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Breaking news: …The mysterious group from the South Pole is now being referred to as the “Ruina”. Further, while the Ruina were gathering their forces in the Artic Sea, the heroic efforts of a joint attack from the Gaia Sabers and the Federation military allowed the Gaia Sabers flagship, Air Christmas, to strike a blow at the Ruina’s base of operations. We have now confirmed that the barrier that covered the world a few days ago was not a Guest plot, but a Ruina one, and the barrier has been successfully destroyed. Now, the Gaia Sabers and the Federation Military are preparing measures to quickly deal with not only the Ruina bases at the South Pole, but also the Guests…

*These two bros*

Daniel: …All the stations are going on about the Gaia Sabers’ victory. They must be trying to divert attention away from themselves in regards to the investigation on President Grusman’s death.

Gaspard: Nothing we can do about that. The people who actually got rid of the dimensional barrier are still considered rebels.

Jacob: By the way, did you tell the government about the name “Ruina”?

Gaspard: “The Antarctic Unknowns” didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It was too long.

Jacob: Certainly. Did you name the source?

Gaspard: I didn’t say. I don’t want to show my hand.

Jacob: They’ve also given us information about some of the members of the Gaia Sabers with less than savory backgrounds. He’s the list.

Gaspard: My, my…. There’s certainly some unexpected names here.

Daniel: He appointed people who are associated with anti-establishment parties…. Meaning we could use that fact to begin our investigations.

Jacob: I think it’s more he values their power over their histories…. And even if you investigated, they’d feign ignorance.

Gaspard:  Before that, I want to know if President Graien knew about their pasts.

Daniel: I don’t think he would have approved them without checking…

Gaspard: It’s also possible that Alteur Steinbeck was lying to the president.

Daniel: But whether it’s in regards to the president, or to their current members… if we can find some definitive proof of their anti-establishment leanings, then the Gaia Sabers would lose their current prestige.

Gaspard: But then we won’t know Alteur’s real plans. That man isn’t thinking about what comes next…. It’s like he’s just fanning the flames.

Daniel: But why…?

Gaspard: We may not know now, but there is a way to find out.

Jacob: Through the Steel Dragons?

Gaspard: Exactly. There’s no mistaking he’s planning something with the Gaia Sabers. If we let the Steel Dragons continue to operate, and stay in contact with them, we may be able to find out Alteur’s hidden motives.

Daniel: But we still can’t visibly support them, sir.

Gaspard: Of course, I’m not planning on removing the warrant for their arrest. But Jacob… You have your ways.

Jacob: Roger.

Daniel: Is that all we should do about the Gaia Sabers at the moment? The people think that the Gaia Sabers were the ones who got rid of the Dimensional Barrier, and are going to treat them like heroes.

Gaspard: We can’t stop that.  We don’t have anything to show the people that’ll beat their winning record so far. But heroes are always demanded to produce results. And if they can’t do that, then the tide will turn against them.

Daniel: But our honor….

Gaspard: It’s not like we’re doing nothing. Jacob is amassing information and proof. And even if they can claim a few victories, we can claim far more. What’s important right now is endurance. Even if a handful of special independent squads can take out an enemy stronghold…. It’s impossible for them to keep the world at peace.

Daniel: I agree, but….

Gaspard: As expected of us as the Federation, we need to build up our forces against the Guests. Since the Moon Cradle and Heaven’s Gate have both been captured, it’s obvious that the Space Forces aren’t enough.

Daniel: Understood, sir. In a day or two we will have an outline for our plans.

Gaspard: I have a good idea for an operation name. If I’m allowed to choose it.

Daniel: Okay…

*Grand Christmas*

Alteur: …Kisaburo Azuma?

Nibhal: He’s a well-known robotic engineer. He also was an acquaintance of Bian Zoldark, and worked with the EOTI organization. But it seems he’s stepped out of the public eye recently….

Kaoru: That’s what people think. He’s actually working on completing the Compatible Kaiser.

Alteur: Oh, I see….

Nibhal: That Super Robot showcased some very interesting abilities during the Bartol Event and the Shura Rebellion.

Kaoru: There’s no mistaking that the Compatible Kaiser was made using EOT. And I believe it is currently hiding out underground in Tokyo’s Asakusa ward.

Alteur: So… What should we do about that?

Kaoru: I’d like permission to send the Delta Sabers out to collect the Compatible Kaiser’s EOT. If I can get my hands on that, then my machine can evolve even further.

Nibhal: You’re going to use Jinrai in the capital? Are you certain that’s a good idea, Professor Toumine?

Kaoru: Anyone who sides with the Steel Dragons are rebels…. There’s no problem as long as I use that excuse.

Nibhal: Excuse?

Kaoru: Did you forget who reprogrammed that Archin AI?

