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*Meanwhile, in Paris*

Daniel: Reconquista…. Meaning reclamation of the holy land?

Gaspard: Yeah. It’s a good name for our strategy to retake the moon, right?

Daniel: I suppose. How about Operation Alpha’s official name?

Gaspard: it’s Icebreaker. For both of the names, we’re trying to keep them easy to understand. After all, you’re a fan of names that are to the point, right?

Daniel: That’s true. Then from here on, Alpha will be Operation Icebreaker, and Bravo will be Operation Reconquista.

Gaspard: Now that that’s over, tell me what we know.

Daniel: While the guests are currently doing recon operations on the earth…. They aren’t making any big movements. Further, the Ruina haven’t just invaded South America, but Africa’s coasts, Australia, and Oceania as well.  They have captured many of our bases and factories for producing Armored Modules. Look at this data.

Gaspard: Hmm… So our naval forces are reaching their limits.

Daniel: Yes, and the Ruina are coming out more often. We can’t keep up with just the fleets sent out by the South American and Antarctic divisions.

Gaspard: Is it possible they’ll fall before Operation Ice Breaker?

Daniel: It’s hard to tell in the current situation. And due to their recent setbacks, the Gaia Sabers have scaled their forces back.

Gaspard: Hmm, what is that Alteur plotting now…?  If it comes to it, the federation may have to act alone on this.

Daniel: We’ve taken preparations based on that being the case. What should we do about the Steel Dragons?

Gaspard: I think it would be best to split them into 2 groups and have them help with both Icebreaker and Reconquista.

Daniel: Wouldn’t it be better for them to focus on Icebreaker? We don’t know what the Ruina will resort to in the future.

Gaspard: Of course, if the Ruina make the first move, we’ll do that. But considering we can’t control the moon, I want to settle things with the Guests as quickly as possible. After all, it seems easier to manipulate Teniquette Zezernan than something incorporeal like the Lord of Ruin…

*Iti Iti*

Sean: Given the previous attack, it seems the Gaia Sabers now know the location of his base. What should we do, captain?

Lefina: We should lead them away from this island when we leave.

Sean: True, the Gaia Sabers are more interested in chasing us than the island…. But there’s still a chance that this island could be attacked.

Ratsel: There’s nothing we can do about that. I knew the risks when I agreed to help you.

Lefina: …I’m terribly sorry…

Ratsel: No, they possibly received information about this base from their members who used to be in the DC…. This would have happened eventually. However, as you said, we should leave to draw their fire.

Lefina: Commander Tetsuya, XO… Any objections?

Tetsuya: Nope.

Sean: Nor here.

Lefina: Then after we have drawn the Gaia Sabers away, we’ll head for the coast of Chile and wait for new orders from General Jacob.

Sean: Understood.

Lefina: Let’s begin the preparations immediately. And please set up fireteams for patrol duty.

Sean: Roger.

Ratsel: Captain Kurt. I will continue to work alongside the Steel Dragons. I’ll leave Iti Iti to you, but for the moment please use the Kurogane and leave the island.

Kurt: Yes, sir…


Touma: Uuugh…

Carla: Touma… Are you feeling okay?

Touma: Y-yeah…. But more importantly… I’m really sorry, everyone…

Carla: I’m not worried about that. You went out in the RaiOu to protect the base, right?

Rio: And no one could have predicted anything like that happening….

Raul: Hey, at least you’re okay.

Despinis: Yes, we were really worried about you….

Lune: You did pretty well for a first timer with the DML system.

Touma: But the LIOH System took control of everything and….

Arado: By the way…. Did you get lectured by Major Kai?

Touma: Yeah…. He yelled at me for two hours about deploying in the RaiOu, and being overconfident….

Masaki: That’s at least better than Yang Long’s lectures.

Kusuha: Huh? What do you mean?

Masaki: Back when I was making the same kind of mistakes…. He started with 5000 years of Chinese history and just kept on going from there…. And if I opened my mouth, he’d repeat what he had said up till that point 10 times…. When he got tired, he’d like Ranshao take over while he slept.

Kusuha: Wow….

Irm: Th-that’s amazing.

Masaki: I’ve heard rumors that there was a man driven insane by it.

