English.


[3] Kill my functions, technically