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*Heaven’s Gate*

Rof: I’m sorry to keep you waiting, commander.

Zezernan: It was a long time coming, but we finally managed to get a foothold in this base. It’s nice.

Rof: What’s our next plan?

Zezernan: A mercenary from Goraikenel like yourself wouldn’t know, of course… But this is the plant I prepared for the EOT Special Council. It’s how I proved to them I would side with them against the Zovorg.[1]

Rof: (That’s happened…?)

Zezernan: Once we finish up here, we can resume our invasion of Earth. This time the monkeys won’t expect us. We’ll destroy their nests.

Seti: Is that okay?

Zezernan: Yes…. The monkeys need a good whipping to keep them in line for the coming future. We don’t need any more of them becoming like that man.

Rof: If we’re about to start something big, isn’t it dangerous to go listen to his request yourself? I can’t think it’s anything but a trap.

Zezernan: That’s why I’m taking you and Chafrois with me as guards. This is all according to plan.

Seti: …Zeb and I said the same things to the commander, but he didn’t listen. Do you think something fishy is going on?

Rof: It’s dangerous. Maybe there’s a reason he has to present himself….

Seti: It seems that way. Not that I’m complaining about fighting alongside you. No complaints from your end either, right?

Rof: …. I just take orders from my boss.

Seti: That’s all?

Rof: It’s… not like it was. It’s not like…. When we were together.

Seti: (…Rof…)

Chapter 44: Singularity Collapse

Chika: Hey, Master.

Shu: What is it, Chika?

Chika: Will that Zezernan guy really show? It’s getting close to the time we set.

Shu: He’ll come.  I set some bait that he would be interested in.

Monika: What do you mean by bait?

Shu: The Gaia Sabers, the Elemental Lords, the Steel Dragons…. Even I am part of the bait.

Saphine: Ah, so the reason you asked me to contact Yang Long….

Shu: …was to get them to come here. All 4 of the Elemental Lords.

Chika: How is that bait? I don’t get it.

Shu: I’ve heard that Sir Zezernan, high commander of the Guests, likes to supervise great battles himself. If I gather All the pieces onto one board, I believe he’ll certainly want to see for himself what’s happening. Also, I sent him something. When he sees it, there’s no way he’ll stay calm.

Saphine: What was it?

Shu: Heheh… If I told you now It’d be no fun. Just enjoy this.

Terius: So if we do get this Zezernan to show up, what are we going to do? I don’t think you called him here just to meet him.

Shu: …

Chika: There’s Zezernan to think about, but that Alteur person from the Gaia Sabers will come as well, right? Master, you haven’t met him before, right?

Shu: Yes. Most likely, it’ll be our first meeting.

Terius: Most likely? Have you met him or not?

Shu: I’d like to know that myself. Heheh.

Chika: I’m totally lost about all of this. Whenever you start talking all mysterious like that, there’s something you’re hiding… Like you’re trying to get people to think there’s a trick up your sleeve, or you’re trying to bluff your way through something…. Or you think something might be a hint towards things yet to come, but just asking would comprise your position.

Shu: …Be quiet, Chika.

Saphine: Alteur Steinbeck…. He seems like such a busy man. Will he accept our invitation?

Shu: He will.   It seems he’s a fan theatrical politics…. Or maybe he thinks he can use this situation to his advantage.

Saphine: And that’s what you’ll take advantage of?

Shu: Of course. I’d prefer it if the Steel Dragons could move around more freely…. So I’m going to help them out.

Saphine: I’ll help you out, if you know what I mean~[2]

Shu: …. So are you ready?

Saphine: Yes. I can record through your Granzon, and access the net….

Chika: Ah, master! The guests have arrived!

Shu: Then let’s begin the show…. One even more spectacular than the Antarctic Incident.

*Oh hi*

Seti: The Granzon…. That’s the real thing, all right.

Rof: That’s all the mechs they brought?

Seti: Even still, don’t let your guard down. And I don’t get why you have to be in a Lige. Seriously, I really like it when the people I protect want to be protected.

Rof: Stop right there. You’re speaking to your superior.

Zezernan: … Chafrois, Lacrein, you are not to listen in on the line between Shu Shirakawa and I. Understood?

Rof: Yes, sir.

Seti: (What…? Is there something he doesn’t want us to hear?)

Shu: It’s been a long time, Sir Teniquette Zezernan. Since that time in Antarctica, I believe. You were head secretary at that time, if I remember correctly.

Zezernan: Hmmph. Thanks to your little stunt, the talk was called off... It was quite difficult getting out of that mess. It took a lot of time and money to get me back to the Earth Sphere. It’s all your fault.

Shu: However, thanks to that, Wendolo, who I believe you were targeting, is now gone. Correct?

Zezernan: He was just a kid who went against my plan and got involved with the rebellious faction of the Privy Council.[3] Of course the monkeys would take him down.

Shu: (Rebels…. I see.)

