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???: The left shoulder Vernier thruster is broken. And the wrist’s dampening stabilizer isn’t responding.  Output has fallen below 30%. The OS will only stay up for another 40 seconds… It’s only a little further, but if those guys from before are still chasing me…

*whoa bro whistles*

???: I can’t win. If there’s a god, please, just give me 60, no, 30 more seconds!


???: ! A new unit. It’s not a Canis this time. I guess there’s no god, then. But I can’t let myself be killed here. The Steel Dragons[1]… That phrase is in my memories for some reason. It’s the key to finally knowing who I am…


???: The OS is holding up… But I’m cornered.

Duvan[2]: Heh, he’s figured it out.

???: (What is that machine?)

Duvan: I suppose I should’ve expected this from a human.

?: …

Ariel: Duvan, that’s-

Duvan: We’re Idealants[3]. We belong at the top. And yet, that position is taken by those mysterious Alphas… I won’t just sit back and let that happen.

Ariel: Each Saber squad has their own specialty. Just because they’re called Alphas doesn’t mean that they’re the top squad.

Duvan: Hmmf. Whatever. Dispose of the deserter.

Ariel: We’re in the middle of another exercise. We can’t do that. We need to wait for orders from HQ.

???: …!

Duvan: If we do that, he’ll get away.

Ariel: We can’t just make that call. Why not just take him into custody?

Duvan: …Fine. I’ll give you 3 minutes.

Ariel: Roger.  You, state your squad and identification.

???: …

Ariel: I don’t mind if you don’t want to talk. Just disarm your weapons and surrender.

???: … And if I refuse?

Ariel: I cannot let you leave the Shade. I will have to take more drastic measures.

???: I… have no intention of being captured here.

Ariel: If you power down your mech, I can guarantee your safety.

???: (If she’s saying she won’t kill me, then there’s still a chance. I have to somehow make it over there…)


???: (Then I’ll be in contact range of the Satellite Seeker!)

Chapter 0: Prologue

Victory: Within 3 turns, bring ??? (Your player character) to the marked point.

Defeat: Not completing the Victory condition in 3 turns, ??? is shot down.

SR Point: None

*Get there! *

???: I've made it this far, so now all I have to do is-

Duvan: You’re so slow, Ariel. Do you plan on letting him escape?

Ariel: ![4]

Duvan: Let’s go, deserter!


???: …Now!

Duvan: Wha?


Duvan: He… self-destructed?

Ariel: What? (Why did he desert? Alpha, the Fau Kern in Alles, and now this incident… There’s so many suspicious things about the Gaia Sabers. And now that Professor Ozunu is dead….)



The era is known as NCE. The fight against aliens and parallel dimensions has ended, and time continues flowing onward….

Aidoneus Island, of the Marquesas Islands in the south pacific, where the alien Aerogaters sent their artificial meteor known as “Meteor 3” and where the Divine Crusaders had their home base, has been destroyed by warfare, and has disappeared from history….

But in the background, a plan was brewing.

The president establishes an independent squadron which controls multiple humanoid mechanized weapons under the command of one mother-ship, codenamed the GS.

The GS operates independently from the Earth Federation Army, under the direct watch of the President.

Under the orders of the two commanders of the GS, Aidoneus Island is reconstructed, and many powerful mobile humanoid weapons are gathered there, including new and prototype units….

Will the GS become the sword that protects the Earth Sphere?

Strong wills contest each other, warping space and time. A door to another world is opening….


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[1]鋼龍戦隊  is literally Steel + Dragon + Battle Group, Squadron, Task Force, etc. I used SDS for a long while, cause it was easier to write. I also was using SDTF for awhile because it seemed more accurate to their overall military presence (A Task Force is a couple of ships and their compliment aerial forces in the Navy). In the end, I decided on Steel Dragons for a couple of reasons that I won't reveal here. Go to the notes page if you want more on this.

[2] Welcome to the lovely world of naming conventions in SRW. These two are named after French terms for "in front of" (devant) and "back" (Arriere). I changed them to approximations of real names. I really, really REALLY wanted to call Ariel "Butt". There is an early draft where this is what I called her.

[3] Idearants, Idearantz, Idealants. I went through many iterations, and settled on "Idealants" because they Duvan thinks they are IDEAL. I'm sure he also thinks they were a good IDEA, but RANTS are never as practical as you think when you start them.

[4] Let’s be honest, when she says !, she’s saying ; ;