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Minaki: I’ve finished removing the ZLAI system from Jinrai. After I install the DML and LIOH Systems, Jinrai will be ready to be piloted.

Ratsel: Hmm.

Touma: So Jinrai also uses a DML system….

Minaki: That’s right.

Touma: (Then, could I be the one to….)

Sanger: With this, Jinrai could really become the Dynamic General Guardian 3rd unit.

Minaki: No…. Considering all the things it has done so far, I don’t think it deserves that title.

Sanger: I see….

Ratsel: Jinrai was reborn through your efforts. There’s spare parts for the Double G units at Iti Iti Island. You can use those to repair the damaged portions.

Minaki: Thank you very much.

Ratsel: There’s also parts for making the legs of the Aussenseiter and DyGenGuard have more fidelity. If you need them, you can use them too.

Minaki: Thank you for your generosity.

Ratsel: If we’re able to convert Jinrai without any problems, then we can focus on finding a new pilot. Now that Hugo’s gone, we’re short one fighter….

Minaki: …I understand.

Ratsel: I’ll leave you to it.

Touma: (Hugo…. He’s really gone. People you just saw yesterday can vanish forever…. I thought I understood that, but now…)

Minaki: Touma… Thanks to you, I’m able to give Jinrai a new life.[1]

Touma: No, I was…

Minaki: Jinrai may not deserve the name of the Dynamic General Guardians…. But it’ll become a protector of this world, just like DyGenGuard and Aussenseiter.

Touma: In that case…. Shouldn’t you change its name?

Minaki: The name….

Touma: Yeah, if you’re changing its purpose….

Minaki: …I’ll think on it.


Aya: …How is Aqua?

Seolla: She hasn’t left her room since. Major Kai told us to let her rest for now….

Aya: I see…

Katina: This is because her old teacher is piloting the Medius Locus, isn’t it?

Aya: Yeah…. I’ve had an experience similar to that, but in her case, that’s not the only thing affecting her…

Shouko: I feel so bad for her….

Aya: It seems cruel, but unless she can directly confront Erde Mitte by herself, she’ll never be able to pull herself out of this….

Shoko: That’s….

Leona: She’ll make a decision soon, right?

Katina: That’s what I think. She’s stronger than she thinks.

Mai: … What do you think, Aya?

Ata: I agree with Katina. We’ll watch over her for now… And when she makes a decision, we’ll all support her.

Mai: Yeah…


Sean: Captain, We’ve risen to the surface. There do not appear to be any enemy units in the area.

Lefina:  Then please send out the units on patrol duty. After that, we’ll submerge again.

Sean: Roger that.

Lefina: Now then, Major Gilliam…. Do you have any new information?

Gilliam: My men have been contacted by Professor Hamill at the BF Base. It appears the Black Hole Engine and parts for the Mk-X have been finished. They want to send it here soon.

Lefina: How will they?

Gilliam: They’ll use a Federation transport ship. The crew and escorts will all be from Intelligence. We’ll be able to avoid pursuit from the Federation, but…

Lefina: It’s possible the Gaia Sabers will interfere.

Gilliam: I know the risk…. But we don’t have the time for anything else. And if they have trouble making contact with us, they can just turn around.

Lefina: Understood. I’ll be praying for their safety.

Chapter 43: Shining into One

Tsugumi: TD4 to Dragon 2. We’ve completed our patrol of Areas 24 to 35. No signs of any enemy activity.

Eun: Dragon 2 to TD4. We are proceeding on our planned course. Return to the ship via the usual rendezvous course.

Tsugumi: Roger.

Ibis: …

Tsugumi: You don’t seem to be in high spirits, Ibis.

Ibis: Yeah… I know this is a war, and I need to prepare myself…. We’ve gone through so much to get here…. And other people have gone through even more than we have… I’ve always known there were people who don’t make it…. I thought I knew…. But having someone close to me die like that….

Tsugumi: …. Yeah…

Ibis: I wonder how long this war is going to go on….

Tsugumi: Even when it’s hard, all we can do is move forward. If we don’t live on, the people we’ve lost will have died for nothing. It may just be words, but that’s all I can do right now.

Ibis: (That’s right…. We have to fly. For Filio, and for myself as well…)


Tsugumi: Somethings coming this way…. It’s!


Sleigh: Finding the Altairlion here…. This must be fate.

Ibis: Sleigh!

Tsugumi: Why is she here… and by herself?

Ibis: Could she be here to make amends…?

Tsugumi: After you used the GRaMXs on her last time? Do you really think her pride would allow that?

Ibis: …

Tsugumi: (But coming only in one machine…. There must be some reason.)

Sleigh: Meeting here… This is destiny working its hand. Before doing what that woman asked, I should finish what I set out to do.

