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Azuki: Captain, there’s a message from the rear battalions. The Meridiem Polum has disappeared. It seems like as soon as it went down, the south pole was covered by the Baral barrier.

Tetsuya: So the Baral helped us to fulfill their own objectives… Are they moving?

Azuki: They haven’t been seen since the last Ruina machines were destroyed.

Tetsuya: …Eita, anything from the Cross Gate?

Eita: There’s still a substantial amount of energy coming from it, but it doesn’t look like anything else is going to appear.

Tetsuya: I see… I guess we can thank Ventus for that…

Azuki: …Chris, too.

Tetsuya: !

Azuki: Josh gave us the details. Ventus and her are together, now.

Tetsuya: I see…

Rim: …

Josh: …Rim…

Rim: ...Bro, I’m not going to cry anymore.

Josh: …!

Rim: I’m… I’m here now. Even though Chris is gone, Cliana Rimskaya is still here… So that means Chris is still alive. She said we’ll meet again… And Ven, too. I believe her…

Josh: … Riana… You and Chris are both part of my family. No matter what happens, that will never change. I’m sure Dad thought so too…

Rim: Yeah… It’s been a long and hard road… But I’m sure Father would be proud of us…

Glacies: …

Joshua: Laki…

Glacies: This Fabularis and I still remain. Along with your Sympathia… Meaning his key still exists on this side… as well as the Gate.

Josh: …I know. But there’s still things we have to do, and we need to use these machines to do them. There’s still obstacles in our way…

Glacies: The Baral.

Josh: Yeah. We can seal away these machines after we rid the earth of them.

Glacies: If you’re going to fight, Josh, then I’ll come with you…

*Uh oh*

Kai: Even though we defeated Perfectio, the Cross Gate is still here. And it still functions…. What exactly is it?

Gilliam: I don’t think it was created by the people who built the Sympathia.

Kai: …

Ratsel: Are you saying it was a mystery to them, as well?

Gilliam: Yeah…. It was here first, and for some reason, those people came through it…. Maybe they weren’t able to return to where they came from. Just like… Me.

Axel: …

Gilliam: And while they were looking for a way to return home, they learned of the Ruina. To fight the Ruina, those people created the Sympathia and the Res Arcana…. And to seal the Cross Gate, they built this Fabula Fores.

Ratsel: They were able to stop the Lord of Ruin from coming into this world temporarily… And they gave their lives for that cause.

Gilliam: That’s right.

Masaki: There’s something I don’t get. Why didn’t they just destroy the Cross Gate itself? Without an exit, the Lord of Ruin wouldn’t be able to come to this world.

Gilliam: The first thing that comes to mind… is that they were hoping to use the Cross Gate to return to their original home.

Shiro: Then wouldn’t they just hop back into the gate?

Lamia: They probably had no guarantee they could find their way home… It’s likely that there were many people coming from parallel worlds that were already destroyed, like Shadow Mirror.

Gilliam: The second thing I can think of…. Is that if the Cross Gate were destroyed, there would be a calamitous event.

Kouta: By that, you mean…

Gilliam: Something at least on the scale of the Lord of Ruin, I would think.

Axel: (I never heard anything about destroying the Cross Gate when I was in that world…)

Masaki: So they had no choice but to leave it be…?

Sean: … Captain, what should we do?

Lefina: I don’t believe it’s wise to destroy it right now. We need to stay alert and conduct a full investigation.

Sean: But with the Baral overhead having completed their barrier…

Lefina: I know. Contact the rear battalion, and have them guard this place.

Ryuusei: We still don’t know why some of us remember the Cross Gate…

Rai: Yeah, there’s still many things we don’t know. Like why the Cross Gate activated when it did…

Ryuusei: Isn’t that because the Lord of Ruin was coming through?

Rai: I mean before that.

Josh: Perfectio said there was some other factor… do you think he meant the devices Alteur Steinbeck gave Re-tech to make the Sympathia work better?

Rai: Yeah, I do.

Josh: I heard it was based on the T-LINK system…

Rai: Aya, do you know anything about that?

Aya: No… Nothing, sorry.

Rai: …Even if Alteur got his hands on the T-link system’s information illegally… Why would it make the Sympathia function better, and also activate the Cross Gate…? That’s worrying.

Ryuusei: The Gaia Saviors were testing a lot of new weapons. Maybe it was just a lucky break that things worked out?

Rai: Coincidence? It could be, or…

Ryuusei: I don’t think even Alteur could see that many moves ahead in his chess game….

Rai: What if Alteur knew about the Cross Gate from the beginning?

Ryuusei: That’s ridiculous…

Shu: (So someone else shares my suspicions…)

Ratsel: What my brother’s saying is not impossible. There could be other people who got the sensation of Déjà vu from seeing the Cross Gate.

Josh: Meaning the reason Alteur offered those devices to Re Tech….

Rai: He predicted that the Sympathia had something to do with the Cross Gate, and he wanted to see its true nature.