Yang Long: …I’d like you to stop saying such things. I simply take my time when I politely admonish people. So they can show true repentance.

Ranshao: That is correct. If you like, we could explain it in more detail….

Masaki: N-no! I’m fine! I got it! It was my bad! My bad!

Irm: …. It seems incredibly effective.

Arado: (I better be careful, too…)

Yuki: By the way…. What’s going to happen to the RaiOu?

Touma: The captains are discussing it… but I’ll probably be told to step down. After what happened….

Yuuki: Though it’s likely that the same kind of thing would happen to anyone else who piloted it….

Touma: …

Lune: … Touma, I’ll lend you these.

Touma: Wrist bands and Anklets?

Lune: Sure, though they’re a bit different than the ones I usually use. Take it.

Touma: J-jeez! That’s heavy!

Lune: If you wear these all the time, it’ll be good training for using the DML system.

Touma: Huh…?

Lune: You made a decision and you piloted the RaiOu. I don’t know what will happen, but you can’t give up. So just in case you get another chance….

Touma: …Thanks, Lune…

*Grand Christmas*

Erde: (Now I’ve bypassed the security… Idealants…. Duvan Org’s…. Data…. ! This is…! *chuckles*…. I can use this. For him, Units 8 and 9 are…)

Mitarl: Erde, We’re doing a cruising test of the prototypes for Units 8 and 9.  I’ll leave the data collection to their AI0s and you. Take the Medius Locus as well.

Erde: I understand, but… What if we encounter the enemy?

Mitarl: I’ve set the course through territory we control. It’s unlikely we’ll run into the Ruina or the Steel Dragons, let alone the Guests.  If you do run into them, though, you need to fall back immediately. We can’t lose Units 8 and 9.

Erde: …Understood. (This is my chance… I can bring my plan to fruition at the same time. Albero… You’ll help me, too.)

*Over the ocean*

Eric: …And these are the specifications for TE Absorber units 8, 9, and 10.

Aqua: So the strongest one is…

Eric: The Model-X, Unit 10. Units 8 and 9 were made to be manned TE Absorbers. The Gaia Sabers will want to use those machines. Since they were able to amass money from their sponsors, they have abilities to surpass the Cerberus and the Garmraid.

Aqua: But the Model-X has AI1….

Eric: They put a hold on that. Mitarl is afraid of AI1 going out of control.

Aqua: (Out of control….)

Gilliam: Professor Wong, given that the Cerberus and the Garmraid faced off against the Medius in a real fight, not a mock battle….

Eric: I know how it went down. That was probably something Erde asked for. An earnest fight shows who has the real power. And it gets good data. She did it to help AI1 grow, rather than just having it study percentages.

Aqua: And for that result, it didn’t matter if we died….

Eric: She didn’t care. All Erde cares about is AI1. She loves it as if it were her own child.

Aqua: …

Kai: Then why is Major Albero Est working with the Gaia Sabers?

Eric: I don’t know. I thought it was strange and I looked into it, but Mitarl was on his guard. Albero and Erde also didn’t say anything.

Gilliam: (So it seems there is a reason….)

Eric: It’s not like I know everything. The matter with the president, the Canis, the Machinery Children and Ing… I don’t know much about that stuff.

Lefina: …Then one last question. What do you think about Alteur Steinbeck?

Eric: I can’t tell what he wants… but if you asked me to call him good or evil, I’d think he’s completely evil. From everything that the Gaia Sabers are hiding, I can’t imagine that he’s plotting anything good. Well, that’s just my hunch. He feels completely different than Bian Zoldark. Shira felt the same way about them, and that’s why he did what he did.

Lefina: Shira…? Do you mean Professor Shu Shirakawa?

Eric: Of course. I worked with the Gaia Sabers to afford food…. But that’s it. I’m pretty sure someone is pulling their strings for some larger purpose.

Lefina: …Thank you for telling us what you know, Professor.

Eun: Captain, it’s nearing time to surface. Please return to the bridge.

Lefina: Understood.

Aqua: …I have patrol duty, so please excuse me.

Kai: Ah, that’s right. Be careful.

Aqua: Roger.


Mio: Weather today fine, but high waves! The sea wide, the sea is big! Right?[1]

Tytti: Geez…. We don’t have time for obscure jokes, Mio. This is patrol duty.

