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*Air Christmas time*

Alteur: …Good job, Captain.

Carly: Captain, the Steel Dragons will soon be passing the final defensive line for Grand Christmas. We need to deploy this ship as soon as possible….

Alteur: Before that, I have something I need to prepare with the Air Christmas.

Carly: Something? Is it that black box?

Alteur: That’s right…. Look at its summary data.

Carly: Th-this is…!

Alteur: At this time, the only earth ship with this system is the Air Christmas.

Carly: B-but… Why do you have that kind of thing…?!

Alteur: It’s a leftover from the EOT. But it’s only able to be used on battleship class vessels.

Carly: …

Alteur: I have unlocked the system. But still I’ll tell you the right time to use it. Understood, Captain?

Carly: Y-yes sir.

Alteur: …Almara, Follow the plan we discussed.

Almara: Yes, sir. The Galilnagant is standing by.

Carly: (…Why did he keep that system a secret until now? If he had used it in the fights up till now….)

Chapter 57: Crimson Christmas (Part 2)

*Deploy, then explosions!*

Tetsuya: Guh! The Hagane will stay here! All units, provided cover!

Aqua: Hugo, I don’t see Erde or the Air Christmas.

Hugo: They’re here, somewhere. They’ll come out soon enough.

Ing: (I see Egretta, but not Almara…)

Azuki: Steel 2 to the Mk-X. The BBC’s preparations are complete.

Ing: …Roger. Then I’ll leave it to you.

Egretta: Papa, I’ve told you how I’ve wanted to kill Ing too many times now. This is a perfect opportunity.

Feff: …Very well, then. You can prove to Alteur what the power of the Originator can do for a new humanity. But you need to capture the Re-Tech machines if you can. And the pilots who use that system should be unharmed, too. And that goes for the Melior Esse, too. They’re going to be useful for the fights in Antarctica.

Egretta: And everyone else?

Feff: Kill the weak ones. Capture the strong.

Egretta: Hehehe, got it. (Ing… I don’t know what kind of emotions something like you has…. But I won’t forgive you for trying to surpass me. I am the best of the Machinery Children … That is what I’ll teach Alteur.)

Feff: (…If Ing is defeated by Egretta, then I suppose that’s all he could muster…. Show me what you can do, Ing. Show me if you’re worthy becoming the one who decides this. If you have the power to overcome humans and other Machinery Children, then I’m willing to sacrifice everything.)

Egretta: GEIM System, Active. Standby.

*Oh noes the spells*

Egretta: We are the sword that protects the earth, and the lords of a new world. If you’re the old sword of humanity, then we’ll break you across the anvil here.

Arado: Shut it! We’ll never let guys like you have your way with the earth!

Sanger: Egretta Uno…. You should return to the hole you crawled out of.

Egretta: Haha, you’re treating me like I’m already dead. But you can’t defeat me. I’ve already proven that.

Excellen: I mean, you do come back a lot. You’re basically a zombie.

Egretta: Being a protector of the earth is not for the faint of heart. You all are unstable. You may have a lot of power now, but you cannot hold onto that power forever.

Rishu: People’s strength and wills can be carried on by the next generation. They don’t have to disappear.

Egretta: But looking back upon the history that humans continue to repeat, it seems that what is passed down is always distorted and warped by the receiver. That’s where we’re different. We keep our will and our strength. That’s right, we Machinery Children are the real protectors of the earth, not the Gaia Sabers.

Ing: I… Do not think that. Even if I am one of the Machinery Children, like yourself.

Feff: …

Egretta: Ing, I have no more use for you. Papa said it was alright for me to kill you.

Ing: …!

Ariel: (When we met before this, he was trying to get some kind of reaction, some kind of power to be drawn out from Ing. Is he saying that he’s completed his mission already?)

Egretta: As long as the Machinery Children remain with the Gaia Sabers, then they’ll be fine. We don’t need Idealants. Duvan probably realized that. That’s why he deserted. He’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere by now.

Ariel: …

Egretta: We’ll take over the duties you were given. You don’t need to worry. Just die.