Shu: By the way, Sir Zezernan. As I mentioned to you before, I would ask of you to please refrain from fighting here.

Zezernan: Do you really think you’re in a position to give me orders?

Shu: If you were to fire upon us, it would cause a disturbance for the other people we have invited here.

Zezernan: What….? There are people besides us coming here?

Shu: Yes. If this becomes a battle, you won’t be able to get the information you require, correct?

Zezernan: ….

Shu: …. It seems they have arrived.

*Oh hey*

Egretta: Well well…. Looks like there’s already a party going on.

Almara: The Guests are here too…!

Carly: So it was a trap! Prepare the front cannons and the EAAM launcher to fire!

Alteur: Wait.

Carly: Commander?!

Alteur: I’m not going to fall for Shu Shirakawa’s tricks. We didn’t come here for the Guests.

Carly: But Professor Shirakawa has nothing the Guests…

Alteur: All hands, wait for my command.

Carly: …Roger.

Operator: Commander, there’s an incoming line from Shu Shirakawa’s Granzon.

Alteur: …Send it to the command room. Use a SSS line, and make sure no one can hear us. Tell him to use it as well.

Operator: Roger.

Alteur: Captain, I leave this to you.

Carly: Sir.

Egretta: What, we’re not fighting them? How boring.

Almara: Lord Alteur must be planning something. We should wait and see.

Egretta: Hmmph, if that’s an order from the Omega Savior. I’ll wait.

Alteur: …Can you hear me, Professor Shirakawa? This is the Commander of the Gaia Sabers, Alteur Steinbeck.

Shu: Commander Alteur…. Thank you for responding to my invitation.

Alteur: What is this? I was not told the Guests would be here as well.

Shu: But you did not order an attack. Meaning you’re interested in why I called you here… Correct?

Alteur: Hmm…. What are you planning?

Shu: First, I have someone I want you to meet. Let me introduce you to the commanding officer of the Guest forces, Sir Teniquette Zezernan.

Zezernan: …!

Shu: Sir Zezernan, Commander Alteur Steinbeck of the Gaia Sabers is aboard that ship.

Alteur : …

Shu: Sir Zezernan has been negotiating behind closed doors with the earth since before the DC wars, and he attempted to have the earth sign unfair treaties with his people. And Commander Alteur, you were the one who schemed to take control of the Earth Sphere by “assassinating” the president before you.

Alteur: (So that’s what he’s up to. I won’t fall for that, Shu Shirakawa.) The ones who assassinated the president were the Steel Dragons. I won’t have you speaking such nonsense.

Shu: Is that so? It seems the public are saying that you’re a suspect as well.

Alteur: Baseless speculation and slander. Do they have proof?

Shu: No. However, I have worked alongside the Steel Dragons… I can only say that it is very strange to think of them killing the president. In fact, I think it’s more likely that it’s your work.

Alteur: Are you accusing me?

Zezernan: Enough of the monkey politics. Shu Shirakawa, why have you called us here?

Shu: Currently, the earth is facing the threats of the Ruina and the Baral. The black cover that enveloped the earth earlier…. I believe it’s possible something like that will happen again. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need the earth and those who live on it to be alive. What do you think?  Should we call a temporary cease fire between the Guests and the Earth Forces? If you two worked together, you could be able to rout the Ruina and the Baral.

Zezernan: Ridiculous. We have the moon in our grasp. You monkeys are in a position to surrender, not to declare a cease fire.

Alteur: We are the Gaia Sabers, those who protect the Earth Sphere. We will not shake hands with aliens. (No, wait…. Could setting us up here be that man’s true objective? But the Guests should be his enemy as well…. What’s the point of bringing us into this? Or…. Has he figured it out?)

Shu: The protectors of the earth, you said, Commander Alteur. Then…. How do you explain the destruction of Asakusa by your mass-produced machines a few days back?

Alteur: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Shu: There was a Guest reconnaissance machine in the area. Lord Zezernan, what do you think of that?

Zezernan: (I see, Shu Shirakawa… You’re planning on using us to ensnare the Gaia Sabers. Fine, I’ll bite.) …I don’t have any recollections of ordering that.

Shu: What about the reconnaissance unit that appeared directly before President Grusman’s death?

Zezernan: The same.

Alteur: How reckless, Shu Shirakawa. No one will believe the words of Aliens.

Shu: Just as you said earlier…. Are you accusing me? Hahaha.

Alteur: …

Shu: Then it’s time for the main event. Earlier, I sent Sir Zezernan something. And Commander Alteur, earlier I gave you secret information regarding the Guests.

Alteur: (There were images, but it was something I had to confirm for myself.)

Zezernan: How did you come to obtain that?

Shu: Well then… Would you like to try to reason it out?

Zezernan: Are you challenging me?  They were diagrams for explaining the theory of Phase Shift Singularities…. In other words, they’re explaining the inner workings of the Granzon. Where did you get them? They were completely sealed in the black box, which means it should be impossible to examine them. Especially for you earth monkeys.

