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Chapter 59: Desire

*Hoooo shit bro*

Eita: Confirming large numbers of Ruina machines in front of the ship!

Tetsuya: Ready all cannons. We don’t know what will happen, but stay alert. Wait for my order.

Sean: …Captain, it looks like this is the deepest point.

Lefina: We’re so far from the entrance, but there’s this huge space down here….

Clifford: There’s many lakes under the surface ice of Antarctica. The biggest, called Lake Vostok, is 250 kilometers long and 40 kilometers below the surface… Of course, this kind of place is an unusual case among unusual cases, but it’s not that surprising that there’s something under the ice.

Sean: I don’t know if that’s really doing this place justice…. But we can think of this as the deepest chamber of the Fabula Fores, right?

Clifford: Yes. And up there is the actual Fabula Fores…


Lefina: It looks like some kind of portal… and what’s that light…?

Clifford: I’ve never seen anything like that before. Nor the light coming from it.

Lefina: What…?!

Clifford: I’m guessing that after the Fabula Fores was activated, it appeared inside the ruins.

Lefina: So the true form of Fabula Fores…

Clifford: It’s either inside of that portal, or some kind of seal was broken, and it took that shape…

Sean: Regardless, it’s something unexpected.

Lefina: …In any case, send out the units.


Josh: …Cliff, is what you said true? Have you really never seen that thing before?

Clifford: Yeah. If I knew about it, I would have told you earlier. I don’t think the Professor knew it was there, either.

Josh: Laki, Ven, what about you?

Glacies: …I’ve never seen it.

Ventus: This is the first time for me, too. But the negative energy is flowing into it… I’m guessing the Lord of Ruin is inside of that thing.

Gilliam: (Could that be…?!)

Roar: (So it exists in this world, too….)

Ryuusei: Hey, doesn’t it look a bit familiar…?

Josh: !

Viletta: ….

Mai: I think so, too…

Josh: Really?!

Mai: I have that feeling, but I’m not sure…

Rim: Th-this is the first time we’ve seen the inside of Fabula Fores, so why…?!

Kusuha: Not just him, I feel it too…

Bullet: …Me too.

Excellen: Hey, hey. One person having deja vu is fine, but for all of you to have it, something’s up, right?

Josh: (What could this mean…?)

Kouta: I don’t know anything about that deja-whatsit[1], but I’ve definitely seen something like that before. Right, Axel?

Axel: That’s right. It was in that world on the other side.

Rim: What?!

Excellen: Seriously?!

Axel: Yeah. A door leading through time and space…. They called it a “Cross Gate”.

Josh: Cross… Gate?

Axel: I saw a world engulfed in war thanks to all the things coming and going from one of those.

Ing: (Cross Gate…!)

Gilliam: …

Shu: …

Tytti: Why is something like that in Antarctica…?!

Kouta: That’s what I wanna know.

Hugo: Is it connected to the world you went to?

Rim: Then the Ruina….

Kouta: No, we never saw the Ruina in that world.

Axel: I don’t know everything about the Cross Gate, but I heard that it exists in multiple realities. That means there’s plenty of them out there.

Kouta: …Roar, what about you? You were sleeping in the other world, so this is probably your first time seeing it…

Roar: No. I’ve seen it in yet another world. Axel is correct.

Kouta: Then do you know who made it, and why?

Roar: I’m sorry, I don’t know the details. But worlds with Cross Gates always have calamity brought to them.

Kouta: Just like the Ruina are doing to us, then…

Shu: (Cross Gate… There was a word like that in my “Void Memories”. I see, so that’s what it meant…. Looks like It was worth it to come here, after all. This is the reason that so many foreign intelligences are interested in Earth and its surroundings… This is the reason that so many events and strange happenings have centered themselves here…. It’s not due to the Granzon’s black hole box. It’s all because this Gate is here, I bet….)

Lamia: Then how do we explain Kusuha and Ryuusei’s deja vu?

Excellen: Memories from past lives, perhaps?

Yuuki: Sounds like bullshit to me…

Ryuusei: I mean, I just had that feeling when I saw it. I’m not sure or anything.

Bullet: I feel like I’ve seen it, but I don’t know anything more than that…

Masaki: So it’s not clear?

Aya: But it’s something that felt like it needed to be said.

Ariel: Because so many people feel that way, we can at least say that there’s something going on.

Rahda: That’s right. The people who remember it are all psychics, right?

Ryoto: But I’ve never seen anything like it.

Rio: Me either… What about you, Ing?

Ing: I don’t have the sense of Deja vu, but I feel like I’ve heard the words Cross Gate before….

Rio: Huh?!

Shu: …

Ariel: Ing, could it be related to the memories you’ve lost…?

Ing; I don’t know… I remember the words, but there’s no visual memory attached to them.

Masaki: So it’s not that different from what Ryuusei’s team is feeling.

Ing: …Yeah. But mine may just be a misunderstanding…

Shu: (So there’s others who have Void Memories of the Cross Gate…. Why we all have them, and why we’re all gathered here…... It can’t be explained away by simple coincidence.

Ing: (Do I have some kind of connection with that thing…?