Ryuusei: Then why wouldn’t he come here first?

Aya: Could he have left the exploration of the Fabula Fores to Re Tech because he had some kind of proof of what would happen…?

Rai: Maybe he had access to a Cross Gate in another location, and was able to fully appraise the potential of that one.

Josh: He was content watching Re-Tech from afar until we produced results…

Ryuusei: So he called dibs on the suspicious ruins at the south pole… and made that device?

Rai: Yeah.

Ratsel: Still, we don’t know why Alteur… Why the Gaia saviors valued settling their fight with us more than Operation Icebreaker.

Rai: That’s…true.

Sanger: Regardless of all that, Alteur is dead. No matter what we speculate, that will not change.

Rai: …

Ibis: …

Tsugumi: …Ibis, are you thinking about Irui?

Ibis: Yeah... If she had that kind of power…. She could have some connection with the Baral… She left us and went to them… I think she and the Custodes are….

Tsugumi: …There’s plenty of evidence to support that theory.

Kusuha: If there’s a connection between the Custodes and Irui… Then the reason they saved us so many times…

Sleigh: But after the Garden of Baral rose into the air, the Fish-type Custodes attacked us.

Ibis: But then they opened up a path to the Meridiem Polum…

Sleigh: That helped the Baral in the end, too. The Custodes are under the control of the Baral… They’re our enemies.

Ibis: Would… Would you say that about Irui, too? After she gave us courage when we were about to falter before Perfectio’s negative energy?

Sleigh: …

Tsugumi:  Maybe it’s no coincidence that Irui met us….

Ibis: Then why? What was she trying to do by contacting us?

Tsugumi: I…

Seolla: If the Baral were the ones who took Irui, then it could be…

Bullet: It could be related to the power she showed us…

Kusuha: And what did she mean by saying it was the last thing she could do for us…?

Ibis: …

Sanger: … All of these questions are things we need to find the answers for ourselves. We should proceed to the Garden of Baral.

Ibis: (That’s right… We have to go. And then…)


Sean: Captain, we’ve confirmed all units have returned to us. And it looks like Professor Cliff and Professor Wong are going to stay here to study the Cross Gate.

Lefina: Understood.

Sean: The federation battalions will be arriving here soon. Should we…

Eun: C-Captain!

Lefina: What’s wrong?

Eun: We have a message from Son Ganglong of the Baral!

Lefina: What…?!

Sean: I’m pretty sure he’s not sending us a thank-you card.

Lefina: …Eun, patch it through.

Eun: Roger.

Ganglong: Heyo! This is Son Ganglong from Baral!

Lefina: ….

Ganglong: Man, you’re no fun. I’m just in a good mood, because you got rid of the Lord of Ruin for us. As a show of my thanks, I’d like to invite you to the Garden of Baral.

Lefina: …Why would you do that?

Ganglong: To reward you! Don’t worry, we’ll bust out the good wine!

Sean: Along with the Beast Mechanoids, JakuBuOu, and the Yokijin, I imagine.

Ganglong: Wow, you guys really are itching for a fight, huh.

Sean: I’m afraid we humans just don’t know when to quit.[1]

Ganglong: Well, we’ll have more time to chat when we meet in person. I’ll open the Gates of Baral, so come as you like.

Lefina: The Gates of Baral?

Ganglong: Just like it sounds, it’s a small gate through our barrier… A little hole for you to sneak through. But we’re only inviting you. If anyone else were to use it, I imagine they’d die. Anywhooo…. See ya!

Lefina: …

Sean: He’s certainly bold, I’ll give him that. What should we do?

Lefina: We’ll report to Lt. General Jacob Moore, then head to the Garden of Baral.

Sean: He didn’t mention how we would actually let us through the barrier…. Don’t you think it could be a trap?

Lefina: With the way things are now, there’s nothing else we can do. XO, put in a course that will let us rendezvous with the Garden of Baral. I’ll contact Lt. General Moore, and request supplies.

Sean: Understood. Let’s hurry.


Sean: Current altitude, 250KM. Moving to stage 3 of the rendezvous sequence.

Lefina: All hands at level 1 battle alert.

Sean: Roger, sending the alert.

Lefina: Does it look like anything’s going to open?

Sean: No, no movement on their part yet. Should I ready the main gravity cannon or the Tronium Buster Cannon to be safe?

Lefina: To attack them directly when the gate opens, you mean?

Sean: Well when you put it like that, I suppose it does sound a little impolite.

Lefina: H-MAP weapons had no effect on the Garden of Baral, and if Ganglong was telling the truth, then a surprise attack would probably be useless.

Sean: So it looks like we really have no other options…

Kouta: …From here, it looks like the entire world is blue, you know?

Mio: Yeah… because we’re still under the Baral’s barrier. Thinking about the earth being yellowish green just gives me the creeps[2]. It’s gotta be blue.

Kouta: I agree. That’s why we gotta do something and get the Baral outta here.

Glacies: So that’s… the earth.

