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*3 hours earlier*

Eric: …Any messages from the Steel Dragons?

Clifford: No, not yet. If things are going to plan, then they should be nearing the Garden of Baral…

Eric: Then let’s get to doing our own jobs. How’s the 3d scan coming?

Clifford: It failed, and I can’t figure out the reason. If we could do that scan, we wouldn’t have to be here….


Clifford: !!


Alteur: That’s the Cross Gate, alright.

Carly: Cross Gate? What’s that?

Alteur: Before I explain that, have all the remaining crew leave the ship. They will secure these ruins.

Carly: Yes, sir. What will you do, commander?

Alteur: I will stay here with Nibhal. Please turn off Auto Cruise mode. Captain, you’re getting off the ship here, too.

Carly: (What…?)

Nibhal: Please leave the rest to me, Captain Carly.

Carly: …I have a duty to protect this ship. I cannot accept an order to disembark.

Alteur: …Fine then. Then begin the preparations for the jump. We’ll decide on the entry point later.

Carly: …

Alteur: You hadn’t realized we have a warp drive? That’s the reason we could escape Grand Christmas.

Carly: But the ES Wave Pattern when we teleported… What the hell was that?

Alteur: If you want to know the answer, I will tell you, but I do have one condition.

Carly: What’s that?

Alteur: That you don’t ask anything else until this is all over. You just follow my orders.

Carly: …. Very well.

Alteur: Almara, how are things on your end?

Almara: Just as you suspected, Lord Alteur. The Z crystals are reviving AI1.

Carly: (Z crystals… AI1?)

Almara: With the Lazumunanium and the Cross Gate’s energy, the repairs shouldn’t take too much time.

Alteur: Heh, Erde Mitte did a good job. (Now, all that’s left is to have the Steel Dragons defeat Gan Eden, and my plan….)

*Back to the present*

Aqua: N-No way…. We destroyed AI1….

Hugo: Yeah, we completely destroyed it…. How the hell did it revive?

Tetsuya: We confirmed that the Air Christmas went down at Grand Christmas….! Or did they escape by teleporting out?!

Eita: But no ships on earth currently have that capability!

Mekibos: Shadow Mirror ships can teleport… Do they have something like that?

Gilliam: No… the XN System no longer exists.

Axel: The Trilobite class ships we used shouldn’t be here, either. Zwei teleported them all away.

Gilliam: The Swordian Daggers are still under analysis. They can’t be used yet.

Mekibos: Then did he get his hands on one of our warp drives?

Viletta: No!

Aya: Captain?

Viletta: On his previous jump, the ES Wave pattern was….


Ibis: Irui! IRUI!


Ibis: Guhhh!


Kouta: D-damn them!

*Wooh no*

Ing: The Galilnagant!

Alteur: …Good work, Captain.

Carly: Yes, sir.

Nibhal: Well then, we’ll take it from here. Please leave the controls to me.

Alteur: There’s no need for that.

Nibhal: Huh?

Alteur: We don’t need to go anywhere else.

Nibhal: But my duty is…

Alteur: By the way, who will you sell the information to? To Mitsuko Isurugi? Or to the Zovorg? Or maybe…


Carly: Wha-

Nibhal: M-my lord!

Alteur: Just in case. Dead men tell no tales.

Nibhal: P-please wait! I- I will!


Tetsuya: Th-they’re fighting amongst themselves?!

Alteur: Now all that’s left is you, Almara. What will you do?

Almara: As long as I live, I wish to spend my time with you… Lord Alteur.

Alteur: Then let us begin the final ceremony.

*Oh noes*

Ibis: Damn! We can’t let them get to Gan Eden!

*Well that was quick*

Hugo: What are they doing?!

Alteur: Steel Dragons…. I have to thank you.

Tetsuya: A-Alteur Steinbeck!

Ing: He’s alive?!

Alteur: After waiting all these years, preparing all of my plans… There were some unexpected hurdles, but thanks to you all, I have reached the final stage. Here, where it all comes together.

*Oh no*

Tsugumi: Is… Is he consuming Gan Eden?!

Ibis: I-Irui!

Gilliam: A person without psychic power can’t control Gan Eden!

Alteur: You mean I need a Mashiach? I know that!

Gilliam: What?!

Bullet: But, Irui is…!!

Alteur: I don’t need her! My gamble paid off! Isn’t that right, Ing? I was right to send you to the Steel Dragons!

Ing: !!

Alteur: Now that you’ve grown in power, I’ll release your energy! Hear my words! TETRACUTUS GRAMATON!

Ing: Guwaaah!

Ing: M-My body….! Uwaaaaaah!!

Ariel: I-ing!!

Ing: Aaaaahhh!!

Alteur: You’re the key! To making this artificial god mine! And with you, I can open the REAL gate! With this, I can merge my Void Memories with my current knowledge! The questions I’ve held onto for so long…. Now, I finally can know all the answers!

Final Map:  Ancient Lamentations

*Right to the deploy screen*

Kouta: Th-the hell is this place?!

Shouko: It feels a lot like the boundary realm we fell into after we defeated Dark Brain…

Roar: …It seems like Alteur opened the gate.

Shouko: Huh?!

Roar: Look below us.

*Oh dear*

Kouta: I-Is that the cross gate!?

Shouko: That should be in Fabula Fores!

Kouta: When the hell did we get pulled into the Cross Gate?

Ibis: Where is Gan Eden?! Where is Irui?!

Kusuha: I- I can’t see either of them anywhere!

Rio: Ing’s not here either!

Aqua: D-did they get taken in by AI1?!

Almara: That’s correct. My Master, Lord Alteur has finally achieved his true desire.

Ryuusei: Almara!

Almara: Hmmph, looks like you were dragged into my master’s world as well.

Ryuusei: Answer me! What is he up to?!

Almara: *Chuckles*… I suppose the more people to be blessed, the better.

Rai: Blessed?

Almara: That’s right! You should be joyful! You get to witness the birth of a new god!

*Oh shiiiiiit*

???:  The ring of lost memories…. Connects to my Void Memories… To my Nephesh’s true form…[1] I understand now… Where I came from, who I am…. Zelfat….Zehirut…. Zest…. Judecca… Those holy words… I am Adam, and I am Metatron…. I am Adamatron.

Yang Long: How ominous…. He looks like the definition of an evil god.

Raul: It’s like AI1 using Gan Eden’s body… and floating above his head…!

Fiona: Is that the cross gate?!

Kouta: Then what’s that down below?

Roar: That’s the opening of a different gate. There’s something on the other side, I imagine.

Kouta: What the hell is happening here?!

Ariel: Why does Alteur have the Cross Gate…?!

???: I am no longer Alteur.

Ariel: !!

Euzeth: My name is Euzeth… Euzeth Gozzo.

Viletta: !!

Mai: That mask… I’ve seen it somewhere…?!

Aya: Mai?!

Ryuusei: Gozzo… I’ve heard that before! Commander Ingram said that name!

Rai: Yeah, I heard it too.

Viletta: Is he the one who…?!

Almara: Heheh, looks like you figured it out, Viletta… or should I say Vet Balshem? Or is “Milady” good enough for you?

Viletta: Then you, too…?!

Almara: That’s right. We Balshem were made to pave the way for Gozzo… An advance party, for the glory of the empire.