Shu: (But what I don’t understand is why Ing, one of the Machinery Children, knows the words Cross Gate… Could it be his past instead of Void Memories…? In any case, It looks like the law of cause and effect is converging here.[2] I’ll have to research this myself to get all the facts.)

Irm: Mekibos, how about you? Do the Zovorg have any records about that thing?

Mekibos: …Not as far as I know.

Josh: My old man went down here without knowing about the Cross Gate…. Do you think it’s connected to the world the Ruina came from…?

Sanger: And the Lord of Ruin will emerge from it.

Ratsel: But it doesn’t look like he’s take form yet. If we can destroy that cross gate, we may be able to prevent him from appearing.

Ignis: Hahaha! It seems like Contagio and Aquila weren’t enough to stop you. That’s fine, we’ll settle this here. Seems like a fitting grave for you! Hahahaha! We’ll use your deaths to call ruin to this world!

Kouta: Shut up! We don’t have the time to play with you!

Ventus: Right… We can’t let the Lord of Ruin awaken.

Ignis: What? YOU’RE saying that? The defective human-tainted garbage?

Ventus: Maybe I am defective. But when I just wanted to disappear, Rim and her friends fought with their lives to show me the meaning of my existence. So I will fight you, Ignis. You and the Lord of Ruin.

Ignis: Hahaha, as if! You’re a damned nuisance and you’ll die here!

Glacies: That won’t happen.

Ignis: …Laki…

Glacies: Ignis…. I am no longer controlled by Ruin.

Ignis: Hmmph. I didn’t want to see you broken like this. We were born at the same moment…. Glacies of Ice… Now look at you.

Glacies: I am still a Melior Esse… But now I live alongside the humans.

Ignis: I see… Then I guess there’s nothing I can do. You’ll be destroyed with them. Laki… We were born together. I’ll give you death with my own hands.

Glacies: My life is not yours to take.

Josh: Ignis… Let us through. Then we’ll finish everything my father started…!

Ignis: Hmmph, Aren’t you feisty. Well, that doesn’t matter. You’re dying here. Tremble in the fear and despair looming before your death! Hahahaha!

Lefina: All units, begin the attack! First, take care of Ignis!

Chapter 59: Desire

Victory: Defeat Ignis.

Defeat:  An Allied Mothership is shot down, Rim or Josh are shot down

SR point: Shoot down all other enemies before defeating Ignis.

*Josh V Ignis*

Ignis: You’re the reason Laki got broken, human! I’ll kill you, too!

Josh: Have you ever even thought about how Humans and Melior Esse could live together!?

Ignis: Shut up! Melior Esse exist for the Lord of Ruin! I will never forgive you for breaking Laki! If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened!

Josh: Ignis… You’re…

*Glacies Versus Ignis*

Ignis: Laki, I don’t want to see you like this. I’ll kill you before you can break more.

Glacies: I can’t let it end here… If Josh and his friends need me, I’ll even destroy the Lord of Ruin.

Ignis: Like you even could! We’re Melior Esse! We were given our power to wipe out life in this world! Our life is destruction! It’s Ruin! I’ll show you! And then…

Glacies: I’ve chosen to live my life with Josh. That will never change…!

Ignis: Then I’ll crush your ambitions! Along with you! I’ll destroy you!

*rim V Ignis*

Ignis: You’re the one who broke Ventus! You should die along with that defect!

Rim: Someone like you can’t stop Ven and I!

*Ven V Ignis*

Ignis: A defect like you could never beat me!

Ven: You can’t stop me… I will live with them. And they’ll…

*blow him up*

Ignis: What!? How could!?

*blow him up with Glacies*

Ignis: Glacies… You….?

*either or*

Glacies: Ignis…

Ignis: Dammit… Why…? We should have been the same… You were all I needed...

Glacies: …!

Ignis: Dammit! I don’t want to leave you there, and disappear by myself….

Glacies; Ignis, you…

Ignis: Damn you, humans! If you hadn’t interfered, this wouldn’t have happened! If you weren’t here, I would be with Laki! I… I… Dammit, what is this horrible feeling?!

Glacies: It’s…

Josh: Yeah…. Ignis, that… is what suffering feels like. It’s not something given to you, or something you take from someone… That feeling of not wanting to disappear comes from inside you, and the fear of death.

Ignis: What… That…. Is… then… this is what the Lord of Ruin’s power is made from… I see… Ku, ha, haha, this is my hatred of you. So this is what hate feels like.

Glacies: No, that will… make the Lord of Ruin…

Ignis: Too… late…

Glacies: Ignis…

Ignis: It’s strange… Laki… I can feel sadness coming from you…

Glacies: Yes… That’s right. I’m sad. I’m sad that I’m going to lose you. We are the same, after all…

Ignis: La…ki…


Glacies: Ignis…!

Ven: …

Josh: (It’s not just Ven and Laki…. Ignis had human emotions, too….)

*oh sup*

Umbra: Aquila, Contagio, and Ignis… With your destruction, you’ve become a superb meal for the Lord.

Josh: Umbra…!

Umbra: The tears and blood mix to form a fine wine, and the roaring screams of suffering are the accompanying music. Souls in the grip of despair provide us with food. And the millions of souls crying out in hate and despair, the millions of lives fearing death and destruction, they all work to bring the Lord of Ruin to this realm. Everything that lives or that gives life… all shall be destroyed. The destruction of this planet shall pave the way for my Lord’s return.

