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*Hagane Bridge*

Kai: What? He’s not going to the South Pole?

Tetsuya: No, he headed for the space above the North Pole. He’s currently in Geosynchronous orbit. [1]

Kai: So there’s a Ruina base at the North Pole, too…

Tetsuya: Or maybe that’s just where the opening in the dimensional barrier is.

Kai: But why the north pole? Their main base is at the south pole, so it’d make more sense to have it there.

Tetsuya: I’m guessing there’s something there they need to keep the barrier up.

Kai: Hmm… Also, I’m concerned about why Ignis left Heaven’s Gate to head to Earth. It could be he needed to return as soon as possible… or maybe….


Eita: Captain! There’s multiple explosions in the path of our ship! The Space forces and the Ruina are in the middle of a battle!

Tetsuya: So the space army also noticed the Ruina’s movements. In that case, we can break past them while they’re distracted. Tesla Drives, full power! Generate the Break Field! Over Boost!

*On the battle field*

Humphrey: Don’t falter! Destroy their front lines! Show them the resolve of the 3rd orbital brigade!

Ignis: Haha, no matter how much you humans struggle, you’ll never break the Ultrum Exterior!

Humphrey: (There must be some reason why they’ve gathered in this section of space…. In order to solve the mystery of the earth’s disappearance, I can’t back down!)


Operator: There’s something on the radar! From 9 o’clock, Elevation 10! One target!

Humphrey: is it enemy reinforcements?!

Operator: No, it’s the Steel Dragons’ Hagane!


Operator: They’re crashing straight into the enemy’s main forces!

Humphrey: Those bastards think they can just waltz in here…!

Ignis: Haha! What’s the matter? Are you embarrassed I escaped earlier? I was just offering a warm welcome to our next meal!

Chapter 36: The Invisible Door

Contagio: …Umbra, we are stationed over the Septen Polum. What’s the situation over there?

Umbra: …Septen Polum…. Interference… the humans….. the system….

Contagio: What? I can’t hear you well.

Umbra: Glaci…… Ventus….Unstable…. Destroy…. From above…

Contagio: Interference? Did something happen down below?  Well, whatever the case, if Ventus doesn’t open the Septum Polum, then we can’t enter the Ultrum Exterior.

Tetsuya: Gravity Brake, Break Field release!

Eita: The main enemy forces are dead ahead!

Tetsuya: The ship will stand it’s ground here! Prepare cannons 1 through 4 to fire! Send out all units!

*Deploy dem bros*

Contagio: *chuckles* it’s them. What a time for them to show up…

Rio: I’ve never seen that machine before. Is it a Melior Esse?

Ryuusei: That’s not a machine, that’s a monster!

Contagio: *chuckles* Humans! I am the Melior Esse Contagio! Now then, let’s begin the feast of fear and slaughter! All to guide you further into ruin. *chuckles*

Arado: Wh-what is he?! An alien?!

Rio: You say that, but no one from the Guests or Inspectors looked like that.

Irm: Yeesh, each one is uglier than the last with this bunch.

Ryuusei: Monsters and beastmen…. This is like some weird movie shoot! It’s all special effects!

Mai: It looks like Dugracio from Super Steel Soldier Gigaseed!

Aya: What are you talking about?!

Mai: It was a character from an old TV show Ryu showed me.

Aya: I… I see…

Contagio: Oh? You don’t hesitate, even after gazing upon my Violaceum and I?

Axel: Sorry, I’ve seen a bunch of non-humans, even before I came to this world. I’m not impressed.

Ryuusei: Huh? Don’t tell me you’re also a fan of those old shows!

Axel: What are you talking about?

Contagio: Hehehe, I’m very interested in your memories….

Kai: You said your name was Contagio. The reason you’re here… It’s because this is where you get through the dimensional barrier, isn’t it?

Contagio: Heheh, you humans couldn’t get through the Ultrum Exterior if you tried.

Shine: Ultrum… what?

Latooni: Is he referring to the dimensional barrier?

Arado: So Humans can’t pass through it…

Seolla: Only Ruina can…?

Ryuusei: But we’ve come this far, and we can’t give up now!

Ariel: That’s right. By fighting them here, we may figure out something.

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units! In order to solve the mystery of the dimensional barrier, we can’t stand down! This is the final line! Protect the Hagane and eliminate the enemy units!

Contagio: Hehehe… I will fill your souls with fear and despair, and you’ll become nourishment for the Lord of Ruin!