Josh: That’s right… I guess this is the first time you’ve seen it from here.

Glacies: That what I… What the Ruina were trying to destroy.

Josh: …

Glacies: When I look at that blue light, I feel something welling up in my chest… I don’t know… what it is…

Tytti: That’s just the feeling you get when you look at something beautiful.

Glacies: A… feeling….

Shouko: You’re just as beautiful, Glacies. If I were a boy, I wouldn’t be able to leave you alone!

Glacies: You mean I’m… Beautiful?

Shouko: Yeah. Even the other girls think so.

Tytti: You’re a cool beauty, just like you’re expect from your name.

Glacies: ….

Josh: Laki?

Glacies: What do you mean by… not leaving me alone?

Mio: She means trying to seduce you, like Irm does to every woman he meets.

Glacies: Seduce?

Irm: I’m sorry, I don’t have the time or the energy to attempt fruitless endeavors.

Mio: Fruitless… Ah, I get it.

Josh: …Wh-why is everyone looking at me?

Irm: That’s all the time we have today, kids. It’s a level one battle alert, get in your mechs already.


Eita: There’s a 40km wide space distortion appearing around our ships!

Tetsuya: They’re here! Open all safety locks! Prepare to fire!

Eita: Aha! There’s a high-energy reading dead ahead! I-it’s defusing!

Tetsuya: Emergency evasion!

Eita: We won’t make it in time!

Tetsuya: !!

Chapter 60: Greatest of the Four Dragons

Azuki: W-where are we?!

Tetsuya: It’s just like back then… We’re at a hermitage!

Eita: There’s a large number of demons near the ship!

Tetsuya: Send out our fireteams, quick!

*Deploy screen*

Ganglong: Welcome to my hermitage, ladies and gentlemen of the Steel Dragons.

Kusuha: Bullet, over there!

Bullet: It’s Son Ganglong!

Ganglong: That’s right. Guess it’s the first time we’ve met face to face. First, I’d like to express my sincere thanks for sealing away the Lord of Ruin. He was a huge problem for us. You really saved our asses there.

Katina: God, you’re annoying! We didn’t do it for you! Get off your damn high horse!

Ganglong: Oh, don’t be like that. We were planning on invading the south pole if you were destroyed by the Lord of Ruin. And we did clean up the remains of the Ruina, so you could at least give us a little credit, here.

Ratsel: But you really just wanted us to buy you some time, correct?

Ganglong: How perceptive of you. The base framework for our paradise may be completed, but we need more time before we’re able to start our Mass Transcendence Project.

Touma: How much time is left?!

Ganglong: Oh, I’d say about 5 minutes.

Touma: Wh-what?!

Ganglong: Or was it 5 hours, 5 days? Hell, might even be 5 years! Aahahahaha!

Masaki: He’s making fun of us!

Ganglong: Oh right, there was one other thing I wanted to thank you for. Thanks for being so nice to our priestess.

Tsugumi: Priestess?!

Bullet: D-do you mean Irui?!

Ganglong: Yes, indeed I do.

Kusuha: !!

Ibis: Guh…!

Bullet: So you were the people who took her away!

Ganglong: Well that’s a rude way of putting it. She’s a priestess to the God of Baral…. She’s needed for the Mass Transcendence Project.

Ibis: That can’t be! Irui’s just…!

Ganglong: It’s true. You know full well that she has an unusual power.

Sleigh: So that’s why she had the Custodes….!

Ibis: She can’t be part of Baral! She was so kind!

Ganglong: Sorry, but the truth is the truth.

Seolla: Then why was she with us…?

Tsugumi: We were set up… to contact her….?

Arado: That’s… impossible!

Sanger: …

Ibis: I can’t believe it! Even if that’s true, they must be doing something to twist Irui’s will!

Ganglong: If you really want to know the whole truth, there are two things you can do. The first is for you to undergo Transcendence in the name of the god of Baral, and become Xian….

Sanger: Or for us to defeat you, and go to the Garden ourselves.

Ganglong: Correct. And given how many times Kanan and Thaihou have asked you to Transcend, I take it you’re not interested in the former. I suppose that will of yours was the reason why you could deal with the Lord of Ruin… But I want your power, to toughen the defenses of our Paradise, and to fight the Evil Oligarchs that will try to lead our world to carnage.[3]

Sanger: We refuse.

Ganglong: But if you all stop being humans, you’ll all be happier.

Lamia: I wasn’t a human to begin with.

Ganglong: Then it’ll be even more interesting for you to live in our Paradise. It’s still a worldly realm, so there’ll be feasts!

Ranshao: Talking about paradise and feasts… that’s not something I’d expect a hermit to say.

Yang Long: You can say that again.

Ganglong: You guys are stubborn, huh. I’m just trying to be accommodating.

Rishu: Just like my ancestors before me, I have no ears for your foolish words.

Ganglong: Huh? Ancestors?

Rishu: My name is Rishu Togoh. I wonder if you remember that name.

