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Araseli: I see. So because there’s still time before we all can return to the surface, they can do one more job…

Kirkus: You are a mercenary, then?

Araseli: Something similar to that.  We basically lend our units to our employer, then collect data from their actions. We’re especially interested in combat data. Therefore, this world’s battles have great merit. But of course, it means nothing if we don’t eventually return to the surface.

Kirkus: Then…

Araseli: If you would like to hire us, there’s only one condition.

Kirkus: And that is?

Araseli: Don’t tell the Steel Dragons. If we encounter them on the battlefield, it’s unavoidable, but…  If we participate in the same battle, I don’t want them looking into us…

Kirkus: I see. So you’re saying that what you’re doing is illegal on the surface.

Araseli: That’s right. And I also have some advice. There’s a man from the Neo DC who came here… I believe his name was Oleg. If you wish to work with him, it’s better not to tell the Steel Dragons. They will attack each other for reasons beyond just his former allegiance to Shutedonias.

Kirkus: I’ll remember that. I accept your conditions. Wait for your assignment.

Araseli: Yes, sir. Let’s go, Sleigh.

Sleigh: Roger.

Kirkus:  Araseli and Oleg… They may have to replace Yang Long’s group…

*HC bridge*

Lefina: Sending people on patrol?

Yang: Yes. This area is under General Kirkus’s control, but because there are people like Shu or Saphine lurking about, We need to be careful.

Sean: Hmmm… We have seen enemies that don’t show up on the radar, after all.

Yang: For instance, when someone like Louzorl uses a cloaking spell, there are a few signs, but you can’t figure them out without being there in person.

Lefina: Signs?

Yang: The area feels unnatural, because there’s this sensation of evil thoughts.

Sean: In that case, we should use units with the T-Link System… Ryuusei in the ART-1 is probably the best choice.

Yang: Please send out Gennacy, too. His Jaohm is very maneuverable.


Gennacy: Let’s go.

Ryuusei: Roger. But man, that Jaohm is super cool. It reminds me of Cybuster.

Gennacy: This was the first unit in Langran’s production of Elementals... and it was also the first unit that Masaki piloted.

Ryuusei: Huh. Ooow!

Gennacy: What’s the matter?

Ryuusei: The T-Link Sensor is picking something up… just ahead!

Gennacy: Do you think it’s an enemy? Nothing’s showing up on the radar.

Ryuusei: But I remember this feeling… ART-1 to Dragon 2! Something might show up really soon!

Sean: Captain…

Lefina: To be safe, let’s check it out. All hands, Battle stations.  Full speed ahead.

Chapter 13: Kirkus’s Eyes

Lefina: He said it was around here… Anything on the radar?

Sean: Nothing, but… The earth seems to be moving strangely… But it’s not an earthquake.

Yang: Could it be…?

Lefina: Let’s attempt a warning shot at where the earth is vibrating. Prepare to fire cannon 6.

Sean: Roger. Preparing Cannon #6. Target data confirmed.

Lefina: Fire!

*And look who shows up*

Louzorl: You figured it out… I should commend you.

Gennacy: Nagizzard!

Louzorl: I suppose there’s no more use hiding. I shall lift the spell.

*dun dun dunnn*

Yang: The Shutedonias Army!

Jog: Hmmph, so we couldn’t avoid them in the end.

Louzorl: Lt. Kanzort Jog, I shall take my leave.

Jog: Wait a minute, Louzorl! Gah, he’s gone. …And don’t use my full name!

Yang: You’re working with Louzorl…!

Jog: So? As long as we win, it doesn’t matter what we do.

Yang: You used cloaking spells to get this far in… Is your target Kirkus’s flank?

Jog: I guess we were going to get found our eventually. Whatever happens, you guys have to go down here. I’ll even the score between our countries!

Lefina: All units, deploy!

*they do*

Jog: Wipe them out, and continue to Kirkus! Get ready!