Chapter 36: The Invisible Door

Victory: Defeat all enemy units

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down

SR Point: ???

*kill some bros*

Eita: There’s more Ruina Signatures! They’re coming from 7 o’clock!

Ignis: Hahaha! This is what you get for trying to get past us! You’re cornered, Humans!

Eita: There’s a large number of enemies closing on our position! We’re being ambushed!

Tetsuya: All Cannons, Full auto!

Ignis: What?!

Eita: The 3rd Orbital Brigade is in pursuit!

Tetsuya: Colonel Humphrey… I’m in your debt!

Ignis: Hmm, the small fries are following us…. But that won’t change your fate!

Tetsuya: Send a message to all units! Focus your fire on the Melior Esse!

Victory: Reduce The Impetus and Violaceum to below 20000 HP.

SR point: Reduce both the Impetus and Violaceum to below 20000HP in the same turn.

*Contagio fights Axel*

Contagio: Hehe, you smell strong! I can’t wait to taste your fear and despair!

Axel: Oh, that’s gonna cost you. Your life may not be enough!

*Irm Versus Contagio*

Irm: You look a little bit confused to be here… did something happen?

Contagio: Even if you knew, it wouldn’t change your fate. Let your voice ring out with resentment as you fall into the void!

*Ing Versus Contagio*

Ing: If that’s where the door to the earth is, let’s see you open it!

Contagio: Hehehe, even if the door were open, all you would find on the other side would be despair!

*Lamia Versus Contagio*

Lamia: You’re going to show us the way to the Earth, Contagio.

Contagio: Hehehe, Humans can’t pass through the Ultrum Exterior.

Lamia: Then let’s see if it’s the same for me.

*Ryuusei versus Ignis*

Ryuusei: You won’t escape today, Ignis!

Ignis: That’s my line! Die in despair!

*kai Versus Ignis*

Kai: There has to be a way in and out of the dimensional barrier! Where is it?!

Ignis: Hah, like I’d tell you!

Kai: If you won’t talk, I’ll beat it out of you!

*and then I blew up Ignis*

Ignis: Damn! Don’t think you’ve won, Humans!

Contagio: Fall back, Ignis.

Ignis: What?!

Contagio: I can’t contact Umbra. Fall back and avoid an unfavorable situation.

Ignis: …Fine.

Contagio: (Something must have happened at the Septen Polum below. We can’t take too much time.)

*and then Contagio*

Contagio: Heh, this power…. I guess I can’t make light of you just for being humans.

Umbra: Septen….. Exterior…. Emergen…

Contagio: What? What are you saying, Umbra? The connection was severed…? What is happening down there, Umbra?

*But what if Contagio was first to die?*

Contagio: Heh, this power… I guess I can’t go easy on you just because you’re humans. Ignis, I’m going to fall back and try to get into contact with Umbra.

Ignis: Heh, Contagio always talks big, but this is all he can manage. I can handle these guys alone!

*then Ignis*

Ignis: Dammit! Don’t let this go to your heads, humans!

Umbra: Septen… Exterior…. Emergen….

Ignis: What? What are you talking about, Umbra?! The line was cut…?! What’s going on down there, Umbra?!


Eita: There’s a gigantic energy reading below the ship! It’s scattering alongside an ES wave!

Tetsuya: Is it some kind of explosion?

Eita: No, it looks like a gravitational reading!

Eita: TH-the energy readings are expanding and multiplying! The first wave is incoming!

Tetsuya: All power to the Energy Field! All hands, brace for impact!

Ignis: What?! What is going on?!

Contagio: Impossible…! The Ultrum Exterior is…!


Tetsuya: Ugh… The light blinded us…

Eita: I-I can’t see…

Tetsuya: Status report! Check all sections of the ship! If there are still enemies, put out the alarm…

Eita: C-Captain! Look outside!

Tetsuya: !!!

*Dawwww it’s the earth*

Tetsuya: Clouds… and sea!

Azuki: Is that… really the earth…?

Eita: It… It seems like it.

Tetsuya: Check all frequencies coming from below. And… Where did the Ruina go?

Eita: There’s no readings inside range 4! Ah… no, Dead ahead, Elevation 10, 700 clicks, there’s a friendly reading!

Tetsuya: Is it a ship from the 3rd orbital brigade?

Eita: No, this IFF reading is from the Hiryuu… It’s the Blanche Neige!

Tetsuya: !!!

Rim: ….