Nibhal: (Is that a threat…?)

Kaoru: I also want to use… that.

Nibhal: It’s too risky. And you don’t really want Professor Azuma’s research items…. You want to defeat a robot on the level of Jinrai with Jinrai, to prove its capabilities.

Kaoru: …

Nibhal: But I don’t think Jinrai is qualified to take on the Compatible Kaiser.

Kaoru: (This fucker….)

Alteur: …Alright, Professor Toumine. I’ll let you take that mission.

Kaoru: Thank you, Commander. Jinrai is being worked on right now, so I’ll prepare the mass-production units for the attack.

Alteur: That certainly is less risky.

Kaoru: Then I will prepare to depart for Asakusa.

Nibhal: Are you sure that’s alright, Lord Alteur?

Alteur: If it weren’t for the Far East division forces in Hakodate, I wouldn’t have given permission.

Nibhal: But if he were to fail, then it could become an excuse for the opposition parties.

Alteur: To make sure that won’t happen, I’ll ask Kenneth to get involved. The Steel Dragons may show up, after all.

Nibhal: But Professor Toumine seems to know about what happened. In the incredibly unlikely situation that he does what Professor Ozunu did…

Alteur: He’s much more like Mitarl Zapad or Erde Mitte. He’s not someone who’s going to feel remorse over what happened. As long as we’re the most efficient route to his goal, he won’t betray us…

*Over the Pacific Ocean*

Hugo: …Your shooting skills are passable, but you’re not doing great in melee combat. You’re putting too much focus onto the TD Scale. Once you get more used to the machine, you’ll be able to feel the enemies through your skin.

Aqua: The skin… you mean from the DFC.

Hugo: Isn’t it your bread and butter?

Aqua: The DFC is more like a lever or dial I can control with my fingertips. And not just with my hands, but with my feet, too. And it can read input from my skin and muscles, too. Fine adjustments are like trying to keep your balance while sitting on a balance ball. Do you understand?

Hugo: I guess.

Ariel: … Hugo and Aqua, are you training in the simulators?

Aqua: Yes, for the TE absorber.

Ariel: With Aqua as the operator….?

Aqua: I’ve had some training as a PT pilot…. If anything were to happen, I think it’d be better if I knew how to operate one of our machines

Ariel: (If anything were to happen…)

Hugo: (Because I know that the Tsentr Project is a branch of the Gaia Sabers, I can’t go to Mitarl to get more medicine. The only question is what will happen first: I run out of medicine, or we settle the score with the Gaia Sabers…. Whatever the case, we need to get Aqua ready as soon as possible.)

Aqua: By the way, Ariel… are you also doing simulator training?

Ariel: No, I was called here by Professor Radom….

Marion: …You certainly are prompt, Ariel.

Ariel: Professor Radom…. And you’ve brought Lt. Kyosuke and Excellen with you, too.

Kyosuke: She called me out here, too.

Excellen: I just followed the crowd.

Kyosuke: So, professor… what did you want?

Marion: Your Alteisen Risse and the Flickerei Geist…. I don’t really care for the Fau Kern, but… Those 2 units have pretty similar primary weapons.

Excellen: Well, Flickerei’s upper bits were based on Alty…. They’re sorta like Bunker Buster bros? Well, Ariel’s not a bro, so Stake Siblings?

Kyosuke: That really doesn’t matter…. And?

Marion: I’m thinking of combination attack patterns between the Alteisen Risse and the Flickerei Geist.

Kyosuke: I see…

Excellen: Um….. doesn’t Alty already have Rampage Ghost with my Weissy?

Marion: That and the Twin Bird Strike are different. I want something that uses two of the same special weapons to break through a single enemy.

Excellen: So what about combining Alty with the Wild Beetle…

Marion: The Wurger doesn’t have a stake. Or the kind of Artillery spread we need.

Excellen: Oh, so you’re only interested in the boring stuff.

Marion: What do you think?

Kyosuke: …Interesting.

Ariel: I have no objections.

Marion: Well, I’ve created the basic plan, so please try it out in the simulator and fine tune it.

Kyosuke: Roger. Ariel, I’m used to how the Alt moves by now. I don’t mind adjusting to your preferences.

Ariel: Understood.

Excellen: I’m sorta jealous! Could you think of a combination attack for me, too? Maybe with the Falcon?

Kyosuke: That’s a bad idea. Who knows what’d happen to Seolla if she tried to adjust to your… preferences.

Excellen: Ah ha haa….

Kyosuke: In any case, Ariel… Let’s begin.

Ariel: Roger.

Hugo: Lt. Kyosuke, is it alright if we stay and watch? I want Aqua to see the RT Arrangement.

Kyosuke: I don’t mind.