Ganglong: Togoh, Togoh…. Ahh, Ryuuma Togoh? Or was it Shuma? Whoever that soldier was. Man, that takes me back. Bunrei and Hirei, Jabeth, Edward and Alissa Grims, Klaus Branstein…

Ratsel: !

Ganglong: And V.B. … She was a Branstein too, I think.

Rai: Branstein…!?

Ganglong: Oh, are her descendants here? Well that’s a nice twist of fate. Or is it the will of my god? Whatever. I gave you a chance… now I guess I’ll have to break your bodies and your wills. Oh, and I may kill you in the attempt, but don’t worry too much about that!

Shu: Thanks for the offer, but I’ve had enough near death experiences.

Ganglong: Anyway, Kukuru…. Please deal with them. When you’ve succeeded. I’ll let your family’s spirits go.

Kukuru: …You won’t go back on your word?

Ganglong: Of course. Anyway, good luck.

Carla: What does she mean by family…?!

Sanger: Kukuru…

Rishu: I see, so that’s why she’s fighting for them.

Kukuru: That is unrelated to our fight. I shall send anyone who opposes my lord to hell!

Sanger: Wrong!  My sword will survive!

Chapter 60: Greatest of the Four Dragons

Victory: Shoot down the Magarga

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down, Bullet, Kusuha, or Sanger are shot down.

SR point: ???

*Kukuru V Sanger*

Kukuru: You have opposed us many times before, but it has all been for naught!

Sanger: Just as you yourself once experienced?

Kukuru: …!

Sanger: Kukuru, you know that deep down, you don’t want to fight for the Baral. Am I wrong?

Kukuru: I told you! It has nothing to do with you!

*Rishu V Kukuru*

Rishu: We know why you’re working for the Baral now!

Kukuru: Old fool! Today is the day I send you below!

*Bullet V Kukuru*

Bullet: Do they have your family as hostages…?

Kukuru: That has nothing to do with you! If you will not let the Four Gods do their duties, then I will send them on!

Bullet: Their duties aren’t to help the Baral! Son Ganglong said that, too!

*Kusuha V Kukuru*

Kusuha: Weren’t you once fighting against the Baral?! Just like RyuKoOu!

Kukuru: Silence! If they dare to oppose the God of Baral, then even the 4 Gods will be sent to hell, like the Evil Oligarchs!

*blow her up*

Kukuru: Guuuuh! If I can’t stop them, then….

Sanger: Kukuru!

Kukuru: I, I cannot fail! If I were to perish, then my father and mother would…


Kukuru: !

*Oh noes*

Kukuru: Aaaaahhh!

Ganglong: No running away now, Kukuru.

Kukuru: Lord Ganglong?!

Ganglong: Well, it’s not like I expected anything more from you. But you’ll be useful for one last thing. We get to show the Steel Dragons exactly what happens to people who oppose us…. They get eaten by ToTetsuOu.

Kukuru: N-no! I…!

Ganglong: I mean, you did good work for us up till now…. So I’ll send you to your father.

Kukuru: Wh-what?!

Ganglong: Of course. He’s in ToTetsuOu’s Stomach.

Kukuru: B-but I saw my father and mother inside of that crystal in the Garden of Baral!

Ganglong: Ah, those... They’re pretty good effigies, right?

Kukuru: Nooooooo!

Masaki: What do you mean, effigies?!

Yang Long: He means the kinds of statues that would be buried alongside their likenesses.

Kusuha: Th-then that means…

Rishu: …That Kukuru was being deceived by Ganglong.

Kukuru: I… What… What have I been fighting for….

Ganglong: Oh, isn’t that obvious?

Kukuru: ?!

Ganglong: You’ve been tenderizing your meat for ToTetsuOu! Good bye! And good night! Hahahahaha!

Kukuru: Father! Mother!


Kukuru: ! S-Sanger?!

Sanger: …

Ganglong: Oh ho, what’s this?

Sanger: Son Ganglong…. I will not sit back and watch this play out.

Ganglong: What are you saying? She’s tried to kill you more than a few times!

Sanger: And you are the reason she did so.

Ganglong: You’re so soft. But I guess that’s why the priestess took a shine to you.

Ibis: What’s that supposed to mean!?

Ganglong: Eh, it’s nothing. Now you get to fight KyuKiOu and ToTetsuOu, two of the Four Beasts of the Mechanoids. You probably already know that they’re not exactly the type to show mercy. Oh, and since I’m so nice, I’ll tell you one more thing… If you get eaten by them, there’s not even going to be a corpse left. Your soul will be devoured, and you will be completely erased from existence.

Kukuru: Son Ganglong….! I will never forgive you! Never!

Ganglong: Are you going to try to fight me, Kukuru? You of all people should know what that means….

Kukuru: …!

Ganglong: If you fall out of good graces with our God, then that soul of yours will poof outta existence, right?

Sanger: ….!

Kusuha: Th-that’s!