Mekibos: Empire? I see… So that’s who you’re working for. You’re Balmar…. You’re from Ze Balmary Empire.

Almara: That’s right, Mr. Zovorg.

Michiru: The fuck’s a Balmung?

Mekibos: If I said Aerogater, would you understand?

Michiru: !!

Josh: So Alteur wasn’t from Earth…!!

Hugo: He was an alien?!

Aqua:  He was right in the middle of the Earth Federation Government!

Almara: Correct, earthlings. Before any of your little leaders noticed… Not even Graien Grusman could tell… Your government was under our control. And the Gaia Sabers, made up of Earth’s fighting forces, were our soldiers. Even if they didn’t know it.

Ariel: Th-that’s…!!

Almara: Everything was for the sake of Lord Alteur’s plan! Everything was for the sake of Ze Balmary Empire!

Euzeth: …I no longer have need of the Empire.

Almara: !

Euzeth: The emperor of fools, Gozzo…. Everyone in his empire will be exterminated. That includes you, Almara.

*Wuh oh*

Almara: L-lord Alteur!

Euzeth: As my soldier, you fulfilled your duties and won your battles. Let me offer a reward to you, as your creator.

Almara: I… I lived! For you!

Euzeth: You will become one with me. Savor it.

Almara: Y-you’re throwing me away?!


Euzeth: Almara… You shall become part of my flesh, as Ing did.

Ryuusei: H-he shot his own subordinate!

Viletta: …

Ariel: …

Rio: Ing… He’s inside of Euzeth?!

Euzeth: That’s correct…. Ing was an artificial Mashiach I created to control Gan Eden, for I knew this time would come.

Rio: He replaced Irui?!

Ibis: So what happened to Irui?!

Euzeth: The Mashiach shut her mind off from me and went to sleep. She cannot reawaken. She’s gone forever.

Ibis: No! That’s not true!

Euzeth: If she had any power left, she would use it to reject Ing and myself.

Ibis: !

Euzeth: In the end, everything you’ve done has been to further my goals.

Ibis: I… I don’t believe that….

Euzeth: I didn’t need the Mashiach chosen by Gan Eden. I could use the Balshem Series and the Machinery Children to make a hybrid being… Failure after failure was purged… And only one unit had a latent capacity for strong psychic energy… The one I created, and the one you fostered… The one known as Ing.

Ryoto: Fostered… Then the one who caused him to find us…

Euzeth: Psychics become more powerful as they face dangerous situations. That is why I sent him to you, the Steel Dragons, who had overcome so many powerful enemies in the past. But because he was based on the Machinery Children, I needed to adjust his body and memories… So you would trust him, and so that he would want to fight of his own accord…. I had to make sure he defected from the Gaia Saviors.

Ariel: …

Despinis: But, back then… if we hadn’t have found Ing….

Fiona: That’s right! He had taken severe injuries! He could have died!

Euzeth: … Duvan Org was an unexpected and undesired hurdle in Ing’s escape… I thought repairs to his body would be difficult, but the heavens did not forsake me. Coincidence after coincidence lined up, leading everything to end as I planned….

Ryoto: But the Gaia Sabers… Any of the enemies we fought could have killed Ing!

Euzeth: Aureph Balshem… One of my puppets known to you as Ingram Plisken, awakened to his true powers in much the same way. The target must be hounded to the brink of death, even if it means I become his enemy.

Aya: !!

Euzeth: Vet Balshem… You, who are no longer shackled to the Gozzo name… You understand, correct?

Viletta: …Yes.

Ryuusei: Then the one who brought Meteo 3 to earth…. the one behind Ingram, behind the Aerogaters… that was you?!

Euzeth: That’s right.

Rai: The one who introduced us to Tronium and to the EOT….

Mai: The one who made the Lavi personality that consumed me…!

Aya: The one who made our weapons, the one who made the White Star act as a cage…. The one who ordered Ingram to do what he did….

Euzeth: That was me.

Ryuusei: Was it you pulling the strings behind the L5 campaign?! Was that you too?!

Euzeth: You have the intelligence necessary to converse with me. You got that far on your tiny, insignificant planet by never getting tired of fighting, killing, and leaving only the victors to propagate your race. As for the gifts I gave your planet… You analyzed them, those which were applicable to warfare were utilized, and you incorporated them as much as possible. And there were so many psychics… In this galaxy, finding a planet home to a life form such as yourselves is nothing short of a miracle.

Mekibos: (…I can agree with that.)

Euzeth: I figured that that kind of planet would surely be home to a Cross Gate and to Gan Eden, and I was correct.

Josh: So you knew that on Earth… No, in the Fabula Fores, the Cross Gate would be there?!

Euzeth: I suspected it from the information given to me by Re-tech, but I could not confirm it. There were other possible locations, as well. That is why I gave the key to the mystery of the Fabula Fores…. I gave a device to improve the Sympathia to Felio Radcliff, and let him continue his investigation of the ruins.

Josh: That device… the T-link System.

Euzeth: A similar item, the Calcarea Pulse Transmission Device. It’s stronger than the T-link system, and it was what once was used on Lavi Towla….

Mai: !!

Euzeth: I simply sent a part of that data to your father.

Josh: Meaning… You used him.

Euzeth: And the result was… the Sympathia became the key to defeating the Ruina, and confirmed the location of the Cross Gate. What a wonderful result…. I must compliment you on sealing away the Lord of Ruin.

Irm: You’ve certainly got your fingers in a lot of pies. But there’s still too many unresolved questions. There must be other reasons you chose to send Ing to us and not to other people. After all, he was part of the Gaia Sabers… He would fight against plenty of strong enemies if he were to stay there.

Mekibos: That’s right, and you would have made sure he was fostered the way you wanted… Or did you want your kid to have a little journey first?

Euzeth: It was because the Steel Dragons have many psychics and people who can interact with Prana. Contact with them helped Ing to grow even stronger. And I guessed that you would be chosen by Gan Eden.

Irm: We would? On what basis?

Euzeth: You fought in the DC wars, the L5 Campaign, the Inspector Affair, and even the Shura Rebellion…. Due to your constant involvement, you had an unusual amount of development.  You fought not for your own sake, but for the sake of the Earth’s continued prosperity. You were the type of fighters Gan Eden would choose.

Irm: I see. I guess it would be unlikely for Irui to choose the Gaia Sabers to be Gaia’s Saviors.

Euzeth: That is why I put you through a test.

Sanger: A test….

Ratsel: You mean how you pinned the assassination of the president on us…!

Euzeth: Yes.

Shu: I see… To not only have the Guests and Ruina as our enemies, but to have the Gaia Sabers and the Federation Government turn against us… That is quite a severe test.

Euzeth: Exactly. You were driven to the brink, developed stronger powers, and allowed me to reach this final turning point.

Ratsel: That’s why you left that path open for us to escape through.

Lamia: And why you said what we did when we defeated you at Grand Christmas… or rather, when you escaped.

Latooni: You were even using Chienne’s gang to further your goals…

Hugo: And Albero… and even us…!

Ariel: Project Idealants… Duvan and I…

Ryoto: And Ing….

Ryuusei: Euzeth…. Controlling Ingram is just the kind of thing you like to do… You’ve been behind everything, pulling all the strings!

