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Fiona: Any word from the Steel Dragons?

Raul: Yeah. Just now, they finished their first exercise. They accepted our request, and are sending the Hagane over.

Fiona: That’s a relief. Then he’ll probably be fine. And we’ll be able to see everyone on the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom again.

Raul: Actually, because the final divisions are still being decided on, all the pilots are out of the ship.

Fiona: Aww, really?

Raul: Even if they were there, It’s not going to be everyone the Shura Rebellion. The Aggressors are in Izu, and…

Raji: The whereabouts of Kyosuke Nanbu and Ryuusei Date are still unknown…

Fiona: …We still don’t know what caused that accident?

Raji: That’s right. The Alteisen Risse and the ART-1 were caught in a wormhole after a mock battle at TLI… The details surrounding that are still a mystery. Dr. Kazahara and Dr. Oomiya think it may have been a wormhole to a parallel world…

Fiona: It’s a possibility. Something similar happened with us…

Raji: As well as the Shadow Mirror, the Einst, and the Shura. This world, for some reason, seems to attract visitors from beyond.

Fiona: Where could Kyosuke and Ryuusei be right now…?

Raul: I think they’re fine, considering it's them. They’ll definitely come back.

Fiona: You’re right. We should believe in them.

Raul: So, we’re headed for the Hagane. After that, I also want to go see the Hiryuu Custom and Lefina…

Fiona: Won’t we be a nuisance, though?

Raul: Maybe…

Upper Option: Visit the Hiryuu Custom (This is the Lune Route)

Lower Option: Don't visit the Hiryuu Custom (This is the Masaki Route)

Raul: Really, I think should just go to say hello. Let’s go to the Hiryuu.

Fiona: Well, let’s get permission beforehand.

Raul: Got it.


Raul: Thanks for taking the time to meet us.

Lefina: What do you plan to do from here on out?

Raul: We’re headed for TLI. This Rescue frame is still in testing, so we don’t want to cause any problems with your drills.

Fiona: After that, if you have anything you need done, please let us know.[1]

Lefina: Understood. Be careful out there. And we’ll investigate those unknown units you mentioned. The federation is supposed to monitor the waters around here. If you encounter those units again, send out a MAD.

Raul: Roger. Well, I hope we’ll see each other again when you’re free.

*Zoom goes the Raul*

Sean: They seem to have gotten stronger since the Shura Rebellion.

Lefina: Yeah…

Sean:  How far out are our units?

Eun: They’ll reach their locations in about 10 minutes.

Lefina: Then let’s head for the Hagane.  Once the Excellence leaves the area, we’ll begin the second exercise.

Eun: Roger. Course set.

Sean: The next test involves frontal assaults and breaking defensive lines… Without Kyosuke, I wonder how close we can get to the Hagane…

Lefina: They can’t use the SRX either… It seems that without those two…

Sean: All we can do right now is pray that they’re safe.

Lefina: That’s right…

Sean: But those two have the devil’s own luck. So I’m sure…


Eun: Captain, there’s a strong energy reading in the sensors!

Lefina: !!

Eun: This pattern… there’s nothing on the ES web!

Lefina: Is someone using a teleporter?!

Eun: No, that’s not it! This is…


*Chapter 2: Underworld is accessed after the Intermission menu, so continue when you're ready*

Now this is the story, all about how Lune’s life got flipped, turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit on your ass, and I’ll tell you bout how lune went to La Gias.

(This isn’t a direct translation, but I want it to be.)

God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. - F.D. Dostoyevsky

After the Shura Rebellion, Lune embarked on a personal mission to investigate the Neo DC Remnants. While she was on that mission, she disappeared. From inside the Valsione, a warning siren blared. As she investigated the cause, an opening in space and time opened up, and it was as if she were pulled inside of the rift. Her consciousness faded away….

Lune: Uuugh… What the…

Yang Long: You’re awake.

Lune: Ach! An enemy! And so close! This is bad!

Yang Long: Don’t be an idiot! Get it together!

Lune: Guh… Too loud[2]. …but wait, where is this? I was in space! Why am I on the surface?

Yang Long: It’s natural to be confused. Something very unnatural happened, after all.

Lune: Who are you? Where is this?

Yang Long: My name is Huang Yang Long, and this is La Gias.