Axel: And that way is this Cross Gate.

Umbra: Indeed.

Kouta: So then were you the ones who built the Cross Gate?

Umbra: Incorrect.

Shouko: Huh?!

Umbra: It has existed since times long past, and is a gate that beckons death, destruction, and chaos…. The one who gave us the knowledge of this world called it the Fabula Fores.

Josh: And that was my father… Felio Radcliff?

Umbra: Even if you know the truth, nothing will change.

Josh: (She didn’t say no… meaning…)

Arado: So the Ruina weren’t the ones who made the Cross Gate….?!

Latooni: Probably… They were just using something that already existed…

Russel: So who made the Cross Gate, and who put one here…?!

Katina: This isn’t the time to be yapping out questions! We need to off that Umbra and smash the hell out of the Cross Gate!

Tasuku: I’ve seen enough of these fights to know how this is going to go down. After we defeat her, her boss is going to show up…

Kyosuke: If we don’t beat her, the Lord of Ruin will show up anyway. In that case, we should get rid of her first. If you fold before the ante, you’ve already lost.

Tasuku: I don’t know if we can afford the blinds here…

Kai: This isn’t the time to be wringing our hands! All units, begin the attack!

Umbra: Humans, your short existence ends here. In a mire of despair and fear. Now let your blood and souls usher in a new level of suffering. And with your death, the Lord of Ruin and I….

Victory: Defeat Umbra.

*rim V Umbra*

Umbra: If you had been the one who opened the lock, maybe our forms would have been different.

Rim: Wh-what’s that supposed to mean?!

Umbra: You don’t need to know. It will all be the same in the end.

*Ven V Umbra*

Umbra: You cannot stop the Lord of Ruin.

Ventus: No, there is one way… Umbra, you know it, too.

Umbra: It’s impossible, Ventus. It took too long for you to get here. It’s impossible now.

Ventus: …

*Josh V Umbra*

Umbra: You and your machine cannot stop the awakening of the Lord of Ruin.

Josh: He hasn’t appeared yet! So there’s still a chance to stop him!

*Glacies V Umbra*

Umbra: Your destiny is coming, closing off your way forward… The time is almost here.

Glacies: Even if I must be destroyed, I can change how quickly I reach that point…!

*Blow her up*

Umbra: This was… my role… Then my blood, my flesh, my life, and my death, are for my Lord…! Come, my lord, the Lord of Ruin! PERFECTIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

*Bye, oh noes*

Zash: Th-the ruins are!

Michiru: Th-this is way more than some earthquake!

Viletta: IS space itself vibrating….?!

Aqua: Hugo! There’s a huge energy reading from the Cross Gate!

Hugo: What’s the type? What kind of energy?!

Aqua: I can’t tell! I don’t know!

Lefina: All hands, destroy the Cross Gate!

Sean: We can’t, Captain! If we try to destroy it, the entire Fabula Fores might come crashing down!

Lefina: No…!

Presia: I… I don’t like this feeling…!

Mai: S-so much.... negative energy is flowing out…!

Aya: G-gaaaahhhh!

Kusuha: Aaaaahh!!

Bullet: I-is this the Lord of Ruin?!

Mio: L-look! Look at the Cross Gate!

*Oh hi*

Touma: Wh-what’s that?!

Rai: IS that… a person…?

Yang Long: It’d be nice if it ended up being only that, but…

Rim: B-bro! That’s!

Josh: …

Axel: So that’s the Lord of Ruin… Perfectio.

Perfectio: Perfectio is the name of this temporary body I occupy while I sleep… I am Ruin, I am Chaos. I lead all to nothingness. I return the infinite expanse of the universe to the infinite expanse of darkness.

Kyosuke: … Well, aren’t you important.

Axel: Hmm. So you’re just the Lord of Ruin, then.

Touma: Quit messing around! We’re not gonna let someone like you destroy our universe!

Excellen: …Pretty good reaction, Touma.

Axel: Though points off for being late on the comeback.

Excellen: That’s true. By the way… doesn’t he look like someone we know?

Ariel: Could he…

Clifford: (He’s young… but he looks a lot like Josh. That means…)

Josh: D-dad….!

Perfectio: You…. There’s some knowledge of you in here, Joshua Radcliff….

Josh: !

Perfectio: You too, Cliana Rimskaya.

Rim: Y-you have our father’s memories?!

Clifford: Then is the Professor still…?!

Perfectio: Incorrect, Clifford Gygax.

Clifford: …!

Perfectio: The life form you knew as Felio Radcliff… His soul has been completely erased. I needed this body as a temporary resting place.

Josh: !!

Rim: Th-then… Father’s….

Perfectio: He gave me knowledge of this world, and returned to nothingness.

Josh: Was... Was dad trying to call you here?!

Perfectio: Incorrect. He simply found the “Key” to unlock the “gate”.

Josh: What do you mean, Key?!

Perfectio: What you call the Sympathia…. It’s close to that.

Josh: …!

