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Lune: Hey, Eun. Has there been any word from the Hagane or the others?

Eun: I haven’t gotten anything since we came to this world... Considering we can’t contact satellites like on the surface, there’s a lot of difficulties in using long range communications.

Lune: Yang Long, what about the communication device you use?

Yang: Though there’s usually no problem using it, the recent confusion in the Ethernet makes long distance communication unstable. It’s one of the reasons everything is so chaotic right now. At General Kirkus’ main base, there’s a high end communication device he uses to relay orders to the troops, but it can only work if the receivers are working correctly. Outside of Kirkus’s army, there’s no telling if others in Langran will be able to receive our transmissions. We don’t even know who controls the capital at this point. Though we can send spies to get information, we can’t do major reconnaissance.

Lune: What about the Ethernet?

Yang: The Shutedonias army has locked it down. That’s why we can’t locate Princess Xenia.

Lune:  Princess... So we don’t even know where the Royal family is.

Yang: …Yeah.

Lune: We’re looking for the Hagane, but your main goal is looking for them….

Eun: Hopefully we can contact them both.

Lune: Well, it’s not like we’re being stealthy. Maybe they’ll notice.

Eun: There’s also the possibility that they’re working with Shutedonias…

Lune: We’ll deal with that if it happens. There’s no reason we’d ever fight with the Hagane.

Yang:  (Or maybe, it has something to do with Lord Feil…)

Eun:  There’s a message from General Kirkus.

Yang: I guess he’s decided on our next move.

*To the briefing room!*

Katina: What? Investigation?

Yang: That’s right. There’s a shrine about 50 kilometers north of here.  Some hours ago, there was a large rupture in the ground near that shrine.

Katina: And we’re supposed to find out why? They don’t need us for this job. They should send in some brainiacs.

Lefina: No, there may be a reason we were asked to go.

Yang: That’s right. It could be that it’s a temple of Volkruss.

Katina: Volsurku?

Yang: It’s Volkruss.

Katina: Vosrukus?

Lune: Is it really that hard to say? I think I’ve heard that word before…

Russel: Me too.

Lune: Ah! I remember! Shu said that during the Shura Rebellion!

Kyosuke: Yeah... He said it before his Granzon became Neo Granzon.

Ryuusei: Wasn’t it some kind of god of destruction?

Yang: I knew you guys had fought and defeated Shu from what I saw in the Hiryuu’s data, but it seems you’ve heard about Volkruss, too.

Lune: So, the demon that brings calamity to La Gias you mentioned… It’s Volkruss?

Yang: That’s a theory, but we don’t know. There’s no confirmation that Volkruss even exists…  But there are groups who worship him like a god.

Ryuusei: So it’s a cult trying to revive and evil god? Add in some monsters, and it sounds just like some kind of fantasy role playing game[1].

Tasuku: Well, we are in a magical world, after all.

Yang: There’s one more thing I’m worried about. It’s the collapse of The Harmonious Barrier.

Lune: Harmonious Barrier?

Yang: The Tower of Harmony covers the world of La Gias in a special barrier. It’s to prevent large scale magic from being used. The royal family of Langran’s main duty is to resupply the barrier with magical energy, but ever since the terrorist attack on the capital, the Harmonious Barrier has fallen.

Sean: In that case… Now would be the time that the groups trying to resurrect Volkruss would act.

Yang: Exactly. In the off chance that the god of destruction does awaken… Langran would fall into even more chaos.

Lefina: Understood. We’ll head for the temple.

Yang: I’ll scout ahead in the Granveil.

Lune: I’ll come with.

Ryuusei: Me too.

Lefina: Very well.


Lune: There’s a cave of this size under the temple road….

Ryuusei: It’s even big enough for a Personal Trooper to get in easily…

Ranshao: Master, there do not appear to be any spirits inside this cave.

Yang:  Just as I expected. There’s a shrine to Volkruss ahead…

Ryuusei: I mean… Isn’t this a bit huge for a shrine? Like, why would it need to be…

Yang: Because of what they worship. While Volkruss is called a god, in ages past, he was thought of as the collected hatred of an extinct race of giants.

Ryuusei: Giants?

Yang: It’s been tens of thousands of years since they lived in this world. They were about as smart, or smarter, than humans. We know that because of the fossils we found. But in some great accident, they all died. All that remains of their lives and works is a terrible grudge.

Ranshao: ! Master! There’s multiple readings of movement from ahead!

Yang: Oh no! Everyone, return to your mechs!

Chapter 9: Volkruss’s Shadow

Lune: Yang Long, did something happen?

Yang: It’s Demon Golems!

*Out pops the monsters*

Ryuusei: Actual monsters!

Yang: They’re weapons created using the spirits of dead warriors.

Gennacy: Yang Long, if Demon Golems are around, that means…

Yang: Yeah, that there’s a good chance that there’s someone summoning them nearby.  The situation is a lot worse than we thought…

Kyosuke: So that means the other side is Volkruss’s …

Yang: We can’t say that for sure. There are many shrines to Volkruss. In any case, let’s defeat them, and move in further.

Chapter 9: Volkruss’s Shadow

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated

SR Point: Fulfill the Victory condition in 2 turns.


Yang: Okay, We’ve defeated all the demon golems here. Let’s proceed further in.

*Second map*

Yang: As I thought, There’s an altar here…!

Tasuku: That’s!

*Show what that is, boys, good work now back to bandana bro*

Tasuku: Siegerlion! Is that you, Leona!?

Leona: Tasuku!

Louzorl: Oh, so they’re your acquaintances…

Yang: Louzorl!

Louzorl: It has been awhile, Sir Yang Long.

Katina: Who the hell is that guy?

Yang Long: The evil priest Louzorl… A priest of the darkness loyal to Volkruss.