Kukuru: I am a priestess of the other realm…. That would just be myself returning to where I belong. But you… You alone I cannot forgive! I will deal with my parents’ regrets with my own hands!

Ganglong: Oh, ok. Well, do your best.

Kukuru: …Sanger Zonvolt. I will not thank you.

Sanger: ….

Kukuru: But as of this moment, I am leaving the Baral, and I will punish the ones who deceived me!

Sanger: Very well… I will remember those words.

*Those guys look tough!*

Kusuha: The Four Beasts of the Mechanoids… We won’t lose to them!

Bullet: You can’t stop us…. You can’t stop Byakko and Seiryuu!

Victory: Defeat all enemies.

*Get some damages on ‘em*

Bullet: They’re…

Axel: Heh, looks like they’re getting serious.

*blow ‘em up, oh hi Kanan*

Kanan: …So they actually defeated the Four Beasts.

Thaihou: This turned into a great opportunity for us. Excellent, Excellent.

Kusuha: JakuBuOu….!

Kanan: Kusuha, We’re here to finish what we started last time. We’re here to break your spirit.

Kusuha: We’re here to protect the earth from people like yourselves… We will not lose to you!

Kanan: I’m sorry to say that with your human bodies, you will be unable to withstand the Evil Oligarchs. Without Transcendence, you will never achieve what you desire.

Bullet: That’s not true! We even defeated the Lord of Ruin!

Kanan: Only thanks to the intervention of our god.

Sanger: However, you attempted to seal the earth shut.

Kanan: I doubt people like you could understand, but when the earth is in trouble, that’s the best way to fix things. Isn’t that right, Ganglong?

*Oh noes*

Touma: W-what the hell is that?!

Arado: It’s huge!

Yang Long: Is that….

Bullet: Is that a Mechanoid?!

Kusuha: It looks like RyuOuKi… It’s a Dragon Mechanoid…!?

Ganglong: Yup. RyuOuKi is the Mechanoid of Seiryuu… While mine is the Mechanoid of Oryuu.

Kusuha: O-Oryuu?!

Yang Long: I see. The yellow dragon of Chinese Myth, Oryuu, the leader of the 4 dragons…. The Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, and Black Dragon… The one that rises above all the others.

Ganglong: Hey, you did your research. That’s right, the Mechanoids have a few different ranks. There’s the 4 Gods you know about, and the 4 Beasts you just defeated… there’s also the Four Punishments, somewhere out there. And my OryuKou is in the highest class of Mechanoid, the Four Spirits.

Kusuha: The Four Spirits… OryuKou….!

Ganglong: Yup. They’re the embodiment of every Mechanoid, and they exist to protect our Worldly Paradise. But it’s a shame. I can’t show you the other 3.

Mekibos: And why is that? That sounds like something I’d like to see.

Ganglong: There’s plenty of reasons… but I don’t really need to tell you. Now then… Show me what you’ve got.


Kusuha: Aaaahhh!

Bullet: Guh..!!

Ryuusei: Wh-what is this force?!

Ryoto: I-it’s overwhelming!

Ganglong: Oh, I forgot to mention, but I’m a psychic. It’s annoying to have it on all the time, so I usually suppress it.

Ing: This sensation….

Ganglong: (Oh, he’s…)

Ing: …

Ganglong: (Oh, I see. He was made that way. But I guess there were a lot more things mixed into him than me?)

Ing: (Is he… looking at me?)

Ganglong: Anywho, I’ll ask one more time. Any chance you guys want to call it here and come back with me?

Viletta: Our answer will always be the same…!

Kusuha: You’re not trying to protect our world, you’re threatening it!

Ganglong: So you say. Then I guess I’ll have to explain this again, slowly this time. It’s gonna take a bit, so hey, repair and resupply, if you want. Hell, go take a piss if you need to! But don’t change that channel! Hahaha!

Lune: How long is he gonna keep on insulting us…?!

Ganglong: Anywho. I’m pretty sure Kanan and Thaihou already told you, but way back when, it was none other than our God of Baral that saved the Earth when it was in a pretty tight spot. A long, long time ago, back when the earth was terrorized by demons and fay spirits…. What we called the Evil Oligarchs were threatening humanity, and destroying the environment. So, in order to fight off the Hundred Evils, people way back when made the Mechanoids… And the one who brought them all together was our lord, the protector god of the Earth, Gan Eden.

Latooni: Gan Eden….

Kai: So that’s the name of the Baral’s god…

Gilliam: …

Ing: Ugh….

Rio: What’s wrong, Ing?

Ing: N-nothing….

Shu: …

Ing: (It’s the same… just like at the Cross Gate…. When I heard the words Gan Eden… What does it….)