Mio: I know that. I’m checking the Radar.

Hakkai: We’re the ones doing the looking.

Gojou: Seriously, her life’s easy because she treats us so rough.

Aqua: …Must be nice to have Familiars. Seems like they’re helpful in a lot of ways.

Mio: Yeah. And I can practice my jokes with them in our spare time.

Aqua: I dunno if I’d ask them to do that…. (…It’s really hard to use the TE Absorber alone… If Hugo were still here….)

Lune: So if you could make a familiar, what type would it be?

Aqua: Hmm…. I guess…

Mio: A Komodo Dragon?

Aqua: Yeah, they’re faster than they look, and… Hey! Why did you assume a lizard?!

Mio: Hmm, you’re pretty good at playing the straight man.

Lune: So what’d be good?

Aqua: Maybe a Capybara.

Lune: Hmm… What’s that?

Mio: Also known as the Giant Cavide. The world’s largest rodent.[2]

Goku: Did you say a large road?

Hakkai: Yes, of course, the long, long road leading to the land of our dreams in the west!

Lune: (Giant…. So just a big mouse…?)

Aqua: I’m not sure what you’re imagining, but they’re pretty cute.

Mio: Yup. And they’re so big you wanna call ‘em Mr. or Mrs. Capybara.

Aqua: I’ll send you some pictures later. I’m sure you’ll like them, Lune.

Lune: Thanks.

Zash: (Now that they’ve talked about it so much, I kinda wanna see it, too…)

Tytti: (Haaa…. No one is taking this seriously….)


Freki: Madam, there’s an odd reading above us.

Geri: The air seems distorted. We need to alert the others.

Tytti: Yeah! Everyone, Look above you!

Chapter 50: Crossing Paths Once More

Aqua: This is…. A teleportation signature!

Lune: That’s…

Aqua: The Guests!

Tytti: Why are they here…?!

Aqua: I heard they had been conducting recon operations on the earth….!

Lune: Tytti, we won’t be able to run away from this many of them!

Tytti: Yes, we’ll have to shoot them down.

Aqua: Send a message to the Hiryuu! Everyone, be careful!

Chapter 50: Crossing Paths Once More

Victory: Shoot down all enemies

Defeat: Any allied unit is shot down.

SR point: Within 2 turns, shoot down at least 12 enemies.

*Blow up 12*

Geri: Madam, there’s something approaching us.

Freki: There are 3 of them.

Tytti: They’re not teleporting in, so it’s not the guests… Is it the Gaia Sabers?!


Aqua: What are those things?!


Zash: They’ve shot down the Guest machines…!

Aqua: Th-that’s!

Erde: (Huhuhu…. This is great luck. To be able to find her so quickly….)

Albero: You bitch…. You changed course because you were after her?

Erde: Of course not. This is coincidence.

Albero: And to make the Units 8 and 9 fight… Isn’t that going directly against Mitarl’s orders?

Erde: Don’t worry. I’ll take full responsibility.

Aqua: Mitte!

Erde: As you can see, the Units 8 and 9 are complete. In other words, we have no use for your machine anymore.

Aqua: I… I still have something to settle with you. And still… Still I’ll give you one last chance. Get out of the Medius Locus. If you don’t, we’ll…!

Erde: One last chance? But shouldn’t you already know that’s pointless?

Aqua: I’ll never forgive you… but for right now…!

Erde: …I’ve always hated that about you, your stubborn nature. From since I first met you.

Aqua: !

Erde: You were raised without hardships, pursued your path, and lived without any major stumbling blocks… Protected by your wealth and power, without worrying about how best to make use of your skills…. Your little princess routine has always been disgusting to me. And you chose to be a pilot, so instead of being a bird in a cage… You would become a causality of war, proving you couldn’t fly by your own power. The truth of it is you just chose to join the military for show.

Aqua: T-That’s not true!

Erde: What’s not true? Even in the worst situations, unthinkable hardships, you never were in danger of wanting for food. You always had money. As part of the Centrum family. I had to erase part of myself to live. We’re different.

Aqua: I… I joined to make things happen…!

Erde: Things? Like what? Hugo Medio’s death?

Aqua: Ugh…!

