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Foglia: But really, Hugo… I didn’t think you’d actually chew out my old man like that.

Hugo: I’m not going to die doing what Mitarl says. And as for Chief….

Albero: Hugo, Foglia.

Folio: Chief…

Albero: Good fighting out there. The only reason I didn’t go down out there was because you two came to back me up.

Hugo: But still, I…

Albero: I don’t care. I know you two have doubts regarding the Tsentr Project. And Foglia…[1] The reason we were able to achieve what we did was because you gave your all for the team. Don’t forget what you learned from today’s battle.

Foglia: Yes, sir.

Hugo: (Another dream about those days… Foglia… Chief, where are you now….?)

Aqua: …Hugo, it’s nearly time for the patrol duty briefing.

Hugo: …Got it.

*briefing room*

Gilliam: Though my subordinates investigated Toumine Labs, they were unable to find any information to pinpoint Professor Toumine’s location. And as the data you sent to us…. They all lead back to a corporation in England called the Horsham Company. Does that name mean anything to you?

Minaki: …No.

Gilliam: That’s what we expected. Under further investigation, it turned out to be a dummy corporation. We’re investigating beyond that now.

Minaki: …

Gilliam: I know I’m asking this often, but are you sure you want to work with the Steel Dragons like this?

Minaki: Yes…. If Jinrai is fighting, and targeting the DyGenGuard and the Aussenseiter… I thought if I boarded this ship, I could help in some way… And I need to stop Jinrai… Stop my father…

Gilliam: …


Minaki: …

Touma: Are you done talking to Gilliam, Minaki?

Minaki: Touma… do you need something from me?

Touma: Well… it’s not like I need anything… but some people with free time are having some tea, and I thought I’d invite you.

Minaki: I’m… I’m going to decline this time.

Touma: But I mean, ever since you got on the ship, you’ve been holed up in your room, right? I think it would be better if you relaxed a bit…

Minaki: …. It’s my father’s fault that everyone’s in such trouble. So I…

Touma: Uh, about that… I mean, I’m not in your position, so I can’t say for sure, but I feel like, I can understand what you’re going through…

Minaki: …I’m sorry.

Touma: (Minaki… I guess she won’t open up to people easily…)


Rim: Alllllright, everyone! The tea’s ready!

Ratsel: They’re nothing special, but I baked some sweets, as well. Please try them.

Arado: All right!

Tasuku: Speaking of tea, where’s the Knight of Green Tea?

Bullet: Yuu’s currently on standby if we need to scramble.

Ibis: Aaaah, Ratsel’s sweets are the best!

Michiru: Wh-what’s up with these sweets? They’re too delicious!

Tasuku: Sweets with the Trombe mark are so good they make other pastries flee in terror.

Kouta: Wait, Michiru…. You like sweet stuff? With that face?

Michiru: My face’s got nothing to do with it, idiot!

Kouta: Who’s an idiot, idiot?!

Shouko: Okay, okay, break it up! You aren’t kids, so don’t fight over stupid things!

Rim: Despinis, Irui, could you help hand out the drinks?

Despinis: Um… is that… okay?

Rim: Of course it is. If it was Cliff, he’d be asking for more to do.

Despinis: Then I’ll handle the green tea…. And Irui can take the Coffee.

Irui: Yeah.

Seolla: Oh, Irui’s helping too?

Irui: I… wanted to do something for everyone…

Touma: Yeah, Irui decided to help.

Rim: She also helped pour the tea.

Kusuha: I see… Thanks, Irui.

Irui: It’s nothing, considering you all protect me….

Sanger: ….

Ratsel: Sanger, are you going to join in?

Sanger: No, I just came to get some water…

Irui: Um… H-here’s some coffee…

Sanger: ….

Tsugumi:  Sh-she offered it to Sanger….

Arado: Th-that’s brave!

Touma: When I met him for the first time, I was so tense….

Irui: ….

Ratsel: …Sanger.

Sanger: I understand. Thank you.

Irui: E-enjoy….

Sanger: (Urgh?!)

Irui: D-does it taste…bad?

Sanger: …No, it’s wonderful. It’s got a very nice paste.[2]

Arado: (…a nice paste?)

Sanger: I’d love another sometime. But that time, make it black.

Irui: Yeah… Th-thank you for drinking the coffee….

Sanger: Well then.


Touma: (Major Sanger…. I guess he isn’t strict all the time.)