Euzeth: I had a myriad of plans prepared.

Tasuku: No kidding. Did you make your way to earth in a panic after we destroyed the Aerogaters?

Euzeth: No. I had predicted that would happen, and continued working behind the scenes. Nibhal was a pawn for that purpose.

Mekibos: Hmm. With him, that means you could involve Wendolo and Zezernan in your little farce.

Ratsel: If your final goal wasn’t to control the earth, then it makes sense that you were not concerned with what happened to the Gaia Sabers.

Shu: Well then, perhaps it’s time to ask the biggest question, Euzeth Gozzo. Why did you know about the Cross gate and Gan Eden?

Euzeth: They exist in old legends and literature in Ze Balmary Empire, and… in my Void Memories.[2]

Tytti: Void Memories?

Euzeth: Things that flow through lifetimes, connecting memories through kalpaic reincarnation… In other words, memories from my past lives. I’m sure there are those among you who have them as well.  People who felt as if they’d seen the Cross Gate or Gan Eden before, those who remembered their names and figures.

Shu: …

Gilliam: …

Euzeth: Your memories alone can’t bring you to discover the answer, but there’s a faint recognition…. Without them being awakened fully, these memories stay dormant until the end of your life.

Ryuusei: Y-you mean that I’ve seen the Cross Gate before in one of my past lives…?!

Excellen: Oh wow, so this kind of stuff actually happens?

Euzeth: Ryuusei Date…. I know you… or rather, I “remember” you….

Ryuusei: What?!

Euzeth: Masaki Ando…. And your Cybuster… I “remember” you, too.

Masaki: I think I’d remember meeting an asshole like you!

Euzeth: Our past lives crossed paths…. Not just you, but others, as well. While there are many among you I have never seen before…. But if I look deep enough… I remember many of you.

Lune: I don’t remember anything like that, but I guess that doesn’t mean much.

Yang Long: So some people have these Void Memories, and others don’t. What decides that?

Euzeth: Whether or not someone remembers the contents of their past memories is personal. What causes them is a connection… a connection to their past lives. There are people born in completely different lives than the ones that came before, and those who are Kalpaic Reincarnations. The people with Void Memories are usually of the latter camp.

Masaki: Kalpaic Reincarnations?

Rishu: Kalpa is a Buddhist term. It refers to the time from the start of one world to the end. The four phases of Formation, Existence, Destruction, and Nothingness…... One cycle of those is a Kalpa.

Euzeth: And when reincarnated in the next Kalpa, some possess the same shape, spirit, and abilities as they did before. For example, Masaki Andoh and Shu Shirakawa… When you are reincarnated, you will be destined to share the same relationship. Your ties are so strong, that not just in parallel worlds, but even through time, you will be connected.

Masaki: I never asked for a connection to this asshole!

Shu: …I must agree.

Masaki: Sides, I don’t remember getting reincarnated! I came in to this world as a baby like everyone else!

Euzeth: If that’s all you understand of the word “reincarnation” then I suppose you would think of it like that. The 4 cycles are part of the absolute law of the universe…. And without knowing it, worlds repeat what has come before. Without knowing of reincarnation, without knowing of Void Memories, without realizing anything… people are born, and then they die. However…. If you can realize your connection as a reincarnation, then you don’t have to follow that same path.

Masaki: what?!

Gilliam: …

Ratsel: Euzeth Gozzo. What are the conditions of reincarnation?

Euzeth: …You could call it destiny, or fate.

Ratsel: Then who decides upon that?

Euzeth: You could call think of it as God.

Excellen: Aw man, just when I thought we were gonna get some important information from him, he clams up.

Ratsel: One more question. Is reincarnation something that happens because one wishes for it?

Euzeth: Rarely, there are those who learn of it, and attempt to have their will cross the four phases…. And there are those who cannot help but do so.

Rai: …You mean yourself, Euzeth.

Euzeth: That’s right…. And the one who I share a deep connection with, the one who always crosses my path… Ingram Plisken.

Viletta: !!

Ryuusei: Commander Ingram?!

Euzeth: But before he could realize his own past memories, he was destroyed by you. He will no longer stand in my way. Thinking on it now, It’s complimented by the loss of Nevi’im. You cut yet another one of the shackles chaining me to others.

Ryuusei: Y-you….

Euzeth: For example, even if Ingram is revived in a different form, it’s already too late. I was able to recognize the phenomenon earlier than him, and I have become the Adamatron.

Kouta: I don’t understand one damn bit of this.[3] So what are you gonna do as your new Ada Melon self?

Euzeth: I pondered this for a long time… Why my past memories were of the Cross Gate and of Gan Eden…... Who I was… Where I came from… So I gathered all of the research I could about the Cross Gate and Gan Eden…. To connect myself to my past memories, I built my plans and set them into motion. I wanted to know…... the reason I had these memories. What these connecting memories were. What Gan Eden was, what the Cross Gate was. Who made them and why. What connection they had with myself. So I arranged what I could and now I have them both in my control.

Katina: So that thing above your head really is the south pole’s Cross Gate?!

Carla: But how did you get it? Is it something you can just pick up and take with you?!

Euzeth: The true Cross Gate can change its state and move by itself. I prepared a power stronger than the gate with Lazumunanium and Zehirut crystals to revive AI1, and made them fuse.

Aqua: AI1 fused with the Cross Gate?! It can do that?!

Euzeth: It was a gamble, but I was in the hands of fate and my past memories. I knew things would work out in my favor. I could see the answers to all my questions…. Who I was, what I was aiming for. I finally had the answers I longed for. And now, my motive has changed.

Bullet: What do you mean, changed?!

Euzeth: The old me acted to know the result…. The shackles of cause and effect… the root of everything. But I don’t need to search for that anymore. With the Cross Gate, I have the power to change Akashic Factors. Before, I had created the Cross Gate Paradigm System…. That is what linked me to it.[4]

Gilliam: The Crossgate Paradigm System…!

Josh: What the hell is that?!

Euzeth: With this system, I can direct and control cause and effect as I please.  With this ultimate power, this power of the gods….

*Wuh oh*

Presia: !!

Lune: Is that Volkruss?!

Tytti: Did Euzeth call him forth?!

Saphine: Oh, it’s not the real thing. But it’s also not a substitute.

Lune: So it’s a fake?

Saphine: It doesn’t really look that way either…

Masaki: Forget if it’s real or fake for a second, how the hell can Euzeth summon Volkruss?!

Shu: I assume it’s not him, but the power of the Cross Gate. It seems slightly different from the Volkruss we know. It’s likely he was summoned from an alternate dimension.

Masaki: But still, being able to do something like that…!

Shu: It’s most likely here because of the strong ties between you and I, and Euzeth mentioned.

*and what’s next*

Kusuha: The Custodes and the Four Beasts!

Masaki: Did they also come out of the Cross Gate?!

Euzeth: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the End and the Beginning. I don’t need to know the results. I am not bound to the past by cause and effect, ties, Void Memories, or my own mind. Not to the foolish Emperor, the Inspectors, or even the Gods. None can stop me. I shall eliminate anything that can be connected to myself, I shall create untold new worlds, and that shall become the new rule of the universe. I shall remake fate, causality, and even reincarnation. And as the cycles pass, I shall be the creator of a new race…. The new Progenitor.

