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Yang: We just received information from General Kirkus, Colonel Lefina. Prince Feil’s army was successful in taking the capital back, so it appears Kirkus has won both of his battles.

Lefina: So the war seems to be almost over?

Yang: Not quite. It seems the enemy is massing their forces in the vicinity of the Ledona Gorge, and naturally, that’s not something General Kirkus can overlook…It seems the fight that will truly decide the fate of Langran begins here.

Sean: Considering Lord Feil, the first in line to the throne, has taken back the capital, it stands to reason that morale would be raised in the Langran army… But Kirkus’s opinion on it is a bit tender.

Lefina: If Kirkus wishes for Prince Terius to ascend to the throne, then there’s no avoiding opposing Prince Feil.

Sean: And further, it doesn’t seem Prince Terius will pick up that mantle so easily…

Yang: The one who started the counterattack against the Shutedonias Army was General Kirkus. He probably has pride in the fact that he took the initiative in liberating Langran. And then the tides turned in his favor… He may be planning to establish a new political power after bringing Terius forward.

Lefina: That’s the General’s ambition…

Sean: After a war of aggression, a civil war. People are the same, no matter what world you go to, it seems…

Lefina: Yang Long, what do you plan to do?

Yang: I’m thinking of going to meet with him in person, and trying to learn the full extent of his plans. And if his actions will throw La Gias into even more chaos… Then I’ll do what I must, as a pilot of an Elemental Lord.

Lefina: Masaki mentioned that kind of thing before, but what exactly do you mean by that?

Yang: In La Gias, the Pilots of Elemental Lords are not held to any authority. They’re entrusted to judge for themselves. And their duty is to drop everything when a world-threatening crisis arises, and confront it.

Lefina: So… if that’s what the General is planning…

Yang: Then I will stop him.

Lefina:  Does that mean working with Prince Feil’s group[1]?

Yang: That… I don’t know yet. But first I want to ask the General about his thinking, directly. Further, I think it’s likely he has information about the other members of the Steel Dragons. I’ll also ask for more information about how to get you back to the surface.

Sean: If the Hagane is working under Prince Feil, then he would probably hide that from us…

Lefina: Regardless, It’s Prince Feil and General Kirkus who hold the keys to getting us home.

Yang Long: Yes.

Lefina: Then it’s important for us to know their plans. Starting with General Kirkus…. Yang Long, we’ll go with you.

Yang: Understood.


Eun: Captain, It appears that Kirkus’s army is heading to a battle against someone in the area.

Lefina: A battle…? Could it be there’s still Shutedonias soldiers in this area?

Yang: Colonel Lefina, can we go there?

Lefina: I think we should. All hands to battle stations!

Chapter 12: The Encounter

Soldier: Gaaaah, at this rate…!!

Saphine: You guys were the ones who struck first. Now, prepare yourselves.

*And here’s the ship*

Saphine: Oho, I figured someone would show up.

Shu: …

Lefina: Granzon!

Sean: But back then, Professor Shirakawa and the Granzon, or rather, Neo Granzon...

Lefina: At any rate, all units, deploy!

*They deploy*

Yang: Leave this to us. You guys get back!

Soldier: R-roger!

Shine: I-is that really the Granzon!?

Leona: Judging from the energy readings, there’s no question about it…

Kyosuke: Is Shu Shirakawa piloting it?

Bullet: But… he died in battle during the Shura rebellion[2]!

 Lune: There’s only one way to find out! Shu! Are you the one piloting the Granzon?

Shu: …It seems you all know me.

Lune: What?! What a thing to say! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten us!

Shu: I’m sorry, but I have no memories from earlier.

Lune: Whaaaaa?!

Bullet: Seriously[3]?!

Katina: Do you really think we’d believe you’ve got amnesia?

Lune: No, Shu has no reason to lie to us about something like that…

Ryuusei: But beyond that… How did he come back to life?

Tasuku: What if he’s a gh-gh-ghost?

Chika: How rude! It’s really Master! It’s true, he died, but he’s been revived!

Ryuusei: What’s that?

Tasuku: That bird is talking!

Kusuha: C-could it be a familiar?

Lune: Why would Shu have one…? But, before that, how was he revived?

Chika: The truth is, Vo-

Shu: Shut up, Chika.

Chika: Mmff mff mfff! (M-master! Please take your hand off my beak!)

Saphine: Shu, I can handle it from here. Please continue on.

Shu: Understood.

Lune: Ah! Wait!

Saphine: I didn’t expect to fight you, but… I’ll entertain you for just a bit.

Lune: Who are you?

Saphine: My name is Saphine. Saphine Zeora Volkruss. Some people call me Crimson Saphine.

Leona: Volkruss? Then, she’s connected to that Louzorl…

Yang: Exactly. She’s a believer.

Saphine: Exactly~

Tasuku: S-so big… As if they’d burst out…

Leona: What would burst out?

Tasuku: Uh, nothing, nothing.

Yang: Saphine, were you and Louzorl the ones who rose Shu from the dead?

Saphine: I wonder.

Lune: What do you plan to do with that jerk?

Saphine: That’s that, and this is this. I’d love to tell you, but not during the day…

Shine: … What is she talking about?

Yang: Don’t pay attention to her, princess.

Saphine: Stiff as always, I see, Yang Long. Then again, that’s the way I like it…[4]

Katina: Are you fuckin’ with us?!

Saphine: Now let’s go, my kittens. I wonder how lovely your cries will sound?

Chapter 12: The Encounter

Victory: Reduce the Wizol’s HP to less than 8000.

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is defeated.

SR Point: Defeat the Wizol. It will retreat at below 8000 HP.

*Yang fights Saphine*

Saphine: So this time it seems we’re fighting, hmm?

Yang: We’re square now, so… I won’t hold back!

*Tasuku fights Saphine*

Tasuku: That sexy aura and that chest… She’s not normal!

Saphine: Oho, what a cute little boy. I’ll give you plenty of teasing.

Tasuku: It… It sounds like it could be fun, but…

*Katina V Saphine*

Katina: Let’s go, you dirty old hag!

Saphine: Who’s a hag!? We’re around the same age!

*You beat her, and yes, she orgasms.*

Saphine: Aaaah, that was great. I guess I’ll see you later.

Eun: All enemy readings have vanished.

Lefina: …

Sean: What’s the matter, captain?

Lefina: There are… many different kinds of people in this world.

Sean: Well, she was on an opposite path to you. Though maybe you could learn a thing or two…

Lefina: Huh?

Sean: Nothing, Nothing...

*in the hangar*

Lune: Shu is alive, then.

Yang: Yes. It’s probable that Saphine and Louzorl revived him.

Bullet: But why did he lose his memories?

Gennacy: …I don’t know.

Ryuusei: If he’s with that Louzorl guy, then could Shu’s objective now be the revival of Volkruss?

Yang: It’s likely.

Lune: Yang, is it okay to let him get away?

Yang: Even if we decided to follow him, we couldn’t. There’s nothing on the radar, so it’s likely he’s using some sort of cloaking. While I am worried about Shu and Saphine, we still need to hurry to where Kirkus is.


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[1] What is this line I don’t even.

[2] Saying “he should’ve died” about someone you watched die is a bit silly in English.

[3] Bullet, I feel the exact same way, but for different reasons.

[4] This would be a good time to mention she sometimes has hearts in her dialogue. I hate this woman. So much.