Shu: …

Zezernan: Don’t tell me you studied and figured it out yourself. That’s at least 10 years beyond your current earth monkey mathematics.

Shu: You really are quite ignorant of peoples other than your own. The earth sphere has contacted foreign bodies you could not even imagine, and has gained an influx of skills from them.

Zezernan: Even if you had already understood the secrets of the Empire, to solve that would mean….

Shu: It didn’t take very long.

Zezernan: Hah, idiotic. There’s no way you earth monkeys could understand it.

Shu: My my, you seem so very stubborn. Well, that’s fine. In any case, it seems that the last of the parties I invited has come.


Masaki: I’m here, Shu! Just when you asked!

Shu: It seems you didn’t get lost this time, Masaki.

Kuro: Uh, about that….

Shiro: We left early and got lost…. We met some weird monsters along the way…

Kuro: And then, we sorta stumbled our way here.

Masaki: S-shut it! It turned out fine, right?

Shu: I see…. I guess that’s something only you could do.

Masaki: Hmm… It seems your memories have returned, Shu.

Chika: Oh, Master. It looks like the others are arriving, too.

Tytti: Masaki, you were here! I was worried that you had gotten lost somewhere…

Kuro: Well, about that…

Masaki: You don’t have to repeat yourself!

Mio: Wooooah, we’re really in space! I know Masaki said so, but I guess the Elemental Lords really can work in space.

Goku: By the way, mi’lady, look down.

Mio: “The Earth is Blue… How wonderful. How amazing.” Or something like that. [4]

Saphine: Oooh, looks like everyone’s here.

Yang Long: You did call for us, after all. And on either side of the Granzon, I see a whole bunch of soldiers. How did that happen?

Saphine: Hmm, how indeed? I just follow Shu’s orders.

Tytti: What are all those soldiers doing here…?

Masaki: Since I got some information earlier, I know this one. Over there are the aliens called the Guests, and on the other side are the Gaia Sabers.

Mio: Gaia Sabers? You mean the guy from that old game?

Hakkai: Ma’am, you’re thinking of something else.

Masaki: What? Mio, who’s talking?

Mio: Later, later. It looks like we’re interrupting something.

Shu: Welcome, all. First, let me introduce you. On this side, we have Commander Alteur Steinbeck of the Gaia Sabers…

Alteur: …

Shu: And on this side, we have Sir Teniquette Zezernan, Commander of the Guests.

Zezernan: So those are the Elemental Lords. This energy resonance…. It’s certainly more powerful than what Earth’s military techniques can make.

Shu: Heh, the Elemental lords are only the tip of the iceberg.

Zezernan: Hmm… Seeing this, I think I understand. The Empire is also going to set its eyes upon Earth.

Alteur: …

Zezernan: But a civilization that came this far through military advancement alone is dangerous. Under our management we’ll get you on the right path. If we don’t, you’ll destroy the whole galaxy. I’m not going to say this again. Drop your weapons and surrender. You’re monkeys with guns you don’t know how to use. You can’t beat us.

Mio: What’s with that high-and-mighty way of talking? It’s gross.

Masaki: It was Zezernan, right? Your predecessors said the same thing and we beat them to a pulp!

Zezernan: Don’t lump me in with Wendolo and those small timers. We’re not inspectors, we’re an actual part of our country’s military.

Alteur: Not very convincing, considering how we wrecked you in our first fight.

Zezernan: Watch your words, Alteur.  Would you like to see some lunar cities annihilated?

Alteur: Heh.

Zezernan: (What? Why is he laughing?) Fine, barbarians like you only react to force. You will know our power. Chafrois! Lacrein! Begin the attack!

Seti: …Sounds like it’s our turn, Rof.

Rof: Yeah. If we sink the Gaia Sabers’ flagship, we’ll be unstoppable in the fights to come.

Shu: So it’s come to this? Well, I planned for this. Before the battle begins, though, I have something to show you. Especially you, Sir Zezernan.


Zezernan: !!

Masaki: What are you doing Shu?! Are you going to fight us?

Shu: You always jump to conclusions. That was not an attack. That was simply the after effects of the singularity collapsing.

Zezernan: No… No way! Impossible! You earth monkeys could never understand that principle!

Shu: How naïve. The principle itself is not so difficult. The only bottleneck was producing the needed energy.

Zezernan: G-gaaaaaaaah!

Shu: In any case, this nullifies your trump card. You’ll have to do better from here on. And isn’t attacking as you are forbidden by your country? That’s why you’ve been acting in secret. Getting involved with something like this can’t be good for your position.

Zezernan: Hmmph. You really think they have any idea what I’m doing?

Shu: (I wonder about that…. Considering the other pipe.)

Masaki: What is going on! I don’t understand this at all!

Shu: Then I’ll explain. The Granzon isn’t just a piece of EOT from Meteo 3, but a machine made with guest technology.

