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 Gaspard: …Daniel. You shouldn’t say things that will frighten my granddaughter.[1]

Daniel: I am very sorry, Marshal… I know you just got back.

Gaspard: As long as we finish this before the restaurant I have reservations at closes.

Daniel: Tour d'Argent[2]?

Gaspard: Yeah, it’ll be my granddaughter’s first time. But we have something more important to talk about, no?

Daniel: Yes… From the information obtained by Lt. General Jacobs, Mao Industries’ Orleans factory was attacked by the Inspectors.

Gaspard: Then Presidential Special Advisor Steinbeck… or rather, the Special Associate Vice President, was telling the truth.

Daniel: Yes. It seems President Grusman will initiate Case E soon.

Gaspard: Oh ho, so the Wizard[3] is making his move. Does that change the place candidates?

Daniel: No. Paris is still off the table.

Gaspard: Hmmm… So the Wizard isn’t using magic, but his sword…. Right in front of our eyes.

Daniel: Is this acceptable?

Gaspard: He seems pretty confident. Let him do what he wants.

Daniel: But that would mean our armies would...

Gaspard: We’re getting a peek at the cards in the Special Associate Vice President’s hand.  Let them enjoy their out-of-season Christmas, and we'll just sit here and drink our espresso.[4]

Daniel: …Understood. Then I will give our units an emergency watch order.

Gaspard: If something does happen, we’ll be prepared. Along with the rest of Paris.

Daniel: Yes, sir.

Gaspard: Well then…. I guess I’ll have to cancel my reservations….


Gilliam: I told everything I knew about the Inspectors to Lt. General Jacob, who passed it along to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Kai: I see. It would be best to issue an alert order to all units…

Gilliam: Each main branch has already made an announcement.

Kai: I see… They move quickly. I guess they learned their lesson from the Inspector Affair and the Shura Rebellion.

Gilliam: That may be, but this time, there’s information from the president, too.

Kai: What?

Gilliam: It’s probably from “GS”. Since about 2 weeks ago, the president has been warning the JCS of a re-invasion.

Kai: So this “GS” was able to gauge their movements.

Gilliam: The details are scarce at the moment, but I think this could be a political move. We know from how they handled the Antarctic Incident that they have some kind of pipe for information.[5] But we don’t know if it’s a mole or…

Kai: They predicted that the Inspectors had internal factions…. But it’s despicable to use that as a political bargaining chip.

Gilliam: I agree…

Kai: As for the Exbein… Because it’s an unofficial mech, I need to get it out of here. I’m thinking of sending it to the Kurogane.

Gilliam: I see…. The enemy wouldn’t be able to find it there.

Kai: While we return to Izu, I’ll meet up with Ratsel. It must be as secret as possible, so don’t tell the higher ups.  I’ll leave the rest of the political maneuvering to you.

Gilliam: Understood.

Kai: That, and try gather information about the Steel Dragons, the Tsentr Project, and that black winged unit. Once we meet up with the Kurogane, I’ll contact you again.

Gilliam: Roger. Until then.

Seolla: Major Kai… Are we going to be at war with the Inspectors again?

Kai: …Most likely.

Arado: They didn’t learn their lesson last time, then.

Kai: I have two ideas. Either they steeled their resolve and came back for a re-invasion…. Or it’s a means to show that they are different from the ones who came before. Whatever the case, we can’t let what happened last time happen this time. We’ve learned from their actions, after all.

Yuan: Major Kai.

Kai: Director, what did Ring say?

Yuan: I entrusted the matter of the Inspectors to her. She is working with Professors Hamill and Oomiya. She developed the Interior of the Kurogane as well as their former base, after all.

Kai: I understand. And… have you advised her to return to the Earth?

Yuan: The president… She needs to remain on the moon to protect the company. But it seems Ms. Rahda will soon return to the earth with parts for the Exbein.

Kai: Then do as you feel you must. But if something happens, tell her to stay on the moon.

Yuan: Roger that.

Kai: Now…. Once the Exbein is done being loaded, we’re setting off.


Seolla: Major Kai. We’ll soon be in Lepain Island’s airspace.

Kai: Understood. All troops board your units and remain on standby.

Arado: Huh, why? Lamia and Lat are already out…

Kai: If I was the enemy, I’d target us while we were busy with our luggage. They’re smart…. And don’t forget that they can teleport.


Seolla: Major Kai, something’s on our sensors! Dead ahead, right above Lepain Island, multiple unit readings!

Kai: From below? All troops, Board your units! Get out there!

Chapter 22: Black Jinrai

Lamia: The readings are getting stronger. And the count has increased, too.