Rim: (L-Liana…)

Rim: it’s okay… It’s okay.

Rim: (Wh-where’s Ventus…?)

Rim: He’s not here… and this light is…

Rim: (Down there, that’s… the earth…?)

Rim: When we were fighting Ventus, we couldn’t see it… That means the Ultrum Exterior has been….!

Rim: (It’s gone….!)


Rim: Something’s coming close! It’s…!

Rim: (That’s… The Hagane?!)

Azuki: This is Steel 2! Blanche Neige, please respond!

Rim: This is Cliana Rimskaya in the Blanche Neige. I hear you.

Azuki: Captain, the Blanche Neige is responding! The pilot is Cliana Rimskaya!

Tetsuya: Roger. But why is she here…. And in such a battered state…

Eita: Maybe it has something to do with the Dimensional Barrier disappearing…

Tetsuya: In any case, bring her in. And Azuki…. Get in contact with the Hiryuu Custom, please.

Azuki: Roger.

Tetsuya: (What could have happened on the earth…?)

*Slow zoom fadeeee*

Kai: Are you okay, Rim?

Rim: Yes…

Kai: What happened? Can you explain it to me?

Rim: …Due to the Ultrum Exterior, the sun and stars disappeared…. The world was covered in darkness. We were on the run from the Gaia Sabers and Federation, while fighting the Ruina… Then, my brother had his soul linked with Glacies…

Viletta: Glacies?

Rim: A female Melior Esse. Using the Sympathia, He looked into that person’s heart…

Aya: Into her heart?

Viletta: …It sounds like how the T-link System can use psychic power to let people feel each other’s emotions.

Aya: But the Sympathia doesn’t use psychic energy… Rim, did anything happen to you?

Rim: I… I was fighting another Melior Esse, and nothing similar happened… Then, the Ruina were at their base at the Magnetic north pole, Septen Polum…. That’s where they were controlling the barrier from.

Kai: Was that Septen Polum the place where they could pass through the barrier?

Rim: I don’t know about that, but in order to keep the Ultrum Exterior running, Ventus was stationed at Septen Polum…

Aya: Ventus… Is that another Melior Esse?

Rim: Y-yeah…

Kai: Hmm…So they were controlling the barrier by Septen Polum at the North Pole and something else at the South Pole….

Viletta: From both poles… By using 2 places they could cover the entire earth…. So given that, the reason Ignis went to the space above the north pole was…

Kai: Something happened at Septen Polum below. …Rim, did the Hiryuu Custom target the Ruina there?

Rim: Not just us, but the Federation and Gaia Sabers as well…. We knew the Ruina forces were gathered there…

Kai: And through that you dissolved the dimensional barrier?

Rim: It seems like my brother and Glacies were able to do that… But with my Sympathia, I established a link with Ventus…. I was pulled into the Septum Polum, thrown somewhere outside… Ventus must have…

Kai: What do you mean?

Rim: I... I don’t know…. When I woke up, I was in space… and I was looking at the earth… What was that…. He was looking at me… I…

Aya: Rim?

Rim: (Chris, calm down.)

Rim: (B-but… Ventus knows we’re 2 people… And the Sympathia… why…?)

Rim: (I don’t know either… but please, can’t you calm down?)

Rim: (Y-you’re right.)

Aya: Major Kai, I think we should stop…

Kai: I understand. Rim, go to the medical bay for a check-up just in case, and then rest.

Rim: O-okay.

Kai: …So because Rim established some kind of conscious link with a Melior Esse named Ventus, the dimensional barrier disappeared?

Aya: But could something as big as the barrier disappear just that?

Viletta: It seems like Ventus and the Septen Polum were the keyhole, and Rim and the Sympathia were the key. And the Ruina didn’t think this was possible…

Kai: Right. I think we can assume that the door wasn’t opened by Rim, but by Ventus.

Aya: It seems the Sympathia’s true power is unknown to the Ruina as much as it is to us.

Kai: And that means that there’s something special about Josh and Rim, who are able to control it. I don’t know if it was something they had from the beginning, or if it was something the Sympathia awakened in them…

Azuki: Captain, we’ve gotten into contact with the Hiryuu Custom. They’re currently above the North Pole’s Beaufort Sea.

Tetsuya: I see… Did they say anything to us?

Azuki: They said to come down and meet with them. They designated a meeting point.

Tetsuya: Okay, begin the reentry sequence. Let’s go to earth, and rendezvous with them.

