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*meanwhile, way down south*

Aqua: S-s-s-s-sooo coooolld!

Hugo: Of course you’re cold in that outfit. Hurry up and change into winter clothes.

Aqua: I know! I couldn’t change in the cockpit! I had to use the DFC!

Hugo: You’re still talking and not changing. You’ll get frostbite at this rate.

Aqua: Speaking of which, are you okay? You’re not wearing anything on your arms and legs. Are you made of iron or something?

Hugo: ……!

Aqua: What? Did I say something strange?

Hugo: …No, it’s nothing.

Rim: Hugo, Aqua, this way.

Aqua: (She’s wearing as little as I am, yet she’s fine… is it because she’s young?)


Clifford: Thanks for coming, you two.

Josh: Yeah… Good thing we didn’t run into any Guests on the way here.

Rim: Wooo, it’s cold. I’m going to make some cocoa. Do you want any, Josh?

Josh: Don’t make it too strong. …Speaking of which, is Dad still underground?

Clifford: Yeah, he took the Sympathia 02 with him. It seems like he’s going to try to open the gate.

Josh: The gate… The thing Dad called the Fores. What exactly is it?

Clifford: Who knows? I haven’t been down to the lowest layers yet.

Josh: The lowest layers? Did you find something while we were away?

Clifford: We did. That’s why we need the Aile Chevalier. For the research… and for protection, just in case.

Josh: What about the Blanche Neige? Will you use it?

Clifford: If we could ready it, I’d be a bit more at ease.

Josh: I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t put Rim…

Clifford: Rim’s the only person who can move the Blanch Neige.

Josh: ….

Rim: Here’s your Cocoa. Sorry, bro. Chris put a bit too much in.

Josh: That’s why I warned her….

Rim: We should probably make some for other people …. You want any, Cliff?

Clifford: Yeah, thanks. I like it strong.

Rim: Right. Wait a minute.

Clifford: Josh… Is she still like that? Or rather, are they?

Josh: Yeah… I thought if we got her away from here, something would change, but…

Clifford: We still don’t know who is the real Cliana.[1]

Josh: They don’t seem to mind. It’s like they’ve been like that from the start. But I won’t allow that. I know my Dad’s to blame, so I can’t just act like everything’s normal.

Clifford: It happened before I came here, so I don’t really know the details…

Josh: Everyone just keeps their goddamn mouths shut. I can’t trust him. That’s why I wanted to get Rim out of here…!

Clifford: Did you explain her situation to Lt. Hugo and the Steel Dragons?

Josh: No… I don’t think anyone noticed yet. And Chris and Riana aren’t talking, either.

Clifford: They’ll figure it out sooner or later. You should let them know before they find out on their own. For her sake.

Josh: …


Aqua: Jeez, Hugo can be such a…

Rim: Aqua, would you like some cocoa?

Aqua: Sure, thanks.

Rim: Um… Did you fight with Hugo?

Aqua: Eh, a little.

Rim: Well, they say you can only fight with the ones you really like, right?

Aqua: He’s my partner, okay? And I don’t like guys who are younger than me.

Rim: So you like older guys… like Major Kai?

Aqua: Oh yes, he’s magnificent. Rim, what’s your type?

Rim: Hmm… I guess nice guys?

Aqua: That’s a pretty standard answer, I guess.

Rim: (Chris, the Cocoa’s gonna get cold.)

Rim: Oh no!

*Elsewhere again*

Clifford: …I’ve looked at the demon data. If they’re after the Aile Chevalier, then they’re either after the Sympathia or the Res Arcana.

Josh: So they’re after oddities?

Clifford: That’s the short version.  It could become the key to understanding this mystery…


Josh: ?!

Clifford: The alarm! There’s something at the Fabula Fores, it looks like. … I can’t get a connection to the crews underground. And there’s a high-energy response coming from the area….

Josh: Could there have been an accident?

Clifford: Josh, go check on the situation in the Aile Chevalier.

Josh: Got it.