Ganglong: Anyway, then I slept for a long time, and this time, instead of Gan Eden, I’ve been chosen to protect the Earth. I remember everything so clearly. We got all of the 4 Spirits and 4 Gods, every one of the Mechanoids together under the banner of the Baral’s God… Though things went a bit wrong when the 4 punishments and 4 Beasts joined up with the Evil Oligarchs. Because of that, we had to start fighting the Yokijin…. Mechanoids that split from our forces. The fighting grew intense. The lands were scoured, the seas were split, and the heavens burned while the Baral and the Evil Oligarchs waged war…. Later, it became known as the Mechanoid Wars. That was the reason that the Mechanoids were considered demonic heralds of destruction in the old legends. Kusuha, Bullet…. I’m sure your Mechanoids in particular remember that.

Kusuha: !!

Shine: R-RyuKoOu was thought of….

Ganglong: Ayup. RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu betrayed Gan Eden during the Mechanoid Wars, and went over to the Evil Oligarchs’ side. And in order to bring them to justice, JakuBuOu went after them. That’s the start of their little feud. But we all know JakuBuOu was in the right. RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu forgot what they should have been fighting for, and joined up with the Evil Oligarchs.

Bullet: That’s a lie! RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu fought against the Einst!

Ganglong: And yet they’re so eager to turn their blades on us, the servants of Gan Eden…. What do you call those who stand against God but demons?

Kusuha: That’s not true! RyuKoOu is a Mechanoid who exists to protect the human realm…

Ganglong: Sounds like you’ve been deceived. After all, they need human spirits and psychic energy to exert their full power, after all.

Bullet: …

Kusuha: …

Ganglong: The Mechanoids don’t just protect the human realm, they must destroy the Evil Oligarchs they come across… In other words, they need to destroy anything that threatens this planet. You’re getting in their way, making you, your friends, RyuKoOu, and KoRyuOu all honorary members of the Evil Oligarchs.

Bullet: That’s… You’re not going to stop us with that kind of crap. RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu have worked with us time and again to save this world... And they’re still with us! If you really were really the good guys, and you were really trying to protect the Earth, then they wouldn’t be here!

Thaihou: Hmm?

Kanan: …!

Thaihou: I see, so Byakko’s pilot has a point. That’s excellent.

Ganglong: Hey hey, Grandpa, that’s kinda throwing a wet blanket on our conversation, isn’t it?

Thaihou: Oh, sorry, sorry.

Kanan: Ganglong, there’s no point in talking any more. When kids are acting out, the only thing that works is spanking them.

Ganglong: Well, I guess it’ll all end up the same, anyway.

Kanan: So let’s fight. Gan Eden has the Mashiach under control.

Ibis: Mashiach?

Seolla: Do they mean Irui?!

Kanan: That’s right. Gan Eden lets Mashiach use her true power. The proof of that is the resurrection of the Garden of Baral, and the protective shield around the earth.

Ibis: Th-that’s…!!

Arado: Irui did that?!

Touma: Th-that’s impossible!

Kanan: If you want to know the truth, go ask her yourselves. But that will be after you Transcend.

Ganglong: Then let’s get started. The Mechanoid Wars have officially recommenced!

Kusuha: Bullet!

Bullet: I believe in RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu! We’ve come this far together!

Ganglong: The one you should believe in is the God of Baral. I told you, those who believe will be saved!

Kyosuke: I’d rather not be saved, if it means going with you.

Axel: Sorry, I’m still an atheist.

Rishu: This is where I finally settle the Togoh clan’s involvement with you and this incident.

Ganglong: Alright, if you’re that sure, then you don’t mind if I go all out, do you? I mean, it’s no big deal if you die. I’ll just have to save the earth in your stead! Hahahahahaha!

Sanger: Silence!

Ganglong: Bwa?

Sanger: And listen! I, nay We! We are the swords that cleave evil! Even if a god stands in our way, it will be cut down!

Ganglong: Hahaha, you’re calling us evil? Fine then! OryuKou! Give this fools a taste of your lightning! And send their souls to the God of Baral! Hahahaha!

Victory: Defeat OryuKou.

SR point: Defeat all other enemies before defeating OryuKou.

*Thaihou V Bullet*

Thaihou: As always, your heart remains true. But that means your spirit will be all the more damaged when it breaks.

Bullet: That’s none of your business! I’ll bust a hole in that shell of yours first!


*Thaihou V Kusuha*

Thaihou: Your resolve seems unshakable. Is it rooted in your long history of protecting this world? Excellent, excellent.

Kusuha: Thaihou, what are you…

*Kukuru V Thaihou*

Thaihou: So you are turning against us. That’s excellent, excellent.

Kukuru: I will be used no longer! I will give you what you deserve!

*beat on Thaihou more or wait*

Thaihou: Hmm, it looks like this will be a real battle. I better begin recovering.

Tasuku: God dammit! Every time he does his recovery thing, it becomes a battle of attrition!

Thaihou: Shen nong yan di, lai hu wo shen, ci dao yi xia, he gui bu zou, he bing bu yu, ji ji ru lu ling.


Thaihou: Huh?

Kanan: What’s wrong?

Thaihou: BuJakuOu refused.

Kanan: What?! Since when has BuJakuOu had the ability to refuse our commands…

Thaihou: Ohohohoho! That’s excellent!

