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*Meanwhile, in the garden of Baral*

Baral Soldier: Lord Hou, the Steel Dragons have made their way through the Gate of Baral. They will be arriving here any minute.

Hou: I see… (So they were able to go through Son Ganglong, Kanan, and even my master…. For them to reach the God of Baral… this must be fate. But they cannot stop the Mass Transcendence Project. The promised land, Shangri-La, the long awaited and prayed for heaven for worldly people, ached for since times immemorial… it has almost arrived.) …How is Lady Irui?

Baral: She has been purified and placed in the arms of God.

Hou: With this… our duties are almost over. You’ve done very well. I will liberate your souls. Rin.

Baral: …...

*Death sounds*

Hou: …. Sleep well, in the arms our God. …. (Master…. The final mission you gave me…. The battle between humans and the God who leads them to paradise…. The end of this sealing war….)


???: Seal it….

???: …. Seal this final heaven…. This paradise where those who escape calamity on this earth can retreat to…. We cannot let it be lost…. …. Those who live here… are protected by Gan Eden…. Those who would protect this paradise… are given Gan Eden’s power… Those who protect our paradise… The sword I chose, the Steel Dragons…. They will come to me….

Chapter 62: Guardian Goddess of Mother Earth

Eita: Captain, we’ve entered into the airspace of the Garden of Baral.

Tetsuya: What’s the status on the Gate?

Eita: It shut after we passed through. There’s a barrier around 20 km in diameter originating from the center of the Garden of Baral.

Tetsuya: So there’s no running from this fight. Is there anything causing the barrier to grow or change?

Eita: Not that we see.

Tetsuya:  Keep all units on alert. This is the enemy’s home base. We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Azuki: But it’s so quiet….

Eita: It’s the calm before the storm. That’s what they say, right?


Eita: There’s Custodes coming out from the Garden of Baral!

*Oh myyyyy*

Lefina: All units, get ready to sortie!


Irm: Looks like this is the end.

Mio: With these three guardians and the tower, now we just need a storm to brew to make this perfect, eh, Ranshao?[1]

Ranshao: Why are you asking me?

Yang Long: This isn’t the time for pointless references, Mio. The enemy is fighting to protect their god, so we can’t go into this with anything less than 100%.

Saphine: I’m excited. I can’t wait to see what will come out.

Monika: Is it really the time to be talking about that kind of thing?

Lamia: It is not that-kind-of-thing-talking-time at all.[2]

Excellen: Don’t get caught in a loop, Lamia.

Lamia: Guh.

Yang Long: …

Irm: Don’t be too grumpy about it. We’re serious about this, even if we’re not tense enough to shut up.

Arado: …Is Irui… in there?

Ibis: Irui was taken by Ganglong’s gang and possessed by Gan Eden…. She would never do something like seal away the earth…!

Tsugumi: Ibis…

Raul:  It doesn’t… look like they’re coming after us.

Fiona: With just their numbers, they probably don’t think they can win by chasing after us.

Raul: Maybe….

Gilliam: Major Kai.

Kai: Yeah, we should keep an eye on the situation. All units, Be on your guard.

Kyosuke: Roger.

Katina: Also, I don’t see any of the Yokijin. Did we get rid of all them back there?

Rishu: What do you think, Kukuru?

Kukuru: I don’t know…. But Thaihou’s pupil, Hou, is still in the Garden of Baral.

Ratsel: What about those automatons?

Kukuru: Once, they were stone statues enshrined in the Temple of Baral. They awoke alongside their master. Just like the 3 servants, even Son Ganglong could not give them orders.

Viletta: In other words, they’re soldiers under the direct control of Gan Eden.

Sanger: Kukuru. Have you ever seen Gan Eden?

Kukuru: No. The only people allowed into the inner sanctum were Ganglong, and probably….

Sanger: …Irui.

Ibis: How was she when she was taken to the Garden of Baral?

Kukuru: …I never saw her at the Garden.