Tsugumi: Ibis, she’s getting ready for battle!

Ibis: Then there’s only one thing we can do!

Sleigh: Hmm. So they know what I’m here for. I don’t want to admit it, but it looks like she understands what she must do.[2]


Sleigh: Before we end this, I have something I want to ask you. Ibis, what do you plan to do with the Altairlion?

Ibis: To fly through our galaxy…. And to protect our planet.

Sleigh: …

Ibis: Your turn. What will you do with the Vegalion?

Sleigh: …I don’t know….

Ibis: …!

Tsugumi: Sleigh…

Sleigh: I realized…. That I have nothing. I was in the Divine Crusaders and Project TD for my brother’s sake…. So I could make him happy… That’s all I wanted…

Ibis: ….

Sleigh: When I lost him, all I had left was the Series 77 units…. So to get the Altairlion back, I piloted this Vegalion, even if it wasn’t my brother’s work… Even if it was part of his plan, he didn’t put his soul into this machine…. It’s empty, just like me….

Tsugumi: …

Sleigh: After getting the Altairlion and Vegalion, I don’t know what I’ll do….

Ibis: Sleigh….

Sleigh: I’m terrible… I was jealous of you for getting the Astelion and the Altairlion…. I was jealous of you for inheriting my brother’s dream. It was like… It was like you took him away from me.

Ibis: I didn’t….

Sleigh: And that’s when I realized that I only had one thing left. Ibis…. I have to beat you.

Ibis: ….

Sleigh: This fight isn’t about my brother.  For myself, for my pride…. I have to defeat you!

Ibis: …Sleigh, you finally talked about yourself.

Sleigh: What?

Ibis: It was always about Filio… but if you’re coming at me for your own reasons…. I’ll give it my all as well!

Ibis: Sleigh! When I win, you’re going to listen to what I have to say!

Sleigh: That’s fine! But when I win…!

Ibis: What will you do?

Sleigh: I’ll… figure it out when it happens!

Chapter 43: Shining into One

Victory: defeat the Vegalion.

Defeat: Ibis is shot down

SR point: ???


Sleigh: Here I come, Ibis!

Ibis: I’m not going to lose, Sleigh! I’ll show you what we dreamed of with Filio!

*And again*

Sleigh: I’ll show you how strong my will is! My pride!

Ibis: It’s the same for me! My… I’ll show you my will, and why Filio left his dream to me!


Sleigh: Damn, the Stabilizer’s…!

Ibis: Now’s my chance! I won’t let it slip away!


Sleigh: !!

Ibis: You won’t run anymore! This is the end, Sleigh!

Sleigh: G-guh….. Shoot, Ibis…. I don’t want to live with this shame….!

Ibis: …

Sleigh: Send…. Send me to my brother…. I’m sure he’s scolding me…. I’m so stupid….

Ibis: Yeah! You’re stupid!

Sleigh: !

Ibis: I’ll scold you for Filio! What are you thinking, dying here?! Idiot! You stupid, stupid idiot!

Sleigh: Ibis….

Ibis: Who cares about living with shame?! When we were with the DC, I lost to you again and again and again… But I lived! I believed as long as I lived, I could fulfill my dreams!

Tsugumi: Ibis….

Ibis: There are so many people who die before they can fulfill their dreams…. Before they can accomplish what they should….! For their sake, we have to live until the very last, fighting with all of our strength! That’s why I fought on, and got this far…. From my own will… for my dreams!

Sleigh: …

Ibis: I need Altairlion and Vegalion for that dream… and I need you too, Sleigh!

Tsugumi: (Ibis… You put up a front so Sleigh would be able to satisfy herself…)

Ibis: You promised, Sleigh… That you’d listen to what I had to say… And you’re going to help us complete Filio’s dream.

Sleigh: …!

Ibis: Remember, Sleigh…. You said you weren’t in Project TD for your own sake, but…. Going to that sea of stars, making Filio’s wishes a reality…. Don’t you want to do that?

Sleigh: That… That’s…. Of course I do….

Ibis: That’s right, Sleigh. You just lost sight of your own dream.

Tsugumi: I’m asking you too. Not just for Filio’s sake, but for your sake as well. Come back to us. We share the same dream.

Sleigh: Ibis…. Tsugumi…


Ibis: !!

Tsugumi: From above!?

Araseli:  What are you doing here, Sleigh Presty? Challenging the Altairlion by yourself? Or are you joining up with the Steel Dragons?

Sleigh: Araseli Garcia!

Araseli: Whichever it is, that’s not very professional.

Sleigh: …!

Araseli: Now I’m with the Gaia Sabers. If you’re going with the Steel Dragons, that means I’ll have to target you as a traitor. With this Cylion. I’ll show everyone what Isurugi’s Cylion can do.