Masaki: What?! Why is that…

Shu: Because Lord Zezernan was interrupted by the untimely arrival of the Aerogaters, he decided to take the initiative by giving Earthlings some bait. So in order to analyze the information, and to prove we could use it properly, we decided to begin development on the Granzon.

Masaki: Prove to who?

Shu: We thought that if we couldn’t show that Earthlings could understand the concept, we would be treated harsher. To put it simply, we were going to wag our tail for our master.

Masaki: Why would we…

Shu: Before the DC wars… When we were still terrified of the Aerogaters, there was a group of humans who thought only of making sure that they survived. So they established contact with the Guests. They themselves were worried that their own plans would be obstructed by the Aerogaters…. So it was probably good timing.  And then, that handful of humans asked for protection from the Guests, who were open to negotiation, unlike the Aerogaters. Basically, they took the conditions Sir Zezernan suggested, effectively surrendered to the Guests, and secured the continuance of the Earth Sphere and humanity.

Masaki: Wait, I’ve heard this story…. That was when you…

Shu: That’s right, the Antarctic Incident. Sir Zezernan was there as well. He pulled off an elaborate ruse of pretending to be aboard an Aerogater battleship…

Zezernan: …

Shu: That was to keep your identity concealed, right? Or was it to claim the trophies for yourself?

Zezernan: You bastard….!

Shu: …Back to our tale. The Granzon’s core is powered by a singularity using Guest technology. It’s basically a black hole powering the system. At the time, part of the system had been hidden in a black box, so analyzing it was impossible. The Guests did give us one good trick, though. By shifting the phase of the singularity, you could fix it to a certain phase. A regular singularity will warp space and time, but by keeping it on a fixed phase, the density of the rate of occurrence for certain phenomenon could also be changed.

Masaki: But what does that mean?

Mio: Uh… I guess the frequency of coincidences?

Shu: That’s right. As long as the Granzon exists, the frequency of unusual events on the earth and chaos could be controlled… That is what has happened.

Masaki: That’s… ridiculous!

Shu: Haven’t you thought it strange until now? That in such a short time, so many aliens came to attack the Earth…. And the Einst, the Shadow Mirror, the Ruina, and the Shura came from other dimensions. Why did they all come to this earth…?

Masaki: You’re saying that was all Granzon’s fault?!

Shu: You could say that, but it was not by my wishes, only by the mechanism. And I’m sure some things that happened were independent of the Granzon.  And the fact that the boundary lines between parallel worlds are ambiguous may be caused by the earth itself.

Alteur: (That’s right. That’s exactly right.)

Shu: Though I’ve collapsed the singularity, the world will probably not escape from this whirlpool of confusion. The die has already been cast.

Tytti: It’s not exactly a satisfying explanation…

Shu: In any case, when looking through human history, no times have been as dire as they are now. And the person who planned to use that chaos and monopolize the military knowledge used by earth…. That would be you, Sir Zezernan.

Zezernan: Impossible…. No, it can’t be! That a lowly being like an earthling could understand those principles!

Shu: I certainly did have trouble finding an energy with the right characteristics to suppress the singularity. But when I became involved in a fight with a certain set of individuals, I found a hint towards that energy.

Zezernan: Who were they?!

Shu: You don’t need to know that.

Masaki: (Could he be taking about Dark Brain…?)

Shu: I pity you for you for thinking you could control me or Granzon…. But that does not mean I forgive you for manipulating me. So I wanted to bring it to light in front of this audience. With this, maybe your authority won’t last as long as you figured.

Alteur: (I need to contact Nibhal and have him inform Grey about this. If I do that, Zezernan will…)

Shu: Now we move onto you, Commander Alteur Steinbeck.

Alteur: What…?

Operator: C-captain! Look at this!

Carly: What is it?

Operator: This is being broadcast to the net!

Carly: !!


Alteur: So by coming here, I can interpret this as saying that you’ve accepted our request?

Zezernan: In exchange for the moon, we’ll stop our attacks. It’s a condition worth consideration. If you’re willing to give it, it’d be stupid to waste military resources trying to take it by force. And this better not be some kind of farce like the Antarctic Incident. You didn’t just refuse to be obedient, you rose up in revolt.

Alteur: That revolt was the work of the DC. And soon I’ll have control over the Earth Sphere.

Zezernan: I find that hard to believe.

Alteur: I have a way to get the authority and power I need. All I have to do is get rid of the one hindering that, the President. Or no, he’s already been removed. Thanks to the Steel Dragons.

Carly: What is this? We’re using an SSS line! Why is it transmitting outside!

Operator: I-I don’t know!

Carly: And who would believe such slander! Who would do this…! Find the broadcasting source!

Saphine: Oh, there’s no need for that. It’s me.

Carly: What?! How?!

Saphine: Magic… among other things. I sampled some of the audio from their conversation with Shu. I made up the dialogue on my own, though. I could make it a love story, if you wanted~.

Chika: A love story between those two…. Uuuuugh! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

Terius: But… You’re not a goose.[5]

Carly: Damn! Shoot that mech and stop the transmission!

