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Zash: This is information I accessed earlier, but the combined forces of Feil and Kirkus dealt the Shutedonias army a massive blow at Ledona Gorge. Currently, they’ve begun to retreat from Langran, and Kirkus is in pursuit. This is the projected course of their retreat.


Lefina: It seems he’s pushing them to the ocean.

Yang Long: Yes, the Nuett Sea. On the other side of it is Shutedonias’ territory.

Katina: So the idea is to hit ‘em while they’re down, and send them packing from Langran territory.

Yang: Colonel, Gennacy and I are going to the sea. I’d like you to guard Seb Shrine.

Lefina: …

Zash: Yang Long, I’m coming too.

Yang: Not you. Considering you took the Galguard and defected, it’ll probably cause some problems if you show up there.

Zash: B-but…

Yang: You’re in my care. At the end of the war with Shutedonias, I plan to return to the capital. And there, I’ll speak with Prince Feil… About how you’ll be treated.

Zash: …

Lune: Yang Long… I’m tagging along, too.

Yang: Lune!

Lune: I’m an outsider to this world. But I got involved in so much of this, and I understand the situation… That’s why I want to see this fight finished as soon as possible. And I think we have to stop General Kirkus. That’s how I honestly feel.

Zash: Lune…

Yang: …Thanks, Lune. Please lend us your power.

Lune: Hearing you say that so plainly is sorta awkward, huh.

Shine: Um… Me too. If my power can help in any way…

Yang: Princess Shine…

Shine: I know I don’t have a connection to this, but this fight for Langran isn’t someone else’s problem. Though the kingdom is different, I think of the citizens who hope for peace…

Sanger: I’m going, too. I have to see justice done. And further, I have to repay you for helping to retrieve Brooklyn, Kusuha, and Shine.

Katina: I’m going too. If we just head up to the surface like this, it’d just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Kyosuke: …There’s still people we haven’t confirmed the whereabouts of. Rather than waiting at Seb Shrine, we should keep going as we have been.

Sean: It seems there’s many people who feel that way. By your leave, Captain.

Lefina: Yang Long, how long until the return spell reaches completion?

Yang Long: At its quickest, at least one week of surface time.

Lefina: Then, we still have time. There’s still things we can do before we return.

Yang: Colonel Lefina…

Lefina: You want  this war to be over as fast as possible… I think it’s worth it to lend you our power.

Yang: But who will guard Seb Shrine?

Zash: I’ll ask the soldiers who came with me to do that. So… Please take me too, Yang Long. Having the people from the surface helping you, while I sit around doing nothing would be…

Yang: …Fine.

Lefina: The participation in these missions is not required. Decide for yourself if you will join us. However, those who do decide to temporarily leave the ship, please stay and protect the shrine.


Lefina: XO, how many people left the ship?

Sean: Looks like I won’t end up using my treasured bromide.

Lefina: Wha?

Eun: He’s saying not a single person left the ship.

Sean: That’s right. Well, when the captain put it the way she did, I didn’t expect anyone to leave.

Yang: I really appreciate your cooperation, everyone.

Lefina: Well then, we’re headed for the Sea of Nuett. All hands, prepare for launch.

Chapter 15: The Pursuit of Shutedonias

Zamboss: Right now, the enemy only sees the units they’re chasing. If we hit their flank, we can halt them here. If we do it, all of our failures will be overshadowed by one massive accomplishment! Fight like your life depends on it, men!

Soldier: Captain, The radar’s picking up something! There’s one aerial unit headed our way!

Zamboss: Only one? Heh, he’s a daredevil.

Soldier: No, it’s not an Elemental! It’s an aerial battleship!

Zamboss: What?

Lefina: All units, deploy!


Zamboss: That’s the other surface battleship!

Yang: Attention Shutedonias forces. This is Huang Yang Long, pilot of the Elemental Lord Granveil.  The end of this war has already been decided. I don’t like fighting useless battles. If you quickly retreat back to your country’s territory, you can avoid this useless battle.

Zamboss What are you calling a useless battle? We’re going to deal a massive blow to Langran right here! And even if we’re fighting against an Elemental Lord, we’re not going to run! All units, begin your attack!

Yang: In that case… We’ll intercept them!

Zash: I’ll fight too!

Yang: Zash, This is your first fight in the Galguard, right? Don’t be too reckless.

Zash: Y-yes sir! (I have to look good for Lune… Let’s go, Galguard!)

Chapter 15: The Pursuit of Shutedonias

Victory: Zamboss’s Gildora is reduced to below 7000 HP.

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is destroyed

SR point: In 5 turns, defeat Zamboss’s Gildora. He will retreat if his HP falls below 7000.

*Yang fights Zam*

Yang: If you came this far, you must be planning on continuing the fight!

Zamboss: We can’t ignore Langran as long as it controls Elemental Lords!

Yang: If Langran ever becomes a threat someday, as an Elemental Lord’s pilot, I will stop it. If you live through this, you’ll be able to see that for yourself.

*Zamboss blows up*

Zamboss: Eeeeehhh! Retreat back past the water!

Eun: All enemy units have withdrawn.

Lefina: The Hiryuu will hold her ground and watch for enemy movement. Is that okay, Yang Long?

Yang: Yes.

Lefina: Engines full stop. Set the TD altitude at 70. Stay on combat alert.


Lefina: Since we started our watch, we haven’t seen any Shutedonias soldiers in the area.

Yang:  It would be great if we could end the war right here, but…

Eun: Captain, can I have a moment?

Lefina: What is it?

Eun: We’ve been monitoring transmissions from Kirkus’s force, and it appears there’s a state of confusion.

Lefina: Confusion? Is there another battle with Shutedonias breaking out?

Eun: Not really… There’s reports of Kirkus being defeated, with orders to surrender, to stop the battle, and to regroup…

Yang: Kirkus’s forces were defeated? How?

Zash: In this battle, Dad’s squad shouldn’t have been at the front lines…

Lefina: Then, how did he get defeated?! Was it Feil’s army!?

Yang Long: That’s ridiculous! Before the war with Shutedonias is even ended, he’s starting a civil war…!

Sean: Something big must have happened.

Yang Long: Colonel Lefina, will you take us to the capital? We may learn more of the details.

Lefina: …Understood.

Zash: (Father…. What could have happened?)


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