Erde: Even with all you know, you still act like a stupid baby. But still, you could have some use…. The DFC Data you’ve collected is necessary for my AI1.

Aqua: !

Lune: What are you planning to gain with AI1?

Erde: *chuckles*….. How should I answer? Fame and fortune? Control over the world? The death of Humanity? …I’ve got no interest in those things.

Aqua: …

Erde: I want to see what path AI1 takes. For that, I’ll do anything.

Albero: …

Aqua: S-so….

Erde: Come, Aqua. Your corpse will be a great boon for my child.

Aqua: E-Erde…. You….


Erde: (There’s still noise in AI1….! Is it reacting to Aqua…?)

Albero: It seems like it’s the same error as before.

Erde: It’s within operational limits. AI1 and I will protect units 8 and 9. You go after the girl.

Albero: …

Erde: We’re both doing this for our children, Albero.

Albero: (This woman…!)

Tytti: Aqua!

Aqua: I-I’m okay! I’ll stop her…. I’ll stop Erde! And to do that… I’ll destroy AI1!


Erde: (It’s definitely reacting to Aqua. Is it resonating with her? Are you calling her part of your growth, AI1…?)

Albero: We’re going. Ready?

Erde: Yes. Before the Steel Dragons arrive we need to kill Aqua. Focus on her.

Victory: Defeat the Medius Locus

*V Super Cerby*

Aqua: Unit number 8… The new version of the Cerberus… If I don’t pay attention to its approach, I’m done for!

*V super Garm*

Aqua: Unit number 9… The new version of Garmraid! I can’t win from power alone! I have to watch its movements!

*Aqua V Erde*

Aqua: I’ll destroy the AI1! And when I do, You’ll!

Erde: AI1 is everything to me. You won’t be able to defeat it.

*Erde V Aqua*

Erde: Aqua, AI1 is gathering your DFC data. Meaning, just like me, it knows your weak points.

Aqua: If that were true, then you would have finished things sooner! Since you didn’t, I have a chance to win!

Erde: *chuckle*…. I wonder how long you’ll be able to stay that strong?

*Do stuff*

Aqua: At this rate we can’t win…. Do I have to disable the TE limiter?!

Erde: …I’ll commend you for getting this far. But now it’s all over. Get her, Ignite.

Aqua: Gah! Did you think I’d get caught by that?

Erde: Just as I thought. Catch her, Blaze.

Aqua: Aaah!

Mio: Aqua!

Erde: You won’t interfere.


Mio: Kyaaa!

Zash: Kuh!

Erde: Albero, keep watch over here.

Albero: What?!

Erde: Now, AI. Go wipe out Aqua.


Aqua: Aaah, my machine....!

Erde: You listened to me, AI1. That’s a good boy.

Aqua: I can’t move!

Aqua: Th-the cockpit hatch…!

Erde: Aqua, I have one last request for you.

Aqua; Huh?!

Erde: I want to see that pretty little head of yours as it’s crushed and ripped open.

Aqua: !!

Erde: Die screaming in pain. Maybe if you do that, I’ll come to like you a bit. …A bit.

Aqua: A-aah… Hugo…! Hugo!!!


Erde: ?!

Albero: Wh-what?! The cockpit’s opening!

Erde: The Lazumunanium’s…!

Albero: I-it’s swallowing me up! Control it, Erde!

Erde: AI1! What are you doing?! Stop the dispersal of the Lazumunanium at once!

Aqua: I-it’s swallowing me! Kyaaaa!

Albero: Uwoooaaaaahh!

Erde: It’s out of control?! This can’t be!

Tytti: What’s going on?! Aqua!!


Aqua: U-uuh…. Wh-what did I do…. I was grabbed by the Medius, and then….

???: Aqua….

Aqua: (This voice… Hugo…?)

???: Aqua…..

Aqua: (I’m sorry, Hugo…. I… I couldn’t do it…)

Hugo: (Wake up, Aqua…. It’s not over yet….)

Aqua: (But… I can’t….)

Hugo: (I’m here… With the both of us… We can… stop them…)

Aqua: (Eh…?!)

Hugo: (So wake up…!)

Aqua: Hugo?!

Hugo: K-kuuuh….

