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Ibis: Ratsel… You wanted to talk to us… is it about Sleigh?

Ratsel: You’ve already heard, then.

Tsugumi: Yes, from Arado. Sleigh attacked, even knowing you were here.

Ratsel: Yeah… She said that pulling Ibis from the Altairlion is her only reason for fighting.

Ibis: …!

Ratsel: …That’s probably what she wants, but I think there’s some other reason for her to join that group and oppose us.

Tsugumi: Like collecting battle data for Vegalion?

Ratsel: …You think so too, then.

Tsugumi: Yes. The only group of people that can develop the Vegalion besides us would be Isurugi Industries. If they wanted normal data collection, they would just leave it to us… Probably, they are considering some kind of change in the Vegalion’s military capabilities.

Ibis: …Sleigh’s a part of that?

Tsugumi: Maybe…. When I sent an inquiry to Isurugi Industries, they insisted they didn’t know anything.

Ratsel: However, due to Sleigh and the Vegalion’s involvement, I know there’s a connection between Isurugi and that group. I intend to have Gilliam look into it and report back to me.

Tsugumi: Understood.

Ratsel: After this, we’re going to Tesla Labs…. Are you all okay with not coming?

Tsugumi: I’ve spoken with Ibis about this, but I think there’s a higher chance of us encountering Sleigh if we go with the Steel Dragons….

Ibis: Though I’ve also thought that maybe Sleigh is a more suitable test pilot for the Altairlion, if she’s using the Vegalion for the wrong purposes, then I have to stop her…. With the Altairlion that Filio entrusted me with.

Ratsel: Understood. I pray, one day, those shimmering stars will become one.

Tsugumi: Ratsel, that’s…

Ratsel: The reason Series 77 was created, and the dream that Filio was reaching towards, right? This rest is up to you.

Ibis: …

*meanwhile, in Paris*

Mitsuko: I saw the debut battle of the Gaia Sabers. How was the view from the Air Christmas?

Alteur: Not bad at all.

Mitsuko: If you would have left the final adjustments to me, I’m sure you would have more interesting things to say.

Alteur: We had too many things already to fit on the ship.

Mitsuko: Oh, is that what you’re telling people? Our company’s factory manager was wondering if it a battleship class Tesla Drive could still fit onto the ship.

Alteur: That’s a trade secret. Besides, that isn’t really what you came here to talk about, is it?

Mitsuko: That’s right. I have come to tell you that we have officially decided to construct the Second Air Christmas.

Alteur:  I was just thinking that our other all-purpose battleship should be built from the Trilobite class ships we captured.

Mitsuko: Oh… But how would it look if the president’s special battalion was using such a strange ship?

Alteur: I’m just thinking about the budget, thank you very much.

Mitsuko: We’ll take your considerations into account and give you a revised estimate.

Alteur: ….

Mitsuko: We have prioritized of the production of the new Relion line of our Lion series, and we have Kerberions to offer as well. I think we can cooperate with the Gaia Sabers even more than before.

Alteur: Disregarding the Relions for a minute, is there any merit to acquiring more pilot data from the Kerberions?

Mitsuko: …If we can settle our deal today, we’ll begin to offer sample products of our high-speed armored module. With pilot.

Alteur: …What kind of mech is it?

Mitsuko: Do you know about our interstellar navigational Project TD?[1]

Alteur: Yes.

Mitsuko: The machine is based on the Vegalion from series 77. In terms of speed, maneuverability, and range, it surpasses the other Armored Modules, and it loads out with the innovative new weapon system we’re calling MTD Missiles.[2]

Alteur: What are MTD missiles?

Mitsuko: Micro Tesla Drive Missiles… As the name suggests, they are missiles fitted with Tesla Drives. There aren’t any machines that can run away from something like that.

Alteur: So they use Tesla Drives just to throw them away. They sound expensive.

Mitsuko: That is their only drawback…. We can only install one launcher at the moment.

Alteur: Well then, let’s give them a practical experiment. As for the Second Air Christmas, we can decide after we see the results.

Mitsuko: Thank you very much. Well then, have a good day.


Nibhal: The director seemed very enthusiastic, didn’t she?

Alteur: She came scope us out. She already had some ideas about how to modify the Air Christmas. She’s even more intuitive that the rumors say.

Nibhal: You can’t mean, just from that she could…

Alteur: Whatever the case, it’s just a matter of time. In other news... What about the incident report?

Nibhal: The Steel Dragons have returned to the surface.

Alteur: I see…. Interesting timing. It’s just as the Boosted Children in the Gamma Sabers said.