Ibis: Cylion…!

Sleigh: The successor to the Kalion…. The new mech from Isurugi using what they learned from Project TD….

Araseli: This isn’t a test machine like the Altairlion and the Vegalion, this is a real war machine. Or rather, you could say this is what Project TD’s future should look like.

Ibis: Shut up! The project isn’t about making that kind of thing!

Araseli: And yet, this machine exists. You should have already known, yes? Isurugi made Project TD to create a unit like this…. You’re not naïve enough to think otherwise, right?

Ibis: Gr…

Araseli: My employer wants the best weapons in the world. If you offer them the Altairlion and the Vegalion, they may consider going easy on you.

Ibis: I won’t hand over either of them! And we’re not going to fight you!

Araseli: Do you really think you have a choice?

Ibis: Right now, we should be fighting the Ruina, Guests, and Baral! This isn’t the time for humans to fight each other! Get out of here!

Araseli: …That’s a really odd way to beg for your life. Then we’ll take those machines by force. No need to take you alive.

Ibis: You’re saying… there’s no other way….

Tsugumi: Ibis, we’re incredibly outnumbered! We need to get out of here!

Araseli: It’s useless. The Cylion can easily keep up with Series 77. I’m willing to let you live…. For the future of Project TD.

Ibis: No way!

Tsugumi: Ibis!

Ibis: Tsugumi! Hyper 77! We’re doing it!

Tsugumi: Huh?!

Sleigh: You’re going to…!

Ibis: If we want to overcome the Cylion…No, if we want to advance the Altairlion and the Vegalion, that’s what we have to do!

Tsugumi: But it’s the hardest maneuver…. And we’ve never tested it!

Ibis: We’ve never practice before we try things! Same as always! We’re going to do it! The three of us!

Sleigh: Ibis….!

Ibis: Sleigh! You said the Vegalion was empty! That’s not right! Your machine has our…. It’s got Filio’s soul in it!

Sleigh: !! O-okay!

Tsugumi: I’m with you too, Ibis….! Prepare yourself! You need to do it right before we crash!

Ibis: Roger!

Tsugumi: Hyper 77, ready! Uploading Maneuver! I’ll take care of the timing! You focus on controlling the machines!

Sleigh: Roger!

Ibis: (Filio… I won’t ask you to lend us your strength! Instead, see what we can do! )

Tsugumi: Formation! Start!


Sleigh: Go, Vegalion!

Ibis: Fly, Altairlion! Filio’s dream is our dream! Series 77! Altair and Vega! Shining into one!


Tsugumi: Ibis, you control the mech! Sleigh, you’re in charge of the tesla drives and thrusters!

Ibis: I have control!

Tsugumi: Condition green! Tesla drives Alpha and Beta, Synchronization at 100%!

Sleigh: Contact!

Tsugumi: This machine is the end result of Project TD, the Hyperion…. And the proof that Filio lived.

Sleigh: (The proof that my brother lived…!)

Ibis: That’s…. the Hyperion…!

Araseli: Huh, they combined!

Ibis: I’ll say it again! Get out of here, Gaia Sabers!

Araseli: Idiots. It’s easier to capture one mech than two.

Ibis: I warned you!

*blow up dat bitch*

Araseli: What…! How are they so fast?

Ibis: You can’t catch us and our Hyperion!

Araseli: You still can’t see how outnumbered you are. All units, begin the attack. I don’t care if you kill them.

Sleigh: They’re coming, Ibis!

Ibis: Let’s go, you two! We’ll fight on until the day we fly through the galaxy with Filio’s dream!

Victory: All enemy units are shot down.

SR point: Within 6 turns, shoot down the Araceli’s Cylion with Ibis.

*V Araceli*

Araseli:  We’re done testing the Cylion. It’s ready. Even if there may be a difference in the machines, what actually matters in the end is how good the pilot is.

Ibis: I’ve trained with Project TD for so long! If I’m with Series 77, I won’t lose to anyone!

Araseli: I’m a professional! I’m not going to be put away by some little girl!


Tetsuya: All units, prepare to sortie!


Leona: Ibis, your machine…!

Ibis: The Final result of Project TD, the Hyperion. …Sleigh’s here, too.

Leona: She is?!

Sleigh: That’s right, Leona Garstein.

Leona: Hmm. So you finally found something you wanted, Sleigh.

Kusuha: Ibis and Sleigh together… this is what Project TD should be.

Ratsel: (My friend…. The wings to take them to the stars, and the radiance you left behind…. They have come together. I’ll protect the people you entrusted with your dream.)

Araseli: (So the Steel Dragons have come as well. If more people show up to take them down, than we can win. Elsewise, at the very least, this Cylion should be able to escape.) Everyone, continue the attack.

