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*on the Grand Christmas*

Nibhal:  Regarding the fight with the Ruina on the coast of Ecuador…. Although they enemy forces were suppressed, 3 Federation Soldiers were killed in the battle. We did not confirm any of the Melior Esse appearing.

Alteur: What about our forces?

Carly: The Air Christmas, alongside the Alpha and Beta Sabers, shot down 60 Ruina machines…. We had very few losses.

Alteur: Hmm.

Carty: Commander, may I give my opinion on something?

Alteur: Yes.

Carly: South America has a strong influence from their countries of the old AD Calendar.  This affects their current organization... Even if they’re grouped under the moniker “Earth Federation Forces”, they still fight better with soldiers from their own former country, and I wouldn’t call them fully integrated as a region.

Alteur: There’s not much we can do about that. It’s not as bad as the Middle East or Africa, but there are many western countries who aren’t fans of the Federation.

Carly: So using the PGS…. By the powers of your position, you could transfer the base of authority for operations against the Ruina to the Gaia Sabers. I think this would make it easier to develop successful strategies.

Alteur: It’s too early for that.

Carly: But we aren’t only fighting the Ruina.  And…. In order to control anti-federation sentiment after the battle, we should lay the foundation for organization in South America now….

Alteur: Then they wouldn’t be able to let off their steam. And there are people who would lose their jobs.

Carly: But the duties of the Gaia Sabers…

Alteur: We need bad guys to exist continuously. There’s plenty of people who will be troubled if we have no “enemies.”

Carly: But…

Alteur: You’re dismissed, Carly Neumann.

Carly: …. Yes, sir.

Nibhal: Commander, there’s something else that has reached my ears.

Alteur: What is it?

Nibhal: The Steel Dragons appeared at one of the bases the Ruina were attacking…. After that, it The Demons apparently joined the fight as well.

Alteur: It appears that the demons are targeting the Steel Dragons. I suppose they want the Mechanoid.

Nibhal: I believe so… but it wasn’t only the demons that appeared. The survivors at the base reported sightings of unknown leopard and fish shaped units.

Alteur: !

Nibhal: There’s no photographic records, but they appeared to have white, sculpture-like figures…

Alteur: Leopard and fish shaped…. Could they be the Servants?

Nibhal: I believe that’s likely…. If the report is true.

Alteur: If there was a bird shaped one as well, then we could call it confirmed… Where did the two unknowns head to?

Nibhal: They showed animosity towards the demons, then promptly disappeared.

Alteur: They targeted the demons? That’s strange.

Nibhal: Indeed…. According to the Order File, the God of Baral is the lord of the Mechanoids and the Yokijin.  Since they are of the same allegiance, the Servants shouldn’t be fighting the Demons.

Alteur: They protected the Steel Dragons…. Is what I think happened.

Nibhal: What does that mean?

Alteur: According to the legends, only two powers can command the Servants. Meaning, one of those has to be with the Steel dragons.

Nibhal: So you think the Mashiach [1] has already contacted them?

Alteur: That’s right.  The Steel Dragons have assembled many powerful physics. And even though they’re being pursued as traitors, they’re still fighting against enemies like the Ruina and the Guests. They’re not doing what’s best for them, but following their own beliefs and duties. Just as we selected the Steel Dragons, The Mashiach may have chosen them as well…

Nibhal: If that’s the case, then our plans have succeeded so far.

Alteur: Yes. Being disgraced as traitors and being pursued by their own forces would cause any normal people to break down. They get stronger by tackling ordeals such as this. The L5 Campaign proved that. Only time will tell if it was enough.

Nibhal: So…?

Alteur: Have all the Saber groups pursue the Steel Dragons. Label it their most important mission for now. As for Number 22 and the psychics…. If the Mashiach is with the Steel Dragons, having them strike may cause the Servants to appear. If all 3 can be identified, it’s certain. The answer we’ve so desperately sought will appear right before our eyes.

Nibhal: What about the Re-tech machines?