Tasuku: Well then, I’ll have some as well. …woah!

Bullet: Wh-what’s the matter?

Tasuku: Th-this coffee is incredibly sweet….

Despinis: Ah, that’s…

Rim: I figured everyone was really tired, so I put in a lot of sugar and cream….

Tasuku: But still, there’s a limit…. Good work, boss, finishing it in one go.

Rim: (I told you, you can’t put in what you usually do.) (Aww… I thought I really turned it down, too…)


Kai: The Hagane and the Hiryuu Custom have safely navigated the Tropic of Cancer, and are headed towards the western coast of Mexico[3]. After that, the course is… The monitor shows that we head south, past the Galapagos Islands, heading east, until we reach Iti Iti island.

Aqua: It seems like we’re just following the coast down the Americas.

Aya: You think that by avoiding Polynesia and the unclaimed water near South America, we’ll avoid Gaia Savior Patrols, right?

Kai: That’s right. Their main base, Grand Christmas, is in Polynesia, after all. And after the dimensional barrier was lifted, we encountered the Air Christmas in unclaimed waters, too.

Josh: That’s right.

Kai: That’s the main reason we’re taking such a detour, but recently, the Ruina have expanded their actions from the South American coast line to Central America, as well. Because of that, not only is the federation military moving in the western portion of South America, but the Gaia Sabers are, too. So it’s likely we’ll encounter either the Ruina or the Gaia Sabers on this path. Because of that, in order to keep a better watch, we’re focusing on units with high maneuverability and good radar for this duty. I organized the rotation. The first watch is Ryuusei and Aya, along with Hugo and Josh. Stay in your units and do your duty. I’ve already sent the patrol data to your machines. That is all, you’re dismissed.

Aya: …Let’s get started, Ryu.

Ryuusei: Got it.

Kai: Ensign Hugo, I need to talk to you.  Stay here.

Hugo: Roger.

Aqua: Then I’ll head out first.

Kai: …How is your body?

Hugo: I’m somehow holding together.

Kai: Is your medicine supply okay?  That’s something you probably can’t get from anyone besides Professor Mitarl.

Hugo: I’m somehow managing…

Kai: I’ll be blunt. When will you run out of medicine? How much longer can you fight?

Hugo: …. At most, 10 days.

Kai: …As I thought, there’s not much time. But it’s even worse than I imagined. So that’s the reason you’ve been training Aqua to use the TE absorber in the simulator.

Hugo: ….

Kai: Hugo, when we reach Iti Iti Island, I want you to leave.

Hugo: Major, that’s…!

Kai: You may be okay now, but what about when your medicine runs out? If the worst happens, what would happen to Aqua? If it wasn’t for our current situation, I’d be pulling you from the TE Absorber right now.

Hugo: …

Kai: I understand how you feel about Mitarl Zapad. So while I’ll allow you to board the TE Absorber while you still have medicine... I can’t have you dying from your impatience. Even if you can’t fight, we need you to expose the whole truth behind the Tsentr Project and put a stop to them. Don’t even think about going off to Grand Christmas alone. That’s just a pointless suicide. The Tsentr Project and the Gaia Sabers aren’t just your problem anymore. It’s everyone’s problem. Right now, just think about living on. If you can do that, there’ll be ways to survive beyond this. If Major Albero was still here, he’d say the same thing, I think.

Hugo: …!

Kai: Do you understand, Hugo? This is an order.

Hugo: …Roger…

Kai: And… After your watch duty is over, have Rahda begin an evaluation of your body. She handles Lamia’s maintenance. She might be able to find some hints towards a solution for your problem. And afterwards, tell Aqua everything. I can understand why you don’t want to get her involved with Mitarl Zapad, but she’s your partner, in the same machine as you. Is that really someone you can completely stonewall?

Hugo: …

Chapter 39: The Wolf and the Dogs

Aqua: This is the edge of our patrol area.

Josh: It doesn’t seem like there’s anything unusual.

Aqua: It’d be nice if we reached iti iti Island without anything happening…

Hugo: …

Aqua: Hey, Hugo. You’ve been quiet since we came out here. What did you talk to Major Kai about?

Hugo: …. I’m going to let you handle the controls. It’s part of your training.

Aqua: That’s fine, but… It’s not because your body’s getting weaker, right?

Hugo: Of course not.

Aqua: Then I’ll take over.

Hugo: You have control.