Aqua: He-he’s coming out from the Lazumunanium…!

Hugo: Give me your hand, Aqua!  This is my chance to get away….!

Aqua: What are you?!

Hugo: Pull me… out of here… Hurry!

Aqua: O-okay!

Hugo: K-kuuuuh!

Aqua: Nnngh!

Hugo: Ha… Haaa… Haaa…

Aqua: H-Hugo!

Hugo: S-sorry…. Thanks for the help….

Aqua: You… Your arm….!

Hugo: It’s not a problem… As you can see, it’s not real….

Erde: That’s…. Impossible…! AI1, you…. Took him with you…?! Why?! Did you think he was a necessary part, like the TE engine…?! So for your evolution to continue you needed a pilot…. You needed a human?! But when I scanned you, I didn’t find anything like that… so why...?! Why is he alive…. and why did you get rid of him? Is it because you’re done with him? But when you responded to Aqua…. No, was it Hugo’s consciousness responding to her…?! Not to take Aqua or to kill her….?!

Albero: Ngh…. Uuh….. Hugo…!

Hugo: Chief?!

Aqua: H-he’s being taken in by the Lazumunanium…!!

Albero: Hurry up… And get away from the Medius….!

Hugo: Y-you…

Albero: I-it looks like…. Our positions are reversed…. This…. Is what I deserve… for what… I’ve done… till now….

Hugo: Ch-chief!

Albero: Hugo… T-take care… of Foglia…!

Hugo: ?!

Albero: Please… My son….!

Hugo: Wh-what are you talking about, Chief?! He’s…..

Albero: No… He’s alive…. Mitarl has him…!

Hugo: !!

Albero: To… To keep Foglia alive… I….

Albero: Kuhaaa!

Erde: …Fine, AI1…. Do what you want… But Albero… I’ve no more use for you.

Aqua: Erde!

Albero: Nghh… gaaah….!

Erde: This is unexpected…. But I was planning on doing something like this to you anyway. So go ahead and get consumed by AI1. Just… try to leave a corpse.

Albero: Y-you….

Erde: I’ll let you know before you die. Foglia Est no longer exists in this world.

Albero: Wh… What…?!

Erde: What you saw was a fake. We took someone else’s corpse and did some reconstructive surgery. It was a good job, right?

Albero: U…Ugggh….!!

Erde: Or do you still want to believe that it was real? But it doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not. Because you’re going to die here.

Albero: Erde… You…. Bitch!

Hugo: C-chieeeeef!

Albero: Hu-Hugo…….

Hugo: Alberooooooo!

Aqua: A-aaaaaah!

Erde: It looks like the Lazumunanium calmed down. I can control it again.

Hugo: E-Erde Mitte! How dare you do that to the Chief! To Foglia!

Erde: Foglia Est’s death wasn’t my fault. You don’t need to bear that grudge against me.

Hugo: You biiiiiitch!

*Oh man more guys*

GS: Lake 1 to Gamma 1! You are to return to base immediately and explain why you went against orders!

Erde: …Albero Est has died in battle.

GS: R-really?!

Erde: Yes, regrettably…. And he was the one who went against orders. He forced me to go out of the test course. He planned on using Units 8 and 9 to ambush the Steel Dragons…. To gain glory….

GS: I-in any case, take units 8 and 9 and fall back!

Erde: I would, but right now it’s impossible to control those 2 units as they’re in combat. Since I’ve lost my pilot, I can’t move well, so I need you to handle the cleanup.

GS: Wh-what…?!

Aqua: Erde!

Erde: Aqua, I was hoping to make sure you died by myself… but I’ll leave that to Units 8 and 9. Those 2 machines have taken the data gathered from you and Hugo…. In other words, you’ll be killed by yourselves.

Hugo: You….!

Erde: Good bye, Hugo Medio. It might be a bit cliché, but I’ll say it anyway. Have fun in hell with Albero and Foglia.

Hugo: You can’t run, Erde! Aqua, we need to follow her!

Aqua: We can’t!

Hugo: ?!

Aqua: I understand how you feel… I feel that way too. But we need to think about surviving… Now that you’re back with us.

Hugo: Aqua….

Aqua: No matter what, come back alive…. Isn’t that what Major Albero taught you?