Excellen: I dunno how helpful it’ll be. Kyosuke’s pretty pushy.

Hugo: It’d be good for Aqua, then.

Kyosuke: Excellen, you should be the aggressor in the simulator. And Ensign Aqua should join you.

Aqua: Whaaaa?! I’m supposed to go up against Lt. Kyosuke and Ariel?!

Excellen: Sounds like good practice. Let’s go, Aqua!

Aqua: Y-yes ma’am! I’ll do my best!


Kirk: … This is data for what the Ashe will be after the Engine Module is fitted to it.

Ing: There’s 2 engines now… and the style is different.

Kirk: Exactly.

Ryoto: You put a Black Hole Engine and a Tronium engine on it…

Irm: Wow, how extravagant. So the “Double EX” refers to that?

Robert: I like the code name “Mk-X” better.

Ryoto: So the Exbein was made to…..

Kirk: That’s right, act as a base unit for this Mk-X. And to be the realization of the Super Personal Trooper, beyond the Huckebein Mk-III, the culmination of the Huckebein line…. That’s why we’ve added both a Black Hole Engine and a Tronium Engine.

Irm: But where are you going to get the Tronium? Weren’t 2 taken from the Mk-IIIs by the Galilnagant?

Kirk: Yes, the only ones we have left are in the Hagane, the R-2 and the R-GUN. And it’s not like we can take those.

Robert: But…. There were 6 pieces of Tronium that we excavated from Meteo 3. There’s one more out there.

Ing: Where is it?

Robert: It was in the hands of the DC… and now we don’t know.

Ryoto: So right now it can only use the Black Hole Engine…. What if we added a Plasma Generator?

Robert: We’ve kind of got our hands full with the Black Hole Engine’s adjustments at the moment…. If we could use the equipment at the Tesla Labs or the Orleans factory, maybe we could do something, but if we went there, they’d be waiting there with handcuffs.[1]

Irm: So it’s all for naught, then.

Robert: Don’t say that. We have to raise morale if we’re gonna beat the Galilnagant. We’ll surely end up with a good machine.

Ing: …. Thanks for your hard work.

Kirk: (With Ing’s psychic abilities, the Mk-X could be even more powerful than we plan…)


Kouta: Is that true?

Raul: Yup.

Kouta: Huh. Then I can go home.

Fiona: Go home… by yourself?

Kouta: That’s the plan.

Fiona: Isn’t it a bit dangerous to go by yourself?

Kouta: If I change into Fighter Roar and ride the Battle Racer, then I should be fine.

Kai: ….

Kouta: Oh, hey. Major Kai, do you have a moment?

Kai: What is it?

Kouta: I heard that on the way to Itete Island, we’ll be passing by Japan.

Raul: I think it’s Iti Iti Island, Kouta.

Kouta: Yeah, that.

Kai: …. Because we’re still on the run from the Federation, we’re taking a straight course to Iti Iti.  We certainly are going through the northwestern portion of the Pacific Ocean….

Kouta: So, I was thinking of stopping by my home. We’ll need the Compatible Kaiser for the upcoming fights.

Kai: …

Fiona: Major Kai, the L&E Corporation will go with him. I’d be worried if he was doing it by himself.

Kouta: I’m telling you, I’m fine.

Fiona: But it’s not easy to ride that Air Board for a long time, right? It’d be easier if you were in the Excellence Rescue, especially if we submerged.

Raul: Yeah, drinking tea in the cabin.

Kouta: Oh, that sounds nice, actually. Yeah, would you let me ride along?

Kai: Well, then I’ll ask the captain, but… you don’t need to come back.

Kouta: Huh? Why?!

Kai: Because the Steel Dragons are currently labeled as traitors. We don’t want to involve you any more than you’re already involved.

Kouta: Man, stop with the formal stuff. We can’t pull out at such a critical moment. After havin’ the sun ripped from the sky and with aliens and monsters prowlin’ the earth, I can’t just fluff up my pillow and take a snooze.

Raul: We’re here till the end, too.

Kai: I see… Thanks for your support, men.


Minaki: …It’s difficult to raise the maneuverability of the ZLAI or ABMD systems any further than their current values… After all, The DML System was based on the Double G’s close combat ABMD system. I think, instead of ZLAI, if we used LIOH….

Kaoru: You’re saying to put a human inside Jinrai?

Minaki: If you want it to continue improving, father….

Kaoru: Why do you think I made Jinrai based on Bian’s plans? Why do you think I put that horrible title of Dynamic General Guardian on Jinrai?

Minaki: Th-that’s….

Kaoru: The Pilotless 3rd unit is superior to the lousy manned units 1 and 2 that Bian designed…. If I can achieve that, then it’ll be proof I’m better than Bian. I’ll show the world I’m better than that humiliated old man. You should know better than anyone else how much research I’ve amassed to that end.