Clifford: I’ll ask Hugo and Aqua to go with you. Be careful out there.

Chapter 27: The Antarctic Gate


Josh: Warming up, complete. Condition green. Lt Hugo, that’s the entrance to the ruins.

Hugo: There doesn’t seem to be any damage to the outer portions.

Aqua: But the energy reading from underground keeps getting larger!

Josh: Cliff, can you figure anything out?

Clifford: There’s an energy ripple expanding out from the center of the Fabula Fores…. It’s the first time I’ve seen this, but I can say it’s strong…. It’s similar to the ES Wave from when the Einst appeared.

Josh: Seriously…?!

Clifford: It’s only similar, there are no Einst in the area. But I guess it could be  something just as powerful as the Einst.

Aqua: But weren’t the Einst completely eradicated?

Hugo: For the most part. Though some are still around. Like Lt. Excellen’s Rein Weissritter. Or the Red Ogre.

Josh: During the Inspector Affair, the Einst attacked us here many times. I don’t want to think about it, but…

Hugo: Did they ever appear inside the ruins?

Josh: …No.

Hugo: Then it’s probably not related.

Josh: …

Hugo: Whatever it is, it looks like we have to go into the ruins to investigate.

Josh: I’m sorry to get you involved in a family affair.

Hugo: It’s not the first time I’ve been dragged into something I didn’t ask for. Don’t worry about it.

Josh: Cliff, we’re going underground. I’ll leave the evacuation of Mother Base and contacting Dad to you.

Clifford: I got it.

*Spiiin rumble*

Aqua: There’s a heat signature growing! Something must have exploded underground!

Hugo: Let’s go, Aqua, Josh!

Aqua: Wait! There’s a large number of readings! From the entrance of the ruins!


Hugo: !!!

Aqua: Wh-what are those?!

Hugo: They look like the Einst, but not quite the same… Are they Yokijin?

Aqua: Josh, do you know what they are?!

Josh: N-no… we’ve never found anything like that!


Hugo: They’re attacking! Aqua, send a distress call to the Steel Dragons!

Aqua: Right!

Josh: Dammit! What did you do, Dad?!

Chapter 27: The Antarctic Gate

Victory: All enemies defeated

Losing Condition: Any allied unit defeated

SR point: Defeat 17 Skull Plumes in 5 turns.

*Kill a few*

Aqua: There’s more coming!

Hugo: Dammit, if their numbers keep on increasing like this…

Aqua: Hugo, there’s a mech coming this way!

Hugo: Is it with them?!

Aqua: No! This is…!

*It’s Riiim*

Rim: I’m here, bro! I’m fighting too!

Josh: Rim?!

Aqua: She’s in that?!

Josh: What did you do, Cliff?!

Cliff: I said I would ready it if we needed it.

Josh: But Rim has never been in a real fight! It’s too reckless!

Clifford: She’s reacting well to the system. As she is now… it should be fine.

Josh: You know what could happen! If she uses the Sympathia more…

Rim: Bro, don’t worry. This machine’s moving just fine. We need to go get Dad!

Josh: ….! I got it… but don’t do anything stupid.

Aqua: (Something’s strange about Rim… and she’s calling Josh “Bro”…)

Rim: (Good luck, Riana!)

Rim: Yeah! I’ll show you what I can do!

*back to fightans*

*Kill a shit ton*

Rim: (R-riana! There’s still more coming!)

Rim: At this rate, we won’t be able to get in!

Josh: Dammit…!

???: ..ead me, Moth- …everyon-….. –away from Antarctica….

Josh: That voice, it’s!

Rim: Dad!

Josh: Dad! Are you there?!

Felio: Josh…. Why are you here…?

Josh: Why?! You’re the one who called me! And now you’ve dragged us into this mess! I came to save you, dammit! Where are you?!

Felio: Fabula Fores has opened…. It’s just as I thought…

Rim: Dad, where are you? Tell us!

Felio: Rim… I’m sorry… I’m….

Rim: Dad?! DAD!