Alteur: Until we confirm this, we need insurance. I’d like to acquire them before the NV units are complete…. But if the pilots aren’t captured with them, there’s no point. Make sure everyone understands that. It doesn’t matter what state they’re in when they’re captured, as long as they’re alive.

Nibhal: Roger.

Alteur: (The Servants… and Mashiach… For them to appear now…. This must be…. What is called divine guidance….)


Mitarl: Soon, we’ll roll out units 8 and 9.  The original plan was to have Hugo and Aqua pilot them…. Unfortunately, they don’t wish to cooperate. So we’re considering replacement pilots.

Erde: We could have AI0 operate them, like the mass-produced Jinrai….

Mitarl: Like I said before, AI0 and AI1 can’t utilize the DFC system.

Erde: No… Eventually, they will have the ability to.

Mitarl: That may be, but to get to that point, we need to have data from humans operating the DFC, yes?

Erde: But the Model-X….

Mitarl: Right now, it’s at the same level as the Medius. It’s been configured for a human pilot and AI1. Of course, a human could use it alone, too.

Erde: Then let’s see what happens in the next mission. Which shall be more effective, AI1 or a human using the DFC system?  We’ll find out which can control the TE engine and Lazumunanium more effectively. Judge based on that.

Mitarl: Fine. As long as you can defeat either the Cerberus or the Garmraid.

Albero: …Are you saying you have no further use for Hugo or Aqua?

Mitarl: That’s right, Major. If you wish to save your son’s life, show me some results. With Erde and AI1.

Albero: …


Erde: In the next battle, we’ll be the only one deploying from the Gamma Saviors. I hope we can rely on the Delta Saviors to back us up.

Albero: In order to ensure we get results? But why the Deltas?

Erde: We need front line forces for our attack. Professor Toumine likes being in the vanguard. After all, his target isn’t the same as ours.

Albero: ….

Erde: I’ll talk to the professor. I’ll see if he wants to work together to achieve our goals. I know you have mixed feelings about those two, and it’s a difficult choice for you…. But as a father, you should be thinking about your son.

Albero: … You’re not the person to tell me that.

Erde: (Heh. What a pathetic man.)


Kaoru: Fight together?

Erde: That’s right. To show everyone the superiority of Jinrai and AI0.

Kaoru: You say that, but… You want to control Gamma’s losses and steal all the credit, right?

Erde: We are only sending out the Medius…. And with just that 1 unit, we wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

Kaoru: …

Erde: Our target is the TE Absorber…. Not the Double G. If that’s still not satisfactory… then we’ll follow Delta’s orders. Though once the target is captured, we’ll act independently.

Kaoru: Then I’ll allow it. Don’t blame me if my Jinrai shoots down your TE Absorber, though.

Erde: …I understand.


Touma: Huh…. I guess it’s really simple to get the G Bankaran to move.

Michiru: That’s right, I was able to pick it up as soon as I got on it. I move my body, and the computer takes care of the boring stuff. Kisaburo’s a real genius, man. But what else could you expect from Shouko’s granddad?

Touma: …I bet even I could make it move.

Michiru: You don’t look cut out for it. If the person who’s piloting it isn’t strong, it’s a hunk of junk.

Touma: I did some karate in high school. And when I was with Ruslan, I got some experience with AM battling.

Michiru: The G Bankaran is mine. I’m using it to protect Shouko. I’m not handing it over to you.

Touma: Fine, fine….

Michiru: But why were you asking about how the G Bankaran moves? Do you want to fight, too?

Touma: That’s….

Minaki: ….

Touma: Ah, Minaki….

Michiru: Why’s she going to the DyGenGuard?

Minaki: …

Touma: Is there something about the DyGenGuard you’re worried about?

Minaki: Touma…

Touma: If I’m bothering you…. I’ll go away.

