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Chapter 26: Mixed Troopers

Despinis: The target just started moving. It will soon enter our airspace.

Mizuho: We hailed it, but there’s no response…

Raul: Could it be those parts we heard about from Professor Kazahara?

Mizuho: No, it seems there’s no planned deliveries today.

Fiona: Outside of emergencies, it’s not like there’d be any customers coming this early in the morning, anyway.

Raul: (Emergencies, huh…)

Bullet: It’s coming! Just in case, everyone, be on your guard!

*It’s Butt!*

Ariel: (I somehow made it the Tesla Leicht Institute intact… and what’s more, the Steel Dragons are here…)

Kusuha: Is that… a Personal Trooper?

Ryoto: The right arm has… I think that’s a Revolving Stake. And the left arm is equipped with a 3rd generation Machine Cannon…

Rio: It’s a lot like the Alteisen, then.

Ryoto: I haven’t heard anything about making a series based on it… is it a copy?

Raji: Speaking of that, the shoulders look a bit different. It looks like it has a bit more of a loose posture than the Alteisen, but what I’m worried about is the body…

Fiona: More importantly, who’s piloting it?

Bullet: I’ll try to contact them.


Bullet: Huh? They called first!

Ariel: I have no reason to fight you. My name is Ariel Org.  I was part of the Gaia Sabers, the special battalion under the direct control of the President. I was attached to the Beta Sabers.

Bullet: Beta Sabers…

Fiona: And it’s a girl…[1]

Rio: You said was. What is going on?

Ariel: I… I have left the Gaia Sabers.

Rio: Huh?

Bullet: Why would you do that?

Ariel: I came to tell you about some part of the truth behind the Gaia Sabers… And my mech, the Flickerei Geist, shall be the proof.

Fiona: Something that you had to desert the unit you were a part of to tell us… This is serious, isn’t it.

Raji: It’s a bit hard to swallow, honestly.

Ariel: You are quite right. I am going to eject, and leave you the Flickerei Geist. I leave the investigation to you.

Raji: (What does she mean by that…)

Johnathan: Everyone, listen to what she says.

Raji: Are you curious, chief?

Johnathan: That’s what makes us scientists, Raji. And I’m interested in that machine’s body… that thing that looks like a core.

Raji: I agree with you there…

Ariel: (They noticed the part from Fau Kern almost immediately. It’s like Professor Wong said… they can…)


Despinis: High energy readings headed this way! They look like armed mechs!

Fiona: Huh?

*And it’s dick!*

Duvan: That’s as far as you’ll go, Ariel.

Ariel: Duvan! You followed me?

Duvan: That’s right. After shooting Eric Wong, I cannot let you just run away.

Ariel: Professor Wong… is he okay?

Duvan: You were too kind when shooting him. He’s still alive. And thanks to that, we knew where you would go almost immediately.

Ariel: (So no one doubts the professor at all…)

Ing: Ugh… Th-that unit… I’ve…

Rio: Do you remember something, Ing?

Ing: Ugggghhhh….!

Ariel: Y-you are… Why are you here?!

Ing: Y-you know me…?!

Ariel: (He’s alive…. And he’s working with the Steel Dragons…!)

Duvan: Heh, both of the deserters are here… You’ve got the worst luck.

Rio: What?!

Duvan: You didn’t know? Just like Ariel, he’s also a former Gaia Saber Soldier.

Ing: !!

Bullet: What?!

Ing: I was… with the Gaia Sabers…?

Duvan: Hmm, you lost your memories? Of plotting your escape even if it meant blowing yourself up?

Ing: …!

Rio: Who are you?!

Duvan: I am Duvan Org. The leader of the Beta Sabers.

Rio: (Org… The same last name as Ariel.)

Duvan: I have no reason to fight you. I’m only interested in retrieving the deserters.

Ariel: Duvan, I will not return to the Gaia Sabers. I know the truth…. About Professor Ozunu, and about Fau Kern… They’re the “head” core…!

Duvan: What…? Is that true?

Ariel: Yes… I found it out….

Duvan: Ha… haha… I see… So that’s how it is… Then that’s fine by me.

Ariel: Huh?

Duvan: Wonderful… It’ll be powerful enough for me…

Ariel: Duvan… are you being serious…?

Duvan: Oh yes. If we have the Fau Kern as a power source, then we can fulfill the true purpose of the Idealants. And I’ll rise to the top, out of all the other Gaia Sabers…. And then…

Ariel: Duvan…. Project Idealants is being twisted to something Professor Ozunu never intended.