Perfectio: My key is sent to worlds for people to find… The people who become the source of negative energy…  In other words, I use them to search for intelligent lifeforms with souls that can become my food.

Rim: Why did they react to me and my bro?

Perfectio: Your Sympathia are warped versions of my key. They were probably made by whoever made this seal here.

Josh: Who do you mean?!

Perfectio: Those from the past with knowledge of my arrival… Who knew of my coming, and who prepared items to fight me, like this seal and the Sympathia… And they also made what you call the Res Arcana.

Josh: You mean earthlings?

Perfectio: They looked like you. But they are long gone. They used their lives to seal me.

Kai: The Ruina came to earth long before this, then…?!

Rishu: Maybe the Oligarchs of the Mechanoid Wars included the Ruina?

Ratsel: In that case, the Baral would have come here immediately. Isn’t it more likely that they’re not related to those Oligarchs?

Kusuha: I think Ratsel’s right. RyuKoOu has no records of them.

Kai: Then what are the Ruina…

Perfectio: … Neither the people from ages past, nor Felio Radcliff were able to fully analyze my key. But anyone who interacts with the key has their knowledge and soul drained out of them… To make a more perfect path towards ruin.

Josh: What?!

Perfectio: That’s right…. That knowledge creates what you call Melior Esse…. My servants, and my vanguard.

Rim: !!

Josh: Then…

Perfectio: Oh, you didn’t know? Then I’ll let you have a brief glimpse of Felio Radcliff’s memories… I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful new source of despair for you all.


Re-tech researcher: Is that true, Professor?

Felio: Yes… We’ve found a device down there that seems resonate with human spirit. But I was unable to make it work. It even was the same with testers with psychic abilities. Of course, one factor is that it was damaged upon excavation. But I look at it from a different perspective.

Re Tech Researcher: You mean… It’s a question of who can interface with it?

Felio: That’s right. I think it needs someone with an extraordinary amount of spirit… That’s what I think.

Re Tech: There’s no proof of that.

Felio: But it also shouldn’t be dangerous. As I told you before, I personally tested machines 1 through 3.

Re Tech: But if they were to activate…!

Felio: We can’t continue unless we get results. These ruins may be more important to humanity than even the Tesla Drive. We’ve come this far, and I’m not just going to let the LTR organization have their way with these ruins. This is our chance to have Re-tech overtake Tesla Leicht. If it goes well, we’ll be able to expand beyond Antarctica. We’re only stuck here to keep state secrets.

Re tech: Even so… To use her in a test at her age… she’s not even related to you….

Felio: I wasn’t allowed to travel to Japan’s Cerebral Research Institute… The brass couldn’t allow it. There’s no other options…. Cliana Rimskaya… With her psychic ability and her innocent heart, she’s our only hope….


Felio: I can’t believe this happened…

Re tech: Cliana’s in a coma. Based on the damage to her hippocampus, there’s a chance of impaired memory upon her awakening…

Felio: But it moved… She made it move. And there was a response in that device, too…!

Re Tech: Y-yes… Just as you predicted, it looks like they have to be used as a set… But after our one successful test, she’s like this…

Felio: I won’t give up… Never. Do whatever you can to wake her up… We’ve finally taken a step forward… She’s our hope!


Felio: DID…. Dissociative identity disorder?

Re tech: Yes…. Haven’t you noticed? Lately, she’s been talking to herself… No, she’s been having one half of a conversation.

Felio: No, I’ve…

Re tech: We think it emerged due to the stress of the link tests with Sympathia 1.

Felio: You’re saying the link with 01 is the cause?

Re Tech: We’re doing psychological tests under that assumption. A girl of her age being shut in here… It’s natural that the stress would build. Without siblings, or any kids close to her age to talk to, it makes sense that…

Felio: (Siblings…)

*Later still*

Re Tech: There are signs of serious impairment. You need to stop these link tests.

Felio: But we’re so close to understanding the connection between the Sympathia and the Res Arcana….

Re tech: It’s making her DID even more pronounced. It’s progressing beyond a standard mental illness. New personalities… Chris and Riana, has become clearly distinguished in her, and each interacts as their own person.

Felio: …She may be adopted, but she’s still my daughter. I know about it.

Re Tech: It appears like she’s switching personalities, but it could be a sign that there are multiple personae inside of her. And from the damage to her Hippocampus, She’s only ever known life as the two of them. Her memories are being rewritten.

Felio: …

Re Tech: Chris is about the same as Cliana was before the accident. But Riana is a far more aggressive personality… Did you forget what happened in Test 18, where Riana overtook Chris and showed how ruthless she can be?

Felio: No… At that point, it seemed like Riana was a different person entirely…

Re Tech: The cause is that Sympathia 01. When she’s linked to it, it’s like she becomes an entirely different person. The doctors say that at this rate, Riana will completely overtake Chris… Or maybe it’s possible a new personality will form alongside them.

Felio: …

Re Tech: And Joshua is becoming aware of it, too. Even without fully researching the results of Test 18, it’s clear that the source of Chris and Riana’s problems is the link with the Sympathia….

Felio: …Last night, my son asked the same thing of me.

Re tech: This is just my personal opinion…. But I think the Sympathia calls forth other personalities in people… or changes them to become more warlike.