Alteur: Wait, Captain.

Carly: But having that shown….!

Alteur: I don’t care. If we act carelessly, it’ll have the opposite effect.

Shu: I am aware that this is a hackneyed approach. However, I am also aware that people look for the truths that hide in falsehoods.

Alteur: That kind of video can be easily faked, and it won’t be something you can use for proof. You cannot wrest me from my authority so easily.

Shu: Of course, I don’t think it will oust you overnight. And yet, you have already gathered your forces, and are at the same location as Sir Zezernan…. You have no alibi, and we can prove you’re here.

Alteur: I see, so your goal was to raise suspicion of me. That will help my political enemies…. Or perhaps garner support for the Steel Dragons.

Shu: Exactly.

Alteur: You are interesting. Rather than causing my decline, you are interested in restoring the Steel Dragons’ honor.

Shu: They are incredibly useful. As you are no doubt aware.

Alteur: Heh….

Shu: Judging from the sudden growth of the Gaia Sabers, it would seem that there are people in the government and upper echelons, while few, who don’t agree with you. Suspicion breeds scandal, and depending on how shocking it is, the world’s ears will open up. And that won’t just effect your opponents, but those on the sidelines, waiting to choose a side, too.

Alteur: The mob always clamors.

Shu: But if you were involved with the death of the president, like the Steel Dragons are insisting… If people discover that, as the Steel Dragons claimed, they continued to request to follow the proper chain of command to the end of its investigation… The people who championed the establishment of the Gaia Sabers will quickly lose their footing. And then they will begin to pull the strings to protect you less, and support your political opponents. People who are afraid of another rebel group like the DC will perhaps begin to support the one power that can stand against you, the Steel Dragons.

Alteur: I’m a man of the establishment. There’s no reason I’d cause a rebellion. And the Gaia Sabers are the sword that protects the Earth.

Shu: That blade seems to have a few too many suspicious stains on its body.

Alteur: There’s no such thing as a completely incorruptible organization. If you continue to deliver concrete results, the people will respect that. No matter what suspicions they may hold.

Shu: You’re quite confident.

Alteur: Hmm… I’ve built up defenses from all the dangers I’ve faced up to this point. I didn’t just guess Zezernan’s plans, but I also read right into your hand, too.

Shu: …

Alteur: … Captain. Fire at the guests while retreating.

Carly: Forgive me, sir. If we fall back here, it will work to their favor. And this is a perfect opportunity to take out the Guest ringleader…

Alteur: We can’t waste resources here. We need to worry about the Ruina.

Carly: But letting this slip by would be…!

Alteur: (The Guests don’t matter anymore.) We’re leaving, Captain. That’s an order.

Carly: Y-yes, sir.

Zezernan: They’re attacking! Return fire!

Carly: All hands! Retreat while providing cover fire!

Egretta: Aww, and their leader was right there, too.

Almara: Let’s go, Egretta.

Egretta: Yeah.


Masaki: They’re getting away!

Mio: Now it’s just us! What are we going to do?!

Zezernan: You’re outnumbered. If you hand over the Granzon and the Elemental Lords, I’ll spare your little monkey lives.

Shiro: Not all of us are monkeys!

Gojou: That’s really rude, you know.

Kuro: But seriously, who are you?

Masaki: Could they be Mio’s familiars?

Zezernan: You think you have time to talk about that? What’s your answer?

Masaki: You’re the same as Wendolo. You think you’re so much better than us.

Zezernan: What’s wrong with calling monkeys monkeys? Not only do you look like them, you’re nothing more than barbarians on the galactic scale. Your stupid species can’t even form into a single country, so we offered to help you. You should be grateful.

Masaki: If you’re here to go after the earth, that means we can’t let you through.

Yang Long: Masaki, you need to be stay out of matters involving the surface.

Masaki: No, Lord Feil told us that the pilots of Elemental Lords have a mission. That’s to give their all to fight against threats to the world. Right now, the surface is in danger. I’m not going to just sit back and watch. It’s not just La Gias that I have friends in. So I’m fighting! Right here, Right now!

Mio: Masaki, I’ll help, too!

Tytti: Me too. I won’t let them use the world as their plaything.

Yang Long: I don’t particularly want to stick my neck out for the surface, but I agree with what you said. I’ll participate too.

Zezernan: Just as I thought, you’re fools. What do you plan to do with only your paltry forces?

Yang Long: A wise soldier can use anything as an advantage.[6] Don’t think you’ve won just because you have an advantage in numbers.

Shu: Saphine, Terius, Monika. You head back.

Saphine: What about you, Shu?

Shu: I want Sir Zezernan to understand the Granzon’s power a bit better.

Masaki: Oh? I thought you’d be in a hurry to get out of here.

Ranshao: Master, do you think he has some ulterior motive?

Yang Long: Yeah. We can’t trust him.

Chika: How rude! Master may look evil, but he’s actually a really nice person! Ah! But just cause I said that, that doesn’t mean he’s a tsundere or anything!