Ibis: O-oh….

Aya: Ryu, Mai…

Ryuusei: Yeah, I feel it too. A serious psychic force….

Mai: But this feeling…. It’s kind.

Leona: It doesn’t want to fight…. It’s enveloping this area.

Rio: But if we’re not careful, we’ll be swallowed up by it….

Ing: …

Ryoto: (Who is this… It feels like….)

Ryuusei: (Maybe it’s…. No, that’s impossible.)

Mai: (This sensation… why is it nostalgic…?)

Ing: (N-not me… It’s swallowing me…?!)


Eita: There’s a huge energy reaction from the tower!

Tetsuya: They’re beginning to move! All hands, prepare to attack!


???: ….

Azuki: C-captain! On the monitor, there’s!

Eita: S-same here!

Tetsuya: Are we being hacked?!

???: Welcome… to the promised land, Baral….

Ibis: !!

Tsugumi: H-her voice?!

Seolla: It’s Irui!

Latooni: But she’s…

Presia: She’s all grown up!

Ibis; Irui… Is that really you?!

Irui: That’s right, Ibis… This is… my true form.

Ibis: …

Irui: Everyone…. I’ve been waiting for you… The earth has been sealed through my power… And you, who I have chosen… Let us protect this last bastion together with Gan Eden….

Tsugumi: Chosen… Then you decided to contact us of your own volition?

Irui: That’s right. I was told by Gan Eden to find people with strong hearts and minds, to search for those who would protect this earth.

Lefina: And thus you chose us…?

Irui: That’s right…. And then I watched over you, seeing if you could become the sword I needed.

Sean: That’s why you didn’t want to leave the ship.

Ibis: That’s….

Ratsel: …What exactly is Gan Eden? Where did you come from?

Irui: We were created… from the wills of people long past…. Gan Eden is a god created by man…. And Baral is her throne.

Kai: A god… created by man?!

Josh: People long past… do you mean the same ones who built the Fabula Fores?!

Irui: Long ago… To escape from a calamity wrought from beyond the stars…. They created Gan Eden….

Rim: Beyond the stars…. A calamity…. Do you mean the Ruina?

Rahda: Or was it the Evil Oligarchs that Ganglong was talking about?

Alfimi: ….

Irui: Long ago, when those who lived were in danger of falling to evil gods and ruinous lords…. Gan Eden offered them escape from the calamity… She was called on to act as the protector for this last bastion of life, this Earth….

Mekibos: The last bastion…. This planet. Meaning Gan Eden and the Garden of Baral weren’t created on Earth.

Katina: Then where are they from? Are they from your planet?

Mekibos: Don’t kid yourself. If we had something like that, we would’ve already conquered the entire galaxy.

Viletta: …

Irui: Earth has always been a place where many forces gather and intervene…. Often, the planet would be in peril, and violent fighting would break out…. The planet itself realized this… That power breeds disaster, and allows it to spread…. I’m sure you’ve realized it too….

Ibis: No, Irui! We’re….

Irui: If, in battle, your strength was exhausted…. If something more powerful than you appeared… Then it would mean the death of this paradise.

Touma: We would never allow that!

Bullet: No matter how strong the enemy, we’d never stop fighting to protect this world!

Irui: Is that so…?

Touma: Huh?!

Irui: Your lives are finite. Even though you can protect the world right now…. In the future, in the distant years to come, it will be impossible for you to do so.

Rishu: Certainly, our lives are short. However, we pass on our will and beliefs to those who succeed us. Even if I were to fall, there are those who would take up my mantle and continue on in my stead.

Irui: … I understand that… I and Gan Eden…. We were made to continue the legacy of a man named Augustus

Kouta: August…. What now?

Shu: Augustus… The name of the first emperor of Rome.

Kouta: So he’s the one behind all this?

Irui: No…

Kouta: What?!

Shu: It’s probably someone with the same name, who lived in a different time.

Irui: Yes. He had many names… but he was the first human with psychic powers.