Felio: Then why did it only happen to Chris? Why did the Sympathia 01 react to no one else? (No, looking at it from another perspective… Riana was a separate personality born from contacting the Sympathia. Then that means…) I understand. I’m putting the Sympathia tests on hold. Tell my children.

*later still*

Felio: Sorry for calling you out all this way, Clifford Gygax.

Clifford: Call me Cliff, Professor. The people I work with were quite surprised I decided to come here. They seemed shocked I wouldn’t go to Aidoneus Island, but all the way to Antarctica.

Felio: The EOTI council asked for you to join their team too, right?

Clifford: And Tesla. But the committee seems to have quite a few nasty rumors surrounding them, and Tesla is just a bit too… safe.

Felio: Heh… You’re an odd one.

Clifford: I get told that a lot. But I think coming here was the right choice. I’m more interested in those ruins below the ice than some weird meteor. It’s more romantic to look into the history we have right here on earth than to worry about aliens.

Felio: Sounds like you’d be more at home with the LTR organization.

Clifford: Sorry, but I find machines more interesting than old books.

Felio: Then let’s get to the main topic. You looked at my basic plan.

Clifford: That I did. The Aile Chevalier, and the Blanche Neige… Then the NV unit. They’re not test units, they’re completed manned mobile weapons. Do you plan to sell the designs to Mao Industries? Or will you have them fight the rumored aliens?

Felio: They’re insurance, Cliff.

Clifford: Against what?

Felio: Against the Fabula Fores. I can’t say more than that. I have things I still need to confirm.

Clifford: …This will take a lot of time. Especially the NV Unit. It’s unlikely that I can produce that given current technology… Though it’d be the same at Tesla. And if folks on the outside knew that I was making dangerous things like this…

Felio: This is, fortunately, the most remote place on earth. Until we get our research going, everything we do is top-secret. You knew that before you came here.

Clifford: …

*Yet later*

Clifford: Looks like tests with Sympathia 2 and 3 went well.

Felio: Indeed. This time, there was no damage to our crew. It’s thanks to our new sponsor.

Clifford: But still, given that they knew how to improve on the Sympathia….

Felio: I heard it was based on the T-Link System… But I’ve never dealt with the original version of the device. But Rim’s DID hasn’t progressed, and we got more stable results than ever before… All we can do is trust in it.

Clifford: …I expected you to test unit 02, but I didn’t expect Josh to be chosen to test unit 03.

Felio: He probably doesn’t want Rim to contact unit 01 anymore.

Clifford: He was really angry. After all, Rim wasn’t supposed to be involved in any more Sympathia tests.

Felio: …I know. But the Sympathia only reacts to the person who successfully made first contact with it…. To get the best data, we can’t just use Josh and I. We need Rim, who made the first contact out of all of us, to help.

Clifford: Are you ever going to tell them the truth? They don’t know that the Sympathia is the reason yet, right?

Felio: One day… I think.

Clifford: I think you may be running out of time. Now that Josh has made contact with unit 03, He’ll realize it sooner rather than later. If that happens, aren’t you worried he’ll try to run away from here with Rim?

Felio: …

Clifford: Did something happen before I came here? There’s still parts of the Sympathia unit 01’s data I’m not allowed to examine. And Rim doesn’t know the real reason she is the way she is. Everyone in the staff won’t say a word, either. Why?

Felio: …At our current stage, we’re finally clearing all of our hurdles. Thanks to the improvements given to us by Alteur Steinbeck. We need to move forward, Cliff.

Clifford: …So if there’s no problems with Josh using unit 03, let’s begin that test.

Felio: You mean equipping unit 03 and Res Arcana 01 to the Aile Chevalier?

Clifford: Right. Josh was able to fight off the Einst with the current OS and power source, but I think I can draw out even more of its potential. And if we had that data over to our sponsor, we may get more funding. Or maybe Alteur himself will come to oversee us.

Felio: He won’t come. Not until we’ve solved the mystery of the Fabula Fores.

Clifford: So he’ll keep watching us from high places… Just like a politician.

Felio: We’re a low-risk, high-return project for him. We’re researching ruins that have untold secrets, after all. And considering his station as a specially appointed liaison to the president, he probably can’t just come down here whenever he wants.

Clifford: (… I wonder about that….)

Felio: In any case, put the Sympathia unit 01 in the Blanche Neige. Along with the Res Arcana 2.

Clifford: Professor… Are you going to make Rim use that?

Felio: I told you before… It’s insurance. When the Fabula Fores opens, we don’t know what will happen.

Clifford: And giving the NV unit plans to Professor Wong to build…. That was insurance too, right?

Felio; Yes. But keep that a secret from Josh and Rim. I don’t want to have to use that insurance if I don’t have to….


Rim: …

Josh: …

Rim: I… I was just…. Made by the Sympathia… The real Cliana Rimskaya…. Was Chris…

Josh: Rim!

Rim: I know… I always knew, somehow… but… But…!

Perfectio: If you had touched the Key and not the Sympathia, then you would have been my servant.

Rim: N-no…...

Perfectio: But if you had stayed in contact with the Sympathia long enough… it’s possible you would have lost yourself and become a beckoner of ruin.