Minaki: Yes, sir….

Kaoru: The LIOH System is only to be used after I have conquered those lousy units 1 and 2, and thrown away the name of Dynamic General Guardian. Do you understand, Minaki…?  Have the improvements and adjustments ready in 1 week. You can do it.

Minaki: …. Understood.

Kaoru: I’ll call again.

Minaki: One moment, father.

Kaoru: What?

Minaki: Where are you… who are our sponsors… How is Jinrai Being used… Are you still not going to tell me?

Kaoru: I told you that I’m bound to secrecy. All you need to do is continue the research that I ask of you.


Minaki: (One week… At this rate, I won’t make it. Getting past this problem… I’ll have to ask Azuma labs…. If father knew, he’d be furious…. But I have to ask for their help….)

*Elsewhere, in Asakusa*

Kouta: Man, I spend all this time to get back, and I don’t see the geezer or Shouko anywhere.

Raji: Did you call them before you came?

Kouta: No, I forgot.

Mizuho: What?!

Despinis: Don’t tell me you didn’t talk to them when you got back to this world, either….

Kouta: Nope.

Mizuho: S-so, they’ve been worrying about you all this time….

Kouta: Couldn’t be helped. Because of the restrictions on the Hiryuu, personal e-mail or phone usage was prohibited.

Raul: That’s true, but… couldn’t you have asked Major Gilliam?

Kouta: Oh, right!

Raul: This guy….

Fiona: In any case, we should probably get in contact with professor Azuma and Shouko as soon as we can.

Kouta: I think they probably realized I was back when the underwater gate at the BF base opened…

Raji: But if he’s not at the house, he still probably doesn’t know, right?

Touma: Um, sorry to butt in, but can I go say hi where I used to work?

Fiona: I don’t mind, but you can’t say anything about the Steel Dragons.

Touma: I got it. See you later.

Kouta: If Shouko and the geezer aren’t here, then I should probably go say hi at Jada’s place….

Fiona: Call them first!

Kouta: Sheesh, I got it!

???: Who are you? What are you doin’ loiterin’ in front of someone’s house?

Kouta: Someone’s house?

???: Huh?! You’re Kouta Azuma! You finally came back!

Kouta: What’s this guy’s deal…?

Michiru: I’m the boss at BanNam Academy…. And the leader of the Kansai Roaring Schools Union[2], Michiru Hanaten.

Kouta: BanNam? That somehow sounds familiar…. And Isn’t Michiru a woman’s name?

Michiru: Yeah, like I’ve never heard that joke before.

Mizuho: Academy… and that uniform… are you a high-school student?

Fiona: N-no way!

Raji: This guy’s gotta be in his 30s!

Michiru: Fuck you! I’m still 20, idiot!

Kouta: A 20-year-old High School student…. So you came all the way from Kansai, but what do you want with me?

Michiru: First, I want to apologize for the unnecessary stuff my boys did.

Kouta: Your… boys?

Michiru: That’s right. Without my permission, they picked a fight with you.

Kouta: I… I think I remember something like that happening…?

Michiru: Well, they met with a terrible fate, but thems the breaks. It’s in the past now.

Kouta: And now the boss shows up, huh?

Michiru: That’s right. Your name is known even way out in Osaka…. That Kouta Azuma from Asakusa is one bad mother fu-

Kouta: Who exactly is saying this now?

Michiru: If I defeat you, I’ll be one step closer to my dream of conquering Japan. Prepare yourself!

Kouta: I mean… The sun went out, there’s aliens and demons invading earth… Conquering Japan seems a little weak, you know? But if you want a fight, I’ll give you one. I take on all comers.

Shouko: K-kouta! You’re safe?! When did you get back?!

Kouta: Shouko?!

Shouko: Geez! I was so, so, SO worried about you! If you were fine, why didn’t you tell us?!

Kouta: We can talk later, right now, this guy…!

Michiru: M-Miss Shouko!

Kouta: Wha?

Shouko: Michiru! You promised! Even if Kouta came home, you wouldn’t fight him!

Michiru: I-I’m sorry….

Kouta: What the hell is going on…


Kouta: What?! He’s staying here?!

Shouko: Yeah, he came all the way here to meet with you. Even when we said you weren’t here, he said he’d wait….

Kouta: So you let him stay in the house?!

Shouko: I mean, he said he would stand outside the house until you came back…. And it was kinda sad.

Michiru: Back then, you looked like an Angel, Miss Shouko.

Kouta: You shut your mouth!

Fiona: (He’s head over heels in love with Shouko, huh.)

Kouta: What were you thinking, pops?! Why’d you give in to her request?!

Kisaburo: No, I was the one who offered for him to stay.