Duvan: The twisted one is Ozunu. After all, wasn’t he the one purged?

Ariel: That’s…. wrong…

Duvan: I don’t know what you heard from whoever you heard it from… but I won’t forgive you if you oppose me. Beta 1 to all units. Retrieve Ariel and… Ing, that was it.

Ing: ….!

Rio: Wait a minute!

Duvan: I said I had no reason to fight you guys. This is a Gaia Sabers problem.

Rio: Even still, aren’t you being too harsh?! Ing still hasn’t gotten his memory back!

Ing: Lt. Rio…

Duvan: It doesn’t matter. We’re taking him back. And if you try to stop me, you’ll be traitors.

Raul: What…?!

Duvan: The Gaia Sabers are led by the President… The same person who leads the Federation. You don’t want to start trouble.

Raul: Is that a threat?

Duvan: It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. If you ignore it, you won’t only lose your position as members of the Federation military, but as Federation civilians as well.

Raji: You’re saying we should prepare for life sentences or execution?

Mizuho: What…?

Duvan: Exactly. If you just let them go, you won’t break any laws, and you won’t have to face that kind of punishment.

Raul: If you just say that out of the blue….!

Johnathan: Everyone, do not interfere with the Gaia Sabers.

Raul: Chief!

Johnathan: Just as they said, if you get violent, it won’t just be your problem. All the Steel Dragons will be in trouble.

Rio: So you’re saying we should just shut up and watch?

Johnathan: That’s right. They’re not DC remnants or aliens. They’re soldiers fighting for the Federation, just like you. They’re right about that.

Bullet: …!

Ariel: Everyone, your concern is enough. This is my battle. I will settle this with my own hands.

Duvan: Settle this? You plan on defeating me with that failure of a Geist?

Ariel: …If I must.

Duvan: Now you’ve done it, Ariel.

Ing: Duvan Org… I will not go with you.

Duvan: Oh?

Ryoto: Ing…!

Ing: Even if the Gaia Sabers could restore my memory…. I have a strong feeling that I can’t go back there.

Ryoto:  But even still!

Ing: I want to know my past… But I don’t want to cause trouble for you all.

Raul: Fiona, the Federation troops can’t move, but we….

Fiona: No. The Tesla Labs would be in trouble if we did.

Raul: So you’re fine with this?!

Fiona: Calm down, Raul. Look at the monitor. There’s a message from the chief.

Raul: ?!

Bullet: This is…!

Raul: That’s right, if Ratsel comes back…!

Johnathan: They’ll be an enemy the Gaia Sabers have to chase. I’m sorry to put you all in this position, but…All we can do now is buy time. Rob, what about our other plan?

Robert: It’s set into motion. The containing cloak and the patch armor should soon be finished. Though we did have to use AD tape to keep the armor on…

Johnathan: If worst comes to worst, use the remote control. We may be able to buy a bit more time. Please hurry with the preparations.

Ing: …Ariel, do you know about my past?

Ariel: Only a portion of it…

Ing: That’s fine. Please tell me about it after this.

Ariel: …. Sure.

Duvan: Ariel, Ing… I won’t let you take your time.

Ariel: They’re coming!

Chapter 26: Mixed Troopers

Victory: Defeat all enemies except the Alles Geist

Defeat: Any allied unit is defeated

SR point: Within 3 turns, Defeat all enemies except the Alles Geist.

*Duvan Attacks Ariel*

Duvan: Are you really challenging my Ares with that defective machine?

Ariel: I can at least control this. But with an Ares and Fau Kern…!

Duvan: I told you, it’s a power made for me!

*kill all the things*

Duvan: Huh, not bad. But I don’t plan on wasting any more time.

Ing: Kuuuu!


Ing Ugh!

Ariel: Alles! It’s fast!

Duvan: This unit isn’t as slow as you might have thought.

Ing: Uuugh, at this rate!

Duvan: People who resist die.

Ing: Uwaaaa!

Rio: Ing!

Ariel: Duvan!

Duvan: Don’t move, Ariel. Ing’s life is in my hands now.

Ariel: …!

Duvan: I don’t really want to go this far either… but you won’t cooperate.

Ing: Uguuu….

Rio: I… I can’t take this anymore!

Bullet: We can’t buy any more time!

Ing: (U-ugh…. At this rate…)

Robert: Chief!

Johnathan: There’s no choice! Lift up the hangar! Send it out!