Kanan: What are you so happy about?

Michiru: Huh? He ain’t gonna do that shit he always does?

Leona: Why…?

Tasuku: Whatever, we lucked out! Now we actually have a shot at winning!

*Blow him up more*

Kanan: Thaihou, are you still unable to repair the damage?

Thaihou: That’s right. It seems BuJakuOu is thinking about something.

*or waited*

Kanan: Thaihou, what are you doing?!

Thaihou: It seems BuJakuOu is thinking about something.


Kanan: This isn’t the time for that. Switch with me!

Thaihou: Sure. Do what you want.

Kanan: Switching!


Kanan: 5-directional drive, full power!

*There’s that*

Kanan: Now let’s end this. JakuBuOu and I will show you exactly what your path leads to!

*Kanan V Kusuha*

Kanan: Kusuha, I’ll say it however many times I need to. Give your body to me. We’ll live together forever in the Worldly Paradise we create.

Kusuha: I want to spend my days with Bullet and everyone else…. And with RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu! I will never become a Xian like you! I will fight you, as a human!

*Kukuru V Kanan*

Kukuru: Kanan! I will no longer follow your words!

Kanan: You’re going to be erased here, but at least you’ll have no regrets. Hehheheh.

*Sanger V Kanan*

Sanger: Mechanoid of Suzaku, and Kanan! My sword will extinguish your flames!

Kanan: Heh, before that happens I’ll break both your sword and your will!

*Bullet V Kanan*

Kanan: Kusuha doesn’t need you or KoRyuOu… All she needs is me.

Bullet: Today is where your obsession with her ends!

Kanan: It’s not obsession, it’s love.  When she returns my love, it will make her all the more beautiful. Like a flower picked from a valley.

Bullet: And Byakko’s in that valley, guarding her! I won’t let you take her!

*blow dat bitch uuupppp*

Kanan: Not bad… For lowly humans like you to damage JakuBuOu to this point…But you don’t know the full extent of our power. Thaihou, change back to BuJakuOu and…

Thaihou: Kanan… no, Jun. Have you forgotten the one thing we cannot fight against?

Kanan: Thaihou, what are you…?!

Thaihou: That’s fate.

Kanan: No! This can’t be what fate has in store for us!

Thaihou: No, JakuBuOu and BuJakuOu have already realized it. This is their ultimate destiny.

Kanan: They’re going against our orders… They’re going against our god!

Thaihou: Everything changes…... Creation moves forward through transformation and transition. This is our destiny.

Kanan: No! We are the protectors of this earth! We are the lords of the Garden! The ones who will guide the world to…

Thaihou: But they destroyed the Lord of Ruin, the remaining 2 Beasts, and have even overcome us. Do you understand, Jun? We are here because they needed us here.

Kanan: That can’t be! Are you saying our long awaited plan is going to come to nothing?!

Thaihou: If good must take another path to overcome evil, then that is fine, too.[4]

Kanan: Are you a sage or a fool?! Have you forgotten!? We owe our allegiance to Gan Eden!

Thaihou: Everything flows onward. From the point that the priestess found a new sword, our destiny was decided.

Kanan: Thaihou!

Thaihou: Pilots of Seiryuu and Byakko. Our new sword. Lend me your ears for a moment.

Kusuha: ?!

Thaihou: Destiny has called for our end. Continue walking on your own path.

Bullet: Wh-what?!

Thaihou: It is a hard path you walk. Steel yourselves.

Kanan: Stop it, Thaihou! Sandayu!

Thaihou: Even our wills and the things we cannot foresee are part of the cosmos. It’s excellent! Excellent! Ohohohohoho!


Kusuha: !!

Bullet: They… destroyed themselves...?!

Ganglong: …. Yeesh, the old man was having too much fun. And then he left everything to me….

Sanger: You are all that is left, Son Ganglong!

Ganglong: This is great! All of you come at once! It’ll be a great finale! Hahahahahaha!

*Serious time*

*Kusuha V Ganglong*

Ganglong: Kusuha, you’re being tricked by RyuKoOu. OryuKou and I are in the right. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

Kusuha: I mustn’t believe his words…. I believe in RyuKoOu! I’ll break OryuKou’s wrath here and now!

*sanger V Ganglong*

Ganglong: Do you really think your “Sword that cleaves Evil” can touch OryuKou?

Sanger: If it cannot, then I will cut right through your wrath instead!

Ganglong: Not a bad way to look at things, I guess! Hahahahaha![5]

*Kukuru V Ganglong*

Kukuru: Son Ganglong! My body is my own! And my life will be used to strike back against you!

Ganglong: …. That is, if you don’t disappear before you can. If you want vengeance, better hurry it up! Hahahahaha!

*Ing V Ganglong*

Ganglong: A fake soul and strong psychic powers…. How unbalanced.

Ing: …!

Ganglong: Well, it’s not like there’s any reason to take you to our god. You’re going to die here. We gotta nip this thing in the bud.