Kouta: Whaaaa?!

Kisaburo: Michiru’s got a good body, and his arms are pretty strong. I let him help me out with my work.

Kouta: Your work?

Kisaburo: Taking Motion Pattern Samples. It was quite good timing. You really helped me out.

Michiru: It’s the least I could do for letting me stay.

Kouta: Motion Pattern…. What now?

Michiru: It’s for a new Burning PT model. It looked a lot like me, and because it was a Motion Trace Type, he said I’d make a good model.

Kouta: Burning PT… Pops, you do that kind of work, too?

Kisaburo: Well, I’ll explain the details later. It’s good to see you’re safe. We should celebrate tonight.

Shouko: Due to all the stuff that’s been happening, most of the shops are closed, so I don’t know if we can get any sushi… but I can at least make some kind of roll.

Kouta: No, I gotta leave as soon as I can.

Shouko: Huh…?

Kisaburo: …Michiru. I’m sorry, but could you please leave the room? This is a bit of a family matter.

Michiru: Oh, I see.

Kouta: …Pops, I came to pick up the Compatible Kaiser. Then I’ll be headed back to the Steel Dragons.

Kisaburo: As I thought.

Kouta: Recently, some people made the sun vanish… Did you guys know about that?

Kisaburo: Indeed…. It was a big problem not just in Asakusa, but all over Japan.

Shouko: The power lines were overused, and it was creating problems for everyone…. There were folks screaming about the end of the world….

Kisaburo: It was nearly as bad as the Shura Rebellion. Since the Federation had fought for peace in battles before this, the people believed in them… then the incident with the President happened.

Raul: The Steel Dragons fell into the Gaia Sabers’ trap. We didn’t know it’d end up like that.

Raji: And they were trying to steal the Steel Dragons’ machines.

Fiona: And the people who finally got rid of the Ruina’s dimensional Barrier wasn’t the Gaia Sabers, but our allies.

Kisaburo: So that’s what’s really going on…

Shouko: So the news wasn’t reporting the truth…

Kisaburo: Even if they’re trying to keep the people from feeling uneasy, they’re being dirty about it.

Shouko: But there are a lot of people thinking the Gaia Sabers will be able to do something…


Kouta: !

Kisaburo: No, not now!

Raul: What is it?!

Kisaburo: Shouko! Turn on the Television Monitor!

Shouko: G-got it!

Mizuho: Ah, the monitor’s….

Kisaburo: It’s showing a radar map.

Shouko: There’s a lot of lights getting closer….

Kisaburo: Judging by the data…. They’re Archin!

Raul: The Guests!

Mizuho: Wh-why are they here?!

Kouta: Pops, can the Kaiser get out there right now?!

Kisaburo: No, right now it’s being prepared…

Kouta: So I’ll fight with Fighter Roar!

Shouko: W-wait, Kouta!

Chapter 37

Touma: Whooooah!


Touma: Gah! What are they?!

Touma: Th-those machines…!

Civilian: R-Run!

Civilian: Mom! Mooooom!

Civilian: My legs… I can’t move!

Touma: Dammit… at this rate, the city will be…!

Fiona: Touma, do you read me?!

Touma: Y-yeah!

Fiona: Head underground as soon as you can! There’s a shelter down there!

Touma: A shelter?!

Fiona: Professor Azuma prepared it for this kind of situation. There’s signs and lights to guide you… so hurry up!

Touma: Got it! Everyone, there’s a shelter underground! If you see the lights and signs, run that way!

Civilian: But my legs…

Touma: Lean on my shoulder! Let’s go!

Minaki: The Guest show up now…?! At this rate, Azuma Labs will be….

Kouta: Damn Aliens, that’s as far as you go! Let’s go, Roar!

Roar: Indeed.

Kouta: Burner! Let’s Battle! Fighter Roar!

Roar: Kouta, we don’t know what they’re after. Be careful.

Kouta: Aliens are usually after world domination, right?

Roar: There’s no strategic value in Asakusa for the Guests. And if they were targeting the BF Base, why would they only send Archin?

Kouta: Could they just be the first wave?

Roar: But it’d make more sense to send…

Kouta: Aaargh, this isn’t the time to be chatting about this!

Kisaburo: Kouta, the G-thunderbird and the Excellence will be able to deploy soon. But if the Gaia Sabers or the Federation show up, you need to retreat.

Kouta: What?!

Kisaburo: Up till now, I’ve pulled some strings with Colonel Lefina to make sure the BF Base isn’t on the official records, but… I doubt it’ll be that simple with the Gaia Sabers.

Kouta: …!

Roar: If that’s the case, then it’d be dangerous to send out the G-Thunderbird and the Excellence. We’ll manage by ourselves.

Kouta: Yeah. We’ll blow them away.