Aqua: I have control.[4] Okay then, Josh. Let’s take a bit more time here to…


Aqua: There’s something on the radar! From 12 o’clock! High speed flying units, headed towards us!

*Oh hey*

Albero: Finding them here means…

Erde:  That their mothership is nearby. Should we call the dogs?

Albero: Yeah.

Aqua: Hugo, the Medius!

Hugo: Hmph, great.

Aqua: Huh?

Hugo: Let’s find out who’s piloting it!

Albero: Gamma 1 to all units. The Garmraid is mine.  You all capture the Re-tech machine.

Hugo: Aqua, contact the Hiryuu!

Aqua: I already did. The other patrol units are coming this way, too.

Hugo: Got it. Josh, until our backup arrives, be careful.

Josh: Got it!

Erde:  …I want to show off how powerful AI1 and Medius really are. No pulling your punches this time. After all, if you don’t get the results they want, you won’t be able to save your son.

Albero: I know that.

Hugo: Aqua, give me back control. Keep track of the engine output.

Aqua: Okay!

Erde: (Aqua…. My child already knows the capabilities of your machine. The only way for you to win against our Medius is to find a pattern we didn’t predict. I wonder if you can do that…?)

Chapter 39: The Wolf and the Dogs

Victory: Defeat all enemies

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down

SR point: Before engaging Albero with Hugo, shoot down all of the Relions on the map.

*Hugo versus Albero*

Hugo: Medius Locus…! Today, I’ll finally reveal who’s piloting you!


Erde: CA Control the Lazumunanium. Repair the damaged parts of the armor.

Aqua: It repaired the damage?!

Erde: Now, for the movement data….

Albero: I don’t need it, I know how they fight. Get ready!


Hugo: Guh!

Josh: Hugo!

Aqua: T-to be able to counterattack from there…!

Hugo: It read our hand…. and it’s so fast!

Albero: Hugo, after your attacks, you try to dodge to the right. I see you haven’t gotten rid of that habit yet.

Hugo: C-Chief!

Aqua: Th-that’s the person from the Cry Wolves…?!

Hugo: M-my old commander…! But why is he in the Medius?!

Albero: I joined the Gaia Sabers, and was selected to pilot the Medius Locus. That’s all.

Hugo: Y-you knew I was the pilot of the Garmraid….?!

Albero: Of course.

Hugo: Th-that’s…!!


Aqua: H-Hugo! The controls!

Hugo: Impossible…. Why would Chief…

Albero: You’re weak, Hugo. Have you forgotten what I taught you?


Aqua: Kyaaa!

Hugo: Guuuuh!

Albero: Now you can’t move.

Erde: What should we do?

Albero: We’ll capture it. We’ll use it to prove the supremacy of the Medius.

Erde: But fighting like you did earlier won’t give AI1 any good data.

Albero: Why is that?

Erde: You were able to exploit Hugo’s movement due to your own knowledge. It was a result born from your skills, not from AI1…. There was no point to it.

Albero: That machine’s also a part of the Tsentr Project. There’s no need to destroy it.

Erde: AI1 needs more data to grow. Did you forget what Professor Zapad said?

Albero: …

Erde: Albero, if you intentionally ended the battle as quickly as possible to…

Albero: it’s only because they weren’t ready. Nothing more. If you have complaints about how I fight, then you should get a better test pilot.

Erde: …

Josh: Hugo! Aqua! Hey!


Josh: Damn, did they lose consciousness?!

Albero: Gamma 1 to all units. We’ve accomplished our goal. Capture the Re-Tech machine.

*Hey, more guys*

Chienne: Major, It’s no fun if you give an order like that when we’re not around.

Chien: Seriously, and right when we were going to go after the Steel Dragons in earnest.

Chiot: …Though we do the same thing against anyone.

Albero: The main force of the Steel Dragons is on its way here. Keep them busy.

Chien: Keep them busy?

Chienne: Don’t you mean kill them all?

Josh: They’re here!

Rim: Josh, are you okay?

Josh: Rim! You guys came for us!

Lefina: All teams, prepare to sortie!

*Deploy screen*

Josh: Major Kai, Hugo’s lost consciousness!

Kai: Understood. Until we get there, protect them.

Arado: Those machines…!

Shine: The Kerberions!

Chienne: Hehe, we finally meet again. It’s been awhile, Bronzo 27 and 28. Or I guess you go by Seolla and Arado now.

