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Ing: …I think I basically understand what’s going on.

Rio: I’m sorry. I can’t really give you details about this ship… And since we’re in La Gias, there’s quite a bit of stuff we aren’t sure about, too.

Ing: I realize it’s an unusual situation.

Ryoto: From what we’ve talked about, do you remember anything?

Ing: No…

Ryoto: …

*outside the medical bay*

Viletta: I was looking at the monitor during your conversation with him.

Ryoto: What do you think?

Aya: There’s no signs of mental anguish over his lost memories. But that could just be because he’s such a calm person.

Rio: I noticed that too. During our conversations, he didn’t seem sad, but rather he calmly accepted what was happening…

Aya: In Mai’s case, she had flashbacks…

Rai: Any signs of mental reconditioning?

Ryoto: None.

Viletta: Is there anything strange about his body?

Rio: Nothing in particular, outside of apparent combat training….

Viletta: It’s possible that there’s something about him our tests can’t pick up. Something like my case.

Aya: Captain…

Viletta: He could either resist or accept those mental adjustments… but I looked at the data, and I didn’t see anything similar to my own readings. At least for now.

Aya: You think he’s suspicious?

Viletta: …I’m just talking about what-ifs. It could be that the prior manipulation didn’t have any effect on him, or that he’s actually just lost his memory.[1]

Aya: Unlike me…

Rai: Ryoto, has there been anything strange about his actions?

Ryoto: Nothing. He’s done everything we asked him to do, and he’s never searched his room.

Rio: If there was a way to give his memories a jolt…

Rai: He’s a pilot, so have you put him in the Personal Trooper simulator?

Ryoto: Like shock therapy?

Rai: Yeah. He might remember something from being in a mech.

Ryoto: That’s a good idea. I’ll ask the captain and the doctor about it.

Aya: …Captain, it’s time for the briefing on retaking the capital.

Viletta: Indeed. Let’s go to the briefing room.

*In the briefing room*

Tetsuya: I’ve seen the geographical data for the capital and its surroundings.  How strong do you predict the forces are?

Masaki: There was a Sodium Class stationed at the Coral Canyon… We can assume there’s going to be a few of those.

Tetsuya: What about air units?

Masaki: There probably won’t be any.

Irm: No, it’s possible some Stork Class carriers were summoned from the surface.

Masaki: That’s true…

Tetsuya: Where is Queen Monica being held?

Tytti: Probably inside the royal palace.

Masaki: Whatever happens, we have to get her out of there. That’s why we’re here.

Excellen: Well then, what’s the battle plan?

Tetsuya: First, we should get as close as we can to Ginas Mountain without being discovered. And try to pull some of the ships stationed around the capital away. Everyone but Cybuster, Goddess, Altairlion, and Rein Weissritter should engage the enemy, while they go with Masaki into the palace. Since there’s so few of us, Cyflash will be the key to our victory. Be careful when you use it.

Masaki: Yeah.

Excellen: Since we have the Grungust and SRX, even if they send in reinforcements, we should be okay, right?

Rai: Well, right now, we can’t form SRX.

Excellen: Oh, really?

Aya: The current R-1 is still using the settings from the mock battle on the surface, and Mai has only done a few adjustments. It would take too long to get everything set up for a combination.

Excellen: Sounds like it’d be faster just to find Ryuusei.


Azuki: Captain, please come to the bridge immediately. There’s an unknown unit headed our way.

Tetsuya: Understood. Go to battle ready status. Get ready to launch.

Masaki: Got it!

Chapter 7: Lost memories

Eita: The Unknown is approaching from 2’oclock!

Tetsuya: Any information?

Eita: It’s… It’s the Granzon!

Tetsuya: What?!

*Oh shit scary music*

Masaki: Impossible!

Irm: is… Is that really…?

Ibis: That can’t be!

Rai: The Granzon… no, the Neo Granzon is already…

Masaki: Yeah, we destroyed it! He can’t be here!

Tytti: Then the pilot’s not Kristoph… Shu Shirakawa?

Ibis: Is there anyone except Shu who could pilot the Granzon?

Shu: It seems you all know of me as well.

Masaki: Shu! It’s you!

Shiro: He’s alive!

Shu: It seems like everyone either fears me or is angry at me.

Masaki: What? What are you saying?!

Shu: While that repulsive manner of speech seems vaguely familiar…

Masaki: I don’t get it! Are you saying you forgot about me?

Shu: I am terribly sorry, but I do not remember.

Masaki: Wha-

Rio: Don’t tell me, he’s lost his memories…?!

Excellen: But more importantly, how is he alive?

Masaki: It can’t be…?!

Viletta: You claim to have lost your memories, but then why are you appearing before us?

Shu: I would like for you to be their enemy.  I’m going ahead.

Masaki: W-wait!

*he doesn’t*

Ibis: Who does he mean by “their”?


Eita: There’s a Shutedonias battalion inbound from 2 o’clock!


Irm: They were chasing after Granzon?

Rai: Probably.

Tytti: The fact that they’re sending so many units on a chase means that they too consider Shu to be dangerous.

Rai: Also, if they realize our plan, they’ll message the capital.

Masaki: Dammit, Shu always makes a mess of things!

Tytti: What should we do, Masaki?

Masaki: We’ll worry about Shu later! Captain, we can’t let those Shutedonias units who’ve seen us escape!

Tetsuya: I agree. We don’t want to be attacked from both sides. All units, destroy them.

Tytti: (You’ve grown, Masaki. Before, you would have chased after Shu without thinking.)

Zamboss: We run into those surface people here, of all places! Gibbon, take your group and follow the Granzon!

Gibbon: Yes, sir!

*They go*

Zamboss: Contact the main fleet at the capital! Warn them that the enemy’s coming on two fronts!

