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Albero: Foglia!

Foglia: Ugh…

Albero: Why did you cover me?!

Foglia: Th-that’s obvious…. You’re not just the leader of the Cry Wolves… You’re my father….

Albero: …!!!

Foglia: Father…. Hugo… Get out of here… quickly….

Albero: Foglia!

Hugo: Fogliaaaaaa!

Hugo: ! It was a dream… Dammit. It’s always the same dream. AGH! Ugh…. The medicine is wearing off….

Aqua: Hugo, are you in there? I need to talk to you…

Hugo: M-medicine…

Aqua: Hey, are you okay? Hugo?

Hugo: I’m... coming…

Aqua: Hugo, you don’t look so good.

Hugo: …I’m fine.

Aqua: Why not go to the sick bay?

Hugo: I said I’m fine. What did you want to talk about?

Aqua: When you were talking to Ratsel, you said you had been to Tochka 1, right?

Hugo: Yeah.

Aqua: Where is that?

Hugo: Why do you want to know?

Aqua: I only know about Hawaii’s Tochka. I was told Tochka 1’s location was a secret, but I wondered if you could tell me.

Hugo: I don’t know where Tochka 1 is either.

Aqua: Huh? But you went there.

Hugo: That was an older Tochka 1. After the accident, they moved the base somewhere else.

Aqua: Accident?

Hugo: When the Jetzt destroyed the base.

Aqua: !

Hugo: Back then, the Tsentr Project couldn’t keep their pet on its leash, and it went on a rampage. After that, the Cry Wolves were ordered to chase after it… And you know what happened after that.

Aqua: (The only people left alive were Albero and Hugo…. And after that, Major Kai and the others defeated the Jetzt…) I asked you this before, but what was Tsentr Project planning with the Jetzt?

Hugo: They were going to use it as a weapon, but I don’t know the details.

Aqua: Do you think the Project is still researching the Jetzt…?

Hugo: …Most likely.

Aqua: …Hey… Are we really doing the right thing, here?

Hugo: The right thing?

Aqua: We’re supposed to be protecting the world from enemies like the Einst and the Inspectors… That’s what the Tsentr Project is…

Hugo: Mitarl said the same thing, but that’s probably just a front.

Aqua: A front…. So, that means…!

Hugo: … (I will… have vengeance.)[1]


Lamia: That’s Lt Axel’s Soulgain in the bay over there, isn’t it?

Ratsel: It is. After he vanished, we repaired it.

Kai: I read about that incident. Kouta and Axel Almer were fighting and unknown enemy, and were sucked into a dimensional gate.

Ratsel: That’s right. The disappearances of Lt Ryuusei, Lt Kyosuke, the Steel Dragons, Princess Shine, and Sanger’s group may be related to that.

Kai: They might each have their own reasons, though. There’s more than one way to open gates to other worlds.

Ratsel: That’s true.

Kai: There’s La Gias, where Masaki came from, the Shadow Mirror and Einst, the Shura, and the series of disappearance incidents…. As time goes on, reality seems to get less stable…. Especially recently, it seems like the intervals between these events are getting shorter. I think this may be a sign of a great change. That’s what it feels like.

*Other room*

Rim: Wow, that cloudy island… It really does feel like the South Seas!

Seolla: I guessed this when we were on the transport ship, but you really like looking at the scenery, right?

Rim: Yes, because I haven’t done it much. I’ve been at Mother Base since I was a kid.

Arado: Huh? Really?

Latooni: So when you left Antarctica...

Rim: The last time was a long, long time ago.

Arado: Living in a world of ice, huh… I dunno if I could handle that.

Rim: But it wasn’t boring! Dad and my brother were with me… And though Re-Tech has a bunch of weirdos working for them, they’re all nice. And I could help with my dad’s research.

Latooni: The research… On the discoveries from the ruins?

Rim: That’s right… The testing of the Sympathia, which is installed in my brother’s Aile Chevalier.

Arado: Sympathia?

Latooni: The Aile Chevalier’s man-machine interface… It seems to link with the pilot’s emotions.

Arado: So it’s sort of like the T-Link System, then.

Latooni: It’s sort of like telepathy, but you don’t need the psychic powers…

Seolla: But, why were you testing it, Rim?

Rim: I was the first one who was able to make it move…

Latooni: …!

Seolla: (So Rim was experimented on, like what Josh said happened to him….?)

Arado: Wow, that’s really cool. So, you can pilot the Aile Chevalier as well?

Rim: Only Josh can get that one to move, but I have had training…

Rim: (Chris, watch out, you’re talking too much.)

Rim: S-sorry…

Arado: Sorry about what?

Rim: Oh, nothing, nothing!


Seolla: !!

Arado: What’s happening?


Kurt: Lord Ratsel, we have flying objects approaching us at high speed.

Ratsel: Did they send any warnings?

Kurt: No.

Ratsel: So it’s not the Federation…

Kurt: Could it be the Inspectors?