Lune: La Gias…!?

Yang: That’s right, the underworld phased inside of the earth. You were summoned from the surface.

Lune: So… it’s the same as what happened to Masaki!

Yang: Wait, you know Masaki Andoh?

Lune: That’s right. I fought with him during the L5 campaign, the Inspector affair, and the Shura Rebellion. You also know Masaki?

Yang: Yeah. My Granveil and his Cybuster are two of the four Elemental Lords of this world.

Lune: Huh… Huang Yang Long, you said. So you’re Chinese?

Yang: Yes, I wasn’t born here. Like you, I’m from the surface.


Lune: Somethings coming this way!

Yang: I guess those guys were also brought here through the gate…

Lune: Armored Modules! Though they’re not Federation mechs… They’re DC remnants.

Yang: They were summoned here, just as you were.

Lune: Who would do such a thing, and why?

Yang: I don’t know who did it, but there are people summoning mercenaries from the surface.

Lune: And they’re attacking you?

Yang: You catch on quick.

Lune: …So at least I’ve figured out something here.

Yang: So what will you do? I don’t mind if you run away.

Lune: Hah! As if! If I don’t finish the fights I start, I’d disgrace the Zoldark name! And besides, if anyone from the DC Remnants challenges my Valsione, I won’t forgive them!

Yan: Lune… and Valsione. You’ve got guts. Let’s see what you got.

Chapter 2: Underworld

Victory: All enemies defeated.

Defeat: Any allied unit defeated.

SR point:  Shoot down 2 enemy units with one attack.

Yang: No reinforcements… Guess they were a reconnaissance squad.

Lune: Yang Long, do you know why those guys were after you?

Yang: I think they were after you. That is, they came to see what was summoned. Just like I did.

Lune: So they were trying to figure out what’s going on.

Yang: Recently, there’s been more and more gates opening… More and more people from the surface are getting summoned.

Lune: Sounds like something big is going down. Could I ask you for more details?

Yang: Sure. Since you came to this world, it’s important to be informed. But the story might get a bit long…


Yang: …And that’s what’s going on in the Holy Kingdom of Langran.

Lune: So the country is in a state of anarchy due to terrorist attacks in the capital. Then, the neighboring country of Shutedonias sent their army to attack, so someone named Kirkus is mounting a resistance?

Yang: Yup. In Langran’s current state, Kirkus’s army is all we can rely on. I don’t agree with all of his opinions, but to protect Langran, I’m fighting alongside him. So, Lune, what will you do?

Lune: Is there a way to get back to the surface?

Yang: The summoning spell requires a lot of magical energy… Few people can do it. The only people I can think of are… The witch Ybun, or the late Prince Feil-lord.

Lune:  So it’ll be easier to get back to the surface if I find a magician?

Yang: It might not be that simple given the current state of confusion. If the temple has been captured, the priests may have already evacuated.

Lune: So you’re saying I may be here for a while… By the way, where’s Masaki? He said he was returning to La Gias.

Yang: I don’t know his whereabouts. Since Kirkus has just recently constructed his forces from the disordered remains of other units, information is scarce.

Lune: Hmm. Knowing Masaki, he’s probably lost somewhere…

Yang: We can hope to meet up with him, but I can’t focus on that. I have duties.

Lune: Duties… like what?

Yang: To disrupt the reserve enemy forces. First I head north, to take out one of their relay bases.

Lune: Can you do that by yourself?

Yang: Yeah. Because I have the Elemental Lord of Fire on my side.

Lune: Hmm… Then I’ll tag along.

Yang: You decided that pretty quickly. Why did you decide to trust me?

Lune: Well first, you’re a pilot of an Elemental lord, like Masaki. If it’s lending you its power, you can’t be that bad of a person.  And you didn’t take advantage of me since I’m new to this world.

Yang: …

Lune: And further, since the DC remnants were summoned, this is now my fight, too.  I can’t let them slip away.

Yang: Huh, seems you’ve put some thought into this.

Lune: And hey, if I stick with you, I may run into Masaki.

Yang: Fair enough. Then let’s go together.


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[1] It sounds so stupid to talk about yourself and your company like she does in English. SO I WON’T YOU CAN’T MAKE ME YOU’RE NOT MY DAD

[2]Lune, seriously, you need to work on your drinking. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL