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??? Irui…

Irui: W-who are…

???: Irui…. My shrine maiden…

Irui: Maiden…?

???: The daughter of God, Irui…. Thou shalt inherit my will…. Ascertain…. The sword…

Irui: Sword…?


Arado: A dream? What kind of dream?

Irui: I don’t really remember, but it felt like someone was calling me…

Seolla: Someone…?

Irui: I don’t know….

Seolla: Was it scary?

Irui: I felt…. icky….and it felt familiar….

Bullet: Familiar….

Kusuha: Ibis…. Do you think this is a sign Irui’s memories are returning?

Ibis: Irui’s… memories….

Irui: If my memories come back… will I not be able to stay with you anymore?

Ibis: Huh?

Irui: If I remember where I came from…. Does that mean I’ll have to leave…?

Ibis: Irui….

Irui: Then… I don’t want to remember….

Ibis: You can’t say that!

Irui: B-but…. Remembering the past…. It makes me feel icky…

Seolla: …I know how that feels.

Irui: Huh?

Seolla: It’s a little different than what you’re going through, but I also don’t have any memories of my past.

Arado: Not just her… but me and Lat as well.

Irui: W-why…?

Arado: Hmm, well…. A lot of stuff happened…

Seolla: If our memories returned, things might change… I don’t like thinking about that.

Irui: …

Seolla: But as long as Arado and Lat and my friends are with me, it’ll be okay. We’re together, after all.

Irui: Together…

Ibis: We’re with you, Irui.

Bullet: We think of you as part of our team, Irui.

Kusuha: And we’d be happy if you thought the same.

Ibis: You’re a really good friend, Irui. Even when your memories come back, that won’t change.

Irui: …Thank you…


Ryoto: Masaki?

Leona: Yeah, he just connected us through the Ether Communication device. Ryuusei’s talking to him now. Are you coming?

Ryoto: Yeah, I’ll come.

*Transmission room*

Masaki: I see… There’s some crazy stuff going on up there, huh.

Ryuusei: Well, it’s rough… but at least we’re not completely cut off from aid.

Masaki: But aren’t the allies of the inspectors going to come attack you?

Irm: It may be because they lost the element of surprise, but they’re being more careful now. Right now, they’re fighting over control of the moon. If the federation doesn’t quickly expel them from the moon, they’ll control all of local space.

Excellen: We’re worried about it too, but there’s nothing we can do about that right now.

Masaki: I’m sorry I called at such a bad time.

Excellen: Well, we’re just happy you’re doing well, Masa.

Leona: How’s the situation over there?

Masaki: We’re slowly getting things back in working order. Speaking of which…. I called you because I wanted to ask something.

Ryuusei: What’s that?

Xenia: We haven’t seen Louzorl’s gang lately. They were making quite the ruckus when you were here in La Gias, but now they’ve gone silent.

Ryuusei: Isn’t that a good thing?

Xenia: It is, but it’s also a bit unsettling.

Leona: That’s true…. They should be trying to use the chaos after the war to their further own ends.

Masaki: As usual, we don’t know where Shu is, either.  So we wondered you had seen him on the surface.

Ryoto: Well, we haven’t heard of any sightings of the Granzon….

Masaki: I see.

Ryoto: Just to be safe, I’ll ask Major Gilliam.

Masaki: Thanks. Oh, and I’ll be headed to the surface in a bit to team up with you.

Carla: Huh? Shouldn’t you be staying in Langran?

Masaki: After seeing the trouble you’re in, I can’t just sit here. I can leave things here to Lune and Yang Long.

Carla: It’d really help if you came…. But is that really okay?

Masaki: Sure. Send me your route data when you can.

Excellen: Okay, but don’t get lost…. Well, I guess there’s no real point in telling you that.

Masaki: Oh, shut up.

Xenia: I want to come help too, but since there’s so much work I have to get done, I don’t think I’ll be able to come. Stay safe, everyone, and good luck.

Ryoto: Yeah, you too.


Robert: I was wondering why you called me here… I guess I know now.

Hugo: I’m sorry, but please…

Robert: Don’t tell anyone? I heard about it from Major Kai.

Rahda: Hugo, I have the results… It looks like there are metallic cells that can repair themselves imbedded into your cyborg components.

Hugo: !!

Rahda: I think they’re made of Lazumunanium, the metal that the Tsentr Project developed.