Ing: (Egretta…. And Egret Feff. I came here to learn the truth. If that’s just a part of your plan… If my past denies my present self, then I’ll…!)

Chapter 57: Crimson Christmas (part 2)

Victory: Shoot down the Canis Altarf and the Trilobite.

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down, Ing, Hugo, or Ariel are shot down

SR point: Within 3 turns, defeat more than 30 enemy units excluding the Canis Altarf and the Trilobite.

*kill a lot of people or hit turn 3*

Aqua: !!


Rim: W-what is that?!

Lamia: It looks like the Garmraid….!

Aqua: It’s the MODEL-X!

Erde: *chuckles* … Let’s get this started, Aqua.

*Cue Eita crying*

Erde: *chuckles* It’s not over yet.

*Oh, more.*

Tetsuya: Guh! They’re!

Erde: *chuckles* This machine is just like the Ignite. It’s capable of Reversible Transformation.

Aqua: Erde!

Hugo: You’re onboard that thing?!

Erde: That’s right. The TE Absorber prototype unit 10…. The Model-X. No, really, it isn’t a prototype anymore. It has the combined abilities of the Garmraid and the Cerberus, and it surpasses the Blaze and the Ignite…. This is the final result of the Tsentr Project. With AI1 and Lazumunanium in this Garberus, it is the single most powerful humanoid weapon ever made.

Hugo: So that’s why you went after Aqua and me… And the chief…!

Erde: He really was pitiable, that Albero.

Hugo: You bitch!

Erde: Now that the Garberus is complete, it doesn’t matter. Nor do you, Aqua. I’ll get rid of the both of you here.

Aqua: I… I’ll…!

Erde: Kill me?

Aqua: …

Erde: You’re such a foolish, thoughtless girl…. Even after everything I’ve taught you up till now.

Aqua: Sh-shut up!

Hugo: Erde Mitte…! You used us…. And the Chief… and even Foglia…. You’ll pay for that. Right now.

Erde: Used…? He simply tried to mess with things beyond him. Though I suppose he found out the truth in the end. After all, it was really Professor Zapad that started this… well, now that he’s dead, it doesn’t matter.

Aqua: What?!

Hugo: He’s dead?!

Erde: That’s right. He rejected AI1, so I killed him.

Aqua: !!

Hugo: Seriously?!

Erde: Mmhmm.

Hugo: Are you sane…?!

Erde: Of course I am. I’m simply continuing my research. It’s perfectly logical to kill anyone who gets in the way of that.

Touma: You fiend…!

Excellen: She is really going for the textbook definition of evil bitch.

Erde: But all I did was help Lt. Hugo on his little revenge kick. That professor was the reason that the Cry Wolves were destroyed. I figured he would be thankful.

Aqua: Y-you’re the worst kind of person!

Hugo: …So you wanted to shut Mitarl’s mouth? Or was it to take control of the entire Project?

Erde: I already told you. Everything is for AI1. He wants to see the world when it’s interwoven with Lazumunanium.

Hugo: If you want to research that kind of thing, do it in your dreams! I’m sick of getting caught up in your damn schemes! I’ll get you back, for the Chief and Foglia, too!

Erde: *chuckles* … Even with all of your combined might, you won’t be able to damage Garberus. The data from the fight will simply help AI1 get stronger. You will feed him, and then die.

Victory: Defeat the Canis Altarf, Trilobite, and Garberus.

*Erde V Aqua*

Erde: Aqua… I’ll let you hear the last thing I want you to do for me.

Aqua: I won’t do anything for you! Erde Mitte… you…. Everything you’ve done till now…! I’ll make you pay for it!

*Feff V Ing*

Feff: Ing… My son. It seems like your memories have yet to return.

Ing: Egret Feff!

Feff: That’s right, I’m your creator.

Ing: What are you plotting!? Why do I have these psychic powers?! No, what am I?! What were you trying to do with me?!

Feff: Didn’t Egretta already tell you? You don’t need to know that.

Ing: Then I’ll make you tell me!

