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*Antarctic ruins*

Umbra: This is a dangerous predicament. When the humans got their new powers, their resonance with Glacies and Ventus became stronger, too.

Contagio: Yes, it seems like that’s the reason they’re breaking down. Can you fix them?

Umbra: I tried, but nothing came of it.

Contagio: Then maybe we should just get rid of them. *chuckle*….

Umbra: … It seems that unless we destroy the system those humans are using, then the problem won’t be resolved.

Aquila: You mentioned there was something you wished to confirm first, correct?

Umbra: This takes precedence over finding that out. If those humans cause problems in Ventus, then there could be problems with the Lord’s nourishment.

Contagio: In that case, it’s probably safe to remove him from his current duties. We can still collect the nourishment without him.

Aquila: That will make the Lord of Ruin’s resurrection take longer.

Contagio: It’d be the same with Ventus as he is now. We should give him a different duty.

Umbra: What would that be?

Contagio: He could be an energy resource for the Officinus I’m constructing. That way our energy output would increase, and we’d be able to produce our armies quicker. Meaning we’d be able to create more nourishment.

Umbra: Certainly, we urgently need to increase the number of our Officini. We’ve been able to use our armies so far effectively to obtain power for the Lord of Ruin… But the more outlets we have, the better. In order to spread fear and despair across this world.

Contagio: That’s right. *chuckles*

Aquila: But if you’re going to use Ventus…. The humans might find him with their system.

Contagio: *chuckle* That’s what I’m planning on. In fact, I think Glacies would be useful, too. *chuckle*


Ignis: Laki…. You, me, and Ventus are going to Contagio’s Officinus.

Glacies: I’m broken, but you still have duties for me…. (If I go out there, I could encounter Joshua Radcliff again….)

Ignis: What’s wrong, Laki? Why are you making that face?

Glacies: …

Ignis: (This is strange, too strange. There’s something wrong with her. This doesn’t add up. We’re the only Melior Esse that were born together. We should be the same… I know it’s because of those humans and their system, but…. Laki… What has awakened inside of you?)

*Over the ocean*

Aqua: Huh? A mini party?

Presia: Yup!

Shine: Since Hugo came back alive, we’re going to hold a small celebration.

Presia: We’re going to make some simple dishes.

Despinis. Major Kai gave us the go ahead. What do you think?

Aqua: (…There will be a lot of difficult battles from here on. We’ll need to do everything we can for them…) Thanks for thinking of us. I’ll invite Hugo, and help with the preparations.


Tasuku: A toast, to Lt. Hugo Medio’s miraculous resurrection! Cheers!

Carla: Cheers!

Arado: Cheeeeers!

Tasuku: Okay, Hugo! Say something, will ya?

Hugo: (I didn’t expect it to be this big of a deal…)

Katina: Oy, Hugo! Say something nice!

Hugo: R-roger…. Everyone…. I’m sorry I made you all worry so much. While I don’t know what will happen from here on out, I hope you’ll…

Michiru: This is a pretty serious speech, dude.

Excellen: Hugo, you’re being too formal.

Kouta: Seriously, you’re as bad as Major Kai.

Hugo: Well… What should I say, “I’m back”?

Kouta: Sure, that works.

Michiru: After all, you’ve come home.

Hugo: (Home…. I don’t know about that, but I’m thankful I still have a place to return to. Even with this body… I can still… But…. Chief and Foglia….)

Excellen: …Hugo, I know you can’t exactly be feeling chipper, but we did this to make you feel better… Okay?

Hugo: A-aah, yeah.

Arado: Heeeey…. Can we eat yet?

Presia: Sure! Dig in!

Seolla: Did you make this food, Presia?

Presia: Yeah, Masaki taught me a lot of stuff about Japanese dishes… I hope you like it.

Seolla: I’ve been stationed in a Japanese base for a while, so I’ve grown fond of Japanese food. I’m glad it’s here.