Hugo: Why is that kind of thing…

Rahda: I think they were added so you could survive without long term maintenance, but… the medicine you were taking didn’t just prevent rejection of the foreign, metal cells… but also to slow down the Lazumunanium.

Hugo: Slow it down….? Then without the medicine, what will happen to me?

Rahda: Most likely…. Your entire body will be consumed by Lazumunanium.

Hugo: …!!

Robert: And that will cause your death.

Hugo: (Damn you, Mitarl! You did this to me….!)

Rahda: That medicine is made from ingredients we can’t identify. Right now, only the Tsentr Project can make it.

Robert: We’ll work with you to see if there’s anything else we can do while you still have some medicine left.

Hugo: …Okay. I’m sorry about this.


Rahda: !!


Eun: We’ve picked up a Federation signal! They’re fighting a Ruina force on the eastern coast of Ecuador!

Lefina: How are they holding up?

Eun: The Ruina appeared from multiple locations at once, and have cut off the Federation’s escape!

Lefina: How long would it take us to reach the eastern coast of Ecuador at our maximum speed?

Sean: Most likely 30 minutes, but…. Do you really plan to change course? It’s possible we’ll find not only the Federation, but the Gaia Sabers, too.

Lefina: We can’t leave those soldiers like this. And if the Gaia Sabers truly are the protectors of the Earth, then fighting the Ruina should take priority, right?

Sean: Isn’t this too risky?

Lefina: XO…. If we want to prove that were still fighting to defend the Earth, we have to show that by our actions.

Sean: …I understand.

Lefina: We’re changing course. Send the ATX, SRX, and Aggressor teams out ahead to scope out the battlefields where the Federation forces are held down.

Chapter 40: Wrath of the Blue Flame

Fed soldier: Chief, we’re all that’s left! At this rate…

Federation Soldier: We can’t back down now! We have to hold out till reinforcements arrive!


Federation Soldier: That’s….

Kyosuke: This is Lt. Kyosuke Nanbu of the Steel Dragons’ ARX team. Leave them to us.

Federation: You traitors want to help us?!

Bullet: That’s right. I don’t want anyone to call us hypocrites for shying away from our duty.

Excellen: So if you want, you can fall back.

Federation Soldier: No, this is our country! We’ll protect it from anyone who tries to take it!

Kyosuke: Then we’ll let you do as you wish.

Excellen: He’s a stubborn one, eh?

Kyosuke: You could also call him reliable.

Excellen: Well, it’s not like we brought the cavalry with us or anything.

Kyosuke: …. Alt 1 to all units. Be careful of your surroundings.  Don’t get ambushed.

Kusuha: Roger!

Chapter 40: Wrath of the Blue Flame

Victory: Shoot down all enemies

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down, or a Mass-Produced Huckebein Mk. 2 is shot down

SR point: Within 2 turns, defeat more than 10 enemies (NPC unit kills count towards the total)

*Blow up guys*

Kyosuke: This is going to take too long. Assault 1 to all units. Formation A3. We’ve going to get rid of them all in one blow.

Excellen: Wow!  Our 18th strongest attack!

Bullet: Assault 3, roger!

Kusuha: Assault 4, roger!


Kusuha: Aaah!

Bullet: Th-this is!

Kusuha: Something’s coming from above!


Excellen: The Ruina!

Kusuha: There’s more!

Bullet: !!


Kusuha: Bullet! Ah!

*oh noes another badguy

Kyosuke: Kusuha!

Excellen: Kyosuke! We have to help them!

Kyosuke: I know!


Excellen: What?!

Kyosuke: Damn! Don’t think this will stop me! Claymore!

*Boom and yet*

Kyosuke: What?!

Kanan: Oh, there’s no point to that. There’s plenty more where they came from. But there’s a limit to how much you can fight, right?

Kyosuke: Kanan…!

Kanan: Back then, at the hermitage, I tried to explain it to you politely…. But it seems I’ll have to take more forceful measures for you to understand.

Kyosuke: …. Huh?!

Excellen: I can’t move Weissy!

Thaihou: Just relax for a while. Well, not like you have a choice, with this binding spell on you.

Excellen: Ugh…

Kyosuke: Damn those mystics!

Kanan:  KyuKiOu, ToTetsuOu, bring them here.

*And they do*

Kusuha: Uuuuu… B-Bullet….