Nibhal: So it wasn’t just an excuse, then.

Alteur: It seems that way. It seems they can’t handle everything we planned just yet.

Nibhal: So, can we proceed with the intended plan?

Alteur: Not yet. There’s not enough pieces on the board. Thanks to those defects.

Nibhal: Duvan is doing as he pleases…. After Professor Ozunu passed away, his ego seems to have inflated. However, as I reported earlier, he has found evidence of that escape pod.

Alteur: But, it’s due to Duvan’s interference that we have this kind of timing. Before the Steel Dragons went missing, there was a very low chance of them contacting the pod.

Nibhal: This is a bit hard to ask, but even if he’s dead…

Alteur: Number 22 has high levels of T-alpha waves, but it’s not part of his training, it’s naturally created by his own talents.[3] Because the Machinery Children have enhanced bodies, we still need to take preventative measures to obscure his background, but beyond that, his natural survivability is high. And as one of the Machinery Children, he’ll be susceptible to RMC. All of these factors put together… Means the fighters who can most effectively develop that power in him are the Steel Dragons. Quickly find him and encourage him to encounter the Steel Dragons. To proceed to the next step of our plan, we need that to happen.

Nibhal: Yessir.

Alteur: After that, order Kenneth at the Izu base to send the Steel Dragons to Hickam. In order to make our move when the time comes, we need them to come closer to us.

Nibhal: Understood, sir.

Alteur: Then inform the President about the inspection of Grand Christmas. He’ll take the Air Christmas there.

Nibhal: Then, I’ll go make the preparations.

Alteur: Finally… Are there any new developments from searching the ruins?

Nibhal:  The Nafud Desert, the Bermuda triangle, and Antara… There is nothing relevant to report from any of them.

Alteur: There’s nothing to look for in Bermuda. It’s either Nafud or Antarctica…

Nibhal: If we’re talking about where demons could show up, the LTR Corporation would probably say that Nafud is more likely…

Alteur: If that were the case, then our lack of results so far wouldn’t be strange. We’ll still need to wait for confirmation…


Mitarl: It seems like AI1’s instruction is progressing well.

Erde: Yes, soon we will progress to level three. There are no problems.

Albero: No. Now that Hugo Medio has realized I’m still around, he’ll be even more suspicious of the project.

Mitarl: No need to worry. No matter what Hugo thinks of me, he can’t object. Because of his medicine.

Albero: It’s not just him… I think the Aggressors and the Steel Dragons will be working together with him.

Mitarl: That’s not going to be a problem after the dust settles. After the Gaia Sabers become the new emergency response force for the Earth Federation… If any foreign enemies appear, neither big nor small blemishes will be a problem as long as we’re with the president. And… Your son will be alive, too.

Albero: …

Mitarl: I think you understand, but if you don’t follow our instructions…

Albero: I won’t ask when, but he has a chance of recovering, right?

Mitarl: Hugo was able to recover. He was in the same near death state as your son…. It took a long time for him to regain consciousness. All you need to do is trust me.

Albero: Hmm.

Erde: …So it’s just a matter of manpower? Considering the connection between the Tsentr Project and the Cry Wolves.

Mitarl: That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Erde: But what about Aqua Centrum?

Mitarl: Are you feeling guilty?

Erde: I’m just trying to make sure that AI1 has a good opponent to grow against. Why did you put a TE engine in their mech? I think it would be a better result if we left that to AI1.

Mitarl: It’s a handicap. It’s not a bad idea to go fishing. And besides that, it isn’t likely that the AI1 would be able to understand the DFC system and control it, right?

Erde: The DFC is controlled by senses…. It’s pointless.

Mitarl: Humans have gut feelings, which help them understand the situation. Aqua’s reaction data will eventually become very useful to AI1.

Erde: Then, you plan to entrust Units 8 and 9 to them?

Mitarl: Yes, at least for now. As for Unit 10… Model X, that’ll be based on the results.

Erde: …


Ariel: (So this is the real source of the Fau Kern… They’re really using such a dangerous thing to power the mech…? I don’t think this is something Professor Ozunu would have approved…. Could this be from the Tsentr Project…? If that’s the case, then the professor… !!! This is…. Project Idealants! Duvan and I are… n-no…!)

??? : Ariel… As I thought, it’s you.

Ariel: !

???: Aaah, please sit back down. Let’s not make a scene out of this.


Eric: You snuck in here and were able to bypass the security?

Ariel: Professor Wong!

Eric: … You were looking for the reason Professor Ozunu was killed, right?