Bullet: !!

Irui: Long ago, there were people who used Gan Eden to imprint psychic powers into their DNA…. And in return, Gan Eden and the 3 holy servants gave them the charge of protecting this earth…. But time flows onward… As generations changed, the lineage grew thinner and thinner…. But sometimes, there is a revival…. And people with these psychic powers appear.

Ryoto: That’s…

Kusuha: People like us….

Aya: Psychics…?

Irui: Yes… and I, as well.

Ibis: !!

Ariel: That means that she wasn’t created by Gan Eden….

Ibis: She’s a human!

Seolla: Then, Irui was possessed by Gan Eden…!

Irui: No, that’s not correct. I am with Gan Eden of my own accord.

Sanger: ….!

Touma: What do you mean by that?!

Ibis: Why… Why?!

Irui: I have always watched you fight…. You always fought to protect this planet, to protect everyone living here… Without fearing your own death, risking your life…. You continued to fight…

Sanger: Of course. That’s our duty. We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, regardless of the risk.

Kusuha: I don’t want to be protected, I want the power to protect others… and…

Bullet: We were chosen by the Mechanoids to protect this earth… Kusuha and I accepted that responsibility.

Ibis: I… I wanted to let you see the sea of stars… To show you a world without strife or wars…. I fought for peace because of you… and because of everyone else….

Arado: We protect what should be protected….

Seolla: That includes you, Irui.

Irui: I knew you would say that…. But that will… That human will of yours will bring yet more calamity to this earth.

Kusuha: I-Irui…?!

Irui: So… I will seal this world.


Zash: W-what was that light?!

Tetsuya: What?!

Eita: The energy signal is curling! It’s going through the barrier…. And heading straight for Heaven’s Gate!

Tetsuya: !!

Eita: Th-there’s a huge explosion!

Mekibos: I-is it my country’s ships?!

Eita: With an explosion of that size, Heaven’s Gate would be completely…

Tetsuya: Impossible!


Lune: She’s shooting again?!

Lefina: Wh-where is it headed this time?!

Eun: It’s… It’s the moon!

Sean: Where on the moon!?

Lefina: Give me the calculations!

*And again*

Rio: Again!

Ibis: What… What are you doing, Irui?!

Eita: Directly overhead! There’s another huge explosion!

Tetsuya: What was she aiming at?!

Eita: M-most likely, the combined space fleet ships…!!

Tetsuya: …!!

Eun: Analysis complete! The second shot landed on the moon, near the moon cradle!

Sean: Wh-what?!

Lefina: She’s not shooting at the earth… why is she going after space?!

Bullet: S-stop it, Irui! If you’re supposed to protect the earth, why are you attacking the moon and our fleets?! There are no enemies from beyond the earth out there! What are you doing?!

Irui: What I’m supposed to be doing….

Sleigh: Supposed to be doing?!

Irui: That’s right…. Gan Eden protects the Earth. Protecting the earth means…. The people living on earth.

Bullet: Wh-wha…!!

Ryuusei: What?!

Rio: The people living on earth, meaning…

Irui: That’s right... Gan Eden destroys all those who do not live on Earth.

Yang Long: Th-that’s what you meant by sealing?!

Irui: After the barrier encompasses the world, then all those who live outside the earth must be purged…. No one may enter, and no one may leave…. That is what it means for this earth to be the last bastion, the place protected by Gan Eden.

Lune: Wh-what about the wars that break out on the earth!?

Rai: To prevent that… The Mass Transcendence Project!

Irui: Correct. Those who successful Transcend will live in harmony with the earth…. Without any worries from outside forces…. Fighting will not spread out from the earth to space…. And under the protection of Gan Eden, this paradise will exist for eternity.

Rai: But that means killing everyone who lives in space!

Irui: Those who have left their home planet are no longer earthlings.

Ibis: Th-that’s…!!