Bullet: …

Kusuha: Bullet…. Say something…

Kanan: It seems that Byakko’s pilot is unconscious. I guess it’s hard to use the Four Beasts[1] for delicate work.

Kusuha: Four Beasts...?

Kanan: Yes, the Mechanoids a level above the Four Gods…. These two are KyuKiOu and ToTetsuOu.

Kusuha: ToTetsuOu… KyuKiOu….?

Kanan: They’re extremely powerful, but also indescribably ill-mannered. You could also think of them as the highest class of Yokijin. Once they were Mechanoids, but they turned their blades upon the God of Baral. After the battle, 2 of them were defeated… and the remaining 2 were put on leashes. They’re our pets now. However, they don’t require psychics like yourselves to operate. Can you guess why?

Kusuha: N-no…

Kanan: It’d be too dangerous to let a psychic pilot one of them. They don’t just steal your soul’s energy… They’ll also eat your flesh.

Kusuha: !!

*And off they go to eat people*

Federation Soldier: A-AAAAH!


Kanan: …Even among the Four Beasts, ToTetsuOu is known for being particularly ravenous.

Fed Sold: N-nooo!

Kusuha: Stop it!!!

Kanan: Kusuha. If you really want to protect this planet’s future, come with me. Once you shed your emotions, you will truly understand our ambitions.

Federation soldier: Aaaah! Noooo!

Kusuha: Stop it!!!

Kanan: …

Kusuha: I-if that’s what you really want! Stop this right now! Stop that Mechanoid!

Kanan: I thought told you.  Their lives are not being wasted in vain.

Kusuha: !!

Kukuru: (It’s the same as back then…. Kanan is trying to break her spirit.)

Kanan: But unlike them, you have a far more important purpose. This isn’t where you should be using your powers.

Kusuha: Y-you can take me instead! So, so please! Stop it!

Kanan: Every life is as important as another…. But each has its own meaning. Everyone has a different moment when they shine the brightest. And for him…. His shining moment is now.

Kusuha: Aaaaah!

Thaihou: All is one with the Tao. Nameless soldier…. Your soul was not extinguished in vain.

Kusuha: Ah… Aaaaaah…

Kukuru: (If her will breaks, her soul itself will be taken….)

Excellen: K-Kusuha!

Kyosuke: Dammit, I can’t use the boosters!

Kanan: Kusuha…. Even when sinking into the depths of unimaginable sorrow, your will still won’t break. Just like… yes, just like when you first fought the Youkijin and the Ijin…

Kusuha: …!

Kanan: Kusha… You are like a single violet blooming in a steep canyon. I will pull you out from the ground with loving care. Your fragile flower shall be with me into eternity.

Kusuha: Pull out?!

Kanan: That’s right, I’m pulling out…. Your heart.

*Awww shit byakko on grungust action*

Kusuha: !!

Kanan: KoOuKi. Take back your other half. Consume his life.

KoOuKi: Grrr….

Kusuha: No! Stop it! Stooooop!

KoOuKi: ….

Bullet: Ugh…. KoOuKi….?

Kusuha: Please! I’m begging you, stop! Do it to me! Kill me instead!

Kanan: Do it, KoOuKi. Do it and regain your true form. As a servant of the God of Baral.

KoOuKi: Rooooooooooaaaahhhh!

Kusuha: Stoooooooooooop!

Kyosuke: !!

Excellen: B-bullet!

Kusuha: A-aaaah… n-no…… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Kanan: She’s broken. Ah… your cries of pain….  The sweetest music.

Kukuru: (It’s just like back then…. When Kanan killed my mother and father….)

Kanan: Well, Seiryuu. Get rid of those parts the humans have sullied you with, and regain your true form.

Kusuha: Aaaaaaah!


Ryuusei: Aaaaagh!

Mai: Wh-what was that?!

Aya: That was Kusuha!

Ryoto: But that feeling….!

Mai: That’s so unlike her usual pulses…. Did something happen?!

Ing: (I can feel it too…. But it’s not just Kusuha…. Someone…. different…!)

Aya: Everyone! We need to clear out the Ruina here and go help Kusuha!

Rai: Got it!


Irui: …. Kusu…ha…. Bullet…. A…. Sword….

*anyway now it’s red*

Kusuha: (I…. I couldn’t do anything…. I’m so sorry, Bullet…. The soldiers…. and RyuJinKi…. Lt. Kyosuke…. Excellen…. Everyone… I can’t….)