Seolla: …!

Chienne: Do you know who we are?

Latooni: Yes…. The Mad Dogs of Argent Class.

Chien: Man, it’s been ages since I heard that name.

Chienne: Well, even in The School, we were in a league of our own. It’s not like we ever wanted to be friends with people like you.

Arado: Why are you in the Gaia Sabers?!

Seolla: When The School shut down, you all…

Chien: What did you hear from Aguila? That we were disposed of? We died by the roadside?

Chienne: When they decided to shut the school down, we escaped.

Seolla: Huh...?!

Chien:  We were thinking about killing Adler and Aquila, but we weren’t able to do much more than scratch the geezer.

Chiot: …Doing that was the reason it was hard to escape, though.

Chien: Oh shut up, Chiot.

Chienne: And after that, we joined up with a certain organization, then joined the Gaia Sabers. The Schools guinea pigs are now the personal bodyguards of the President. Ain’t the world funny sometimes?

Arado: That isn’t something to be proud of!

Chienne: But during the Inspector incident, you certainly made a name for yourselves!

Chien: You destroyed Aurum 1 every time you guys met, right? When I heard that I was really surprised!

Latooni: N-no! Ms. Ouka was...!

Seolla: What are you saying?!

Chien: But because she met with you, she died. I’m not wrong. Am I?

Arado: You….

Latooni: ….

Ryuusei: Those bastards don’t understand how Latooni feels at all!

Shine: Latooni and Arado didn’t fight against their friend because they wanted to….!

Chien: Heh. The Bronzos and the dropout from the Latooni class are part of The Aggressors…. You’ve come a long way, but it’s unlucky for you that you joined up with the Steel Dragons. You’ve picked the wrong side.

Chienne: Dropouts should just die. We should be the ones carrying the School’s legacy.

Seolla: To come here just to fight against other people from the School…

Chien: You don’t like it? Aww, you’re such babies. We don’t care who we fight against. We only care about winning, so it doesn’t matter who we fight against.

Seolla: Do you understand what kind of organization the Gaia Sabers actually is?!

Chien: Of course we do! It’s where the strong survive, and dispense justice! We don’t need any reason to kill off rebels and traitors like you!

Katina: Looks like you kids are just as rowdy as ever. You realize if you pick a fight with us, you won’t get off with just a spanking, right?

Chien: Hah! This ain’t La Gias, this is the surface!  No matter what you say, we’re acting in the name of the law here!

Seolla: The law you’re talking about is suspicious!

Chienne: Then why are you fighting, Seolla? For justice? To protect world peace?

Seolla: That’s right… I don’t want to have to fight anyone like Ms. Ouka again….

Chienne: Wrong! We’re Boosted Children! We were trained specifically to kill our enemies! If you don’t fight, you can’t live! The fact that you’re still a pilot is proof of that!

Seolla: …!

Chienne: We weren’t taught any other way to live except killing! If you don’t like fighting, get out of your machine! I’ll make your death quick!

Seolla: …

Arado: …If you’re going to go that far, then we can’t back out of this fight… Just like you said, we don’t know any other way to put food on the table. But we’re fighting for something worth protecting!

Chien: Oh! Good on you for spouting some clichés!

Chiot: …Everyone dies eventually. Even if you fight to survive, you eventually die.

Chien: So if you’re not going to have fun living, you’re better off dying, right?!

Arado: What’s fun about this?!

Chien: Man, weren’t you conditioned? How’d you live this long with that kind of attitude?

Arado: I could say the same to you! You still believe in the conditioning The School put you through?

Chienne: We were already like this when we joined up. I’m sure Aquila was happy about that.

Arado: What…?!

Chienne: We didn’t need any meds for our attitude. That’s why we’re better than you, Seolla. As Boosted Children.

Seolla: Ugh….

Chienne: You were a pawn of the Neo DC way back when. Are you really one to talk down at us? After you were conditioned, friend became foe, right?

Seolla: Uuugh….

Shouko: Hey, you! Quit that!

Shine: Seolla’s changed from how she was back then!

Rahda: Seolla, don’t listen to her. She’s just trying to shock you.

Seolla: R-right…

Chienne: It’s no use. We know what Aguila did to her. Must’ve been hard to look her in the eyes afterwards, huh! Should we tell everyone what happened?!

Seolla: S-stop it….!

Arado: Chienne! If you don’t shut up right now…!