Irui: Ibis, the sea of stars you wished for… it is against the will of Gan Eden. If you wish to follow that dream…. If you wish to fly away from your mother earth…. Then it is a shame, but I will have to erase you as well.

Ibis: N-no… That’s a lie, Irui…. My… My dream…?

Lefina: All units! Attack the Garden of Baral!

Ibis: Captain Lefina!

Lefina: If we do not stop Gan Eden, everyone on the moon and in the colonies will be killed! We cannot let that happen!

Ibis: B… but….

Irui: If you will not protect the earth with me…. Then you too will be erased.

Ibis: I-Irui! Wait, Irui!

Kai: Ibis!

Ibis: ?!

Kai: Listen. We cannot weigh the life of one girl against the lives of everyone who lives in space.

Ibis: ….

Kai: In the worst of times, the only paths we can choose are trying ones. But we can’t leave that choice up to people who can’t move forward.[3]

Ibis: Huh?

Kai: Don’t look down. Keep your head held high. The answer to this problem is right in front of you. You’ll only find it in your targeting reticule. 

Ibis: …

Kusuha: …Let’s go, Ibis.

Ibis: Kusuha…

Kusuha: I know… I now know why RyuKoOu went against Gan Eden. That’s not a protective goddess of the earth…. That’s not a protector of humans. RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu figured that out. I…. I agree with them.

Ibis: But… Irui…

Kusuha: If that really is how Irui sees it, why isn’t she still talking? It’s still possible that Gan Eden is just possessing her.

Ibis: !

Touma: That’s right….! I can’t think that she’s doing this of her own will!

Seolla: I was like that once, too…. I believed what I had been indoctrinated to believe….

Arado: The Irui who traveled with us, and the Irui in front of us…. Which can we believe? Which can we believe in?

Kusuha: Ibis… We’ll take her from Gan Eden and hear what she really thinks.

Ibis: ….! Okay…. I’ll believe in her. No matter what she says… I’ll believe in the Irui that traveled with us!

Mekibos: It’s nice that you got fired up, but is there any way we can actually make direct contact with her?

Gilliam: It’s likely that she can’t fire off the attacks she was using earlier all the time. If she had full control of it, we would have been destroyed by now.

Mekibos: But you think she’s going to try to aim it at us next?

Tasuku: That means it’s our turn to move, then. Looks like we’re back to making huge gambles.

Kyosuke: And she hasn’t played her trump card yet. The strongest card, the card called Gan Eden.

Excellen: Wait wait wait, are you saying you want to see that card?

Kyosuke: Whether we see it or not, it doesn’t change what we have to do.

Bullet: And if we don’t pull Gan Eden out of hiding, we won’t have any way of getting Irui back.

Shu: (Why isn’t she showing herself yet… I think the reason is….)

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units! Listen! Fight her with everything you got! Show her we’re her biggest threat! If we can do that, then she’ll focus her fire on us!

Axel: I see, so that’s how you’re going to stop her from firing at other targets.

Excellen: Like the boss would say, we shall be as shields, and that shall be our sword.

Kai: That’s right! Defeat the Custodes and work towards the Garden of Baral! Show me your best effort!

Chapter 62: Guardian Goddess of Mother Earth

Victory: Shoot down all enemies.

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down.

SR point: Defeat Kanaf, Keren, and Zanav within 6 turns.

*Blow up bunches or after 5 turns*

Irui: This is the last time I’ll tell you…. Steel Dragons…. Sheathe your swords and leave this problem to Gan Eden.

Lefina: You have already heard our response to that.

Irui: …I understand. Then I must use my power…. Through defeat, you will learn just how powerless you really are….


Bullet: Th-thats?!

Kusuha: Gan Eden….?!

Ing: …!

Despinis: A god created by man….

Ibis: I-Irui’s in there!

Alfimi: So that’s…. another one of the roots.

Excellen: Huh? Alfimi, didn’t you say something like that earlier?

Alfimi: Yeah…

Irui: Now, choose…. Will you take your place in the arms of Gan Eden, or be erased from existence?