???: (It’s not… over yet….)

Kusuha: (Huh…?!)

Irui: (It’s not over yet….)

Kusuha: (I-Irui?! Why can I hear your voice… I can see you!)

Irui: (Your will isn’t broken yet… I can still reach out to you.)

Kusuha: (…!)

Irui: (You and bullet have such kind, strong wills. That’s why the Tiger and Dragon Gods lent you their power. To protect this world…. And everyone on it.)

Kusuha: (b-but…. I… I can’t…. I can’t move…. And I can’t sense the RyuJinKi anymore….

Irui: (I’ll… lend you my power…)

Kusuha: (Huh…)

Irui: (If I use this power… I’ll… I’ll become someone else… but I want to save you and Bullet…. To save everyone. This…. Gentle feeling….)

Kusuha: (Irui…?!)

Irui: (For just a little while…. I’ll give you power…)

*back to stuff*

Kanan: I guess our plan worked.

Thaihou: What should we do about them?

Excellen: Kyosuke…!

Kyosuke: I know…. They can’t be killed through normal means...!

Kanan: You mean to take the life of Kanan, the Southern Hermit? Well aren’t you brave. It looks like they won’t break so easily.

Thaihou: But if they undergo Transcendence, then they’ll become even more powerful than they are now.

Kanan: I suppose that’s true….

Thaihou: Hmm? What’s this?

Kyosuke: It’s those things!

Excellen: It’s that Shark robot…. And a new model?!

Thaihou: Ohhoho, so they appear again.

Kanan: Keren and Kanaf…. And Zanav. That means all 3 servants have appeared.

Thaihou: Excellent, excellent.

Kanan: it’s unusual to see 2 of them at the same time. But I suppose since we brought two of the Four Beasts, they needed to match our power. Go, ToTetsuOu, KyuKiOu.

Kanan: Good, keep them occupied. I’ll take Kusuha and Seiryuu back with me.

Excellen: We won’t let you do that!

Kanan: Hmmf, I guess it’d be easier to break your bodies than your will.

Excellen: Huh?!

Kanan: There’s no need to fear. Even though you’ll die here, you’ll gain new life when you Transcend.  You may not be my type… but I’ll treat you well.

Excellen: G-gross!


Kanan: What?!

Thaihou: Oh? There’s a reaction in Seiryuu’s 5-direction Engine!

Kanan: Impossible, Seiryuu’s in no condition to… It can’t be! Kusuha!


Kukuru: What?! It’s the RyuKoOu!

Kanan: They returned to their old selves in this situation… that means…!

Thaihou: The KoOuKi was able to break free of its binding spell? The it has stronger healing capabilities than the BuJakuOu!

Excellen: K-Kusuha! Are you okay?!

Kusuha: …Yes. And Bullet is with me, too.

Bullet: …

Kyosuke: Bullet…!

Bullet: When I was eaten by the KoOuKi, I was enveloped in a warm light…. Someone was calling me…. And then here I was.

Kusuha: I… I also heard someone’s voice.

Excellen: Someone… You mean it wasn’t the RyuKoOu or the KoRyuOu?

Kusuha: Yes… I don’t remember….

Kanan: (Could it have been the shrine maiden’s power?)

*Off they go*

Thaihou: Oh, so the servants have disappeared.

Kanan: (So I was right. This is a result of the Shrine Maiden using her power. That’s good for us…. It means her “heart” is returning to normal.)

Thaihou: But still, the RyuOuKi was able to take back the KoOuKi from us.

Bullet: …Your plan backfired.

Kanan: What?

Bullet: If I hadn’t had been eaten by the KoOuKi, we wouldn’t have been able to rejoin together.

Thaihou: Hmm, so the psychic energy was enough to break the shackles… or perhaps coming into contact with you allowed the KoOuKi to gradually form a connection with you.

Kanan: …

Kukuru: (There are humans that can resist Kanan’s plans! Is it because they were chosen by the Mechanoid? Or is it…)

Thaihou: Still, excellent, excellent! I guess we can’t plan for everything! Whahohoho!

Kanan: It’s an unexpected outcome, but in the end nothing has changed. We’ll take Kusuha and the RyuKoOu back with us to bolster Baral’s power. After all… You’re mine. Absolutely.