*And so you dooooo*

Kouta: Yeesh, I was worried there for a bit. Well, the Ultrum Exterior is gone, so it all turned out okay in the end.

Seolla: Kouta, it’s good to see that you’re okay.

Kouta: Yeah, sorry to make you worry. I was able to make it back to Earth. Did you meet up with Axel and Alfimi?

Seolla: Yes, we did.

Excellen: Where are they?

Lamia: Alfimi said she was going to sleep, and once the Hagane had fallen back to Earth, Axel left the ship by himself.

Excellen: He didn’t even say hi? He’s so shy.

Kyosuke: You know there’s no way that’s true. Where was he headed?

Lamia: To the Kurogane. The Soulgain is being kept there.

Excellen: He’s so impatient.

Arado: Look who’s talking…

Touma: Ah, are you..?

Arado: Huh?

Touma: You were the guy who bought yakisoba from me back then.

Arado: Yakisoba?

Touma: Yeah, that’s right. I remember cause it’s not often that someone orders the entire grill’s load at once!

Arado: That does sound like me…

Touma: My name is Touma. I’m working part time at the L&E corporation.

Fiona: We met him when we stopped for supplies at Comodin Island.

Ryuusei: A civilian… right?

Touma:  Yeah. During the Ashura Rebellion, I was saved by Kouta and the DyGenGuard… and at Comodin Island, it happened again. Since the Steel Dragons are always fighting to protect the world from danger, I wanted to become part of that power.

Ryuusei: But it’s not like you’re a pilot or anything, right?

Touma: I did have some experience at a battling tournament using an Armored Module, but…

Fiona: Right now, he’s helping with the Excellence Rescue’s maintenance. Thanks to his experience, he’s good with the engines.

Ibis: And since he’s really good at cleaning, he’s been helpful to everyone else, too.

Aya: Oh, Ibis, that pendant is beautiful.

Ibis: A-ah, this? I got it from Irui….

Aya: Irui?

Ryuusei: We have another new member besides Touma?

Ibis: Yeah, I guess we should introduce you to her. Irui, please come here.

Irui: ….[2]

Ibis: We met her at Comodin Island, as well… When the island was targeted by Jinrai, she helped me out. But she has no memories of her past…. Some things happened, and we took her along with us.

Ing: No memories… so she’s the same as me.

Irui: …Ah!

Ing: ….!

Ibis: What’s wrong, Irui?

Irui: ….

Ing: (What is this…?)

Kusuha: Could it be that she recognizes Ing?

Irui: No…

Excellen: Is it love at first sight?

Ibis: No way!

Robert: By the way, you said you were targeted by Jinrai earlier. Is he still after the Double G?

Tsugumi: That’s right…. Major Gilliam guesses that it was designed by the Gaia Sabers.

Carla: And the Gaia Sabers squad we met at the North Pole had the Kerberions and the Medius Locus in it, as well.

Latooni: …!

Arado: Those guys…. There’s no mistake, we’re going to have to fight them, huh…

Lamia: And the Medius Locus…. It seems it wasn’t stolen after all

Hugo: That’s right… Tsentr Project has been managed by the Gaia Sabers since before I joined up.

Aqua: Hugo and I had no idea that was the case.

Lamia: Who was piloting the Medius Locus?

Aqua: That… We don’t know yet.

Hugo: I want to confirm it with Mitarl Zapad, but if I’m not careful, I’ll give away our position and what we’re up to.

Robert: The Gaia Sabers are even more troublesome than we thought.

Ibis: We also encountered Sleigh…

Robert: What…?

Tsugumi: She came in the Vegalion to settle the score with Ibis. But then, the Ruina came, along with some strange bird-like unknown unit…

Ryoto: Unknown unit? So neither Guest nor Ruina?

Kyosuke: That’s right. It wasn’t a Baral unit, either. After that, we went to the North Pole… Though we were ambushed by the Yokijin.

Bullet: And the KoOuKi was with them…

Ryuusei: R-really?!

Bullet: Yeah… He was being controlled by the Baral, and became our enemy. His body was black, and he wouldn’t respond to my thoughts….

Ryuusei: It seems like you all had a rough time as well….

*In quarters*

Josh: Melior Esse… Ventus?

Rim: Yeah… He realized our situation…. And which was the real one, he said…

Josh: What?!

Clifford: …

Rim: After that… If it comes to that, it could be… that one of us…

Rim: (Liana….)

Clifford: …If that’s the case, how do you explain Josh or the Professor? They’ve also made contact with the Sympathia.