Shu: …Chika, shut up.

Kuro: …I can’t really say anything to that.

Terius: …I hate stuff like this, so I’m going home. See ya.

Monika: I will also depart. Masaki, Yang Long, I hope to see you again.

Yang Long: Queen Monica…. No, I’m sure she won’t forget.

Saphine: …

Shu: What is it, Saphine?

Saphine. I’ll stay and help you. If I leave like this, I won’t have an outlet for my frustration.

Shu: Hmmph, fine by me.

Rof: So the Granzon stayed. We can’t let our guard down against him.

Seti: We won’t have many chances like this. We’ll capture the Elemental Lords and the Granzon!

Chapter 44: Singularity Collapse

Victory: Within 6 turns, destroy more than 20 units not including the Lige-Geios, the Beaudrifer, and the Zeidram, or survive to the 7th turn.

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down.

SR Point: Within 5 turns, lower the Lige-Geios to less than 35000HP.

*Masaki V Seti*

Seti: I’m confident in my speed, too.

Masaki: There was a woman who said something like that a while ago. I’ll tell you the same thing I told her: Prepare yourself!

*Rof V Masaki*

Rof: Cybuster…! I’ll see your speed and power for myself!

Masaki: You might want to rethink that, unless you want a black eye!

*Blow up a bunch*

Zezernan: I guess I should be impressed. Great job on the whole being reckless thing. But after being a part of this farce, getting damaged more here would be beneath me. I’m leaving.

*Bye SR point*

Seti: If the commander’s not here, there’s no real reason for us to be here, either…. I guess I lost today. See you.

*Seti goes*

Rof: I guess you have to know when to retire. The Elemental Lords, and the Granzon…. They’re formidable foes, as expected.

*Bye Rof*

*if you do damage to Zezernan*

Zezernan: I guess I should be impressed. Great job on the whole being reckless thing. But after being a part of this farce, getting damaged more here would be beneath me. I’m leaving.

*Bye SR point*

Seti: Oh, we’re leaving already? And he was so arrogant before the fight.

Rof: (I think he jumped to his conclusion too quickly…)

Masaki: That bastard…He said some pretty boastful stuff, but he’s already run away.

Shu: (Heh. We’ll meet again, Sir Zezernan.)

*kill the rest*

Seti: If the commander’s not here, there’s no real reason for us to be here, either…. I guess I lost today. See you.

*Seti goes*

Rof: I guess you have to know when to retire. The Elemental Lords, and the Granzon…. They’re formidable foes, as expected.

*Bye Rof*

Kuro: Masaki, all the enemy readings have vanished.

Masaki: Okay.

Shu: …Masaki, I have something I want you to take care of.

Masaki: Well this is a strange turn of events. You asking me to do something for you? That’s suspicious as hell.

Yang Long: That’s true…. What are you scheming?

Shu: I’m considering handing it over to you. My Tronium.

Masaki: What?!

Kuro: R-really?!

Mio: What’s this Tronium thingy? I think I’ve heard of it before.

Masaki: It’s a rare metal that can offer incredible energy. The SRX’s engine and the Hagane’s Buster Cannon use it.

Mio: The Hagane…. Ah, so that’s where I heard about it.

Masaki: There are 6 pieces of Tronium on the earth, and one of them was missing…. So you had it, Shu.

Shu: Yes, it was given to me by Professor Bian.

Masaki: Why are you giving it to me now?

Shu: I just think the Steel Dragons could use it. You’re going to meet up with them, right?

Masaki: …Yeah.

Shu: Then I’ll send you the case, so take it.

Masaki: Kuro, scan the case.

Kuro: Got it.

Masaki: (There’s got to be another reason he’s doing this….)

Kuro: Masaki, the case has no weird devices or anything. But I don’t know if the Tronium is the real deal or not.

Shu: Of course it’s the real thing.

Masaki: Shu…. What are you really after?

Shu: From my conversation with Sir Zezernan earlier, I figured you’d be able to guess.

Masaki: There’s something else, too.

Shu: There’s certainly items I still need to research. I don’t plan to get involved in your little problems.

Masaki: You expect me to believe that?

Saphine: Hey, hey. We helped you out, didn’t we?

Yang Long: There’s no way we could trust what you say. And besides, this was all probably planned out by Shu.

Shu: The earth is in more danger than you know. It’s possible that it could become a serious threat to La Gias as well, given the chance.

Yang Long: …

Shu: If you don’t trust my words… What about what Masaki said earlier about the pilots of the Elemental Lords having a duty?

Masaki: …Get out of here. But if you do anything strange…

Shu: Heh. I’ll remember that. Well then.

Saphine: See you again~

Tytti: …I wonder what’s really happening.

Masaki: While I can’t trust him… I think I believe what he said there.

Shiro: You’re being pretty specific there.

Kuro: Masaki, something’s getting closer to us.