Chienne: No, come on, let me say it!

Michiru: …I guess it’s true that the weakest dogs bark the loudest, huh.

Chienne: Ah! Who are you?!

Michiru: I don’t know who you are, but anyone who has fun setting fire to cities ain’t a good guy.

Chien: The fuck are you talking about?

Michiru: Even someone like me can tell who the bad guys are here. And you’re the bad guys’ pet dogs.

Chienne: What was that?!

Michiru: Mutts like that won’t stop us! Get the fuck out of the way and go piss on a hydrant or something!

Chienne: Fuck you! I’ll kill you!

Chiot: …He really got her goat, huh.

Kouta: Not bad, Michiru.

Roar: Yes, you did well in disrupting their state of mind.

Shouko: Michiru, was that what you planned?

Tasuku: I figured he was just a muscle head, but I guess he can use his words, too.

Russel: He’s really good at making the enemy angry…. Just like Lt. Katina.

Katina: Is that a compliment?

Russel: H-huh? I guess…

Michiru: Anyway, you don’t gotta listen to what creepy kids like her say.

Kouta: I agree. Seolla, Arado, don’t worry about it. Don’t let them get to you!

Arado: Yeah… There’s a lot I still have left to do! I’m not going to die just so they can get a leg up in the world!

Latooni: That’s right… For Ms. Ouka… For everyone in the class, we need to live on!

Chiot: It’s not exactly going to be easy for you, though.

Latooni: We’re the only proof of what happened to them… so we can’t die yet. And we won’t use our power for something that’s wrong. Even if it means we can’t get what we want.

Chien: Are you even listening?! What’s right and what’s wrong is only decided by who wins, who lives!

Michiru: The fuck’s that supposed to mean? You said Arado’s speakin’ in clichés, but you’re soundin’ pretty trite yourself!

Chien: Y-you just shut up!

Latooni: …We’ve chosen a different path than you.

Chienne: Then we’ll cut off your path here! All units, get them!

Seolla: Guh….

Kai: Calm down, Seolla. You chose this path, and you have to live on to continue walking it.

Seolla: Major….

Kai: Even if you’re called on to fight to your last, if you don’t believe you will survive, you won’t.

Albero: …Exactly.

Kai: !!

Lamia: Major Albero Est…!?

Erde: (Major…. Why are you contacting them?)

Kai: You were piloting the Medius all along?!

Albero: That’s right.

Kouta: Who’s that old guy?

Lamia: The leader of the Cry Wolves, a Federation special PT division…. And also Hugo’s former commander.

Kouta: !

Kyosuke: This is getting complicated…. But I guess that doesn’t really cover it, does it.

Irm: Yeah. The Tsentr Project is looking more and more suspicious.

Kai: Major Albero, why did you join up with the Gaia Sabers… No, you knew you were attacking Hugo?!

Albero: That’s right, but you don’t need to know the reason. That goes for Hugo Medio and Aqua Centrum, as well.

Gilliam: (He’s being made to fight against someone from his own squad…. It’s possible he could sympathize with them, or leak information… Considering that danger, why would they continue to extract battle data? Why…)

Ratsel: Major Kai. Why did Major Albero contact us directly, in this situation?

Gilliam: I am also concerned about this.

Kai: I understand. …. Major Albero, what do you plan to do with Hugo and Aqua?

Albero: I will capture them. Along with the Re-tech machine.

Josh: !

Albero: That machine is the key to unlocking the secrets behind the Ruina, correct?

Josh: …

Albero: This is a direct message to the leader of the Steel Dragons, Colonel Lefina Enfield. Disarm your weapons and surrender.

Lefina: I cannot abide by that order.

Albero: Roger that. Beginning the attack.

Sean: Captain, it is dangerous if we are held back too long here. Not only could the Gaia Sabers send reinforcements, but the federation may come, too.

Lefina: I know that. This ship and the Hagane will keep our current positions and keep our Tesla Drives ready. We’ll prepare for high-speed escape. After we have recovered Ensign Hugo and the others, we will escape.

Erde: …Albero, why did you contact them?

Albero: They’d realize it sooner or later.

Erde: But you gave them too much information.

Albero: Shut up. We’re starting up the assault.

Josh: He’s aiming for me!

Kai: Josh, get out of there! Leave Hugo to us!

Josh: Rim, they’re after our mechs! Be careful!