Rim: But still… we can’t remember the past… I don’t know….

Rim: Me too… So we don’t know which of us is the original… Liana and I… Which of us is Cliana Rimskaya…

Rim: But, I…

Josh: …It’s just like Chris said. You are my family. We may not share a bloodline, but I don’t care which of you the original is. You’re both my sisters.

Rim: Bro…

Clifford: (Josh and Glacies… Rim and Ventus…. This strange connection… The only clue that brings these mysteries together is the Sympathia…)

*Briefing room*

Tetsuya: Lee Lingjun?! Are you serious?!

Lefina: Yes…. We made contact with him en route to the North Pole. Using the alias Carly Neumann, he was working as the captain of the Air Christmas.

Tetsuya: He lived, and he’s working for the Gaia Sabers…

Sean: That’s not all. There was also Egret Uruz of the Machinery Children with him, as well.

Kai: !

Ariel: (Machinery Children…?!)

Ratsel: …Ariel, the reason we called you here was because there was something about the Gaia Sabers we wanted to confirm. Do you know anything about Egret Uruz?

Ariel: No, Nothing.

Gilliam: He may have gone by the name Egretta Uno. Have you heard of that name?

Ariel: I have… That’s the leader of the Alpha Sabers… The Alphas are very mysterious… I’ve seen some of the lower-ranking people, but they were always wearing masks, and everyone except Egretta would never speak… I’ve heard rumors that they may be androids…. Or possibly Machinery Children….

Gilliam: …

Ratsel: Ariel, I have 2 more questions. The Double G 3rd unit we’ve encountered, Jinrai… is that a Gaia Sabers unit?

Ariel: I never saw it on the Grand Christmas, but I think it’s very likely.

Ratsel: …I see… And the last question…. From Doctor Cliff, we’ve received information that Re-tech’s sponsor was Alteur Steinbeck. However, the only person who directly interacted with him was Professor Radcliff…. Why do you think Alteur was interested in Fabula Fores?

Ariel: …I have no idea. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful….

Ratsel: It’s alright…

Tetsuya: Commander Lefina, what shall we do from here?

Lefina: We are considered discharged from the military…. But Central Intelligence’s Lt. General Jacob Moore has given us a mission, and we are acting as an unofficial independent squadron. Of course, on the surface nothing has changed…. The Federation and the Gaia Sabers will both be hunting us.

Tetsuya: …

Lefina: Since we’ve just finished a fierce battle, I want to go somewhere where we can restock and repair our units…

Ratsel: Then let’s go to Iti Iti Island in the south Pacific. It’s said to be uninhabited, but it’s actually one of our bases. We should be able to hide there.

Lefina: Understood. Then let’s head to Iti Iti Island.


Ignis: What happened? The Ultrum Exterior completely vanished.

Umbra: Those humans used that system to interfere with Septen Polum….

Contagio: We certainly didn’t plan for that.

Umbra: Those people were able to twist Glacies and Ventus’s minds somehow. Humans and Melior Esse are supposed to be mutually exclusive existences… so why could they interact like that?

Aquila: They have something we don’t.

Ignis: Laci’s fine, but Ventus messed up. The Ultrum Exterior didn’t disappear, he released it.

Ventus: ….

Ignis: What did you do? Did you forget your purpose? Did you forget why we’re doing what we are?

Ventus: Why did it happen… I was with the girls… I don’t understand myself…

Ignis: Hmmf, you’re useless.

Umbra: I also do not understand…. Do not blame Ventus.

Ignis: Then hurry and get the Ultrum Exterior back up…

Umbra: We need a large amount of power for that. If we waste it on that, it’ll slow the awakening of the Lord of Ruin. And as long as those humans are around, the same thing could happen again.

Contagio: We should construct an Officinus[3] on the surface, and use it to increase the number of our troops.

Umbra: I agree.

Ignis: Contagio and I found a candidate for an Officinus in space. If Ventus hadn’t have failed…

Umbra: For now, do not worry about space. Right now, we need to focus on destroying that system the humans use. Before it affects us, as well.

Ignis: Got it. Laci, leave them to me.

Glacies: ….

Ignis: What’s wrong?

Glacies: …Nothing. I’m as normal as I ever am.

Ignis: Hmmf, whatever.

Glacies: (Joshua Radcliff…. That human….)


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[1] I think? Earth rotational orbit above place agreement. Fuckin’ Japanese, man.


[3] Latin for Factory