Duvan: You’re next, Ariel!

Ariel: … I understand. Stop the attack. I surrender.

Ing: Ariel…!

Ariel: This situation is even worse than I could have imagined.  Because I was careless.

Duvan: Good. Open your cockpit hatch and put your hands up.


Duvan: Guu!

Johnathan: Who! Who shot him?


Duvan: Who’s that?!

Almara: …

Rio: Ryoto, it’s her!

Ryoto: The machine that destroyed the Huckebeins! But why is it here?!

Almara:  ( …I’ve confirmed Ing’s location… And what’s more, he’s with the Steel Dragons. It’s just like he predicted.)

Bullet: Is she part of the Gaia Sabers too?

Duvan: You’re a nuisance! Who are you?

*beep beep*

Duvan: An order from headquarters! D-dammit, why now…. Just when I had found the deserters?

Almara: (I guess I have priority over him. But I won’t be revealing my background just yet.)

Duvan: …Ariel, I’ll give you one chance to reconsider. But don’t forget what happened here.

Ariel: Duvan…

Almara: (Don’t think poorly of me, Beta Saber. But thanks to you, I was able to sense Ing’s presence.)

Rio: Ariel, is that unit with the Gaia Sabers?

Ariel: I don’t recognize it.

Almara: (I need to take Ing in. Dead or alive. That’s his order.)

Ing: Uaaaaaa!

Fiona: Ing!

Bullet: That unit’s not with the Gaia Sabers, so we can attack it! Everyone, help Ing!

Almara: Don’t interfere!


Kusuha: Kyaaa!

Raul: Kuuu!

Johnathan: Rob! Is it ready yet?

Robert: 16 seconds left!

Ing: Uuuugh…

Almara: Haha…. Even if you resist, it’s not like I care about what happens to that mech.

Ing: It’s no use… at this rate, I’ll be…

Almara: Then die!

Ing: I’ll be killed… At this rate… Without knowing my past…! I’ll… be killed!


Ing: !!

Kusuha: Aaaah!

Rio: Ku!

Ryoto: This feeling is…!

Bullet: Could it be?

Ing:  (Mech… A mech I can use… A mech here I can use… The Grungust III…. The RyuJinKi…. No… I need something that lets me channel my powers…)

Johnathan: The hatch is open! Go!

Robert: Ashe, Launching!

Almara: That machine…!

Rio: Ashe?!

Ryoto: Can it be launched in that condition?

Ing: Exbein… Ashe…

Johnathan: Rob, give me control! We’ll save them with the Ashe!


Johnathan: !! Why?

Robert: We can’t connect with the remote! Th-the T-Link system has been activated!

Johnathan: Whaaaatt?

Robert: The system was in sleep mode! There’s no way it could be turned on if no one was in the cockpit!

Johnathan: Then how did it start moving by itself?

Kirk: Could it be…?

Ing: … Come!

Almara: Heh, so the last of the ravens is a phoenix, huh? But what can a patchwork mech like that do?

*pshooooooooooo swhing zoo zoo zoo*

Almara: It dodged?!

Ing: Open the cockpit hatch.

Almara: There’s no one piloting it? It’s responding to Ing’s voice?!

Ing: Reset the harmonic assistor. Disable the psychic limiter. All RTE Levels, reset.

Robert: Ing?! Chief, Ing has boarded the Ashe!

Johnathan: Whaaaaat?!

Robert: Not only that, the Ashe’s T-Link system is sending out a Telekinesis-Alpha pulse!

Bullet: Ing’s a psychic?!

Rio: But this sensation, it’s…

Kusuha: Like it’s Ing, but also… like it isn’t!

Kirk: I… I knew it!

Robert: What is it?

Kirk: Ing didn’t just activate the T-Link System, but also the Uranus System!

Robert: Whaaaaat?!

Kirk: (Who is he?!)

Almara: So you dodged one of my shots. But the next time it won’t be so easy!

Ing: Hahahaha…

Almara: !

Ing: You… Don’t think you’ll get away!

Almara: Oh, I see the real you has finally come out. Well then, let’s see your power. If you don’t go all out, you’ll be hunted down by my Galilnagant.

Victory: Lower Galilnagant to below 25000 HP.

*Ing punching Almara*

Ing: You say you’ll hunt me?

Almara: Yes, just like I did with the Huckebeins!

Ing: That’s not right… The one who is being hunted… Is you! By the Ashe!