Rim: Got it! You too, bro!

Victory: Lower the Medius Locus to below 17000 HP.

Defeat: Josh is shot down, an allied mothership is shot down.

*Albero V Josh*

Albero: If you hand over your machine peacefully, I won’t kill you.

Josh: You…. You betrayed Hugo, so you think I’d believe that?

*A few turns*

Aqua: Ugh…. A-ah! Hugo! Wake up!

Hugo: Uhh….

Aqua: The Medius! Hugo, move!

Hugo: Why…. Chief, why….!

Aqua: Get a hold of yourself, Hugo! He’s going to kill us!

Hugo: No…. Chief wouldn’t….

Aqua: Hugo!!

Albero: So you’ve lost the will to fight?

Hugo: Chief…. You….

Aqua: Move, Hugo! If you don’t, we’ll die!

Hugo: It’s useless, I’m…

Aqua:  This isn’t the time to be saying that!

Hugo: !

Aqua: Do you plan on dying here?! Are you going to let it end without knowing anything, without doing anything?!

Hugo: …

Aqua: I don’t want to die without doing anything! I don’t want to die clueless! If you’re not going to fight, give me the controls! I’ll fight!

Hugo: Th-that’s…

Aqua: Let’s try it! That’s why I’ve been training!

Hugo: No…

Aqua: !

Hugo: Fighting him…. That’s my job.

Albero: …

Hugo: If Chief won’t budge, then I have to fight…. If I want to survive, I have to fight…!

Albero: (Hmm… So you’ve made up your mind, Hugo.)

Erde: This is nice. Now we can get data. Real data from fighting against the Garmraid. Surely you won’t deny me this, right?

Albero: I know.

Erde: And… Keep my being here a secret from her.

Albero: Sure. Let’s do this!

Hugo: Aqua, can you raise the power output?

Aqua: Okay, I’ll manage somehow!

Hugo: Let’s go, Chief…! You’re going to tell me why!

Defeat: Josh, Hugo, or any allied mothership is shot down.

*Back to fighting*

*Chiot V Seolla*

Chiot: I don’t care about the past. Just die already.

Seolla: Is this what you really want to be doing?!

Chiot: It’s just easier when those two are around. Talking is annoying, just hurry up and die.

*Chiot V Arado*

Chiot: I don’t have any interest in former allies, and it’s not like we were ever friends. Just die already, this is getting boring.

Arado: What the hell’s wrong with this kid?!

*Kill Chiot*

Chiot: …It’d be stupid to die here. I’m going home.

*Hugo Vs Albero*

Hugo: The fact that you’re in the Gaia Sabers, and how the Medius got stolen…. This is all part of Mitarl’s plan, isn’t it!

Albero: You should just shut up and continue doing what we want you to.

Hugo: Chief, you know what kind of person Mitarl is!

*Kouta versus Chienne*

Kouta: Twisted kids like you need some spankings from Kaiser’s iron fists!

Chienne: You’re the damn kid! Don’t act so high and mighty!

*Arado versus Chienne*

Chienne: Adler and Aquila are dead! I feel great! Now it’s your turn! Once you’re dead, our brand will get even more famous!

Arado: Brand?!

Chienne: Boosted Children! Our skills were meant to be sold!

*Chienne and Seolla*

Seolla: I never wanted to fight against the Argent class…. But I can’t turn back now!

Chienne: You’re really fragile, aren’t you? I could tell from your little outburst back there. A side effect of the conditioning?

Seolla: So what?!

Chienne: Faulty Boosted Children should just die! That’ll help us out!

*Chienne and Lat*

Chienne: Latooni! Say hi to your big sister for me!

Latooni: I have a reason to fight… a reason not to give up. So I won’t lose to you…!

*Chienne blows up*

Chienne: Gah, guess you do have some fight in you. I’m out of here!

*Chien V Seolla*

Seolla: We were both able to live until now….

Chien: That’s why we’re fighting! The winners are the true boosted Children!

Seolla: I don’t care about titles!

*Chien V Latooni*

Chien: Even if you killed Aurum 1, You can’t win against us!

Latooni: You don’t know anything about what Ms. Ouka and I went through…!      

*Chien V Arado*

Chien: You damn Bronzo Dropouts have no chance against me!

Arado: Lots of people have already lost to those “dropouts” you’re talking about!

*Kill Chien*

Chien: Guuuh! I’m not gonna stick around for the losing side! I’m falling back!

