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Lune: What? The Kirkus and Feil Armies are…

Zash: Yes. We heard about it while monitoring the nearby armies…  But since we’re getting conflicting reports, It’s not clear if they’re true or not. Even the information coming in from the center of the conflict isn’t helpful, due to the interference in the Ethernet…

Kyosuke: This new war… who do you think started it?

Yang: I can’t say. During Kirkus’s pursuit of the Shutedonias army, he sent his squads in every direction… if Feil’s army attacked that opening, then he could set up an attack on General Kirkus’s personal squad, but the timing doesn’t make sense.

Sanger: If a civil revolt broke out now… The Shutedonias army would take the chance to attack again.

Russel: Is it possible that Kirkus tried to set Feil up?

Bullet: General Kirkus wants to become the power behind the throne of Prince Terius. Since Prince Feil agreed to give up the throne, I don’t think Kirkus has any reason to attack him…

Katina:  But if he had a chance to get rid of Feil, who could become a nuisance later…  Then Kirkus would attack him.

Yang Long:  It’s unconfirmed, but there are also reports of General Kirkus retreating, and ordering a surrender.

Kusuha: Really?

Ryuusei: This situation seems really chaotic.

Kusuha: Is there really nothing we can do about the Ethernet?

Ranshao: This kind of instability is rare. It possibly has some relation to Volkruss.

Yang: At any rate, the confusion in the communication networks has poured fuel on the fire. We need to get closer to the center of this confusion, and find out the truth for ourselves.


Kusuha: !!!

Ryuusei: Is it an enemy raid?


Eun: The Kirkus battalion at 2 o’clock is changing course! They’re making a break for it!

Sean: They noticed us, and they’re trying to escape. It’s suspicious.

Lefina: I agree. Chase after them at once!

Chapter 16: The Defeated General

Eun: The Kirkus Forces have stopped! They’re turning!

Lefina: All engines stop, and keep our current altitude! Squads, deploy!

*pew pew pew*

Zash: That mobile fortress is Dad’s…!

Tasuku:  So, General Kirkus riding in it?!

Leona: It seems like both the fortress and the Elementals have taken damage.

Kyosuke: So the information that General Kirkus withdrew was correct?

Zash: Dad! Is that you?

Kirkus: Zash! Why are you there?

Zash: I… I’m fighting alongside Lune. Unless you change your mind.

Kirkus: I see. In that case, You’re no longer my son. If you’re going to cause trouble for me… I won’t forgive you.

Zash: … I understand.

Yang: General Kirkus… Was it Feil’s forces you fought against?

Kirkus: That’s right. It was the Elemental Lords Cybuster and Goddess, as well as the Hagane’s fighters.

Lefina: !!!

Bullet: The Hagane’s with Feil’s forces?

Yang Long: And you got that damage from them?

Kirkus: Ha, hahaha… that’s right, it’s from them. I guess you really shouldn’t make light of the power of Elemental Lords… As well as the knights of the Hagane.

Lune: Who was the one that shot first?

Kirkus: What does that matter to you?

Lune: Hah, you don’t want to answer? Then it was you. You feeling a little guilty?

Kirkus: …

Yang Long: We can figure out the truth later. Just as the fight with Shutedonias is over, you incite another war… It’s unlike you. Immediately disarm your weapons and surrender.

Kirkus: I can’t do that.

Zash: Dad!

Kirkus: I’ve come this far. I can’t go back.

Zash: And what about the soldiers in your company!? Do you plan to use those soldiers who fought for Langran’s freedom as tools for a rebellion?!

Kirkus: The soldiers under me have received orders from Feil’s forces to surrender. Even so, there are people who wish to cooperate with me…

Yang: How do you expect to unify La Gias with such a small force?

Kirkus: There… is a way.


Louzorl: I’m sorry for making you wait, Lord Kirkus.

Leona: Louzorl?!

Louzorl: Please leave this to me. You should continue on to where you need to be.

Kirkus: Right.

Yang: General! You’re helping Louzorl?!

Zash: The way to unify Langran was…

Kirkus: It’s power, Yang Long, Zash. Power to create a new era, like the Elemental Lords did… No, we need even more than that.

Yang Long: Ridiculous! Do you have any idea what Louzorl’s group is trying to accomplish?! You’re just a pawn in his plans!

Louzorl: I’m afraid you are the pawns in this game. In any case, Lord Kirkus… Please hurry.

Kirkus: …Understood.

Zash: D-dad!

Louzorl: Now then… For a short while, I shall entertain you.

Tasuku: Demon Golems!

Louzorl: I’m afraid it’s not just that. Although you interfered last time… I was able to successfully resurrect parts of Lord Volkruss’s body.

Gennacy: What?!

Louzorl: You shall become a meal for them.

Shine: Wh-what’s this sinister feeling?!

Kusuha: Such dark and heavy energy...

Yang: Such an extraordinary negative energy!

Leona: That’s Volkruss…!

Louzorl: It’s only a part of him, to be exact. After I summon the complete god, all will be completely destroyed. This mere images have no intellect. They are governed only by the urge to destroy.

Shine: That… That thing isn’t a god!

Tasuku: It’s just a monster!

Louzorl: All of creation is equal in death. Bask in this supreme, absolute truth.

Lune: Using that monster isn’t going to bring peace to La Gias!

Yang: The only thing it’s good for is absolute destruction. Did General Kirkus really think that he could control Volkruss?

Louzorl: If it will allow Lord Volkruss’ revival, we will continue the confusion in Langran for as long as we need. And then, the grudges and malice of people who die make a wonderful sacrifice to Lord Volkruss. Now, I will leave you all to help with Lord Volkruss’s arrival.

*He goes poof*

Yang: Damn that Louzorl!

Zash: The god of destruction Volkruss… can we really defeat something like that?

Lune: Snap out of it, Zash! Even if he said they’re part of a god, they’re no more than copies!

Katina: We’ve already done something like this when we fought the Einst! There’s no reason to freak out!

Ryuusei: We also know the whereabouts of the crew of the Hagane. We can’t lose here!

Lefina: All unit, begin the attack! Destroy the Volkruss copies!

Chapter 16: The Defeated General

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated

SR point: Kill 3 of the Volkruss bodies in one phase.

*Valsione V Volkruss*

Lune: Calling that kind of a monster a god is ridiculous!

*Zash V Volkruss*

Zash: That’s Volkruss…. He’s got such strongly evil Prana…. What the hell is dad thinking, using something like that?!

*Yang Long V Volkruss*

Yang Long: General Kirkus… You really will take any means to fulfill your ambition!

*Tasuku V Volkruss*

Tasuku: Golems and evil gods! There are WAY too many fantasy monsters showing up!

*Ryuusei v Volkruss*

Ryuusei: Heh, what’s an evil god compared to what we’ve been up against so far! We’ll bust right through this!

*Gennacy V Volkruss*

Gennacy: You vile monster…. I will defeat you!

*Kyosuke V Volkruss*

Kyosuke: An evil god that easts humans... In a way, that’s easier to kill than a human.

*Shine V Volkruss*

Shine: That’s Volkruss… We have to move forward!

*Sanger V Volkruss*

Sanger: Volkruss…. My sword will cleave your evil!

*Bullet V Volkruss*

Bullet: We can’t let that monster do as it pleases!

*And ends*

Eun: All the enemies in the area have been defeated.

Lefina: While it’s good we know where the Hagane’s crew is, General Kirkus’s intentions are dangerous.

Yang: Colonel Lefina, lets follow the General. No one else can stop him.

Lefina: Understood. Pursue General Kirkus!


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