Ing: What… What is that supposed to mean?!

Ganglong: It means you’re way too much like me for me to be comfortable! Hahahaha![6]

*Bullet V Ganglong*

Ganglong: The 4 gods aren’t powerful enough to defeat OryuKou. But hey, it’s fine to try till you tucker yourself out.

Bullet: I’ll overcome the difference in rank! KoRyuOu and I will beat your spirit with all our might!

*Rishu V Ganglong*

Ganglong: The Togoh clan are never boring to fight. But don’t think I’ll show you any mercy because of that.

Rishu: We are known for our determination! My bloodline and my will both command me to strike at you!

Ganglong: So you say, but you weren’t even chosen by RyuKoOu.

Rishu: That may be so, but my ancestors’ ideals give me strength! You shall find that out first-hand!

*blow him up*

Ganglong: What’s this…? Is history repeating itself?

Bullet: It’s over, Son Ganglong!

Ganglong: Damn, Fate’s a cruel mistress sometimes. Just when I was starting to get over my boredom.

Kusuha: Huh…?!

*If JakuBuOu is still alive*

Kanan: Not bad… For lowly humans like you to overcome the OryuKou…But you don’t know the full extent of our power. Thaihou, change back to BuJakuOu and…

Thaihou: Kanan… no, Jun. Have you forgotten the one thing we cannot fight against?

Kanan: Thaihou, what are you…?!

Thaihou: That’s fate.

Kanan: No! This can’t be what fate has in store for us!

Thaihou: No, JakuBuOu and BuJakuOu have already realized it. This is their ultimate destiny.

Kanan: They’re going against our orders… They’re going against our god!

Thaihou: Everything changes…... Creation moves forward through transformation and transition. This is our destiny.

Kanan: No! We are the protectors of this earth! We are the lords of the Garden! The ones who will guide the world to…

Thaihou: But they destroyed the Lord of Ruin, the remaining 2 Beasts, and have even overcome us. Do you understand, Jun? We are here because they needed us here.

Kanan: That can’t be! Are you saying our long awaited plan is going to come to nothing?!

Thaihou: If good must take another path to overcome evil, then that is fine, too.

Kanan: Are you a sage or a fool?! Have you forgotten!? We owe our allegiance to Gan Eden!

Thaihou: Everything flows onward. From the point that the priestess found a new sword, our destiny was decided.

Kanan: Thaihou!

Thaihou: Pilots of Seiryuu and Byakko. Our new sword. Lend me your ears for a moment.

Kusuha: ?!

Thaihou: Destiny has called for our end. Continue walking on your own path.

Bullet: Wh-what?!

Thaihou: It is a hard path you walk. Steel yourselves.

Kanan: Stop it, Thaihou! Sandayu!

Thaihou: Even our wills and the things we cannot foresee are part of the cosmos. It’s excellent! Excellent! Ohohohohoho!


Kusuha: !!

Bullet: They… destroyed themselves...?!

Ganglong: …. Yeesh, the old man was having too much fun. And then he left everything to me….


Ganglong: Well, the one who’s making the Mass Transcendence Project happen is Gan Eden, not me. I guess you can take the credit for this one.

Masaki: That’s not something the loser of a fight says!

Ganglong: Then I guess I’ll just keep on talking for you! I’ll open up the gates of Baral for you, so you can beg for god’s mercy! You guys got a really hard road ahead of you! And you’re not even Xian, you’re using your worldly bodies! Keep on fighting the good fight against the Evil Oligarchs! I mean, that’s what you’ve been doing all this time, right?! After all, destroying is way more fun than protecting! You guys will continue on your own paths, no matter how many lives and planets you destroy! Hey, maybe it’s already happened for Earth! Awfully rude of you! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!


Kusuha: ….

Excellen: Well, I guess that’s pretty much what we expect losers to say.

Katina: He was an asshole till the very end.

Sanger: But now, We…


Eita: There’s a huge gravitational energy near the ship! It’s growing rapidly!

Tetsuya: Is it taking us back to where we were…?!

*I mean, sure*

*Hiryuu Bridge*

Lefina: ….

Sean: …Captain, it looks like the Hagane has returned with us to normal space.

Lefina: Confirm our position… and what of the fireteams?

Sean: We’re confirming our position… but it appears to be basically the same place we were earlier. And all units have reported in.

Lefina: Any nearby enemies?

Sean: For now, there’s nothing. All that’s close is the Garden of Baral.

Lefina: Then get the units that need repairs and supplies to our ships. Keep all units on alert. Enter in the rendezvous sequence, and let’s head to the Garden of Baral.


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[2] She is referencing the quote from chapter 40 something by that one guy again. But that’s really stupid.

[3] Fuckin’ what the fuck is he saying damn son.

[4] This line is like “For example, Good/evil to turn the tables, ifgood truth is tied up, that’s okay.

[5] Interesting sophistry is what he says.

[6] Same family hatred. Trying to unpack that word is hard.