Defeat: Ibis is shot down, The Hagane is shot down

*back to fights*

Araseli: I-I can’t eject! The Cylion’s…!

*OR If Ibis kills him*

Araseli: You little brat!


Ibis: That’s why… I told you to run…

Sleigh: (Araseli Garcia…. You flew in the same skies as Ibis, but you wanted different things… And this is the end result of that. Now I can understand that.)

*kill everyone else*

Eita: All enemy signals have been lost. No remaining reactions.

Tetsuya: How’s Ibis?

Eita: Uninjured.

Sleigh: (Brother… From today, I’ll be following my own will…. And one day…. I’ll show you the Hyperion, fulfilling your dream.)

Ibis: Hyperion… It really feels like it’ll be able to fly through the galaxy.

Tsugumi: For that to happen, we’ll need to work together.

Ibis: I know. …TD4 to Dragon 2. Requesting permission to allow Sleigh Presty and the Vegalion to board.

Sleigh: Ibis…

Ibis: You’re with us now, Sleigh.

Sleigh: But up till now, I…

Ratsel: It’s not like the orbit around a star. Even when you take a detour, you will eventually end up back where you should be. The path you’ve taken until this day has surely benefited you.

Sleigh: Ratsel….

Ratsel: I’ll put in a good word with Commander Lefina.  So come with us. My good friend, Filio, wanted that as well.

Tsugumi: By the way… was there another reason you were coming to meet with us by yourself?

Sleigh: …That’s right, I… I was bringing a message to Commander Lefina Enfield from the CEO of Isurugi, Mitsuko Isurugi.

Tsugumi: What?!

Ratsel: From Mitsuko Isurugi?!


Lefina: What...?!

Sean: I find that hard to believe….

Sleigh: Mitsuko Isurugi must have considered that you’d have that reaction. That’s why I was chosen to bring the message.

Kai: Meaning it’s not impossible it’s a trap. I doubt either party would respond to that invitation.

Ratsel: However, he’s not the type to make a play unless he thinks he can win.

Gilliam: I think so too. There must be something they both stand to gain from this.

Viletta: If that’s the case, then wouldn’t he contact us directly instead of going through Mitsuko Isurugi and Sleigh?

Ratsel: He probably didn’t want us to read into his cards. And as for the reason to involve Isurugi…. It could be part of a larger feud.

Viletta: If that were true, then why would the Cylion…

Tetsuya:  This just keeps on getting more suspicious.

Sean: The point is, they’re telling us to confirm the information for ourselves before it can be altered like it was with the President.

Lefina: …

Tetsuya: I think it’s probably a trap. And getting to Iti Iti Island to resupply takes priority.  We don’t have the time to go to space.

Sean: I agree. I don’t want to play into their hands again.

Lefina: But what Professor Shirakawa is doing could help us get out of the situation we’re in.  For that…. I suggest we chose one unit to go to space by itself. What do you think?

Sean: That seems appropriate.

Tetsuya: I have no objections.

Lefina: Sleigh…. I think the Hyperion would be the best choice for this mission. Is it okay to ask for you to go to space with Ibis and Tsugumi?

Sleigh: I… I would take that duty as a kindness from you. And I would like to emphasize that my cooperation with Ibis is really what I want to do. I will accept this mission.


Ryuusei: So the Altairlion and the Vegalion combined…

Tsugumi: Well, they were named after the stars Altair and Vega. Just like those two stars, Series 77 was meant to bring them together.

Mizuho: So does that 77 represent the Japanese Star Festival[3]?

Tsugumi: Yes. That’s one reason for the name.

Ryuusei: Then wouldn’t you want to call it the Tanabatalion instead of the Hyperion?

Kouta: You really suck at names, man.

Ibis: Anyway, Sleigh is going to fight with us now.

Tsugumi: I hope we can all get along.

Kusuha: Yeah…. I’m glad she’s come back to us.

Leona: I’m looking forward to having the Comet and the Shooting Star working together again.

Sleigh: I plan to do what I can.

Ibis: Sleigh, I want you to meet a friend of mine. …Irui, could you come here?

Irui: …

Sleigh: A kid like this on a warship…

Tsugumi: A lot happened, so now we’re looking after her.

Ibis: Irui, this is my colleague, Sleigh Presty. She’s Number 1 of Project TD, and she’s the pilot of the Vegalion. She’s aiming to go to the sea of stars with Tsugumi and I.

Irui: To the ocean… of stars….

Ibis: Sleigh, be nice to Irui.

Sleigh: Sure…

Irui: …. (Sea… of stars…)


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[1] Lit.  attach a correctly chosen heart

[2] Lit. Root Portion meets my feelings. JAPANESE LADIES AND GENTS

[3] 7/7. Star bridge between two lovers represented by Vega and Altair. Lovey dovey shit.