Kusuha: No.

Kanan: So you say, but do you really think you can beat my JakuBuOu, 2 of the Four Beasts, and the Magarga with just the RyuKoOu?


Kyosuke: !

Excellen: Wait what?!


Axel: You’re losing your touch, Kyosuke Nanbu.

Kyosuke: Axel Almer! What are you doing here?!

Axel: I came to pick up the Soulgain from the Kurogane. …You can move now, right? You owe me one.

Rishu: Bullet, Kusuha, are you okay?

Bullet: Rishu-sensei!

Kusuha: Are you okay?!

Rishu: Yes, as you can see.

Kukuru: That old man…. He’s appeared before me again.

Kanan: Heh, you still don’t have enough to change what’s happening here

Rishu: Hear me, fairies and hermits! My name is Rishu Togoh! I shall cleave your Garden of Baral in twain from across generations!

Kanan: Togoh? Oh, I see. I suppose humans do tend to build up grudges as their lineages continue.

Kusuha: You play games with human lives… You took the lives of those soldiers who were defending this land…. I won’t forgive you! RyuKoOu and I are furious!

Kanan: Your passions may give you power, but don’t be distracted. If your spirit won’t break, then I’ll just have to bend it.

Bullet: That’s the same damn thing!

Kanan: I guess because you’re young you can’t grasp anything about your situation, but this could be a good learning experience. You’ll learn just what the Tao is through your pain.  …Kukuru, lead the way.

Kukuru: Yes….!

Axel: Heh, I just got the Soulgain back and I get to fight these guys. This is great.

Kyosuke: Kanan, we’re going to get you back for the soldiers you killed.

Excellen: Yeah, don’t think you’re getting off with just a warning.

Kanan: It’s not like they died for nothing. Isn’t it really their deaths that let you take the RyuKoOu back?

Kusuha: How… How dare you….

Rishu: Kusuha, don’t listen to her goading. Your mind should be calm water, and your attacks like raging fire.

Kusuha: (Calm water….)

Kanan: (Good… That’s good, Kusuha.)

Kusuha: (And raging fire!) Mechanoid of the 4 Gods, Seiryuu, RyuKoOu! Defend the human realm and cast out the Xian!

Victory: Lower JakuBuOu’s HP to below 25000.

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down.

*Kanan Versus Bullet*

Kanan: There was more to KoOuKi eating you than just breaking Kusuha’s will, you know.

Bullet: If I was part of the KoOuKi, you would be able to extort Kusuha!

Kanan: Correct. And then I’d pilot Byakko.

Bullet: Screw that! I’m not going to hand over KoOuKi or Kusuha!

*Kusuha Versus Kanan*

Kanan: Kusuha, Suzaku is angry. She has a grudge against Seiryuu, you know.

Kusuha: You’re the ones who caused that grudge, right?

Kanan: Oh? Why do you think that? Did Seiryuu tell you something?

Kusuha: Animosity and anger…. And this sense of sadness… You created this warped state of affairs where the Four Gods must battle each other, so that’s what RyuKoOu is feeling….

Kanan: That’s how he sees it, at least.

*Rishu versus Kukuru*

Rishu: Kukuru, this won’t be like last time! I’ll show you the will of those who dwell in this human realm!

Kukuru: Hmm… Your realm is tepid! I shall send you to the next one!

*2 turns*

Excellen: ! Hey, the cavalry’s here!

Lefina: Prepare all fireteams to sortie!

*deploy menu*

Ibis: Th-that’s… the RyuKoOu…!

Rio: Did it return to normal?!

Bullet: That’s right.

Aya: That sensation from earlier… is Kusuha alright?

Kusuha: Yeah. I’m sorry I made you worry.

Ing: (I can’t since that other presence…. What in the world was that?)

Sanger: …Master, please don’t push yourself.

Rishu: Heh, who do you think you’re talking to? Still, this isn’t an enemy that we can hold back against.

Sanger: Yes, sir.

*sometimes this happens?*

Rishu: Bullet took back the KoOuKi. Now let us show the will and power of our dojo.

Sanger: Yes, sir.


Kanan: Looks like we have more participants. Well then, we’ll invite them, as well.

Ryuusei: Heh, so the fairies have shown their faces!

Bullet: Ryuusei, those new units are the Mechanoids of two of the Four Beasts, ToTetsuOu and KyuKiOu. They’re not like the other small fries. Be careful.