Kisaburo: No, to prevent more damage, we want to get rid of the enemy as fast as we can. To do that, we need Shouko and Raul. We’re the only ones who can protect Asakusa right now…. We can’t hold back.

Kouta: Got it!

Chapter 37: ???

Victory: Defeat all Enemies.

Defeat: Kouta is shot down.

SR point: ???


Kisaburo: Bunker transfer complete. Surface defense walls and smoke dispensers are operational. The vicinity of the gate is all green… Ready! Shouko, Raul, we’re skipping the countdown! Launch using the VTOL!

*So they do*

Shouko: Sorry to keep you waiting, Kouta!

Kouta: Shouko!

Raul: Send out 3 Ex-fairies to help with extinguishing fires. Raji, Mizuho, Despinis, I’ll leave their operation to you.

Raji: Got it. I’ll take Unit 1. Mizuho’s got unit 2, and Despinis is on unit 3.

Mizuho: Yeah!

Despinis: Understood.

Shouko: Let’s do this, Guests! We won’t let you have your way with Asakusa… no, with this planet!

Michiru: Mr. Kisaburo, what is this?! What are Miss Shouko and Kouta…?

Kisaburo: It’s exactly what it looks like.  They are knights who fight to protect the earth from threats such as the Guests or the Ruina.

Michiru: …!!

Kisaburo: Michiru, we didn’t mean to get you involved in this. Once things have settled down here, you should go home. But you can’t reveal to anyone what you learned here.

Michiru: Mr. Kisaburo….

Defeat: Any unit is shot down


Despinis: Raul, there’s objects rapidly descending to our location from above.

Raul: Is it the guests?!

Despinis: No, it’s…


Kouta: That Ninja Robot!

Raul: Wh-what the hell are they doing here?!

Fiona: This is bad! Given the situation…

*Beeps and booms*

Raul: What?!

Fiona: The Jinrai destroyed the Archin…

Shouko: Did they come to help us out?

Kouta: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The last time we ran into them, they picked a fight with us.

Shouko: Huh?!

Raul: The DyGenGuard and the Aussenseiter aren’t here. Did they just come to destroy the guests?

Raji: That could be the case, but it’s strange that they were sent here instead of the Federation.

Minaki: Those are Mass-Produced Jinrai, being used in an actual battle… Father never said anything about that!

*now booms*

Minaki: !!

Souko: Th-they shot us!

Raul: Not just us, but the city, too!

Kouta: Dammit! Those bastards!

Roar: Kouta, It’s likely they’re after the Compatible Kaiser or the BF Base.

Kouta: What?!

Roar: They probably set up the Archin attack, as well. So they could have an excuse.

Kouta: What are you saying?

Roar: They’ll probably explain that they sent out Jinrai to repel the invaders, and to dispose of some collaborators with the Steel Dragons.

Kouta: They’re destroying Asakusa based on that lie? To hell with that!

Raji: But we can’t go up against that many Jinrai with our current firepower.

Shouko: What are we going to do, Kouta?!

Kouta: …We use the Kaiser.

Shouko: Huh?!

Kouta: If they’re after the Kaiser, then I’ll use it to draw them away! I’ll lead them out over the ocean!

Kisaburo: But right now, the Kaiser’s….

Kouta: I don’t care, as long as it can move! Get it out here! If we waste time, Asakusa will become a sea of flames!

Kisaburo: …Okay. (Since it’s come to this, I’ll have to use that…)

Michiru: Mr. Kisaburo, is there anything I can do to help?

Kisaburo: …

Michiru:  I can’t just sit here with my thumb in my ass doin’ nothing! Especially since Miss Shouko’s fighting, too!

Kisaburo: I said I didn’t want to get you involved.

Michiru: I wanna get me involved! This is something I need to do before taking over Japan! That’s protecting Miss Shouko and the town she lives in!

Kisaburo: Michiru….

Michiru: Let me help! What do you got?!  A belt to let me transform, or some robot I can use, or something?!

Kisaburo: …There is a robot.

Michiru:  S-seriously?!

 Kisaburo: The Motion Pattern data you helped me with wasn’t for a game, but for an actual robot to use.

Michiru: Meaning I can make it move, right?!

Kisaburo: No, I was going to pilot it. That was the plan from the start.

Michiru: That’s no good! If anything were to happen to you, think how sad Miss Shouko would be! Please, please let me pilot it!

Kisaburo: These battles aren’t like street fights. You could lose your life.

Michiru: Miss Shouko and Kouta are putting themselves on the line, aren’t they? I can, too! I’m begging you, Mr. Kisaburo! Let me use that robot! I, Michiru Hanaten, am pleading with you, man to man!

Kisaburo: …If you’re that determined, okay. I’ll take you to it.