Louzorl: Thank you very much for handling my introduction. And further, I’m impressed that you’ve come so quickly after hearing about the collapse of the barrier.

Tasuku: You bastard, what do you plan to do to Leona?!

Louzorl: This young lady has an extremely interesting resonance[2] inside of her… So I thought she would make a fitting sacrifice to Lord Volkruss.

Tasuku: Sacrifice?!

Yang: What do you mean, resonance?

Louzorl: It seems there are two among your group that have the same power as this young lady.

Ryuusei: Is he talking about Telekinesis?

Kyosuke: So he wants to sacrifice Leona to awaken Volkruss?

Yang: There’s a law of magic called the “Similarity Law”. Volkruss is a demon of pathos, combining anger, terror, and hatred.  According to the Similarity Law, his shape and essence is influenced by these emotions. Meaning, the deep fear the sacrifice feels as it leaves this world becomes the key to summoning Volkruss.

Louzorl: A very detailed explanation, Sir Yang Long. If you were to join us as a priest of Volkruss, you would be a cut above the rest.

Yang: I will not be lured in by flattery.

Louzorl: It would be quite troublesome for you to sully this shrine with your violence. I must respectfully ask you to leave.

Yang: We can’t let you get way with this.

Louzorl: Very well, I understand. Then please, until the ceremony of sacrifice has concluded, these guests shall entertain you. *chanting* Heaven’s reason, Earth’s reason, Turn and go, turn and die. The grudges of hell, the flames of purgatory, the oaths of your blood. Take form in darkness. Aku Samada Bishisu Kandaku.[3]

*Up come golems*

Louzorl: This is the shrine to my god… You’ll find these devil golems stronger than the ones outside, I’m afraid.

Gennacy: Hmm…

Lune: Is there anything we can do to stop that bastard?

Yang: With our current equipment, it’s impossible. His Dharani spirt machine, Nagizzard, keeps half of its body in the astral plane, so it will not take damage.

Lune: Then what can we do?!

Louzorl: There is nothing you can do. Please, find terror in this confusion. It is what my god wishes to see. Actually, perhaps he would be even more pleased to take you as sacrifices. If you’re not going to leave, I’ll gladly take you to hell as well.

Tasuku: Ha… Ahahahahaha!

Lune: Tasuku?!

Louzorl: Oh? You don’t seem scared, but rather pleased?

Tasuku: Oh no, I’m actually pretty happy. After all, I found my beloved Leona at long last!

Leona: Tasuku…

Louzorl: It seems that your understanding is limited.

Katina: Don’t you fuckin’ take us lightly! We’ve already killed 3 bastards just like you!

Kyosuke: ….

Ryuusei: We won’t let one of our friends become a sacrifice!

Louzorl: You’re saying you’ll make it all the way here? How foolish…

Tasuku: You idiot! Don’t make light of the power of my love!

Leona: Don’t say that so loud…

Louzorl: (The negative emotions are… being influenced by their courage?)

Yang: The sacrifice ceremony is still ongoing. If we don’t rescue her in 10 minutes, we’ll probably be too late.

Katina: That’s more than enough! Let’s go, you bastards! We’re getting Leona outta there!

Tasuku: Got it!

Chapter 9: Volkruss's Shadow

Victory: In 10 turns, an allied unit makes contact with the Siegerlion.

Defeat:  The Victory condition isn’t met in 10 turns

SR point: None

*get there*

Louzorl: It seems the negative energy isn’t increasing. This sacrifice is useless, I’m afraid. There’s no way around it, I’ll have to acquiesce.

Yang: Louzorl!

Louzorl: I have other duties to attend to. I bid you farewell.

*He runs*

Katina: That bastard, he’s got away…

Russel: Though… That might have been lucky for us. We had no way of defeating that thing.

Katina: …

Tasuku: Leona, are you okay?

Leona: Yes… Thanks, Tasuku.

Lefina: Inform all units to return to the ship. After that, we’ll head out of the cave.

Sean: Roger.

*In the ship*

Katina: With this, my team’s all back together.

Leona: Yeah… thanks for coming to save me.

Ryuusei: But man, were we lucky…. If we didn’t get there when we did…

Tasuku: That’s thanks to me. My luck always pulls out in the end.

Lune: Heh, that’s true…

Kyosuke: Leona, do you have any information about the other members of the Steel Dragons?

Leona: No… as soon as I got to this world, I was captured by that Louzorl…

Katina: Did he say anything about anything other than Volkruss?

Leona: It seemed he was communicating with people, but that’s all I really know.

Yang: (Communicating… probably with Saphine.)

Lune: By the way, what will be done about that shrine?

Yang Long: I just contacted General Kirkus about it. He’s sending out a unit to seal off the area.

Katina: Sounds like it’s wrapped up for now. Leona, rest up until the next mission.

Leona: Understood.

Katina: Tasuku, do a check up on the Siegerlion so Leona can rest.

Tasuku: Got it.

Katina: Well then, let’s go.

Leona: …

Tasuku: (This would be the best time to go in for a kiss, but… there’s still this feeling of tension…)

Tasuku: Leona, the checklist is in the usual place, right? Just leave it to me.

Leona: Y-yeah…

Tasuku: Oh? What’s the matter?

Leona: We finally see each other again… A-are you going to make me say it?

Tasuku: Leona…

Leona: Before anyone comes…


Lune: Aaaah, I’m jealous!

Russel: Don’t be rude, Lune. C’mon, let’s go…

Lune: Yeah, you’re right. We don’t want to ruin Lt. Katina’s good mood.


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[2] Wave motion. Hadou. Like in Hadouken. This is my best guess.

[3] Look, I’m sorry, this shit is WEIRD okay