Rim: No… Stop it….!

Perfectio: That’s why you always came to the front when you were piloting the machine. Right now, You’re some kind of hybrid, unstable existence between a human and a Melior Esse.

Rim: Stop it! Stoopppp!

Ventus: Rim!

Rim: I… I killed her! I killed Chris! I did!

Ventus: No! No you didn’t, Rim!

Rim: I… I! Aaaaaaah!

Aqua: Rim! Calm down!

Josh: Dammit… Dad! No, Perfectio!

Perfectio: You’re the same. If you had touched the key, you would have become mine, just like this temporary vessel.

Josh: Rim became two personalities… Dad became your vessel… Why was I fine, then?!

Perfectio: It’s a question of time. Even as a warped copy, from the moment you made contact with the Sympathia, you’ve been transforming, as well. The proof of that is your ability to hear the Melior Esse voices, and your resonance with Glacies.

Josh: …!

Glacies: (Was that… the reason?)

Lamia: So you’re saying Josh was similar to Glacies, and Rim was similar to Ventus, and therefore they resonated…?

Seolla: Then, if Josh continues to use the Sympathia….

Josh: …You said it was a question of time. But Rim and I are still humans. Why has dad become your vessel?

Perfectio: That is because of a different factor than just the Sympathia.

Josh:  A different factor?!

Clifford: The devices Alteur gave us to improve the Sympathia….!?

Perfectio: The added factor in the Sympathia that Felio Radcliff touched brought out the latent power of the Key.

Josh: Why was it only his Sympathia?!

Perfectio: He directly interacted with part of me and opened the gate. And then his body was used as a vessel, and his knowledge gave shape to my soldiers.

Ratsel: So the Melior Esse were crafted from Felio Radcliff’s memories and knowledge…!

Perfectio: Correct. The human making contact with the key is searched, and those ideas that seem effective in bringing out negative energy are given suitable form and power.

Axel: Is that the same for you?

Perfectio: That’s right. Look upon my vessel!

*Well that just looks silly*

Shine: That…. That’s the true form of the Lord of Ruin?!

Arado: I-It’s a monster…!

Tasuku: God, it looks even worse than the Yokijin….!

Leona: Just like the name would imply, it’s a disgusting figure…!

Saphine: I dunno, I think it’s kinda hot.

Kouta: No time for that now!

Roar: Kouta, use the OG sensor.

Kouta: R-right!


Roar: As I thought. Perfectio’s real body is still on the other side of the cross gate. That’s only a small part of him.

Kouta: The R-Gauge is fully in the red! And that’s just a part of him?!

Roar: If the real thing came out, it’d be the end of us. We need to defeat this apparition and seal the cross gate.

Shouko: But can we defeat something like that?!

Gilliam: It’s possible. We know that at least once, he was sealed away before.

Carla: That’s right! That’s why this Fabula Fores exists!

Raji: Wait a second. Didn’t Perfectio say that the people who sealed him before used their lives to do so?

Ryuusei: So we may have to do the same!

Kyosuke: Yeah. This bet… We’re all in.

Josh: I’ll stop my dad… no… Perfectio…!

Hugo: Josh, don’t go wasting your life. This isn’t just your problem.

Josh: …

Excellen: He’s right, Joshy. This isn’t something you can finish up yourself.

Josh: (But this… This is…!)

Ventus: …

Rim: U-ugh….

Josh: Rim, get a hold of yourself.

Rim: B-bro…

Josh: Perfectio said it. We’re still human. And as humans, we’ll fight him.

Rim: But I’m not Cliana Rimskaya… And Chris… If I were to disappear, maybe…

Josh: Don’t you ever say that! You’re just as much my sister as Chris!

Rim: !

Ventus: He’s right… If you were to disappear, Chris would be sad.

Rim: Ven…

Ventus: You… You two are still Cliana Rimskaya. And you helped me find my life. I want you to help you do the same. By defeating the Lord of Ruin…

Rim: …

Josh: Rim. Listen to me. I think the key to this fight will be our Sympathia. But that’s not the Key Perfectio was talking about. Our machines should have the power to defeat him.

Rim: …!

Josh: We’ve got a really shitty dad… But I’ll believe in the message he left us.

Rim: The message…. Ah...!

Josh: You remembered. Then lend me your strength. This is where we end this. We have to. For Chris.

Rim: Got it. Bro… I’ll help. If I don’t do anything here, Chris would be mad…!

Perfectio: I exist alongside all universes. You lifeforms known as human… It’s time to bring your world to an end.

Masaki: Shut up! Go the hell home! And if you can’t, we’ll kick your ass right out the door!

Perfectio: I’ll end your ethereal existences here. Don’t resist. Accept your fate.

Josh: Let’s go, Perfectio…. All this started here in the Fabula Fores… and we’ll end it here, right now!

Victory: Defeat Perfectio

*Josh V Perfectio*

Perfectio: You think you can counter me with a machine made based of my own key, human?

Josh: My Sympathia is the key to defeating you! I believe that!

Perfectio: Then your vessel shall fall in a miasma of fear and despair!

*Rim V Perfectio*

Perfectio: You should not exist…. You are the same as the beings I brought into existence.