Rim: Progenitor?!

Shine: Then, he’s…

Zash: Making a new world…. That’s something gods do!

Russel: Did… Did the artificial god just become a real one…?!

Excellen: He’s even more obsessed with being a bigwig than I thought.

Axel: Heh, if I got the gist of your rant…. You’re starting off by destroying this world.

Kyosuke: He used a lot of big words, but he’s got a pretty simple goal.

Euzeth: As part of the birth of the new Progenitor, I will erase you. The world I shall create has no need for old bloodlines from the eternal paradise.

Shu: And yet. If you truly did control causality, you easily could have erased us from existence, no?

Euzeth: In order to create a new type of resurrection, I will erase the old cursed reincarnation with my own hands. The agony and despair you feel as you descend towards death shall be changed into a hymn praising the birth of a new Progenitor.

Ryuusei: So he feels like he can’t end this unless he ends it himself. I guess he’s like us in that way.

Aya: You’re trying to control our destiny… We’ll see how that works out for you.

Viletta: Euzeth… I’m going to destroy you, because Ingram can’t. Even if you are my creator.

Ibis: I won’t believe that Irui has disappeared…. Even if you took control of Gan Eden, even if you’re able to do that… She still shouldn’t be gone! We’ll save both her and Ing!

Euzeth: Already, it is too late for you to be revived, or reincarnated. You will be eliminated from the universe itself.

Ryuusei: We’ll get rid of you first! Just like we did in our past lives!

Final Chapter: Ancient Lamentations

Victory: Defeat Adamatron.

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down.

SR point: None.

*kill half of Volkruss*

Masaki: Alright! We killed half of Volkruss!

Shu: (So it looks like him, but doesn’t nearly contain the same power.)

Lune: We still have the other half to deal with!

*Well that didn’t work*

Seolla: W-what?!

Arado: I-is it reviving?!

*Oh shit*

Michiru: T-they combined!

Shu: That is what Volkruss truly looks like.

Aqua: S-so it’s even stronger than before?

Masaki: We can’t look back now! We have to do this!

Yang Long: That’s right. We need to get rid of him, along with Euzeth.

Shu; (I wonder how much power that Volkruss has…. Knowing that will let me surmise the power Euzeth can wield from the Cross Gate…)

*Hit him some after killing the other guys, you know how to play this game by now*

Euzeth: The fact that they still exist… It must be fate, or karma….

Shu: I don’t know what happened in your past… but could this just be your destiny?

Euzeth: I am no longer dictated by destiny, nor its instrument. I have become the basis for all that will be created and cultivated.

Rishu: It’s said that nothing can escape the cycling of the Kalpa…. That would even include gods.

Euzeth: Then I alone should bear that truth. You will disappear into the horizon of causality through the gate that connected your space time here.

*what the fuck does that even mean*

Eita: T-the damaged portions of the Adamatron are repairing!

Tetsuya: Of course, because he absorbed AI1….!

Rio: At this rate, Ing will…

Ibis: Irui will…


Ing: … (So this… This is the answer I wanted…. The answer… to who I am…. I’m just…. A single cog… in a machine to destroy everything….)

???: Ing….

Ing; !

Irui: ….

Ing; (I-Irui!)

Irui: I’ll… I’ll give the last of my power… to you…. To save you….)

Ing: (No! If you still have… If you still have anything left, use it to save yourself! Or… use it to kill me!)

Irui: …

Ing: (I deserve death… Everything I did was just part of Alteur’s plan…. I’m the reason everything will perish….)

Irui: No…. You have power… the power to stop Euzeth….

Ing: (But Irui, you’re….)

Irui: (Listen, Ing…. As long as you and I are both here, Euzeth cannot be stopped. And if he can’t be stopped, then everyone will….

Ing: (That’s why I want you to kill me! This is all my fault! If I’m gone, then Alteur won’t be able to endure Gan Eden’s mental force! So kill me!)

Irui: (No, I can’t do that…. Everyone else would die if I did….)

Ing: (What?!)

Irui: (I need to stay here… I need to keep Gan Eden’s mental force in place… but you, Ing, you can….)

Ing: (I-Irui!)

Irui: (If… If you have a chance….)

Ing: (Wait, Irui!)

Irui: (Tell them… tell them I said thank you… and goodbye.)

Ing: (IRUIIIII!!!!)

*the real tears bros*

Euzeth: As long as I have Gan Eden and the Cross Gate, you all are….

*shake shake shake*

Euzeth: !

Lamia: The Adamatron is….

Euzeth: What buffoonery are they attempting….?

Ibis: ?!

Euzeth: No one could ever hope to stop me!

*well that’s nice*

Eun: Adamatron is being attacked from all sides!

Lefina: !!

Eita: We’re detecting something teleportation in!

Tetsuya: What is it?!


Tetsuya: A-air Christmas?!



Euzeth: So you survived, Carly…. Or should I say Lee Lingjun. But your part has ended.

Carly: You should know full well that one attack won’t be enough to kill me….!

Euzeth: Oh?

Tetsuya: Lee! What are you doing?!

Carly: …You can laugh at me if you want, Tetsuya Onodera…What I’ve sunk to….

Tetsuya: ?!

Carly: What I did was for the Earth Sphere…. What I did was to make us stronger….

Tetsuya: Lee…...

Euzeth: Your death is a waste…. But be gone.

Carly: On that last attack…. I was able to get your coordinates… for the warp drive…. And that lets me….

Tetsuya: Y-you can’t be serious?!

Carly: My life… has already run its course…. So watch me, Tetsuya Onodera! This is my…. This is the path Lee Lingjun took!

*into the Adamatron*

Tetsuya: Lee!

Mekibos: H-he warped into the Adamatron!

Axel: He’s… He’s going to blow the fusion drives inside of it… That’s his last move.

Tetsuya: Lee… you….

*Oh shit*

Arado: Th-the Adamatron’s!

Axel: With something like that exploding inside of him, there’s no way he won’t be affected.

Ibis: !!

Tsugumi: What’s wrong, Ibis?!

Ibis: Th-there’s a crack growing in Irui’s pendant!

Tsugumi: H-huh?!

Ibis: Is this… Irui?!

*Oh hey Ing*

Rio: The EX-Exbein?!

Ryoto: Ing!

Ing: … I should… have been the one who died….

Rio: Ing, are you okay?!

Ing: Yeah… She… Irui saved me….

Kusuha: W-where is she?!

Ing: She… In order to lay Gan Eden’s mental energy to rest….

Ibis: So she’s….!

Ing: …

Ibis: No… No, that’s….!!

Tsugumi: …

Sleigh: …Irui….

Ibis: We… We came this far, and I… A-aaah….!

Arado: G-guh…..

Kusuha: Irui….


Ibis: !

Sanger: This is not over! Euzeth stands yet before us! Do not let Irui’s efforts be in vain! We will win where we are meant to win! We will finish this fight with evil right here!

Bullet: Th-that’s right! If we lose here, everything will have been for nothing!

Kusuha: Y-you’re right…. Even Irui’s memory will be….

Seolla: We’re not going to lose here….!

Arado: That’s right! We’re going to win this fight!

Tsugumi: Ibis…!