Ryuusei: Beef and Potato stew with grilled fish[1] and boiled spinach. As a Japanese man, I’m happy.

Rishu: I agree.

Mai: It’s good…

Shouko: Yeah, this flavor is great, Presia. You could sell this in a shop if you wanted.

Presia: Thanks! There’s more food than I thought there’d be on this ship.

Kai: That’s thanks to Ratsel. There’s no stopping him when it comes to food.

Carla: He’d probably try to summon food from La Gias if he could.

Raul: By the way, where’s Touma? I haven’t seen him around.

Kai: He’s training with Axel.

Raul: Really? Wow, he’s determined.

Kai: Well, that’s not really it. Axel just didn’t want to be a part of this party. He said it was a waste of time.

Aya: He’s actually a pretty serious guy, huh.

Kai: …To tell the truth, I was surprised.

Despinis: I made these Rice balls with Rim. Please try them.

Rio: Then I’ll take some for Ryoto and Ing.

Tytti: I’ll have one, too.

Mio: Me too.

Michiru: I’ll take one.

Mio: Nomnomnom…. Salmon in the middle, eh? Tastes kinda ritzy.

Michiru: Fuguh!?!

Mio: Huh? You got Fugu? Wow, super ritzy.[2]

Michiru: No, no!  It’s strawberry jam!

Mio: What, in a rice ball?!

Rim: That’s the one I made…. Is it bad?

Latooni: I’m not sure it’s standard to put strawberry jam in a rice ball…

Josh: Rim, you should probably stick to bread…

Rim: Haaa, I’m sorry. I thought it might perk people up….

Tytti: Oh, I’d be glad to eat a jam one.

Ing: …Me too.

Ryoto: Huh?

Masaki: You’ve got a sweet tooth too, Ing?

Ing: I… love sweets. This I know.

Rio: I-I see.

Tsugumi: You probably like the same things as Ibis, then.

Shine: Lord Raidiese, I’ll bring you your portion.

Rai: N-no, I can do it myself…

Shine: Please just relax and eat as much as you like.

Lune: Yeah, you boys eat a whole lot!

Zash: I-I can eat a lot too, Lune…

Lune: Oh really? Then I’ll bring you some of this… and this… and this….

Zash: (Th-that’s way too much! But I have to try!)

Excellen: (Oh my, it looks like poor Zash’s stomach might burst….)

Bullet: (I have a bad feeling about this….)

Kyosuke: What’s wrong, bullet?

Bullet: N-nothing… I just thought that Kusuha might be bringing… that….

Irm: God, I hope not.

Kyosuke: …Bullet, I’ll leave the front lines to you.

Bullet: What? I… I mean, sure….

Ing: …What are you talking about?

Masaki: You may not know this because you just joined, but there’s a sort of rite of passage for our members…

Ing: What?

Katina: The dreaded Kusuha Special…. An energy drink so strong it knocks out even Lamia.

Masaki:  Yeah, it’s impossible to stomach…. Just like Yang Long’s lectures, it’s something I never want to experience again.

Yang Long: How rude. What effects does that drink have?

Masaki: Well, I will say it’s unmatched in its ability to keep you awake… After you regain consciousness.

Ing: … (If it has that strong of an effect, maybe I should drink it for the battles ahead….)

Irm: Ing, seriously, do you want to try it?

Kusuha: …Everyone, I brought drinks!

Irm: She’s here!

Kusuha: Um…. It’s just juice, coffee, and tea….

Masaki: Sheesh, don’t scare us like that.

Kusuha: I’m just trying to improve my energy drink right now…

Masaki: Okay, please just…. Keep on trying.

Irm: Now that we’re safe, I’ll take a coffee.

Kusuha: Ah, that’s… Irui made that for Major Sanger.

Sanger: …

Irui: U-um… Major Sanger….

Sanger: Children shouldn’t worry about military rank. Just Sanger is fine.

Irui: Th-then please… have the coffee, Sanger….