Rim: B-But I’m alive! And I will live on!

Perfectio: You were created with an artificial version of my Key… Meaning you too are an artificial existence… You should disappear.

Rim: No matter who I am, I won’t disappear until Chris comes back!

*Glacies V Perfectio*

Perfectio: You should join your Melior Esse brethren and become a source of energy for me.

Glacies: That used to be my purpose… but not anymore. I will live with Josh…!

*Ventus V Perfectio*

Perfectio: You, who were created to guide the negative energy into me… You stand against me?

Ventus: Because that was my duty… That means I have to do this!

*beat him up a bit*

Perfectio: It’s useless. I am the end of existence, which feeds on death and destruction. You cannot defeat me.

*Damn son*

Josh: What?!

Ventus: The Lord of Ruin is on both sides of the gate. The negative energy flowing into the Fabula Fores is flowing back to this world as energy…

Shu: Existing in 2 worlds at once… It’s similar to Astral Shift.

Masaki: The mode Louzorl used to become invincible!

Shu: But Perfectio is not immune to attacks from this side, it seems. Though it seems likely that as long as he exists on the other side of the gate, he’ll be able to send energy to this side.

Touma: So if we destroy the cross gate…!

Saphine: If we did that, we’d be blown away as well.

Shu: Indeed. It’s certainly possible that the explosion would take out more than the entirety of Antarctica.

Tytti: Meaning we have to do something about Perfectio.

Josh: As Major Gilliam said, he’s been sealed at least once before…. There must be some way!

Ventus: …

*beat him up again*

Perfectio: I can feel your impatience and frustration… that too, provides me strength…

Raul: Dammit, not again!

Shine: At this rate….

Presia: C-can we even defeat that thing…?!

Josh: (Damn! This is just playing right into his hand…)

*More shooting*

Perfectio: Soon, my true form will emerge. It’s time to close the curtains. You will accept it…. Just like all my meals before this, you will grant me energy as the despairing dead.

*Oh noes*

Shine: Uuughhh! Aaaah!

Aya: Guuuuuh!

Presia: N-Noooooo!

Rahda: I- I can’t move!

Raul: What?! What the hell is this?!

Leona: My… My soul feels like it’s breaking!

Katina: M-My hands are shaking? MY hands?!

Rio: I… I can’t….

Ibis: We can’t do this…

Sleigh: We can’t beat… the Lord of Ruin…

Despinis: We’re… going to die here…?!

Fiona: No! We can’t… let him…

Seolla: A-aaah….!

Masaki: D-dammit! This is too much…!

Aqua: I-it’s too overwhelming!

Ing: This is… Perfectio’s…

Kai: Get a grip, you all!

Kusuha: It’s dark… So very dark…!

Bullet: We… We can’t yield to him…!

Saphine: Aaah! This is the best! I’m in heaven![3]

Yuuki: I need to… quiet my emotions…!

Touma: Move, move dammit! Why won’t you move, arms?!

Ryuusei: D-dammit, is this the end?

Excellen: It’s… It’s just like back then, with the Einst….

Michiru: I, the great Michiru Hanaten, scared?! This is impossible!

Kyosuke: Gah, this bastard’s….

Axel: This is… just a fraction of him….!

Ratsel: This is… the presence of the Lord of Ruin…!

Gilliam: The curses and regrets of billions of souls who fell in battle…. This is what….

Perfectio: I can feel your fear. You will perish along with your despair… And humans will be another lifeform that simply became my food.

Rim: D-damn…! Bro!

Josh: G-guh… Aaaaah!

Josh: !!


Josh: Wh-what the hell?! The Res Arcana’s…!


Rim: M-me too!


Perfectio: !

Josh: S-someone’s calling me….

Ibis: U-ugh….

??? (…Ibis…)

Ibis: Th-that’s…


??? (...Everyone… please, listen to me….)

Ibis: !!

Touma: I-Irui! Is that you!?

Kusuha: Are you there, Irui?!

Irui: …

Seolla: W-where have you…

Ibis: Wh-why… and how are you…?!

Irui: (Everyone… please, keep hope… in your hearts….)

Arado: Huh…?!

Irui (You are all the swords that protect this earth… Your will… Is strong and firm… So you can’t lose hope… As long as you have hope… As long as you hope for life, you won’t lose…)

Ibis: I-Irui…!

Irui: (Hearts that have overcome destruction, through the Sympathia…. Your strength… is strength without negativity… This is… the last thing I can do for you… While I’m still me…)

Ibis: Wait, Irui! I still want to ask you! I still want to talk to you!

Seolla: …

Arado: That… That wasn’t a dream?!

Shine: N-no… I heard it too.

Sanger: …

Sleigh: What does this mean… Irui has that kind of power?!

Kusuha: (I feel… like this has happened before….)

Ibis: And what did you mean, the last thing you could do…?!

Sanger: Now is not the time to focus on that.

Ibis: !

Sanger: Irui has shown us the way. As long as we have hope, as long as we are alive, we can move forward.

Ibis: …!

Arado: Th-that’s right… That’s right!

Touma: I believe in myself… In my will, in my mind, in my power…. As long as I believe….!

Irm: Heh… That’s right. If you let yourself get discouraged, you’ve already lost.