Feff: (…Good. Those emotions will foster your power even more. You’ve risen up to this point in your journey to become The Decider. And now there’s a fork in the road to your destiny…

*Feff V Sanger*

Sanger: Egret Feff… We meet again, on the battlefield.

Feff: Yes, there was something I needed to see for myself.

Sanger: …Ing?

Feff: …And your death. You stole the Magus and Sophia Nate from me, and ruined my plans…. You will pay for that.

Sanger: All you will see is my blade cleaving you in twain! Leave this world alongside your ambition!

Feff: (Even if that happens, it is just another result of my experiment. And no matter what happens, you will all...

*Blow up Feff*

Feff: I-Impossible…! They’ve done so much damage with just…

Ing: Answer me, Egret Feff! What are you really after?! Why did you give me this power?!

Feff: I-It’s a shame… I won’t be able to see how this will all play out…

Ing: Damn! Even if I have to pull you out of the wreckage, I’ll get my answer![1]

Feff: Th-there’s no point… this is… just one of the conclusions…


Ing: …!!

Rio: Th-the one lead Ing had on his past…

Ratsel: However, even if he had given an answer, in the state he was in, we wouldn’t know if it would have been the truth.

Ing: …

Ratsel: There’s still Alteur and Almara. All has not been lost to the abyss.

Ing: (That’s right… Alteur… That man…)

*is Egretta still alive?*

Egretta:  Papa….

Ing: Egretta!

Egretta: Heh, did you really think I’d get sad or angry over his death?

Ing: !

Egretta: It was bound to happen. He may have been the creator of the Machinery Children, but he wasn’t like me.

Excellen: Huh. I had him pegged as a daddy’s boy.

Egretta: Heh. As long as the I exist, the plan’s still in motion. But before that… Ing, I’ll kill you. I don’t know what Papa meant for you to do… But this world doesn’t need an Egret Ing.

*Oh noes*

Egretta: That’s right! There’s no way a copy could ever surpass the original!

*Erde V Hugo*

Erde: With the completion of this Garberus, the Tsentr Project will move into the next stage. It’s a shame you won’t be around to see it.

Hugo: Who would even want to see something like that? And we’ll be the ones to decide if you and AI1 get to live to see the future!

*Ing V Egretta*

Egretta: Ing! Even if you’ve come this far, there’s still no need for you to know the truth!

Ing: I told you! You can’t beat me and my EX-Exbein!

Egretta: I’ll crush you before you can try to defend those words! You and your past!

*Do Damage to Garberus, you know this was coming*

Erde: Lazumunanium, CA Control.

*Not as much, though*

Erde: …!

Josh: Damn, it regenerated!

Aqua: But not as much as before. Are the adjustments incomplete…?

Hugo: Then we should be able to damage it more than it can recover!

Kai: Everyone near the Garberus, focus your fire on it! Don’t give it time to regenerate!

Erde: (I should have cleared all the hurdles. And it worked fine in the test… so why…? Is it not an internal problem, but an external one…?)

*Erde V Ariel*

Erde: Ariel Org… How’s your body holding up?

Ariel: ! You know about the Idealants’….

Erde: Such a pitiful doll. You should just die here.

Ariel: I… I can’t let it end here!

*Blow up Garberus*

Erde: It got damaged this much in such a short time….! But that just means he learned a lot. Now, AI1, show me the results. You can still fight…. Use the full power of the Garberus.


Erde: ?!

Hugo: You can’t recover anymore!

Erde: No! There was no error response! What are you doing, AI1?!

Hugo: This is the end, Erde Mitte!

Aqua: AI1 hasn’t fully merged with the Garberus! The lack of regeneration is proof enough of that!

Erde: That’s impossible, the fitting went flawlessly! It was even easier than the Medius!

Hugo: Without the Chief to help you manipulate your machine, you and the AI1 can’t hope to beat us!

Erde: That… That means…


Aqua: !!

Rio: I-It was destroyed…?!

Hugo: Aqua, what do the scans say…?!