Ariel: He was killed?! Is that true?!

Eric: Yes. The man had some doubts about how the Gaia sabers were to be used… He learned a few secrets, and to keep things quiet, he was assassinated.

Ariel: ….!

Eric: Now… We’ve got a problem. You know too much, and I can’t just let you go.

Ariel: Professor Wong, I’m…

Eric: You have two choices. Stay here and take your punishment, or take up Professor Ozunu’s mantle and get out of here.

Ariel: H-huh?

Eric: What will you do? If you chose the latter, you’ll become a traitor to the Gaia Sabers.

Ariel: …I want to ask you something.

Eric: What is it?

Ariel: This Idealants data… Is that really true?

Eric: …It is.

Ariel: Then… Duvan and I, we’re…

Eric: It’s up to you to decide how to use the time you have left.

Ariel: …. I’m… I’m going to leave.

Eric: Then I’m coming with you. With a gun pointed at me, of course.

Ariel: Huh?


Ariel: This machine is….

Eric: The prototype machine created before the Alles Geist. It was supposed to be scrapped at the beginning of Project Idealants, but… the Tsentr Project thought there might be some use for it. It was added to the frame of the Shadow Mirror’s Alteisen, and then modified with parts from a machine called the Rapiscage, and then brought here. Its name is…. The Flickerei Geist.

Ariel: Flickerei…

Eric: Well, as you can see, it’s a bit of a patchwork mess.

Ariel: But, this machine also has a Fau Kern…

Eric: Unlike the Alles, it’s artificial. It uses a similar generator, but beyond that it’s different. Get onboard and go to TLI. There, you can look through the data to find out just how dangerous the Fau Kern is.

Ariel: But if I run, you’ll be…

Eric: I still have a job to do. I need to work on the TE Absorber and the NV unit Felio entrusted to me.

Ariel: B-but they’ll be suspicious of you for helping me!

Eric: I was simply taken hostage by you and forced to comply. Now, shoot me.

Ariel: B-but!

Eric: … I wasn’t able to save Professor Ozunu. At the very least, let me save you.

Ariel: …

Eric: I’m prepared, so shoot. That makes it easier for me to make an excuse.

Ariel: I… I understand.

Eric: Uuuuugh[4]!

Ariel: I’m sorry, Professor Wong….

Eric: S-so hurry up… I leave the rest to you…

Ariel: I… I won’t forget this favor!

Eric: (Now… This should be okay now, right, Enzo…?)


Rishu: Bullet, Kusuha, thank you for coming back.

Bullet: How are you feeling, sensei?[5]

Rishu: It’s nothing, I’ll be able to move again in a week or so. More importantly, I’m sorry. While I was out of the picture, the RyuOuKi and the KoOuKi[6] were both…

Kusuha: Yeah…

Bullet: We heard that the Yokijin came to attack TLI…

Rishu: Yes, and while I thought they could have returned to get the RyuOuKi as well…

Sofia: Kusuha, the preparation for the Mind Sensors for the RyuJinKi are complete.

Kusuha: The RyuJinKi?

Sofia: Oh, so the chief hasn’t told you yet. We’ll explain, so please come to the hangar.

Kusuha: Understood.


Johnathan: As you can see, we’ve combined the left over pieces of the RyuOuKi with Grungust parts. To that effect, the RyuOuKi has become combined with man-made materials… In order to distinguish it from the old version, we’re calling it the RyuJinKi.

Kusuha: I see…

Robert: The parts just seemed to fit into place.

Johnathan: Yes. As you can see, it can self-repair… though the 5-directional engine can’t produce as much power as before. Kusuha, if you can use your powers to take control of the RyuJinKi, then the installation of the rest of the parts should go smoothly.

Kusuha: I understand. Let me board it.

Johnathan: Professors, I leave the monitoring to you.

Eri: Roger.

Sofia: Kusuha, though the cockpit’s modules may be slightly different, the T-Link system settings should be the same as before.

Kusuha: Understood.


Raul: So this is the Exbein…

Ryoto: It’s the Ashe right now… The Exbein Ashe.

Fiona: Ash?

Raji: Or like the French H?

Kirk: Both of those are correct.

Fiona: Like the phoenix rising from the ashes… but still a raven?

Kirk: Yeah.

Mizuho: It looks like the armor is about halfway complete….

Ryoto: We’re planning on adding armor patches and a containing cloak to it.

Raji: That’s usually used for temporary repairs.