Kusuha: …

Ibis: Irui…. We won’t do either.

Irui: So you want to make me erase you…?

Ibis: …

Irui: You said you wanted to be with me… did you forget our promise?

Ibis: I didn’t forget… how could I forget that?!

Irui: Then what are you saying?

Ibis: The answer’s obvious… I’m going to make good on my promise, Irui.

Irui: Ibis…

Ibis: But I didn’t make a promise with you!

Irui: …!

Ibis: I’ll get our kind-hearted Irui back! I will!

Irui: It’s impossible… this is… My will…

Ibis: It’s not impossible! I’ll show you! I swear I’ll show you!


Irui: Aaaah!

Tsugumi: Huh?!

Irui: U-ugh….

Irui: (…A charm…. To make sure your dream comes true…. Your dream of flying through the stars…)

Ibis: !!

Irui: Guh! Uugghh!

Irui: (…That’s why the god of dragons would give Kusuha power…...)

Kusuha: Irui?!

Irui: S-so she was still there!

Irui: (Everyone… Remember…. Remember to have hope….)

Josh: That’s what…!

Irui: (You are the sword that protects the Earth…. Keep that close to your hearts… Be strong, and do not waver…)

Irui: S-silence! Disappear! Irui!

Ibis: Th-that was just….

Arado: I-I heard it too!

Shine: It’s just like when we were fighting against Perfectio!

Rim: So she’s still in there somewhere?!

Shu: As I thought. The reason Gan Eden didn’t show herself immediately was because she hadn’t fully synchronized with Irui.

Rishu: If even the priestess is refusing the orders of her God…...

Kusuha: Then that’s not the real Irui…!

Arado: So if we can get her out of Gan Eden, then we can return her to normal?!

Shouko: That’s right! We can still save Irui!

Ratsel: If Gan Eden really is a god made by human hands, then she can be destroyed by them, too.

Kouta: I don’t care if it’s Gan Eden or Gone Fishing, I just know we gotta kick its ass![4] 

Sanger: False God, Gan Eden! Today, my sword shall fell you from this world!


Irui: N-no… How dare you call me a false god…. I, who had slumbered for so long… I, who protects paradise… a false god…?!

Yang Long: But you are not a real god. Those who follow the heavens live, and those who go against the heavens perish…. That goes for you, too!

Irui: Then I shall levy divine punishment upon you.

Ariel: …Is her personality a bit different now? Is she separating from Irui?

Rim: It seems like she can’t live like Chris and I did.

Rahda: It’s most likely caused by external factors.

Ariel: You mean, us…?

Rahda: Yes.

Shu: …We don’t know by what means she plans to carry out her Mass Transcendence Project…. But we can assume that Gan Eden has the capabilities to store multiple peoples’ minds inside of her. In that case, we can think of Irui as Gan Eden’s conduit…. A way for her to communicate with us. But because Irui had doubts about the plan, when she was utilized as a conduit, she used her powers to transmit the information to all of our brains, not just the psychics among us.

Masaki: So what you’re saying is…. She’s trying to overload the system by broadcasting on all frequencies?

Shu: …You could think of it like that. Regardless, our being here is causing a disruption between Gan Eden and Irui.

Arado: I see, so that’s why she was talking to Ibis earlier…

Rahda: Irui probably hasn’t figured out where she ends and Gan Eden begins. To help her, we need both sides of her to have a strong emotional response at the same time.

Arado: Okay!

Ibis: Let’s do this, Gan Eden! I… I WILL get Irui back!

Victory: Shoot down Gan Eden.

*Ibis V Gan Eden*

Irui: I am the protector of Earth… My enemies are those who would destroy this paradise…. My duty….

Ibis: Irui! You don’t have to have any one else decide your duty for you!

Irui: That can’t be…. Gan Eden is the hope of the ancient peoples…. Their final legacy…. To protect this paradise, all of their sacrifices and wishes were collected into this god…. Are you telling me to ignore them?