Aqua: …No sign of the Garberus…

Hugo: …

Aqua: This… this is the end of our involvement in the Tsentr Project….

Hugo: …Yeah. (Chief… Foglia… the Cry Wolves…. We’ve gotten rid of the people who warped our destiny.)

Aqua: (…Erde…)

*Arado V Egretta*

Egretta: Bronzo 28…. I can’t neglect the removal of a stain such as yourself any longer. Today, you’ll be erased from this world…. Completely!

Arado: I don’t feel like having you around anymore, either! We’re settling this, right now!

*sanger V Egretta*

Egretta: Sanger Zonvolt! It’s your turn to be sent to hell!

Sanger: Laughable! You will regret ever waking up from your eternal slumber!

*Ariel V Egretta*

Egretta: Ariel… I’ll end your life.

Ariel: I still have things I need to do! I will choose when and where I die!

*Seolla V Egretta*

Egretta: So Chienne wasn’t strong enough to stop you. Well, whatever, the end result will be the same.

Seolla: You’re right, it’ll be just like at the Earth Cradle…! You can’t stop us!

*Sucks to be you Egretta*

Egretta: …Hmm… I didn’t think you’d be able to get this far… But, I told you… You cannot defeat me!


Rio: Ahh!

Egretta: Hahaha! I’ll come back however many times it takes! As long as I have the Machine Cells, I can revive! Even after you’re all dead, I’ll live on! As the true Gaia Saber! No, as the ruler of the world!

Ing: …Egretta, do you know the truth?

Egretta: Even if I do, there’s no point in telling you! You’re going to die here, after all!

Ing: I… cannot let this end here. Mk-X to Steel 2! I’m using the BBC!

Azuki: Steel 2, roger! Connecting!

Egretta: No matter what you do, it’s over! You’re just a copy!

Ing: No! It’s over for YOU!

*Ing shoots a black hole so strong his clothes are ripped off*

Egretta: I-impossible! I... I’m the originator!!!

Ing: …

*Is Feff alive?*

Feff: (...And now he’s defeated Uruz. You are above even my greatest expectations, Ing… The door will open now. I’ll leave the rest to you…)

*Oh hey, you killed everything*

Alteur: …After committing such a grave crime, you still refuse to admit it…. And you’ve even done something as foolish as ambushing Grand Christmas. It appears the lauded Heroes of Earth, the Steel Dragons, have withered into a bumbling brigade of idiots.

Tetsuya: I have explained, time and again, how we wish to address the suspicions leveled against us when and where the law says we should. You did not allow us to do this, sent your entire force in pursuit of us, and attacked us openly.

Alteur: Of course. Because you did not follow my orders.

Tetsuya: I do not follow unjust orders[2].

Alteur: And Gaspard Gillan… He has used you to try to ruin us.

Ratsel: Alteur Steinbeck…. You manipulated everyone in order to create the situation we’re in now, didn’t you?

Alteur: And on what grounds do you make this accusation?

Ratsel: If you had truly wished to subdue us, you had plenty of opportunities until now. You created to perfect alibi to use to attack us. But instead, you held back just short of dealing the finishing blow. Even if that was to acquire our machines for yourself… There would have been better ways to defeat us than simply sending your troops after us. Instead… you used this opportunity to turn the world against us. Correct?

Alteur: … Are you saying I planned to kill President Glassman? To gain prestige as the savior of this world?

Ratsel: I thought that at one point. But not only is it too forceful of a move, there’s too many holes. After all, there are already whispers in Congress accusing you of masterminding the whole thing.

Alteur: I am certainly at fault for not protecting the late President. However, accusing me of a crime beyond that is going too far.

Ratsel: That’s the thing. If it really was an accident, you cannot run away from your own part in it. You can claim that the unusual situation made a lapse in your judgements … but you would not be able to escape the inquiry from Congress. Even if that weren’t true, there are many who distrust you.

Alteur: I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do what’s necessary. Aren’t you the same? Not only do you have anti-federation forces in your number, but even Melior Esse are counted among your fighting forces.