*kai V Albero*

Kai: Major, you know exactly what the Tsentr Project is trying to hide! So why are you with the Gaia Sabers?!

Albero: You don’t need to know that!

Kai: For a man like you to follow their philosophy….! (Wait, maybe he’s being forced…?!)

Albero: You’re known as traitors now! You’re not in any place to talk about me!

*blow up Albero*

Albero: Hmm, they’re better than I expected. We’re leaving, Erde.

Erde: Why? We can repair the damaged armor.

Albero: Our losses are too great. We need to leave.

Chienne: Wait, major! Are you going to let those losers slink away?!

Albero: Don’t underestimate them. Get too close to their fire and you’ll get burned.

Chienne: I know that! At least let us chase them!

Albero: If you go against me, you’ll be committing the same crime as they did. Don’t forget who puts the food on our tables.

Chienne: Dammit…. Fine!

Albero: (Hugo…. I wonder if you can stop me.)

Hugo: Chief….

Eita: All units, leave the battlefield immediately!

Tetsuya: What’s Hugo, Aqua, and Josh’s status?

Azuki: Both units seem to be undamaged.

Lefina: Call all units and tell them we’re leaving the area, too. EP launch! Get to the surface of the water and go at full speed!

Sean: EP Launch! Water engines at max!


Lefina: Ensign Hugo…. Everyone here knows your situation. I’d like to hear your opinion.

Hugo: Just like Gilliam said at Septen Polum… Mitarl’s goal isn’t to get mock data, but for actual battle data in a fight between TE Absorbers.

Gilliam: It’s true that a battle between members of the Cry Wolves would make good fodder for battle data. Perhaps even better if each side held a grudge… Is that what you’re thinking, too?

Hugo: …. I don’t have a grudge against the chief, but Mitarl.

Gilliam: Major Albero probably feels the same way. And there’s no way Professor Zapad doesn’t know that. With that taken into account, the reason the Major is baring his teeth at you is…

Hugo: Most likely… just like with me, Mitarl has some kind of hold on him.

Lefina: Could Major Albero also be….?

Hugo: No… Back then, it was the Chief who saved me. If he was in the same condition as me, he wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Ratsel: Can you think of any other reason?

Hugo: I don’t know… for now.

Kai: While it’s obvious Major Albero would be our enemy considering he’s a part of the Gaia Sabers…. Revealing himself to us when he did might be his way of saying something to us.

Hugo: …

Lefina: Ensign Hugo, will you fight against Major Albero?

Hugo: …Yes. I want to know why Chief is working for Mitarl… and I want to know the whole scope of the Tsentr Project. That’s…. as a living member of the cry wolves… my last mission.

Ratsel: (Last, he says…)

Kai: But Hugo… Don’t forget what I said. If we don’t reach that goal before we hit Iti Iti Island, you’ll have to leave that to us.

Hugo: ….


Hugo: (Why, Chief…. Mitarl’s the reason behind all of our… It’s his fault Foglia died…. You should hate that man even more than I do…. So why….? Can I find that answer…? With the time I have left?)

Aqua: …Hugo.

Josh: …

Hugo: Aqua, Josh…. I’m sorry about earlier.

Josh: Don’t worry about it. Given the situation, there was nothing you could do. I don’t know the details, but he was someone close to you?

Hugo: Yeah. Chief taught me everything I know about fighting…. And he saved my life….

Josh: …It sounds like you really look up to him.

Hugo: …

Josh: Even if you don’t, it’s not like you can go fight him without any reservations….

Hugo: …You feel the same way about your dad?

Josh: It’s complicated. I don’t know if it’s a grudge, or a duty…. or…. But if I don’t get to him, if I don’t find the answer, I can’t move on. That’s what I think.

Hugo: Josh….

Josh: Alteur was the one sponsoring Re-Tech.  They were sending information to the Gaia Sabers, so it’s something that involves me, too.

Aqua: …You still haven’t told me about your problem.

Hugo: …

Aqua: It’s fine, I don’t plan on forcing it out of you. And about earlier…. I’m sorry. I spoke without thinking.

Hugo: No… If I didn’t have a partner like you, I’d probably be dead now.

Aqua: Hugo…

Hugo: It’s what Chief taught me…. If you complete the mission, you return alive…. If your defeat your enemies, you survive…

Aqua: But for you, Albero’s…

Hugo: If I want the answer, I can only fight. And for that, I need your help.