Latooni: Major Kai, this is similar to what happened at Suicho Island.

Kai: What?

*It’s Yokijin!*

Rim: Th-those are!

Rim: (Yokijin… Why are they here?)

*out come our guys*

Seolla: Lat called it…!

Latooni: Yeah…

Kai: (It seems the Yokijin are targeting our squad for some reason. Could it be Hugo, or Josh…. It’s very possible one or both of them are being targeted.)

Aqua: Hey, Hugo. Could it be that the Yokijin are targeting us…?

Hugo: If that were the case, why didn’t they attack us while we were alone?

Aqua: I guess that’s true. What about Josh?

John: I traveled from the Antarctica to Izu alone, as well.

Aqua: Then, why…?

Josh: (No, wait…. Even after leaving Mother Base, I hadn’t activated the Aile Chevalier. If that’s true, then at the mock battle….?)

Kai: All units, begin the attack! Don’t let the Yokijin near the transport ships!

Chapter 22: Black Jinrai

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: Any allied unit is destroyed, a Ladybird is destroyed

SR point: Do not let the Ladybirds be damaged.

*Turn 3*

???: … Things haven’t changed much since last time. But because that’s one of the keys that man spoke of… Xiang wu zhe si, liu wu zhe wang, wang shen zai yao, ji ren zhuan sheng, ji ji ru lu ling..... chi!

*More show up*

Arado: Ah, there’s more of them!

Latooni: There was no warning this time…!

Aqua: Look! They’re close to Lima 1 and 2!

Seolla: No! We have to get to them quick!

???: Leave that to me.

Seolla: Huh?


Ratsel: Fire, Trombe!


Arado: The Dark Horse is here!

Seolla: Ratsel!

Ratsel: Heh. Nice to see you all again.

Kai: Ratsel, you came at a good time.

Ratsel: I departed with Trombe when we noticed a battle around here. The Kurogane is here, as well.

Kai: I understand. Please cover us.

Ratsel: Roger!

*blow up*

???: No progress, then. I shall pull back for today.

Arado: …It seems like no more are coming.

Seolla: Yeah…

Arado: But all that seem to be appearing are the grunts. Unlike when they took the Mechanoid from Tesla Labs….

Latooni: Maybe they’re searching for something….

Arado: Like what?

Latooni: We don’t have any clues yet…

Joshua: …

Ratsel: Major Kai, this seems like an ill omen.

Kai: Agreed. With the Yokijin, and the incident at Orleans…. I think it’s likely we’ll be pulled into another conflict.

Ratsel: …I agree.

Kai: In any case, have you all learned anything about Sanger and the rest of the people who disappeared?

Ratsel: No…

Kai: I see…

Ratsel: However, I think they are okay. They are with the Steel Dragons, after all.

Aqua: Hugo, who is that?

Hugo: He’s a former Aggressor, and the top ace of the old United Colony Corps.

Aqua: Whaaaat?! That’s Major Elzam, the Black Tornado?!

Ratsel: I am not Elzam at the moment. I am Ratsel Feinschmeker.

Aqua: S-s-sorry! Hey, Hugo! It’s not the same guy! Jeez, get a clue!

Hugo: You’re hopeless…

Arado: (That’s our Aqua…)

Ratsel: Major Kai, the Kurogane will be here shortly. If you’d like, please come aboard.

Kai: Understood. All units, guard Lima 1 and Lima 2.


Ratsel: Wh-what’s this reading?


Seolla: Wh-what is that?

Hugo: It’s the size of a Super Robot… but that shape…

Rim: It’s that! You know, from Japan…

Rim: (A ninja?)

Rim: Yeah, that!

Kirk: That coloring and the frame….

Ratsel: Could it be?


Ratsel: !


Ratsel: Ugh!

Seolla: Ratsel!

Arado: Th-that thing’s faster than Ratsel!

Ratsel: Guh… If he can go fast, then I must move!

Ratsel: ! This is a message from him!

Kai: From that machine’s pilot?

Ratsel; No, that machine is probably unmanned. And its target is my Trombe… Aussenseiter.

Kai: !

Ratsel: Major, he’s only after my machine. I’d like to ask your help.

Kai: …Understood. Lima 1 and 2, get in the air, and retreat to the Kurogane! The rest of you, help Ratsel!

Lamia: Roger.

*Get SR point!*

Victory: Lower Jinrai to below 20000 HP

Defeat: Any Allied unit is defeated

SR point: None

*Ratsel on robo action*

Ratsel: Could the person who made that robot be….?!


Lamia: The frame structure and the balance as it moves… It’s an EG style… or Double G.