Ibis: I know…! Gan Eden, Adamatron… They’re the ones who did this to Irui….! But I won’t say goodbye….! With everything she wished for…. I’m going to finish this, once and for all!


Ing: Alteur Steinbeck…... No, Euzeth Gozzo. I will defeat you. That is what Irui wanted me to do.

Euzeth: Have you forgotten? You, and the rest of the Balshem series, are bound to me. You will obey me, and destroy the Steel Dragons. Tetractus Gramaton.


Ing: This will no longer go according to your plans. Or rather, it can no longer go that way.

Euzeth: ….

Ing: You should know by now, Euzeth. The Cross Gate Paradigm System is incomplete. That’s why you can’t destroy the Steel Dragons. And that’s why you can’t control me. Do you know why?

Euzeth: …

Ing: It’s because Irui’s inside of you. She’s taken in all of the memories of the Steel Dragons and is holding them inside you…. And her thoughts effect you. Even without the T-LINK system, your thoughts and minds are meeting…. And that will be the cause of your downfall.

Euzeth: …

Ing: Euzeth, your final plan was a failure…. Taking in Irui will be your last mistake.

Euzeth: …Then I will simply alter the completion. With my control of the Akashic Records, I can simply make my victory a certainty for the future.

Ing: Meaning it’s not a certainty at the moment. Meaning you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Euzeth: Neither do you.

Ing: That means you don’t control causality now! This is another point where our destiny will lead us to the right path!

*Sure enough*

*hey more damage*

Euzeth: This flow…. No, that is not possible. I am different from how I was up till now…. The difference is my decisiveness… The Cross Gate, Gan Eden, the Akashic Record…I should be able to change my future.

Shu: *chuckle* Are you sure about that? Or have you finally figured out your role?

Euzeth: Unthinkable…. For the same result to come about… it’s impossible.

Kyosuke: The same result? Meaning in your past, you encountered people just like us, and they did the same thing to you that we’re doing now.

Euzeth: …

Ryuusei: I don’t know what happened to the people that fought you before…. But that shouldn’t change what we have to do.

Rai: And we’ll make sure the same thing happens to you as before.

Aya: That’s your destiny….!

Euzeth: I will change that destiny! I will break free from this cursed cycle, as the god of a new world, the Progenitor of a new people!

Ratsel: Then it’s time for you to make your date with destiny. So that you can see the futility of fighting this result!

Euzeth: Destiny doesn’t decide what happens… I decide it…![5]

Ing: Euzeth Gozzo, in your past life, was I there?

Euzeth: …

Ing: If I wasn’t, then I’m the reason you’re being bound to destiny once more! You’re not the one deciding this! We are!

*Pump it up bros Oh that English*

*Kill him with Ing for fun*

Euzeth: It’s the same… It’s the same result….! Why…? Why…?! These factors should have led to a different result… with Gan Eden… and with the Cross Gate…! There shouldn’t… have been anyone who could stand in my way…!

Shu: Heh… The answer’s right in front of you.

Axel: You should have seen this coming.

Euzeth: I… I shouldn’t die here…!

Shu: Will you tell us, before you’re gone, who made the cross gate, and for what purpose?

Euzeth: It can’t… be over! The Progenitor cannot die…! Ku, huhuhuh…. I escaped from the cycles…. So I can’t die… Kuhuh…. Huhuhuhh….

Masaki: He’s…

Euzeth: That’s right…. I am…. The creator of all…. Hahaha… of all! Hahahaha!

Shu: One more time. Who made the cross Gate? Why did they make it?


Viletta: ?!

Euzeth: I did! That’s right! It could have only been me!

Ryuusei: Wh-what’s wrong with him?

Euzeth: The Cross Gate, and Gan Eden, too! The new world, and humanity, too! Hhahahaha! That’s right! I made everything! So why is it wrong? What’s wrong? Huh? Hahahah! Irui? Hahaha! It’s Irui! It’s her!

Ing: …And who was it that took Irui in?

Euzeth: Me! It was meeeee!

Ing: Who created the final factor that caused your downfall? Who created me?



Tetsuya: Space time….! Did we return to our original world?! Where’s the Adamatron!?

Eita: W-we can’t find it, but in the space directly ahead….!!


Tetsuya: It’s the Cross Gate…!!

Lefina: It was taken in by Adamatron…!

Sean: Is that… All that’s left…?

Axel: So even if we’re strong enough to destroy Adamatron, we can’t destroy it, huh?

Gilliam: I believe that’s the case…

Ratsel: It’s been on our planet for so long…. I guess it will continue to exist.

Lamia: But why…?

Sanger: I’m sure only the gate itself knows.

Tetsuya: Eita, what’s the status on the Cross Gate?

Eita:  The energy output has stopped. There’s no indications that anything will come out of it. And we’ve confirmed our ship’s location…. We’re near Earth. We’ve returned.

Tetsuya: I see….


Kukuru: Guhhh!

Sanger: Kukuru?!

Kukuru: Hah… *chuckles*…. Without the grace of the God of Baral…. I suppose I too must perish….

Sanger: You’re…!

Kukuru: …That’s fine… That’s fine with me…. I can meet them again…. In the arms of our god…. I’ve sinned so many times…. So this is….

Rishu: Kukuru….

Kukuru: But…. Father, and Mother….

Sanger: …You fought alongside us and saved this world. Your sins have been redeemed. So…

Kukuru: *chuckles*… I will… Take those words with me gladly….


Kukuru: Thank… you…. Sanger….


Sanger: !!

Rishu: …

Sanger: …Kukuru….

Shu: …So she was released from the curse of her god….

Masaki: Shu….

Shu: This marks the end of this little engagement. I can leave the rest of this to you all.

Masaki: Where will you…. What will you do after this?

Shu: I suppose you’re asking so that you know where to fight me next?

Masaki: …. Yeah. We still have a score to settle.

Shu: You have nothing to worry about anymore. I’ve already broken free from Volkruss’s control.

Masaki: What…?! What do you mean, how?!

Shu: I don’t need to tell you that.

Yang Long: …. You’re asking us to believe that?

Monika: Yang Long, what he’s saying is the truth. I was there when it happened.

Yang Long: Is that so, Your Grace…?

Monika: Yes.

Yang Long: Then….

Saphine: I was there too. He really isn’t lying.

Yang Long: You’re not exactly the most trustworthy source for this.

Saphine: Hey! What’s with that?! Why are you only nice to her?!

Masaki: …Get out of here, Shu. Just leave. But if you do anything funny, I’m not going to let it slide.

Shu: Heh… I guess I’ll remember that.

Tytti: Lady Monika, are you going with Shu…?

Monika: Yes, that’s what I wish to do.

Shu: …Farewell.

Monika: I wish you the best, everyone.

Saphine: See you again! …At least, I hope so.


Masaki: …

Lune: …Are you okay with that, Masaki?

Masaki: I guess. La Gias notwithstanding, without him, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the fight up here on the surface.

Mio: Yeah… that’s true. He really did save our hides.

Masaki: And besides, after the fight we just had… Honestly, I’m tired.

Kuro: Seriously.

Lefina: XO, keep a close eye on the Cross Gate and order everyone back onto the ship.

Sean: Roger. I’m praying that nothing else happens.