Josh: …

Alteur: In order to truly become the defender of this world, you need to be open-minded enough to accept help wherever you can find it. You’re exactly the same as I am, in that regard.

Ratsel: But where we differ is in our intentions. For you, the protection and control of the earth sphere is just one part of your overall goals, is it not? Now, after you’ve thrown away all of the soldiers who fought for you, you’re still planning something grander, are you not?

Alteur: Oh…? I think you’re making me out to be more devious than I am.

Ratsel: If you were pursuing a completely different objective, then it would explain your current reckless actions. And your plans somehow involve us. That’s why you didn’t stop us, but instead lead us here. Even while ignoring the grave peril the earth currently finds itself in.

Alteur: …

Ratsel: There’s some reason why you need to settle this fight with us right here and now, isn’t there?

Alteur: Impressive reasoning. You’re saying I needed to lose my own forces to advance my goal? What would be the point of that? Are you implying that I’m searching for something powerful enough to defeat me, like Bian Zoldark did, or even like your father, Mayer V. Branstein?

Ratsel: Doctor Bian and my father wanted to ensure the Earth would be able to stand up against the coming alien threats. But you have a different agenda…. What exactly are you planning? No, before that, who exactly are you?

Alteur: I and my Gaia Sabers are the sword that protects the world. I have used every means at my disposal to protect the Earth Sphere and ensure its continuation.

Ratsel: …

Ing: …Does that include creating me and having me face off against Almara?

Almara: (Ing…)

Alteur: That I simply did because it was interesting. When a defective member of the Machinery Children escaped and awakened to unexpected powers… I simply wanted to gauge how far he could progress.

Rio: You’re saying everything with Ing was a coincidence? That he has no memories, and that he has psychic abilities?

Alteur: Yes, he’s simply irregular. I was simply toying with him, knowing his memories would never return. In other words, he’s defective. I’ll get rid of him here.

Ing: …!

Almara: I’ve received my orders. I’m going to destroy you, Egret Ing.

Alteur: We have nothing more to talk about. In the name of the Gaia Sabers, we will dispose of the rebels.

Axel: Seriously? Look at the situation here. You’ve got basically nothing left to throw at us.

Tetsuya: …Major Kai, if possible…

Kai: You would like to take Alteur into custody?

Tetsuya: Yes.

Kai: …Understood. I’ll do my best.

Tetsuya: All hands! To uncover the truth, we cannot falter here! Begin the attack!

Victory: Shoot down the Air Christmas.

Defeat: Ing is shot down, the Hagane is shot down.

*Ing V Almara*

Almara: You’ve outlived your usefulness! I’ll obliterate you! You and that machine of yours!

Ing: I haven’t found my answer yet…

Almara: No matter what you know, that won’t change the fact that you’ll die! No, it’s better for you to die without knowing anything! Perish along with your damned raven, Egret Ing!

*Blow her up*

Almara: D-damn you… Damn you, Ing!

Ing: My power may not be my own, but I’m the one using it. I won’t let things go as you plan.

Almara: Lord Alteur, I…!


Alteur: (…Good work, Almara.)

Ing: Alteur…. You’re all that’s left!

*Tetsuya V Alteur*

Carly: Tetsuya Onodera… You are not in the right. You should admit your crimes and surrender here.

Tetsuya: I’m betting my life on being able to bring this to light! And to be able to settle this score with you!

*Ing V Alteur*

Ing: Alteur, my power wasn’t given to me by accident. It’s something you gave me.

Alteur: Heh… You’re pretty suspicious about things. I guess that makes sense, given that your memories haven’t come back yet.

Ing: I’ll capture you, and learn the truth…. That’s why I’m here!

Alteur: (Heh. His final stage is quite extraordinary.)

*Blow it up*

Eita: Air Christmas has gone dark!

Tetsuya: Take Alteur into custody!

Alteur: Heh, hehehehe…

Ing: ?!

Alteur: You’ve come one step closer… to the true being that protects this world….

Ariel: Wh-what are you talking about?

Rahda: Isn’t it a bit late to try to come clean?

Bullet: N-no way!

