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Yang: Colonel Lefina, the next mission from General Kirkus has arrived. The missing prince Terius has been found, and his guards are taking him to Zaia city. But the Shutedonias army has become aware of this, and they are watching our movements.  The General has asked us to go with the prince’s convoy.

Lefina: A prince… so I take it he’s a VIP?

Yang: Yes, He’s the fourth, er, the third in line for the throne. Because Langran is a constitutional monarchy, the king doesn’t have much authority, but…  The magical power in the royal family is a large factor in maintaining peace.

Lefina: Because of that Harmony Barrier you mentioned.

Yang: That’s correct. And that’s why we can’t let the Shutedonias army take him into custody.

Lefina: Understood. We will meet with the guard units and head to Zaia city, right?

Yang: Yes. There’s a possibility that Shutedonias will pursue us, so we must be swift.

Lefina: Let’s get prepared to set out, then.

Chapter 10: Kirkus’s Intentions

Sean: The guard squad for Prince Terius is straight ahead.

Yang: Colonel Lefina, this area is directly between the forces of Langran and Shutedonias. Just to be safe, we should deploy our units.

Lefina: Understood.

*And you deploy*

Mila: Sir Yang Long, I’m Lt. Mila Lioness.

Yang: Where is Prince Terius?

Mila: He is riding in my mech.

Yang: Understood. We shall help guard you until you reach Zaia.

Mila: Thank you.

Terius: …Do I really have to General Kirkus?

Mila: You’re still talking about that… Right now, you’re the only one who can succeed the throne.

Yang: (! What’s that supposed to mean…?)

Terius: I don’t want the throne. Feil’s better at that kind of thing than I…

Mila: But Lord Feil is…

Terius: I know he’s alive. You just want me as a figurehead.  It’s always been like that. Whenever I would compare myself to Feil… I’d never measure up.

Mila: Don’t say things like that…

Terius: It’s just the truth. Even if I have high magical capabilities, I’m not that smart. I can hardly even handle an Elemental.

Yang: That’s because you never really try at anything, sir.

Terius: Yang Long…

Yang: My lord, those of the royal family can’t throw away their duties. Do you understand?

Terius: …

Yang: “Heavens, make me into lumber, so that I have a use”. Those are the words of Li Bai[1], a poet I respect. You should follow your duty to the best of your ability.

Terius: I don’t really get it… Just like always…

Yang: Then please consider it the royal family’s obligation. In order to end this war as soon as possible.

Terius: You’re saying I should do what I can right now.

Yang: Exactly. You need to work with Lord Feil to restore the Harmonious Barrier…

Terius: Hmm… You have no idea what Kirkus is planning, do you?

Yang (…So that’s it.)


Eun: Enemy signatures! From dead ahead! It’s Shutedonias Army Elementals!

*Yes. Yes it is*

Yang: So they were following us! Lt. Lioness, take Lord Terius to Zaia! We’ll stop the enemies here!

Mila: Y-yes, sir!

Lune: Yang Long, is it okay for those guys to go on their own?

Yang: If they just make it around 20 kilometers, they’ll be in Langran territory! Right now, we should focus on stopping the pursuit!

Chapter 10: Kirkus’s Intentions

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated

SR point: Fulfill the Victory condition in 5 turns.

Eun: All enemy units have been defeated.

Lefina: What’s the status on the units defending the Prince?

Eun: They are headed directly for Zaia. They have just crossed into Langran controlled territory. It appears they are all fine.

Lefina: I see.

Gennacy: Yang Long, what Lt. Lioness said…

Yang: Yeah… Kirkus is going to move Prince Terius up in the ascension order, it seems.

Gennacy: Even when Lord Feil is alive… Is it okay to trust the General on this?

Yang: … Once again, we need to confirm his true intentions…

*At the bridge*

Kirkus: Good work on your mission. The Prince just arrived at our base.

Yang: …It seems you’re still keeping things from me, General.

Kirkus: …

Yang: You’re thinking of putting Prince Terius on the throne, right?

Kirkus: …We can discuss that later. There’s something more important going on right now. Lord Feil’s army is in the middle of recapturing the capital.

Yang: …!

Kirkus: Because of that, the Shutedonias army is wavering. I can’t miss this opportunity, so I plan to hit their bases during the confusion. …We have no time to lose.

Yang: With all your gathered forces besides Lord Feil’s here, do you plan to carry out the ascendency afterwards? Using Lord Terius… is that part of your ambition?

Kirkus: This is not the time to discuss those things. I have an enemy base I want you to hit.

Yang: Don’t change the subject. I fought under you because I thought it was the best thing I could do for La Gias after the Shutedonias invasion. But if it’s only for your own benefit, that’s another story.

Kirkus: …My actions are focused on the future for all of La Gias, not just Langran.

Yang: You’re getting harder and harder to trust. Outside of the matter of Lord Terius’s ascension, there’s something else you’re keeping from me, isn’t there?

Kirkus: If you have suspicions, after all is said and done, come to me. I won’t run or hide.

Yang: …

Kirkus: But first, I need you to hit that enemy base. I’ve also had info come in that a surface dweller is being held captive there.

Lefina: ! Is that true?

Kirkus: It’s a reliable source.  Further, we’ve also heard of sightings of a surface machine with a gigantic sword around the vicinity of the base.

Lune: A giant sword… could it be?

Sean: Either the Grungust 0 or 3, or maybe even Sanger...

Kirkus: If you’re interested, go confirm it for yourselves. That is all.

*He cuts transmissions*

Yang: Grr…

Sean: I agree with you… he seems to be plotting something. It seems both worlds have politicians.

Yang (After the end of the battle with Shutedonias, another one might break out between Kirkus and Lord Feil…)

Lune: Yang Long, if what General Kirkus said is true, then we…

Yang: I understand. I can’t stop you. Even if we know we’re being manipulated by Kirkus right now, we still have to go to the base… To save your friends.


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[1] Couldn’t find the actual poem, but the dude’s a fuckin’ monster with words. Check his shit out.