Lefina: If that thing creates another calamity, then it won’t be the Baral or the Gaia Saviors who have to deal with it, it’ll be us…. We’re the last ones left, so we have to be the sword that protects the Earth.

Sean: That’s right…

Lefina: But… I don’t think the cross gate only ushers calamity… I think the Cross Gate is the only reason we could return to our own world….

*Fade oooooutttt*

Jacob: Excellent work. You have saved the earth once again.

Lefina: What is the situation like down there?

Jacob: After Alteur’s true workings were revealed, it’s become chaotic. After all, the alien ringleader who brought down Meteo 3 was a member of the Federation Congress. The current power structure has crumbled…. Anyone with deep connections to the Gaia Sabers left alive has been arrested.

Lefina: I see… What will happen to us?

Jacob: As for internal matters… First, your discharge from the military is being retracted. Further, we’re collecting evidence from Grand Christmas that puts Alteur as the architect behind President Grusman’s assassination. It won’t take long before your names are clear again.

Tetsuya: But even if we were set up, it’s still a fact that our actions caused the president to die….

Jacob: We’ll take care of everything correctly. We’re not going to treat the people who saved the world poorly. By the way… is Mekibos Bulverde with you?

Mekibos: Ah yes, I have some business with you, as well. The Zovorg council has decided, instead of negotiating a treaty, to simply agree to non-involvement in the earth sphere.

Jacob: So even though they got us involved in this mess…. They’re going with the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. But what about the Council’s opinion that earthlings are dangerous?

Mekibos: They thought that before… but after watching you fight up till this point, they’ve changed their minds. But if we tried to return with a peace treaty, there’d be trouble brewing. The bigwigs back home are having problems, too.

Jacob: So everyone needs a bit of time to cool off?

Mekibos: That’s basically it.  And we’ve already called back all of our forces.

Lefina: Huh…?

Mekibos: Rof informed me earlier that they’ve all been ordered to come home. They’ve already warped and goodbye to Earth. Sorry for not telling you sooner, but I didn’t want you to worry about it.

Jacob: So you’re all that’s left.

Mekibos: Yes…. So now, instead of Nibhal, you’ll have a direct pipeline to the Council.

Jacob: I see… so you were “Grey”

Mekibos: Yup. I hope you’ll treat me fairly.

Jacob: …We’ll look into it. Now, as for Alteur Steinbeck’s… Euzeth Gozzo’s home planet…. What can you tell us about Ze Balmary Empire?

Mekibos: I’m afraid I don’t know much at all about them.

Jacob: Hmm… And why is that?

Mekibos: The Zovorg and Balmary Empire bumped into each other a few times in the past, but it wasn’t a massive space war or anything…. We would encounter unmanned planets like the White Star in remote regions, and we would only have contact with the mechanical forces deployed by them.

Sean: So there’s more than one of those?

Mekibos: Yeah. The Zovorg guess that their objective was the same as the Aerogaters… The planets seemed to be wandering aimlessly, so we thought they were lost and cut off from the Balmars. So as for what we could learn from them… Well, you all already understand that.

Sean: That’s true… We still don’t know where their home planet is.

Mekibos: We looked too, but we found no traces of them. It may exist somewhere in our galaxy, or maybe… In any case, because Euzeth was acting on his own authority, that means he too broke off from his home country. We still have no idea about who they are or what they want.

Jacob: Hmm…

Lefina: Lt. General Jacob, what about the Cross Gate?

Jacob: We’re currently choosing members for an investigation team. There could be many people in your ranks who join with that team.

Lefina: Understood.

Jacob: And as for keeping watch on the cross gate and guarding it…. We’re leaving that to the space fleets that participated in Operation Reconquista. When they arrive, hand over the duty to them and head on home. We’ll update you on the situation then. As for what will happen with the civilians in your care, that is up to you and them to decide.

Lefina: Understood.

*Back in Japan*

Michiru: Things are moving fast… It’s already been a month since we fought that Adamatron guy…. We lived to pass under this gate another day.

Shoko: Michiru, it’s only been a week.

Kouta: More importantly, why is he still here?

Shoko: Because he has to be. Everyone who was involved in that fight has to stay on standby until further notice.

Kouta: So couldn’t someone just watch over this guy and send him back to Osaka?

Shoko: They said that wouldn’t work. We’re on specially designated home leave, right? I mean, we could be stuck on that island with everyone else.

Kouta: Fine, fine…

Michiru: Well, I was born in Tokyo. It’s not like I’m a stranger here.

Kouta: What? Really?

Michiru: Fuck yeah. I moved to Osaka when I was like, 10.

Shouko: I see…

Michiru: I’m just happy to be with you, Shouko.

Kouta: Hey…. If you try anything funny with Shouko, I’ll rip you a new one with the Over Kaiser Sword.

Michiru: That puny thing couldn’t scratch the G Bankaran!

Shouko: Don’t joke about grandpa’s robots getting in a fight! If you two don’t play nice, I’m not going to make you dinner!

Kouta: Agh!

Michiru: I-I’m sorry, Shouko.

Kouta; Dammit… This is all your fault, ‘cause you wanted to go around conquering Japan!

Michiru: Still planning on finishing that. Wanna tag along? Conquer some high schools?

Kouta: Huh?

Michiru: We could definitely pull it off, me and you. You’d be like my kid brother…

Kouta: Who’d want to be related to you? And I don’t have any drive to conquer high schools.

Michiru: Why?

Kouta: The only people I want to fight are the ones who would threaten this town… and this Earth. And if they ever show up again, I’m gonna fight then… as Fighter Roar, in the G-Compatible Kaiser.

*elsewhere, on that island*

Masaki: Since I got my leave approved, I’m headed back to La Gias. I also talked to Granny Ybun.

Ryuusei: I see… It’ll be quieter around here with you gone.

Lune: If you need anything, contact us on with the Ether. We’ll come as soon as we can.

Aya: But you still have things you need to do down there, right?

Tytti: That’s right…

Yang Long: We still have our duties as Elemental Lord Pilots.

Mio: I wanted to goof off a bit more on the surface… but I’m worried about La Gias, too.

Katina: Stay strong out there, everyone.

Tasuku: Guess that means Zash is leaving, too.

Zash: Huh? Y-yeah…

Presia: Thanks for everything.

Russel: Um… Can you tell Gennacy I said hello?

Mio: Huh? Who’s that?

Masaki: The pilot of the Jaohm. You met him.

Mio: Oh right, him.

Masaki: And when did the two of you become friends, anyway, Russel?

Tasuku: They apparently talked a lot in La Gias, although no one noticed either of them doing it.

Azuki: Kuro, Shiro…. If we meet again, can I squeeze your paw pads?

Shiro: Sure!

Kuro: Be safe, Azuki.

Ryuusei: Now, when did THEY become friends?

Eita: That was in La Gias as well. Azuki really likes cats.

Tytti: …Masaki, it’s time.

Masaki: Okay.

Mio: See ya!

Mai: Yeah…

Lune: Once everything is settled down in La Gias, we should hang out some more.

Yang Long: Lune… You’re not an Elemental Lord Pilot, but you still have duties…

Lune: I know, I know, you don’t have to give a lecture.

Ryuusei: Masaki… I’ll be praying for peace not just in Langran, but in all of La Gias.