*sup Hyperion*

Rio: It IS the Elemental Lords…. It’s Masaki!

Ibis: Why are they here…?

Irm: Maybe Shu called him as well?

Masaki: You guys came at a good time. I’m going to team up with the Steel Dragons for a while. And I want to talk to you about what Shu said earlier.

*Iti Iti Island*

Jacob: I’ve reviewed the video data from Zezernan and Alteur’s meeting. It doesn’t seem authentic, so it won’t be admissible as evidence.

Sean: Well, it is a fake video.

Jacob: But they say there’s no smoke where there’s no fire, and Alteur is being summoned by the Federation government.  He’s being asked to report what happened. Of course, they didn’t just ask him… They’ve summoned you as well, Colonel Lefina.

Lefina: I understand the Order, but Alteur….

Jacob: We’re also asking him for an explanation. But the video wasn’t authentic, so he refused, giving the reason that he’s busy carrying out his campaign. And of course, he’s continuing to refuse to authorize our investigation into the president’s death.

Lefina: So for the Federation government…

Jacob: Of course, they’re continuing to claim you’re guest conspirators and that you assassinated the president. But even Alteur can’t refuse the summons forever. If he can’t prove his innocence in a public place, then the suspicions surrounding him will grow. And they don’t have the luxury of being MIA like you do.

Sean: But he should be able to postpone the summons. By claiming that he has a severe illness and is in the hospital, or something like that.

Jacob: I don’t think a hospital ploy would work… But considering the state of emergency, claiming that he’s engaged in a counter-offensive against the Ruina or the Guests…. In the time that buys him, he’ll probably try to gather what evidence he can and pull some strings.

Lefina: In that case, we should….

Jacob: Thanks to that video, there are more people objecting to the Gaia Sabers…. People who believe you were set up by them. Also, people who were opposed to Grusman in the government have begun to spread their rumors about the Gaia Sabers.  And Grand Marshal Gaspard, who is stalling the congressional approval of the PGS, has withdrawn the warrant for your arrest.

Tetsuya: ! Really?

Jacob: Yes, he’s managed that through his bargaining. But you’re still discharged from the military…. So we still can’t appear as if we’re supporting you. The Federation army will stop pursuing you, though.

Lefina: Still, that’s really helpful.

Jacob: But it’s not like they’ve fixed your reputation. The Gaia Sabers still view the Steel Dragons as traitors, and will treat you as such.

Tetsuya: While it may have been part of a trap, the fact is that my ship was what killed president Grusman. That sin is…

Jacob: You have to expose Alteur’s plots and bring him to justice. Think of it as getting rid of one of the many crises that are plaguing the earth and yourselves.

Tetsuya: …Yes, sir.

Lefina: What should we do next?

Jacob:  While you should continue to be an independent force influencing the events… for the time being, please stay on standby at Iti Iti Island.  And I’m repeating myself, but because you are not officially involved with the federation, we have no responsibility towards your wellbeing.

Lefina: …Yes, sir.

Jacob: And the Gaia Sabers are likely to try either reconnaissance or direct attacks on you in the future.

Sean: And though they may be suspicious at the moment, the Federation has no reason to step in to stop them.

Jacob: That’s right. I know your current predicament is difficult, but in order to expose Alteur’s plot, I hope you’ll continue working with us, even if we have to use these measures.

Lefina: Roger.

Jacob: Grand Marshall Gaspard is expecting to involve you in the battles against the Ruina and the Guests to come. Especially against the Ruina, as the Re-Tech machines are thought to be the key to our victory against them…. If it comes to it, you may be asked to strike the heart of the enemy, like you did with the White Star or the Swordian battle fortress.

Sean: And you’re saying you won’t be able to support us when we do?

Jacob: I wouldn’t go that far. I’ll pull some strings.

Lefina: Understood.

Jacob: Finally, a private company has sent you some supplies. It’ll arrive at Iti Iti Island in a camouflaged ship.

Lefina: Which company?

Jacob: Centrum Express…. The CEO is Lt. Aqua Centrum’s grandfather. Her father, Senator Taylor Centrum, requested that some supplies be sent your way.

Lefina: We’re incredibly grateful… but will it be a problem for him?

Jacob: It’s being listed as disaster relief. And you’re not the only stop on the transport’s list. But the senator did have one request. He doesn’t want Lt. Aqua to know who sent the supplies.

Sean: …What could his reason be?

Jacob: He doesn’t want her to think he’s being overprotective, apparently.

Sean: I see.

Jacob: That is all. I will contact you again later.

Sean: Not just Lt. General Jacob and Aqua’s father…. But Professor Shirakawa and Isurugi’s CEO… In the end, we’ve made some powerful allies.

Tetsuya: I’m not sure about Shu Shirakawa, and as for Mitsuko Isurugi….

Sean: She sent Sleigh Presty and the Vegalion to us with the information about Professor Shirakawa, though. Regardless of her intentions, it’s what Ibis wanted.

Lefina: That’s true…. Though it could also be to keep us quiet.