Hugo: … Yeah, that’s right.

Aqua: So leave this to me.

Hugo: …Okay….


Lune: This reading… They’ve come for us!

*Yup, deploy*

Masaki: Is everyone okay!?

Tytti: Yes, somehow.

Mio: And Aqua saved Hugo.

Josh: What?!

Kai: Really?!

Hugo: Y-yeah… Like she said….

Lamia: Ensign Hugo, you’re alive….!

Axel: Hmm…. It seems like you didn’t lose to your bad luck.

Arado: B-but where have you been?!

Hugo: That’s…

Kai: Talk about it later. All units, begin the attack!

Eric: Umm… Before that. Captain, if I may.

Lefina: What is it?

Eric: Those two machines… TE Absorber Units 8 and 9. Could you pick them up?

Lefina: Huh?

Eric: I was involved in their creation. It’d be a waste to destroy them here. If you retrieve them, I can repair them. Now that Hugo’s back, we can use them.

Lefina: Understood. Send a message to all units. Do not destroy the TE Absorbers, but capture them.

Eun: Roger!

Victory: Defeat all enemies besides the Cerberus Ignite and the Garmraid Blaze. Lower the 2 units to below 2000 HP.

Defeat: An allied mothership is shot down, the Cerberus Ignite or the Garmraid Blaze are shot down.

*So beat up the Cerberus Ignite*

Eita: TE Absorber Unit 8 has shut down!

*Kill Garmraid*

Eita: TE Absorber Unit 9 has shut down!

*errything gone*

Eun: No remaining enemy signals!

Lefina: Stay on high alert. Once all the units are docked, we’re leaving.


Eric: Well this is surprising. After you were taken by the Medius… Or rather, the Lazumunanium, you came back alive. I don’t know the reason, but you seem to have been pulled out quite cleanly.

Marion: It could be related to Hugo’s body being consumed by the Lazumunanium.

Eric: Hmm… So Mitarl had his finger in that pie, too….

Hugo: …. I was alive, but barely….

Eric: What was it like when you were inside the Medius?

Hugo: It was like I was sleeping. But I thought that I didn’t want to die like that… That I had to go back…. And I heard Aqua’s voice…

Eric: Hmm… You may have had an effect on AI1 from inside it.

Aqua: But why would AI1 have taken Hugo….

Eric: I don’t know if it was coincidence or intentional… But perhaps it was interested in you because you had fought it, and you had controlled the TE Absorber.

Aqua: But that wasn’t what Erde wanted….

Eric: Well, that’s true.

Hugo: In any case…. Aqua, you saved me…

Aqua: You saved me too, Hugo. I was so happy when you came back. I thought you had died….

Hugo: But…. Chief was…. Fooled by Erde and Mitarl…

Kai: A hard road…. He probably made the only choice he thought he could…

Hugo: I…. don’t know….

Kai: (Now that I think about it… Him trying to take Hugo with him could have been him trying to save his son….)

Hugo: Mitarl… Erde… I’ll never forgive them… If we don’t completely destroy the Tsentr Project…. Chief and Foglia, and all of the people who worked with the Cry Wolves will never be at peace….

Eric: Hmm… If AI1 continues to evolve at the current rate, that project will become very dangerous. The Medius will likely appear again. It’d be best if you used the Cerberus Ignite and the Garmraid Blaze.

Hugo: But my body…

Eric: I don’t know if there’s a way to remove everything Mitarl put in you, but I can at least repair your robotic parts.

Hugo: But my medicine… it’s nearly gone.

Eric: I have some. I thought this might happen, so I borrowed some before going to Tochka #8.

Hugo: What, really?

Eric: Ayup. Mitarl thought it was now useless, so he didn’t guard it well. I brought plenty.

Hugo: Then… I can still fight….

Eric: Anyway, I’ll explain the Cerberus Ignite and the Garmraid Blaze to you. First, the Ignite is basically a stronger version of the Cerberus. But it’s able to transform. That means that the Ignite parts armaments unit can be installed in different places… There’s 2 forms: The Close range physical damage-based Form G and the long-range marksmanship damage-based Form S. The TE Engine has been tuned up as well. It’s easier to perform adjustments to the power output. And the DFC is also comparatively simpler.  However, when the form changes, the pilot changes as well. It’s like you can use the Cerberus and the Garmraid at the same time. How about it?