Minaki: …The DyGenGuard and the Aussenseiter are called Guardians, and they exist to protect this world…. But the Jinrai is just a tool used for my father’s revenge. Even when the earth is plagued by threats like the Guests and the Ruina, that doesn’t change…. Father…. Father destroyed the one hope I was holding onto….

Touma: Your one hope?

Minaki: That even if he had a twisted goal in mind… that one day, it would protect the world….

Touma: So…. Why don’t you try it?

Minaki: Huh?

Touma: Make Jinrai the way it should be yourself.

Minaki: But how…?

Touma: First, we capture Jinrai…. And then you adapt it…

Minaki: I… I think we should destroy the Jinrai. So we can stop my father’s obsession….

Touma: But that would mean everything you’ve done was for nothing. You’ve worked on the Jinrai, and you could make it the way it should be…

Minaki: I’m not…. Qualified to do that.


Touma: Minaki…


Aqua: The TE Limiter?!

Hugo: Yeah. I want to run the simulator with it unlocked.

Aqua: But if it’s uncapped, won’t the engine overheat?

Hugo: But before that, we should be able to increase our attack power.

Aqua: B-but it’s still too dangerous. If you don’t do it right, the machine will stop working.

Hugo: Thanks to the Lazumunanium in the Medius Locus, unless we’re able to shoot it down in one blow, it’ll just repair the damage. If I want to stop him… If I want to stop the Chief, we need to release the limiter.

Aqua: It’s not like we’re fighting alone! If we can coordinate with the others….

Hugo: I know that. But I still want to try to increase our power.

Aqua: No matter the risk?

Hugo: …Yeah. (I don’t have any more time. I can’t let the next chance slip by. If I don’t hear the truth from the Chief….) Please, Aqua. Help me.

Aqua: …. Fine. I can’t say no to my partner’s request. I’ll be in the simulator.

Hugo: (I’m sorry, Aqua.)

Axel: You Hugo Medio?

Hugo: …!

Axel: I guess this is the first time we’ve met face-to-face.

Hugo: Y-yeah….

Axel: Living through that…. You have some pretty bad luck too, eh?

Hugo: I heard about it later… You were the one who helped the Chief and I escape…

Axel: I was picked up by you guys at the white star. I was just returning the favor.

Hugo: But the Chief….

Axel: I don’t know the details… but don’t throw your life away.

Hugo: Why are you telling me…

Axel: Eh, I dunno. I just thought I should say that when I saw you. Or maybe…


Hugo: !


Eun: We’ve picked up a distress signal from San Gomez Island! It sounds like they’re under attack from the Ruina!

Lefina: San Gomez…. We’re close.

Sean: Yes. It’s in the middle of the ocean, so there’s a supply base there. What should we do?

Lefina: We can’t ignore a distress call. The Kurogane will go to Iti Iti Island first. We’re changing course and going to San Gomez.

Chapter 41: The Manipulated Ones (Part 1)

Lefina: Sortie all fireteams!

*Deploy screen*

Joshua: If the Ruina are even out here….!

Yuuki:  Is it random, or do they want a mid-way base between their headquarters and North America….

Josh: We can’t just keep fighting the small fries…. We need to go back to the ruins at Antarctica as quickly as possible….

Sanger: Don’t be hasty, Joshua. Our chance to topple them will come. Just like at Septen Polum. Just worry about the enemies in front of you now.

Josh: …. I understand. (He’s right. I need to do what I can, one thing at a time.)

Sanger: Guardian 1 to all units! Ratsel and I will take on the vanguard! Deal with the rest!

Chapter 41: The Manipulated Ones

Victory: All enemies shot down.

Defeat: An allied mother ship is shot down, Sanger or Ratsel are shot down.

SR point: ???

Eita: No more Ruina readings on the battlefield!

Tetsuya: Okay, stay on alert. Have the Excellence Rescue start support runs.


Eita: Unknown reaction from 6 o’clock! Elevation 5000, range 4! There’s only one!

Tetsuya: Is it Ruina Reinforcements?!

Eita: No, judging by the speed, it’s a large-scale transport ship!