Aqua: I’d help you without you asking.

Hugo: And as for my problem…. I plan to tell you when we get to Iti Iti Island.

Aqua: Huh? Why there?

Hugo: There’s something I want to confirm before we get there…. Until then, please, just wait.

Aqua: …Okay.


Katina: Egretta, Karly, Albero, and those kids…. The Gaia Sabers seems to have a lot of members who we have pasts with. Do you think they specifically looked for that when scouting members?

Russel: I-It’s possible….

Arado: We’re their favorite target. So if we settle the score….

Lamia: Don’t get too drawn in, Arado. You too, Seolla, Latooni.

Seolla: But….

Latooni: If they’re going to keep coming after us…

Katina: Even in La Gias, they were persistent little assholes.

Shine: I won’t forgive anyone who says that kind of things to my friends.

Ryuusei: That’s right. They don’t understand how the three of them felt when they had to fight against Ouka.

Latooni: …

Lamia: But remember, the other side won’t hesitate. If you can’t make the choice to act, it will be the death of you. Don’t forget what Major Kai said.

Seolla: Right…. (Once again… I have to face my past…. If I want to move on…)

*elsewheeeeeere, on Grand Christmas*

Mitarl: Are your wounds alright, Professor Wong?

Eric: Well, I’m able to move again, at least.

Mitarl: So about what we talked about earlier…

Eric: Test units 8 and 9 are just about finished. I’m thinking it’s time I go to Bunker 8.

Mitarl: Bunker 8… Re-tech’s NV unit?

Eric: That’s right. After it’s completed, it’ll have some final adjustments…. And I’d like to do them myself.

Mitarl: There’s no point if we can’t get the Re Tech machines for ourselves. I think that should be higher on the priority list.

Eric: Well, for that, the 10th unit…. The Model X should be enough, right? It’s got a lot of expectations riding on its’ shoulders.

Mitarl: Look, I wanted to tell you this directly. If you have enough time to be worried about the NV unit, then I want you to help with my project.

Eric: Now now, I couldn’t do that. After the Ruina showed up, Alteur told us all to hurry our plans along.

Mitarl: In that case, then we should follow the order given by the president before the Steel Dragons killed him and recapture the Re-tech machines….

Eric: The Weapon Box Hangar can be used on its own, so there’s no reason not to make it and bring it along. And I had a promise with Felio.

Mitarl: That has nothing to do with me.

Eric: In any case, I’m going to Bunker 8. I’m going to be using a lot of the data the Tsentr Project has collected… that’s fine, right?

Mitarl: Tell me what you need first. I’ll decide if you can access it.

Eric: Alright. Have fun with the Model X!

Mitarl: (Hmm… So he’s saying he doesn’t know if the NV unit will amount to anything….)

Erde: Professor Zapad.

Mitarl: You’re back. I heard you made contact with the Steel Dragons… or rather, with Ensign Hugo.

Erde: That’s right. And Albero gave away information. That he was the one riding on the Medius.

Mitarl: Huh.

Erde: I want to confirm this one more time…. In order to prove the Medius is above all other mechs, we’re continuing with AI1’s growth… So is it okay to destroy their TE Absorber?

Mitarl: Sure. His body is going to be at its limit pretty soon. If he doesn’t want to come back to us, then…. At the very least, I’ll give him the pleasure of dying at the Tsentr Project’s hands.

Erde: Understood.

Mitarl: If you’re not picky about how it’s done, Ensign Aqua could die alongside Hugo…. Are you okay with that?

Erde: …Of course.

Mitarl: Heh, what a scary lady you are. …By the way, where is Major Albero?

Erde: He’s with him.


Albero: (Foglia…. I’ve walked this road of demons to save you…. Forgive me, Hugo… Right now, I can’t do anything else… And I promise… this is the Cry Wolves’ last mission.)


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[1] Mmkay, so he’s giving Foglia’s rank here (Warrant officer) but you wouldn’t do that in an intimate 3 person conversation in English. Soooooo

[2] Sanger mixes up aji (taste) with suji (Thread). I DO WHAT I CAN GUYS I’M SORRY DON’T HIT ME

[3] They say eastern. They mean from a position of Japan being the center of the world. So Eastern coast is the western coast, cause fuuuuuck you.

[4] Swear to god. Straight Katakana. I guess it makes sense in like military parlance?