Ibis: We’re not done yet… Things aren’t finished yet!

Kusuha: A calm mind… that doesn’t produce negativity…!

Rishu: Yes, along with a thought called hope.

Rim: B-bro… I understand…. With the Sympathia… Everyone’s thoughts… their will… It’s returning to them… their power…

Josh: Yeah, I get it, too…!

Perfectio: Wh-what is this? Are they resisting my power? That’s impossible. I am infinite, I am eternal. All life is destined to die, and that destined despair before the end all existence feels is my power. Even if just I’m just in this universe in a vessel… this cannot be!

Glacies: Perfectio is…

Ven: Wavering…?!

Rim: Bro, with this… we can…

Josh: Yes… now… Now I understand. What this system really does, and why it was hidden here. When long, long ago, that door was opened… And they repelled the power of destruction and sealed it away… using their emotions… Their souls… They believed in their companions, they believed in the lives of the people they were protecting, they believed in their own future, and they believed in hope. The power of those thoughts, the power of their lives…. That… With only that, they were able to overcome the Lord of Ruin…

Perfectio: How foolish. Anything with form will decompose, and anything with life will die. That is an absolute law…. Not something you can overcome.

Axel: Huh… Even still, that doesn’t mean you have to be the one to do it to us.

Gilliam: Perfectio… You will not bring yourself fully into this world. You failed in the past and you will fail here, and in the future too, you will fail.

Josh: Dad… You were right, our Sympathia was the key to defeating the Lord of Ruin… We’re fulfilling your wish now. And we’ll finish this puzzle off once and for all…! I’ll erase your stolen body from this world! Along with Perfectio and all the damage the Ruina wrought!

*anywho, blow him up*

Perfectio: This is impossible….! This flesh body is the reason… This temporary vessel can’t contain me any more…! But the power to resist me…. This power that surpasses even those of old…. I cannot let them exist….! I am infinite… I am eternal…! I am the absolute law of the universe that destroys, fragments, and controls all of space… I am… eternal!


Touma: W-we did it! We did it!

Josh: (Dad… This is what I had to do… This is… the only way I could fulfill what you asked….)

Rim: (Father….)

Josh: (Until the very end, you…... g-gah….)

*Uh oh*

Tsugumi: The Cross Gate is re-activating!

Gilliam: Is Perfectio’s true form coming through?!

Kai: All units, get away from the Cross Gate! You’ll get swallowed up by the energy!

Lefina: I-if the Cross Gate is attacked in this state, then we’ll….?!

Gilliam: Colonel Lefina, we need to do the same thing the ones before us did to seal the Cross Gate!

Lefina: But how?!

Gilliam: That’s….!

Josh: A key can open and close a gate….

Hugo: Josh?!

Josh: I… have to do this.


Ventus: No… That’s my duty, Josh.

Josh: !!

Rim: Ven!


Ventus: Don’t come any closer, Rim. I… I was planning this since before we got here.

Rim: Huh?!

Ventus: Sorry I kept it to myself. But if I would have told you, you would have stopped me.

Rim: O-of course I would have!

Ventus: If I take the Lord of Ruin’s power, I should be able to seal the cross gate here. After all, I supported half of the Ultrum Exterior myself.

Glacies: But that means you’ll!

Ventus: …

Rim: M-me too! I’ll help too!

Ventus: You can’t, Rim. And Josh, Laki… You too. This is my job.

Rim: No… No, you can’t!

Ventus: Don’t be sad. I’m so thankful… We didn’t have long together, but you gave me a second chance, and taught me what it means to live. That’s why… I want to return the favor… for you all. And I want you to live on.

Rim: I told you, Ven… I want to live on with you…!

Ventus: If you die here, this will have all been for nothing. She… Chris said that, too.

Rim: !!

Ventus: I understand… Chris is on that other side…. And she’s giving me strength…

Rim: …That’s right, Riana.

Rim: C-Chris!!

Josh: Y-you…!

Rim: Josh… Riana… I’m going with Ventus.

Rim: W-wait! I’m… I’m not Cliana Rimskaya! I’m just a Melior Esse made from the Sympathia! I should be the one leaving! I’m the one who’s not real!

Rim: No…. Both of us are real. We’re both Cliana Rimskaya.

Rim: C-Chris!!

Rim: Even if I’m not here, as long as you’re there… Cliana Rimskaya will live on… That means I’ll live on, too….

Rim: But… But!

Rim: Don’t be sad…. You’ll have Josh and Glacies with you… And I’ll have Ventus with me…

Josh: Chris…!

Ventus: Laki… Live with them… Live my share too, okay?

Glacies: Ven… tus…!

Rim: I won’t say goodbye to you, Josh, Riana, everyone… We’ll meet again one day…

Rim: Wait… P-please, wait!

Rim: Take care of Josh for me, Riana…

Rim: Wait, Chris! I don’t want this! I don’t want you to go!

Rim: Be safe… My other self… The other Cliana Rimskaya…. My beloved… sister…. Riana…

*White and I’m tearing up here bros*


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[1] There is a joke here about jabs and straights in punching, cause Japanese is terrible.

[2] This is what he says and it makes no sense.

[3] There’s always one.