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Tsugumi: Let’s go, Ibis.

Ibis: Tsugumi… why didn’t you tell me?

Tsugumi: …

Ibis: Why didn’t you tell me Filio was sick?

Tsugumi: I’m sorry…

Ibis: Even if it was incurable, you should have let me know. If I had known…

Tsugumi: What would you have said?

Ibis: Ah-

Tsugumi: Ibis… If you knew Filio wasn’t long for this world, would you have completed the GRaMXs maneuver? If you knew he was going to die, would you have been able to attain your goals?

Ibis: That’s…

Tsugumi: We have to do what we can… with the wings Filio gave us.

Ibis: Wings… You mean the Altairlion…

Tsugumi: Series 77, code Alpha…. One of the final points of Project TD…

Ibis: But it’s not just the Altairlion…

Tsugumi: There’s no use thinking about that now.  We first have to finish the Altairlion.

Ibis: …

Tsugumi:  Isurugi Industries promises to continue funding us.

Ibis: But, that’s to continue TD for…

Tsugumi: Even if Project TD’s final results are used in the military, at the moment we don’t have anything else to rely on. Even though we lost Filio, this is to continue Project TD…

Ibis: Yeah…

Tsugumi: Tomorrow we begin the tests on the Altairlion. Get some rest today, Ibis.

Ibis: Filio, I guess we’ll never meet again. You were what kept me going. I wish this were all just a dream… you were the one who taught me to look up at the stars… But now, without you, the sky looks starless…

Chapter 1: Starless Sky

Tsugumi: We’re currently at point SN 1339, 100 kilometers north of the Aidoneus Island’s blockade. This marks step 4 cleared on our low-output test for the Altairlion’s Cruise Form.

Ibis: …

Tsugumi: Fiona, sorry to drag you right into this, but I’m counting on you to back us up.

Fiona: Sure. The L&E Corporation welcomes your business. But since we’re testing our company’s new Excellence Rescue at the same time… I’ll give you a 30% discount.

Tsugumi: You just started your company right? You don’t have to give us that discount, you probably have a lot of things to worry about already.

Fiona: Thanks for your concern. In the unlikely event that you need rescuing, leave the repairs to us.

Raul: You’re really stiff when you’re talking about work, Fiona.

Fiona: And you don’t act like you’re the president of a company, Raul. Even with your excellent secretary.

Raul: Secretary?

Despinis[1]: Raul, here. This is the location data Miss Tsugumi sent from the Altairlion.

Raul: Ah, thanks. …So that’s what you meant.

Fiona: She’s adjusting well, don’t you think?

Raul: Yeah, I agree.

Despinis: It’s thanks to your help…

Fiona: I’m glad you’re around to help us, after all, our president and vice-president have no interest in management.

Raul: If you have a problem with it, why don’t you be president?

Fiona: Psh, if I took the position, you and Raji would just push all the annoying work onto my back. So to prevent that, I’ll let you keep the presidency, bro.

Raul: You’re always after something when you call me bro…

Fiona: Right, right, boss. Let’s get to work.

Raul: That’s… somehow worse. Right, so the Altairlion’s data…

Fiona: Apparently all that’s left is minor adjustments.

Raul: Huh, so that’s the mech?

Raji: The final result of Project TD, the newest model from Series 77. A completely transformable Armored Module… If they went all out over there, they could shake us off before I even finished this sentence.

Raul: Well, that’s probably true. The Tesla Drives they have over there are on a different level than what we have.

Mizuho: … And the Altairlion was constructed after Filio passed away…

Raul: Yeah, I heard he was really sick…

Fiona: It seems Ibis didn’t know. Filio asked Tsugumi not to tell her.

Raul: …

Tsugumi: Alright Ibis, let’s check step 5 next.

Ibis: …Tsugumi, why’d you call them?

Tsugumi: Since this test is a long range test, we’re out in the middle of nowhere. They’re insurance for a worst case scenario.

Ibis: …I guess with my level of skill, we need it.

Tsugumi: …Yeah. Given your current state, I think my judgement was correct.

Ibis: !

Tsugumi: The feedback data gained from the Astelion AX was  used for the Altairlion, so it should be more capable in every way. Considering it’s the first flight test, and how different the acceleration, stabilizers, and turning radius are… We have to keep the tests short.

Ibis: But if we wanted the tests to be shorter, we could just go faster…

Tsugumi: We can’t do high speed tests with a pilot who can’t keep the craft steady.

Ibis: …

Tsugumi: Ibis, I understand how you feel. But I want you keep on moving forward. It’s what Filio would have wanted.

Ibis: …If Sleigh were here…

Tsugumi: Huh?

Ibis: Sleigh’d be better at using the Altairlion than me… I’m worthless.

Tsugumi: Ibis…


Raul: What’s that?

Despinis: Flying units are approaching. There’s 5 of them.

Raul: Are they Federation units?

Despinis: It’s a possibility.

Fiona: I have a bad feeling about this…

Despinis: The units will momentarily reach our location.

Raul: Those are Armored Modules…

Fiona: I haven’t seen that type before!

Tsugumi: They’re based on the Lion series, but they have elements of the Personal Trooper series…?


Ibis: They shot at us!

Raul: Gah, looks like they’re not in the mood to talk!

Tsugumi: Ibis, we’re fighting back!

Ibis: But…

Tsugumi: We can’t just leave Raul and Fiona to fend for themselves.

Ibis: But… As I am right now…

Tsugumi: Whine about it later, Ibis! Protect the Altairlion!

Ibis: Protect the Altairlion… Okay!

Tsu: Raul, we’re returning fire! Use that time to get out of here!

Raul: No, we’ll back you up.

Tsugumi: But, that Excellence is designed for rescue operations…

Raul: Actually, we have weapons on this unit for the off chance things get hairy.