Hugo: That’s….

Aqua: It’d be better to be able to change pilots, to reduce the toll on your body. I’ve been using the TE absorber alone while you were gone… Let’s give it a try.

Hugo: …Okay.

Eric: Then next is the Blaze. That’s based on the Garmraid. The TE Engine in it has improved as well. And then the support mechs known as Machine Animalitto… The wolf-like Louga and the bird-like Hiou are part of larger unit. While Louga and Hiou can be used as separate machines, they’re normally attached to detachable portions of the armor. And if you change their position…. The Blaze has a Form G and a Form S as well.

Hugo: So both machines can be used in close range and long range situations?

Eric: That’s right. For both the Cerberus Ignite and the Garmraid Blaze, you should decide what form to use based on the situation that arises.

Hugo: Roger. …Aqua, Mitarl and Erde are still out there…

Aqua: I know. We can’t just destroy AI1…. We need to settle things with Erde!

*Meeting room*

Touma: Huh?! You’re giving RaiOu to me?!

Kai: That’s right. Colonel Lefina has deemed that it’s necessary firepower for our coming battles. And despite it being your first fight, Sanger and I noticed your abilities when you were fighting the mass produced Jinrai.

Touma: Not just you, but Major Sanger, too…?

Sanger: That’s right. You were a little raw, but you have talent.

Touma: …

Kai: Of course, you can refuse. Think it over.

Touma: …There’s no need for that. Please let me pilot it.

Minaki: Touma…

Touma: Minaki…. I’ll do it. I’ll prove that RaiOu was given power to protect this world.

Minaki: It’s my father’s… It’s my fault you went through such a horrible experience, but… You’ll still support RaiOu?

Touma: Yeah…

Kai: Then it’s settled. Minaki, please tell us what needs to be re-repaired.

Minaki: Yes, sir.  Now that a human has used RaiOu, the LIOH System can no longer be uninstalled. The reason for that is for the 5 drive systems to be able to bear the feedback from the 5 drives, the machine has to use the LIOH’s Resistance buffer.

Touma: As long as the LIOH System is there, there’s a chance it could go out of control again…

Minaki: No, all that I’ll be using will be the Resistance buffer I mentioned earlier. I’ll put the rest on sleep mode. However, that means the LIOH System won’t be able to support you… You will need to fight with your own strength.

Touma: Meaning I need to train….

Minaki: Yes.

Kai: And for that, Sanger, Axel, and I will work to train you.

Axel: …I see, so that’s why you called me in here.

Kai: Yeah. A system similar to the DML is installed in the Soulgain. You’re quite adept at fighting.

Axel: I don’t have an obligation to take your request… But it’s not like I’ll say that in that, considering what we’re up against. Let’s do it. But I won’t go easy on you. Prepare yourself.

Touma: Y-yes, sir! I’ll do all I can!

*Elsewhere, on Grand Christmas*

Mitarl: Not only did you go against my orders, but you lost Units 8 and 9! What the hell were you doing?!

Erde: As I said before, the cause of all of that was Albero. …And he is now dead.

Mitarl: Wh-why… Why would he do that…?!

Erde: He said he wanted to gain glory. So he could help his son.

Mitarl: Impossible….! He should have known that if he went against my orders, his son would die!

Erde: (Heh… Dead men tell no tales, after all…)

Mitarl: With this loss… and his death…. My position… and my Project…!

Erde: We still have AI1 and the Medius… and the Model X. We can achieve something with them, right?

Mitarl: It’s not as simple as that! Now my reputation will be ruined!

Erde: If AI1 can continue evolving, and if we can install my child in the Model-X… Then we’ll have something to show of our efforts.

Mitarl: Don’t even joke about that! That’s dangerous! I’ll have you take responsibility for this! Just you wait!

Erde: …Fine. (Now it’s Duvan Org’s turn…. And with that, Mitarl will have no other options...)


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[1] The telegram from the Battle of Tsushima, and a Japanese children’s folk song. MIO LADIES AND GENTS

[2] And thus begins an untranslatable joke about India being a homophone with hamster in Japanese, and the familiars being based on Journey to the West.