Excellen: You don’t really expect us to believe that, do you?

Alteur: I leave the rest to you, Steel Dragons…

Kyosuke: Not falling for it…![3]

Alteur: This… is what I wanted. You are protectors of this earth. Now, go… Defeat the Ruina, and bring piece back to our planet!


Kai: A self-destruct mechanism?!

Tetsuya: What’s the status on the ship!?

Eita: It’s sinking into the sea!

*And more explosions*

Tetsuya: !!

Eita: A-air Christmas has exploded!

Tetsuya: I-impossible…!

Excellen: What’s going on…?!

Ratsel: So you’re taking your secrets to the grave, then, Alteur Steinbeck…!

*Back inside*

Jacob: Good work, everyone. Leave the rest of the cleanup to the Federation army. If we can find any proof towards Alteur setting you up, the suspicions against you will be alleviated.

Tetsuya: But we were unable to capture Alteur… He’s lost, along with his plans.

Jacob: We’ll just have to guess what it was from what he left behind.

Tetsuya: Yes, sir….

Kai: Lt. General Jacob, are we still unable to contact our forces in space?

Jacob: Indeed. We still have no clues as to how to break through the Baral’s barrier.

Ratsel: While we were occupied with Grand Christmas, I expected them to make some sort of move… but they’re still quiet?

Jacob: That’s right… I believe they’re still planning for their Mass Transcendence Project, so unless we find some way to break through the barrier, we’ll have to deal with them somehow. Until then, we will continue with Operation Icebreaker, and hit the Ruina first. We’d like you to push into Fabula Fores. I know it’s tough for you, having just finished your previous fight, but you need to head for Antarctica immediately.

Tetsuya: Understood.


Excellen: …I don’t like the way that ended. We still don’t know exactly what Alteur was after….

Rahda: There’s more mysteries than ever before. It’d be nice if the investigation turns something up, but….

Ariel: (We still haven’t seen Duvan…. Where is he…?)

Seolla: I knew it coming into the fight, but Chienne…

Arado: They knew. We were with them at the school. They knew we wouldn’t give up without a fight.

Latooni: …

Aqua: (Erde… Until the end, you were…)

Hugo: Aqua… Don’t believe everything that Erde said. You don’t have to listen to her.

Aqua: Right…

Ing: (Alteur… Feff… Egretta…. Everyone who knew about my past… Now I….)

Ryoto: Ing… If you want to know about your past, I can ask Major Kai, and then…

Ing: No…. I still have enemies to fight. I am in charge of my own power and will. I will use them to fight the Ruina and the Baral.

Rio: Are you… Okay with that?

Ing: Yes…. I’d rather be with you in Antarctica than at Grand Christmas.

*Meanwhile, in Paris*

Daniel: In the first round of inspections at Grand Christmas, the inspectors found 17 Archin in their hangars.

Gaspard: Hmmm… So that’s what he used to assassinate the president.

Daniel: However, because the facilities to deal with the EOT technology were damaged in the explosion, the inspection will take some time.

Gaspard: …Understood.

Daniel: The commander… What do you think Alteur was really after?

Gaspard: He was like Bian Zoldark… He probably lost what he was truly after.

Daniel: Truly…?

Gaspard: In any case, now the status quo is safe. All that’s left…. To make sure things go smoothly after the fighting is over, we need to expel the Ruina and Baral from our world.

*Elsewhere, near the south pole*

Tetsuya: We’ll be in Antarctica soon. It’s nice that we got here without incident.

Eita: Thanks to the Baral’s Barrier, we don’t have to worry about the Guests, at least….

Azuki: C-captain!

Tetsuya: What’s wrong? You don’t have to shout.

Azuki: We have a message from Dragon 2… from the Hiryuu Custom! They’re not in space, they’re in Antarctica!

Tetsuya: Wh-what?!


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[1] He says “that man”. It probably refers to Feff, but who the fuck knows. Japanese.

[2] That’s his opinion. But it sounds weird to say that in English.

[3] ???? I have no idea what this really means, but that’s the feeling I get.