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*Grand Christmas*

Alteur: Gentlemen… As you are no doubt aware, the Hagane of the Steel Dragons is headed for Grand Christmas. Though in the past they fought for the earth many times…. Strangely, they have colluded with rebels and, in raising the standard of revolt against us, brought about the death of the president.

Egretta: (Hah, he’s actually still selling that shit.)

Alteur: In our talks with the Earth Federation, they said they would give us custody over the Hagane, and that should be why it is coming this way… however, there are undoubtedly people within their ranks that believed that video that Shu Shirakawa fabricated, and are suspicious of us… And Marshal Gaspard Gillian’s opposition toward the Gaia Sabers is well known. Most likely, the Hagane is acting as if they were summoned here, but when they get close enough, they will attempt to strike at our heart. However, we cannot overlook their advance, nor their decision to fight for the wrong side. We will lure them to Grand Christmas, capture and assimilate their firepower, and then move on to preparing to fight against our external enemies. At the moment that they refuse to comply with our orders, you are authorized to attack. While some damage will be inevitable…. It is imperative that the Re-tech and Melior Esse machines are captured without damage. That is all.

Egretta: (Even if they comply with our orders, I’ll kill Ing and Sanger.)

Murata: (Even if they come along quietly, my blade will not be stopped.)

Carly: (There should be ways to acquire their firepower without direct confrontation…. And they would be more reliable, too… It’s just like back then… When Commander Alteur had followed them, but pretended to leave a path for them to escape through…. After that, he sent people one squad at a time after them, letting them go blow by blow…. Is the Commander planning something else…?)


Mitarl: I believe I already refused your proposal.

Erde: However, for our final battle with the Steel Dragons, we will need the MODEL-X. And my AI1 is what will make the MODEL-X strongest.

Mitarl: You’re just repeating yourself, Erde.

Erde: Then what do you plan to do? Duvan Org has disappeared, after all.

Mitarl: There are other candidates for pilots.

Erde: And is there anyone better than my child? If we don’t use the MODEL-X to its fullest capacities right now, then the Tsentr Project will….

Mitarl: I’ll say this now, once and for all. I have no intentions of feeding into your warped obsession.

Erde: …!

Mitarl: AI1 is dangerous. No matter how many times you ask, I will never install it in the MODEL-X. I don’t need it for my TE Absorber.

Erde: I’m afraid…


Erde: You’re what’s not needed, Professor Zapad.

Mitarl: E-Erde! Have you lost your mind?!

Erde: Oh, I’m sane.

Mitarl: I-if you kill me, your career will be over, too!

Erde: I would do anything for AI1.

Mitarl: F…Fine! I’ll do what you say! J-just spare my life!

Erde: …This is just like how I killed Albero.

Mitarl: Wha?!

Erde: Goodbye.


Chapter 56: Crimson Christmas (part 1)

*sup Hagane*

Chienne: Heh. They’re surprisingly at ease.

Chien: Don’t tell me… they’re actually going to surrender?

Chiot: That’d be easier, though.

Chien: Don’t be stupid. Then we wouldn’t get paid.

Murata: No need to worry. They are aiming their blade towards us.

Chienne: That’s good to hear. Today’s the day they pay for all they’ve done. We can finally finish this.

Chien: Alright, let’s get this started. There’s no way this won’t be a bloodbath, anyway.

Chienne: Don’t rush this. If anyone sinks the Hagane now, the bonus will probably come out of their pay.

Chien: Honestly, I’m okay with that.

Murata: Just be quiet and wait. It’s better if there’s more targets.

Chienne: Look, even the boss is telling you to chill. You’re gonna ruin it for everyone, Chien.

Chien: Dammit. Fine.

Eita: …ESM confirmed! They’re locked on to us!

Tetsuya: All hands, battle stations.

Carly: Attention Steel Dragons. This is Colonel Carly Neumann, battleship captain of the Gaia Sabers.

Tetsuya: …

Carly: We are unable to overlook your numerous past transgressions. You are to immediately disarm, and hand over all of your current weaponry and armaments to us. Further, this is a direct order from specially designated Vice President Alteur Steinbeck. After you have disarmed yourselves, we will take all of you into custody. If you do not obey, we have permission to begin the attack.

Tetsuya: Lee… No, Colonel Carly. I would like to ask you one thing.

Carly: You do not have the right to ask me a question. Follow the order.

Tetsuya: What do the Gaia Sabers… What does Alteur Steinbeck plan to do with us?

Carly: I have already said that. Follow the order.

Tetsuya: Everyone has their suspicions about what happened with former President Grusman, and that even in the Federation Congress, there are rumors circulating…

Carly: I assume you are talking about the fabricated video. It is incredibly unbelievable. If you continue your questions, I will take it as a refusal to comply with my orders, and will begin the attack.

Tetsuya: We would like to ask that you allow us to focus on repelling the invaders who are attacking the earth, before we present our case against the accusations against us, where the law says that we should.

