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Seti: Commander Zezernan, I’ve completed scouting the interior of the moon cradle.

Zezeenan: Good.

Seti: It will take a while to reset the security measures, but we’ve already finished with 55% of the takeover. There should be no problems with us using this as a base.

Zezernan: The monkeys were unexpectedly cooperative.

Seti: Considering we have the Southern Capital in our grasp, and it’s a matter of life or death, I doubt they’ll do anything stupid.

Zezernan: I wonder about that. They were able to beat Wendolo. I doubt they’d submit so easily. If they get a chance, they’ll grab a weapon and fight back. They’re savages, after all. However, you only have to get rid of the rebellious ones. There’s many ways to use the monkeys. You shouldn’t reduce our supply more than you have to.

Seti: Yessir.

Zezernan: Also, what happened with the NNC Network Worm set up by Shu Shirakawa?

Seti: We’ve set all Biodroids to be on a self-sustaining auto mode. From our simulations, the chance of infection is less than 0.01%.

Zezernan: And what of the Moon bases occupied by Earth forces?

Seti: We control half of them. We will take control of the rest of them by using the forces stationed here.

Zezernan: What about Heaven’s Gate?

Seti: Soon, Zeb and Rof will begin their attack.

Zezernan: (Well then, it’s all leading up to this. This confusion is going to help us come out on top. The Earth Sphere will be ours…)

*slow zoom out*

Kai: I see, Ing said that…

Ryoto: The encounter with the Galilnagant and Almara Burton is confusing him more than anyone else, I think.

Kai: …Viletta, Lamia. What do you think? Given your backgrounds, I want to hear your opinions.

Lamia: It’s certainly possible that Ing is an agent sent by the Gaia Sabers. We don’t know anything about his past… and Ariel, who was affiliated with the Gaia Sabers, doesn’t know anything about him, either.

Rio: But Ing was only coincidentally found by Raul’s group and brought to the Hagane. And it was only by chance that they were close to the area we were doing the battle exercises in. It doesn’t seem like it could have been intentional.

Kai: That’s the key to it all, I think. If he wanted to be certain of contacting the Steel Dragons, he would have had to do something similar to what Ariel did. If she is an agent, we’ve shown too much of our hand, but…

Lamia: I agree…. Given Duvan Org’s attitude towards her, I don’t think Ariel has any hidden objectives.

Rio: Then, what about Ing…

Viletta: It’s possible he was given some sort of mission before he lost his memories. He could have been planning some other method of contacting the Steel Dragons, and lost his memories through an accident…. And due to a string of coincidences, successfully infiltrate the Hagane anyway.

Ryoto: That’s…. You would have to have some incredible luck to pull that off….

Viletta: I agree, but we can’t say it’s impossible.

Lamia: Back when I first came to earth, I was able to make contact with the Shirogane through what looked like coincidence…. But to make it look that way, I prepared everything in advance.

Kai; That’s true. You said you were a test pilot from Isurugi industries.

Lamia: In my case, the Shadow Mirror headquarters had problems with their methods of communications, so W16 had to secretly contact the other units in person. If Ing was indeed a Gaia Sabers Agent, and they took into account he lost his memories… They could take measures like what we’ve seen from Almara and her Galilnagant, though it seems a bit too slip-shod for that.

Viletta: That’s right… They’re trying to make Ing doubt himself. That way, we won’t think there’s a risk that he’ll try to leave the Steel Dragons.

Lamia: But considering it looks like they’re trying to draw out Ing’s power, its possible Almara, or rather, Alteur, is trying to use him to further some plot.

Kai: …

Rio: Major Kai… From here on, what are we going to do…

Kai: Considering we need all the firepower we can get, we can’t afford to lose him or the Ashe. However, be on your guard. And though he knows this himself… if the worst-case scenario happens, we’ll have to take… extreme measures.

Viletta: …Roger.

Kai: Then that’s all. In 10 minutes we’ll hold the briefing for the next battle. Don’t be late.


Rio: Hey, Ryoto…. At this rate, wouldn’t it be better if Ing never regained his memories…?

Ryoto: …The only one who can decide that is Ing himself.

Rio: But… If he regains his memories, and becomes our enemy…

Ryoto: Ing’s prepared for that as well… but if it happens, let’s save him. We’re not the only ones who have psychic powers… If we work with everyone, we should be able to do something.

Rio: Yeah, you’re right…

*Briefing Room*

Kai: We’re starting the briefing. Please look at this picture. This is the visual data we have on Heaven’s Gate we’ve received from Ariel. Though the damaged portions have been reinforced, the rest appears unmodified from our last visit. But the goal is not the destruction or occupation of Heaven’s Gate. Our goal is the capture of a Melior Esse… Ignis.

Axel: What? Why are you doing that?

Lamia: We want to ask him about the disappearance of the earth.

Axel: Does he seem like the type to answer questions?

Arado: Not really…

Irm: Maybe if we say please.

Kai: If we cannot capture him, then our plan is to damage him and force him to retreat. If we can follow him to Earth, it’s just as useful.

Axel: Hmm… That seems more like your guys’ kind of plan.

Kai: We’ll separate into 3 groups: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Alpha will be speed-based mechs who can draw Ignis out of Heaven’s Gate. Bravo will ambush him, and Charlie will capture. However, in the case that things take a turn for the worse, or we can’t confirm the presence of a Melior Esse, we’ll leave the battlefield as quickly as possible. Are there any questions?

Rai: What will we do if the Melior Esse have already abandoned Heaven’s Gate?

Kai: We’ll regroup. We can’t chase after them too much. We don’t know how much firepower Heaven’s Gate has.

Rai: Roger that.

Kai: Well then, I expect the best from you all. Dismissed.