Masaki: Yeah… Take care of the surface for me while I’m gone. See ya!


Ratsel: We’ve loaded everything into the Kurogane. First, we’re heading back to Iti Iti Island.

Rai: Got it, brother.

Leona: But I’m surprised the Kurogane was allowed to leave.

Ratsel: I’ve heard that Kenneth Garret was disgraced, and General Laker Randolph has been made the commander of the Izu base.

Rai: Ah, so that’s why…

Rishu: Then that means the rest of us should be able to leave soon, too.

Fiona: Rishu, we’re going to go with the Kurogane, then we’ll meet up with Ibis and Tsugumi, then we’re going back to the Tesla Labs…. Would you like to come with?

Rishu: No, I’m going to visit my family’s old burial sites… I should report about the end of the battle with the Baral to my ancestors.

Bullet: Sensei, we’re going to have KoOuKi and RyuOuKi sent back to Tesla Labs.

Rishu: Hmm? Are they still sleeping?

Kusuha: Yeah… We’re thinking it’s best to put them back in the Mechanoid Cage and let them rest.

Bullet: And until we’re given the order to stand down, we can’t leave this island….

Rishu: Well, you should take this opportunity to rest, too. Things are bound to get hectic again soon enough.

Kusuha: Yeah… and I still have a few things I want to do.

Rishu: What’s that?

Kusuha: I was talking with Ibis and Arado about Irui…

Leona: But, she’s…

Bullet: Ing was able to come back to us safely. There’s a chance….

Kusuha: So we’re going to look for Irui while we have a chance to…

Carla: In that case, I’ll come with you. Is that okay, Major Sanger?

Sanger: I don’t mind.

Carla: And I don’t know how much he can help, but I’ll tell Ruslan about it, too.

Despinis: Um…. I want to help too…

Fiona: That’s a good idea. If there’s anything we can do to help, give us a call.

Bullet: Thanks.

Raul: What are you gonna do now, Touma? It’d be a big help if you continued to work for our company…

Touma: I’m sorry, but there’s something else I’m thinking about. …Ratsel, what’s going to happen to RaiOu?

Ratsel: Given its origins, we’re thinking of keeping it in our custody. Minaki has agreed to that.

Minaki: Yes… I’m going to Iti Iti Island with them.

Touma: Then… I want to come too. I want to train more with RaiOu. I want RaiOu to really be a Guardian…. A protector of the earth…

Minaki: Touma…

Sanger: But if you come with us, you won’t be able to return to your normal life.

Touma: I… I made up my mind the day I first boarded RaiOu. And RaiOu and I are still walking this path together. All I can do now is keep moving forward.

Sanger: What do you think, Ratsel?

Ratsel: Sounds like he’s made up his mind… Any objections, Minaki?

Minaki: No… I want Touma to continue working with RaiOu. What he said is what I hope for, too.

Touma: Minaki…

Ratsel: Then I’ll allow it.

Touma: Thank you! I’ll work hard at this!

Lamia: What are you planning on going to do, Captain Axel?[6]

Axel: I’m worried about the Cross Gate... I’ve been effected by it before. But it’s not like I can continue working with the Steel Dragons like this…

Ratsel: Then why not come with us? We’ve taken care of the Soulgain before, after all.

Axel: …

Touma: Axel… if possible, I’d like to continue training under you.

Axel: …Alright then. Prepare yourself.

Excellen: Alfimi, are you going with Axel?

Alfimi: Yep yep! After all, we’re bound by the everlasting bond of marriage.

Axel: …I think it’s more like we’re just stuck together.

Alfimi: Your mouth says no, but your heart says….

Excellen: Well, they make a pretty good team. Stay safe, Alfimi.

Kyosuke: …Let’s meet again some time, Axel Almer.

Axel: Every time I meet you, bad things happen. Is that gonna happen next time, too?

Kyosuke: Wanna bet on it?

Axel: Heh, give me a break. You know how bad my luck is.


Lamia: Major Kai, the Kurogane has left.

Kai: Indeed, I could see it from here.

Rahda: Josh and Rim have already gone back to Antarctica… Now we’re just waiting on the transport ship for Queen Shine to get here.

Shine: That’s right. Latooni, I’m going to take the Fairlion S with me.

Latooni: Okay.

Shine: Also, Latooni, later on…I’m thinking of making a charity event to raise funds to repair the damage caused to Riksent by the war… If it’s okay… I’d like to ask your help for that.

Latooni: What kind of event…?

Shine: Like some kind of demonstration concert where our Fairlion’s sing and dance.

Latooni: Wh-what?!

Arado: Oh, that sounds interesting. It’ll be like watching the debut of a new kind of Idol!

Latooni: I-Idol?!

Seolla: With Latooni and Queen Shine together, they’re sure to be super popular.

Latooni: You-You’re not serious….

Seolla: I’m just joking. After all, I don’t like not being with you, Lat.

Arado: We’re gonna be busy with less people helping us… and that means we won’t have as much time to search for Irui.

Rahda: Speaking of people… Major Kai, what’s going to happen to Hugo and Aqua?

Kai: About that…


Hugo: I…I asked Major Kai if it was okay if I joined up with The Aggressors for now.

Aqua: That’s right…. We don’t really have any place else to go, huh.

Hugo: Well, you do, right? This would be a good chance for you to leave the military and go home. I’m sure your dad can arrange it for you if you ask.

Aqua: You’re joking, right? I’m your partner. I may be raising the average age here, but I’m also going to join The Aggressors.

Hugo: Aqua…

Aqua: Hey, don’t laugh at this, okay…? I… I want to be an instructor one day. Even though things with Erde turned out the way they did… Even though I have bad memories of it… She’s the reason I’m here where I am today…. I… I want to be a teacher one day.

Hugo: …I see.

Aqua: Besides, if you’re going to be in the TE Absorber, it’s better if I’m around, right?

Hugo: That’s true… And with this bucket-of-bolts body of mine, It’d be hard for me to meet a new partner. So I’ll count on your support.

Aqua: Hey, you actually said something cool for once.

Hugo: You think so?

Aqua: I do. I think this will keep on going great.

Hugo: Yeah… Me too.


Ryoto: We’re making a new team?

Irm: Yeah, We’ve been working together for a while, anyway…. We have the SRX Team, the ATX Team, the Octo Squad, so let’s make something like that.  I plan on submitting the application later.

Rio: Have you thought of a good name?

Irm: That’s what I’m thinking of now. I’m the leader, by the way. I don’t think I have to say this, but I’m the top rank in this group, after all. And I’m thinking Ing will be part of the team, too.

Ing: Huh?

Ryoto: That’s a good idea.

Ing: But, I’m…

Irm: There was no data on you in the Gaia Sabers, right?

Ing: That’s what I heard, but…

Irm: Then we’ll get Major Gilliam to work something out. Of course, that’s only if you want us to.

Ing: …

Rio: I’m for it.

Ryoto: Me too, Ing.

Irm: And we gotta think about the EX-Exbein, too. If we don’t have someone using it, Mao Industries is gonna get mad.

Ing: Is it… really okay… for me to be here?

Irm: Of course it is.

Rio: This is your home, right?

Ing: Thank you…. I’ll join in, then. (Irui…. With the life you saved… I’ll….)