Felio: Hurry… get out of here… Soon, the entire continent will…

Josh: Something’s going to happen to Antarctica?! Did something happen underground?!

Felio: I’m so sorry… I…

Josh: Sorry!? What are you saying?! Hey!

Rim: Dad! Daaaad!


Hugo: Aqua, what’s happening?

Aqua: There’s a massive energy spike from underground! At this rate, it’ll consume us, too!

Hugo: Dammit! Josh, Rim! We’re leaving!

Rim: But Dad is still…!

Josh: …I’m going in. Rim, you get out of here with Hugo!

Rim: Bro, you can’t go alone!

Josh: If something’s happening down there, I have to go find out! You need to go, NOW!

*or not*

Josh: What is that?!

??? : *chuckles*…. So this is my body… my weapon….

Rim: I… I can hear a voice!

Aqua: Huh?

???: So this form is born of negative emotions…. Is that the energy I’m sensing?

???: That’s right. We were given these shapes by their knowledge and imaginations.

???: This shape…  I like it. *chuckles*….

???: And over there are the sentient beings of this world. Our food calls themselves “humans” or “people”….

???: Humans….

???: It looks like it was one of them who touched the key.

Josh: Answer me! Who are you?!

???: Humans, I shall engrave this new information into you. We are the Ruina. The ones who embody your fear and despair, and the ones who shall bring you destruction.

Rim: (Ruina…?!)

Josh: Destruction?!

Aqua: Josh! Rim! Who are you talking to?!

Josh: ! You can’t hear their voices?!

???: Now… First, let’s scar this land of ice, and begin the next ceremony.


Rim: (Wh-what?!)

Josh: What are they doing?!

Hugo: Dammit! Josh, Rim, we need to leave, Now!

Rim: W-we can’t just leave Dad down there!

Josh: Dad just said whatever he wanted and let it end there! He always only thinks of himself![2]

Hugo: Look at what’s happening! We need to get the people at Mother Base out of here, too!

Josh: …!

Hugo: We need to report on what we saw here… We’re going back, even if I have to force you.

Rim: Ugh…

Josh: Roger…!

Hugo: Right! Full retreat! Don’t slow down!


???: Heh, you won’t get away.

*And being folloooowwwed*


Gaspard: Geez… It’s like the second coming of the Antarctic Incident.

Daniel: But they don’t look like aliens. There’s a large semi-spherical energy field that’s growing from somewhere around the magnetic South Pole. At this rate, it’s likely to cover the whole of Antarctica.

Gaspard: Is it related to the new enemies? Who made first contact?

Daniel: A test pilot from the Far East Division’s Aggressors. He then gave the information to the Steel Dragons and Far East’s Headquarters.

Gaspard: The Steel Dragons and the Aggressors…? They always seem to be mixed up in these kinds of incidents.

Daniel: The enemy seems to have divided into 3 groups. Alpha is on route towards Chile and the Horn Mountain Range…. The bases at San Martin and Lotera sounded an alarm, then went silent. Bravo is heading toward New Zealand via the Ross Sea, and Charlie is flying over the Poinsettia range to head to the Pacific Ocean.

Gaspard: Did you order the 3rd Pacific aircraft carrier battalion to head for Grand Christmas?

Daniel: Yes, on surveillance orders.

Gaspard: We need to get to Antarctica. What about the squads in New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina?

Daniel: They’ve already been sent out on an intercept course. Also, the Gaia Sabers main battle ship has left Paris and is headed for the south pole.

Gaspard: Hmm, so they’re making their move. Are they heading to the battlefield while President Grusman is still on board?

Daniel: It certainly seems like it.

Gaspard: If the Gaia Sabers are making their move, then order the Steel Dragons to Antarctica as well. Knowing them, they may be able to make it in time.

Daniel: Because they’re rivals to the Gaia Sabers?

Gaspard: Indeed… We need to show off our appeal as well.


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[2] Katte sugiru: Doing what one pleases too much. This is annoying to make into English someone would actually fucking say.