Carly: …All hands, prepare to fire.

Tetsuya: Colonel! Don’t you think we should be focusing on attacking the Ruina and the Baral right now?!

Carly: You’re as naïve as ever. You do not have the rights to ask for a stay of sentencing. We will dispose of you here.

Tetsuya: …Do you really believe in Alteur Steinbeck that much…?!

Carly: …

Tetsuya: I can’t trust him. I can only think that he’s using us for some other purpose.

Carly: We are the Gaia Sabers. The sword that protects the Earth. There is no place for doubt in our leader, Command Alteur.

Tetsuya: You expect me to believe that?!

Carly: …I’ve let you talk too much. The Gaia Sabers protect the earth to guard its people.

Tetsuya: I’m saying there’s a problem with the way you use your powers. If you will not clear the way, then we will push on… Until we uncover Alteur’s plot!

Carly: So you refuse to obey. In that case, all hands, open fire!

Tetsuya: Energy Field to max!


Tetsuya: Set Tesla Drives to full impulse, aimed vertically! Burn the upper starboard thrusters for 4 seconds! Release the emergency break!


Tetsuya: Damage report!

Eita: None currently, but there are homing missiles approaching fast! We have their electrical impulses visible!

Tetsuya: 10 degrees down! Turn as quickly as possible! Port and front thrusters, burn 4 seconds!

Tetsuya: Release the energy field! Prepare all units for successive deployment!



Eita: Missiles detonated! Frame 20, 40, 100, and 300, portside!

Tetsuya: Return fire! Restore the Energy Field! Get me status on the crew at the damaged portions!

Carly: Damn, he dodged most of the attack while still being able to deploy the ship’s units!

Tetsuya: This is the ship given to me by Captain Daitetsu!

Carly: You fool! You really think you can push past us here?!

Tetsuya: Maybe I am a fool. Even though I know what dire straits the world is in right now, I’m still wasting firepower here…! But I have to get through!

Chienne: Haha! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Arado: Just give it a rest already! There’s no reason for you to be fighting us here!

Chien: We have a reason. It’s called getting our recognition for being the ones to bring you down.

Chienne: That’s right! The Boosted Children brand only needs us!

Seolla: Chienne…!

Chienne: If you really don’t want to fight, just lie down and let me kill you! I’ll make it quick!

Chiot: …I don’t really want to fight them.

Latooni: …!

Chiot: It’s just gloomy and annoying. Can’t you just do what Chienne asked? That’s the easiest way to go about this. So what do you think? *chuckles*

Seolla: No way!

Chienne: Then I’ll send you to Aurum 1. Have fun with her. Aaah, if Aguila and Adler were here, I’m sure they’d say something like…. “I may have hated you, but I’m pretty thankful that I get to experience this!”[1]

Chien: We’ll make sure to have all the fun you guys would have had, and more. Though, I mean, it’s not like we’d remember losers like you after you’re dead and in the ground.

Arado: It doesn’t matter what you say! We’re moving on! If you don’t want to die, then get out of the way! Get the hell out of here!

Chien: You think your big talk is gonna scare us?

Excellen: …The pupsters seem to be growling more than usual today.

Glacies: Maybe if I freeze them, they’ll quiet down.

Excellen: I mean, maybe…. But they’re dogs, not mammoths…

Murata: Rishu, Sanger… This will be a battle to the death.

Rishu: There is no more room for discussion… We will settle this here.

Sanger: I will cleave your sword of evil in twain!

Murata: Hmmph, I’ll cut down your little clan in one sweep! With the death of the master, I will take over your school!

Tetsuya: All units, begin the attack! Destroy the enemy forces, and create a hole to reach the Grand Christmas!

Chapter 56: Crimson Christmas (Part 1)

Victory: Defeat all enemies besides the Air Christmas.

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down.

SR point: Within 6 turns, lower the Air Christmas below 100,000 HP.  The Air Christmas will retreat if the Garlion Mumyou and all the Kerberions are shot down.

*Sanger V Murata*

Murata: My steel will rend your fate in two!

Sanger: You cannot cut my swordsman’s soul! This is where your path of evil leads!

*Rishu V Murata*

Murata: Rishu! I will break your sword!

Rishu: Murata, you were unable to master my way, nor the way of carnage… And I will cleave your path in twain!

*Kill Murata*

Murata: Nughh! Ghh! Wonderful! But my sword is still…!! No! I can’t be wrong!

Rishu: Accept it, Murata. The way of carnage you follow will not lead to the same enlightenment as the way of the sword.

Murata: S-silence!

Rishu: You were consumed by your worldly desires, went down an evil path, and lost sight of what was important. There’s a Japanese word for this, the same as the name of your mech…. “Mumyou.”

Murata: I still need to know! What enlightenment becoming a god of war may bring!


Rishu: …Perhaps you will find what you seek in the realm of the dead.