Ratsel: They’re watching from above, so they would teleport their units closer to us.[2] Send out a warning, and if they continue coming, attack. We’ll go into our units and stand by.

Kurt: Yes, Sir.

Chapter 23: The Return of the Unwelcome Guests

Kurt: Sir, the units have ignored our warning, and entered Range 3.

Ratsel: Understood. All units, prepare to deploy.

*Deploy screen*

Hugo: Their machines… They’re the same type that stopped us on the way to Izu.

Aqua: They’re here, as well… They sure have a wide range of operations.

Araseli: Heh, we’ve got good luck. We meet the Kurogane right after returning to the surface.

Unknown Soldier: Captain, We’ve received word from the recovery ship. They’ve requested to change the recovery point.

Araseli: Understood. We’ll distract them, so the other units can meet up with the recovery ship. Don’t forget to pick us back up, too.

Unknown Soldier: Yes, sir.

Araseli: This is our bonus. If we do well, our data will get even better. We don’t have to worry about their machines, either. The Federation’s going to have our back soon enough. Earn your keep.

Unknown: Of course, sir.

Araseli: (Heh. Those whose eyes are clouded by desire will become my shield.)

Sleigh: (It doesn’t look like Ibis is with them.)

Seolla: That machine looks like the Kalion…!

Latooni: That crimson machine… it could be….

Ratsel: Series 7, Vegalion… The person who uses that is…!

Sleigh: !

Ratsel: This is Ratsel Feinschmeker. Is that you, Sleigh Presty?

Sleigh: ….

Araseli: I see, they know you. What will you do? Leave it to me and retreat?

Sleigh: No matter who the enemy is, we’re collecting data. That’s what my sponsor asks for. My personal circumstances aren’t related to my current mission.

Araseli: How professional of you.

Sleigh: (I’ll take the Altairlion from Ibis, and complete my brother’s Project TD… until then, I’ll work with Isurugi or anyone else…!)

Aqua: …Hey, Seolla, do you know the pilot of that red mech?

Seolla: More of a friend of a friend. But Ratsel is…

Ratsel: No response.

Kai: Ratsel, There’s other enemies to deal with besides just that one…

Ratsel: I understand. Begin the attack.

Chapter 23: The Return of the Unwelcome Guests

Victory: Cause the Vegalion to retreat. It will leave at lower than 7000 HP

Defeat: The Kurogane is defeated

SR Point: Within 6 turns, defeat the Masquelion Type C (Araseli). He will retreat when his HP falls below 12000, or when the victory conditions are fulfilled.

*Sleigh attacks Ratsel*

Sleigh: (Ratsel Feinschmeker… I won’t hold back against even you!)

Ratsel: She wants to settle things with Ibis. Even after Filio’s death… or maybe because of it.

*Sleigh V Lat*

Latooni: It’s faster and more maneuverable than the Kalion…!

*Kai vs Araseli*

Kai: This one seems to move differently from the others.

Araseli: The Aggressors’ captain’s machine, huh. I’ll get good combat data from it.

*Josh versus Araseli*

Araseli: Hehehe, my luck’s good today. I’m getting to see so many new machines.

Josh: They may just be collecting data like us…. But I don’t plan to throw my life away!

*Araseli versus Hugo*

Araseli: A new unit…  I guess I should see what it’s made of.

Hugo: You won’t take my data so easily!

*after times*

Araseli: Not bad…! Sleigh, let’s go. I’ll call the recovery ship.

Sleigh: I’ll continue fighting. To complete the Vegalion, I need their data.

Araseli: So you say, but you could just want to spend time with your friends…

Sleigh: You’re insulting me.

Araseli: Hmm, do as you like. I’ll be waiting at the recovery ship.

*Blow up Sleigh*

Sleigh: This is all I can take! I’m retreating! (Another message…!)

Ratsel: Wait. We need to talk.

Sleigh: …I have nothing to talk with you about. However, I will say one thing.

Ratsel: …!

Sleigh: I will take the Altairlion from Ibis. That is my one and only reason for fighting.

Ratsel: So it was you, Sleigh…. But Ibis is…

Sleigh: She’ll be returning soon. With the rest of the Steel Dragons.

Ratsel: What?! What’s that supposed to mean?

Sleigh: That’s all. Cutting transmission.

*And she’s gone.*

Ratsel: Sleigh…

Arado: As we thought, it was her…

Seolla: B-but, she said that Ibis and the Steel Dragons will be coming back soon!

Latooni: Y-yeah…

Kai: She knew where the Steel Dragons were, then?!


Kurt: Sir, There’s multiple energy readings from above!

Ratsel: !

Kurt: Someone using a teleporter!

*Lots of ‘em.*

Josh: Wh-what are these?!

Lamia: Using teleportation… Are they Inspectors?

Latooni: Database entries… non-existent!

Arado: S-so if they’re not in the database, then they’re other aliens?!


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[2] I think?