*do some damage*

Almara: Hmm… Well, I’ve been able to figure out a few things. All that’s left…

Rio: The Kurogane’s back!

Almara: It’s time. Ing… If you’re still alive when we meet next, I hope to be your opponent again.


Ing: You won’t escape!

Ing: Ugh! Guuuh!

Ryoto: Ing?!

Rio: Ing! What’s the matter?!


*tesla labs interior*

Rio: Professor Nate, how is Ing?

Sofia: It seems he fainted from using that power… He just recently awakened. He seems to have calmed down, but he doesn’t remember anything after boarding the Ashe.

Ryoto: Huh?

Robert: How about his psychic abilities?

Sofia: Afterwords, the test showed him still emitting Telekinesis-Alpha Pulses. In short, he’s awakened as a Psychodriver.

Rio: That’s strange… up till now, he showed no signs of psychic abilities….

Robert:  I had heard from Dr. Kobayashi that there are cases where the abilities suddenly awaken…

Rio: B-but to be able to activate the T-Link system from outside the mech like that…

Ryoto: Moreover, being able to do the adjustments in such a short time… And being able to control it as well as Kusuha or I…

Bullet: Professor Oomiya, can you explain it so that we’ll understand?

Robert: N-no… Though I looked through the data, I can’t confirm it with what Dr. Kobayashi had said…

Kirk: (It could be related to the Uranus System’s black box…. With Major Ingram gone, an analysis would be difficult.)

Kusuha: But still… To have that level of power right after awakening is…

Robert: I think Ing’s abilities and skills were honed with the Gaia Sabers. From what I’ve found from looking into Code Evil, the abilities are developed while the pilots sleep.

Sofia: “Code Evil”?

Robert: The code name of that Huckebein with the black wings. That’s what the team developing the Ashe called it.

Ryoto: That Code Evil seemed to be targeting Ing almost exclusively… It might be related to Ing’s past.

Rio: Could that also be a Gaia Sabers unit?

Ryoto: Ariel said she didn’t recognize it… But if this “Code Evil” is coming after Ing, then it’s pretty likely.

Robert: Whatever the case, until Ing’s memories return, were going to have more luck asking Ariel…


Ratsel: Ing’s data wasn’t there?

Ariel: That’s correct.

Ratsel: Is it possible it was erased?

Ariel: It’s possible, but unless we know why he escaped, I don’t know if we can say for sure.

Ratsel: Hmm… In that case, are the Gaia Sabers training Psychodrivers?

Ariel: Not as far as I know. However, they were studying artificial humans.

Ratsel: What?

Ariel: That was Project Idealants… I am an artificial human created by that.

Ratsel: …!

Johnathan: Hmm… You wouldn’t know it from looking at you.

Ariel: We’re not based on robotics, but more like a hybrid human. The structure and makeup is nearly the same as a human, but my capabilities are enhanced greatly.

Despinis: So, you're similar to me…

Ariel: Huh. You are…. Are you?

Despinis: …Yes.

Fiona: Eh, a lot of stuff has happened. We know a few other artificial humans.

Ariel: (So that’s why they didn’t panic when they learned about me…)

Johnathan: Ariel… Are you designed for battle?

Ariel: Actually I’m a bit different. The Idealants are designed to be the ruling class…. Duvan and I are the test models for that project.

Carla: The ruling class… So you would lord over humans?

Ariel: That was the final goal of the project. To remove as many of the uncertain elements of humanity as possible, and to make a leader to rule kindly with a stable way of resolving conflict. However, after us test models were made… due to the death of our maker, Professor Enzo Ozunu, the project was halted.

Ratsel: But, didn’t the Gaia Sabers know his intentions and help him with his project?

Ariel: Yes… They needed an Idealant, an artificial human with high battle ability… But that was not Professor Ozunu’s goal.

Johnathan: (We’re calmly discussing this, but…. I’m pretty sure that Project Idealants was made for that purpose, too…)

Ratsel: Ariel… Was there any other reason you wanted to leave the Gaia Sabers?

Ariel: Yes… My mech and Duvan’s, the Alles Geist... They are powered by the Fau Kern… The core of the Jetzt.

Ratsel: !

Carla: The Jetzt is that Einst thing, right?!

Ariel: Right. They took that thing’s core and made it into a power source for a mech.

Johnathan: That seems a bit reckless.

Carla: Not just that, it’s dangerous! There’s things like the Rein Weissritter, but can you really control the core of the Jetzt?