Kouta: Pops, what’s going on? Hurry up with the Kaiser!

Kisaburo: I heard you the first time. Buy me a bit more time.

SR point: Within 8 turns, defeat more than 6 Mass Produced Jinrai.

*later still*

Minaki: That’s… Jinrai… The Jinrai are…! Th-that’s… That’s what Father’s been doing…?!

Touma: There’s still someone there! Was she late to evacuate?

Minaki: Meaning Father has been lying to me….?!

Touma: You! What are you doing there?!

Minaki: ….

Touma: Hey, you! You need to run!

Minaki: I… I….

Touma: It’s dangerous here. Let’s get to the shelter!

Minaki: B-but…!

Touma: I’ll lead you there! Now let’s go!

Kisaburo: Kouta, Shouko, Raul! The Number 3 Gate is opening! Keep the Jinrai near it occupied!

Kouta: The 3 gate?! The Kaiser should be in the Number 1 Gate….

Shouko: Grandfather! Are you going to use that?!

Kouta: What do you mean, that?!

Kisaburo: Number 3 Gate, open! Cradle, Lift Up!


Kouta: What is that?!

Fiona: It’s not the Compatible Kaiser….!

Raji: It’s pretty shabby… and sorta anachronistic looking….

Kouta: Who’s piloting that robot?!

Michiru: Me.

Kouta: !!

Shouko: Michiru! Are you going to fight with that?!


Michiru: Putting his life on the line to protect the woman he loves! That’s a man’s pride! I am the Boss of BanNam Academy, and the leader of the Kasai Roaring School Union, Michiru Hanaten! And this is…. G BANKARAN!


Kouta:  … G-Burn car ram?![3]

Michiru: The G-Bankaran, idiot!

Kouta: The G-Bumcarran…. So like, Gee, it’s amazing this car still works?[4]

Michiru: Bastard, why the fuck are you making jokes right now?!

Kouta: …So, what is that G-whatever?

Kisaburo:  The Bankaran was a robot I worked on before the Kaiser… I adapted it into a support mech. It can repair as well as fight.

Kouta: I never heard about you building something like that… and why does it look like that?

Kisaburo: I wanted it to look like I did when I was young.

Mizuho: W-wait, that means Professor Kisaburo used to be a Gang Boss!

Fiona: I guess it’s in his blood…

Michiru: Listen up, Kouta. I’m fighting to protect Miss Shouko, not you.

Kouta: That’s putting the horse before the carriage! Look, get out of there before you hurt yourself!

Michiru: What was that?! Wanna say that again, tough guy?!

Shouko: Stop it, you two! This isn’t the time to be fighting!

Kouta: Gr…...!

Michiru: M-Miss Shouko….

Shouko: Right now we need to work together to destroy the Jinrai. Okay, Kouta?

Kouta: O-Okay.

Shouko: You too, Michiru!

Michiru: If that’s what you command, Miss.

Shouko: Don’t be careless! Kouta, keep an eye on Michiru!

Kouta: Dammit, why do I have to babysit him…

Michiru: Oh, I see… So I’ll be working with Kouta, not Miss Shouko…

Shouko: Oh, shut up! If you keep whining, I won’t give you your allowance! And no dinner, either!

Kouta: Y-Yes ma’am!

Michiru: If that’s what you command, Miss.

Kouta: Alright, Michiru! Don’t slow me down!

Michiru: You’re so fuckin’ noisy. Those Ninjas are no match for the G Bankaran!

*back to fights*

*Michiru Vs Jinrai*

Michiru: Anyone who’s fuckin’ stupid enough to raise their hand against Miss Shouko will have to get through me first!

*turn 6 or so*

Kisaburo: Kouta, the Kaiser’s coming out! Come to the Number 1 Gate!

Kouta: Got it!

Kisaburo: Hangar lock, released! Cradle, Lift up!

Kouta: Here it comes! Robooooooooo!


Kouta: Okay! Time to combine!


Kouta: Man, it really feels like ages since I’ve piloted the Compatible Kaiser.

Kisaburo: Listen up, Kouta. The OG Engine is still being adjusted, so it won’t be able to properly extract energy.[5]

Kouta: So that’s why the Energy Gauge reading is so low?

Kisaburo: That’s right. For now, you need the G-Bankaran’s support.

Kouta: Damn, guess there’s no helping it.

Roar: Kouta, don’t combine with G-Thunderbird. Instead, work with everyone to lead the Jinrai from Asakusa.

Kouta: So, I basically just have to go over there?

Roar: That’s right. If we take too long, Asakusa will be completely destroyed. Get there in 3 minutes.

Kouta: Got it! Raul, Shouko! Follow me! Oh, and you too, Michiru!

Michiru: Did you actually forget about me?!