Ibis: Quiet, Gan Eden! Don’t use Irui’s mouth for your words! Hopes, Dreams, and anything else that humans keep in their hearts aren’t there for gods to meddle with! To save Irui, humanity, and my own dreams, I’ll cut away these chains you’ve thrown on us!

*Arado V Gan Eden*

Arado: Irui! You should be protecting more than just the Earth!

Irui: Yes… Those people whose souls advance into the new era will be under my protection, as well.

Arado: And then all the other humans on earth have to die?! That’s not right! I’ll stop you, Irui! Then, I’ll save you!

*Seolla V Gan Eden*

Seolla: Irui, We’re here with you! We’re coming to save you!

Irui: Seolla, I don’t need to be saved…. This is where I want to be.

Seolla: I thought that once… When I fought against Arado, I thought I was doing my duty…. But because he tried so many times to save me, I was able to break free from that curse! So I’m not going to give up on you, Irui! I will save you!

*Kusuha V Gan Eden*

Irui: So you will strike against your master again, RyuKoOu… You have forgotten your duty…

Kusuha: RyuKoOu left you because that duty was unjust!

Irui: Kusuha… Are you going to leave me, too? Even though I protect the Earth?

Kusuha: You are not Irui! And you’re certainly not the one protecting the Earth!

*Bullet V Gan Eden*

Irui: KoRyuOu…. You have returned to me, but you still refuse to listen… Why have you abandoned your duty as a protector of this realm? Why do you turn your blade against me?

Bullet: It’s obvious! You twisted KoRyuOu’s will, and gave him a misguided duty! Just like you’re doing to Irui! KoRyuOu and I will save her!

*Sanger V Gan Eden*

Sanger: Gan Eden! Mankind ill needs a god such as yourself!

Irui: Sanger… I know full well how strong your will is… But what will you do when there are enemies you cannot cut down? That is why I…

Sanger: I am the sword that cleaves evil! Neither machines nor false gods that lead hearts astray will stay my blade!

*Blow her up a bit more*

Irui: Guh… Uh….


Irui: Aaaaaahh!

Bullet: Irui!

Irui: I… I am Irui… Lord… of Baral…!

Mai: Her senses are wavering!

Irui: S…. Save me….!

Ibis: !!

Irui: Ma…Mashiach…. Gan Eden’s…. priestess…!

Irui: I… it hurts…… It hurts!

Irui: The protector… of the Earth…

Sleigh: W-what is this?!

Irui: A-aah…... I… I’m… breaking….!

Irui: I’m breaking… into two….


Gan Eden: I am the protector of this Earth…. The artificial God Gan Eden….

Irui: ….

Gan: Your power exists for my sake. My power exists for your sake. Everything is to protect our final paradise… No one shall tread upon it… and no one shall leave its walls…... It is sealed…. The promised land is sealed…. This land is a paradise for those who fled from the calamity of the stars…. It must not be lost….

Irui: Yes…. The promised land… is sealed….

Seolla: Irui!

Irui: ….

Gan Eden: To the myriad blades….

Glacies: This voice…. It’s like Irui’s, but deeper….

Ariel: That’s Gan Eden…!

Ing: Ugh…. Guh!

Ariel: Ing?!

Ing: M… My head…!

Mai: U-uggghhh!

Aya: Owwwww!

Ryuusei: I-is this Gan Eden’s mind?!

Ryoto: I-It’s unlike anything I’ve felt before!

Leona: So aggressive…!!

Gan Eden: Myriad Swords… You will be sealed for eternity… just like this planet….

Irui: And the final paradise will persist forever in peace….

Ibis: Irui!

Arado: You can’t, Irui! Don’t listen to her!

Tsugumi: Did they finally become fully synchronized?!

Gilliam: No, it’s possible the exact opposite happened. This could be due to a fault in Gan Eden’s components.

Sanger: Then we simply must press harder!

