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Lune: Say, Yang Long. If Prince Feil is Prince Terius’s older brother, He’s the first in the line of succession, right?

Yang: Right.

Lune: Do you have the same worries about him that General Kirkus does?

Yang: Oh ho?  Here I thought you were just crude, but you’re pretty sharp, huh.

Lune… Hey, you shouldn’t say that shit like that to a girl!

Yang: …And shouldn’t you be saying that kind of line a little more gracefully?

Lune: Geez, you’ve got a mouth on you. But, did something happen to Prince Feil?

Yang: …It doesn’t concern you.

Lune: Okay then, what kind of person is the prince?

Yang: He’s not a bad person, but… Sometimes the light in his eyes gets a bit murky... That’s what I worry about.

Lune: (So it does seem like something’s up…)

Yang: That’s all I have to say. Let’s head for the briefing room.

Lune: Got it.

*Briefing room*

Sean: Because that base was built by Langran, we have data on its layout. With that, we can investigate who, if anyone, is being held in captivity there.

Katina: Certainly. If it was a Neo DC remnant soldier, we wouldn’t need to start a fight to bust them out.

Leona: Who’s going in?

Yang: Ranshao and I will go. If I put on a Shutedonias army uniform, and he uses his camouflage, we can get inside without the enemy noticing. After that, we’ll need one or two guys as muscle…

Lune: Then I’ll go.

Tasuku: Of course, Lune can handle anyone who shows up.

Yang: Why do you say that?

Lune: I have faith in my muscles and reflexes. I can deflect bullets with by wristbands.[1]

Yang: Is that even possible?

Lune: Yup, they’re made from titanium wire and aramid fiber. Are you gonna be okay, though?

Yang: I’m a pretty good martial artist[2].

Lefina. Then we’ll leave the infiltration to you two. If any members of the Steel Dragons are being held captive, please attempt to rescue them. Once we receive the signal from you, we’ll begin the attack.

Yang: Roger that.

Sean: The problem is timing the signal with our attack. If our ship is too close to the base beforehand, they’ll catch on to us.

Lune: We’ll figure something out. You just have to worry about coming as fast as you can.

Yang Long: Alright, we’ll head for the base on foot.

*At a beach, for some reason*

Lune: Ahahaha!  It suits you, Yang Long!  You seriously look the part!

Yang: Is this really the time to laugh? You gotta put yours on, too.

Lune: Ugh, hell no. I’ll just go as is.

Yang: You really want this plan to be ruined?

Lune: If I really need to put one on, I will. But before that… I want to tell you something.

Yang: What do you mean?

Lune: I didn’t think you were going to come help us. I figured you were going to storm off to General Kirkus’s place.

Yang: I want to, but the first priority right now is ending the fight with Shutedonias. And besides, you’ve helped with a lot of my goals, and it’s not like I’m going to ignore that.

Lune: You’re a pretty good guy, huh.

Yang: …Ranshao has returned.

Ranshao: Master, the south underwater port isn’t sealed off. Further, the enemy is using old surveillance equipment, so if you use the camouflage, it shouldn’t be difficult to sneak in.

Yang Long: Understood.

Lune: Did you have a general idea of where the surface dwellers are being kept?

Yang Long: Yeah. Let’s head out.

*In the base*

Riciel: You leaked that we had surface dwellers here? What are you trying to accomplish?

Murata: We needed bait to them in.

Riciel: You mean, those Steel Dragon guys?

Murata: My main objective is the man staking out our location.

Riciel: This isn’t a joke. Feil’s army is closing in on the capital, and now you’re making a mess of things here! But, this time, I won’t fail. After all, we have so many people to use as hostages.

Murata: I just want a true match… I hope you’ll allow that.

Riciel: If they can’t ride their elementals, we’ll be able to stop them. This is a much better way of dealing with things than the usual. Now, let’s prepare to bring the surface dwellers out from their cells.

*See you*

Lune: That hangar… they’ve got the Fairlion and the Grungust type 3! So Bullet, Kusuha, and Queen Shine have been summoned…

Yang Long: Looks like your friends are being held here.

Lune: Murata said they had meddlesome surface dwellers, and if they’re being moved from their cells after this, this is our only chance to rescue them…!

Ranshao: However, will that timing allow the Hiryuu Custom to arrive in time?

Yang Long: In any case, contact them. We should head for the brig.

*Other place still inside the base*

Lune: So the cells are around here?

Yang Long: Wait a minute, someone’s coming. You and Ranshao need to hide.

Ranshao: Understood.

Lune: Wh-what are you gonna do?

Yang: Moving around carelessly will rouse suspicion. I can stand here, but you need to disappear.

Lune: G-got it.

Eris: Um…

Yang Long: (! She’s the one from…)

Yang: What is it?

Eris: Um… Wh-which way is it to the hangar?

Yang: Wha?

Eris: It’s just… I’m not used to this place yet…

Yang: If you continue straight through that door, you’ll reach the hangar.

Eris: Ah! Thanks!

Yang (There’s no mistaking it, that was the woman we fought at the Valley of Spores. She’s completely different when she’s in battle, huh.)

Yang: !

Lune: What’s wrong?! Were we seen?

Yang: Something’s probably happening outside. We need to hurry to the cells!

Chapter 11: Sword from the Beyond

Eris: You’re taking us on your own?! Are you insane?!

Murata: Hehehe… You’re finally here, Sanger Zonvolt.

Sanger: Murata… You came to this world too, then.

Murata: Once I learned that the Steel Dragons had been summoned, I had a hunch you’d show up… And it appears I was right.

Sanger: Even here, you still wave your heinous sword.