Tetsuya: So the Federation or the Gaia Sabers….

Eita: Target Alpha is deploying tons of units! They’re headed this way!

Tetsuya: Any communication from them?

Azuki: No!

Tetsuya: Then it’s not the Federation! Prepare the short range Surface-air missiles!

Ratsel: That’s…!

Sangers: The ninjas!

Tetsuya: SSAM, fire!

Ratsel: Sanger!

Sanger: Right, they’re after us!

Kai: All units, prepare for the next wave!

Eita: Target Bravo has shot down the SSAM!

Tetsuya: Start the fire of the anti-air machine guns!

Kai: They’re coming! Attack!

Kouta: Shouldn’t they have given up by now?

Excellen: They don’t seem very stealthy, for Ninjas.

Ryuusei: Aren’t they monkeys?

Kouta: No, they’re Ninjas, right?

Rai: Is this really the time to argue this?

Axel: Mass produced versions of the Double G, eh? Not really working a job suited for them.

Kyosuke: Wait. The real thing isn’t here yet.

*there he is*

Rishu: Hmm, so that’s the leader Jinrai.


Ratsel: …It seems like Professor Toumine is as obsessed as ever.

Sanger: It’s pitiful. A robot ninja without a soul cannot beat our Double G.

Minaki: Jinrai…. Father….

Lefina: XO, what is the ship above us doing?

Sean: It appears to be escaping the battlefield, but judging from its course, it’s likely it could be circling the battlefield from above.

Lefina: Send word to all units. Be on alert for reinforcements from above. Get the flying units to stop the enemy transport ship, or shoot it down.

Ratsel: …. Sanger, we have dealt with Professor Toumine’s obsession many times up until now.

Sanger: I know. Jinrai! Today, we will finish this!

Victory: Lower Jinrai’s HP below 15000HP

SR point: Shoot down Jinrai.


Minaki: Everyone… Somehow… Destroy Jinrai… My father’s obsession!

Touma: Minaki….

Minaki: My wishes will no longer come true, so….

Touma: Is that really okay?

Minaki: ….

Touma: Is it okay to not have Jinrai walk the correct path? Is it okay to throw away your work, to give up?

Minaki: I-I….


*Ratsel V Jinrai*

Ratsel: Jinrai, we will finish this feud here… And you will understand why you cannot surpass us!

*Sanger V Jinrai*

Sanger: Jinrai, don’t think you can overcome our swords!

*get him low*

Ratsel: Jinrai has stopped moving!

Sanger: This fight is over!

*Shoot down Jinrai*

Tetsuya: Is it down?!

Eita: We’re confirming it! At the very least, it doesn’t seem able to move…


Tetsuya: What?!

Eita: Attacks from above! There’s something coming at us from 10’clock!

*Oh shit*

Albero: We’ve followed our agreement with Professor Toumine to the letter.

Erde: Yes. From here on, what happens to the Jinrai is none of our concern.

Aqua: The Medius!

Hugo: He’s here!

*Bye Jinrai*

Eita: Jinrai has left the battlefield!

Sanger: You won’t escape! Let’s go, Ratsel!

Ratsel: Okay! Major Kai!

Kai: Go!

Ratsel: Yes, sir!

Erde: Well then, let’s go for our target.

Albero: Yeah. Come at me, Hugo.


Hugo: Aqua, we’re pursuing the Medius!

Aqua: You need permission from Major Kai!

Hugo: I can’t wait! I can’t let this chance escape! Let’s go!

Kai: What are they doing on their own…!

Viletta:  Major, we’ll follow them.

Kai: Of course! All teams, follow Jinrai and the Medius!


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[1] I’m at a loss here. I’m guessing it’s some sort of bible thing? Looking into the story more, it’s people who can contact god? So Messiah, but in the Hebrew pronounciation but in the wrong katakana. Mashiach is what I’m going with (Modern jewish English transliteration of Hebrew term for messiah, normal katakana マサヤフ)