*oh shit son*

*Seolla V Chiot*

Chiot: You really think you can win against the Gaia Sabers? You seriously are an idiot.

Seolla: You can say that after you’ve beaten me!

*Latooni V Chiot*

Chiot: Just give up already. Even if you pass us, it’ll end up the same.

Latooni: Why do you say that?

Chiot: Because everyone dies eventually.

Latooni: …That’s right. But that doesn’t mean what you do until then has no meaning.

*Chiot Vs Arado*

Chiot: …Seriously, just die already. Just looking at your face makes me feel gross.

Arado: If it’s that bad for you, then just get out of here!

Chiot: I like killing people like you. I just don’t like it to take time! Haha!

*Seolla vs Chienne*

Chienne: C’mon, Seolla! Aurum 1’s waiting for you in hell!

Seolla: I won’t let you say anything else about Ouka!

Chienne: Oh, you’re going to shut me up? A stupid brainwashed idiot like you is gonna shut me up?!

Seolla: You’ll see! You can’t stop us!

*Lat V Chienne*

Chienne: With your death, the Latooni class is done with! The only Boosted Children the world needs are our Argent class!

Latooni: Do you plan on doing the same to everyone who survived the school…?!

Chienne: Uh, Duh!

Latooni: Then I’ll end it here… I’ll stop you!

*Chienne V Arado*

Chienne: It was nice knowing you, Arado! But it’s time to say goodbye!

Arado: I won’t die here! We still have people we need to fight!

*Chien V Seolla*

Chien: We don’t need anyone else calling themselves Boosted Children! You’re finished!

Seolla: There’s no saving you, is there…

Chien: Who wants to be saved? From where I’m sitting, you’re the ones in trouble! You’re just held back by so much boring bullshit!

Seolla: It’s important to us!

*Latooni V Chien*

Chien: I’ll give you props for having the courage to try to attack the Gaia Sabers from the front.

Latooni: You’re being used by Alteur…. Sooner or later, you’ll lose everything.

Chien: As if! You’ll die before then! Just like losers should!

*Chien V Arado*

Chien: This is the end for you, dropout! At least try to make it fun for me! Yell a bit!

Arado: I believe in my own strength! It’s been a long road, but I won’t scream anymore!

Chien: Then I’ll just have to wait to hear your screams when you’re dying!

Arado: As if! I’m not just fighting for your amusement!

*beat up Carly*

Carly: Gah! Even if you push us this far…

Alteur: …It’s me. Pull the Air Christmas back to the final defense line.

Carly: But that would be!

Alteur: That’s an order, captain. That ship is a part of me. It’ll be problematic if it goes down here. So fall back.

Carly: …. Roger.

Eita: The Air Christmas is retreating from the battlefield!

Tetsuya: The tides are turning in our favor! Clean up the rest of the enemies on the battlefield!

Victory: Shoot down all enemies.

*Beat up everyone before Carly*

Operator: G-gamma 1, 2, 3, and 4 have all been lost!

Carly: You bastards… Pushing this hard against us will only-

Alteur: …It’s me. Pull the Air Christmas back to the final defense line.

Carly: But that would be!

Alteur: That’s an order, captain. That ship is a part of me. It’ll be problematic if it goes down here. So fall back.

Carly: …. Roger.

Eita: The Air Christmas is retreating from the battlefield!

Tetsuya: The tides are turning in our favor! Clean up the rest of the enemies on the battlefield!

Victory: Shoot down all enemies.

*Sucks to be you Chiot*

Chiot: Th-this can’t be! It’s impossible! I-I’ll kill you! You too! I’ll kill you alllll!!!!

Latooni: Chiot…!!

*Are they alive? Then*

Chienne: You bastards!!!

Chien: Dammit! Fuck you! Fuck you all! I’ll kill you!

*sucks to be you, Chienne*

Chienne: I-I can’t be killed! I need to get rid of them, and use my name! I’m not going to die! I can’t! I’m supposed to bring back the pride of the Boosted Children! I have to eject, I have to…! *nope*

Chienne: What?! The ejection switch!


Seolla: Chienne!

*Are they alive? Then*

Chien: You bastards! Dammit, dammit!!!

Chiot: This… can’t be happening…!

*Sucks to be you, Chien*

Chien: N-no! I don’t want to be a loser! I’m a winner, I have to winnnnn! That’s right, I just need to escape, then I can win…!


Arado: Chien….

*are they alive? Then*

Chienne: You fucks! How dare you!

Chiot: …I won’t forgive you… I’ll kill you…!

*Anywho, everyone’s dead*

Eita: No remaining Enemy signatures in the staging Area!  Course is set!

Seolla: …

Latooni: …

Arado: That’s why I said… to get out of here….

Tetsuya: Okay! We’re heading for Grand Christmas!


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[1] This is weird. She’s happy that she’s so angry she’s having fun fighting, and saying other people in the School were like that. Or it’s another rape joke. OH YOU