Sean: Certainly…. The Mercenary band that Sleigh belonged to was being supplied by Isurugi Industries.  But if we went public with that, not only will they have to investigate her, but every part of Project TD, including us. Well, it’s probably too convoluted to tell her real intentions.

Lefina: It’s not quite the same, but…. Having Professor Shirakawa and Ms. Isurugi on our side…. It feels like we’re not too different from the Gaia Sabers… From Alteur.


Ratsel: So the Granzon was hiding a secret like that….

Masaki: And because of that secret, that Zezernan person from the Guests has been setting up stuff since a long time ago, trying to make a pass at the earth.

Viletta: So he had a hand in the EOT Committee even before the DC wars….

Gilliam: Skullhead…. Or Heaven’s Gate, as it’s known now, was probably constructed for his schemes.

Excellen: I find it a bit hard to believe that all this crazy stuff is the Granzon’s fault… That Zezernan wouldn’t be able to keep his schemes together with all the things happening, right?

Irm: He probably didn’t see the things that happened as being too important.

Excellen: Well, I at least don’t think the Guests summoned the Einst or the Ruina here.

Mio: Shu said there could be something on the earth itself that draws aliens and extraterrestrial beings to the earth.

Axel: …I could see that.

Josh: (The earth itself…. What about the Fabula Fores at the South Pole?)

Rio: But why did Shu call Masaki, not to mention us?

Irm: Well, maybe it’s rude… but Masaki could have been the back-up plan if we didn’t show up. Realistically, we could have erred on the side of caution, and simply watched the events play out… But Masaki would definitely show up, because Shu’s involved.

Masaki: You make it sound like I’m a fish on a line, man.

Rai: …In any case, we were called out there to act as witnesses.

Masaki: He probably wanted to unravel Zezernan’s scheme right in front of us and watched him panic. Jeez, he’s a sneaky bastard.

Ryoto: But he suggested Alteur Steinbeck’s plans to the world….

Masaki: That was probably just an excuse to do what he did. He’s meticulous.

Excellen: But he could have also raised a ruckus because it worked in his favor.

Raul: ‘Cause it’s not completely groundless speculation….

Tytti: And… Shu could have been telling us who we should be fighting against right now….

Masaki: He probably meant to steer us and the Steel Dragons into brawling with the Guests and the Gaia Sabers. But regardless of what he said, I was going to help the Steel Dragons anyway.

Ratsel: Are you all with Masaki?

Tytti: Yes.

Katina: Yang Long, how about you?

Yang Long: Just as Shu said, if other worlds and extraterrestrial beings continue to get involved in our affairs, La Gias could be in danger as well. I’ll cooperate with you as well.

Mio: me too. I’m not gonna forgive that old guy. He was just looking down on everyone while acting like a big shot.

Gojou: …. Miss, Miss, isn’t it time you introduced us?

Mio: Oh, I forgot.

Excellen: Hey, they’re kinda cute!

Ibis: Are those your familiars?

Mio: That’s right. Introduce yourself, everyone.

Goku: Hiiii! I’m Goku!

Hakkai: I’m Hakkai!

Gojou: Who am I again…? *Bop* Wh-what?![7]

Goku: That’s the oldest joke in the book!

Masaki: The oldest joke…. Weren’t you guys just created?

Mio: That’s right. Right after you went to the surface.

Yuuki: …

Mio: Huh? What is it?

Yuuki: Shiro and Kuro are cats, Freki and Geri are wolves…. What the hell are they?

Ryuusei: They look like they’re based on Journey to the West, so maybe a monkey, a pig, and a Kappa?

Rio: I don’t think there was a Kappa in Journey to the West.

Kusuha: They have bills, so maybe ducks?

Mio: Nope! They’re Platypuses.

Masaki: P-Platupus…. Why are you still…

Mio: Don’t worry about it. They’re actually pretty useful.

Masaki: What are you saying?

Mio: It’ll never be boring with them around, right? And… uh…. Uhh….. Right! They lay eggs.

Masaki: What good is that? Sheesh.

Kuro: Masaki, You’re forgetting something important.

Masaki: Something important…? Oh right! Shu gave us some Tronium.

Rai: What?!

Ryoto: Really?

Masaki: Yeah, he said the Steel Dragons could use it.

Ryoto: Then the Ashe could use the Tronium Engine…!


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[1] This is what he’s saying but this doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

[2] Yup. No, I’m not kidding. Welcome to my life.

[3] Good ol' Guest Politics. They are a bitch to work with.

[4] This is a quote attributed to Yuri Gagarin, aka the first words spoken by a human in space, in Japanese. I can’t find the English version and this was the closest I could find. I could change it to Neil Armstrong, but poor Yuri.

[5] This is “Bird skin” in Japanese so the joke’s gotta be altered a bit.

[6] Prolly Art of war.

[7] These 3 are based on Journey to the West AND Osaka manzai. GOOD LUCK, IS WHAT I’M SAYING