Victory: Within 8 turns, have Kouta reach the designated point.

Defeat: Any allied unit is destroyed, or if you do not fulfill the Victory condition before turn 8.

*Next turn*

Roar: Make it to the target point in 2 minutes.

Kouta: I know!

*next turn*

Roar: One minute left. Hurry.

Kouta: Yeah!

*Get dere*

Kouta: I made it!

Roar: Good, now follow the river and lead the Jinrai to the ocean.

Kouta: What if there are ones who don’t follow me?!

Roar: Their target is the Kaiser. It seems it’s more useful to them than the BF Base.

Raul: If there’s any who stay behind, we’ll take care of them! Go!

Kouta: Got it! Shouko! G-Combination!

Shouko: Yeah!

Kouta: Banau Let’s Battle! G! Combinaaaaaaaaaaaation!

Michiru: B-becoming one with Shouko…. I’m so jealous.

Shouko: What?!

Kouta: If you say dirty shit like that again, I’ll cut you in two!

Kisaburo: Kouta, lead the Jinrai out as far as possible!

Kouta: I got it! Now follow me, Ninja Robots!


Kouta: This should be far enough. Shouko, are the Ninja Robots still following us?

Shouko: Yeah. It looks like there aren’t any left in Asakusa.

Roar: Kouta, your pursuers are coming back into range.

Kouta: Alright, the chase is over! Come get some!

Shouko: Wait, Kouta! The Steel Dragons are coming!

*So they are*

Kai: Are you okay, Kouta?

Kouta: Major Kai, you came to help us?!

Kai: Yes, we got a message from one of Gilliam’s men stationed in Asakusa.

Kouta: What, in Asakusa? Who?

Kai: We’ll discuss it later. Deploy!

*Deploy screen*

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units. This is Federation territory. We don’t have much time. Take out the Mass-produced Jinrai as fast as you can!

Victory: Defeat all Enemies

Defeat: Kouta or Shouko are shot down, an allied mothership is shot down

Eun: All Mass-Produced Jinrai have been eliminated.

Lefina: After everyone is accounted for, we are leaving! Get us out of the battle area!

*wow okay that was quick*

Sean: …There are Federation Patrol units right above us, but it doesn’t look like they know we’re here.

Lefina: I see….

Sean: They lost us near Japanese waters, in their own jurisdiction… Commander Kenneth doesn’t want any more blemishes on his record. They won’t give up easily. For now, we should stay quiet.

Lefina: Understood. Eun, tell Raul and his crew to stay on standby at the BF base.

Eun: Roger.

*Back in Asakusa*

Kisaburo: I see, I understand what’s happening. We can do adjustments to the Black Hole Engine here.

Kirk: I appreciate it. I’ll send it over along with some staff later.

Kisaburo: Indeed. I’ll send you the proper course to follow to reach our base.

Kouta: …Pops, Shouko and I are gonna stay with the Steel Dragons for a while.

Kisaburo: I know. I’ll also send Michiru and the G-Bankaran go over there, too.

Kouta: What?! Are you serious?!

Michiru: Serious as death in a morgue. I will fight to protect Miss Shouko.

Kouta: You idiot, do you know what you’re getting into? We aren’t just fighting Ninja Robots. We’re fighting aliens and monsters, too!

Michiru: Miss Shouko’s enemies are my enemies. I’ll protect her. I’m willing to give my life for that.

Shouko: Michiru….

Michiru: I don’t care how you feel about me. As long as it’s no trouble, I want to protect her. But if I’m gonna be trouble, I won’t come. I’ll stay here and look after the BF base.

Shouko: No, I wouldn’t call you trouble…

Michiru: Then I’m going with the Steel Dragons.

Kouta: He really only does what he wants, huh…

Kisaburo: Michiru is prepared to help. And the G-Bankaran will be a great asset for you all. I’ll talk to Colonel Lefina.

Kouta: Alright, alright, I got it.

Kisaburo: Next is Minaki…

Minaki: …

Touma: (She’s the daughter…)

Kisaburo: (Of Professor Toumine, the man who made Jinrai….)

Minaki: I’m terribly sorry…. Because of my father…. Terrible things have happened….

Kisaburo: …I roughly understand the situation, but do you really plan to go with the Steel Dragons?

Minaki: Yes…. I have to take responsibility for what I and my father wore working on… If he’s using Jinrai like that… then I need to stop him….


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[1] Enough rope.

[2] Wut

[3] Pronunciation joke in Japanese is like…. Putting on Jeans. No way of translating it.

[4] Now it’s “Great running idiot”. JAPANESE LADIES AND GENTS

[5] He says something here about thin relation nature recent next space. It’s about the energy generation methods of the OG engine. If there is more information later I will actually change this.