Latooni: It’s the size of a Super Robot, but with that mobility, it has to be using the ABMD system… And based on those parts and its movement style….!


Kai: Given its size, it shouldn’t be as maneuverable as it is… it’s almost like the Double Gs!


Josh: First we had a black Huckebein, and now a black ninja…. Who the hell are these guys?!

*blow it up a lot*

Arado: The ninja robot has stopped moving! Now’s our chance!

Lamia: Something’s strange! Don’t get close to it!

Arado: Huh?


Arado: !!

Josh: What the…  There’s nothing on the sensors!

Hugo: Aqua! What happened?

Aqua: S-super strong EA! I can’t use radar or the sensors!

Hugo: What happened to him!?

Lamia: … He’s already gone.

Hugo: …!

Arado: Jeez, that guy…

Kai: That machine was probably….

Ratsel: Jinrai…

Kai: Huh?

Ratsel: It was created to destroy the Dynamic General Guardians…

Kai: What do you know?

*Kurogane shows up*

Kurt: Lord Ratsel, We’ve come to pick you up.

Ratsel: Good job, Captain. Major Kai, we’ll continue our conversation on the Kurogane.

Kai: Okay, got it.

*On the Kurogane.*

Kai: Ratsel, what was the message from that unit?

Ratsel “I am Jinrai. The one who will succeed the Dynamic General Guardians. My mission is to destroy units one and two.” That was what it said.

Kai: !

Arado: Th-that was a Dynamic General Guardian, too?

Aqua: I-it did look like one…

Latooni:  If it’s using the same ABMD system that was installed in the DyGenGuard… Then that would explain how it could move so easily.

Lamia: Yes, its movements looked similar to the Double Gs.

Arado: Th-th-then, it’s actually…

Ratsel: Originally, Professor Bian Zoldark envisioned the Double G as 4 units. But the only ones that were made were DyGenGuard and my Aussenseiter. The 3rd and 4th units only had B frames constructed before their progress was halted. After that, they were disassembled, and went missing.

Aqua: Then, who could have…?

Josh: And beyond that, why did it target the Aussenseiter? And it even gave a notification…

Ratsel: …

Kai: Jinrai… you said. Is that the Double G 3rd or 4th unit?

Ratsel: The 3rd.

Kai: Do you have any ideas on who worked on it?

Ratsel: Tesla Labs’ Jonathan Kazahara, Professor Omiya…

Robert: I don’t know anything about this...

Ratsel: I know. After them, Eric Wong…

Hugo: Eric Wong?

Ratsel: Do you know him?

Hugo: Yes… When I was in the Cry Wolves, I met him at the Tsentr Project’s Tochka 1 base.

Ratsel: Is Professor Wong working with the Tsentr Project right now?

Hugo: That… I don’t know.

Ratsel: ….

Kai: Anyone else?

Ratsel: Professors Kisaburo Azuma… and Kaoru Toumine.

Kirk: Professor Toumine, eh. If I remember right, he worked with the EOTI Organization. He’s infamously eccentric.

Ratsel: Also, he helped the DC… He was said to have wrote battle AI for Professor Bian.

Kai: Where is he now?

Ratsel: He developed a rivalry with Professor Bian, left the DC, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Kai: A rivalry…. So he saw Professor Bian as a rival?

Ratsel: Yes… He was envious and obsessed with Bian. He came to violently hate the professor.

Kai: You’re thinking that this is an extension of those feelings?

Ratsel: That’s right.

Robert: In that case, in order for Professor Toumine to get his revenge on Bian… He wants to destroy the Double G units? With the Unit 3?

Ratsel: I think that’s what’s happening. There’s only one thing I don’t understand.

Kirk: The fact that Jinrai is trying to claim the title of the Dynamic General Guardians, which Toumine is supposed to hate?

Ratsel: Exactly. I thought the message I received before sounded like him, but….

Kai: If you were right, where would Professor Toumine even build such a thing?

Ratsel: There are plenty of places it could have been built. Isurugi factories, Neo DC remnants, Tsentr Project…

Hugo: ….

Ratsel: Or the GS. Their base at Aidoneus Island… I’ve heard Grand Christmas is producing new units. Beyond that, the GS is under the direct control of the president, and given that I used to work for the DC, they would have good reason to fuel his revenge.

Kai: …

Ratsel: In any case. There are the Yokijin and Inspectors to consider, too. The Kurogane will take you back to Japan.

Kai: Thank you.


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[1] Grandkid Passive hate shutup should.

[2] Fuck if I know.


[4] This is what he says. I am not making this up.

[5] I hate Japanese.