*in space, Hagane bridge*

Eita: 800 clicks until we breach Heavens Gate’s first defensive line.

Tetsuya: The enemy units should be spotting us soon. Fire up the combat warnings in all sectors.

*Warning sirens*

Eita: There’s reading from the second defensive line, directly in front of our ship! It’s a Guest ES Wave Pattern!

Tetsuya: Guests?! Don’t tell me they’re headed for Heaven’s gate, too!?

Eita: They’re teleporting in a lot more firepower!

Tetsuya: Full stop! Observe the situation for now!

*At the gate*

Zeb: Oooooooh my, it looks like a third wave of enemies has appeared.

Rof: We shouldn’t waste our mechs on them. We should launch the missiles.

Zeb: Iiiif we do that, we can’t respond if things go sooooouth. Since we need to control Heaven’s Gate, it could get meeeesssy later.

Rof: ….Understood.

Zeb: In any case, though we’ve been deployed, there’s noooo reason for the Org-Valu and the Zeidram to deploy for this rabble.

Rof: …

Ignis: Damn, these bastards… How the hell can they warp through space like that…?

???: Looks like you’re out of your league, Ignis.

Ignis: You’re one to talk.

???: We don’t have enough Miles. At this rate you’ll be pushed out. We didn’t expect there to be soulless warriors in space, after all.

Ignis: It’s annoying, to be driven out of our fortress.

???: When humans lose something they once had in their hands, they feel despair based on how important it was. We should leave it as it is.

Ignis: Hmmf, you’re all talk as always. Well, what should we do?

???: We should withdraw as soon as possible. And there’s a report from Umbra…. The humans are concentrating at Septen Polum. We’ve been asked to control the airspace above them.

Ignis: They plan to destroy the Ultrum Exterior? What nonsense.

???: Even if they attack from above and below, there won’t be a scratch on it. And then, when all their negative energy collects there, we can gather it in one go.

Ignis: Hahaha! That sounds great!

??: In that case, let’s return to earth. You clear the way.

Ignis: Got it.

Zeb: Oooooh? It looks like the captain raaaaaan away…. The fiiiiiight is over, then.

Rof: I’m in pursuit. I leave the rest to you, Zeb.

Zeb: Roooooger, but…. Our mission is to capture Heaven’s Gate. I know you want to gain some accolades, but you shouldn’t chase them too far.

Rof: I know.

Chapter 35: Hunters Become the Hunted

Eita: There’s something on the radar! It’s a Ruina squadron, at 11 o’clock, elevation 5, range 4! We’ve confirmed a Melior Esse mech!

Tetsuya: Are they aiming for us?!

Eita: No, judging by their course, they’re escaping from Heaven’s Gate!

Kai: Captain, this is our chance to get the Melior Esse! Order the sortie!

Tetsuya: Roger! All units, deploy!

*deployment screen*

Axel: …So those are the Ruina, eh? Jeez, there’s no end to the weird visitors your world gets, huh.

Irm: Though I really don’t think you’re one to say that, I agree.

Kai: Surround Ignis and capture him! The faster units should go first!

Ignis: I don’t have time to play with you right now! Don’t get in my way!

Kai: Don’t worry about the small fry! Focus on Ignis!

Chapter 35: Hunters become the hunted

Victory: Stop the Impetus, defeat all enemies except the Impetus

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down

SR point: Battle the Impetus with an allied mech. The Impetus will retreat if it reaches the western border of the map.

*So run over and bop him on the nose, then kill his bros*

Ignis: Hahaha, you can’t catch me! See ya!


Ignis: Heh, you’re certainly quick, but I don’t have the time to play with you. Goodbye!

*And he warps*

Eita: The target is moving at incredible speeds! He’s leaving the battlefield!

Tetsuya: Don’t let him escape! Follow him!

*warnings though*

Eita: Guest units are closing fast!

*There they are*

Tetsuya: They were also chasing Ignis, then….!

Latooni: There’s one unit not in the database….!

Rof: So the Steel Dragons are here…

Aya: If we try to chase after Ignis like this, we’ll be shot in the back…

Rof: Just like Zeb said, to accomplish my mission, I’ll need to deal with them… All units, change our targets to the Steel Dragons.

Tetsuya: At this rate, we’ll be surrounded! All units, clear a path for the ship! After that, we’re leaving the battleground!

Irm: Sheesh… Chasing and being chased at the same time… we sure are busy today.

Rof: I won’t let you escape! Your species surely has this saying as well…. You’re a cornered rat!

Irm: It’s Rof! I’ll teach you what we say here! The cornered rat fights the cat!

Victory: Destroy at least 25 guest mechs, or lower the Zeidram’s HP to below 25000.

*Rof versus Irm*

Rof: I’ll show you the power of this Zeidram! It’s the proof of the bonds between me and my allies![1]

Irm: You’re quite the grumpy cat! But that just gives the rat all the more reason to fight!

*Kill a lot o’ dudes*

Eita: Captain! A path has been cleared!

Tetsuya: Okay! We’re leaving! Don’t fall behind, everyone!


Rof: …What a lively way to retreat. I suppose that’s one of the things that makes them such a strong foe.

Zeb: Rof, I’ve taaaaaaaken Heaven’s Gate. Could you coooooome back soon, please?

Rof: Roger. After I clean up any remaining enemies in the area, I’ll return.

*And map over, Hagane Bridge*

Tetsuya: Eita, do you know which way Ignis went?!

Eita: Guessing from how the orbital forces are effecting us, I think he’s headed for Earth!

Tetsuya: Hurry and get all the machines in the hangar! After that, we’ll pursue at full speed!


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[1] Look, he says he got it from his friends here, but there’s no way to make this sound right in English as a taunt.