Ryuusei: But that doesn’t mean we need to give them special treatment, right?

Bullet: Of course not.

Shouko: Kouta, look at that!

Kouta: Soulgain…. Then is Axel here?!

Axel: Huh… So we meet again, Kouta Azuma.

Kouta: It’s not that bad, fighting with you again.

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units! Commence the attack!

*also sometimes*

Kukuru: Sanger…. So you’ve come.

Sanger: Kukuru! I won’t forgive you for throwing yourself in with the Baral! We will finish this!

Defeat: Kusuha or Bullet are shot down, an allied mothership is shot down.

*Get ToTetsuOu to half*

Excellen: Doesn’t it look like something’s strange with the ToTetsuOu?

Kyosuke: It’s looked strange from the beginning.

Excellen: I’m not talking about that….

Thaihou: It looks like he’s lost all control.

Kanan: If we let him run amok, he’ll end up eating even himself. Pull him back.

Thaihou: No objections.

Kanan: Fall back, ToTetsuOu.


Kanan: So you won’t listen…. Then I’ll have to put you back in your place.[2]

Excellen: Huh? Did it retreat?

Kyosuke: What the hell does that mean…?

*Sanger V Kukuru*

Kukuru: Sanger! I’ll put you in the ground right alongside your master!

Sanger: You’re obsessed with sending people to their deaths because you yourself were revived.

Kukuru: What?!

Sanger: Unlike before, I can see the hesitation in your dance now.

Kukuru: What are you trying to say?!

Sanger: You’re shaken because we took back the KoOuKi!

Kukuru: Wh-what…?! You’re speaking nonsense!

*damage dat shiiiit*

Thaihou: Kanan, switch with me.

Kanan: Why?

Thaihou: Fighting against the RyuKoOu and the KoRyuOu might get JakuBuOu riled up. BuJakuOu won’t have that problem.

Kanan: Hmm… alright then.

Thaihou: Well then, let’s change.

Michiru: It’s a turtle boss!

Tasuku: Don’t tell me it’s gonna heal itself again!

Thaihou: Shen nong yan di, lai hu wo shen, ci dao yi xia, he gui bu zou, he bing bu yu, ji ji ru lu ling.


Tasuku: Gaaaah, of course he will!

Aqua: His regeneration is stronger than even the Medius…!

Arado: Maybe there’s more white shark robots on the way!

Excellen: They already showed up, then went home.

Arado: Whaaaa?!

Tasuku: So it’s just us!

Leona: We have to somehow get him in one shot, before he has the chance to repair.

Tasuku: That’s a good theory, but putting it into practice is gonna suck.

Thaihou: Well then, I’ll be fighting you now. You should come at me with all your might.

Victory: Lower BuJakuOu below 25000HP

*Kusuha versus Thaihou*

Thaihou: You revived the RyuKoOu… Excellent, Excellent.

Kusuha: Even if your hopes and plans are already set…. RyuKoOu and I won’t follow your schemes!

Thaihou: Hmm, well, you should do as you think is best.

*Bullet V. Thaihou*

Bullet: The KoRyuOu’s attacks will blow you away in one strike!

Thaihou: Hohoho. As long as I’m here, Genbu is quite firmly protected.


Kusuha: The KyuKiOu is….!

Thaihou: I see he’s feeling it again, eh?

Kanan: If he goes against our orders again, it’ll be a nuisance. Let’s pull him back.

Thaihou: Do as you wish.

Kanan: Fall back, KyuKiOu. You’ll have a chance at this prey again later.


Kanan: …. If you don’t do as I command, I’ll send you back down there again.

*well fine*

Kusuha: It’s gone…!

Bullet: Did Kanan force it out of the battle…!?

*blow up Kukuru*

Kukuru: No, not again! I can’t succumb here….!

Kanan: That’s right, Kukuru. If you disappear here, you’ll end up walking the same path as… them.

Kukuru: (I know that….!)

Kanan: But it looks like you’re at your limit. You can go back.

Kukuru: Ha…. Haha…

Rishu: (Kukuru…. It seems like there’s something more to her.)

*Blow up dat turt*

Thaihou:  Hohoho, not bad! But I am not one who does things half-heartedly. Shen nong yan di, lai hu wo shen, ci dao yi xia, he gui bu zou, he bing bu yu, ji ji ru lu ling.