Kirk: Before this, the parts needed to complete it would have been made by Mao Industries on the Moon, but with the Guests invading it’s unlikely we’ll get them. Luckily, one of the parts was at Orleans, and it’s being delivered here, but…

Raji: Are you planning on making the Exbein even stronger?

Kirk: Yes. Just like the Mark 3s, we’re thinking of adding a high-energy T-Link system receptor to it.

Raji: If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Kirk: I will.

Ryoto: With the help of everyone here, I’m sure the Ashe will…

*Hey it’s ING*

Ing: …Lt. Ryoto, where should I be standing by?

Despinis[7]: You are…!

Ing: Huh?

Raul: Are your injuries okay?

Rio: That’s right, it was Raul’s group that rescued you, Ing.

Fiona: That’s right… So your name is Ing. Where are you from?

Ryoto: That’s… He’s lost his memories, so we don’t know that yet.

Raul: I… I see…

Ing: You all saved my life. Thank you very much.

Fiona: The one that found you was our brilliant secretary, Despinis. You were really lucky!

Despinis: I… I wouldn’t call myself brilliant….

Ing: Thank you for finding me, Ms. Despinis.

Despinis: I-It’s nothing…

Fiona: (He seems like a nice enough kid…. But what kind of past could he have…?)


Kurt: Lord Ratsel, we have received a distress call. It seems Fort Morgan is being attacked by an unknown force.

Ratsel: Attacked… is it the Guests?

Kurt: We can’t confirm it.

Ratsel: We’re able to respond faster than the Federation if it’s Fort Morgan, right?

Kurt: Yessir.

Ratsel: Then ready the engines. Captain, put the crew on level 1 battle alert. Inform TLI to stay on guard.


Civilian: Wooooooaaah!

Civilian: Runnnn! Quickly!


Kukuru: …. (The city is burning…. Long, long ago, I was down there… No, this is no time to get sentimental. In order to return my family to me, I must…)

*And here’s Kurogane!*

Carla: That bitch’s burning the city!

Yuuki: …Has there ever been a case of the Yokijin attacking a city before?

Ratsel: Not as far as I know. However, there’s no mistaking that that’s what they’re doing here.

Sanger: Indeed. There are enemies we need to cleave.

Kukuru: Oooh. I’ve been waiting.

Sanger: !

Carla: The Yokijin talked!

Kukuru: Don’t group me in with those things. I am Kukuru… Maiden of the other world.

Sanger: Kukuru, you say? Then it was you that my master lost a duel to.

Kukuru: Your master... I thought he had been sent to the other side already.

Sanger: If you wish to find out, go see for yourself.

Kukuru: So you’re telling me to go home, then? Hahaha…. Tell me your name.

Sanger: Sanger. Sanger Zonvolt.

Kukuru: Well then Sanger… I have to say, you first!

Chapter 25: ???

Victory: Defeat all enemies except Magarga

Defeat: The Kurogane is shot down

SR point: Defeat all enemies except the Magarga in 3 turns.

*Kukuru versus Sanger*

Kukuru: My dance will take you to the other world!

Sanger: I will avenge my master![8]

*Other Enemies are killed*

Kukuru: I guess it’s time to leave. Hou, I leave the rest to you.


Carla: Hey, wait!

Ratsel: There’s no need to chase her.

Carla: Huh?

Ratsel: I just got a message from Tesla Labs. They’re under attack from Yokijin.

Carla: !!

Yuuki: So she was a decoy…!

Ratsel: Leave the recovery and repairs to the Federation. Let’s hurry back to TLI.

Carla: Roger!

Chapter 25: The Blue Dragon Returns

Raul: This is just like the last time…!

Fiona: Yes. It definitely looks like they’re targeting the RyuJinKi.

Mizuho: But why now…?

Raji: It could be because Lt. Kusuha has begun the mental connection process.

Bullet: So they know that the RyuJinKi will wake up soon…! In any case, don’t let them close to the entrance to the underground lab!


Rio: Understood!

Ryoto: The Ashe is also in the Tesla Labs… We can’t let the Yokijin do what they want!

Rio: Ing, please keep it safe!

Ing: Understood.

Hou: So they weren’t stupid enough to send everyone out after our decoy. It doesn’t look like that key is here, but there are a few psychics.

Ing: …

Hou: But what is that? This alien energy… No, is this psychic power? This is not from a normal human…. It’s from something more like us…. Something unnatural.

Ing: (What is this….? Is someone… looking at me?)

Hou: This isn’t the time to worry about that. I need to recover the RyuOuKi’s 5-Directional Engine. Go, Yokijin. Bring it back to me.