Sanger: …

Kusuha: Irui wanted to make that coffee for you, Sanger, so she poured it herself.

Irui: I made it black this time…

Sanger: Thank you, I’ll take it. ….

Irui: How is it…?

Sanger: Ah…. There’s no sugar in it… But!


Irui: Aaaah!

Kusuha: Major!

Masaki: H-hey! Are you okay?!

Kai: What’s going on here?

Masaki: Sanger took one sip of Irui’s coffee and collapsed….

Kai: Ah…. Right. Irui, did you add brandy or anything to the coffee?

Irui: Y-yes… I looked in a book…. It said it was good to add it to tea…. So I thought it’d be good for coffee…

Carla: Brandy…. So the stuff that Ruslan gave us?

Masaki: I don’t really get it, but isn’t it bad to add liquor to coffee?

Irui: Th-then…. I messed up…

Kai: Don’t worry, he’ll be fine soon.

Rishu: Yes. Sanger doesn’t drink, because he can’t hold his liquor.

Irui: Hold his liquor…?

Rishu: He just doesn’t drink. With Sanger, even a drop of alcohol will get him like this.

Irui: Huuuh?! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!

Michiru: So he can’t hold his liquor…. Damn, and he looks like a tank, too.

*in Sanger’s room*

Irui: I-I….

Arado: Irui, I’m sure Sanger understands.

Seolla: That’s right, you weren’t trying to do anything bad.

Kusuha: Yeah… It’s my fault for not telling you about it…

Irui: …But…

Bullet: Major Sanger isn’t someone who gets angry over little stuff. Don’t worry, Irui.

Sanger: U-uggh….

Kusuha: You’re awake, Major.

Sanger: Y-yes…

Irui: S-sorry, Sanger… It’s my fault…

Sanger: No, it’s nothing you need to worry about.

Irui: B-but…

Sanger: I look forward to the next cup.

Irui:  Huh…?

Sanger: Just… Make it black next time.

Irui: O-okay…

Sanger: …Brooklyn, I want to sweat this out. Will you spar with me?

Bullet: Of course.


Clifford: Joshua, Rim… Are you ready?

Josh: Yes, I’ve made contact.

Rim: We’re good here, too.

Clifford: Then let’s begin the Sympathia Cut-off Test. Since we’re in the hangar, there’s no real danger of falling…. But if anything unusual happens, let me know immediately.

Josh: Roger….

Rim: ! W-What’s this?!

Josh: Rim…?!

Rim: I… I can hear a voice!

Clifford: A voice…?!

*Meeting room*

Aya: You heard Ventus’s voice…?

Rim: Y-yes… Through the Sympathia… He was calling out to me…

Aya: What was he saying?

Rim: “I’m here… Please come soon….”

Kai: ….

Rahda: So… Is he close to here?

Rim: No, I think he’s far away… I don’t know for certain where he is, but…. I know the direction…

Gilliam: …Josh, did you feel anything?

Josh: No, I was…

Katina: Hmm…. Isn’t this a bit different then what we’ve seen up till now?

Ratsel:  Yes… Up till now, they haven’t been able to resonate unless they were close.

Viletta: If Ventus’s psychic abilities have gotten stronger, then that would explain why he can contact Rim… Or perhaps he’s using something as a transmitter…

Aya: Or it’s also possible that Rim or the Sympathia has become more sensitive….

Josh: (If she’s gotten more sensitive, then….)

Kyosuke: Whatever it is, it’s a pretty obvious trap.

Irm: That’s true. It’s not like it’s only going to be Ventus there.

Gilliam: Major Kai, should I contact Colonel Lefina?

Kai: Yes.


Lefina: Considering what happened at Bunker 8, I’m sure she’s worried about it, too.

Kai: It’s highly likely that it’s a Ruina trap.

Sean: Well, they are calling us there.

Lefina: Then let’s accept their invitation. We need more information on the Ruina. Major Kai, which direction did Rim say it was?