Ibis: We can’t give up, we’ve come so far! We will NEVER give up! I WILL defeat Gan Eden, and I WILL save Irui!

*Back to it, then*

*Blow her up even MORE*

Aqua: G-Gan Eden….!

Irui: Everyone… Thank you….

Ibis: Irui! Are you back to normal?!

Irui: No… Not yet…. Gan Eden is erasing me from inside of her…...

Bullet: !!

Irui: I heard everything you said… I wanted to go back to you all… That’s why she’s erasing me….

Ibis: Wha-?!

Gilliam: So Gan Eden is trying to get cut out her problematic components by erasing Irui…?

Irui: Everyone… please listen to my last request…

Kusuha: L-last?!

Irui: Defeat… Defeat Gan Eden…. Quickly… Kill… me…

Shouko: We… We can’t do something like that!

Irui: Please… quickly… if you do it now, there’s still time… You can… defeat her…. Quickly….

Ibis: Is that really what you’re going to say to us!? Irui!

Irui: Please… I’m begging you….


Kusuha: Irui!!

Kyosuke: Kusuha, we have to do it, regardless of why. She’s almost ready to fire.

Kusuha: B-but then Irui…!

Kyosuke: I told you, we have to do it. If Gan Eden is cutting Irui off, then now’s the time to move. It’s just a matter of timing.

Excellen: That’s right. Aren’t things flowing in our favor right now? It doesn’t seem like she’ll be able to erase Irui quickly.

Kyosuke: Bullet, Kusuha…. As members of the ATX team, I expect you to win this bet.

Bullet: …!

Kusuha: U-understood!

Gan Eden: Swords, kneel before your god… You have been exiled from Paradise. Sleep for eternity in the world of endless darkness….

Josh: Sorry, but we’ve had enough of the world of darkness already.

Rim: And we’ve already moved on!

Ryuusei: Gan Eden, if you really are the progenitor of Psychics…. If you’re the roots of our power…. Why aren’t you controlling our powers completely?!

Gan Eden: Those who foolishly turn against their ancestors should be destroyed….

Ryoto: So it’s not that she isn’t, it’s that she can’t! Is it because Irui, her conduit, isn’t cooperating…?

Aqua: She’s still fighting…!

Kai: We have to take this chance while we can! All units, show me your best!

Sanger: In our darkest hour, fate has opened a door for us… Whether it leads to the dawn, or to endless darkness… We shall discover that through our own will!

Touma: We’ll do it… We can do it! My fists will lead us to victory!

Ibis: Irui, I’m going to fly! I’m going to rise above Gan Eden… And I’ll get to you! And then we’ll go to that sea of stars… far across the galaxy!


Gan Eden: Ooooooh… Oooooooooh… Oooooooooh…


Gan Eden: Ooooooooooooooh……

Eita: Captain! The barrier surrounding the Garden of Baral has disappeared!

Tetsuya: !!

*more explosions*

Ibis: Now! Irui!

Kusuha: We can save Irui!

Irui: …Thank you… but you can’t….

Ibis: ?!

Irui: If you take me away from Gan Eden now… all of the collected mental energy inside of her will be released in one moment… It will destroy everything on earth and surrounding it….

Kusuha: N-no!

Irui: But… with the last of my power, I can stop Gan Eden’s energy…. We’ll… go to sleep… together…

Ibis: B-but then… Then… What have we been doing all this for…?!

Sleigh: Was everything we did for nothing?!


Eita: Captain, there’s a large gravitational field centered on the battlefield! Someone is warping in!

Tetsuya: Now, of all times?!


Tetsuya: Air Christmas?!

Aqua: A-AI1?!

Hugo: What the hell?!


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[1] According to MarsDragon from the GameFAQs boards, this is a reference to Babel II and Giant Robo. Neat! Thanks to him for helping me unknot the Gordian challenge that is Mio's references.

[2] Lamia what the FUCK are you talking about

[3] I don’t quite get this.