Chapter 25: The Blue Dragon Returns

Victory: All enemies defeated

Defeat: The enemy reaches the highlighted point, any allied unit is defeated

SR point: None


Hou: Even if I say there were some strong psychics here, I won’t be able to justify a loss to Master Thaihou[9]. I don’t want to risk damaging the RyuOuKi, but I have no choice. Xiang wu zhe si, lu wu zhe wang, wang shen zai yao, ji ren zhuan sheng, ji ji ru lu ling…. Chi!


Mizuho: Aaah!

Despinis: There’s no data on them, it’s a new type of demon!

Raul: S-seriously, and they show up now?!

Rio: Have Carla and the others not come back yet?

Bullet: We have to do something! Everyone, protect the Concealing Cage’s entrance!

*More time later*

Hou:  One more push. Even if it will break the Yoji Stone I brought with me…


Raul: Dammit, they’re still coming!

Rio: At this rate, they’ll break through!

Bullet: Until the Kurogane comes back, we need to somehow manage!


Bullet: !

Kusuha: …Bullet, everyone. Get away from the cage’s entrance.

Bullet: Kusuha?!

Kusuha: Quickly…

Bullet: G-got it!

Hou: What is this energy?

*it’s a cutscene!*

Bullet: The RyuJinKi! Kusuha, are you sure you’re okay?

Kusuha: …Yes.

Raji: The final parts are…

Mizuho: Attached…!

Rio: Did the RyuJinKi do it itself?

Kusuha: Yes, in order to get the KoOuKi back… and to fight the Baral…. It responded to the professors’ technology and my mind…

Hou: What, they’ve attached man-made parts to the RyuOuKi…! There’s no way human industry could have gotten that advanced in such a short time…. So that means the RyuOuKi has chosen to help them.

Kusuha: This is Blue Dragon Mechanoid RyuOuKi, now made into RyuJinKi!  We will wipe out these Yokijin polluting our world!

Defeat condition: Any allied unit is destroyed

Kusuha: I’m sorry, RyuOuKi…. When they took KoOuKi, I couldn’t be by your side. But from now on, I will fight alongside you!

*And they’re all dead*

Hou: If the missing portions are filled by human-made parts, the 5-directional core may grow stronger…

Kanan: This is actually a good thing.

Hou: Master Kanan… You came?

Kanan: Yes, I have an interest in these strong psychics.

Hou: As candidates for Transcending?

Kanan: That’s certainly true, but in particular that girl….

Hou: (So he’s looking at her…)

Kanan: Especially that psychic in the blue dragon…. That gentle yet commanding energy…. I bet she’s cute, too. I like her.

Kusuha: Uuuugh…

Rio: What’s wrong, Kusuha?

Kusuha: Something just… made me shiver a bit….

Hou: Well then, let’s report back to base.

Kanan: No, I’ve changed my mind. In order to welcome them in, there are steps we need to take. Unless she willingly Transcends, it won’t work.

Hou: I understand.

Kanan: The next time we meet, I hope I can ask for your name… Blue Dragon girl.

Ing: (The presences vanished… Was there something else there besides the Yokijin? And if that’s the case, why could I know where they were?)

Bullet: Kusuha, is the RyuJinKi okay?

Kusuha: Yes…

Rio: …The sun’s coming up soon. I hope nothing else happens until the Kurogane returns…


Raul: What’s this?

Despinis: Mr. Raul, there’s a unit heading our way… Ah, its code has been identified. This is…

Raji: A private aviation company unit, it looks like. Judging by its energy signature, it looks like a PT or AM class mech.

Raul: So it’s a private sector robot?

Fiona: Oh, so it could be a business rival.

Raji: I’m running the code right now, but it could be a forgery.

Fiona: That’s true. It was odd that they didn’t send a message to us.

Despinis: The unit has slowed down. It doesn’t look like it’s going to come any closer….

Bullet: Watch its movements. Everyone, remain on alert.

Ryoto: Understood.


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[2] Leader/guidance + battle

[3] FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WHAT (sometimes things in Japanese are vague and I get upset)

[4] Dat face doh

[5] Eh, he’s a Japanese swordsmaster guy. Sensei feels okay. GO FUCK YOURSELF

[6] HOW KOOKY but no if we gotta talk about the dragon kings versus dragonman, gotta use stupid ass Japanese names


[8] Repay his master’s debt. It sounds cooler in Japanese than it does in English.

[9] Tai Hoku Shi Fu. Severe North Master Dad. This is just Thaihou, cause that's what I wanted to call him.