Chapter 13: Kirkus’s Eyes

Victory: Destroy the Sodium Class Mobile Fortress

Defeat: The Hiryuu Custom is destroyed

SR point: Complete the winning condition in 4 turns.

*jog fights yang*

Yang: You realize what will happen if you help Louzorl, right?!

Jog: The revival of Volkruss? It doesn’t matter, even if we have to use an evil God, it’s all to defeat Langran!

Yang: But you’ll bring ruin to Shutedonias at the same time!

*Jog fights Shine*

Jog: Is that mech some sort of joke?! Kids shouldn’t be fighting out here!

Shine: I won’t forgive anyone who disrespects my Fairlion!

*Sanger fights Jog*

Jog: What a huge machine! Jeez, what were the surface people were thinking?

Sanger: You shall soon learn! About my DyGenGuard’s soul!

*jog dies*

Jog: Damn! We came this far just to be pushed back! I’m not going to die here like a damn dog! Retreat!

Eun: All enemy signatures have disappeared.

Leona: So Louzorl is helping Shutedonias…

Lune: His objective is the revival of Volkruss, right? Why would he cooperate with Shutedonias?

Yang: They share interests. If Langran continues to be in a state of confusion, Louzorl can move unopposed.

Katina: But, if Volkruss is revived, wouldn’t that be the end for Shutedonias, too?

Yang: Exactly. In order to obtain their current objectives, they’re probably just cooperating for now…

Eun: Captain, a few Elementals from Kirkus’s Army are approaching. They are requesting contact with us.

Lefina: Understood. We’ll move from here, and meet up with him.

*Somewhere else*

Sean: Captain, we have visual confirmation of the Elementals.

Lefina: Engines full stop. Keep the TDs at altitude 50.


Zash: …It seems you didn’t need us to come provide relief.

Yang: You’re…

Zash: It’s been awhile, Mr. Yang Long! It’s Zashford!

Yang: Zash?! Has it been two years? You’ve grown up! You’ve entered the military, I see.

Zash: Well, it’s the times we live in… By the way, dad’s coming this way, too.

Yang: General Kirkus is coming?

Zash: Yeah. We thought the battle would still be going on over here, so we set out a while ago…

Lune: So that kid’s General Kirkus’ son?

Zash: Kid? I’m not that much younger than you! I’m 18!

Lune: Wow, then you’re older than me. Sorry, you don’t look very dependable, eh.

Zash: …[1]

Lune: What’s wrong?

Zash: How old are you?

Lune: 17.

Zash: ….My name’s Zashford, but you can call me Zash. What’s yours?

Lune: Hmm? Suddenly your voice sounds a lot softer… Well, whatever. I’m Lune Zoldark.

Zash: Lune… It’s a good name.

Lune: Y-you think so?

Zash: The robot you pilot… Looks nice.

Lune: P-praising me won’t get you anywhere…

Zash: But it’s true… It’s cute, like you….

Lune: Huh? Cute? Really?

*Kirkus appears and we all can THANK HIM FOR ENDING THAT*

Kirkus: Zash! That’s the complete wrong way to pick up girls! If you’re a man, be more confident!

Zash: Dad! Er, General Kirkus!

Kirkus: Good work, Yang Long. I take it that Shutedonias brigade from earlier was after me?

Yang: That’s right.

Kirkus: …Before you ask your questions, we need to talk. I have aligned myself with Prince Feil. On the condition that Prince Terius be put on the throne.

Zash: Huh?!

Yang: But that’s!

Kirkus: Reckless? I know. But I will not throw away my ambitions. By my hand, Langran, and the whole of La Gias, will be unified.

Lefina: La Gias’ unity…!

Yang: General, you’re overlooking the feelings of the people. It’s not like Prince Feil doesn’t have faults, but if you neglect the order of succession…

Kirkus: At this point, it doesn’t matter what the people want. All that matters…. is doing whatever it takes to restore Langran as fast as possible.