Chapter 7: Lost Memories

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hagane is shot down

SR point: in 3 turns, shoot down more than 15 enemies.

*Enemy turn 2*

Chien: What, the Granzon’s not here?

Zamboss: That’s one of the surface mercenaries?

Chien: Well, whatever. I found a big payday named the Steel Dragons, instead.

Zamboss: What did you come here to do?

Chien: Obviously, to earn money. And if I help you take those guys out, then I’ll get more famous.

 Zamboss: Dammit, this kid…

Ibis: That’s like the Kerberion from before, but a bit different!

Chien: I’m Chien Argent. Just like Chienne, I’m one of the Boosted Children.

Tsugumi: !

Chien: Heh… I’ll bag you all, and then we’ll be the victors once we return to the surface.

Excellen: Well, the outside is different, but the inside sure seems the same.

Chine: Since Chienne messed up, I’ll take the credit. You all picked the losing side! Prepare yourselves!


*Turn 3*
Eita: High energy readings! From 10 o’clock! There’s two of them!

Tetsuya: Enemy reinforcements?

Eita: No, It’s a friendly code! Laz Angriff Raven and Randgrith Raven!

Carla: Haaah, thank goodness. Finally, some familiar faces!

Rio: Carla, you also wound up here in La Gias…

Carla: Well, we didn’t know much to start out with, so it’s been rough.

Chien: Hey, that’s…

Carla: Yuu, look at that machine! It’s the one that picked a fight with us before we wound up here!

Yuuki: Yes, but only one of them.

Excellen: Oh, do you know them?

Yuuki: I have no idea who they are, but we fought with them before coming to this world.

Irm:  We can hear the details later. Please help us out here.

Carla: Okay! Let’s go!

*Excellen V Chien*

Excellen: Hey are you Chienne’s brother?

Chien: I wouldn’t put it like that, but that’s none of your business!

*Masaki V Zamboss*

Masaki: Why are you after Shu?!

Zamboss: There’s no reason to tell you that!

*beat up dudes*

Zamboss: They’re tough! Remaining units, deploy!

Masaki: Those Shutedonias bastards don’t know when to give up!

*Blow up Chien*

Chien: Shit, now you’ve done it! But I don’t plan to be on the losing team!

*Shoot at him, like once*

Zamboss: Y-you bastards! Retreat!

*He runs*

Eita: No enemy readings left on the battlefield.

Tetsuya: Good, Stay on alert. All units, return to ship.

*Briefing room*

Carla: We were doing some tests with the DyGenGuard, and while we were out over the ocean, we got into a fight with that Chien guy from before. Then we ended up here.

Excellen: So Boss was also summoned, I’ll bet.

Rai: Could the Kurogane and my brother be down here, too?

Yuuki: I have no idea. We were separated from the Kurogane.

Carla: But that Chien… He was part of the Boosted Children.

Ryoto: It looks like that’s the case, but he seems very different from Arado and Seolla.

Carla: On the surface, he called us traitors. Could he be with the Neo DC remnants?

Yuuki:  Or he could be with the federation.

Carla: Well, we are fugitives.

Viletta: So the Boosted Children you encountered… was it just Chien and Chienne?

Yuuki: No, there was one more unit.

Excellen: So there’s 3 of those siblings, then.

Yuuki: In any case, it’s good we met up with you. Captain, can we help you out?

Tetsuya: Of course.

Masaki: …

Tytti: Masaki, are you worried about Shu?

Masaki: Yeah… How is he alive…

Aya: If he did lose his memories, how could that happen?

Masaki: …He could have been brought back to life by Louzorl.

Tytti: That’s possible…

Tetsuya: Regardless, the Shutedonias forces are going to tighten their defenses at the capital. Before we jump into battle, we should probably do some recon.

Azuki: Captain, we’ve received a message from someone claiming to be Feil-lord Gran Bilseia.

Tetsuya; Feil-lord… you mean…

Masaki: It’s Lord Feil!

Tetsuya: Azuki, put it up here.

Azuki: Understood. One second.

Excellen: We finally get to see this famous prince!

Tytti: U-um…

Freki: Here’s your mirror, Madam Tytti.

Tytti: Th-thanks, Freki. I look okay, right?

Geri: You’re beautiful as always, madam.

Carla: Oh ho… could it be…

Excellen: That Tytti and the Prince…

Tytti: It’s not like that! I just wanted to…

Feil: I apologize for disturbing you out of the blue. I am the Holy Land of Langran’s first crown prince, Feil-lord Gran Bilseia.

Tetsuya: Earth Federation Eastern Division First Battalion Special Attack Force Commander Tetsuya Onodera of the Flying Battleship Hagane[2], at your service.

Feil: Your exploits are known even down here.  I’m sorry it took so long to contact you.

Tetsuya: No, not at all.

Mio: (That’s the prince of Langran…)

Aya: (How handsome!)

Masaki: Lord Feil…

Feil: Oh, Masaki. I’m glad to see you back. And Tytti, it’s good to see you’re well.

Tytti: Thanks for your concern, sir.

Feil: I’ll be brief. We are traveling on the Nagurt Plains, and driving back the Shutedonias forces. In order to take back the capital, I’d like to enlist your assistance. We are currently in a city called Banan. If you would like to join up with us, please make your way there.

Tytti: Understood. Masaki and I will depart at once.

Tetsuya: We shall also assist you. We had planned from the start to help Masaki retake the capital.

Feil: I thank you. I’ll be waiting in Banan.

Excellen: Wow, he’s even more handsome than our own gallant prince! Though his voice sounds a bit girly.

Rai: …What.

Masaki: Banan isn’t too far from here. Let’s go.


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[1] Confusing. Hell, this entire exchange has been confusing.

[2] Full fucking titles, man. Full fucking titles.