*aaand back to full*

Carla: We’re just going in circles here!

Tasuku: Are we really going to be able to overpower him…?!

Ibis: But we have the RyuKoOu! The RyuKoOu should be able to beat the BuJakuOu!

Kusuha: …

Thaihou: You can fight me as long as you wish. You’ll break sooner or later.

Hou: …Master, there’s an order from Master Ganglong. He’s telling you to return.

Thaihou: Oho.

Kanan: What’s the reason?

Hou: He says he has some apprehension about the Shrine Maiden…. And he wishes to change the strategy.

Kanan: About the shrine maiden…?

Kou: It seems he was also worried for you, Lady Kanan.

Kanan: …. He’s talking about the revival of RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu.

Kou: Correct.  We were not expecting the Servants’ intervention.

Kanan: Then we should take the shrine maiden back now. She’s in that ship.

Kou: There’s no point to that. If she doesn’t return to her faith of her own accord, our plans will be ruined later on. We cannot afford any careless actions regarding the shrine maiden.

Kanan: Hmm… Fine, I guess we have no choice. We’re leaving.

Thaihou: Yes.

Kanan: We’ll meet again, Kusuha. Take care of Byakko and Seiryuu till then.


Eita: All enemy readings have vanished!

Tetsuya: Keep a watch out in the skies. The Baral may be gone, but the Ruina could appear again.

Tasuku: Well…. We somehow managed to survive.

Leona: We can’t leave things unfinished next time.

Tasuku: I know that.

Bullet: ToTetsuOu and KyuKiOu… It seems we have new enemies.

Kusuha: Yeah…. But we got the RyuKoOu and the KoRyuOu back. We’ll surely stop their plan.

Bullet: Yes, with minds like calm water and blows like raging fire. …Speaking of which, is Rishu-sensei okay?

Rishu: I am.

Kusuha: (The soldiers… I wasn’t able to save them…. I’m so sorry…. I can apologize, but that won’t bring them back…. They wanted to protect this earth…. I hope I can fulfill their wishes….)


???: Irui….

Irui: Who…? Who’s calling me?

???: The daughter of God, Irui…. The one who will inherit my consciousness… Make sure the ones you choose…. Have the power of your sword…

Irui: ….

???: And awaken…. My child….

Irui: Huh…? M-mommy…?


Ibis: That’s…! She was talking with us just like normal before we launched!

Touma: But when I looked in on her, she was sleeping as if she were exhausted.

Kusuha: What could have happened to her while we were gone…?

Bullet: Excellen said that the Shark-like unknown appeared… along with a type we haven’t seen before. What was Irui doing at that point? Do you think she made the Unknowns appear?

Touma: I don’t know…. Like I said, by the time I saw her….

Ibis: There’s no reason why she would be connected to those unknowns. We don’t even know who they are…

Arado: I heard that this time, they disappeared quickly….

Seolla: So they just came to save Kusuha….?

Tsugumi: If that was the case, then it would have been nice if they showed up earlier.

Arado: Th-that’s true. I mean, Bullet was eaten by the KoOuKi…

Bullet: Looking at it now…. That’s really the only reason why I was able to get the KoOuKi… to get the KoRyuOu back.

Kusuha: And because things went that fair, we were able to revive the RyuKoOu and the KoRyuOu…. It would have been impossible with just our power alone….

Tsugumi: So someone helped you? Could it have been those unknowns…?

Kusuha: I don’t know…. But I heard a voice…. I don’t remember what it said…. But it was gentle…. And kind….

Irui: U-uh….

Ibis: Are you awake, Irui?

Irui: Ibis….

Ibis: Do you feel okay?

Irui: I’m a bit tired…. But I’m fine….

Ibis: That’s great….

Irui: I… I had another dream…. I think I heard mommy’s voice….

Ibis: Huh…

Kusuha: Your mother’s…

Arado: Are your memories coming back?

Irui: No…. I heard a voice in my dream… and for some reason I thought it was Mommy…. But I don’t remember what she was saying….

Ibis: Irui…

Irui: Ibis… I… I want to be with everyone… Will you promise? Even if my memories come back… you’ll…

Ibis: Of course…. I promise.

Kusuha: You’re our friend, Irui. You always will be.

Irui: Thank you…. Hearing that… is… enough…

Ibis: Irui!