Murata: As long as I can kill, I don’t care where I am. Even more so when I’m up against you, Sanger.

Riciel: After this, the Steel Dragons could come! We should prepare the hostages…

Eris: You idiot! Do you really think we can do something so cowardly?

Riciel: But we can’t lose this base, Lieutenant! And besides, it’s already been planned!

Eris: Lieutenant Grenor! That’s an order!

Riciel: Save the scolding for later! When I’m not here!

Sanger: …If you do not value your lives, feel free to come after me. Those who stand in my way will face my Zankanto blade[3].

Riciel: We have hostages!  Disarm yourself at once! If you don’t…

Sanger: SILENCE!

Riciel: !?

Sanger: AND LISTEN! I am Sanger! Sanger Zonvolt! The sword that cleaves evil!

Riciel: What? Are you even listening? You’re going to regret this!

Sanger: That’s my line! Now come!

Chapter 11: Sword from the Beyond

Victory: Defeat the Gildora.

Defeat: Sanger is defeated.

SR Point: Defeat the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress. It will flee at 8000 HP.

*Murata fights Sanger*

Murata: I’ve waited for this! My sword is trembling at the chance to kill you!

Sanger: An evil sword can’t cut me, Murata!

*turn 2*

Riciel: That man’s all talk… Hurry up and bring the hostages!


Riciel: ?! What’s going on?! I didn’t say anything about putting them in their mechs!

Shine: You subordinate went crash-boom[4], er, fell unconscious!

Riciel: Wha?!

Bullet: Major Sanger!

Sanger: It seems you two are okay.

Lune: Major, you heard our call and came running, huh?

Sanger: That’s right.

Riciel: D-don’t tell me, we were infiltrated?! And he came alone simply to draw us out and waste time?!

Ranshao: Master, the Hiryuu Custom has arrived.

Bullet: Your highness, I can handle this! Go back to the Hiryuu with Lune!

Shine: Understood!

Lefina: All units, prepare to deploy!

*And they do*

Riciel: Damn, it’s looking like it’ll end up just like last time!

Kyosuke: Bullet, Kusuha. Were you the only ones captured?

Bullet: Yeah.

Kusuha: We didn’t see anyone else…

Katina: Then all we have left to do is deal with that lot! Let’s go, you bastards!

New Defeat condition: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated.

*Eris fights Yang*

Yang: You’re personality seems completely different from when you asked for directions earlier.

Eris:  That was you?! You were disguised?!

*Riciel v Sanger*

Riciel: Zankanto blade…. Does he plan to try to cut this mobile fortress?!

Sanger: You shall soon see! Come!

*Murata V Bullet*

Murata: The pupil of Rishu! I shall send you to hell before your master!

Bullet: I will cut through your Shishio blade with my own sword!

*defeat Murata*

Murata: This did not flow well… We will continue this later!

*defeat Riciel*

Riciel: I can’t take any more! I’m retreating!

*Defeat Eris*

Eris: D-dammit! We’re retreating!

Eun: The enemy readings have all disappeared.

Sean: We rescued the princess and took the base… Not a bad outcome.

Lefina: Yeah. And we luckily met up with Major Sanger.

Shine: Everyone, you have my upmost thanks for rescuing us.

Yang:  It is enough to see you are unharmed, Princess Shine Hausen.

Lune: Phew! That was perfect timing, though!

Ryuusei: But Lune, did you really infiltrate the base looking like that?

Lune: Yup.

Ryuusei: And you weren’t discovered, even with that panther?

Leona: Yeah, I think that above all else would make you stand out…

Lune: Well, it’s because someone had a perfect disguise. You’ve all shoulda seen it.

Yang: Though I was in a cold sweat.

Russel: By the way, how did you come to be in La Gias, Princess?

Shine: I was cleaning the Fairlion’s cockpit, then suddenly I was here.

Kusuha: After that, the princess was captured by Shutedonias, and when we met with them….

Bullet: They were using the princess as a hostage, so we had surrendered.

Leona: And then they tried to coerce you to cooperate?

Kusuha: No, it seemed like they were going to transfer the 3 of us somewhere.

Kyosuke: Transfer?

Bullet: Yeah.  Because of that, when we were taken for questioning, they didn’t treat us too roughly.

Katina: To keep you for good usage as hostages, huh. Well, it seems everything turned out all right in the end.

Kyosuke: …Major Sanger, how did you get here?

Sanger: I was testing some adjustments on the DyGenGuard, so I deployed out over the Pacific Ocean with Yuuki and Carla. There, we met up with 3 new Lion Series units, who attacked us.

Russel: Could it have been Chienne’s gang?

Sanger: They didn’t seem to be Federation or Neo DC units… But after that, we were engulfed in a great light, and I came to this world. After that, I hid the DyGenGuard in a valley and continued on foot, until I heard of surface people being held at a base.

Bullet: So, since they were with you, Yuuki and Carla should be down here somewhere, too.

Shine: Um… what about Lord Raidiese and the others?

Leona: It’s extremely likely that they were also called down here, but we have yet to get any info on them.

Shine: I… I see…

Lune: Sense we all ended up okay, I’m sure they’re all fine too.

Yang: It’s possible that General Kirkus has information about the rest of the Steel Dragons, and is hiding it from us. Let’s go to his base. I need ask him many things, in person.


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[1] That’s just silly. In a game about piloting giant robots to fight against crazed wizard hermits.

[2]北派少林挙. Might also be a reference to old Banpresto games before they were banpresto?

[3] Zankanto, the warship beheading sword? Look, I don’t write this stuff, I just try to make it sound right in English.

[4] “batankyu-“ Is something I don’t get.