Ariel: The Flickerei Geist was defective, so it can’t use the Fau Kern as a generator. But Duvan’s Alles Geist uses not only the core, but the living portion of the Jetzt.

Ratsel: So it’s unlike the Rein Weissritter, which was made by humans and modified by the Einst.

Johnathan: They’re probably keeping a lid on the fact that, in the worst case scenario, the Ares Geist could become something like the Jetzt.

Ariel: That’s right…

Yuuki: Was the Alles Geist created by Project Idealants?

Ariel: Officially that’s the case, but…. It was created in cooperation with the Tsentr Project.

Ratsel: Which means… That project is under the management of the Gaia Sabers.

Senga: Those two… Hugo and Aqua, do you think they know about this?

Ratsel: If they do, then they’re being silenced somehow… The Gaia Sabers seem to use more underhanded tactics than the others we’ve encountered.

Johnathan: I don’t know if this is related, but… Look at this image.

Raul: Ah, this is… That mech that appeared here when we were fighting the Guests.

Carla: That’s the Kerberion! That thing came here?

Yuuki: So they returned from La Gias to the surface…

Raul: Wait, you know these things?

Carla: Yeah… They got in our way a whole lot down there.

Johnathan: …. This turned out to be more than I thought.

Ratsel: Jinrai, Kerberion, Code Evil…. If they are machines affiliated with the Gaia Sabers…

Sanger: You’re saying they have reasons to be our enemies.

Ratsel: I won’t go that far, as we don’t know. …Ariel, what will you do after this?

Ariel: There are other suspicious things about the Gaia Sabers. My goal is… Before it’s too late, I want to expose those points.

Ratsel: Understood. Carla, could you call the other members in?

Carla: I got it.

*Elsewhere still!*

Ratsel: It seems like the Steel Dragons are en route to Hickam Base. I plan on going with Ariel and Ryoto’s group to Hawaii. There, we’ll meet up with Gilliam, and we’ll leave her in his care.

Yuuki: Are you going to Hawaii in the Kurogane?

Ratsel: No, the Kurogane will stay at TLI. Kusuha and the RyuJinKi will be leaving, and it’s possible the Yokijin will come again.

Carla: What happens twice will happen thrice, they say… That woman, Kukuru, will come again.

Kurt: We’ll be ready for her when it happens.

Rio: Um… What about Ing?

Ratsel: He is also a fugitive, so I’m thinking about leaving him with Gilliam. Is that okay, Ing?

Ing: …I understand.

Kirk: As for the Ashe… We can’t reset the T-Link System ever since what happened back there. In short, only Ing can operate it. We’ll need to send it to Izu to have Professor Kobayashi do a system check.

Ratsel: Then we’ll take the Ashe with us as well.

Kirk: I would like to go, too.

Robert: Me too. I’m also worried about the Yokijin.

Raul: Then we’ll go as well. The Professors can board the Excellence Rescue.

Johnathan: Oh, and we’re still holding onto the Fairlion S. Could you take it to Lt. Latooni?

Fiona: Understood.

Ratsel: Then, everyone, get ready for departure.

Sanger: Understood. Brooklyn, let us go pay our respects to Master.

Bullet: Yes, sir.

Ing: … Ms. Ariel.

Ariel: Ing… you want to ask about your past, right?

Ing: Yes.

Ariel: When I was part of the Beta Sabers…. We received word that one unit had launched out of the Grand Christmas. That was you, deserting… That was the first time I saw you. We asked your affiliation, but got no response. Nor did we know why you were deserting.

Ing: …

Ariel: I was able to restrain you, and Duvan captured your mech…

Ing: And then I self-destructed, and escaped in my pod.

Ariel: Yes. After we returned to base, I looked for your data… But there was no data on you.

Ing: I see…

Ariel: …I’m sorry if I couldn’t tell you anything important.

Ing: No… It’s fine.

Ariel: (If that Code Evil is actually a Gaia Saber unit, then do they know that Ing is a psychic…?)

*oh fuck no not paris nooooo*

Nibhal: Lord Alteur, the Omega and Beta Sabers have both confirmed that number 22 is at Tesla Labs. Not only is he working with the Steel Dragons, but his abilities seem to have awakened.

Alteur: Ha… Hahaha… Well this is a better result than I could have imagined. This is divine intervention… A blessing from god.

Nibhal: Then should we commence with that plan?

Alteur: Yes… It’s time to guide Mr. President onto the stage.

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[1] So are you, Fiona. DON’T BE SEXIST