Tsugumi: She’s gone back to sleep… We should let her rest.

Ibis: Yeah….


Excellen: Man, it’s been awhile, Axel! It seems like our kid’s put you through a lot of tough stuff.

Axel: Your kid?

Excellen: Alfimi. I heard you two went somewhere fun?

Axel: …. I guess some people would call it ‘Heaven’?

Excellen: Oh? She took you to heaven? That could mean so many things….

Kyosuke: I think it just means nothing.

Axel: She’s just weird.

Excellen: Ohoho. So that’s what she meant when she said she was searching for heaven.

Rishu: I’m just glad we made it in time to help.

Raul: Were you guys en route to Iti iti Island from the Tesla Labs?

Rishu: That’s right. I’ll be fighting with you from here on out.  There’s a long history between my family, the Togo, and the Baral.

Fiona: You said something like that before…. What happened?

Rishu: I learned it from the old records of my clan. One of my ancestors was a pilot of the RyuKoOu, and fought with mysterious entities.

Fiona: What?!

Kouta: Your ancestor piloted the RyuKoOu?!

Rishu: Correct.

Excellen: But, don’t the pilots have to be psychics?

Rishu: It seems some of my ancestors had the gift. Though it did not pass to me… I can still carry out their final wishes. And with my pupils, Bullet and Kusuha…. By piloting RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu, you can finally end this long battle between the Togo family and Baral.

Excellen: The bad guys even can throw demons at us… You and Axel could really help us out.

Axel: …

Excellen: Oh? Not interested?

Lamia: Captain Axel…

Axel: …I’m starting to take an interest in this world’s problems. After all, I came here from a different universe, as well.

Kouta: The fact that we were able to make it back to this world, even if it was a close call…

Axel: Yeah. There’s something about this world that attracts other worlds to it. I want to know what that is. That…. And I’m interested in this Duvan Org.

Excellen: (Could it be a battle of who gets Alfimi for themselves…?)

Lamia: Then Captain…. Would it be okay for us to ask you to have you lend us your support?[3]

Axel: But there’s people here who don’t like me. And there’s folks I don’t like, too.

Kyosuke: ….

Axel: Don’t expect me to get cozy with you, Kyosuke Nanbu.

Kyosuke: …. That’s fine.

Excellen: (But judging from their back and forth earlier, they could actually make a pretty good team someday….)


Mitsuko: You haven’t changed a bit, Professor Shirakawa.

Shu: A lot has happened, but I suppose you could say that.

Mitsuko: I guess first I’d like to ask exactly how you survived.

Shu: If you want to know, you’ll have to offer something in return.

Mitsuko: Well, shucks…. Now, what do I owe the pleasure of this call to?

Shu: I have I would like your help with.

Mitsuko: Oh my, and of course there’s something in it for me, as well?

Shu: Specifically…. I want to do something about this situation the earth finds itself in.

Mitsuko: If that’s the case, shouldn’t you talk to someone else? Like the Gaia Sabers, for example. They’re building quite the reputation…. Should I introduce you to Commander Alteur Steinbeck?

Shu: He’s too suspicious to trust.  Don’t you agree?

Mitsuko: ….

Shu: He’s not really thinking of his next step…. Or maybe he just doesn’t have to. That’s how he differs from Zezernan.

Mitsuko: Oh, so you know of him as well?

Shu: That’s right. And what I’d like your help with concerns him.

Mitsuko: …. Please tell me more.


Ganglong: Kanan, I know how much you like that girl, but what were you thinking, giving her the KoOuKi? Because of that, the RyuKoOu and KoRyuOu have revived.

Kanan: It’s not our fault you didn’t check up on his bindings.[4]

Ganglong: Here’s where you’re wrong. The Shrine Maiden gave them a hand and revived them. And you’re the one who gave her that chance. You get so impatient sometimes.

Kanan: But now, all the Servants have appeared. Isn’t now the time to act?

Ganglong: Nope. We took our sweet, sweet time getting here, right? I’m not going to let some impatience on your part ruin everything. Wait just a bit longer. So we can make our everlasting heaven in our promised land….


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[1] Did you know there’s 4 inauspicious beasts in Chinese mythology to match the 4 auspicious beasts? NOW YOU DO BITCHES

[2] Drop you back to Yellow Emperor Hell. No, I’m not kidding.


[4] His adjustments, but that’s what she’s talking about.