Fiona: The weapons were recommended by Dr. Hamil and Dr. Radom, because with the way the world is now…

Mizuho: Honestly, they’re a bit more powerful than what we needed…

Tsugumi: Understood, but don’t do anything reckless.

Fiona: Got it!

Raul: I know we weren’t expecting this to be the way we’d debut the Rescue…

Fiona: Well, you can’t say it’s unexpected. Despinis, we’re counting on you for support.

Despinis: Okay!

Raul: ET-OS, Battle Mode! FCS, Set! Let’s go!

Chapter 1: Starless Sky

Victory: All enemies defeated.

Defeat: Any allied unit shot down.

SR point: Have Ibis shoot down at least 2 units, and Raul shoot down at least 1.

*Battle text: Ibis fights some dude*

Tsugumi: Ibis! Compensate for the enemy’s speed! You can’t just thrust in[2]!

Ibis: I know!

*After dat*

Despinis: It seems like the only enemy units that are acting aggressively are the two mechs in the front.

Raul: So they’re playing it safe?

Tsugumi: (It doesn’t appear that their objective is to kill us… So they’re trying to get the Altairlion’s data…?

Ibis: Tsugumi, the CF’s firepower isn’t enough. We should transform into the DF…

Tsugumi: If the enemy is after the Altairlion, we can’t let them see everything it can do.

Ibis: But…

Tsugumi: Keep calm, Ibis. Since it looks like these units are focused on maneuverability, the CF’s fire power should be enough. As long as you keep a close watch on their movements, you can shoot them down.

Ibis: R-right.

*Raul decides to shoot some shit*

Raul: Though it doesn’t have a time stream engine, this is still an Excellence! Don’t underestimate it!

*After 4 turns*

Despinis:  A new enemy is approaching from the front!

Raul: Reinforcements?

*And a red thing comes*

Fiona: It’s another one I’ve never seen!

Ibis: Tsugumi, that’s!

Tsugumi: The Series 77 code Beta, Vegalion!

Raul: Series 77? Then that means that’s-

Raji: A Project TD unit?

Tsugumi: (But that’s not!)

*and errybody goes bye bye*

Despinis: The enemy has retreated.

Raul: Who were those guys?

Fiona: Don’t ask me.

Ibis: Tsugumi, that Vegalion…

Tsugumi: There’s only one place it could have come from.

Ibis: TD’s sponsor… Isurugi industries.

Tsugumi: Right. I’ll ask them for an explanation.

Ibis: (I wonder… Were you in that Vegalion, Sleigh?)


Despinis: Raul, there appears to be some kind of capsule in the water.

Raul: A capsule?

Despinis: It looks like an escape pod from a mech.

Raul: Then there could be someone inside. Let’s retrieve it.

Fiona: It could be related to the group from earlier. Be careful.

Raul: Yeah, I know.

*Inside the Big ol rescue*

Fiona: Raul, it looks like the thing we pulled up was really was an escape pod.

Raul: Was someone inside?

Fiona: Yeah… a 14 or 15 year old boy.

Raul: Wha? It wasn’t some military pilot?

Fiona: He wasn’t carrying any identification.

Raul: What about the pod?

Fiona: It’s certainly earth technology, but we’re don’t really know anything beyond that.

Raul: I see.

Fiona: Judging from the damage on the pod, it seems to have been underwater for a while. So it’s probably not related to those guys from earlier.

Raul: So, it’s from a different type of unit… Someone shot it down, and he ejected?

Fiona: That’s my guess.

Raul: We could just ask him.

Fiona: Not yet. His injuries are severe, and he hasn't regained consciousness. Right now, Despinis and Mizuho are tending to him, but our medical supplies won’t last too long. We should take him to a hospital.

Raul: If you say so, but finding a hospital out here would be-


Tsugumi: What’s the condition on that recovered object?

Fiona: It was an escape pod, and inside was an unidentified young man. And he’s still unconscious… we need to get him to more advanced medical facilities, and soon.

Tsugumi: Sounds serious. Even if he has information we need, if he’s unconscious, then…

Raul: What should we do?  

Tsugumi: I have an idea.

Fiona: Really?

Tsugumi: Yeah. The Steel Dragons are conducting exercises in this area.

Raul: Steel Dragons?

Tsugumi: It was a squad formed after the Shura Rebellion with the Hagane and the Hiryuu Custom.  It’s all our friends.

Fiona: Then, if we could get him over there…

Tsugumi: Yes, but since the two ships are engaged in a mock battle against each other, they’re in different locations. I can transfer you their access codes and locations, and you can choose which to go to.

Raul: Got it.

Fiona: Speaking of that, Tsu…  Why do you know what the Steel Dragons are up to?

Tsugumi: The truth is, after we were done testing the Altairlion, we were supposed to join them in drills.

Fiona: So you’re going to join up with them?

Tsugumi: We were planning on going to the Hagane, but we’re returning to the Tesla Leicht Institute. There’s some things I need to check up on.

Raul: Can you make it there alone?

Tsugumi: If you were to come with, we’d probably just cause you more trouble. Besides, if those guys show up again, we can just shake them off if the Altairlion’s alone. So you don’t need to worry.

Fiona: I guess that’s true…

Tsugumi: Well, we should get going.

Fiona: Take care along the way.

Tsugumi: You too. I’m worried that this might be related to the disappearances at the TLI….

Fiona: Yeah.

Tsugumi: Well, see you again.

Raul: (Disappearances…)

Fiona: Raul, let’s contact the Steel Dragons.

Raul: Right.


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{1}HER NAME IS DIS PENIS. IT NEVER. GETS. OLD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I'm pretty sure it comes from some word for dolphin, maybe Greek? Still funny.