*Elsewhere stillll*

Laker: It’s been awhile.

Lefina: Commander Laker… I’m very glad to be calling you Commander again.

Laker: Thanks to your efforts and Lt. General Jacob, I was able to return to work. You have my thanks.

Tetsuya: No, that’s…

Laker: You’ve been reinstated alongside me, too. You’re now free to leave Mizutori Island. We’re waiting for you back in Izu.

Lefina: Roger that.

Laker: As for your next mission… It seems like it may take a while before we assign it. But the duties you take on will probably be what you’re used to.

Tetsuya: Really?

Laker: Yes, I got the report from Lt. General Jacob. Considering this mysterious Cross Gate is floating above our heads right now…. If things go bad up there, you’re the first people we’ll turn to, according to the report. But because of your demotions…. You have a new Task Force Commander and Overseer, and new captains are likely to get sent to you by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lefina: …Considering our involvement in the death of president Grusman, it seems too light of a punishment….

Laker: The president… While we used different methods, we wanted the same thing: We wanted the safety of the Earth Sphere. To keep the Earth Sphere and the humans on Earth safe, we need to work his share, too.

Tetsuya: Yes, sir….


Ariel: Is that true, Professor Wong?

Eric: Yup. I don’t know how successful it’ll be, but it’s definitely a start.

Ariel: How did you…

Eric: I got a few hints from the technology that Lamia’s body uses. The Shadow Mirror world was way ahead of ours in regards to this kind of thing. And the person who made Lamia was at the top of her field. Considering it from another angle, it means there’s something that we can do about your Hayflick Limit.

Excellen: Professor…. Can you explain it like we’re five?

Eric: If I wanted to go into detail, it’d take 5 or 6 hours.

Excellen: Well, I’ll see you later, then~![7]

Kyosuke: In any case, you’re saying it’s possible to extend Ariel’s lifespan?

Eric: Well, basically….

Lamia: (Lemon’s skills can be used to give Ariel a future….)

Excellen: Then Ariel’s gonna be part of our family! She’ll be Assault 5!

Kyosuke: That’s for her to decide herself.

Eric: I said it before, but it’s only a start. I don’t know if it’s possible yet.

Ariel: But at the very least, there’s hope…

Lamia: The person who made me, Lemon Browning, gave me a future. I’m sure it will be the same for you, Ariel.

Ariel: (Duvan… If I can, I’d like to keep on living… For your sake, too. And then…)


Sleigh: (Brother…. I’m sorry it took me so long to come here… Please… rest in peace….)

Tsugumi: (Filio…. Your dream is getting closer and closer to reality. Hyper 77, the Hyperion…. And Sleigh, Ibis, and I are bringing Project TD to new heights…. Beyond the stars, to endless space…. Further and further….)

Ibis: (Filio, we’re going to fly…. To the sea of stars… through the galaxy…. Along with your dreams…)

Tsugumi: …Let’s get going.

Sleigh: Yeah.

Ibis: (Irui…. I won’t say goodbye. I believe… That we’ll meet again one day…. So I’ll wait here. On this planet that you loved and protected….)[8]


Clifford: This block of labs barely survived, but the rest of them are gone.

Josh: Yeah, Re-tech is…

Gilliam: I said it before, but the ruins are completely under the control of the Federation. And all of the research materials produced by Re-Technologist have been confiscated by the Intelligence division. And the Aile Chevalier, Blanche Neige, the NV units, the Fabularis, and anything related to them are all in Federation custody.

Josh: Yeah… It was bound to happen.

Clifford: The Ruina have been destroyed… but we don’t know what kind of long-term effects the Sympathia will have on John and Rim.

Rim: But that’s what Father… and Chris….

Josh: But now there’s no reason to risk you interacting with the Sympathia… And… if they’re destroyed, I won’t complain.

Viletta: But Major Gilliam… That’s not going to happen, is it?

Gilliam: Indeed… They are the Keys to repulsing the Ruina that Doctor Radcliffe made.

Rim: That means…

Gilliam: We’ll keep them safe.

Rim: That’s good….

Josh: But if you ride it…

Rim: I know, bro. I’m going to go make some coffee.

Josh: You don’t mean Cocoa?

Rim: Well… Ven liked bitter drinks, so….

Josh: I see….

Rim: You should come too, Laki. I’ll teach you how to make a good cup of coffee.

Glacies: Understood.

Rim: Major Gilliam, Captain Viletta, do you want any?

Gilliam: I’ll have to refuse. We’re headed for the Fabula Fores to meet with the investigators.

Viletta: I’ll take you up on it next time.


Rim: Well then…

Glacies: Yeah.


Clifford: …Josh, there’s something I need to talk with you about.

Josh: What is it?

Clifford: It’s about Glacies. Her latest test results came in a while ago. Judging from those…. She lacks any genes that can accommodate aging, so her body is breaking down. She… doesn’t have long to live.


Clifford: I’d say maybe 3 years… Or maybe less.

Josh: Th-that’s…. that’s just like Ariel…. But still, she….

Clifford: Josh…. Glacies may have a body that looks a lot like ours, but it’s fundamentally different.

Josh: But still!

Clifford: It’s no use. Even if we put her in cryogenic sleep and hoped for the future to find an answer…

Josh: Wh-what? Isn’t there anything we can do?!

Clifford: ….

Josh: Cliff… I see….


Josh: ….

Rim: Bro, the coffee isn’t…

Josh: I’m sorry, Rim, could you give us a moment? I need to tell Laki something.

Rim: O-oh, sure.

Glacies: Josh… What is it?

Josh: well… I haven’t told Rim or Cliff yet…. But I asked Gilliam to let me join the Cross Gate investigation team. It came from the Fabula Fores my old man was researching. And the Ruina came from inside of it…. I… I feel like I have a responsibility to make sure nothing else bad happens because of the Cross Gate.

Glacies: I see…

Josh: If possible, I’d like to bring Rim and Cliff with me… Would you like to come as well?

Glacies: …. Isn’t it obvious?

Josh: …

Glacies: If you’re there, I’m there. You gave me a new way to live my life… So until my life runs out….

Josh: Laki…

Glacies: …Do you not want me there, Josh?

Josh: That’s not it…. I’ll be at your side. Always.

*sup Irui*

Irui: Ugh….

Hou: I see you’ve awakened, Lady Irui.

Irui: You!

Hou: This is the last mission I was given by my master.

Irui: Huh…?

Hou: To watch the battle between the Goddess of Paradise and the humans with my own eyes…. The Sealing War… and if the Goddess were to fall…. And if I had a chance to save you, I was ordered to do so.

Irui: Wh-why…?

Hou: Because you are not a God. You are a human. And you, and the people you have chosen to protect this land, still have things they must do…. The proof of that… is that I was able to find and save you.

Irui: I’m… and what about everyone else?

Hou: My god was defeated by humanity. …. Goodbye.


Irui: Ah…. (The god… was defeated by humanity…. Then… They’re all okay…. We can… meet again….)



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[1] Nephesh: Hebrew word for soul, or what makes a person a person. THE MORE YOU KNOW

[2] Kyooku.

[3] You and me both, Kouta.

[4] This phrasing is really confusing.

[5] See, if a good guy were saying this, he’d be a badass.


[7] Fuck if I know. Fucking Excellen.