Kai: That’s…


Eun: There’s something on the radar! Ruina mechs approaching from one o’clock!

Kai: Colonel, the direction the mechs are flying from is consistent with what Rim said.

Lefina: …!

Sean: Which means there’s something related to the Ruina in that direction.

Lefina: Then search in a straight line what cities, military bases, and factories are in that direction. Within 100 kilometers.

Sean: Roger.

Lefina: Major Kai, please get ready to sortie.

Kai: Yes, ma’am!

Chapter 51: The Wind Calls

Eita: Targets Alpha through Hotel are approaching our ships!

*Them bros*

Tetsuya: All hands, prepare the upper VLSMs for firing!


Hugo: Aqua, how’s the engine?

Aqua: Just like Professor Wong said, it’s more stable than previously. The DFC also seems easier to move with.

Hugo: Okay… Let’s start with Form G for now.

Aqua: If we need long range capabilities, just leave it to me, okay? While you were gone, I got some experience.

Hugo: Of course. I’ll see what you learned.

Aqua: Haha….

Hugo: Something wrong?

Aqua: No, It’s just that it’s so much better to have two people in this seat. It was really lonely just by myself.

Hugo: You say some pretty cute things sometimes.

Aqua: Well, it’s not like I could get a Capybara to ride in here with me.

Hugo: What?

Aqua: It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. Let’s get through this battle.

Hugo: Yeah, that’s the plan.

Minaki: …Touma, how’s it feel?

Touma: It feels a bit heavier than before….

Minaki: Without the LIOH System selecting a battle system, you have to take into consideration the feedback from the DML system, and the range of movements in all of the joints is more limited.

Touma: In other words, there’s shackles on my ankles and wrists…

Axel: That’s up to you to find out.

Touma: Axel…

Axel: Always think of your next movement before finishing your current one. Don’t make me think I’ve been wasting my time.

Touma: I got it….! I’ll show everyone what RaiOu can do!

Josh: Rim, how are you? Can you still hear his voice?

Rim: No…. But I’m certain that Ventus is in this direction…. Even if I can’t hear him, I can still feel him calling for us…

Kouta: That sounds really… polite, somehow. Is it really that Melior Esse?

Kyosuke: Even if he isn’t there. It’s true that the Ruina are coming after us.

Excellen: I’m sure they have quite the welcome party planned for us.

Tasuku: It’d be great if there was cake and everything….[3]

Katina: You idiot, would you really want to eat a cake made by Eyebrows or that damn smiling badly?

Excellen: No, but I kinda want to see them make one.

Russel: (God, I can almost imagine it…)

Rim: (Riana….)

Rim: (Yeah…. I’m worried about Ventus….)

Rim: (He has such a strong urge to not die…)

Rim: (Just like Rishu said, he unconsciously wishes to keep on living….?)

Kai: Erebus 1 to all units! Begin the attack!

Chapter 51: The Wind Calls

Victory: All enemies shot down

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down

SR point: Within 4 turns, shoot down all enemy units.

*kill all them bros*

Eun: All enemies in the battlefield have been taken out.

Lefina: Keep all hands at the ready. XO, what’s the result of your investigation?

Sean: I think we hit the big one this time. There’s a base in the Chilean city of Coihaique in the direction Rim pointed. And it looks like it’s been taken over by the Ruina.

Lefina: ! Are you sure about that?

Sean: Yes… If we can count Federation transmissions I picked up as proof.

Lefina: …

Sean: However, it seems like the Federation forces they sent to recapture the Coihaique base retreated…

Lefina: Then it’s our turn to give it a try. Have all our units return to the ship, then we’ll head for Coihaique.

Sean: Roger.


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[1] Saikyouyaki.

[2] I make no apologies for this. This is the actual joke.

[3] A full welcome. Is what he really says. What follows is Japanese welcoming culture, which I changed to cakes cause it was funny to me.