Yang: And then, when you’ve assumed control… You’ll use the power of the restored Langran to unify La Gias?

Kirkus: Exactly. This is the best way of keeping peace for a long time. Yang Long, I’d like you to help me with this.

Yang: …

Kirkus: Everything I have done… has been for peace and the future of La Gias.

Lune: …Wait a minute.

Kirkus: What is it?

Lune: In short, you’re saying you’ll conquer the world.

Kirkus: That’s not right. I’m talking about lasting peace…

Lune: Don’t hide behind pretty words. No matter what you say, I know what you really mean. Your eyes… they’re the same as my father’s.

Lefina: (Lune…)

Lune: My old man said the same thing, but failed in the end. Though he amassed power, in the end he was defeated by an even more powerful force. When you gain great power, it seems like you can rely on it. But instead of relying on sheer force, there are better ways to do things. If you carelessly grab for power, you lose sight of that. You’re just drunk on your own power.

Yang: You’re sharper than I expected, Lune.

Lune: I’m not about to be drawn into Kirkus’s circus… Or something like that.[2]

Yang: … I retract my statement.

Kirkus: I understand what you’re saying. But I have no intentions of changing my plans. I have thought about this for a long time. Even if I’m seen as a traitor now, my actions will be judged as just by history.

Lune: If you succeed, that is. History has a lot more failures than heroes.

Kirkus: …

Yang: General, earlier I told you that I have duties and responsibilities as a pilot of an Elemental Lord. I cannot overlook your actions.

Kirkus: You’re saying you’ll fight me.

Yang: Yes.

Kirkus: Understood. Usually, I’d have no choice but to kill you here, but…

Yang: !

Kirkus: I’m not yet that cold hearted. To do that to my comrades… We are mounting a large scale offensive on the Shutedonias army, alongside Feil’s army. After that, we’ll settle this.

Yang: …I will also participate in an attack against Shutedonias. But I have one thing I would like to ask of you.

Kirkus: And that is?

Yang: No matter what the outcome, you should send the Steel Dragons back to the surface. They’re the victims in all of this.

Kirkus: You don’t need to worry about that. The return spell is being prepared at the Seb Shrine in Valentine County. The surface dwellers can use it whenever they like.

Yang: That is good to hear. Well then, General… Goodbye.

Kirkus: Be in good health… is a strange thing to say to your enemies, I suppose. Anyway, I will pray for our success.

Yang: …Colonel Lefina, please head for the Seb Shrine.

Lefina: Are you sure?

Yang: Yes. After it becomes known that the preparations to send people back to the surface are nearing completion, it will probably get very crowded at Seb.

Lefina: …I understand.

Kirkus: …

Zash: Father…I also feel that you are wrong. Why do you think Prince Feil is useless?

Kirkus: …Zash, I’m assigning you support duty away from the front lines. If anything were to happen to me… I entrust your mother and Lemia to you.

Zash: Father!![3]

Kirkus: I don’t care if I’m not supposed to mix public and private affairs. My family is dear to me. But I have a responsibility greater than just my own life. Zash, you have to protect your mother in my stead. That is an order.

Zash: Why didn’t you tell me? I could have…

Kirkus: Telling my plan to a common soldier like you wasn’t necessary.

Zash: I hate it! Dad, I’m no longer a kid!!

Kirkus: …That’s something a kid would say.  Place Lt. Zashford under arrest. Detain him.

Zash: F-father!

Kirkus: (Zash… I won’t ask you to forgive me… but I can’t allow you to die before I do.)


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[1] And thus begins a painful, awkward, onesided romance. Oh, SRW, why do you do this to me.

[2] There is a joke here. It replaces part of an idiom with Kirkus’s name. This is untranslatable without sounding dumb. Just thought you should know.

[3] It ain’t an anime till someone yells FATHER real loud.